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Isidingo Teasers - December 2014

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Isidingo Teasers on 18 Nov 2014
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Coming up on Isidingo this December 2014:
Monday 1 December 2014 (World Aids Day)
Episode 4043

Barker and Brad’s future hangs precariously in the balance. Learning about Rajesh’s infidelity sends Priya into an emotional tailspin. Aphiwe and S’khu’s relationship suffers another blow.

Tuesday 2 December 2014
Episode 4044 

Calvin’s investigation into Georgie’s disappearance threatens to reveal the whole conspiracy. Priya’s shock at hearing of Rajesh’s betrayal turns to anger and she decides to confront Zak. S’khu continues his quest to persuade Aphiwe to go to university.

Wednesday 3 December 2014
Episode 4045 

Barker spins Bradley a line about his role in the taxi violence - but will Brad believe him? As the implications of Rajesh’s infidelity sink in, Priya loses control over her emotions. Lerato gives as good as she gets in the spat with S’khumbuzo over his little sister.

Thursday 4 December 2014
Episode 4046 

Sechaba finds himself drawn into the evil empire. Rajesh leaves the door open for further disaster. Aphiwe witnesses one squabble too many.

Friday 5 December 2014
Episode 4047

Katlego and Calvin play cat and mouse. Priya thinks she sees a way forward for her and Rajesh. Lerato tries to steer Aphiwe in the right direction.

Monday 8 December 2014
Episode 4048  

Calvin seems hell-bent on getting to Kat again, but what will Lincoln do? Yvette whips up Priya’s anger towards Zak. S’khu needs his sister to forgive him before she leaves.

Tuesday 9 December 2014 
Episode 4049

The Sibeko’s play a high stakes game with Calvin. Priya takes the tsunami in her life one day at a time. Lerato decides to market her services to the rich and famous.

Wednesday 10 December 2014
Episode 4050 

Lincoln forces Sechaba into a very difficult position. Priya makes radical new arrangements for the Kumar family. Sizwe finds that massages rub him up the wrong way.

Thursday 11 December 2014
Episode 4051 

An angry Calvin sets about turning the tables on the Sibeko’s. Rajesh’s day goes from bad to worse when he hears what Priya’s gone and done. Zukisa is again conflicted over a gift given to her by Katlego.

Friday 12 December 2014
Episode 4052

Calvin and Charlie get one step closer to getting over their exes. Yvette stokes the fires of Rajesh and Zak’s affair with disastrous consequences. Zukisa has an experience that she will never forget.

Monday 15 December 2014
Episode 4053 

Katlego makes a surprising proposal to Lincoln. Barker makes an unusual KME ally without Rajesh’s knowledge. The effects of the massage permeate the Zondile world.

Tuesday 16 December 2014
Episode 4054  (Day of Reconciliation)

Kat, feeling rejected by both Calvin and Lincoln, heads out on her own to look for a man to restore her wounded ego. When Priya confronts Rajesh about his lawyer’s letter, she loses control. Zukisa is very excited about the chance of bringing her son to Horizon Deep at last.

Wednesday 17 December 2014
Episode 4055 

Nikiwe is terrified that Frank is going to return from Cape Town and end their relationship. Zak gets Rajesh to step in and tell Priya to back off. Zukisa discovers that Sizwe isn’t getting a bonus this year.

Thursday 18 December 2014
Episode 4056

Katlego sets out to answer a key question. Zak threatens Priya’s career. Lerato spurs Katlego into thinking about giving Zukisa an unexpected Christmas present.

Friday 19 December 2014
Episode 4057 

Ben plants a seed in the mind of Bradley Haines. Priya, with her career in jeopardy, feels that she is not the one who should be apologizing. Sizwe accepts a gift and keeps a secret.

Monday 22 December 2014
Episode 4058

Brad decides to do what it takes to win Charlie back. Priya swallows her pride and asks Zak to back down. Zukisa feels humiliated when Katlego declines her request for a small loan.

Tuesday 23 December 2014
Episode 4059

Charlie decides to break out and throw caution to the wind. Priya’s appeal to Zak for mercy comes to a head. Zukisa carries on in oblivion about the surprise, but will Katlego manage to keep quiet?

Wednesday 24 December 2014
Episode 4060 

Ben shows Brad a phone video of Calvin kissing Charlie. Rajesh and Priya get on a little better, but will this last? Sizwe works hard at keeping the surprise a secret.

Thursday 25 December 2014
Episode 4061

Rajesh and Priya try to observe a normal Xmas day for Hiranya’s sake. Calvin’s day is ruined when Katlego sends him a couples Xmas card from her and Lincoln. Sizwe and Zukisa finally have their family together.

Friday 26 December 2014
Episode 4062 

Will near tragedy finally tear Priya and Rajesh apart? Katlego discovers a dreadful truth. Zukisa finds herself poised between joy and despair.

Monday 29 December 2014
Episode 4063

Rajesh’s role as father and husband hangs by a thread. Calvin and Charlie’s relationship takes an unexpected turn. Sizwe and Zukisa fear the worst when they tell Khanyiso they will be separated once again.

Tuesday 30 December 2014
Episode 4064 

Nikiwe intervenes in the Kumar marriage debacle with unintended consequences. Lincoln offers Katlego a surprising marital freedom. There’s a party coming and Zukisa is tempted.

Wednesday 31 December 2014
Episode 4065 

Frank makes one of the biggest decisions of his life with unexpected consequences. Charlie is ready to climb into a dark hole - can Calvin get her out of it? Sechaba’s party goes well right until the very last moment.

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18 Nov 2014 10:19

First yaaaaay!!!!

Mpho Patricia nkwinika
18 Nov 2014 10:27


sexy d
18 Nov 2014 10:56

let me go and read...

18 Nov 2014 11:38


18 Nov 2014 11:50

Wow too much drama hey bt lyk it

18 Nov 2014 12:21

wow. top 10 not bed

18 Nov 2014 12:47

Zak neh!

18 Nov 2014 14:55


18 Nov 2014 16:41

"Barker and Brad’s future hangs precariously in the balance"- Enough of Barker and his weird avuncular relationship with Brad already. Doesn't he have another country to turn into a dumping ground? Or what, does he need his play mate Cherel for encouragement?
"Yvette stokes the fires of Rajesh and Zak’s affair with disastrous consequences"-Why is Yvette poking her nose where it doesn't belong? Those koeksusters won't bake themselves jong!
 "Priya swallows her pride and asks Zak to back down"- Did I read this right? The wife is actually negotiating with the makhwapheni?Is it just me or does that not sound right?
"Rajesh and Priya try to observe a normal Xmas day for Hiranya’s sake"- I digress I haven't been watching ISIDINGO religously, but since when do Hindus celebrate Christmas? Did I miss something? Who converted them to Christianity?
"Charlie is ready to climb into a dark hole - can Calvin get her out of it? "- If he doesn't, I'll gladly do it.
"Kat, feeling rejected by both Calvin and Lincoln, heads out on her own to look for a man to restore her wounded ego"-  There goes the village bicycle about her village bicycle ways again. Jeff must be turning in his grave. O wait, he's ruling a valley somewhere in rural KZN.

18 Nov 2014 17:44


18 Nov 2014 21:52

i knew baker would do something behind rajesh's back coz he is so busy with sexy zak

20 Nov 2014 10:29

Drama drama drama:o

20 Nov 2014 11:02

Ben always stirring up trouble, he must get his own girlfried once and for all and stop interfering. Priya and Thandaza are cut from the same cloth. They think work comes first and family second, last or not at all. I don't pity either of them.

Zingaphy Zeeeeee
29 Nov 2014 17:27

Calvin n Charlie wooow ddnt see dat one coming

Zingaphy Zeeeeee
29 Nov 2014 17:29

Agh u Priya dnt feel soti f her uRajesh wenze kakhle ajole bsyds u Priya znt rily inlav eit Rajesh thathi ndoda lee wena Zak n hiv hm wsteva angayfuman endlin plenty f dusting

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