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Second Chance Teasers - May 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Second Chance Teasers on 30 Apr 2018
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Coming up on Second Chance this May 2018:

Tuesday 1 May 2018
Episode 3

The news from the police station shocks Deniz. After what happened to her dad, she realizes that she doesn't have the luxury of being sad.

Wednesday 2 May 2018
Episode 4

Hülya is very happy because Deniz is in trouble. Deniz doesn't see her enemy because she's too busy.

Thursday 3 May 2018
Episode 5

Deniz is very frustrated by the news of her pregnancy. She asks her family and Mirat to keep this a secret until she decides what to do.

Friday 4 May 2018
Episode 6

Fikriye is very jealous of Mirat and talks trash about Deniz. 

Monday 7 May 2018
Episode 7

Ece attacks Müge, who frustrates her all the time, and she might be expelled.

Tuesday 8 May 2018
Episode 8

Sebnem panics when she hears about the pregnancy from Hülya. Mirat and Deniz keep the pregnancy a secret, and this makes Diyar suspicious that they're falling in love with each other. 

Wednesday 9 May 2018
Episode 9

Deniz is at odds with Hülya. She receives a big shock, but before she recuperates, she hears about the trash that Fikriye has been talking about her.

Thursday 10 May 2018
Episode 10

Because of the things Fikriye said about Deniz, the people in the neighborhood don't want Deniz to stay there anymore, and things get out of control. 

Friday 11 May 2018
Episode 11

Cemile is very sad about everything that's going on, but Fikriye doesn't back down. Hülya uses Deniz's situation as an excuse to take Ece from her.

Monday 14 May 2018
Episode 12

After Mirat's reaction, and Cemile telling the truth about everything, the residents of the neighborhood feel shame and regret.

Tuesday 15 May 2018
Episode 13

Ece reacts against the situation they're in and gets in trouble in school. She risks getting expelled, but she gets help from someone she never expected.

Wednesday 16 May 2018
Episode 14

Deniz's return to Mirat's house forces Hülya to make a move. Fikriye is very uncomfortable about this.

Thursday 17 May 2018
Episode 15

Deniz and Mirat learn that Fikriye was the one who started the gossip. Deniz's attitude makes Fikriye feel guilty. 

Friday 18 May 2018
Episode 16

Just as everything is going great, an unexpected incident shocks everyone.

Monday 21 May 2018
Episode 17

Deniz stays in jail for one night, and this softens Ece. She gets closer to her mom and Mustafa.

Tuesday 22 May 2018
Episode 18

Fikriye, who is jealous of Mirat, sets a trap for Deniz.

Wednesday 23 May 2018
Episode 19

Mirat and Ece are suspicious of Fikriye. She tries to clear her name, but she gets what she deserves. Deniz is happy that she got a new job.

Thursday 24 May 2018
Episode 20

The hostility heightens between Ece and Fikriye. Deniz finds out about Ece's lies, and things get tense between them.

Friday 25 May 2018
Episode 21

Ece and Mustafa get closer, but Fikriye wants him for her own daughter, and goes into action. 

Monday 28 May 2018
Episode 22

Sebnem and Alihan have a confrontation, and Alihan backs down after Sebnem threatens to have an abortion. Deniz, on the other hand, loses her baby because of the stress Alihan caused her.

Tuesday 29 May 2018
Episode 23

Hülya and Sebnem are very happy that Deniz lost her child. Mirat supports her in every way that he can.

Wednesday 30 May 2018
Episode 24

In spite of all of Fikriye and Figen's games, Mustafa wins over Ece's heart and they get closer.

Thursday 31 May 2018
Episode 25

Ozan is found, and this brings a surprise. Ece takes a step back in her relationship with Mustafa when Figen says she loves him.

Premiere episodes of Second Chance air on FOX Life from Mondays to Fridays at 18h25.


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