5 reasons why Yanga is the righteous winner of Idols 14

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 18 Nov 2018
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Idols 14 winner Yanga Sobetwa

Aha! It's a good feeling when the right winner wins a reality show. Yanga was definitely the correcto person to take the Idols Season 14 title - and not because she's a girl. I'm over that. Girls have won enough over the past few years so I don't feel iffy about them not winning anymore.

No, I'm pleased she won for these five reasons:

1. The tone and lilt in her voice, exactly as it is in her winner's single Scars. Her lilt must be no more and no less - it must stay exactly as it is. It makes her voice distinctive in the right way.

2. Her single reached #1 on iTunes.

3. She sounds much better singing live than Unathi does lip-synching, as we heard in the judges' opening act in the finale. (Someone tell Randall not to give up his day job.)

4. She still managed to stand out in the finale despite the fact that her and Thato only got 20 minutes of screen time in the whole two-hour show!

5. She was 2 when Idols first started.

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19 Nov 2018 06:50

Lol so, one of the reason she won is bcoz she wz 2 yrs old when Idols starterd

19 Nov 2018 07:31

Her talent is undeniable. It would be a shame if she went the same way as some of the winners in recent years. But look, she entered a competition and she won it! Mission accomplished. Whatever happens from here on out is up to her and her team.

19 Nov 2018 09:54

Yanga is a talent thats quite rare to find. You didnt need to listen to her twice to realize Music is what she was born to do. I hope she gets good producers and songwriters. More often Idols winners get thrown in the studio with people they dont even connect with and end up releasing rushed substandard work. Yanga could be a serious breakthrough story. She deserved to win.

Also, Idols SA needs to take advantage of the end of the year mania and promote the heck out of these kids. An idols tour featuring the Top 10 wouldnt hurt, and it surely would put money into these kids' pockets, hopefully propelling their careers forward. Besides, American Idol does this and seemingly its been a success in further launching the contestants and assisting single sales for winners. The show is such a huge powerful  engine and it often looks like the show's power and the mileage contestants can exhaust out of it ends right after the confetti.

19 Nov 2018 15:07

Goku... yes, she's grown up with the Idols phenomenon so it's like someone growing up speaking a second language versus learning it when you're older - it's a stronger skill when you learn it young and understand what it takes to win it. It also puts an exclamation mark on how loooooooong the show's been going on for.

Turns out she wasn't 2 but 3 - I thought she's 16 but today I discovered she turned 17 in April. Before we know it we'll be talking about a winner who wasn't born yet when Idols started! 

Whatever happens with her next I just hope it isn't what's happened with Paxton. Were you also freaked seeing her perform last night? She looks and sounds so overly-produced and smothered. All that heavy make-up and hair suffocated her natural beauty and the fact that she was lip-synching suggested the show didn't trust she could pull off a live performance - even though she did it just last year.


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