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Days of Our Lives Teasers - January 2018

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Days of Our Lives Teasers on 12 Dec 2017
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Coming up on Days of Our Lives this January 2018:

Monday 1 January 2018
Episode 12451

JJ finds Eve, who has just slipped on some water, injuring her wrist.  Eve pretends the injury is worse than it really is as a way of stalling him, knowing Jill needs time to make her disappearance from Salem. 
Sami encourages Will to take advantage of the opportunity he’s been given and join her and the kids in California. 
Pressured by Clyde - and knowing he may spill the truth about how her mother died - Jordan tells Ben she’s been selfish, and he should accept Clyde’s offer of help. Elsewhere, excited Ben tells Abigail the good news about Clyde’s financial assistance. 

Tuesday 2 January 2018
Episode 12452

Brady still worries about using Theresa, but she tells him she will erase every thought of Kristen from his mind.  At the same time, Brady stops by Kristen’s, expecting to say goodbye.  Instead, Kristen plays the recording of Theresa confessing to Anne that she’s the one who hit John with the poker.
JJ updates Daniel on his latest situation with Paige. Daniel encourages him to tell Paige the truth. Daniel suggests JJ use his apartment as a place to work things out privately with Paige. Jennifer overhears enough to get the wrong idea and accuses Daniel of encouraging JJ and Paige to have sex. 
While Sami says goodbye to Hope, Ciara schemes to benefit from her cousin’s good fortune. Sami encounters Abigail, and they come to an understanding about the past.

Wednesday 3 January 2018
Episode 12453

Daniel challenges Jennifer's assertion that their love is done. However, she insists on a clean break, telling him he needs to stay out of her and her children's lives.
Kristen plays the tape of Theresa's admission that she hit John with the poker. However, Brady is convinced Kristen fabricated this "evidence" to eliminate her romantic rival.  He blasts her for trying to trick him once again. 
Sami shares emotional farewells with Rafe, Kayla and Caroline.  Meanwhile, Sonny is upset when Will makes a life-changing decision without telling him first.

Thursday 4 January 2018
Episode 12454

Sami says her final, teary goodbyes to Kate, Eric, Roman, Marlena, Abe and Lucas. She urges Kate to finish the job they started - destroying Stefano. 
Sonny grapples with Will’s move, each finally admitting it may be harder on them than Will thinks. Kristen laments to Daniel the irony of how telling the truth has finally ended whatever chance she had with Brady. 
Kristen’s sorrow hardens to rage, which she unleashes on Daniel. 

Brady confronts Theresa and John over their lie.  He denounces both of them and storms away. Brady shows up at Daniel’s apartment – just as Daniel and Kristen move their passion to the bedroom.

Friday 5 January 2018
Episode 12455

Stunned Brady sees Daniel and Kristen in bed. Brady considers numbing his pain with alcohol. 

As John searches for his son, Theresa confides in Anne that she is going to fight for Brady.  Meanwhile, Kristen is startled when an unreadable Brady shows up at her hotel room.
JJ is still torn up over his break with Paige - and the truth about Kayla’s rape that he still hasn’t told her.  Rory convinces him to go to a party to distract him from his heartbreak. Bev arrives at the kegger to stir things up with JJ.  
Aiden and Hope plan a Halloween movie night with the kids, and Hope is thrilled that things are going so well.  She then runs into an old acquaintance named Bree, who’s back in town for a visit.  Later, Aiden runs into Bree, and it’s clear they know each other - and are not happy about this unexpected reunion.

Monday 8 January 2018
Episode 12456

Kristen is surprised when Brady admits he knows she was telling the truth about John and Theresa.  Delighted, she hopes this can be a fresh start for her and Brady.  
Meanwhile, Marlena and Eric confront Theresa about her role in John’s injury.  She continues to deny, and Eric expresses his disappointment in her. Later, Theresa takes Anne to a secluded spot in the woods and makes a huge confession.
Paige is rocked when she overhears Eve and Kayla arguing, and it comes out that it was Jack who raped Kayla.  Paige realizes this is why JJ has been acting so strange.  Feeling for him, she texts him, wanting to meet up. 

At the same time, JJ is at the kegger, enjoying a beer and getting hit on by some cute girls – which Bev documents with photos. 
Tuesday 9 January 2018
Episode 12457

Pushed to the edge, Kristen makes ominous plans regarding Theresa. Meanwhile, Theresa confidently tells Anne nothing is going to stop her from being with Brady.
Eve receives devastating news from Dr. Chung that she will never sing again. 
An angry Paige confronts JJ about his drinking and about the pictures with the girls from the party.  He tries to defend himself but Paige is skeptical.  JJ freaks and lays into Paige. 
Jordan talks to Marlena about a “patient” who is remembering disturbing things. Ben is optimistic his new apartment will go through and shares the exciting news with Abigail. 

Wednesday 10 January 2018
Episode 12458

JJ commits a shocking act - and Paige comes close to discovering the truth.
A livid Brady confronts Daniel about almost sleeping with Kristen. Nicole walks in as things get physical.  Meanwhile, Theresa is put in danger, thanks to Kristen.
Jordan is with Clyde, pressing him to explain what he meant when he said she had “blood on her hands” apart from what happened to her mother. Clyde realizes she’s somehow repressing the memory but offers no clues to help her.  

At Club TBD, Ben decks Chad after learning he was responsible for Ben getting turned down for an apartment.  Abigail arrives with Rafe, who breaks up the fight. 

Thursday 11 January 2018
Episode 12459

Paige has a stunning realization. Later, JJ is a guilty wreck when he gets a text from Paige, saying she was wrong about him and wishes to talk in the morning.
Kristen calls Brady with a cryptic goodbye. She leaves Salem - but not before pulling off one last jaw-dropping stunt.
Theresa has a horrific encounter.
Nicole offers comforting words to Daniel, who’s upset about the situation with Brady and Kristen. Nicole manages to get through to him, and they inch back together as friends.
Chad taunts Ben about his history with Abigail – but Ben knows he’s just trying to goad him into throwing another punch.

Friday 12 January 2018
Episode 12460

Jordan shows up at Clyde’s hotel room - with a gun!  She confronts him with an ugly accusation regarding their past.
JJ confides in Abigail that he and Paige are having problems because he mishandled how she found out about their father’s rape of Kayla.  

Paige comforts her mom about the surgery being cancelled, and the fact that she’ll never sing again. Victor tries to steal Kate from DiMera, but she’s happy working with Chad.
Daniel meets his new patient, Paul Narita (played by Christopher Sean) who has serious privacy concerns about his surgery since he’s a baseball star.

Monday 15 January 2018
Episode 12461

Anne informs Theresa that Kristen has checked out of her hotel and apparently left Salem. Later, Brady confirms to Theresa it’s over with Kristen. A desperate Theresa blurts she’s carrying his child!
Brady confronts John about his lie. John admits he would withhold the truth all over again to keep his son away from Kristen.

Stefano calls Marlena, and she blasts him for his part in Kristen’s latest antics. Clyde challenges Jordan to shoot him, but she can’t do it. He takes the gun from her, warning next time he won’t be so forgiving. 
Tuesday 16 January 2018
Episode 12462

Brady doesn’t believe Theresa is pregnant, but she reminds him of the times they were together without protection. He finally concedes it’s possible, but that doesn’t mean the child is his. 

Hope and Aiden are making plans for a date when Nicole interrupts, wanting to do a story on Aiden. He refuses. When she pushes, he totally overreacts.

Hope confides in Rafe that she’s curious about how evasive Aiden has been. Later, Hope decides to check him out online and is stunned to learn Aiden was held for questioning regarding his wife’s death.
Rafe sees Chad and Jordan kissing. Abigail and Jordan meet the hospital’s newest patient, Paul Narita. He flirts with both of them. While Abigail has no idea who he is, Jordan recognizes him as a star baseball pitcher.

Wednesday 17 January 2018
Episode 12463

JJ and Eve make plans to get together and talk about their big mistake - but are waylaid by Paige and Eric, respectively.

At Club TBD, Eve, JJ and Paige are having an awkward time together when Daniel shows up in the jacket that JJ borrowed the night he slept with Eve.
Earlier, Daniel tells Maggie he and Jennifer are over, and she provides maternal support.
Theresa blasts Brady for dissing her pregnancy, and he backtracks. As they wait together for the results of the blood test, they start to imagine what it would be like to raise a child together (but separately). 

Thursday 18 January 2018
Episode 12464

Daniel nearly lets it slip in front of Paige that JJ is the one who borrowed his coat. Eve is shocked when Paige, recognizing Daniel’s coat, accuses her mother of sleeping with the doctor.

Eve quickly dismisses this and claims her one night stand was with no one Paige knows. Later, Eve shows up at JJ’s house and informs him that he and Paige are over!
Aiden confesses to Hope about the night his wife killed herself. It brings them closer together. They book a hotel room, and it looks like they will consummate their relationship when Hope suddenly stops.
After speaking with Kayla, Theresa and Brady deal with the results of Theresa’s pregnancy test. Dr. Mandrake makes a mysterious call.

Friday 19 January 2018
Episode 12465

JJ is angered when Eve comes to him and says he must break things off with Paige since he and Eve slept together. JJ accuses Eve of purposefully sleeping with him as a way of breaking up him and Paige. When she leaves, JJ is left wondering how to break things off with Paige… who then shows up on his doorstep.  

Daniel prepares to perform shoulder surgery on Paul.  Pre-surgery, Paul is flirty with Jordan and Abigail, while Paul’s agent is nervous, reminding Daniel that Paul’s entire career is riding on this.
Jordan learns from Abigail that she’s back on staff thanks to Chad. Abigail lets her know Ben is concerned about his sister getting too close to Chad but Jordan insists she can take care of herself. Ben is sure Chad wants him working extra hours so he can’t spend time with Abigail. Chad denies.

Monday 22 January 2018
Episode 12466

Per Eve’s orders, JJ tries to break things off with Paige. Paige asks if he doesn’t love her anymore. Meanwhile, Eve gets a visit from Theresa, each with bad news of their own. 
Jordan gets a charming gift from Chad and goes to the club to thank him in person. Instead, she runs into Ben, who isn’t shy about telling her he doesn’t trust Chad.  
Chad gets a call from Stefano, who is ready to make his big move against Kate. Chad then goes behind Stefano’s back once more and heads to inform Kate. Chad bursts in just as Clyde pulls Kate into a passionate kiss.  

Brady relays Theresa’s pregnancy scare to Victor, who thinks his grandson dodged a bullet.  
Nicole tries to cheer up Daniel by suggesting they do a little yoga.

Tuesday 23 January 2018
Episode 12467

Kate is furious when Chad threatens to tell Stefano about their partnership unless she makes him Co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Kate eventually gives in and later vaguely tells Lucas she may not be as in control as she thought.
Marlena questions Jordan about the voice message she left, and when Jordan insists it’s nothing important, Marlena gently lets her know she’s available to talk anytime - and it would be strictly confidential.  Clyde overhears this and later considers speaking to Marlena himself. 
Nicole is horrified when she accidentally smacks Daniel with a football.  Things get worse when they go back to his place and she spills hot water on him. Angry Daniel insists she’s trying too hard to be a friend, and Nicole admits it’s only because he means so much to her.

Wednesday 24 January 2018
Episode 12468

At the hospital, Theresa learns Abigail has been reinstated - and also learns eligible celebrity bachelor Paul is a patient.  Theresa pays him a visit and flirts up a storm - all in an effort to forget Brady.  However, when she spies Brady across the way. 
Hope and Aiden have breakfast with Ciara and Chase in an effort to bond their families.  Ciara and Chase are surprisingly okay with their parents dating. Later, Hope borrows Aiden’s tablet and is stunned to discover a search involving her and her fortune.

Clyde meets with Marlena, hoping she’ll take him on as a patient.  After Marlena’s professional services are strongly rebuffed by Paul, Marlena decides she has enough room in her schedule to accommodate Clyde.

Thursday 25 January 2018
Episode 12469

Hope is upset when she believes Aiden did an internet search on her private fortune. She confronts him.  He insists Hope’s money means nothing to him.
Theresa informs Brady she’s moving on with someone new. She goes back to Paul’s room and flirts some more - but can’t keep Brady far from her thoughts.
JJ confides in Abigail that he wants to take a break from Paige, but doesn’t get into the real reason why.  Meanwhile, Paige gets upset when Eve encourages her to accept JJ’s request to break things off. 
Friday 26 January 2018
Episode 12470

Eve covers with Jennifer by telling a half-truth - that Paige learned about Jack’s rape of Kayla all those years ago, and it’s caused problems for her and JJ. 
Eric tells Marlena he’s moving to a new apartment. She wonders if he’s truly over Nicole, and he says he may never be truly over her, but the relationship is done.  Meanwhile, Maggie gets a pleasant surprise when Melanie unexpectedly returns to Salem.
Chad tells Jordan he is the new Co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Later, Sonny learns Chad is the new Co-CEO at DiMera Enterprises and is not pleased.

Monday 29 January 2018
Episode 12471

JJ is wracked with guilt about sleeping with Eve and appears on the verge of confessing to Jennifer.  However, Paige interrupts and reiterates how much she loves him. Once she goes, JJ instead honestly talks to his mom about his unresolved feelings about his father. 
Maggie is overjoyed when she’s reunited with Melanie. Melanie announces she’s moving back to Salem - for good.  
Earlier, Daniel and Nicole have an unexpected moment in the park, fraught with an attraction they both feel and strongly resist. They go back to his place.
Sonny’s furious to learn Chad’s taken the Co-CEO position at DiMera Enterprises without notifying him.  He wonders if Chad’s secrecy has anything to do with Sonny being a Kiriakis.  Chad denies it and assures he’s got Sonny’s back with the club expansion. 

Tuesday 30 January 2018
Episode 12472

Melanie confronts Nicole about her "friendship" with Daniel. Nicole goes on the offensive, asking Melanie about her "surprise" return. Melanie deflects but then after an emotional reunion with her father, Daniel has the same questions.  Later, Melanie surprises Chad with a visit.
Eric tells Jennifer about Daniel and Nicole, and she assures her she’s okay with it. The conversation then turns to Eric’s time in Africa.
Paul flirts with Jordan during his physical therapy - which Chad walks in to witness. After the air is cleared, Chad and Jordan share a romantic moment but are interrupted by Ben. Ben and Chad spar. 

Earlier, Clyde bonds with Ben over their mutual dislike of Chad. Clyde runs into Kate, who is stewing over Will and Sonny’s possible marital discord and Marlena’s reluctance to intervene.  Later, Kate is confronted by Jordan, who accuses her of bringing her stepfather to Salem!
Paul rebuffs Marlena’s help once again.

Wednesday 31 January 2018
Episode 12473

Melanie informs Chad that just because she has returned to Salem, it doesn’t mean she’s interested in him. Chad sort of insults Melanie and she bolts. She then meets up with T, who tells her she can find Abigail at Ben’s apartment. 
Earlier, Ben and Abigail make love, and Ben wishes his mom had gotten to know Abigail.
Jordan blasts Kate for bringing Clyde to Salem, and Kate admits it was her, but says she only did it to prove Jordan was a fraud. Jordan goes to Chad to warn him about Kate. Chad promises no one will hurt Jordan, but he needs to know if she still has feelings for Rafe.
Clyde has his therapy session with Marlena and talks about his regrets about the past. Later, Kate accuses Clyde of blabbing to Jordan. Clyde realizes his slip and apologizes. He comments on how sexy Kate was barging into his room and this leads to a hot kiss.
Theresa gets closer to Paul.

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