Introducing Isidingo's fiery welder Soso Rungqu

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Interviews on 09 Jun 2016
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She's tough, she's opionated, she's tempting and she wields her power as a welder at Horizon Deep.

Isidingo's new Morongwa has a unique edge to her so I've been quizzy about Soso Rungqu who plays her. I had a chinwag with her and discovered all sorts of stuff, like the fact that she has tough chick street cred.

You'll see what I mean...

Tashi: I know you come from East London - were you born there?
Born and bred, went to Clarendon Girls High School there, matriculated in 2001.

Tashi: Did you grow up with your parents? Have you got siblings?
I grew up with my mom and my dad, my sisters and ja, cousins were around, aunts and uncles. We’re a close knit family.

Tashi: That’s cool because so many families aren’t. So many broken families and whatever. Did you study drama after school?
After school I went to Tswane University of Technology and studied performing arts in musical theatre.
After her studies Soso landed her first theatre gig, did voiceovers and worked for the department of Arts and Culture doing informal acting training for underprivileged schools. She also had cameo roles on Scandal!, Rhythm City, Sokulu & Partners and 7de Laan.

Tashi: So Isidingo's your first big role. How did you get it?
I auditioned, my agent called me and told me I had an audition and the following day they sent me the sides. I went through them and I went to audition the following day. Got a callback and the same day - two hours later - I got a call from my agent letting me know that Isidingo is mine. I’ve been praying for Isidingo for four years.

I lost my dad nine months ago and when he was still alive we would watch the show and I would say, “One day Tata you’re going to see me there.” And he was always very sceptical because as black families and children from black families, it’s quite taboo for you to study the arts because our parents don’t understand if you’re gonna get money at the end of the month, sustainability and, and, and.

It’s been quite a journey and before he passed I did get a nod from him at a random showcase I was doing. He’s really coming through and looking down on me right now.
Tashi: What’s the biggest difference between you and Morongwa?
*Laughs* Morongwa’s very interesting - she’s lovely to play but obviously she came in as a home wrecker and that’s something that I wouldn’t do because I grew up in a proper home.

My mother would kill me and my dad would be pissed off. Morongwa drinks a lot, she’s very interesting - I love playing her because she brings out another side of me and she challenges me. She’s a character to watch.

Tashi: And the biggest similarity?
  As tough as she might seem to be, she’s actually a softie. So ja, *laughs*

Tashi: Well, that’s interesting because she’s got a tough edge to her and I’ve discovered that you were arrested by police for being tough.

Tough chick alert!

In 2013 Soso was arrested at her mother's home when she tried to prevent the police from removing a tenant's furniture. The tenant hadn't paid rent, he arrived to collect his furniture, Soso wouldn't let him take it and she was arrested by the police.

The Daily Dispatch covered the story under the headline "Police brutality attracts public attention, again" and the paper reported that the police wrestled Soso to the ground and handcuffed her hands and feet.

Soso: Yes, there was controversy but they dropped it and pulled everything back because they were in the wrong. It’s just a pity that it’s there and I can’t remove it you know, but it’s one of those things that will pop up from time to time, which is cool, I’m alright with that.

Tashi: Ja, you should be because I thought, “Oh my gosh, you're tough.” I think it’s a very positive story because you stood up and fought back. Is that in your personality generally? Would you do it again?
Would I do the part of being arrested again?

Tashi: Yes.
Oh hell, no! *laughs* Oh hell, no.

Tashi: Was it very intense? Was it very hectic?
Of course it was intense man. I’m chilling at home and then this eish just starts happening but when you haven’t done anything wrong and you know you’re right, then you know what’s going on.

It also pisses people off in general when they know you will stand your ground because you’re strong willed, you know who you are and you’re not shaken and you’re content just in general.

It’s always something that will be a constant challenge because you’ll find people who will come into your life to take chances and to shake you and whatnot but if you’re still content and still strong willed then you’re alright.

So many things I’m not shaken about - who I am, where I come from, what I don’t have but one thing I can tell you - I’m very excited where I’m going.

Tashi: Did you actually spend time in jail? Did they keep you for the weekend?
No it wasn’t for the weekend, it was a bit of an exaggeration. Initially they had said they were gonna keep me for a weekend but because it was so feeble, I was released in a matter of a few hours. Did the court thing the following day and it was dismissed.

Tashi: What a thing to go through but I think it gives you loads of credibility, especially for the character.
  If had to play something like that I’d be like, “Yeah man, bring it on, this has happened.”

Tashi:  So tell us about something everyone always wants to know about - your love life - are you single? Are you attached?
Soso: *Hahahahahahahahahaha* Taaaaaaaashi. I’m very happy.

Tashi: Happily attached?
I’m just happily me Tashi. *laughs*

Tashi: Happily single.
I’m definitely not married so I think I fall in the single box.

Tashi: Playing the field.
*Hahahahahahahahaha* Stop it!

Tashi: From the sounds of it you drift between being single, playing the field and being attached.
Oh Tashi, I’m happy man - don’t do this to me. *laughs*

I’m single.

Tashi: So you’re free in other words. What’s your favourite music?
  I don’t have a specific sound because I’m very eclectic when it comes to music. I studied music and I grew up in a musical family and I won the Lungisa Talent Search back in the 90s so music has been one of the things that I’ve carried with me throughout.  If it’s good to the ear then it makes sense to me.

Soso's Twitter and instagram handle is @sosovanderru.  She chose it
after her friends said that people would struggle to pronounce her real name.


Tashi: Is there anything else that you think people should know about you?
I love God, I pray, praying keeps me sane. I’m very spiritual and I do believe that everything that happens to you is aligned with the universe, with where you’re going and your past experiences and you should take everything in your stride and you should just be you because there’s no way you can try to be someone else so that’s what keeps me sane and soulful.

Also, I love my family. They’ve kept me sane and most of the reason why I’m here right now is because of my family and I’m extremely grateful for that, you can’t take that away.

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Ms Opinionated
10 Jun 2016 08:39

I like this lady, her story line is the reason i started watching Isidingo again!!

10 Jun 2016 09:17

I. Love. Her. Her character is boss, truly.

10 Jun 2016 09:51

she is going to be huge and yes she can i feel like she is over acting and to an extent dt the xhosa words be becomes wrong

10 Jun 2016 10:06

She is the best thing since Thembeka on scandal.I absolutely love her .lol I loved that scene where she stabbed Sizwe at the tarven .I am I the only one who finds bloody Tyson boring .he must stop acting like JB in rockville mahn .

10 Jun 2016 10:23

tyson is boring and his talent is wasted he is not permanent so just for 2months on isidingo

10 Jun 2016 12:08

I like the fact that she is bold and has no shame whatsoever. She is what is called unopatazana in the best sense of the word. And her Xhosa is perfectly audible to us old folks.

Ms Opinionated
10 Jun 2016 13:44

Shona brings no emotions what so ever to delivering his role on Isidingo, he is just there i dont feel his presence at all!

Ms Opinionated
10 Jun 2016 13:45

I think he is one dimensional, just like Yonda Thomas. He can only act as a cop, his role is Doubt is really exposing him.

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