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Generations Teasers - July 2016

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 27 May 2016
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Coming up on Generations this July 2016:

Wednesday 1 July 2016
Episode 155 (0415)

Tau realises his wife isn’t the person she used to be. Gadaffi challenges Jack’s new second-in-command.
Mazwi tells his ex to organise a press conference to announce his engagement.

Monday 4 July 2016
Episode 156 (0416)

Cosmo reluctantly burns his bridges with the man he admires most. Lesedi finds out Xolelwa is selling the blankets for profit. Lucy has to think fast when Gog’Flo catches Getty out.

Tuesday 5 July 2016
Episode 157 (0417)

Smanga’s past comes back to haunt him yet again. Namhla’s left reeling after what she reads on Fana’s laptop. The Moroka engagement is announced to the world.

Wednesday 6 July 2016
Episode 158 (0418)

Karabo is on a mission and Tau doesn’t like it. Vote suffers yet another major setback. Jack is not happy to receive a visit from his step-daughter.

Thursday 7 July 2016
Episode 159 (0419)

Gog’Flo won’t let go and it’s stressing Lucy out. Scorned Nolwazi calls a journalist with a juicy scoop. Kobus blabs all about the Moroka-Phakade alliance.

Friday 8 July 2016
Episode 160 (0420)

Tshidi has no idea the enemy is onto her. Furious Tebogo orders Mazwi to do damage control. Getty’s rattled to the core by Cosmo’s revelation.

Monday 11 July 2016
Episode 161 (0421)

Karabo knows she’s out of her depth - it’s time for Tau to take over. Namhla realises her mother might have been right about Jack. Not everyone is happy when Sphe has an idea to save the day.

Tuesday 12 July 2016
Episode 162 (0422)

Nolwazi admits she’s the one who leaked the Moroka info. Lucy warns her brother he’s playing a dangerous game. A policeman investigating Bra Pops’s murder shows up at the shebeen.

Wednesday 13 July 2016
Episode 163 (0423)

It doesn’t go well at the meeting between Jozi’s two criminal top dogs. Things get ugly between two ex-lovers. The Morokas have a major fight in full view of the press.

Thursday 14 July 2016
Episode 164 (0424)

Getty tries to sort things out with Max. Karabo kicks one of her own out of the house.

Friday 15 July 2016
Episode 165 (0425)

Smanga feels he’s fighting a lost cause and throws in the towel. Tebogo warns Mazwi he must fix things or he’s out. Namhla sells out her own father.

Monday 18 July 2016
Episode 166 (0426)

Tau takes his power back. Nolwazi sees straight through her ex and decides to spite him.
Lucy gets another message from the blackmailer - pay by Thursday or else!

Tuesday 19 July 2016
Episode 167 (0427)

A ‘stranger’ shows up at the shebeen, asking about Cosmo. Getty just can’t seem to get her life back on track. Jack is furious about Sipho’s article and vows to find his source.

Wednesday 20 July 2016
Episode 168 (0428)

Namhla returns home with her tail between her legs. Not everyone is happy when Smanga decides to stay on the straight and narrow. Gog’Flo is kidnapped!

Thursday 21 July 2016
Episode 169 (0429)

Chief Cele punishes the Morokas for humiliating his family. Lesedi agrees to help a friend despite her misgivings. Tshidi tells Fana to go ahead and file for divorce.

Friday 22 July 2016
Episode 170 (0430)

Xolelwa gets more than she bargained for during her ‘hunk’ interviews. Cosmo tries strike a deal but Jack wants more. Nolwazi gives Tau some food for thought.

Monday 25 July 2016
Episode 171 (0431)

Getty freaks after receiving a video on her phone. Tebogo warns Mazwi he’s done cleaning up his messes.
Smanga’s debate gets off to a shaky start.

Tuesday 26 July 2016
Episode 172 (0432)

Karabo makes an effort with her marriage. Tshidi is upset about the bruises on Amo’s arm. Mam’Bhengu doesn’t like the person her son has become.

Wednesday 27 July 2016
Episode 173 (0433)

Jack gets the result of the paternity test. Nolwazi loses it with her ex. Just when all hope seems lost, Wandile saves the day.

Thursday 28 July 2016
Episode 174 (0434)

A strange package arrives at the Moroka house… Namhla believes something fishy is up with Smanga’s competitor. Shock and horror when Sphe’s stepfather is revealed.

Friday 29 July 2016
Episode 175 (0435)

Getty becomes frazzled when Tshidi ups the pressure. The Morokas and Celes reach a tense compromise. Tau is suspicious of Karabo’s strange behaviour.

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27 May 2016 15:06

No. 1!!! LOL

27 May 2016 15:48

NO. 2!!! Glad Tau is back.... Another paternity test... wonder what's going on there. I think this month will be sexy.

27 May 2016 16:02

Paternity test for baby Amo maybe ,lol maybe I am reaching .Nolwazi n Mazwi are over yoh .Karabo's strange behavoiur ,I hope its not a terminal illness ,she is leaving afterall .I wonder if Jack is trying to steal Ezweni using Sphe as an insider .what is Sphe Cele to Chief Cele ?

27 May 2016 16:18

@Max85 chief cele is their grand-pa i guess...still angry that they gave sphe mazwi not smanga...myb they did a re shoot cz tau started filming this month...cosmo will kill bra pops or what? ..dramatic month it is

28 May 2016 00:33

Wow! Did you see what The Gent did... he kicks out Tshidi from his home politely by offering her to live in a luxurious hotel for as long as she wants, she comes back and gives him what he has been yearning for since he kissed her hand when he saw her for the first time at Gadaffi's place. Now that is a kingpin there.

28 May 2016 00:46

For sure @Primetimer , Jack is pulling the strings like a big shot should. He takes a woman from his foe in front of him and calls him an irritation, not a problem. Jack Mabaso this time seems to be more powerful than he was in the original series. And his ultimate mission is to infiltrate the Morokas through Smanga to get his hands on Ezweni. It's gonna get hectic in the following months with Tau back this month and with her step-daughter coming in. Lol, Lucy almost burst into tears when The Gent reminded her what kind of a beast he really is.

28 May 2016 01:40

For me he reminds me of Stefano Di Mera of Days of Our Lives, in terms of being a crime lord, a tycoon and having step-kids. And from the scenes that I've seen since he returned, it looks like he'll be involved in or suspected in every crime committed, especially murder. I am a huge fan of mobster movies and mob boss like Jack will make me not miss Generations. I was devastated when he supposedly died because he was my favourite character, along with Ace and Tau. Therefore I'm glad he came back WITH his trademark black leather glove and his signature dead-eyes stare. I can't wait to see him cross paths with Tau again.

28 May 2016 03:01

I don't like the fact that Smanga is now an outcast of the Morokas. That discriminative old man must be sorted out by Smanga. He can't get away by treating him like that. Instead of establishing a political party, he should be orchestrating to sabotage Mazwi and Tebogo since Karabo is preoccupied with The Gent.

28 May 2016 07:55

i smell a circus at the moroka house-hold ...smanga need bring them down and bit mazwi on his game, chow the wife/nolwazi..smanga must date namhla

28 May 2016 08:33

Mfundi was absolutely brilliant in bringing Jack Mabaso back .the man is a beliavable gangster ,who would anything to get his way.I think Tshidi will fall hard for the Gent ,even when Jack finds out about the betrayal ,they will get passed it .lol Uncle Tebogo saying Nolwazi was not raised the right way tjo .that was a huge blow to the Mazwi/Nolwazi relationship .things are really heating up .I am loving the new direction the show is taking

28 May 2016 11:04

thanx to bro MfundiVundla for sacking the old cast from original series .i nver realy watched it cz i couldnt stand sbusiso(Menzi ngubane) he use to annoy me..which guy can resist tshidi,i mean that women is something else+all kyndz of flames still angry with the producers abt this thing of making namhla a child cz she is gr8 peformer+got what it takes to carry a huge storyline

28 May 2016 11:56

Lol, I am watching the omnibus right now just to see my favourite villain of all time, JACK MABASO! The way he walks and talks is classic! Notice that he's always holding something to drink in his hand, a glass of whisky, tea or a bottle of water.

28 May 2016 17:15

mxm my team #OrlandoPirates lost feel like exploding and wont watch my favourate soapie the whole week..ill be fucked-up the whole week

28 May 2016 19:20

@qavile, I am a Buccaneer too. An experienced coach would have done better. I am pissed right now.

30 May 2016 06:21

I'm so impressed about generation

Buhle Jamela
30 May 2016 10:58

I'm glad Tau is coming bck

30 May 2016 11:22

so happy Tau is back. cant wait for July, much more interesting than June. so happy uncle Tebogo burst Nolwazi and Mazwi's bubble. i wonder who the chosen Moroka bride is

30 May 2016 13:20

Can they bring back Sara-Lee please.

30 May 2016 17:58

Yes tau is coming bck??

30 May 2016 19:47

Legacy is surely improving day by day.Mazwi is Tebogo's biological son that's why the old man has a soft spot for him.As for Tshidi that woman is remarkable.She ,Smanga and the Gent r my favourites this month followed by Lucy.I never imagined the legacy would be this BRILLIANT.

30 May 2016 21:28

The nerve of that widow, Karabo... how dare she tells Gadaffi that its okay for Tshidi to sleep with his enemy? But then again I think she wants to kill two birds with one stone; make Gadaffi miserable and bring down Jack Mabaso.

30 May 2016 21:33

i think now producers+writers know dt #Smanga is the next big thing on generations and dts why they pairing him with jack so dt she can learn few tricks...they must make more use of namhla the gal is gud trust me

30 May 2016 21:36

Karabo hasn't forgotten about the poisoning of Mary, by which she thinks her baby died and she still has one toe missing. So @Primetimer I agree with you there. Yoh I LOVE Fana guys! He is as calm, cool and collected as his father and he is the only one that can knock some sense into him without offending him.

31 May 2016 06:34

Karabo did say she will destroy Gadaffi without him even noticing .her convincing Tshidi to sleep with Jack was part of the plan .Smanga's party is mess ,he should just run as an independent candidate ,he will have better luck than trying to startin a new party 2 months into election .I feel we need a comic character .sum1 to make us laugh a little .

31 May 2016 10:47

I so love the Smanga character

31 May 2016 11:26

@Primetimer I agree with you.Karabo took I a bit far but considering that Tshidi stole her child I will forgive her.As for? Tshidi ooo shame.I felt sorry for her when the Gent ignored her.Talk of being used and dumped.@qavile Smanga reminds me of Archie back in the days.Superb acting which makes Mazwi look like an amateur.Namhla is really improving.That Adze storyline allowed her to evolve into a great actress

31 May 2016 11:35

please can any one deal with Bra Pops please,, !!!!!!!!!!!

31 May 2016 12:27

@Qaqamba myb cosmo will kill bra @Xolelwa for thinking smanga is stalking her..if smanga were to know that sphe is jack step daughter would he tell his family?..producers need to go back in to drawing board and revamp moroka family cz its boring without smanga and mazwi is boring to drive the moroka storyline+they are protagonist of the show...would love to see nicholas mcdonald joining the show and being a moroka so that he gives mazwi the run of his money

31 May 2016 13:11

Smanga's destiny is written in the stars. This political idea was Jack's scheme to use him. By the time he learns what kind of a man Jack really is, he'll remember home and I'm sure Mazwi will sabotage himself there. It's just a pity Tau will return when it's too late to warn Smanga about The Gent.

31 May 2016 13:23

Who knows? Maybe Smanga might actually steal Sphe's heart right under Mazwi's nose like with Simphiwe. Right now it seems everything is going Mazwi's way in terms of being CEO and getting a wife to cement his position at the top. If only the producers can surprise us by bringing back Khensani and Noah. Tebogo seems to have forgotten about them.

31 May 2016 14:44

wow! Tau is back? so glad..

31 May 2016 22:13

oh! smanga boy you making a deal with devil him self..i hate the way they dresses namhla and the hair its terrible she does not look like a varsity student bt a gal from low lying rural area

01 Jun 2016 01:54

Did you see how quick Jack offered to help Smanga when he was adamant of quiting? Why doesn't Smanga ask himself why Jack is so interested in helping him though.

01 Jun 2016 06:21

Jack is definately using Smanga .I womder how will Smanga repay him wen the time comes .That scene wen Jack put a blanky over Namhla was so heart warming .I didn't Jack had that side to him .Karabo is such a cold woman no wonder she lost 2 husbands in a Day .

01 Jun 2016 09:25

my lil sis likes zach she even notice dt he alwayz wear same clothes beside izolo it was dffrnt attire. they should make him a supporting actr

01 Jun 2016 11:40

Getty neef to Bra Pop his money.She is th one who went to him knowing the consequences but now she want to play hide and seek.She was stupid yo borrow money for love and yet Max is not even lifting a finger to get her out of this mess.I hate Max now.

01 Jun 2016 13:06

i need to watch it i couldnt finish it last night,, ,, Drm Magazine Namhla with Make up artist theres a beef,, Make up artist is Black Coffey's wife,, please tell us if u have the magazine, i just saw it last night at the shop i was in a hurry,

01 Jun 2016 13:06

i need to watch it i couldnt finish it last night,, ,, Drm Magazine Namhla with Make up artist theres a beef,, Make up artist is Black Coffey's wife,, please tell us if u have the magazine, i just saw it last night at the shop i was in a hurry,

01 Jun 2016 13:11

 (black coffey's wife) its her mom i forget her name,

01 Jun 2016 15:17

But is it necessary for Lucy to always be shouting at everyone and throwing tantrums like she is mad. It is very irritating now.

01 Jun 2016 20:39

Gaddafi is really pissed with Jack and Kobus will suffer for that.As for Smanga shame he has no idea of what he has done by making a deal with the devil.Lucy needs a new storyline.Her constant shouting over namhla is now frustrating

01 Jun 2016 21:20

I thought throwing Karishma over the balcony was the last of the reckless mistakes Gadaffi has made when he is furious... then he goes and abducts Kobus. What makes him think that Jack wont suspect him? Tau was right when told him that he doesn't think carefully in tough situations

02 Jun 2016 11:21

Smanga is still learning about the life of power and influence and Jack is a disaster that he will learn from. When his acquiantanceship with Jack turns soar, he'll learn not to trust people like him. It's funny that Smanga being a rookie pilitician and having an unscrupulous tycoon as his ally is very much a reality.

02 Jun 2016 11:43

when is Karabo taking off her black clothes bathong ?????? Lucy with her  Tsotsi Taal.. mara u waar???? ,she is a parent i thnk she must change,, she is very rude to Lesedi ,,

02 Jun 2016 15:33

Those writers are ruining Lucy.

02 Jun 2016 16:02

@Primetimer, and i love her.. she needs new lines i thnk if Cosmo girlfrnd could come back and give her her money she will be fine,, too much temper and anger towards her charector,

03 Jun 2016 03:59

@qaqamba you're right. They can't have her angry all the time. There must be times when she is calm and cool. Being ghetto or a thug doesn't mean one must make noise. That is where I think her character is being exaggerated. Yesterday she was at it again with Namhla and Lesedi. Maybe if she can have a boyfriend who is as shady as she is, she'll be better.

03 Jun 2016 09:13

mazwi is being selfish and i think the guys is #sterile..ill vote for smanga's #VOTE in coming elections+karabo called him smangaliso for the 1st time #Classic

03 Jun 2016 11:47

I wonder how Karabo will get out of this one.Kobus recognised her voice.If Jack finds out she will be gone unles Tau arrives on time to save her.

03 Jun 2016 11:55

Mazwi and Nolwazi both have big egos.They look good for each other but as husband and wife it will be like having 2 bulls in a kraal.Nolwazi must tone it down a bit for the relationship to have a balance.I still love her though

03 Jun 2016 12:40

Guy i love Gadaffi,, i even follow him on Instagram,, theres a guy who say the same word like,, dammet Tsidi mann, lol,, exctly the same words when he is ANGRY to Tsidi, krkrkr

03 Jun 2016 12:40

Guy i love Gadaffi,, i even follow him on Instagram,, theres a guy who say the same word like,, dammet Tsidi mann, lol,, exctly the same words when he is ANGRY to Tsidi, krkrkr

03 Jun 2016 13:42

What happened to Ace? I wasn't watching at the time he disappeared from the show. I am wondering because Jack has no right-hand man with him to carry out his schemes and to protect him at all times. Mob bosses usually have one. We see Jack walking in Gadaffi's home alone, restaurants and wherever. That makes no sense. I thought Yster was gonna be one. Anyway, who is Cosmo loyal to or working for, Gadaffi or Jack?

03 Jun 2016 14:31

@Primetimer.. i never see Ace from the beggining of the show im not sure wht really happened to him, but Jack is alone no bodyguard nothing,, He is Mamlambo remember krkrkrk ..i thnk Jack like Cosmo more ,, but Cosmo is also impressed with Jack's style,, mara Gadaffi very jls of Cosmo,,

03 Jun 2016 16:41

Hey guys, I'm new here! I only came for Generations lol... I've been a huge fan of the show since forever. My favourite actor since the inception of the show is Smanga and actress was Ntombi & Noluntu (can't decide lol). I believe this show has the best storylines on South African television but the execution can be extremely mediocre and boring which is why people criticize it so much. I still love it nonetheless. The most irritating thing about it though is leaving stories hanging when they are about to reach their full potential. What happened to Abe's sister looking for her brother and hounding Tau? The exclusion of the Radebe family was uncalled for, they had grown to become my favourite family and Vuyo's character was the realest, the best in the show (not his acting, the character) now Wandile's storyline is stuck in the mist of misty mount..,, it's lost!! The first 3 months of the year were the best since the show came back as "The Legacy" with hard hitting storylines like Polyandry, Cross dressing, Baby Amo, Mamlambo, Vuyo's presence lol, Namhla & Adze story, and a whole lot more. It somehow got lost in April and is now becoming good again. I thought June teasers were lit but July is Fire!! I can't wait! Sorry for this essay people lol

03 Jun 2016 16:47

@PrimeTimer When Jack left the show, Ace worked for Kenneth Mashaba. Weehh I can't believe I actually forgot how he left cause I always remember everything about this show... :(

03 Jun 2016 16:59

@Zondwa.Hi and Welcome.Thats a brilliant analysis there.That Abe story needs to haunt Tau.The Zolas family was startibg to be a bore except for Wandile and Zola.So personally for me i was quite relieved when the family was scrapped though i would have wanted to see Wandile struggles with his family over his sexuality more.I agree with you on the July teasers.They r just on fire and i think bring Jack to the soap has made it more exciting than ever.I mean we r just glued to the screen waiting for him to strike which is exciting.Yoh i am just happy that most of these new faces on the legacy are good and they keep on growing.Especially Smanga he had taken us by surprise as at first his accent was a turn off for many but now oh boy he has risen above the rest

03 Jun 2016 18:24

Hi @Zondwa, welcome! We love dedicated #GenerationsTheLegacy fans here. Anyway I think the annoying character of Lucy is gonna chase Namhla away today and she'll move in with Jack. Its unfortunate that she won't stay with Jack permanently, her character would've evolved better than being stuck in Alex with crazy Lucy. The look on Karabo's face when Kumkani got upset was pure gold. Gonna miss her acting talent.

03 Jun 2016 19:41

@Deziclesthagawd u just reminded me dt karabo is leaving one will ever replace her power,presence+i mean karabo is sasha fierce even when she left the the original series no character matched moroka house need sm1 gorgeous and strong like gail mabalane only if she can come back

03 Jun 2016 21:15

This Kobus guy is a great actor. Is Tshidi losing her mind or what has just happened? Bumping her head and smiles as blood came out of her head... I think she loves the attention that she gets from The Gent.

04 Jun 2016 02:49

I don't think Tshidi is looking for attention lol, She just wants to protect Kumkani & their mission. She also doesn't want Kobus's family to be in danger. I don't know how I feel about what she did to be honest, cause this could propel Jack to hurt Kumkani. Yeah Smanga's the best!! He was savage when he entered the door dancing to tell Karabo that he's party had been registered Lmao. I couldn't stop laughing at Bra Pop's & Getty's scene Lmao!! Lucy is being so extra weehh

04 Jun 2016 12:58

Everyone seems to be loving and enjoying Smanga now. I'm not surprised, when you are that brilliant people are bound to take notice and appreciate. I am loving how both the writers and Letoya are doing the character of Tshidi justice. I sadly think that the Moroka's are gonna flop when Karabo leaves. I maintain, they need a new strong woman to fill her void. Not Mazwi and Sphe/Nolwazi.

04 Jun 2016 14:41

An the other hand the writers are ruining the character of Lucy by turning into a mad cow. Where is Moshidi Motshegwa to come and fill the gap that will be left by Ferguson? I don't want the Morokas to fade away like in the past. I don't see Mazwi holding to his new found position.

04 Jun 2016 18:21

@primetimer moshidi motshegwa was once on generations before dnt know when cz i never saw her...for me would be happy if Florence masebe can join the show as a moroka/jack wife that women is an A+ actress

05 Jun 2016 09:36

Jack mabaso/Samahhashi and Samson ndlovu/mdletshe ar my all time favourite on television industry

05 Jun 2016 11:30

@qavile florence masebe started her career on Generations as Thembi,she was married to Sonny jacobs and later moved away with Junior Mudau(played by Fezile Mpela of high Rollers )lol its funny how almost 70 percent of the acting industry has being on Gen .I would like for the show to add Kobus family to the storyline .the guy is brilliant ,maybe they can get Louise Barnes(Donna Hardy scandal)to play his wife and Kyle can be their son lol

05 Jun 2016 12:38 im 21 dude so i dnt know history abt generations...seems like every gr8 actress/actor was once on Gen then

05 Jun 2016 13:01

@qavile lol I understand .Generations have given most actors in the country their big breaks.thts how amazing it is

05 Jun 2016 20:33

I have said this, Generations has been the launch pad for many of the most revered thespians in this industry! Whether the haters like it or not Mfundi Vundla has created icons and he continues to do so. Look at how Vuyo Dabula has flourished since becoming Gadaffi? Mad respect for Mr V!

05 Jun 2016 20:39

I loathe Lucy Diale. Wish they could cool down her storylines for a good few months.

06 Jun 2016 10:25

I am actually loving Lucy, i feel she is telling the story of single mother's pain when baby daddy comes in the picture after years of not being there and the child automatically goes to daddy.I think having her being angry all the time is to actually mask the hurt or pain she feels at what she deems to be Namhla's betrayal.
i wish Gail would come back again and pick things up with Smanga. she has the look and poise to be a worthy Moroka bride. Nolwazi just doesnt do it for me. She is too loud and brazen for me

06 Jun 2016 11:03

Heyy guys,

welcome aboard Zondwa sana, feel free this is your Home,, ,, i would like Tsidi's mom to come back and tell us all abt Tsidi and Kumkani's story stealing Amo,,

06 Jun 2016 14:48

@coolmama you make valid points. @qaqamba I wonder if Jack is gonna find out about Amo and hence he conducts a DNA test. Will he then blackmail Gadaffi and Tshidi? Who knows. I miss Zondiwe for her superb acting.

06 Jun 2016 14:57

There is going to be other location scenes. Manaka Ranaka posted pictures indicating that.

06 Jun 2016 20:46

jack is a dady blesser.Gadaffi did amazing job on kobus bt kobus acting skill A+ and karabo was also amazing

06 Jun 2016 22:04

I am happy Kobus came out with the truth. Anyway, I've noticed a strange situation tonight. Last week, Lucy threw out Namhla for not avoiding Jack and she went to Jack's place with luggage, but tonight she appeared at the shebeen with Lesedi and Wandile. Then she appears again at Jack's house and she tells him that she's been thrown out by her mom. Isn't this the inconsistency of the scenes of Namhla's storyline? Could this be an error? For me it seems they got things mixed up.

06 Jun 2016 23:00

Tonight's episode was some great television. Kobus can go to Hollywood now, he'll slay! lol. @show-time I noticed the editing flop. Not that I cared, I was too busy getting snatched by the torture scenes.

06 Jun 2016 23:17

mazwi is boring AF who ever chose him made a big mistake..Smanga and Nolwa are amazing when 2gether everything just shines

07 Jun 2016 09:32

I think Smanga and Nolwazi r going to grow closer to each other.They might have a one night stand which will result in Nolwazi being pregnant but she will make Mazwi think the baby is his.Lucy has no right to refuse Namhla to spend time with her father.She is the one who hid Namhla from her father,its not like Jack ran away from his responsibility.If she didnt want her child to be raised by a gangster she shuldnt have opened her legs to one.As for Wandile oh i love his swagger talk when trying to get a girl.The boy is a sweet talker.

07 Jun 2016 09:48

I did see a spark between Smanga and Nolwazi. I wish they could get it on so that Mazwi can get a taste of .his medicine. If she gets pregnant by him, that would be great drama.

07 Jun 2016 10:00

aysh   tht Kobus bethuna he is soo stubborn ,, why cant he just tell them everthing and Jack  and go to Jack Mabaso explain to him everthying abt Gadaffi  ? Jack will deal with them, than this drama.. yerrr,

07 Jun 2016 11:24

Lol Kobus would rather be tortured first and only then spill the beans. As far as Mazwi goes, i think its a casting mistake. Maybe if someone like Sdumo Mtshali had played Mazwi. He would've been fire!

07 Jun 2016 12:15

I think Mazwi is a good actor but the w?riters have not given him a storyline that he can emotionally connect to.With Smanga we saw him grow with the Simphiwe storyline esp after her death.Maybe the storyline of him,Nolwazi and Sphe with bring out the best in Him.As for Kobus uuu shame the guy is a brilliant actor and i hope the writers will make him permanent and bring his family in as well.I also want Gail so bad to be the new Moroka Queen.She has this class,elegance,beauty and not to mention superb acting which I don't see Nolwazi exhibiting.

07 Jun 2016 15:40

I crave to see some of the members of Jack's mob though. And since he fired Gadaffi from heading the drug cartel, who has he appointed in his place? Writers need to write more about the mob and show us these mobsters in action, not necessarily the violence but their underhanded deals.

07 Jun 2016 15:55

I have to disagree with you @Lebs5. Simphiwe's death was the opportunity for Musa Ngema to showcase his acting skills. He FLOPPED hard. Smanga thrived, he really showed that heartfelt grief that connected with the audience. I used to think Musa could act, until the Simphiwe death storyline. He just flopped shem. He doesn't deserve the Moroka throne. Just my opinion tho.

07 Jun 2016 16:26

i hate mazwi ja bt like musa the guy is an ok actor and to drive the moroka storyline its a no cz she is boring just like Quinton from just interested on whats going to happen with ezweni when karabo leaves the show...they must bring noah moroka old just like they did with smanga

08 Jun 2016 01:12

Yeah Mazwi just doesn't do it for me. I wasn't feeling his grief for Simphiwe either. Shame people really hate Smanga, I was so sad watching what that focus group had to say about him. Mazwi is really pushing it with this pregnancy thing lol. The past two episodes were captivating, I really enjoyed them. Lmao Gaddafi thinks they have defeated the enemy already ?? Lucy was so funny during her scene with Getty.. "Hey hey mna andiy'funi black tax" ???? Lmao Namhla ordering what she didn't know haha. Kobus is a brilliant actor, they should introduce his family to the show. Once again, Smanga> Mazwi

08 Jun 2016 08:48

@Dezicle I agree with you.He failed really bad on the Simphiwe storyling but hey lets ser maybe he will get better.

?Namhla yesterday was so beautiful but I have this family that this happy family reunion will not last.
?On the July teasers Fana will file for a divorce.I s he married and will the wife be part of the show.

08 Jun 2016 09:26

@Zondwa oh that Focus group killed the zeal out of Smanga.But hey people don't take sexual harassment lightly.I am seeing Smanga quitting this politics thing.The world is cruel out there esp to a cheese boy who grew up in the suburbs now trying to portray himself as a 'messiah' to the poor.?Not to mention the media who would be onto him.His strength,patience and resilience will surely be tested here.

08 Jun 2016 09:47

Lebs5 Fana is a lawyer ,he is gonna file for divorce on behalf of Tshidi I think .Mazwi is becoming obsessive with this baby ,I wonder if he is the one who shooting blanks .I have a problem with Smanga's party,his main focus is education which is were the writters get it wrong .in local municipal elections the main focus should be service delivery .also Smanga does not need to start a party ,he can run as an independent candidate .otherwise I am loving his paring with Nolwazi .their energy is great

08 Jun 2016 10:00

Early last year Lucy was my most favourite character until around the time when Mr Sokhulu left. From there the character became too much of an exaggeration, a phony and a nuisance. I know I've lamented about it before, but she is now unbearable to watch on every episode. On monday she showed money and counted it in full view of the prison warders, that is phony. Someone even complained about her yelling on Manaka Ranaka's facebook page but all she could say in her defence is that Lucy is a bulldog not a poodle. That reasoning was not convincing to me. I think she can't handle the character the way she should because she hasn't dealt with such a role before. Or maybe it is the writers that are failing her. No one ia always on a bad mood and yelling at everyone every single day. I wish they could just make some changes towards the character.

08 Jun 2016 13:02

hayi Show Time sana she is too much,, i hated thte part Getty was there asking for help.. hayi she is too much,, i wish Jack can be my father just for 6 month, krkrkrr ..

08 Jun 2016 13:16

KKK someone here said Lucy is becoming like a mad cow.Eish @showtime i get what Yu saying.Personally i love her character esp when sh does scenes with Cosmo.But of late her constant yelling was beginning to annoy me.I hope the writers will do something abt that like giving her a man to focus on or Ester coming back.@max85 for smanga i don't think its his policies that r making people hate him.Yes service delivery will score him points but he has to do more than that to change the public perception of his image over his sex scandals.I also see Nolwazi falling for Smanga.Smanga has a soft touch to women which Mazwi lacks

08 Jun 2016 14:19

@show-time what an accurate summation of the decline of Lucy. I was so embarrassed having to defend to some people how on earth Lucy gets to count money in front of the wardens and nothing is done. Also is it so damn easy to get into prison with drugs everyday? I feel like the writers are pushing it now. Lol Mazwi killed me with his "imbiza".

08 Jun 2016 21:15

At least tonight Lucy was not at her usual niggling self. If only Getty knew that Namhla has an allowance of ten thousand and leave Lucy alone. I'm sure she wouldn't hesitate to lend her some money. Jack and Fana didn't appear... eish!

08 Jun 2016 21:26

Lol, Nolwazi is still hanging on to her pipe dream of being the next Karabo Moroka. It wont happen coz I think Mazwi is infertile.

08 Jun 2016 22:41

Kwaaaks! Did you guys notice how Lucy was holding her hand bag when she was visiting Getty? Lol not lady-like I must say.

09 Jun 2016 06:31

@Primetimer lol Lucy is a gangster of note ,I laughed so hard wen she walked in with a bag like that .she is uncotrollable .I liked the convo between Smanga and Sipho the political journo .Sipho was very convincing .I am very impressed with Nolwazi's acting ,she is really starting to shine .

09 Jun 2016 10:07

Yes @Max85, I've been a Nolwazi champion since I started seeing her witty/bitchy interactions with Tshidi when she still worked at Hashtag. Knew she would shine the day they gave her a real storyline. LOL the way Lucy slung that bag over her shoulder! I give up on that woman. She will never be a lady.

09 Jun 2016 10:32

Eish but how do you see the future of this show guys, honestly? I just saw the latest post on the show's facebook page stating that Karabo's departure is looming. I am still struggling to accept it. And what will happen to Tau and the Morokas? Now I'm convinced that this show will always have a dark cloud hanging over it since... you know!

Ronny fundzama
09 Jun 2016 10:35

I think smanga will lead the morokas now

09 Jun 2016 11:23

Primetimer I am not worried about Karabo's departure cz I feel her storyline has being exhausted .its time to bring in another veteran leading lady .Tau can find love again after all karabo put him through .do not panick the show is going in the right direction .

09 Jun 2016 11:32

I believe the show will weather the storm, one way or another. That said, I think the return of Khensani Moroka would help a lot in strengthening the Moroka plot as the powerful female of the family. A food for thought.

09 Jun 2016 11:40

they must must bring back sarah(gail mabalane) pregnant with smangas baby..that women is a real bitch&actress +she would rock generations since karabo is leaving..gail would be a signature character on generations...jack said on january in a interview he has a wife and there wife got personal vendetor with karabo so will she join the show cz her rival is also leaving the show..

09 Jun 2016 12:18

Damn, imagine how interesting it would've been if Karabo had beefed with Jack's wife? Connie's departure sure is throwing a spanner in the works for several storylines huh. @qavile, you are spot on. If these writers had sense Gail would make the perfect Matriarch of the Morokas. I was never that invested in Khensani and I just don't see her fitting into the legacy. Guess time will tell.

10 Jun 2016 07:24

mzwi can do better..i mean there i a huge difference betwenn annoying and acting desperate of which now the dude just off to his current storyline cz does not show desperation...smanga boy jack will sabotage you hard

10 Jun 2016 09:22

Mornings ,, i am wooried abt Kobus people ,, hope Jack wont follow him,, and see tht he was lying..

10 Jun 2016 10:14

I am glad Nolwazi told Mazwi where to get off .pregnancy is a process ,he can't force it to happen just like that .I wonder wat Jack is gonna tell Sipho about Smanga ,maybe that he harrassed his daughter .lol as for Wandile trying to get into Bongi's pants .the boy is a pervert shem

10 Jun 2016 10:23

I feel so bad for Kobus, he's just a good man mixed up with some bad men. I think Jack will kill him once he tells him the truth. Anyway its about to get lit! Namhla is becoming one of my fave characters and Nolwazi is too sassy! Love her.

10 Jun 2016 10:26

Lol @Max85 Jack is petty, I think you're right, he's probably gonna refresh the sexual harassment saga. Poor Smanga it seems Jack owns him now.

10 Jun 2016 11:32

Kobus returns ("my daddy died in my arms"), the engineer visits Jack, Tshidi moves out and Zondo re-opens the case. The Gent will put 2 and 2 together. I think the engineer will be the first victim.

10 Jun 2016 16:02

Mazwi is taking this pregnancy thing too far and I have a feeling that Mazwi will turn out to be infertile.

10 Jun 2016 21:00

I read in some blog that GenerationsTheLegacy is #2 most watched show (after Uzalo) averaging 7.9 million viewers per night. The #1 show had close to a million more viewers, and Gen was #1 for the month of April with more than 8 million viewers. That's very impressive considering the lukewarm response this show received initially and how it continues being trashed on social media. I'm so tired of Uzalo being #1 when its literally garbage, maybe it changed cause I last watched in January lol.

10 Jun 2016 21:29

I fell in love with tonight's episode! And seeing Sledge getting instructions from Jack to get rid of the engineer was great. That guy is a convincing thug. I hope Jack will make him his regular henchman like Ace was. Lol, that last scene of Kobus and Jack was amazing. Gosh! That man is a brilliant actor. You could feel his heart beating fast as he was talking to Jack. Scared as hell. Someone surely has to die!

10 Jun 2016 22:07

@Zondwa generations is number1 with 8 091914 viewers(march-may)..kobus is in deep *bleep!*,will namhla agree to help smanga or jack will influence her

10 Jun 2016 23:12

I'm sooooooooo proud of Gen! 8million viewers is enormous considering its competing! @Zondwa Uzalo is still overrated trash. And they only diss Gen on social media cuz they hate that the reboot succeeded spectacularly in spite of their hate. Lol but they continue to watch! Numbers don't lie. I must say Kobus is truly sublime.

10 Jun 2016 23:48

Lol, Sledge is really a convincing scoundrel. He slays in every show. I agree with @Primetimer , he must be Jack's abettor. After going through the teasers again, I'm not sure what will happen to Kobus. I like him too and I want him to stay as CEO of Eco City. The show needs this guy. As for the ratings, since TVSA said anyone must forkout R50 000 to access them from BRC, did the blogger pay? How do we know if the info is credible? If it is true, then that's great for my favourite show. But there is room for improvement. So far so good.

11 Jun 2016 00:18

@show-time Phil Mphela is a very credible blogger who's been in the industry for 9 years I think. He has amazing contacts. I trust him as a source. Also Thinus Ferreira, another experienced journo has the same numbers.

11 Jun 2016 00:23

I would also like for Sledge to stick around but with Cosmo and Yster already in the picture. I sadly doubt it. I think Wandile will get written out of the show unless they revive his transgender storyline.

11 Jun 2016 02:39

Yeah Wandile should be written off, they messed up by writing off his entire family. I'm still angry about that. Shame Getty though haha I can't wait to see Smanga relaxed, in the shebeen, not wearing a suit and tie like Nolwazi suggested.

11 Jun 2016 03:15

Then they must get rid of Yster and keep Sledge! He is way better than the old Yster. No disrespect to him but Sledge is better known and a better thug. This is why I sometimes disagree with the casting of this show. Better actors come and leave abruptly. Only Nolwazi survived as a supporting character and was subsequently promoted to lead character. Anyway, the teaser says, Gadaffi tests Jack's new second-in-command. I'm crossing my fingers that that person is Sledge. Plus, it seems Cosmo is going to cut his ties with Jack.

11 Jun 2016 03:33

Someone on twitter said Nolwazi's script with Smanga is inspired by Olivia Pope of The Fixer ( Scandal). I don't know what you think about that. I think there are similarities there. Getty, can get herself out of her bad situation by approaching Namhla coz she is a rich lady now and she used to pay for Namhla's varsity fees. So what is she waiting for?

11 Jun 2016 03:50

Kwaaks! Bra Pops already took her toaster and electric kettle... what's next? The fridge, sofa... maybe her clothes, lol

11 Jun 2016 06:50

TVSA used to verify the ratings for daily episodes themselves .these ratings that are out ,they pick certain episodes in a week to accomodate the fact that some shows play only once a week .this is to help advertisers to make better decions in picking wat show to advertise on according to Phil Mphela .wat he also highlighted is the fact that just because a show is trending on twitter it does not mean ppl are watching it .Gen and Scandal hardly ever trends but they continue to do well .

11 Jun 2016 06:57

Kobus is a bloody great actor ,that last scene was amazing ,this man deserves a SAFTA .lol I jumped off the couch wen I sw Sledge that guy is an amazing gangster and he is gonna be great as Jack's right hand man .Mazwi is such a liar ,he won't choose my Nolwazi over his family never ,he is not capable .

11 Jun 2016 08:28

@Show-time ya nolwazi storyline with politics is similar with olivia from #TheFixer(scandal) bt far different and the fixer is not 1st show to do dt and the is nothing wrong with dt..

11 Jun 2016 12:22

@show-time I think you're right. Sledge could be here to stay cuz the viewers have been yearning for a heartless criminal who doesn't mind killing. Cosmo is weak, honestly he has no edge. He doesn't deserve to work for the Gent. He should stick to doing comic scenes with Lucy! LOL

11 Jun 2016 12:28

@Max85 remember Gen used to trend almost every night during the crazy Mamlambo, polyandry, xenophobia and transgender storylines? Lol good times. Personally I don't want Smanga and Nolwazi to happen. This is not the Bold and the Beautiful, Smanga can't fall in love with his brother's second fiancee. I hope they don't happen. Maybe Mazwi will dump Sphe once he finds out she's Jack's daughter.

11 Jun 2016 18:25

Yeah that's what I was saying, it was so good up till March and everyone was watching and talking about it even though some trashed it haha it didn't matter anyway.

11 Jun 2016 18:32

Zondwa welcome and mega love for u. As for Lucy dnt get me started. Generations is getting hotter by the day guys. Big up to u all guys for ur suggestions andlets hope Mfundla will use them to make the show more exciting

11 Jun 2016 19:22

@deziclesdadawg I agree with u I don't think Nolwazi and Smanga will happen .I don't see that vibe between them ,I do think Smanga should date Namhla if not only to piss off Jack lol .@showtime I don't see any similarities between Nolwazi and Olivia Pope .ppl like to find fault everywhere .they only compare to discredit the show

12 Jun 2016 16:13

The way I would get my life if Namhla and Smanga fell in love! LOL I need this power couple to happen! *fingers crossed*

13 Jun 2016 04:40

I am quite sure these writers will make Smanga and Nolwazi become an item. She'll move in with him at the Moroka family house and start behaving like the matriarch of the family to Mazwi's disgust and then the squabbles begin. Also, Tshidi and Jack will happen after the divorce has been settled. She has already got the feel on how to be the lady of the house and she's been under the sheets with The Gent and got romantically pampered. Surely she wont forget that romantic dinner. Anyway, when was the last time Gadaffi gave her that treatnent? I don't even recall one moment. Yah... things are gonna happen. Tau and Gadaffi will lose their women.

13 Jun 2016 04:45

Treatment {treatnent}

wandisile Mrhwebi
13 Jun 2016 12:00

I'll be glad to see Tau back on our screens

13 Jun 2016 20:44

I can be critical, but honestly, tonight's episode was fantastically written. Zondo/Kobus/Jack script was really compelling. This is the Generations that I grew up watching. Good job to writers!

13 Jun 2016 21:10

Jack Mabaso really knows how to cover up his tracks. He ordered the disposal of the engineer and the geologist immediately after realising that they are the ones who could be useful to the authorities. That is how a crime boss acts. Lol, looks like the ice is breaking between Tshidi and Gadaffi, which makes me believe even more that Jack and her will happen.

13 Jun 2016 21:44

That smile was everything... I'd watch it all day. Welcome Sphe! Hopefully she and Namhla will get along very nicely as sisters. It's really nice to see fresh faces on big shows I must add. Have to see Nolwazi's reaction tomorrow after her sudden fairytale. No happy ending for sidechicks?

13 Jun 2016 22:07

Lol Mazwi already captivated by Sphe's lovely smile .the spark between Tshidi and Gadaffi is gone .I don't see them coming back from this,the marriage is as good as dead .lol Cosmo and Lucy are like every brother and sister in most townships ,always on each other's throats but I love them .Mr Cele looks very familiar .great episode

Riley freeman
14 Jun 2016 04:09

hi guys im new here and i ve gone through all your comments after reading the July teasers and i must say im really impressed by all suggestions and your analysis of the legacy..Im a big fan of the show and i always like to challenge people whenever they say something negative(even thou at times some is warranted) about the it..I spend my days taking on the haters on the show's facebook page and coming here i thought it was gonna be the same thing but u guys are just great and i didn't find one single thing to disagree with..i thought i knew everything about The legacy until i came here and now it feels like i just started watching yesterday...from now on ill try to engage on the discussions more often and im so looking forward to it..

14 Jun 2016 06:44

Welcome @Riley Freeman .lol I knw u from the facebook page ,u take every1 on whn they step out of line .looking forward to reading your comments

14 Jun 2016 12:03

Lol I know him too! Sometimes we team up to fend off faultfinders and relentless detractors on facebook. Lol, not an easy task to do. Welcome @Riley Freeman. Wow, it's a small world indeed. Hopefully the show will get more interesting so that we can talk positively all the time.

14 Jun 2016 12:29

Welcome @Riley Freeman. About yesterday's episode, I didn't like how Fana and Jack were ignoring Namhla and exluding her in the discussions. The poor thing even had to leave the room so sadly. Lol, at least she went to her crazy family to eat pap with fork and knife... Lucy and Cosmo are crazy siblings though. I like that Cosmopolitan is the one that can put her in her place.

14 Jun 2016 13:18

@RileyFreeman you are welcomed to the fam. Glad to hear that you defend Gen on fb, which is a VERY hostile territory! LOL I remember when I was Gen's fiercest defender on twitter, I've lost my zeal. Anyway this show is getting better and better. I was elated to hear that the show won the ratings race for May as well! I love Sphe with her beautiful chocolate skin, I do hope that she's feisty cuz Nolwazi will not take this lying down LOL!

Riley freeman
14 Jun 2016 14:19

thanks guys i can feel the warmth already.@primetimer unfortunatelty i think Namhla will continue to struggle fitting in at jacks and she has to adjust big time, like yesterday even if she wanted to engage and try to advise her father on the matter the talks were just out of her don't even mention Cosmo-Lucy relationship i just adore and find it funny seeing them compete and fighting like that..@dezi lol the july teasers look interesting and has good write ups ahead but im sure haters will still find a way to hate on the show..

Nana Mashishi
14 Jun 2016 14:34

Maybe Sphe is Jack's daughter...just saying

14 Jun 2016 16:05

hey guys,, Molweni

@Riley freeman,, welcome aboard sana, ,, u sound like Mazwi's new wife (hide myself afrt ) ,, krkrkr
sorry guys will read July teaser 2mrr its cold in Cape Town ,, i am going home now cant wait for 16:30,, see you tonight same place same time 8 pm. guys please can u have a chat with Lucy i dont like her attitude mannn she is very rude,, and organise girlfrnd for Fana ,, i thnk Xolelwa will be perfect for him,, krkrkr byeeee

14 Jun 2016 22:15

Lol Qaqamba bye sana.

14 Jun 2016 22:28

I just love Siphesihle already! But she is just too good for Mazwi. I hope they wont consider a polygamous marriage but I doubt Nolwazi will accept it because she doesn't strike me as the gold-digging type.

15 Jun 2016 06:44

Mazwi does not have a backbone ,after finding out tSphe is a doctor and she loves to work with kids wow his attitude changed .The way he was giving Nolwazi the cold shoulder totally unacceptable.LOl Kobus le yena he is digging a grave for himself ,wat if Jack finds out about this betrayal ,yoh *bleep!* is about to go down .

15 Jun 2016 08:10

Gen is boiling hot. For the first time in a long time I am excited about a storyline involving Mazwi. Sphe is so sweet. Can't believe Jack raised her, or did he? This is a tad bit confusing.

15 Jun 2016 09:43

Morningss, yoo July teaser ziyakhipha mann, so Gog Flo is not going anywhere still with Generations.
Shame Nolwazi no wedding bells for u,, Morokas are very abusive sana, i thnk go back to Phakades,, i hate wht they are doing to you,, unless you will fight for your man sana,, but remember u were" Makhwapheni "lol.. but lets wait and see,

15 Jun 2016 14:35

Yeah the issue of Jack and his step kids confuses me. Why wasn't he part of Sphe's wedding arrangement with the Celes since he raised her? Is it peharps because there is a conflict between him and the Celes on the sidelines? Fana did not even mention anything about her sister getting married to some guy.

15 Jun 2016 16:09

@Primetimer  sana i thnk the writers they just want anything/conflict  btwn Jack and the Morokas but the way the are doing it is very  confusing,, and i dont remember Fana telling us tht her sister is a Dr,, its just a poor lines tht needs lot of corrections.. other thing Why Wandile is stuck in one life ????why cant he find a job to Smanga or to Aunty Karabo he went overseas moss and study why cant he use his skills than shebeen life,, .. so tht he can follow on his fathers foot steps.i dont thnk Jack knws tht there Radebe son left behind,, Lesedi any news regards her parents?????i want her to have a life life Namhla, so tht LUCY can feel the pain of not having a child next to her.

15 Jun 2016 17:38

@qaqamba , Fana did tell Namhla that her sister is a doctor. The teasers hint that the identity of the her father will shock the Morokas. So I think the writers kept things low to create a big story surrounding Jack and the Siphesihle. That is how soapies are by the way.

15 Jun 2016 19:26

I don't trust Mazwi's makoti. I don't buy her innocent look... I think she comes with baggage and bad intentions. The fact that she knew about Mazwi and Ezweni, makes me suspicious

15 Jun 2016 21:05

I was wondering why they have been meeting in an apartment that was chosen and is being payed for by the very same man that they are colluding to sabotage... Knock! knock!... who is there?

15 Jun 2016 22:11

Namhla can act but sometimes she over acts lol, like tonight. But I did love her emotion though. Konje Bra Pops is dying this Friday, its lit!

16 Jun 2016 01:21

I'm not sure if Mazwi is still in shock about the situation he is in or if he is really falling for Sphe. Lol, I laughed when Tshidi suddenly talked afrikaans. It came out of the blue. Will history repeat it self whereby Nolwazi and Smanga get it on?

16 Jun 2016 06:19

Lol@dezicles sometimes Namhla thinks we are in a theatre ,she must calm down .I knw wat Smanga did was disgusting ,but sometime u have to stop playing the victim.I was really surprised about Smanga suporting Mazwi like that ,he can be a great person if he wants to .

16 Jun 2016 11:52

Yep, Smanga always keeps it interesting. That's why he's so captivating. @Primetimer someone on twitter wrote "For a second I thought Kobus' wife was in the room when Tshidi spoke Afrikaans" lol the way I laughed when I saw that.

16 Jun 2016 16:41

namhla is now an actress and hope she date smanga in the future..tshidi is fluent in afrikaans and she was the host of idolsSA season1 and spoke it 90%of the time during the show...hope jack wife will be introduced in the coming months...sphe is one devious lady wait and see

17 Jun 2016 00:14

I like the actress that plays Siphesihle. She seems to be a natural actress and she is beautiful. I hope we'll see more of Siphesihle in the coming months.

17 Jun 2016 02:20

It's been almost 2 years now and I still can't get over Smanga's way of speaking. Yesterday he was even worse as he was briefing the media at a press conference. I wanted to cover my ears. Does he speak like that in real-life or it is just an act? Lol, no I can't tolerate his annoying voice and accent. I think they must recast the character.

17 Jun 2016 09:45

Please help. What happened between Smanga and Namhla and that employee weku Ezweni. I wasn't watching generations when it happened. And yesterday i really felt lost when he was being grilled over the issue by that journalist

17 Jun 2016 11:46

@Anotida when Namhla was one of the models of Scarlett lingerie line ,Smanga was not happy with the way she performing during the shoot ,so sent every1 out ,it was just him and Namhla ,he ordered her to to take her bra of the shoulders ,she kept crying but Smanga kept of clicking his camera .Namhla was treated badly .that's how she was harrassed by Smanga .

17 Jun 2016 15:02

@Show-time thats insane cz smanga is the best on generations and yesterdae his accent was worse bcz he was directed to start shakey..ja dts how he speaks cz he studied in usa..myb you dnt like him since you a big fan of mazwi

17 Jun 2016 16:08

I agree with you 100% @qavile, Show-Time u just hating on Smanga cuz you a big fan of Mazwi. Smanga is one of the best on that Gen set. Yes, yesterday his voice was strange but what is more strange is how Mazwi even got his role. Everyone hates him, even on twitter. Can't act to save his life.

17 Jun 2016 17:46

Lol, I knew you would respond like this. I didn't say Smanga is a bad actor guys. As for Mazwi, he is a decent actor. I just felt that yesterday his way of speaking was overboard, thats all.

17 Jun 2016 18:01

Lol, I knew that you would jump to his defence. I didn't say Smanga is a bad actor guys. As for Mazwi, he is a decent actor, not great. Many people on youtube, including myself, were not impressed by his way of speaking, especially yesterday because it was extreme.

17 Jun 2016 20:38

Don't you think tonight things escalated too quickly? I mean, there was drama with Getty, Kobus, Smanga, Mazwi, all in one episode. Is it a good thing?

17 Jun 2016 20:49

Siphesihle is just a gorgeous Godess! She is just too perfect for Mazwi and I hate that he seems to be interested in her. Nolwazi on the other hand has no classs at all.

17 Jun 2016 23:20

You've got to give it to Jack. He is one hell of a clever mobster and he doesn't delay to act on his suspicions. @Primetimer I am in love with Siphesihle. I just hate that Mazwi sees Simphiwe in her. But I have a feeling that Sphe is hidding her true colours.

17 Jun 2016 23:55

I can't really predict how this Mazwi/Sphe saga is going to play out. But I guess its likely that she'll end up showing a more cunning side. For now I'm just going to enjoy watching beautiful, respectful and sweet Sphe.

18 Jun 2016 08:25

Thanks @max85

18 Jun 2016 13:08

We welcome u Freeman. There is enaf love for everyone here. Anotida halooo!

18 Jun 2016 14:10

yesterdae episode was epic and zondo acted very well compared to officer pokane from the original series

18 Jun 2016 15:56

@qavile I was moved by yesterday's episode, I even had to watch it again on youtube. Jack cracked me up when he asked Kobus if he is a magician to make people disappear, lol. Then he orders his henchman to keep an eye on him. Oh I can't get over Sphe, somewhat she reminds me of Zoleka Mda by her respectfulness, calmness and reasoning. Which brings me to the question, will we see the story of Zoleka/Archie/Zinzi playing out this time by Mazw/Sphe/Nolwazi?

18 Jun 2016 18:50

@Primetimer what an epic comparison. You're right, Sphe embodies a lot of Zo's characteristics. But I have a feeling she also has some Zinzi in her! lol. @qavile Zondo is getting better at this acting thing. Acting alongside several of the country's finest is bringing out the best in him.

19 Jun 2016 12:20

Hai guys i am confused.Why is Sphe  a Cele if sh is Jacks daughter.And why is she a princess since Jack her supposedly father is not Royal.Or maybe we are rushing into conclusions.She might not be Jacks daughter.
Karabo is pushing her vengeance too far.She is gonna get Kobus killed by Jack.So far the blood of teh engineer and geolist is on her hands.

The writers are ot doing justice to Wandile.Wht happened to her cross dressing.That storyline was just left hanging.I feel for Mazwi coz when Nilwazi finds out what he hs been hiding she is gonna lose it.

19 Jun 2016 13:45

@lebs5 both sphe and fana are jack step children not bioligical so myb cele surname is from their father's side

19 Jun 2016 23:07

how will the sphe storyline unfold

20 Jun 2016 13:41

Oros Mampofu (AKA PHILA ON IGAZI).. is he gay????? tht kiss with Wandile's gay frnd  frm Generation Legacy was soo warm as if he is  really in the family.. (lesbian and gay ),, please advs guys ndiyabuza njeee,.

20 Jun 2016 14:09

Lol that kiss though. But I don't think Oros is gay fam. He's just a good actor.

20 Jun 2016 16:20

@dezi .. sana lets hope so,, lol..

20 Jun 2016 20:55

"Mgudlule!" That is Jack at his best. Without a doubt, The Gent is the best scoundrel and villain on TV. Mazwi...!

20 Jun 2016 21:15

Lol, someone on twitter said, "welcome to gangster's paradise Namhla". The poor girl is surrounded by crooks.

20 Jun 2016 22:32

Lol Namhla is so friggin soft! You'd swear she isn't related to the dodgy Diales. I must say, I was intrigued to see that Fana is not completely oblivious of his father's ongoing gangster ways.

20 Jun 2016 23:25

Yes @deziclesthagawd Fana actually surprised me the same way as Namhla was with his remarks about Jack. And I hate that she will sell out Jack. So my suspicions about Sphe having an agenda might be true after having that suspicious phone call with someone, someone who I suspect to be The Gent. Now the storylines all round are picking up pace; Pops/Getty, Mazwi/Sphe/Nolwazi, Xolelwa and Jack/Kobus/Karabo. Maybe include some twists as well. Exciting things!

20 Jun 2016 23:40

Jack and his new henchman are a match made in heaven. Kudos to the writers for that and for the choice of casting. That guy is sensationally convincing as a hoodlum and the dialogue between them gives me chills down my spine. It looks very real. Lol, being a casanova suits Mazwi very well and brings the best out of Thando Thabethe in terms of executing Nolwazi. Let July arrive already.

21 Jun 2016 01:22

Nolwazi gives Tau food for thought bba. oh am sure bra pops he is the one who kidnap GogoFlo

Riley freeman
21 Jun 2016 02:41

Damn I swear Sphe is Godsent, it is looking more likely right now Mazwi will be totally into her and she just keeps whispering all the right words and things to the guy..She is exactly what he wanted Simphiwe to be like and what Nolwazi currently refuses to I just don't know how Smanga will get through all these hurdles and make VOTE a big party coz it is just scandal after scandal ,setback after setback but I like the fact that he is not giving up( he could easily do that and start another hobby as he is a rich kid) it just shows that he is serious about helping the community and be a legit politician..guys don't u just love how soapies manage to link storylines together even after some time..I mean Smanga harrassed Namhla a long while ago but it has just come back to haunt him, it's like Mfundi knew back then that he would need that harrassment to help derail Smanga's success as a politician...does Kobus get killed?

21 Jun 2016 11:26

@show-time great assessment and I also hate that Namhla will betray Jack, why are the writers doing that so soon after they've found each other? To what end? Agh! Oh well. So judging by Sphe's conversation with Jack it seems Jack is the real person behind this Moroka marriage. Very tantalising! And I adore Xolelwa. Generations is on fire!

21 Jun 2016 13:26

@RileyFreeman ja dt is gr8 ..jack weakness is his family and its proven and i think even if namhla sell out him it wont be a big problem..lesedi is too beautiful and now a better perfomer...#Generations rocks

21 Jun 2016 21:20

I've had it with LUCY and TEBOGO! Lucy is always negative towards everyone. Maybe if she can have a boyfriend she'll be interesting again.

21 Jun 2016 22:11

Tonight's episode was somewhat lacklustre. Getty and Bra Pops' saga has expired. Lucy's screaming was annoying as usual. I was expecting a bit more cuz last night ended on such a high note. I guess this is it for Kobus then? *sigh*

21 Jun 2016 22:23

Guys did u see the ratings for Gen? It is back on top according to the tams report, nd if u dont bealive me then plz google it.

21 Jun 2016 23:09

There's this website that legit has Gen's August and September teasers! But I didn't read cuz I'm loyal to tvsa and reading the teasers so early would be daunting! Lol I wonder how they get them so early.

22 Jun 2016 01:59

@deziclesthagawd Lol someone is leaking them from the SABC. Anyway, I think teasers are not good because they prevent the element of suspense and anticipation. Look now, Jack is arrested but we already know he'll be out. On Monday, when he ordered a hit on Kobus, similarly, we knew Kobus wont be killed. Just imagen if there were no teasers how many of us would be anxiously anticipating the next episode. The media or the broadcasters shouldn't release a full month of teasers. As for August, it is going to be EPIC!! Now I know why they are sometimes called spoilers!!

22 Jun 2016 06:18

We neeed an to Bra Pops/Getty saga ,we get the point now .Uncle Tebogo needs to respect Nolwazi ,its not as if she is forcing Mazwi to chase after her .I can't wait for July .its gonna be fireworks .Namhla working with Smanga is gonna give her a chance to grow up a bit .

22 Jun 2016 08:24

teasers spoil everything and i think people who knows nothing abt them enjoy these shows more than us..i tried not to read them bt guess im addicted

22 Jun 2016 08:48

Lol I am also addicted to reading the teasers and its bad because u end up knwing exactly what's going to happen before it happens .

22 Jun 2016 09:29

guyz do you notice that namhla got involved to everything happening on generations like she is the main protagonist ..i guess as time goes on he will be karabo

22 Jun 2016 15:36

@qavile thanks i now get it that Fana and Sphe are Jack's step kids.But then does that mean Fana is also a prince.As for Xolelwa yesterday to start the drug business was not on.I hope she gets arrested.Good for Zondo to put Kobus on witness protection but i dont think it will be long before the Gent finds them.All because of Karabo and her stupid quest for revenge.

04 Jul 2016 11:27

Wow, welcome back Tau.

20 Jul 2016 09:04

shame Getty i can feel her is not a nice thing to be broke..

Ronny fundzama
27 Jul 2016 22:36

Is mazwi and sphe, still get married if the morokas found out about who sphesihle stepfather is???

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