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Written by TVSA Team from the blog on 11 Apr 2017
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Front row: the stars of Harvest: Masasa Mbangeni, Khanya Mkangisa and Vatiswa Ndara.
Back row: Petronella Tshuma and Muzi Mathebula.

A new drama series starring a triple whammy of femme talent is on the way to

Harvest premieres on Monday, 1 May 2017 at 21h30 and stars former Scandal! star Masasa Mbangeni, Khanya Mkangisa (Isidingo, Doubt, Rockville) and Vatiswa Ndara (Generations, Home Affairs, Igazi) as three recently widowed women.

Together they have to harvest their inner power after their husbands are murdered.

Of course a triple murder comes with dark reasons... reasons the wives have to fight together. Their husbands owned a global food empire that wasn't what it seemed.

It was a front for their real business - an illegal business - which the three women take over and run after their deaths.

According to, the series poses the question: “Why do we make the choices that we make?” by focusing on the struggles of the threesome as they fight for recognition in the high-stakes business world as mothers, lovers, sisters and bosses.

Their husbands make an appearance in the opening episodes through flashbacks and are played by Mutodi Neshehe (Muvhango, Generations, Jacob's Cross), Simphiwe Mini (Muvhango, Ashes to Ashes, Zabalaza) and Nat Ramabulana (The Wild, It's Complicated, Ashes To Ashes).

Another notable in the line-up is Kagiso Modupe who steps out of Mangi's life on Scandal! to play the owner of a rehab centre.

Here's a close-up on the leading characters:

Celia (Masasa Mbangeni)

The Anti-Hero and CEO: Celia Mahlamvu Jele (30s) was born in the Eastern Cape. She’s feisty, and in her youth, crossed many lines that she kept from her husband in order to keep the family afloat. She bribed cops, slept with criminals and did whatever she had to, to keep the wheels turning. It was worth it - or so she thought - because it meant Mandla, her husband, and together (with the help of some unlikely friends), they built an international business.

Clementine (Vatiswa Ndara)

Clementine Mfona (40s) is an opinionated, strong-willed woman, set in her ways, and capable of bearing long grudges. Her hard exterior hides a loving heart though. She’s based in the Eastern Cape and though she appears to be ‘just a farm girl’, she’s hard as nails with a wry sense of humour and a vicious and violent past. Clementine is Celia’s closest ally, but if she can be turned against her, she will become her greatest enemy.

Tshepiso (Khanya Mkangisa)

Tshepiso Ndlovu is in her 20’S. She’s the gorgeous trophy wife whose grief for her husband, and realization of her own lack of independence, nearly leads to her death. A startling realisation makes her fight for her place amongst the new business partners in an attempt to hold onto her husband’s legacy.  She doesn’t know she’s been lied to, and what the business is truly about - and Celia keeps it that way by putting her in charge of CSI.
Richard (Muzi Mathebula)

Charming, strong, sensual, muscular and dangerous, Richard is not a family man, but has a failed marriage and an estranged son. He has known Celia, and her deceased husband, for a long time. He enters the series as a mysterious force of destruction, but as time passes, we learn how he fits into the puzzle of everyone’s lives, why he has come for revenge, and what he truly loves and desires.
Ndoni (Anathi Seyisi)

Celia’s sexy and beautiful 18-year-old daughter is a wild child. Mandla may have been a lousy husband, but he was an amazing father, and he and Ndoniyamanzi had a great relationship. Conversely, her relationship with her mother was terrible and Mandla’s death, coupled with Celia’s inability to connect to Ndoni, triggers a spiral of vulnerability that leads to self-destruction which leads to a terrifying journey for Ndoniyamanzi.
Lizzie (Petronella Tshuma)

Lizzy is an enigma. She has a chameleon-like personality, but harbours a secret that drives her violent, erratic and dangerously crazy behaviour. She cons her way into the business, becoming the daughter Celia never had, but always there for one plan: revenge. When she realises Celia’s regrets, can Lizzie ever forgive? Or see how similar she and Celia truly are?
Mandla (Mutodi Neshehe)

Mandla (40’s) is Ndoni’s father and Celia’s husband. He comes across as a kind and genial man, but this masks his dark and complex inner world. Even though there seems to be nothing hard about this man, he’s the hardest of them all. A great father, a great CEO - but a lousy husband- whose primary concern is himself.
Zimba (Simphiwe Mini)

Zimba is a good man, who met Clementine while working on the border of Swaziland. He fell for her and accepted her two young boys as his own. He’s the base that brings her calm, happiness and joy. A truly great husband and man.
Mxolisi (Nat Ramabulana)

Mxolisi is Tshepiso’s husband. Mxolisi’s first marriage was terrible. He was pushed, prodded and forced to become the man he was, and became highly resentful and angry towards his wife. When he met Tshepiso, he saw pure potential, and someone who loved him unreservedly.  
Thabiso (Kagiso Modupe)

Thabiso Kitana (30s) is a good looking, but rough, ikasi, man who is tough as nails, and bad as they come. He runs an unorthodox rehab program, with a twist. He is often in trouble with the police, and has a casual relationship with the law, but in his heart is a good man, driven by revenge and self-hate.

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11 Apr 2017 13:35

First things first, "THE HARVERST" what a bad name. South African producers can even get the basics right Gawd.
@TVSA is this the TV concept that Sonia Sedibe alleged it was stolen from her?

11 Apr 2017 14:01

Yah fatpack9 its the same that Nthati and Portia are alleged to have stole .they should hv kept the Widows title .the storyline sounds interesting and its all female starring cast .i hope it keeps us entertained like Umlilo shem.Masasa finally headlining a show since leaving scandal.

11 Apr 2017 14:19

@Max85 Listen. I'm all for Masasa heading the cast, but I am still shocked that they went ahead and produced Sonia's work as their own.

11 Apr 2017 14:53

The storyline sounds boring, Khaya is going to portay the character that Dineo portrayed on Generations,when she was married to Kenneth as the "dumb trophy wife".  The storyline also almost resembles that of the Queen on Manzi Magic, i dont know, maybe i am too sceptical.

I just feel like we need writers and producers such Mandla N and his wife Tumi, who they produce a brilliant drama, Lockdown, the storyline was brilliant and unique.  Igazi that is procuded by the power couple Shona and Connie Ferguson, is also a beautiful drama with a very intriguing storyline.

But hey like i said, maybe i am just a sceptic.

11 Apr 2017 15:10

Fratpack9 u get your point .from what i saw on twitter Portia Gumede said the Move headline was all rubbish .it seems Sonia does not have a case .since the story is now going on air .

11 Apr 2017 15:15

@AmyMX2 ,last night Phil Mphela on twitter was discussing this .almost all the SA shows look exactly the same ,with similar storylines .Isikisi looks just like Igazi .Broken Vows is like Generations or etvsvandal .so we need more creativity with our storytelling .we need more directors like Rolie Nikiwe and Mandla N who are able to think out of the box.

11 Apr 2017 15:27

Yah @fratpack9 it seems Sonia did not put down anything in writing .its not the first time she has lost a show .they say that reality that was broadcast on sabc 3 last year was her but she ended up losing it .also another Shaka Zulu movie she was producing with Themba Ndaba she ended up losing the rights to it .so she must improve her business skills and protect her ideas. I am surprise Portia can do this cz she also lost a show she created (saints and sinners )because Roberta Durrant backstabbed her.

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