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isiBaya Teasers - July 2016

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Isibaya Teasers on 10 Jun 2016
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Coming up on isiBaya this July 2016:

Friday 1 July 2016
Episode 808

Dramatic Entrance

Mpiyakhe makes a dramatic entrance at the taxi association. Siphokazi is increasingly obsessed with the arrival of her adopted child. Jabu lies to Iris about something important.

Monday 4 July 2016
Episode 809

Protect Your Turf

Mpiyakhe starts to make plans to protect the UTA. Jabu and Iris fight, but he cannot get his mind off Zama. A mysterious stranger arrives in eBhubesini, looking for Mabuyi. Pam puts Skhaleni on the spot with her family planning ideas.

Tuesday 5 July 2016
Episode 810

Playing Dirty

Samson plays dirty to secure the votes he needs to squash Mpiyakhe. Pam worries about her sex life, while things seem to be heating up between Jabu and Zama. Mabuyi’s mysterious visitor finally tracks her down.

Wednesday 6 July 2016
Episode 811

Strained Relationships

Samson applies pressure on the one man he feels can be forced to betray Mpiyakhe and the UTA. Iris and Jabu both agree to him helping Zama with her project, but their relationship is increasingly strained.  Mabuyi’s visitor leaves her very upset her.

Thursday 7 July 2016
Episode 812

Mixed Emotions

Judas Ngwenya makes Mpiyakhe an unexpected and surprising offer. Zama and Jabu have a fun day together and find themselves admitting intimate truths. Mabuyi finds herself torn between her past and her future.

Friday 8 July 2016
Episode 813

Deadly Attractions

Mkabayi works solo to ensure that the Memel issue goes the way she wants it to. Feeling guilty about his growing feelings, Jabu tries to avoid Zama. Despite her attempts to push him away, Mabuyi’s visitor is not ready to give up.

Monday 11 July 2016
Episode 814

Prepare For War

Mkabayi attempts to fight back, but finds the odds stacked against her. The Zungu drivers buckle up for war after hearing shocking news. Zama continues her playful pursuit of Jabu.

Tuesday 12 July 2016
Episode 815

Challenge Accepted

The Zungus and the valley react to the recent dramatic events, while Judas makes a discovery that fills him with rage. Zama responds in a shocking way to a challenge by Iris.

Wednesday 13 July 2016
Episode 816

Worry, after Worry

Tensions are running high in a meeting called by the chief between Mpiyakhe, Judas and Samson. Siphokazi is suddenly called away to deal with an emergency.

Thursday 14 July 2016
Episode 817

Strike When Asleep

With Mpiyakhe preoccupied, Samson and Judas orchestrate their next move. S’Khaleni gives way to his paranoia and things turn ugly. Siphokazi is torn about how to handle her worrying news.

Friday 15 July 2016
Episode 818

Risk It All

Mpiyakhe finally gets to the truth. Zama’s celebration does not go as planned. Taking charge, Siphokazi makes decisions she believes are best for her, the baby and Thandi.

Monday 18 July 2016
Episode 819

New Guest

Samson sets his plans in motion for a new attack. Iris and Jabu get into a passionate argument over her business partners. Kwa-Manzini welcomes a new guest. Pam’s frustrations are worsened by the atmosphere in Protea.

Tuesday 19 July 2016
Episode 820

Caught In The Middle

Ntandane gets caught up in a dangerous assault. Jabu and Iris’s relationship becomes fraught with tension. Zama asks hard truths about her brother.

Wednesday 20 July 2016
Episode 821

Out Of Control

The UTA membership is growing increasingly angry and militant. Siphokazi worries about Mpiyakhe’s return and how he will feel about the news she has for him. S’Khaleni’s plan gets him in trouble with Ntandane.

Thursday 21 July 2016
Episode 822

Confronting The Enemy

Mpiyakhe and the UTA leadership confront Samson. Jabu and Fezile have a sobering moment of truth. Siphokazi finally tells Mpiyakhe the truth. S’Khaleni’s mischief catches up with him in the worst possible way.

Friday 22 July 2016
Episode 823

Bad Decisions

Are things calm on the routes, or is Samson planning a massive onslaught? Pam reaches the end of her patience with S’Khaleni. After a fight with Iris, Jabu ends up somewhere he shouldn’t be.

Monday 25 July 2016
Episode 824

A Hero Saves The Day

The UTA are stunned by the recent events. Riddled with guilt over what he has done, Jabu tries to make up with Iris. S’Khaleni cooks up a scheme to get Pam to talk to him. An unlikely hero comes to Qondi’s rescue.

Tuesday 26 July 2016
Episode 825

Poor Leadership

Mpiyakhe’s reaction to the ongoing attacks on his association surprises some of his own members. Jabu puts his best foot forward in an attempt to redeem himself. S’Khaleni has a moment of clarity regarding his problems with Pam.

Wednesday 27 July 2016
Episode 826

Sound Advice

Infuriated by the ongoing assaults on his business and his family, Mpiyakhe decides to make a bold move. Jabu gets some much needed advice from Mkabayi. S’Khaleni reveals his big plan to Pam.

Thursday 28 July 2016
Episode 827

Opportunity to Strike Again

Samson seems to have found a perfect opportunity to strike again. Jabu finds himself opening up to Zama. S’Khaleni and Pam adjust to their new living arrangement.

Friday 29 July 2016
Episode 828

Bloody Attack

Jabu and Zama are like moths to a flame. Pam’s plan to surprise S’Khaleni is met with unlikely opposition.

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Buhle Jamela
10 Jun 2016 11:50

Let me go n read

10 Jun 2016 12:34

No2......soke sbone Jabu and that cute gal Zama,Iris you have competition and she's young and cute.cha guyz I don't like that Judas guy and his son Qaphela.engabe kzobe sekwenzakalan kuQondi

10 Jun 2016 13:13

Will wait and see

10 Jun 2016 14:26


setjhaba kashe
10 Jun 2016 19:24

will see as time goes by

11 Jun 2016 19:08

Qaphela wabora shme....i miss mandla ndlovu n hs smile

15 Jun 2016 12:27

i dont remember watching it last night,, Sihle is soo boring bethuna,, she is too much,,

Buhle Jamela
15 Jun 2016 15:54

Sihle is boring for sure

Ronny fundzama
16 Jun 2016 12:21

Skhaleni has finally bought a house, hope he will afford, zinhle is now boring

17 Jun 2016 21:39

sihle ubolile

21 Jun 2016 09:16

where is Sbusiso guys???????

21 Jun 2016 09:20

@qq eish I also miss Sbu, him & Mehlo seem to have vanished to thin air.

21 Jun 2016 09:58

aysh Jabu is back to his old tricks again,, i dont thnk yayazi i family yakwa Ngwenya kakuhle,, krkrkr and tht chick is very inn to Jabu bathong,, lol,, i dont thnk Iris is going to like this,

21 Jun 2016 10:23

uQaphela uzomfaka inhlavu nje uJabu..... 

22 Jun 2016 09:30

@qq they heard you girl and brought back Sbu.

23 Jun 2016 12:19

VELE my Nunumsi, bangizwile, krkrkr

Tell me guys,, why i dont see Kogrong, Mancwane, or Mpiyakhe on other soapies/ series  like others  actors???? did they sign contract with Isibaya Producers ,, or no other gigs for them?????

24 Jun 2016 09:51

What's happening to SA TV????? We haven't seen Thuli Thabethe on our screens for a while, now we see her here and Isibaya..... It's boring to watch one actress in 2 soapies at the same time 

24 Jun 2016 12:18

Nunumsi sana its soo boring .. Bhodlimpi,, 20:30 on Isibaya,, then 21:00 hrs he is Madla in Ring Of Lies,, wuuwoowuuuu

24 Jun 2016 14:39

@qq you forgot to mention him on Umlilo as Wiseman

24 Jun 2016 15:22

yooo can u see  Nunumsi sana... hayi hayi bathong its too much,,

27 Jun 2016 09:45

IGAZI why is NomaRussia winning all the time????? I just wished that Scotho's husband (the snake) can bite her so that she has a taste her own medicine.

27 Jun 2016 12:30

hey ladies,, last episode moss next week,, she will be cought  my frnd,, i like Nomarussia she is a real which she can play tht charector and S'COTHO are the best,, .. Jonga struggle to speak Xhosa and he speak English instead.. lol,, same as Bantu,, maybe its model c  school.. lol..

27 Jun 2016 12:37

sorry spelling,, real witch.. i thnk last episode this week, sunday 03 July . then next week Rockville 4.

Yoo Disney on Ice is in twn,, Mothers and dads please .. take your kids to watch cartoon please,, lol,,

see you later,,


27 Jun 2016 13:28

#IRIS the usang hero of isibaya you gotta love Her sense of humar

28 Jun 2016 15:54

wont mind to see Qondi and Duma dating,,, i love them,, ... #hidemyself from Fezile

29 Jun 2016 10:36

Hey qq you forgot to hide from me.... Duma is mine finish and klaar, I aint gonna share him with mam'Ndlunkulu

29 Jun 2016 11:12

lol.. @Nunumsi..

01 Jul 2016 14:44

tht Qaophelani he is too much,, he is soo violent yerrrr,

04 Jul 2016 10:23


Wha t poor ending bathong.. too much confussion, and when are we going to have Season 2.. hayi i am not happy with Fergusons please tell them bethuna,, Jonga was injured on his left side ,, next thing his right side in hospital..and we didnt see Nomarussia killing Jonga ,, but the Detective said she did.. Ndlovukazi was dead next thing she said its a long story,, hayi i am not happy with the ending,, shame,,

04 Jul 2016 10:23


Wha t poor ending bathong.. too much confussion, and when are we going to have Season 2.. hayi i am not happy with Fergusons please tell them bethuna,, Jonga was injured on his left side ,, next thing his right side in hospital..and we didnt see Nomarussia killing Jonga ,, but the Detective said she did.. Ndlovukazi was dead next thing she said its a long story,, hayi i am not happy with the ending,, shame,,

04 Jul 2016 10:30

@qq you're not alone sana, not happy at all. The whole episode was just dope I'm not even looking forward to Season 2..... If season 2 comes back it means Jonga will be having Mgcezulu's powers.....

04 Jul 2016 12:20

i am not convinced at all,..very poor ending .. no explanation nothing.. just saw Scotho there and there not showing us nothing hayi suka,,..

06 Jul 2016 15:36

Budget insurance sponsor Isibaya,, so wht about us ???,, cant they give us discount as we watch  Isibaya everyday ????? lol..  

11 Jul 2016 14:15

Aibo Gyz i Saw lady Zama kissing Iris Dat Gal Somthng else

11 Jul 2016 18:18

I wonder who the Zungus would prefer Jabu to be in a relationship with, Iris or Zama :).

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