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Bold And The Beautiful Teasers - April 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog The Bold And The Beautiful Teasers on 14 Mar 2018
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Coming up on Bold and the Beautiful this April 2018:

Monday 2 April 2018
Episode 68 (7531)

Confident that the debut went well, Sally, Shirley, and their crew eagerly anticipate Eye on Fashion’s review to be posted. Bill is particularly disappointed with the initial review of the new Spectra Fashions collection and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Thomas stands in support of Sally while she awaits word on whether her company will be a success, or goes bankrupt before it even gets started.

Tuesday 3 April 2018
Episode 69 (7532)

Steffy suggests a double wedding in Australia to Brooke which immediately catches R.J.'s attention and approval. Meanwhile, Ridge and Quinn realize that getting caught by Ivy is their ultimate wake-up-call to put their interaction back on a merely platonic basis.

Steffy is taken aback when Thomas still refers to Sally as a viable competitor and that he considers Jarrett's article biased. A defeated Sally and Shirley confer about what to do with Spectra Fashions following the scathing review in "Eye on Fashion". Shirley enthuses to Sally, Saul and Darlita that they should go back to the company's origins and enter the knock-off-business. 

Wednesday 4 April 2018
Episode 70 (7533)

Liam and Steffy call the family together to announce the destination for their nuptials. Eric, Quinn, Brooke, Ridge and Ivy enthuse over Steffy and Liam's decision to marry in Australia. Bill joins the gathering and spars verbally with Ridge upon the notion that Brooke and Ridge might also get hitched Down Under.

Pam joins Thomas, R.J. and Charlotte for interviews with prospective interns. At Spectra Fashion, Shirley tries to convince Sally that her sister is their way back to respectability - by serving as a mole to get the inside scoop on some genuine Forrester designs. Sally uses her friendship with Thomas to her advantage by requesting he interview Coco for an internship position. 

Thursday 5 April 2018
Episode 71 (7534)

A dinner party at the Forrester Mansion held by Pam and Charlie causes Eric and Quinn to spend the evening with Ridge and Brooke. Ridge and Quinn get accidentally stuck in the same bathroom.

Coco finishes up her intern interview with Thomas and R.J. who is smitten with the Spectra ingénue. As Sally feels the pang of guilt about using Coco as a spy, Shirley and Saul remind her that it might be their last chance to make the Spectra Fashions revival work. 

Friday 6 April 2018
Episode 72 (7535)

Shirley continues to press for Coco to steal designs from her new work place whereas Sally is hesitant to betray Thomas. Zende and Nicole return from their honeymoon and share stories and photos.

As the discussion shifts to the next generation of interns, Rick is up in arms when he learns that the newest Forrester Creations intern is a Spectra. Coco is thrilled when Rick eventually wants to let bygones be bygones and allows her to begin with her internship.

Over at Spectra Fashions, a visit from C.J. makes Sally realize that she is running out of time. 

Monday 9 April 2018
Episode 73 (7536)

Bill welcomes his friend Emmy as the newest employee of Spencer Publications. Brooke then pays a visit to Bill to present him with a birthday gift which she knows means the world to him.

A suspicious Charlie keeps a watchful eye on Ridge and Quinn during a board meeting at Forrester Creations. When Pam questions his more-than-usually odd behaviour, Charlie admits his notion of Ridge and Quinn possibly having an affair. Rick and Maya also notice the sudden tight and amicable working relationship of the former sworn enemies.

Once alone, Ridge and Quinn discuss how to best interact with each other in the future.

Tuesday 10 April 2018
Episode 74 (7537)

Pam is in disbelief that Ridge and Quinn could be having an affair. Ridge and Quinn agree to keep their latest kiss quiet as they admit their true feelings for each other. In the corridor, Pam tries desperately to convince Charlie that Ridge worked too hard to reconcile with Eric to blow it by cheating with Quinn.

Touched by Brooke's visit to congratulate him on his birthday, Bill pledges his love to Brooke and presents her with the ultimate gift as a token of his love. 

Wednesday 11 April 2018
Episode 75 (7538)

Thomas gives Steffy a lukewarm reaction to her wedding invitation. The hiring of a Spectra as the latest intern causes further conflict between Thomas and Steffy. Meanwhile, R.J. wants to impress Coco with a tour of the company. Brooke and Ridge stop by to inform R.J. of their intent to get married in Australia.

When Ridge learns of Coco's last name, he makes it clear that he is vetoing Rick and Thomas's decision. Later, R.J. expresses his regrets to Coco in the shipping department.

Shirley tells a moody Sally that her younger sister is going to save their bacon. Sally mutters about turning Spectra back into a knock-off shop. Saul offers his technical expertise to use Coco as a secret spy.

Thursday 12 April 2018
Episode 76 (7539)

Brooke urges Ridge to give Coco a chance and have her continue with her internship. Sally and Saul rehash setting up Coco to spy for them. Sally is still not thrilled about their plan, but clearly impressed that Saul managed to implant a tiny camera in a necklace which could do the trick for them.

Saul is having a vivid daydream about young Sally with whom he clearly is smitten.

Friday 13 April 2018
Episode 77 (7540)

R.J. and Coco share a sweet kiss on the news that she is allowed to continue her internship. At a staff meeting, Ridge lectures everyone about security - especially now that a Spectra is working at the company.

Coco arrives back at the Spectra Fashion and tells the gang all about her first day on the job at Forrester Creations. Sally becomes skeptical of their plan after seeing how happy her sister is. Shirley and Saul pressure Sally into believing the plan is their only option. 

Monday 16 April 2018
Episode 78 (7541)

Katie is thrilled when Brooke and Ridge invite her to their wedding. As a sign that they have overcome their conflicts, Brooke proudly shows her sister her wedding dress.

Ivy attempts to dissuade Quinn from traveling to Australia for Liam and Steffy's wedding. Later, Ridge and Quinn have a heart-to-heart which Katie witnesses.

Tuesday 17 April 2018
Episode 79 (7542)

Katie witnesses a sexually charged conversation between Ridge and Quinn. Ridge and Quinn wonder whether Katie will cause conflict for them. Later, Katie mentions to Brooke the intimate encounter she just saw. Appalled, Brooke expresses shock that Katie is implying that Ridge is having an affair.

Elsewhere, Rick, Maya, Nicole, R.J., Pam and Charlie throw a wedding shower for Steffy and Liam. The happy couple expresses their gratitude to all of them as they will not be present at the actual wedding down under.

Wednesday 18 April 2018
Episode 80 (7543)

Brooke is taken aback by Katie's accusation of Ridge and Quinn possibly having an affair. Ridge and Eric share a bonding moment before the trip to Australia.

Quinn has a difficult time concentrating on work while being all-encompassed with the thought of her and Ridge being caught. This does not come unnoticed by Ivy who draws the right conclusions even though Quinn denies that she and Ridge are anything but professional co-workers.

When Katie stops by acting protective of Brooke, Quinn quickly turns the tables and warns Katie to stay out of her personal life and marriage to Eric.

Thursday 19 April 2018
Episode 81 (7544)

Thomas pays Sally a last-minute visit and expresses that he would love to bring her along as his date for Steffy and Liam's Australian nuptials. Despite Saul's protest, Darlita books Sally a cheap flight to Sydney.

R.J. encourages Ridge and Brooke to make sure their wedding happens, before the Forresters and Spencers embark on a luxurious journey. Katie notices that Bill's necklace is missing, and then spots another awkward exchange between Ridge and Quinn.

Meanwhile, Eric is just thrilled that Quinn is now fully accepted by his family.

Friday 20 April 2018
Episode 82 (7545)

The Forresters and Spectras enjoy their luxurious travels to Australia.

Steffy and Liam look forward to their wedding whereas Katie sympathizes with ex-husband Bill as he watches Brooke canoodling with Ridge. When Ridge and Quinn sneak off in a more private area of the cabin, Katie has a watchful eye on them as she still suspects them having an affair.

Thomas begins to miss Sally already and decides to send her a selfie which, to his surprise, does not come through. Meanwhile, Sally boards her flight to Sydney and soon finds out that the journey will come completely with no-thrills.

fter landing, Ivy leads the bride, groom and the rest of the wedding party to the Sydney Opera House to give them a first impression of their traveling destination. As everyone gushes at the sight of the spectacular building, Katie takes Brooke to the side to inform her sister that Ridge and Quinn continue to act strangely.

Monday 23 April 2018
Episode 83 (7546)

Eric and Quinn remark on how things have changed since their secret getaway in Monte Carlo last year. Brooke becomes distant to Ridge while reflecting on Katie's accusation of Ridge and Quinn carrying on an inappropriate relationship.

Ivy goes through the details of the wedding with Steffy and Liam. Steffy hints to Liam that she has something special in store without disclosing any details just yet.

Sally's long journey to Australia feels never-ending due to the couple who she is seated between on the airplane. After landing in Sydney the ordeal already is worthwhile to Sally as she receives a message and call from Thomas. When Thomas confirms that he would love to have her by his side, Sally rushes over to his hotel and the lovebirds reunite with a kiss.

Tuesday 24 April 2018
Episode 84 (7547)

Steffy and Ivy participate in a photo shoot on the stairs of the famous Sydney Opera House just hours before the wedding. At the hotel, Liam thanks Bill for coming to Australia knowing that seeing Brooke with Ridge is hard for his father.

Eric raves to Quinn that she is more than he could have ever dreamed for as a wife. Brooke reminds Katie that she wants no more talk about Ridge and Quinn. In another room, Sally receives pressure from Shirley to take secret pictures at Steffy's nuptials to score some much-needed publicity for Spectra Fashion.

Back in Australia, Steffy thanks Ivy for her help as they get hair and make-up done. Ivy reflects that she is Liam's past, and Steffy is his future. As the families gather on a stunning site overlooking the Sydney harbor, Liam is shocked that Thomas brings Sally Spectra as his date.

The ceremony begins when, suddenly, Steffy clad in lace makes a bold entrance zip-lining from the Opera House right to the altar.

Wednesday 25 April 2018
Episode 85 (7548)

In front of Sydney's picturesque harbor and Opera House, Steffy and Liam's long-awaited nuptials begin. Family members of the bride and groom pay homage to the happy couple with heartfelt speeches.

Unnoticed by anyone, Sally violates the families' strict guidelines by secretly taking some pictures with her phone. After Liam and Steffy have become husband and wife, they take their guests on a wild adventure in a speed boat.

Back in Los Angeles, Wyatt drowns his sorrows in alcohol over his ex-wife tying the knot with his brother. Zende and Nicole spot Wyatt at the bar at Il Giardino and encourage him to look forward.

Thursday 26 April 2018
Episode 86 (7549)

The celebrations for newlyweds, Liam and Steffy are fully underway following their speedboat ride across the Sydney harbor, and the wedding reception gathers at Shelly Beach with a group of Aboriginal dancers as well as two famed Australian singers being special guests. Steffy chides Thomas for bringing Sally, but he stands by his date.

Eric is stunned when Quinn informs him that the young redhead shares the same name like the famous fashion diva he once proposed to. Katie notices that Bill is preoccupied because of the impending marriage of Brooke and Ridge. Up the beach, Ridge approaches Quinn, who reveals how grateful she is to be accepted by the family.

Elsewhere, Eric and Brooke reflect on the thirty years since they met and their families became intertwined. Back in Los Angeles, Saul and Darlita are anxiously awaiting word from Sally who eventually calls to inform them that she will not use the photos of the wedding she took earlier.

Friday 27 April 2018
Episode 87 (7550)

Brooke and Eric revel in their 30 years of friendship and the often complex paths that they have taken to get to where they are today. The wedding reception is already fizzling out with most of the guest having disappeared. On a secluded beach nearby, Ridge and Quinn agree that his upcoming wedding to Brooke will mark the end of their clandestine relationship.

When Steffy confronts Sally about showing up at her wedding, their heated confrontation ends with a splash. Thomas joins his date in the water and they kiss. Steffy and Liam revel in their newlywed status. Conceding that Brooke is to be married the next day, Bill offers his support to her for whenever she may need it. Nearby, Katie is surprised to find Eric all alone.

As they say their goodbyes, Ridge and Quinn share a kiss - which does not come unnoticed. 

Monday 30 April 2018
Episode 88 (7551)

Brooke puts Quinn on the spot and accuses her of having an affair with Ridge. Brooke is still furious as Quinn tries to convince not to cancel her wedding. Bill complains to Katie that he was convinced it would be over with Ridge and Brooke by now.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Rick and Maya discuss Eric's marriage and that apparently they were wrong about Quinn.

Back in Australia, Brooke storms off and makes a beeline to Eric's hotel room to reveal the truth about his wife. A panicky Quinn informs a shocked Ridge that they have been busted. 

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