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Celebs Loved by Media

Written by Cheesa from the blog Cheesa Chat on 21 Aug 2009
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We all know that there are those celebrities that are no stranger to the newspapers, magazines etc. They are always blazing the front covers (if not inside) of the newspapers every Sunday and magazines every week or month. Sometimes you are like aren’t there other celebrities that these people can write about. But again you realise that these celebs are giving journalist something to write about everyday. I sometimes think maybe even the media on its own is cashing in big bucks when they write about these celebs. So yah in no particular order here are some of the celebs that are loved by media.

Bonang Matheba, this girl is always in the newspapers and magazines especially, Drum mag. It’s like she has a contract with them. They always have something to say about B, good or bad they write about it. I am sure she is not one of those celebs who would cry that the newspapers are always reporting bad things about her. If they are not talking about her break up with Slikour they are talking about her and a man she was with at an event. They talk about her style and how good she’s doing it for herself. She attends every party, which I would like to believe she gets all the invites, nee Bonang... Many young girls would love to be Bonang even older ones lol. Well, we can say she’s currently in a relationship with one of my favourite Dj’s, Euphonik. They are trying so hard shame to keep the relationship hush hush but with B being popular with the media and the public that is not possible. Well Euphonza boy we hope you’re ready to be in every newspaper coz Ms B attracts all the media attention.

Chomee, tjo Arthur’s asset. Arthur doesn’t want to hear anything about his Chomee. She is mostly in the newspapers. They always write about her dance moves and skimpy clothes. How can I forget, she was reported to be asking for a man in some newspaper. Y’all know how ugly guys love a hot girl mos. I watched them declaring their love for Chomee on LIVE, saying all those words that give me headache like mabhebeza and all. There is also a big rumour about her and abuti Arthur, being a couple like seriously involved, like being in a romantic relationship. They were recently reported to be fighting like cat and dog. Apparently Arthur is not comfortable when Chomee is not next to him.

Dj Sbu number 1 Knox man. He is one of those celebs like Bonang who wouldn’t cry that the media reports only bad things about him. They write about all the good things that this man is doing not forgetting the bad. They even put him on the cover pages for doing good things while other celebs good doings are written about somewhere in the middle of the newspaper. Dj Sbu is the man really. They don’t forget to write about his love life too and him driving with higher speed. Lately he has been famous of being arrested for speeding and he would just be calm about it and say so many apologises every time he appears on TV. He would even get interviews just talk about this, Sbu talking about strategy bhuti lol. His relationship with Tsotsi star Terry Pheto was recently in the papers too but now it’s all quite and we are not seeing them hand in hand lately. I wonder what’s happening there and he said on Flash, he’s single.

Kelly Khumalo. Hayike lo she got more famous by letting the world know she is a virgin. Then we saw her getting engaged for two minutes on All You need is Love with her boyfriend, Nathi before the fame (BTW that guy is HOT) . After that she decided to flash her body to the public by doing her dance moves showing all her private parts. She got engaged to Prosper Mkwaiwa whom I think wanted fame by using her. And he got it because many people who didn’t know him like me know him now. They even opened a company together then part ways, eish some man have strategy bathong. She is now an actress on one of SA’s loved soapies Rhythm City as Sunay. Many think she is acting herself there that’s why she cracks that character very well. It wasn’t long after she was reported to being in romantic relationship with some mlungu who is one of the executive producers of Rhythm City this is after she was reported to be dating former LIVE presenter/producer Andile Ncube.

Khanyi Mbau, oh gosh where do I start? There are so so so many stories about this woman but there’s little that she does in the entertainment industry. I think she makes sure she attends every party in town where its sure thing journalist and their pens will be there. They write every little thing about Miss Mbau. They write mostly about her marriage and what’s happening in her house with her husband or should I say ex-husband, dunno. I don’t even want to get into it. She is known of being the Queen of Bling. She brags a lot about her fabulous life. Recent stories about her are that she is broke, manless and has a new show coming up on DSTV. I saw her last night on Muvhango playing Doobsie but I thought it was going to Khabo after what I saw in some mag. She didn’t do it for me. I just saw more of Khanyi than Doobsie as I was watching Muvhango. She didn’t crack that character at all for me. And her acting was so no up to scratch I hope she disappears quickly on Muvhango or I will stop doing them a favour by watching it.

Arthur Mafokate, the king of kwaito himself. Has been and is always on the newspapers even today while most people say uphelelwe. Most artist when they are phelelwe you don’t even see their faces on newspapers anymore like Mapaputsi, Mdu etc. When we see them it’s when they are sick about to die and asking us for donations. But abuti Arthur is still all over the media. They write about her and Chomee, about her previous relationship with Queen and his dancers who are always complaining about him. Sometimes he likes picking up fights. He was once reported to be chucked out with his dancer by Dj Sbu in their TS Records pre SAMA party at Sun City. When Arthur decided to paint the entire place with his dancers who were wearing T-shirts branded 999. Then he stole Dj Cleo’s hit song Ndihamba Nawe and decided to do a little twist on it but still sounded like Cleo’s Ndihamba Nawe. They even went to some Wits’ Professor for this lol Arthur mara haikhona bhuti.

Deborah Fraser, gosh were do I start ayi the stories about this gospel diva are shocking ngempela that you even ask yourself why is she talking about these things on papers bathong. The horrible stories about her and her ex husband are the highlight of all the stories I’ve heard about her. I am not even going to divulge about those stories sigh. I read somewhere that publications with this woman on cover sell like hot cakes because people love her and her music. I also love this gospel diva uyay’shaya uAus.

Lundi Tyamara lol. I had to laugh first. This gu/ay is one of those gospel artists you just wonder why he chose to sing gospel in the first place. But he said it on LIVE that his voice is for gospel. The stories about him are not the kind of stories many people would love to hear about a gospel artist. He is associated with booze, drugs, night club, being gay and all. He was reported in some newspaper saying he is gay. Late last year he was reported to be supplying his younger boyfriend from Cape Town with money to do up and down from Cape Town to Jozi like he’s paying R3 to go to the next township. To make us forget about that he was then reported to be paying lobola for his wife to be, mind you it’s a she, akamuhle neze umuntu wakhona. Recently they have reported some positive things about him for a change. They said he is doing some charity work giving whatever he’s giving to some old people. And he like crying when whe he is singing and I would be like 'dude can you stop crying and sing ingoma le'.

pics: google, sowetan, thetimes, etc

you can also add your celebs you see on papers every now and then. Its all about fun bloggers...


Ms personality
21 Aug 2009 14:03


21 Aug 2009 14:06

Yini Ms?

Ms personality
21 Aug 2009 14:08

m 1st.............. i really love u Bonang sometimes i would buy any mag just becoz she is on the cover page............

21 Aug 2009 14:15

love Terry Pheto

21 Aug 2009 14:19

Nice one Cheesa!

Kelly Khumalo
She is now an actress on one of SA’s loved soapies Rhythm City as Sunay. Many think she is acting herself there that’s why she cracks that character very well.


Many young girls would love to be Bonang even older ones lol. 

Guitly as charged...i love that girl too much.

21 Aug 2009 14:25

LOL @ Lundi. A friend of mine says he asked LUndi if he is a bottom or top...Mr  Tyamara started crying asking "Why undibuza into enje mf'ethu?" I guess he can cry at and for anything.

21 Aug 2009 14:29

I'm normally not interested in these "celebs" but on sunday while shopping for my sunday newspapers i had to buy sunday world because they showed a picture of Unathi and she was apparently moered by some security guards while she was with her fiance.

21 Aug 2009 14:31

gosh were do I start ayi the stories about this gospel diva are shocking ngempela that you even ask yourself why is she talking about these things on papers bathong>>>LOL

21 Aug 2009 14:40

whenever i see mamDebora i emediately think   ex fiance, juju, graveyard , panties & prayer

21 Aug 2009 14:44

i once listened to Lundi's interview on Ukhozi fm and i must say i have never heard SUCH AN HONEST interview from a GOSPEL singer like that one .... as disappointing as it might be, because of how the Gospel artist are supposedly to carry themselve .... i will just write few thing that i remember

DJ  - So Lundi, Why did you Choose to sing Gospel Music
Lundi  - I am in a business and when you get into business all you want is to make money and Gospel Music Sells
DJ - So you are there for money
Lundi - Yes im here for money, everything needs money, you wont even find a bible for free, not even in Church.
DJ - isnt Gospel your calling, most artist says it is their calling
Lundi - Im not Jesus (ndingoYesu) yes he said that on the international radio station.

and some caller asked about drugs and alcohol ... Lundi calmly said, i not immune to anything just like what your baby boy do, so am i, i have done it all and i have grown now

when the caller asked about him being gay
he simple said ... hamb' obuza unyana wakho - go and ask your son

i was so moved by his honest

21 Aug 2009 14:47

Thanx Serenity
Unathi and she was apparently moered by some security guards while she was with her fiance. Sslave I LOLed at this really. And I refused to believe that she was beaten while her fiance was there. I mean how can he let his fiance be beaten twice with itshisa mpama. Maybe he was also afraid of those securities tjo hayi mos one cannot rely on her fiance to fight for her. Haikhona Thomas bhuti njani kodwa lol

21 Aug 2009 14:52

Just wanna check Ms T. Pheto, this is what we call a natural beauty...Thixo mhle umntana womnye umama. Abanye abazali bayazala yazi...........She is dazzling uya glowa

21 Aug 2009 14:53

I think uLundi, is a true representative of what most SA youth go through, his life shows that, whether u sing gospel or maskhandi, u will go through the stages of ukukhula. and at times a feel that people exaggerate when it comes to hiw "wrongdoings". I love Lundi and I think he has a great voice.

21 Aug 2009 14:54

LOL@ Lundi's interview..He must have been high on something that time

21 Aug 2009 14:56

LOL BA that is exactly why I love Lundi he will never lie. I always stop whatever I am doing when I see Lundi on TV and I listen with a close ear. That guy is always straigh forward in his interviews. He gives the interviewer what he/she asks him/her.  He can be very honest in his interviews. He was also asked on LIVE by Andile why he is singing gospel. He told him straight that his voice is for gospel and he even sang for him and he said uyayiva nawe.LOL

On SHIFT they were asking him if he has stopped drinking and he said yes. And he went on to say "you know in some newspaper they wrote about me saying they saw me next to some tarvern, I mean what if I was passing through that tarvern, What must do now near a place that has a tarvern must I fly." and I laughed out loud and I was like thatha Lundi. You will not fly my brother just pass like

21 Aug 2009 14:59

Thixo mhle umntana womnye umama. ...

myname, thats money my dear. If we had money+sponsors tsa make-ups, we will all be beautiful.

Ms. Jay
21 Aug 2009 15:01

really BA? I often heard he was in it for the cash but least he was honest...

21 Aug 2009 15:03

@cheesa- you will not fly my brother just pass like everyone ROTFLMAOL but when he passes,like everyone they report wrong things ngaye bandla, LOL (yhoo uyandihlekisa man cheesa)

21 Aug 2009 15:05

Yes Ms Jay ... and from that day, i respected him for being that honest

He is straight forward indeed Cheesa

21 Aug 2009 15:06

i love to read abt SA celeb,very very very nice.Honey you have talent

@cheesa wa cheesa my love.good work

21 Aug 2009 15:08

andi01 where have you been dawg, Long time heh...

21 Aug 2009 15:12

I cant stand Kelly Khumalo, whether she is herslef or Sunay. and the same goes to Sbu, there is sunghting peculiar about that guy, (ngqumeni)

21 Aug 2009 15:12

Cheesa! You yourself proved that ubuti Arthur is loved by the media.

You wrote about him twice!!

Lundi (Nkos' yam, ndizaw' thuni ke ngoku?)
Ok, now check this: Im watching this music DVD of his and gee!!!
The gu/ay is singing kneeling over a grave on a stripe tex cryinging still, but check (like i said) it is damn raining nogal.. Ayi no!

21 Aug 2009 15:15

Triple LOL @ tl tl

21 Aug 2009 15:16


What is this andi?

21 Aug 2009 15:18

lets just say, tis good 2 b back.lOL

21 Aug 2009 15:18

lets just say, tis good 2 b back.lOL

21 Aug 2009 15:22

Mathata so sweet maan thanx. I also love reading about them,lol.

Ms. Jay
21 Aug 2009 15:22

gobsmacked loreal? LOL

21 Aug 2009 15:25

My favorite media Sl*ts are Khanyi Mbau, Kelly Khumalo, Pam Andrews....

21 Aug 2009 15:33

mara i must say i love Lundi and his music he always blesses me maybe him being high rubs off on me when i listen to his music

21 Aug 2009 15:49

I think you forgot Casper Semenya there...

21 Aug 2009 15:53

@Nicoleezy- (ROTFLMAOL)= Rolling on the floor laughing my arse out loud

21 Aug 2009 16:03

I think you forgot Casper Semenya there... hayi wena Njingalwazi LOL

22 Aug 2009 09:02

Andi01 le wena njinga...welcome back! Cheesa, good article.

22 Aug 2009 09:04

24 Aug 2009 08:55

im still sad dat bonang en slik broke up. they really looked gud together

kiki X
24 Aug 2009 08:59

Cheesa, u forgot uSis Ribs now thats one celeb the media looooooooooooves,from being labelled a lesbian to abandoning her 'kids',her beef with Deborah,being slapped by Zuzumuzi,her white powder addiction,oversized shoes,her failed engagement...ndibala ntoni na.

Mna any magazine with Bonang,Chomee,Kelly or Khanyi on the cover,I dont buy.I cancelled my subscription with True Love because i was tired of seeing Sophie Ndaba on the cover every season.

24 Aug 2009 09:00

Cheesa! You yourself proved that ubuti Arthur is loved by the media.

You wrote about him twice!! 

LMAO...good point right there Nicoleezy

Tash 1
24 Aug 2009 09:08

Enjoyed reading this article. Am still longng for some more Celeb news.

kiki X
24 Aug 2009 09:12

@ Dali,there was no way they could have worked...Siya is very reserved and down to earth,uBonang yena is the complete opposite uyaziphaphela shem...lets see if this Euphonic dude can tame her....I think she would be perfect with the Mandoza,Mapaputsi,GP (gazi lam) type of guys,or even soccer players....think

24 Aug 2009 09:30

oh pls kiki! bonang is young funky en energetic if Siya is sooo reserved y de hell dd he go out with her in de 1st place! they were good together finish en klaar! eish im getting worked up!lol

24 Aug 2009 09:31

Nx sorry wethu MaCheesana i was luking for Semenye's article but i couldnt find it but since its about our own celebs i thought i should congraculate another Proudly South Safrican, Mulaudi (sorry nge spelling).....We won another gold guys. This time its a guy & i hope they not gonna demand another test 4 this one coz he is indeed a man. Not forgetting Khotso 4 getting a silver.

We are rising higher! 

Anyway.......Good morning guys, Happy Monday!

24 Aug 2009 09:37

Oh Kiki what r u doing to poor Standwa "Dali " oka Dalisto. You know how she feels about Miss B. If u dont wanna c her on ur case, i guess you should leave B alone. 

Here is a warm hug (((((((())))))))) 4 u Dalisto LOL, (B must b proud of u, damn u like this girl!)

24 Aug 2009 09:47

*J smile* @ myname! oh thanx gal!

lady gaga
24 Aug 2009 09:49

Chomee always on the papers, if i may ask for what exactly??????

lady gaga
24 Aug 2009 09:52

Dali really loves slender sa mokhaba or  joking dali

kiki X
24 Aug 2009 09:54

Wena Dali,people break up and also some divorce. When u meet someone u always pray that it lasts and u always think they are the best looking,until the person starts to show their true colours thats when you walk.I am sure uSiya is only noticing those chicken legs and love handles now ,after the break up..

,dont even bother coz uDali is a snake,shim wants

24 Aug 2009 09:56

Im no fan of Chomme but damm she's got the most gorgeous legs...

24 Aug 2009 10:03

wat true colours kiks? do u know sumthing we dont? tell us what really happened between siya en B? who broke up with whom en y? *wink*

all i know is i luv B bt i luv Slik as well itz no secret!lol

24 Aug 2009 10:04

Did anyone of you read the Sunday World, I read it this morning and I dont understand what the point was to publish how Ntombi's mother stabbs the neighbour some years ago whilst she is watching? I mean really what was the point?

24 Aug 2009 10:06

@ ladyg ........mokhaba or dipetjetje = ???

kiki X
24 Aug 2009 10:09

I agree with you TerryN,that Chomee is hot she has the most beautiful and flawless thats one chick that is allowed to expose her assets NOT uBonang....uChomee looks good in anything,it's a pity sekaphelelwe yi taste coz she really CANT sing.She should open a dance skool no Thembi.

kiki X
24 Aug 2009 10:13

Hau Dali,uSlikour dumped uBonang moes, the whole world knows that.Or maybe coz wena u love B so u think it was the other way round??? Shem sorry!!!!!!!! kwa kwa kwa kwa

24 Aug 2009 10:14

You can ask that again Freemale! when I was reading it I thought maybe ke something that happened lask weekend or so but haaaii, it happened donkey years ago. I was pissed off....

24 Aug 2009 10:14

tjo! kiki u r hot dis morning!lmao

im gonna try to ignore u about Bonang, im too young to die now! itz so painful evrtime i read sumthing bad about ma gal B> it hurts ryt here *touching ma chest* or wherever the heart is!

lady gaga
24 Aug 2009 10:14

@TerryN- i agree with u there she has a nice body and her skin is so smooth, but dats all she is known for as for her music it sucks i can do a better job than her, so all in all i dnt understand her being in the papers always, like for what???

@kiki x - lol @ love handles, did u see them on the white top she was wearing on friday,no no i love her  and her style though wdn't mind being her friend.

@Freemale - i think they just found out  about the story now, so since Ntombi is a celebrity they wanted to let people know where she comes from, poor girl

24 Aug 2009 10:17

@ Freemale I have given up on these tabloids, they have got nothing to report anymore, in fact they are wasting our time and money...kuli has also lost the sparkle in her column, its full of recycled material...shwashwi has nothing juicy to tell us either

lady gaga
24 Aug 2009 10:18

@dali dnt tell me that u love this girl so much not to even see dat u krom,im sory but its the truth shame, im so sorry to say it...

24 Aug 2009 10:24

I don't know uBonang personally, but e'rrybody is saying she is a sl*t (not talking about just media here), and nobody -well except for Dali maybe-is disputing it? One dude said "Who hasn't hit that must raise his hand" on some FB group...dissapointing if it's true.Oh and nobody raised a hand either.

Anyway she says she broke up with him for attacking her career..which magazine was that Dali? Yeah Penny also said she dumped Fresh...

24 Aug 2009 10:25

@Cheesa......I would kiss u if u were here anyway nice article gal.

Well as for my gal.............Khanyi matter wat they say abt u gal..........jst buzz them off en show them wat u got...
As for Bonang.....Mnxmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ay suka 

En yes Kelly u rock babygal en i lyk that character of urs u such mnwaaaa

24 Aug 2009 10:26

tok to de hand ladyg!

kiki X
24 Aug 2009 10:31

@ lady gaga, i was like OMG whats wrong with this gal,doesnt she have a full length mirror??? Bonang must avoid tight fitting clothes and go for the maternity look,it will work wonders for her.

24 Aug 2009 10:32

cant rememba dat one TL i"ll have to go thru ma archives to check, i'll cum bac with de ansa tomoro

24 Aug 2009 10:33

Futhi uBonang is gaining I saw her on Friday tjo  ubukeka kabi

24 Aug 2009 10:42

Kiki I agree with you there Chomme can't sing and Thembi. If one day one day we would wake to find that there is no technology for people to use when they are recording songs some people would suffer really. Coz everytime I'm listening to theIr songs I would hear that some parts of song it's not the person singing like the high pitch parts in Chomme and Thembi's songs. I'ts not them singing there. And The "Baarrrddd "(suppose to be BIRD) part in Thembi's song kills me everytime I hear

Dalisto uyazifela ngo miss B. I like her too gal I understand you. In some video she did with Sundayworld were Kuli was asking her about her break up with and whether she would date him again. She said she wouldn't say no coz he is a great man and all. And maybe if he begs and whatever she would somehow consider it. Kuli also asked her about her and Sizwe. She said they are only friends. But she wouldn't say no if he asked her to date him. BTW I thought I was the only one noticing izipejeje zika

I think they are continuing with RGB on Sundayworld coz they have these video clips were Kuli hangs with some celebs and ask them questions.

lady gaga
24 Aug 2009 10:44

hau dali kanjalo nje

@JadaPinkett - ur gal u khanyi mbau aka sa qhazi maan, she looks like a magogo shame, as for the hairstyle she was wearing ku muvhango dsn't suit her shame, what happened to the beautiful chubby khanyi mbau, please bring her

@kiki x - true

24 Aug 2009 10:45

Oh guys dont do this 2 the poor girl. Maybe she still testing 4 the right CAR. You cant just look & take. You have to TEST if its a good or bad car nha. So dont judje her according 2 the number of bf she has. Nathi some of us stopped after isihlanu. Let her enjoy her life & have an experience. The fact is she is doing well. 

Maybe she is not lucky when it comes 2 men but she is blessed ngemisebenzi erite

lady gaga
24 Aug 2009 10:47

i also saw that video ka Bonang and Kuli Cheesa, hau interesting stuff ne...

24 Aug 2009 10:49

Hai JP B is slender qha unesijeje nomkhabanyana. Uzomenza abe yi biltong ehleli eyiyo vele. Now if u want her 2 slim then ufuna ashayinise amathambo akhe which is not good. She will b a skeleton bathong. Dont pressurize her uzolahla i direction.

24 Aug 2009 10:53

Maybe she is not lucky when it comes 2 men but she is blessed ngemisebenzi erite 

Exactly....... Some of us are lucky in MEN and get F*ked uo jobs............. So you can't have it all

Someone I don't like is Khanyi Mbau..... I really don't understand the hype around this woman..... At least the women up there are doing it for themselves. Young, Gifted and Black. She is not hot!! or have a great body. She has nothing to sell except ukuphapha kwakhe. We will see how far that will get her

kiki X
24 Aug 2009 10:57

@ Cheesa,is it safe for some of us to assume that uBonang kahle kahle wouldnt say NO to anyone......according to your summary on Kuli's interview with B??? kwa kwa kwa

24 Aug 2009 11:06

lol Kiki whatever you wanna I assume I don't know. All I know is, she wouldn't say NO lol

24 Aug 2009 11:06

Okay enough guys, leave Bonang alone.

kiki X
24 Aug 2009 11:09

lol @ Cande.

24 Aug 2009 15:55

myname semenya the runner is not a guy actually a gal from limpopo.

24 Aug 2009 16:05

Hai sihlobo sam MaCuz no darling i was referring 2 the guy this time. I know she is a woman. There is a guy who won sweetheart. Check today papers or news u will c.

Caster Semenye is a full woman

24 Aug 2009 16:07

His relationship with Tsotsi star Terry Pheto was recently in the papers too but now it’s all quite and we are not seeing them hand in hand lately. I wonder what’s happening there and he said on Flash, he’s single............. hayi he's jst shaya shaying us he's not single! when did they did they break up?

24 Aug 2009 16:12

guys last time i read somewhere that LUNDI was renting  town house,so he doesnt likeit anymore so he has to change it(some B*s*

this guy his been in this industry for a long time,why is he renting?

24 Aug 2009 16:13

dali who are you talking about? if its Sbu, he will never be single he cant afford to be single, and yes they still see each other ,but she had a pressure after the scandal of sbu's,late girlfriend in the papers was causing a chaos for her, they tried to cool it down just a little bit.

24 Aug 2009 16:19

exactly maud. they r shaya shaying us qha!

24 Aug 2009 16:23

I thought maybe something happened between Terry and Sbu after that rumour of him and Bonang at after the SAMAs.

Mathata its not the first I hear of a celebrity renting a house or even a car for that matter. And I owuld wonder why these people are not buying kanti what are they doing with their moolah, buy buzz???

24 Aug 2009 16:23

which scandal?HIV? that bitch  must ladyup,i dont see any scandal.

what ppl will say, it finished many ppl.

24 Aug 2009 16:32

they buys drugs to feed Nigerians familys,they buy expensive clothes.

they buy somebodys name,but they never talked to that person...HAI

25 Aug 2009 08:46

LOL @ Lundi. Bonang is the wahtever of the month on some website, she posted a link on FB, i think she is doing well for herself, and i love her bublly self, shwashwi last week said she is using the white powder, but yu know how people are, hating on a sister, go B!!!

25 Aug 2009 19:26

I remember that interview BA, he was very honest.............I cracked when he said ANDINGOYESU MINA.

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