The inside scoop of what really goes down at the SAFTAs (Part 2)

Written by PruLuv from the blog Luv To Chat on 27 Mar 2018
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Now if you missed Part 1 of the SAFTAs12 inside scoop, you need to read it here, before reading this article: The inside scoop of what really goes down at the SAFTAs (Part 1)

The Day Is Friday 23 March and the time is 10h30 - which was the time I decided to wake up after snoozing the alarm clock numerous times and eventually I opted not to get out of bed. So, thanks to room service, my lazy self could stay in bed for breakfast. Can I hear a "hallelujah!"

There was a presentation set for 11 am and another for 12 pm but both got cancelled because of electricity issues, which meant, an extra 2 hours in bed in my amazing room and that extra time translated to "Picture Time!" on that #IWokeUpLikeThis vibe. 

Soon after, it was time to doll up in makeup, heels and a fancy dress for the High Tea with the SAFTAs Chairperson and NFVF CEO - Talk about the joys of being a woman. Myself and some of my female friends met up at the Sun Soho Hotel entrance and we were driven to The Palace in a Merc... we were on some "slaying levels."

At 3pm we were seated after getting yellow pearls in our goody bags, in line with the High tea theme because afterall we were on that Queen Elizabeth tip. Then soon after, we were greeted with waitresses asking our tea and coffee requests and directly behind our table, was the fountain of all types of delicious pastries.

Did I not forget that I have wheat intolerance, as I divided into all the chocolate delicacies... my woooorth, they tasted like a piece of heaven. Just opposite this setup was a Sushi setup, but chocolate and cake will always win over Sushi, hands down.

The Programme Director was Sthandiwe Kgoroke, whom I haven't seen in a while. She looked gorgeous, with her flawless skin.

On the panel was the NFVF CEO Zama Mkhosi; Wakanda Tribe Leader and Black Panther star Mme Connie Chuime, First Female Director Of Photography Gaopie Kabe, as well as Nontsikelelo Sisulu who spoke about Mam Albertina Nontsikelelo Sisulu, as we celebrate the centenary of her birth this year.

It was a beautiful ladies affair, where as women we spoke about the inequalities we experience in the Arts industry, such as the lack of gender and racial transformation, sexual favours in exchange for jobs and how other women in power practice the "Mother-In-Law" syndrome that if she struggled, she will ensure that you struggle too.

It was also very inspiring to hear Mme Connie Chuime take us through her journey of how she got her role in Black Panther which was not gender specific and how she was chosen out of all the Americans and Africans that auditioned.

Once the ladies session ended, we were invited to a private media buffet dinner, where we just chilled and teased the guys about how much they missed out on the high tea. 

It was 10pm and on the SAFTAs weekend, that translates to "the night is young," so we headed to the beach party which was a lituation. Yes, we were at the Valley of Waves at that late hour, walking on the sand and dancing up a storm.

What a blast it was, then once the beach party ended, we walked to the Sun Soho hotel where there's a club called Vibes and that's where we had our beach party afterparty. The mood was so jubilant and everyone was getting along and what a serious joll we all had. Some of us left at around 4am and others at 6am. Talk about a serious lituation.

Considering that I went to bed after 4am, I was too exhausted to get out of bed for breakfast... yet again. So, like the previous morning, I settled for breakfast in bed. Can I just say how much I enjoy breakfast in bed. Yeeeeer. It was a slow morning because I would barely move from the fatigue and exhaustion. 

I was finally dragged out of bed by one of my friends and we headed to The Palace for some afternoon cocktails and a catchup session. The weather was perfect and it sure was a beautiful day. We caught up with the rest of the crew back at Sun Soho hotel for some sundowners before realising that we were going to be late for the red carpet yet again.

Lo and be hold, once in our rooms, the makeup took forever and there's no way a lady could get ready for the red carpet and awards ceremony in less than an hour - it's just not possible. Now add to that 6 ladies doing that, then you'll understand why and how I missed the red carpet yet again.

So late were we, we literally walked in after the awards had already started. I guess I take the award for being a late comer at award ceremonies. Well done Pruluv - "Firstly I would like to thank myself and ...." Lol. Okay, I'm getting out of hand.

Yet again, the guests could sit wherever they wanted since it was an invite only event, so the front and the back were packed and only the middle had available seats. It was like back in school when the "goody two shoes" or "lovers of things" took the front seats and the baddies and trouble makers occupied the back seats. Lol. 

A few minutes into the show, I was already spotting Night 1's technicalities. From autocues being late, to the lady handing out the winner's envelopes walking onto the stage late, to incorrect nominee clips being played and yet again the presenters were announcing winners before all the nominees were announced or as they started talking the nominees clip came on.

I also noticed that the presenters and hosts themselves were not cued properly. It was so disappointing because the Production company had an entire day on Friday to fix all those glitches.

It was only when I watched the awards on TV that I realised how much worse it seemed. I simply covered my face in dismay. Thanks to the opening Sarafina act starring Leleti Khumalo, who still looks just as good as Sarafina back then; Somizi joining them; Warren Masemola FINALLY being recognised for his talent after all these years, accompanied by that pantsula dance; and all the deserving winners, for saving the awards ceremony.

Unfortunately, I had to dash immediately after the ceremony to make it back to Joburg on time for my show on Metro FM. 

Eish... with such a fantastic weekend, it was sad that the very thing we went there for - the 2 award ceremonies, were the only let down. I think the Production company has a lot to consider before their next awards show. It's more disappointing that the SAFTAs are exactly about great Productions and the Production fell short and didn't represent the industry well.

In conclusion, the SAFTAs weekend was a blast and a half. Believe the hype when people say that the weekend was a lituation because it was truly epic. Jealous down, the NFVF, are the best hosts and again, I have to thank Xolelwa, Neo and Nompumelelo for taking such great care of us. We were never in need of anything; we were sorted from Thursday to Sunday and that deserves proper recognition.

Hope, these 2 articles won't get me into too much trouble and please, please NFVF, please do invite me again next year.

Peace out!


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27 Mar 2018 13:25

Lol hahahahaha Nice Pruluv my friend. You painted quite a vivid picture of your experiences...hala

Straight talk does not break any friendships. You did not bash anyone, you were just honest and you offered valid advices.

Great read!!!!

27 Mar 2018 15:53

Great read indeed, it felt like I was part of the event

Hands down!! 

27 Mar 2018 18:41

Thanks for this article Pru, really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work both or radio and here.

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