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Written by tha - bang from the blog blah blah blah on 17 Mar 2017
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Sequels are hard. When they work you get a Godfather part 2, Terminator 2, Judgment Day, Xmen 2, or Spiderman 2 films that match and surpass the original movie.

When the sequel does not work you get Godfather part 3, Terminator Genisys, Xmen Apocalypse or Spiderman 3 sequels that lose all the goodwill the prior movies had built and almost sink the franchise. So which group does John Wick chapter 2 fall in? Let's dig in...

Watching John Wick one finds it hard to believe that a) Keanu Reeves is in his 50's now b) Keanu still does 95% of his own stunts c) that the movie ended with no dog being killed d) there's definitely a third movie coming.

It must have been hard for the directors to think of how do they top the cool factor of John Wick 1. Which was a straight forward shoot 'em up revenge flick with graphic novel tendencies in how the world around the assassins is build. So do they repeat the same beats from John Wick 1 and kill another dog and lover?

They chose the smart thing of extending the graphic novel traits of the first movie; the code of the underworld and how it works.

We get to see more continental hotels, get an understanding of how the criminal world works here and we get a definite set up for what will probably be a final edition in the third movie - and NO dog gets killed and some lo se threads from the first movie are addressed. Whoop! whoop!

The fun is seeing how big this underworld is and how it works and its different codes. The directors have a bigger budget, you see it in the cast, you see it in the guns, you see it in the stunts and in the cameos - they got the original Django to cameo in this man. Ian McShane is on fire and newcomers Common, Fishburne and Rose are good additions to the rostra.

Keanu is John Wick. John Wick adds nicely to the long list of characters named John that Keanu has played in his long career. The man with rage issues, slowly simmering under a designer suit, is so well played by Mr Matrix, that i even forgot Keanu built his career on playing the cool kid and rebel, not the angry man.

Anyhow I enjoyed John Wick 2. The plot took a little bit of time to get into gear but the movie delivers on action, style, cool and setting up a final chapter that I hope happens sooner than later 'cause man Keanu is in his 50's - would hate to have him as a Liam Neeson doing John Wick in his 60's.

Chapter 2 takes us deeper into the mythology of the assassin world code of conduct and sets the table for 3. I'm waiting to dig in on #3 to see where they take the character of the bogeyman, we all know as John Wick.

* Crap **Ja nee *** It tries ****Almost Perfect ***** Classic

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17 Mar 2017 11:11

I haven't watched a lot of movies lately, but I am so there for this. Even if it was horrible, I would go for this cos it stars Keanu Reeves. All the better now that I know it will be worth it.

tha - bang
17 Mar 2017 16:49

Ingenuity,its a great movie ,hope you enjoy it

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