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Days of Our Lives - September 2015

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Days of Our Lives Teasers on 20 Aug 2015
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Coming up on Days of Our Lives this September 2015:

Tuesday 1 September 2015
Episode 11 901 – 54

Ian reveals that Stefano is alive and he has been holding him hostage for information. Ian also reveals that he changed the paternity test and Stefano is indeed E.J.'s father. Maggie informs Daniel that Jack has died and thinks Daniel still has feelings for Jennifer.

Will rebuffs Sonny's kiss but after talking to Marlena realizes that he may have feelings for Sonny. Rafe waits with Sami for E.J. to return. Abby and Jennifer read Jack's book.

Wednesday 2 September 2015
Episode 11 902 – 55

Will catches Sonny with Brian and misreads the moment. Lucas tries to get Will to come to Jennifer's with him but Will is too upset. People gather at Jennifer's to comfort her and Abby about Jack's death. Jennifer gets a plant left at the door with no name.

Chad demands that Gabi leave and move her stuff out of his apartment. Gabi runs into Will and the two end up kissing. E.J. is able to knock out Ian and calls an anonymous tip into the police that Ian has kidnapped someone.

E.J. leaves Stefano tied up since he is still mad that Stefano attempted to disown him when he thought E.J. wasn't his son. Silvio attacks Rafe with a knife and Sami uses Rafe's gun to shoot at Silvio and the bullet grazes his arm.

Tad shows up at the coffee shop and confronts Sonny about "turning" Will gay. Bo and Hope arrive at the location after tracking E.J.'s call and find Stefano alive.

Thursday 3  September 2015
Episode 11 903 – 56 

E.J. finds Sami and Rafe having a moment together when he returns to the safe house. Bo and Hope bring Stefano under disguise to the hospital. Daniel informs Nicole that Stefano is very much alive and promises that he and Rafe will continue to protect her baby.

Roman tells Kate that Stefano is alive but Bo and Hope refuse to let her see him. Jennifer and Abby head to London to be with JJ. Will and Gabi sleep together. Justin finds Sonny knocked out on the floor after Tad punched him but refuses to allow Justin to call the police.

Friday 4  September 2015
Episode 11 904 – 57

Julie is hopeful that Melanie won't stand in Nick's way of being paroled from prison but is not aware that Melanie has not yet received the letter informing her that Nick is even up for parole.

Kate informs Chad that Stefano is alive and gives him the letter Stefano left when he checked himself out of the hospital. Lucas and Billie try to convince Kate not to go running back to Stefano. Will and Gabi agree that sleeping together was a huge mistake.

Monday 7 September 2015
Episode 11 905 – 58

Maggie arrives at the hospital just as Julie is asking Melanie not to stand in Nick's way of getting parole. Hope visits Nick in prison. Sami and Nicole trade barbs over E.J. and Rafe. Chad wants Melanie to confide in him about Nick.

Tuesday 8 September 2015
Episode 11 906 – 59

Nick tells Maggie and Julie that he won't be seeking parole but Julie tells Maggie about Nick being attacked by another inmate. Maggie insists that before Nick makes a final decision that he speak with Marlena.

Nicole fantasises what it would be like to be a family with Daniel and her baby. Gabi finds out that Will spoke to Tad before he slept with her and wonders if he did because he was trying to convince himself that he wasn't gay.

Melanie considers her options about Nick's parole hearing. E.J. asks Chad to bail him out of jail. John even though he is still upset that Kate tried to use Brady to go after Ian and thanks Kate for telling Brady what Madison's last words were.

Wednesday 9 September 2015
Episode 11 907 – 60

Melanie tells Daniel that she is considering supporting Nick's parole or at least not speaking against it at the hearing. Nick tells Marlena that he doesn't want to cause any more grief for Melanie. E.J. tells Nicole that he will be in her baby’s life and doesn't believe the paternity test. Sami and E.J. continue to reconnect.

Thursday 10 September 2015
Episode 11 908 – 61

Sami is torn between the men in her life. Will gives E.J. his notice that he is quitting. Daniel runs into Jennifer who has returned from spreading Jack's ashes. Adrienne asks Will about Brian after seeing him spend time with Sonny.

Friday 11 September 2015
Episode 11 909 – 62

Melanie has a nightmare about Nick. Chad asks Abby to take Melanie's side with Nick's parole but Abby refuses to be on either side. Chad and Brady convince Melanie to write a letter to the parole board.

Hope brings Nick's mother Jessica to visit him and he agrees to go through with his parole hearing. Nicole apologizes to Abe for her behavior during the mayoral election but her motive is hoping Daniel hears about it.

Daniel asks Maggie to let Nicole move in and she agrees but Victor refuses. Jennifer offers to let Nicole stay with her.

Monday 14 September 2015
Episode 11 910 – 63

Nick's parole hearing begins and his loved ones give their testimony why Nick should be released. Chad realizes that Melanie's letter needs to be notarized and heads out to find someone while Melanie seeks advice from Gabi.

Jennifer opens her home to Nicole. Sami's lawyer suggests that she get the arresting officer to make a statement on her behalf. Rafe thinks Sami is only offering to talk to Gabi because she wants him to make the statement.

Tuesday 15 September 2015
Episode 11 911 – 64

Melanie shows up at Nick's parole hearing just as the board is ready to make their statement but they allow Melanie to speak.

Lucas tells E.J. that Sami has only made one person truly happy for anything longer than a minute and that person is Rafe. Sami is mugged and Rafe shows up in time to help her and arrest the guy.

Abby considers sleeping with Cameron but pulls away. The parole board approves Nick's parole.

Wednesday 16 September 2015
Episode 11 912 – 65

Daniel is surprised when Nick's parole is granted and even more so when Melanie tells him she did not speak against it. Brady informs Kate that he is the CEO of Titan and is keeping her on to run Mad World.

Sami is surprised to learn that both Gabi and Chad have quit Countess W. Gabi asks Chad to let her return to Mad World but he refuses telling her that she tried to take away the thing he loved so he will take away the thing she loves.

Thursday 17 September 2015
Episode 11 913 – 66

Melanie finds out that Nick will have to stay in Salem as part of his parole. Rafe accuses Sami of firing Gabi to get back at him and she informs him that Gabi quit.

Kayla returns to Salem University Hospital as chief of staff and tells Daniel that she wants to rehire Jennifer as Director of Communications. Daniel defends Jennifer when a worker at the hospital talks negatively about Jennifer.

Sonny wants to invite Will to a concert but when Sonny gets a call from Brian, Will sneaks off.

Friday 18 September 2015
Episode 11 914 – 67

Nick needs a place to stay in Salem and Maggie agrees to let him stay with her. The Governor calls for E.J.'s resignation as mayor and he agrees. Chad proposes to Melanie. Abby continues to have trouble getting closer to Cameron. Nicole asks Daniel to be the godfather of her baby.

Monday 21 September 2015
Episode 11 915 – 68

Melanie is shocked to find Nick at Maggie's house. Caroline offers Nick a job at the Pub washing dishes. Jennifer and Abby have a fight and Jennifer runs into Daniel who lends her an ear. Nicole warns Jennifer not to lead Daniel on. Sami and E.J. agree to have a romantic date.

Tuesday 22 September 2015
Episode 11 916 – 69

Daniel worries that Melanie may be using getting engaged to not deal with Nick living at Maggie's. E.J. seeks out Justin to be his lawyer. Nicole tells Rafe she wants to name the baby Daniel Rafael. Rafe worries that naming the baby after Daniel may raise a flag for E.J. since Daniel did the paternity test.

Will advises Sami not to rush into things with E.J. Tad tells Will that Sonny has feelings for him. Brady and Jennifer find support in each other dealing with Madison and Jack's deaths.

Wednesday 23 September 2015
Episode 11 917 – 70

Rafe shows up at Sami's as she is preparing for a date with E.J. and Rafe cautions her against getting involved with E.J. again. Adrienne worries that Will may have too much baggage to date Sonny. Chad and Melanie announce their engagement to their friends.

Thursday 24 September 2015
Episode 11 918 – 71

Sami leaves Rafe frustrated after their kiss. Sami makes up an excuse to postpone her date with E.J. but he isn't buying it. Daniel once again has to tell off the HR person who wanted Jennifer's job but didn't get it when she assigns Jennifer to a basement office.

Nicole tries to get Maggie to take Jennifer out of town. Chad threatens to tell Melanie all about Gabi but Gabi calls him out noting that Chad will have to tell Melanie that he knew about Gabi for a while. Maggie worries that Melanie is only marry Chad as a reaction to Nick.

Will and Sonny decide to take things slow when they realize they are attracted to each other.

Friday 25 September 2015
Episode 11 919 – 72

Rafe and E.J. fight over Sami in the town square. E.J. calls Justin and demands a meeting immediately to take action against Nicole. Jennifer overhears E.J. and Justin's conversation.

Bo and Hope receive news that their salaries will be cut by the Police Department. Hope is fine with the cut but Bo thinks this might be the opportunity to explore other areas.

Monday 28 September 2015
Episode 11 920 – 73

Daniel is concerned when Melanie announces that she plans to marry Chad in two weeks. Jennifer and Nicole have it out over Daniel. Sami tells E.J. that she needs to focus on her children right now.

Chad grows concerned with he sees that Nick and Gabi have grown closer working together. Will overhears Adrienne expressing her displeasure over Sonny dating him and ends up cancelling his date with Sonny.

Tuesday 29 September 2015
Episode 11 921 – 74

Kate and Sami confront Adrienne about what she said about Will. Chad becomes paranoid about Gabi and Nick working together and growing closer. Caroline forgets signing for an order.

Nicole tells Abby that Jennifer may talk badly about her and hopes that Abby won't believe or repeat what Jennifer says. Chad asks Melanie to leave Salem with him.

Wednesday 30 September 2015
Episode 11 922 – 75

Kate's plan to plant rumors about conditions in Countess W shops is aborted when Rafe points out that it would just bring the same attention to Mad World. Bo makes a list of what he wants to do if he quits the force. Melanie becomes upset when Maggie questions Melanie's reasons for getting married so quickly.

Days of Our Lives is on SABC3 Mondays to Fridays at 17h00.


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