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Primetime TV Ratings - Week 10

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Primetime TV Viewing Figures on 17 Mar 2015
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These are the primetime adult television viewing figures for 2 - 8 March, 2015.

For an explanation of how the viewing figures are calculated, please read this article.

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Top Shows By Channel
# Show Viewers Show Viewers Show Viewers
1. Generations 5,234,000 Muvhango 4,279,000 Isidingo 1,218,000
2. uZalo 4,510,000 Mopheme 2,403,000 Bulletproof Monk 988,000
3. Tempy Pushas 4,016,000 Moferefere Lenyalong (R) 2,271,000 The Bold and the Beautiful 988,000
4. Skeem Saam 3,786,000 Speak Out 2,173,000 Days of Our Lives 658,000
5. Zaziwa 3,259,000 Ga Re Dumele 1,876,000 Presenter Search on 3 560,000
6. Dear Betty 3,226,000 Thokolosi 1,843,000 Nikita 527,000
7. Thandeka's Diary 3,193,000 7de Laan 1,185,000 Dallas (2012) 494,000
8. Zulu News 2,996,000 It's Gospel Time (R) 1,185,000 Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story 494,000
9. Jika Majika 2,963,000 Nhlalala Ya Rixaka 1,086,000 Top Billing 494,000
10. Xhosa News 2,897,000 It's Gospel Time 988,000 NCIS: Los Angeles 461,000
# Show Viewers Show Viewers Show Viewers
1. Scandal! 2,666,000 X-Men: Days of Future Past 198,000 isiBaya 856,000
2. Battle Los Angeles 2,074,000 Carte Blanche 66,000 Rockville 823,000
3. Agent Cody Banks 2,041,000 Celebrity MasterChef South Africa 66,000 Our Perfect Wedding 757,000
4. Ashes to Ashes 1,745,000 Chicago Fire 66,000 For Love and Broken Bones 461,000
5. How I Met Your Mother 1,547,000 MasterChef Australia 66,000 BootCamp Mzansi 296,000
6. Rhythm City 1,383,000 Modern Family 66,000 Zabalaza (2013) 263,000
7. I Shouldn't Be Alive 1,317,000 The Last Ship 66,000 Lokshin Bioskop: Zolile 165,000
8. WWE Smackdown 1,152,000 Two and a Half Men 66,000 Mandla & Lexi 165,000
9. Umlilo 1,086,000 2 Broke Girls 33,000 Rockville (R) 165,000
10. Year One 1,086,000 About a Boy (R) 33,000 Hot Plate: Catering eKasi 99,000

Top Shows By Genre

Top Dramas

1) Tempy Pushas (SABC1) 4,016,000
2) Mopheme (SABC2) 2,403,000
3) Thokolosi (SABC2) 1,843,000
4) Umlilo ( 1,086,000
5) eKasi: Our Stories ( 889,000

Top Reality Shows

1) Khumbul'ekhaya (SABC1) 1,712,000
2) Nyan' Nyan (SABC1) 1,679,000
3) Mokapelo (SABC1) 1,580,000
4) Holiday Swap (SABC1) 1,383,000
5) Wipeout (SABC2) 922,000

Top Comedies

1) Thandeka's Diary (SABC1) 3,193,000
2) iThuba Lokugcina (SABC1) 2,831,000
3) Moferefere Lenyalong (R) (SABC2) 2,271,000
4) Ga Re Dumele (SABC2) 1,876,000
5) How I Met Your Mother ( 1,547,000

Top News Bulletins

1) Zulu News (SABC1) 2,996,000
2) Xhosa News (SABC1) 2,897,000
3) eNews Prime Time ( 856,000
4) Sesotho/Tswana/Sepedi News (SABC2) 856,000
5) Afrikaans News (SABC2) 823,000

Top Soap Operas

1) Generations (SABC1) 5,234,000
2) uZalo (SABC1) 4,510,000
3) Muvhango (SABC2) 4,279,000
4) Skeem Saam (SABC1) 3,786,000
5) Scandal! ( 2,666,000

Top Talk Shows

1) Motswako (SABC2) 625,000
2) Katch It With Khanyi ( 494,000
3) Steve Harvey ( 428,000
4) Eksê: Let's Talk with Masechaba Lekalake ( 329,000
5) 3 Talk (SABC3) 296,000

Top Actuality Shows

1) Speak Out (SABC2) 2,173,000
2) Sunday Live (SABC1) 1,580,000
3) Cutting Edge (SABC1) 1,317,000
4) Leihlo La Sechaba (SABC2) 856,000
5) Checkpoint ( 790,000

Top Magazine Shows

1) The Real Goboza (SABC1) 2,601,000
2) The Link (SABC1) 1,383,000
3) Nhlalala Ya Rixaka (SABC2) 1,086,000
4) Club 808 ( 560,000
5) Pasella (SABC2) 494,000

Top Game Shows

1) Friends Like These (SABC1) 2,699,000
2) Noot vir Noot (SABC2) 790,000
3) What's Behind the Wall? (SABC2) 395,000

Top Documentaries

1) I Shouldn't Be Alive ( 1,317,000
2) Come Again (SABC1) 1,152,000
3) Come Again (R) (SABC1) 1,020,000
4) Ba Kae? (SABC2) 494,000
5) Iconoclasts (SABC3) 362,000

Top Primetime Movies

1) Dear Betty (SABC1) 3,226,000
2) Battle Los Angeles ( 2,074,000
3) Agent Cody Banks ( 2,041,000
4) Lucky Number Slevin (SABC1) 1,152,000
5) Lungelwa All Shall Be Well (SABC1) 1,119,000

Top 10 Regular Shows (excluding News bulletins)

1) Generations (SABC1) 5,234,000
2) uZalo (SABC1) 4,510,000
3) Muvhango (SABC2) 4,279,000
4) Tempy Pushas (SABC1) 4,016,000
5) Skeem Saam (SABC1) 3,786,000
6) Thandeka's Diary (SABC1) 3,193,000
7) iThuba Lokugcina (SABC1) 2,831,000
8) Friends Like These (SABC1) 2,699,000
9) Scandal! ( 2,666,000
10) The Real Goboza (SABC1) 2,601,000

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17 Mar 2015 18:15

There is a huge difference between figures on tvplus and tvsa wonder what that is about .ashes2ashes and umlilo on etv ddnt make such an impact despite social media reaction.Generations is still number 1 all around ,their main contender is uzalo and muvhango .etv needs to work harder to break tthe sabc I guess.

Shows Editor
17 Mar 2015 18:37

Hi Max

TVSA is the only credible source of TAMS ratings - we have been compiling them since 2006, whereas a a number of other publications have only recently tried their hand at reporting. Our numbers have been repeatedly checked by SAARF (the forerunner to BRC, the Broadcast Research Council) and the BRC and as such are considered accurate by the TAMS watchdogs.

Discrepancies may creep in due to a number of reasons: for example, we take an average viewership for shows that air more than once a week (eg. Generations), but other publications report only the top-rated episode. We add the numbers for all episodes together and come up with an average viewership. In the case of this week, for example, the highest-rated episode of Generations was more than the number reflected above, but lower numbers for other episodes dragged the average down.

Also, we don't include the viewing figures for children (anyone less than 15 years old) as this is the industry standard. Other publications make the mistake of including children, without explaining their numbers properly.

To understand the TAMS fully, please read this article: The Primetime TV Viewing Figures Explained

17 Mar 2015 19:12

Ashes2Ashes was on 2mil last week. I see people have gone back to Gen? Happy Umlilo is doing well tho i don't watch it as much i would like to. I think its no longer about quality content,people are just used to watching Gen and not changing channels when it ends. Stick to same channel. Thats why SABC1 own 8-9pm

17 Mar 2015 20:32

Tanx editor for your explanation .I now understand how u compile the ratings .

Shows Editor
17 Mar 2015 20:48

Only a pleasure Max

Zingaphy Zeeeeee
17 Mar 2015 22:02

Zingaphy Zeeeeee
17 Mar 2015 22:07

So ppl stil lav gen mos?? Or they r just used 2 SABC @ 8 mnxxxxxm I fo 1 m done wit gen noba uban uthin team *shes ol da way ez 4 uzalo eish slow man yerrrrrrrr!!!!!

17 Mar 2015 22:15

Interesting! Dark or blue, Generations still remains top. I wonder for how long considering that it is now a revamped soap and it's not far from Uzalo and Muvango. Very tough now.

17 Mar 2015 22:34

So why don't TVSA show TV ratings of Daytime shows?

Shows Editor
17 Mar 2015 23:00

Hey Show-Time

It's a simple logistic issue - each TVR (the new name for the old ARs) has to be inserted manually for each show, which is a very time-intensive procedure. We would LOVE to cover every single show, but we simply don't have the manpower (or womanpower!) to do so as yet.

We will be doing occasional daytime stories on a per-case basis, eg. an upcoming feature is a comparison of the breakfast shows - who's the big dog of those. In time we hope to be able to provide more coverage, but for now we have to stick to primetime shows only.

18 Mar 2015 00:06

I am loving Ashes To Ashes....refreshing I tell u

18 Mar 2015 00:18

Thanks for the reply.

18 Mar 2015 00:33

It is incredible that Skeem Saam has more viewers than Ashes to Ashes despite the latter enjoying heavy media advertisement, experienced cast and an 8pm slot, while Skeem Saam plays at 18:30. This show deserves more credit from TV critics. By the way it is the reason why Rhythm City changed time slot.

18 Mar 2015 01:09

What about sports shows

18 Mar 2015 08:21

I feel u @showtime ,skeem saam is doing very well despite the fact that hets no love from critics .sabc should consider moving it up to compete with scandal maybe ,I am pretty sure it will do better than scandal.Generation is picking up really despite the fact that the media is so much against is great this days.

18 Mar 2015 08:24

I think it is a bit premature to make comparisons between Ashes to Ashes and Skeem Saam, A2A is only in its third week. Skeem Saam has been on tv going on two years now. I say give A2A a chance to blossom.

18 Mar 2015 10:05

One can argue that A2A has a popular, experienced cast unlike Skeem Saam. Yet even Scandal can't match it. I'm not preoccupied by the ratings but the so-called war of soaps that was reported on by the media, made it look as if A2A was the biggest thing to happen to the industry just coz it has ex Generations actors. Totally disregarding other shows like the new season of Tempy Pushas, Uzalo and even writing off the reboot of Generations. A2A was supposed to make a clean sweep so early. The frenzy got me interested on the ratings than ever before. Now we are told it's still early days.

Cest la Vie
18 Mar 2015 14:59

I don't think it was realistic of etv to think they can compete with Generations for the 8pm slop when their biggest show only has 2.6m viewers. Scandal is a good show I'm glad the numbers are reflecting that.

18 Mar 2015 16:51

Some people watch both generations n ashes to ashes at the same time like they change channels during ad breaks so what I need to know is that, does it affect the ratings does matter it how many minutes you have watched the show?

20 Mar 2015 07:10

@nthabiseng thats me

13 Apr 2015 07:59

uzalo should play from mon-fri and in that way we will be able to get a fair picture cos as much as we have prime slots, we also have prime days. from what I picked up when the admin was explaining how they average their daily raitings, I think uzalo has an unfair advantage since its not aired on friday when generally fewer people watch tv for obvious reasons

13 Apr 2015 08:04

Admin explain this kindly. If skeemsaam has millions of viewers more than isidingo then why does it look like the latter has a bigger budget? secondly, if isibaya has less than a million viewers then how come it scooped more awards that generations at the SAFTAs??

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