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Generations Teasers - May 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 19 Mar 2018
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Coming up on Generations this May 2018:

Tuesday 1 May 2018
Episode 112 (0892) 

Mrekza feels bad about deceiving his woman. Getty changes her mind about practising as a sangoma. Namhla is terrified when she wakes up far from home.
Wednesday 2 May 2018
Episode 113 (0893)

Smanga is hopeful when he’s invited to a council dinner. Gadaffi hears his ex-wife sold him out. Brandon tells his mother the news she’s been dreading to hear.
Thursday 3 May 2018
Episode 114 (0894) 

Lucy is suspicious when she walks in on a family conversation. Jack doesn’t like being put in his place by his protégé. The Captain increases the torture, is determined to make his prisoner talk.
Friday 4 May 2018
Episode 115 (0895) 

Cosmo fears for Tshidi’s safety. Lesedi is hurt to hear her friendship is no longer wanted. Namhla caves when her family is threatened and reveals all.

Monday 7 May 2018
Episode 116 (0896) 

The Diales are very secretive about the arrangements they’re making. Gadaffi decides murder is the best punishment for betrayal. Nandi wakes up from her coma.
Tuesday 8 May 2018
Episode 117 (0897) 

Lucy is choked up with emotion when she has to say goodbye to her ‘baby’. The big secret is finally revealed at S’khaftin Chicken. Zoe is furious when Jack blackmails her.
Wednesday 9 May 2018
Episode 118 (0898) 

Smanga is determined to go it alone. The siblings form an alliance to take down the enemy. Mrekza realises his game is up.
Thursday 10 May 2018
Episode 119 (0899)

Gadaffi uses an opportunity to take photos of his ex’s diary. Lesedi turns the tables on Jason when he tries to humiliate her. Cosmo reaches out to his sister but she chases him away.
Friday 11 May 2018
Episode 120 (0900)

Mazwi refuses to join the alliance but is forced to change his mind. Lucy gets dumped. Jack is furious to hear what Michael is up to.

Monday 14 May 2018
Episode 121 (0901)

Tshidi is horrified when her rescuer gets stabbed. Mrekza decides it’s time to move on. Sphe puts her foot down, will not risk her mother’s recovery process.
Tuesday 15 May 2018
Episode 122 (0902) 

Getty sees straight through her sister’s happy front. Jason’s threat prompts Lesedi to take action. The little green-eyed monster appears when Sphe fusses over Gadaffi.
Wednesday 16 May 2018
Episode 123 (0903)

Zondiwe urges her daughter not to sell out her principles. Cosmo is shocked to find Lucy in tears. The alliance plan their attack on Jack.
Thursday 17 May 2018
Episode 124 (0904) 

Mrekza isn’t ready to forgive and forget. Zoe doesn’t trust Tshidi one little bit. Brandon pops the question.
Friday 18 May 2018
Episode 125 (0905) 

Gadaffi continues to lure in his ex. Mazwi lies to further the aim of the alliance. Gog’Flo isn’t happy when Getty uses her kitchen as a waiting room.

Monday 21 May 2018
Episode 126 (0906) 

Nandi is determined to take control of her life. Michael unknowingly sabotages the seduction scheme. Jack discovers his office has been bugged.
Tuesday 22 May 2018
Episode 127 (0907) 

Lesedi thinks she might’ve found the perfect boyfriend. Lucy gets angry when her sister insults her man. Tshidi comes up with a new way to pull of the seduction.
Wednesday 23 May 2018
Episode 128 (0908) 

Getty begs her ancestors to give her the answers she needs. Zoe isn’t happy to hear Brandon is dating. Gadaffi’s revenge plan is coming together nicely.
Thursday 24 May 2018
Episode 129 (0909)

Zondiwe’s not happy to hear her daughter’s big news. Mazwi manipulates the enemy like a pro. Michael hopes to turn the tables on the woman who tricked him.
Friday 25 May 2018
Episode 130 (0910)

Skhalo is not ready to forgive and forget. Jack is floored and furious by what he sees on the news. Jason proves just what a big jerk he is.

Monday 28 May 2018
Episode 131 (0911)

Tshidi is rattled about the strange text messages she receives. Will Brandon turn out to be the perfect boyfriend after all? Gadaffi is thrown when Detective Roberts shows up.
Tuesday 29 May 2018
Episode 132 (0912)

Michael falls off the wagon again. Jason can’t believe it when Lesedi stands up for him. Mazwi kisses his wife in a way he never has before.
Wednesday 30 May 2018
Episode 133 (0913)

Sphe wants to know what last night was about. Zoe almost has heart failure when she hears what her son is planning. Skhalo riles up the community against Getty.
Thursday 31 May 2018
Episode 134 (0914) 

An unsavoury business meeting leads to a breakthrough for the alliance. Having hit rock bottom, Michael decides to end things once and for all. Lucy is shocked when the last person she expected comes knocking for help.

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19 Mar 2018 13:49

All confusing ...nothing that says wow .

19 Mar 2018 17:18

I agree, so confusing and much of the same. I wonder what the writers' vision is for the show. Mazwi and Sphe? eew lol. I knew the writers would go there one day.

Mikey T
19 Mar 2018 21:14

Who is going to get stabbed for rescuing Tshidi?

Mikey T
19 Mar 2018 21:19

Who is going to be held prisoner by the Captain?

20 Mar 2018 08:57

Agg man Generations needs a new writing team .i miss the year 2016 when storylines kept us captivated. Now is the same dialogue about land everyday.

20 Mar 2018 09:58

Please don't tell me Mike is leaving. What is this that he decides to end things once and for all, suicide?

20 Mar 2018 10:05

I'm happy Wandi got a job at Ezweni.

20 Mar 2018 16:40

Le nna Showtime

Mikey T
21 Mar 2018 18:54

Is Michael Philips leaving Generations?

22 Mar 2018 23:35

The show is stagnant but I find myself enjoying every episode lol. Smanga getting along with Brandon so well already foreshadows a Smanga/ Zoe relationship, I believe.

23 Mar 2018 06:13

The show is enjoyable lol .Mrekza kills .Brendon is doing a great job with this character .we never see such characters on our TV ...thanks Gen .

23 Mar 2018 09:35

I find myself enjoying every single episode. The Phillips fam, Lucy, Mrekza, Gog'flo, Wandi, Mazwi all of them are just so interesting. The show has definitely found beauty in simplicity.

24 Mar 2018 00:59

Zondwa edited on
3/24/2018 1:02 AM

I miss Sphe :( The Zoe character is EVERYWHERE lmao I wish Michael Phillips was getting this much screen time. Fana needs a revamp, he's becoming boring now, a shame since he had one of the most interesting character arcs last year. His relationship with Nolwazi, them being involved in a hit & run, the Thabiso scandal, having to save Jack's ass and destroying AK. Ahhh he was my fave tbh! But I believe they're probably growing his character to be one of the game players, to be able to stand along side his father, Tau, Kumkani. His experiences should be evidenced in who he has become. He has learned a great deal from Jack and Tau and from his own experiences. To me, he's just becoming as threatening and as powerful... y'all might not see it, but it's happening! He reminds me of Sansa Stark of Game Of Thrones who was an honest, naive little girl who went through a lot but had to learn from other powerful players like Petyr, Cersei and Ramsay how the game is played.

24 Mar 2018 10:05

I wonder what made Jack to kiss Tshidi. But I'm in it for them if they go for another shot. Tshidi always has a thing for crooked guys anyway.

25 Mar 2018 19:51

is it true dt thuso mbedu is shooting with GTL as a mabaso and smanga's love interest (villainous role )

26 Mar 2018 08:47

mr Phathu Makwarela says Thuso Mbedu's career will die at Generations ...there is a lot of negativity coming her way. People want her to join the River or The Queen ...tjo.

26 Mar 2018 10:51

Damn after ALL these years Phathu Makwarela is STILL obsessed with hating on Generations?!!!! LOL how is her career going to die acting on a show with 9million viewers? bye Felisha.

26 Mar 2018 10:55

Thuso is surprised by the news she is joing Gen .Gen publicist Mamokhethi says she knows nothing but Gen twitter says she is joing .TVSA can you guys tell us the real story ?

26 Mar 2018 10:57

OMG @qavile we should throw you an online welcome home party! Lol where have you been?

26 Mar 2018 11:00

deziclesthagawd edited on
3/26/2018 11:03 AM

I knew Thuso wouldn't be joining a soap at this point. I mean I saw an interview of her's on VUZU and it sounded like she has a lot of irons in the fire at the moment. This is clearly fake news.

26 Mar 2018 11:03

@dezi im still around and do read all your comments at times bt sadly don't watch GTL as much as i would like .myb I've watched only 10 episode since January. school is keeping me busy

26 Mar 2018 11:16

Ok, glad to know you are doing well.

26 Mar 2018 14:01

Show-Time edited on
3/26/2018 8:30 PM

Who is in it for SPAMNGA? I know I am.

26 Mar 2018 16:08

So I have the inside story on Thuso Mbedu. Yep she's joining the show. Today was her first day on set. She might still be on set as I type this! lol And I hear she's already KILLING IT! Anyway apparently it was an emotional day for her. She's happy for the gig and how she was received. Apparently she has been jobless for a few months and was on the audition circuit for a long while. She even auditioned for Phathu, who didn't hire her but dissed her for joining Gen. Anyway my insider friend says she will be the reincarnation of Ntsiki Lukhele. But friend is also worried that Collin is going ruin her. I guess time will tell.

26 Mar 2018 16:15

Wandi she is soo pretty these days,, I think she is going to be the next Nolwazi.. she has ideas, and Mazwi will be jls of her.. lol.. hahahaha

26 Mar 2018 18:02

@dezi i read somewhere she has being jobless for months .i pray she proves everyone wrong .she is such an amazing soul .i want the best for her

26 Mar 2018 19:40

She's great. I wish her the best too. I wish the show had a better head writer than Collin though. I'm tired of haters saying that some actors are too good for Gen. Such bull considering that's where stars are made. I'm excited about her character and I think she'll be a better fit for Smanga than Pam the floozy lol.

26 Mar 2018 21:08

Lol Pam basically threw herself at Smanga. This girl mara.

26 Mar 2018 21:42

TVSA is there any understandable reason why my post doesn't appear even after a lot of attempts? Am I the only one with this problem?

27 Mar 2018 06:11

Zondwa edited on
3/27/2018 6:21 AM

So I've heard that Thuso girl is a great actress, welcome . I hope she shares a lot of scenes with Pearl Monama. The haters can stay hating. The show will only make her bigger, more popular and she'll earn a steady income. Haybo since when has Generations, OF ALL TV shows in the country, ruined careers? This is a first lmfao. They want her to go to those Mzansi Magic shows, why?? So that they can get tweets and trend on Twitter and have people overrating and unnecessarily praising everything these shows and actors do?? Mxm eish! It will only help her reputation as an actress instead of harming it.

27 Mar 2018 06:17

I hate what they have made of Smanga's character. He's been reduced to a horny, perverted black sheep of a family who don't necessarily care about him and he's used as a vehicle for other characters to make them look good. He doesn't feel like a main character anymore, it's like he's some secondary character advancing the agendas of Mazwi, Jack, Sphe etc... I need the focus to be on him now. It's like he switched places with Fana, who never really did anything but has turned to be one of the show's main attractions. This relationship with Pam; I hate it already because it will be unnecessarily over- sexualised. Please Colin, make Smanga great again!

27 Mar 2018 08:24

They've over sexualized his character. And sometimes he just gives me pervy vibez. It's annoying and his talent deserves better. But after all these years it's clear that Smanga will never be a priority to them.

27 Mar 2018 17:07

Some extra goss on Thuso... her character name is Okuhle. Word on the street is that she's Sphe's cousin.

27 Mar 2018 19:05

Oh thanks TVSA team, I was hoping that she'd be a cousin and not Jack's long lost daughter. Ain't we tired of that! So that means she's a Cele and not a Mabaso. Ok.

27 Mar 2018 23:27

I'm very excited for her arrival... but I'm sure we'll only see her in July.

27 Mar 2018 23:30

Forgot to say... in the previous episode, Brandon and Lesedi's scene was well done. The Brandon guy is a really good actor. But I need to see more of Michael Phillips!

28 Mar 2018 01:34

Crossing my fingers for Pam to have Smanga's baby.

28 Mar 2018 06:36

myb thuso will take mazwi from sphe ,tshidi lost her Groove she use to have presence and charisma more than any character. . i can't wait for the day she sleeps with Michael. .i miss nolwazi with her free spirit.. i feel smanga& cosmo are the next ones to leave next year around March in quarter of new season

28 Mar 2018 06:40

Brendon is a great actor its a pity someone like him will never be nominated for a safta .akere bare Gen is trash nxa .lol Lucy is hella funny this days .

28 Mar 2018 14:34

As long as Mfundi V is affiliated with Gen, the show will never be treated fairly. They hate his guts lol. Anyhoo, I won't ship Smanga and Pam because she's a loose girl with zero substance. She's shallow as hell. Smanga needs someone with a little more to offer. I do like Pam a lot though. @qavile are you saying Smanga might get written out? Would they dare?

29 Mar 2018 01:56

Zondwa edited on
3/29/2018 2:03 AM

Writing Smanga out would be one of the most disappointing decisions this show has ever done. What do they see in this Mazwi character really? Or Musa's portrayal of it? Because it's like... the least interesting out of the primary characters and the actor hardly does it justice. They should instead make Smanga interesting again before butchering his character any further. I never thought that even Bafana would get such interesting material over Smanga mkmk.

29 Mar 2018 08:15

@dezi i have terrible feeling. . well 2dae im waiting for hilarious wedding drama of James & vatiswa ndara on #Muvhango well don't know when did they date

01 Apr 2018 08:26

I'll be honest with you guys. I love generations. So many people are always hating on this new GTL because they miss the old one but I like this way more.

I love this new one because of characters like wandi and Smanga. But most of all I love it because of the introduction of the Diale family.

I swear the introduction of the Diale family is the greatest thing that ever happened to the show. The show would be soooooooo boring if Lucy wasn't always trying to be her Lucy self or if Mrekza wasn't being his Mrekza self. I enjoy the story line of young Lesedi. Especially her outtakes and experiences.

And Getty was borinbg for a while but now she is so very interesting. With Getty's new found powers I amnseeing a side of Getty I have never seen before and it's scary. Nice to know that Gog flo isn't a one dimensional character. I even like Namhla. She is very fun and open minded

Even Cosmo is interesting. I really wish he could get a bae. He deserves a wify. With all that said the person who is the most interesting right now is Wandi. She is so very very interesting. Especially now that she is a fully transitioned woman. It has opened up so many new wonderful plotlines. Especially this troll thing. It would have been cooler if she had just let it go... But that doesn't make for good TV. I hope to see more sisterhood moments 

01 Apr 2018 08:40

Anyways am I the only one who thought that it was kind of creepy the way that girl asked and begged Wandi for her help and support? I mean I realise that Wandi is her idol but they are strangers.

I mean I love to sing but if I ever met Beyonce I wouldn't approach her the way she did. I wouldn't beg her to teach me or mentor me and I also wouldn't ask her to deal with my bullies either.

02 Apr 2018 22:01

Love Zoe's wardrobe. Bringing the 70's and 80's to 2018. Tonight she was nice on that red top.

04 Apr 2018 09:52

Lol Wandi's drama with that dramatic transgender lady is funny af. Now I'm not crazy about this face of trangenderism thing they've got going on with Wandi. You're transgender, we get it. Anything else to you?

04 Apr 2018 11:33

wht was wrong with Daniel?????? please help.

11 Apr 2018 20:47

Mina I don't understand this generation the legacy anymore, angazi ama writer acabangani myb they a new writer kwenzeka kanjani ukuthi I sopie ibe nama psycho amaningi kanje uSiphe no mamakhe, Brenden, Mazwi nabanye nje, I story line is crazy I don't understand we are normal people n we want a normal sopie.

Bonisiwe Mesh
11 Apr 2018 21:49

So Generation has always been about people trying to bring Jack down but failing. Sphe's secret will be kept for 10 years. I used to love Generations but these days i feel like thyre loosing it.

12 Apr 2018 09:19

yoo ladies i watch The River then watch Generations fflwing day on youtube,, i dont want to waist my time watching crap,, i am paying TV LICENCE every year for that matter.  

13 Apr 2018 07:23

Looks like Pam is in some deep trouble. Looking forward to her storyline.

13 Apr 2018 12:53

The show is underwhelming. Anyway I hope Fana and Zoe can get it together. They would be a beautiful couple. Zoe and Mrekza are the stars of a very meh show right now. Sad.

16 Apr 2018 14:58

y'all like pretending to hate the show when u know u love it. I know its a trend to bash generations but truth be told ure not hurting the show, the more you talk about it the more ppl invest in it. thank you

16 Apr 2018 15:00

I can't wait for thuso's debut, is she a moroka? I hope so, we need an Evil Moroka man the one like karabo's brother who went to jail never to be seen again, princes father.

16 Apr 2018 22:17

Do you see what I see Dezi? ZAFANA is on the cards!

17 Apr 2018 10:01

@Robyn we are not hating it sana,, we just saying our views sana,, please if they need extras just show us the signal  sana, evha.. all of us, evha,, mchwaaaa

17 Apr 2018 10:02

Listen @show-time they'd be the perfect match! Both need to live independent of their corrupt daddies. They need each other! lol

18 Apr 2018 10:16

Damn I'm so madly in love with the Phillips. Zoe in particular. I was hoping for ZADAFFI but ZAFANA would suit me just fine.

18 Apr 2018 15:31

I'm madly in love with the Philips as well. But to be honest Mrekza is stealing the show especially now that he wants a child he is stealing my heart. I hope that we see more of him. I think that I'm beginning to like mazwi again. It's nice to know that he is not a complete jackass and that he can give credit where it's due. I'm glad that he isn't being hard on wandi anymore

18 Apr 2018 16:34

The Phillips fam are everything. And Zoe what a beauty. I can see why she gets so much screen time. Thanks to her I get a break from too much Sphe.

20 Apr 2018 15:15

Lol I love Sphe. I can never get enough of her.

By the way, where is Zitha?

21 Apr 2018 13:16

@Zondwa please do not invoke the spirit of Zitha by saying her name. Just now she'll be back on our screens with her twang and her treacherous ways lol.

Taffytuff Killer
26 Apr 2018 00:32

I think Skhalo needs to be given a position as Godfather of Gangsters

Taffytuff Killer
26 Apr 2018 00:33

Skhalo knows how to act

31 May 2018 14:21

I love Lesedi , she is a darling xem

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