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Katlego's Stalker!! Really???

Written by Cheesa from the blog Cheesa Chat on 25 Oct 2010
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He bathong can this Sunday World story be TRUE, that Katlego Mokoena is a crazy stalker of Sundowns and Bafana Bafana striker, Katlego Mphela. I've never been shocked in a long time I'm sure there are many people who are as stunned as me especially people on Twitter. In case you are not on Twitter and don't know Katlego Mokoena (aka PrincessKatlee on Twitter) the alleged stalker. She is a woman whose been claiming on Twitter that Katlego Mphela is her man. She even said she has keys to his house and all the other girls who are claiming to be Katlego Mphela's girlfriends are just crazy groupies who want her man. 

I noticed this more around the World Cup coz she was always tweeting about a soccer player who is apparently her boyfriend. At first I didn't know who the soccer player was, until one day I found out it was Katlego Mphela. This girl was always bragging about Katlego Mphela and the World Cup events she was attending since she is in a relationship with the Bafana striker. I remember her tweeting about a Bafana gala dinner she attended before the World Cup started on 11 June.

She tweeted about how she was ducking cameras coz apparently she didn't want to be seen on TV or something. Could this be all a lie of a crazy stalker or she really went to these events and did all these things? I am really shocked coz this girl was always on the lookout for anyone who was criticing Katlego Mphela whether it was his mohawk or soccer games. She would attack anyone who was saying anything negative about Katlego Mphela it would be crazy and there would be a lot of popcorn moments. Tjo people who had some twitter fights with her about Katlego Mphela must be laughing at her. 

This is really crazy if Katlego Mphela is not lying that Katlego Mokoena is not his girlfriend but an obsessed stalker. She attended almost all Bafana World Cup games and I would always think she was supporting her man. She seemed to know everything about Katlego Mphela from Sundowns to Bafana Bafana’s stuff. She even knew that Katlego Mphela’s sponsor is Nike. She also knew about Bafana's off days and on those days she would tweet that she's spending time with her man. But we've, or should I say I have never seen any twitpics of her and Katlego Mphela as she was always bragging about the soccer player.

There was a time she tweeted "they get in a bath full of ice and we laugh" apparently it was Katlego Mphela doing that thing that soccer players do for their muscles LOL. There was also a time she tweeted "daddy's home, she just heard the gate" after a Bafana game. Everyone was thinking can they do that? I mean Bafana players go home after a soccer match, aren't they suppose to be on camp or something? I remember Andile Ncube questioning this but Katlego Mokoena assured him that her man is home. So now I'm thinking was she making up all these stories? Really??? 

But it seemed like people like Andile Ncube knew about this relationship. Hayi aketsi but we all know there are stalkers who can make up believable stories. If this is true she was really obsessed shem to even go on a social network and go on and on about Katlego Mphela and fought with people because of him! I remember again one night when she vented tweeting "why do I have keys to his house and you don't, stop calling me". And one of her friends tweeted “and now" she replied "there's someone calling me with a private number".

Apparently it was a crazy groupie. There's a lot that Katlego Mokoena tweeted about Katlego Mphela. This is really embarrassing and humiliating even if she was indeed in a relationship with Katlego Mphela because the way she behaved on Twitter it was like she’s the “number one” girlfriend, who knows everything about the Bafana striker.

I'm really shocked and confused by this story coz mna I even thought there is a wedding coming. During the time when it seemed like Katlego Mphela would be playing for an overseas team Katlego Mokoena would have hinting tweets that she might be going to leave overseas. People would tweet "the life of a WAG" lol. 

I remember when one of the tweeters (I won't mention names) tweeted that a girl by the name of Liziwe Sondake is apparently Katlego Mphela's real girlfriend. There were alot of Tjo moments and one of Katlego Mokoena's friends attacked the poor girl shem. She even apologized (talking about Twitter bullying lol). A few days later one tweeter tweeted about seeing Liziwe Sondake being interviewed on Vuzu by Nonhle Thema apparently about being Katlego Mphela's girlfriend (I’m not sure). After that I wondered why would Katlego Mphela not let his "number girlfriend" Katlego Moekoena do the interview?

This is insane really if Katlego Mokoena is/was obsessed with Katlego Mphela . If Katlego Mphela is lying why is he humiliating his ex/girlfriend this much saying she's an obsessed stalker if he doesn't want her anymore. And we know of celebrities who label their girlfriends stalkers when they want nothing to do with them e.g. Zola. And it’s usual non-celeb girls. This is humiliation at its best!! 

Other news...

Then there’s the Khune story on Sunday World where his girlfriend Lerato Mathe and her BFF Vinyl Angel are exposing him of being a player. Now I’m thinking did these girls decide “let’s show him, let’s call Sunday World and expose him”. I really don’t understand why they would call the paper if the girl was cool with dumping Khune and her BFF didn’t entertain Khune’s games. Maybe it’s their way of getting their sweet revenge? 

Last but not list there’s Henyekane another soccer player who is also not faithful to his girlfriend and beats the hell out of her when she asks too much questions about his whereabouts. He even confessed to this girlfriend that he has fathered three kids with different women. So now I’m thinking is this his way of telling her he is a cheat vele so she must live with it, tjo!

Hayi soccer players seem to be making a lot of headlines kula malanga. I won’t even get to Benson Mhlongo’s story it has a gun involved.


25 Oct 2010 09:38

25 Oct 2010 09:49

OMG!when did africans start this stalking habits?i thought those things were done ko bo america di dirwa ke batho baba seng mmereko,thats so creepy!

25 Oct 2010 09:59

there's an element of untruth in this katleho mokoena story....angazi maybe it's just me.....but who tells the whole world of the daily happenings of their relatinship

25 Oct 2010 10:09

man.... am still speechless.

25 Oct 2010 10:17

Zah, I agree with you.I'm also inclined to believe that this girl is a stalker.Phela stalkers go to amazing lengths just to know/be with their objects of affection.

As for Khune,I'm speechless.The guys seems decent and I'm deeply dissapointed if this is true.

25 Oct 2010 10:37

Hayi, Soccer players and their scandals!

25 Oct 2010 10:39

Where's Blaq? we need some clarification on this?

25 Oct 2010 10:51

OMG...have seen that gal around ahaha anyway, can the real makoti stand up?err err confirming eer the real..

25 Oct 2010 10:52

I do believe that something happened between these two but  Katli may have mis--inteprted it but her twitter behavior is suspicious because if indeed she is/was the number one,why did she feel the need to be telling the world about every detail and why was the Liziwe interviewed as a WAG? Hayi akwaziwa!

25 Oct 2010 11:45

Tjo, nna I just luurve @Princesskatlle, then  yesterday she tweeted something about being a soccrer star girlfriend or what-what, and @ Ericsayz twitted something and I quote " Oh Man, She's back on that footballer's wive's tip, dont ask me, you know who hahahahah" and Princesskatlee replied saying she is no footballers wife and that her BF is a lawyer...

Lobby the girl
25 Oct 2010 11:47

Eish, banyana comment.. 

25 Oct 2010 11:51

eish!my head is spinning,why is going through all this,i`ll just settle for a katlego lookalike if i was her

25 Oct 2010 11:52

i meant why is SHE going............

25 Oct 2010 12:02

Kwaaaaaa!! Plastic LOL. Lela when you say something happened you mean maybe they were just friends but in her mind they were more than just friends, shem? LOL MAGNET2DISASTER. Hayi really this is weird if she was indeed his girlfriend why did she went on and on about it on Twitter. Yoh it was worse during the world cup it was actually funny lol. And when I think about how she was attacking people when they criticise Mphela during Bafana games I just LMAO. And now the very same Mphela is calling her an obsessed stalker! Tjo!

25 Oct 2010 12:06

that girl is bewitched with mphelamuti and i know the best medication or all night with mphela!by morning she`ll be sore and cured!lol............haaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa!

25 Oct 2010 12:21

How can someone go on & on about something like that? There may be some truth-nyana on what she's saying. How would she know some things about the dude. Maybe she was supposed to be makhwapheni & she saw the need of letting the world know about "her man".

If she's lying then she needs a shrink ASAP.

sexy d
25 Oct 2010 12:23

@M2D maybe that will work  GPY..

if this gal is claiming to be Mphelas galfriend why cant Mphela or his real galfriend clear out this thing so that we cant know if the gal is a stalker or she is telling the truth..

25 Oct 2010 12:28

LMAO Kwaaaaa!!

25 Oct 2010 12:31

Why is this Mphela dude always surrounded by women scandals? I hope he puts a rubber on it and not let Patrice's money get to his head. Every week or so there is a new scandal involving him. What happen to his baby -mama?

25 Oct 2010 12:32

I hear you Sexyd, Mphela doesn't say on the article that Katlego was his girlfriend then became a stalker. He just says she's a stalker.

25 Oct 2010 12:42

Just curious, and I am not insinuating anything by this; When does a girl become a girlfriend?

- Once you exchange numbers
- Once you invite her to your house
- Once she meets 'the family"
- Once you kiss
- Before or after the shag
 or Once you both say you are dating?

PS; This could go both ways with the guys too as boyfriends to the girls.

Lobby the girl
25 Oct 2010 12:52

Once you exchange numbers, n you kiss then  Before n after the shag

25 Oct 2010 12:54

Once you both say you are dating.

25 Oct 2010 13:05

all the above

25 Oct 2010 13:10

When u both agree you are dating. I think they may have done something (kiss/shag/hug) and lady thought they're an item, kante no, brotha man yena was just passing time/the night!

You guys are now making me think:One of my FB friends is 'apparently/supposedly' dating a footbal star from one of the Cape Town teams, and she's always going on about baby this, baby that, Chiefs wont beat them, Pierats wont beat my babe's team....warawarawara. Could she be a stalker too? Gotta keep my eyes peeled on her.

25 Oct 2010 13:11

kwa kwa kwa kwa @ Lex and the friend

25 Oct 2010 13:16

Welcome back to TVSA Cheesa ?*Jumping up amd down* I has been a while since you wrote here on TVSA. 9 Months to be exact. Now, lemme read.

25 Oct 2010 13:17

lol@ Lex i think i might know who you talking

25 Oct 2010 13:18

lol@ Lex i think i might know who you talking

25 Oct 2010 13:21

eish!this wag wannabes make me so tired and bored,ok!ok! I DATE BARACK OBAMA!satiesfied?omg!lord protect me from the american soldiers,i can hear them being told to pack and kiss iraq goodbye coz the battle is about to begin as they go stalker hunting,mmmmmmmmmh!he would make a good fatancy bf aniway

25 Oct 2010 13:26

Who Cande? Pls FB inbox,tl-tl-tl.

25 Oct 2010 13:27

there’s Henyekane another soccer player who is also not faithful to his girlfriend
And Henyekane's girlfriend alleges she then registered her Midrand town house in Henyekane's name so he could be able to buy a car as he needed rent letter to do so. I was like duh, he could just open an account at Jet, buy her panties on account and then he was gonna get a statement letter with proof of residence, stupid woman, does she think we the public are fools?
The Katlego Mokoena lady is a psycho and Katlego Mphela did great by not hugging her at that party shem. Both Khune and Henyekane can learn a thing or two fromMphela lol.

25 Oct 2010 13:28

LOL @ Magnet2Disaster   ... 
that would make headlines in all papers

25 Oct 2010 13:33

tjo!i am shaking as a leaf,but mugabe ene would have made a good shag if they didnt DO what people claim has been done to him,hey!what a pity

25 Oct 2010 13:35

will email you Lex, the Katlego girl also almost attacked me on twitter. LOL i feel sorry for her coz even if she was dating the guy, you dont go bragging like that to people.. Now the guy is denying her and it must be hard on her...

25 Oct 2010 13:36

OK this is crazy....LOL...Ok, maybe i'm also obsess about Khune     *i dont wanna comment about his story*      but i dont go around saying i'm dating him....I thought i was crazy... but this is worse!!!     GBPY

25 Oct 2010 13:37

Eish poor Katlego, I remember a lil while back reading in the Sunday World someone saying: "I will end your career mfana. Motsepe money makes you crazy mfana, I will stab you mfana," as much as they were fighting for some girl, I could see some huge dollops of jealousy there, eish, Black people and wanting to spot each other's career!!!!!!!!!!
And yesterday Alex Chakoane finished me when he commented in the Sunday World saying: "Katlego Mphela is very handsome and has a grea career, so I am not really surprised that something like this is happening, phela he is someone." Lol, women, when a guy is handsome, do you really have to stalk him, akere if he is not interested then it's his loss and another guy's win somewhere.

25 Oct 2010 13:44

Makisto i so lol at the proof of residence story!pity i dont know soccer playaz.

25 Oct 2010 14:04

@M2D tsala Barack............ haaaaaaaaa how funny.

25 Oct 2010 14:08

@lapammy wizzy, my darling,dreeeeam big!dreeeeam big!ask westlife,dreams do come true

25 Oct 2010 14:11

Eish, Cnglemother, the proof of residence is the lamest excuse she could ever find in the book.

25 Oct 2010 14:12

Haai,le nna story sa proof of residence shocked me. And anyway who said that if you need proof of residence,then the property has to be registered in your name. And does that chick want to tell me that his Henyekanye does not have a single account to his name.Bathong,aowa,this is alarming!

25 Oct 2010 14:12

MAGENET2D.......LOL, you are killing me gal. And leave Obama alone, b4 the troop arives i'll have taken care of you....

25 Oct 2010 14:19

so why is everyone protecting obama and ignoring mugabe?thats my switheart,very handsome

25 Oct 2010 14:31

M2D...nna im protecting Obeezy bcos im also stalking him;)
Erm as for Rob...ill even help you get to him...*whispering*..there is an open crack into his house following the news of Grace's go for it gal!!!

25 Oct 2010 14:33

Mabhebeza how low can you go?

25 Oct 2010 14:48

@Check the latest news, the troops are coming dont say we didnt warn you. did you hear myname? watch out am starting to stalk one of you, as long as you are a celeb. i wont be the first.

25 Oct 2010 14:57

This proof of residence story sona - haai, no, haaai ngiyala.  Especially after only 3 months dating, you now change the lease? Something does not jel lana yazi

25 Oct 2010 15:04

LOL at Makisto's proof of residence story whoa!! You mean he should have just bought her amapanty that's all and he would have gotten the proof of residence lol Makisto. Eish nam that Gold fingure comment made me LOL yazi tltltltl crazy stuff I tell ya. And why was Henyekane homeless in the first place he doesn't even own a two bedroom-nyana nje, hayi nie.

25 Oct 2010 15:06

some people has time, there way i am so busy i dont think i can have time to go around talking about man let alone to  stalk him, some girls are desperate , but i also blame this soccer players, they promise these poor children of god heaven and earth then dump them,  

25 Oct 2010 15:06

LOL LaPam, at least im safe coz im just a normal woman, coming from a small town, never dated any celeb and im not planning to.

Ok, KATLEGO + KATLEGO=...........(You'll fill in)

They were made in heaven.

25 Oct 2010 15:11

Shame i feel for these soccer boys, it looks like Sunday papers are done with Khanyi Mbau now they are starting to dig in our boys private lives. Hopefully this is not going to affect their game as we love their soccer skills more than  their bedroom skills.

25 Oct 2010 15:14

Eyi say that again Pele yazi. Myname I actually thought Katlego and Katlego tha'ts cute.

25 Oct 2010 15:16

cute my ass!  it sucks,it should be katli and liziwe as the guy wants it to be

25 Oct 2010 15:36

Hawu M2D I mean the couple's names being the same name, isn't that kinda cute na...oh well...

25 Oct 2010 15:52

Some people will do anything to be in the limelight. I didnt know who she was until yesterday. 
eish, i read some of her tweets yesterday...i'm still SMH! she knew about the Sundown's (Players) transfer list, she attended the club's award ceremony, player's suites @ the stadiums.. She called a well known former MISS SOWETO A "Fellow WAG"......, etc...

25 Oct 2010 16:14

I know most probably some people think these gals are crazy,stupuid or in a way deserve it because their motives were or are still unknown for being involved with these saying bustards cause whatever may have happened THIS is not how you treat a lady.Mphela knows very well how many he is bonking but then one wouldnt admit SAME goes to others they know themselves...its true these dudes are screwing these gals but then you cant proove it or proove that the ladies are stalkers or whatever...SAD very SAD we all have flops,things we do to get laid or after being laid heh people are crazy out there but me thinks as guys we should behave better and change the whole perception most women have about us.

25 Oct 2010 16:29

uwieeeee! Saw tweets about these stories and had to wake up and get the paper lol. I wonder what really happened between the two.

25 Oct 2010 16:37

Well said TDC,well said, okusalayo something was/is going on between these two and one of them has had enough and now has to find a way out and maybe one of them didn't understand the nature of the relationship.

25 Oct 2010 21:49

o my nyaope (mphela) bathong le na ke ya mo rata mara go mo stalker nope . i tink he has cute nyaope lips. dat gal needs to go to sterkfontein fo psych evaluation if wateva they saying about her is true

26 Oct 2010 07:58

TDC and Lela even if something happened between this two, it is pretty sure it was supposed to be not in out tongues right now. Mphela is a soccer star and woam trhow themselves at him, he will choose which to f*ck and play with for that moment. So ladies must stop throwing themsleves at these boys and think it's marriage, it is clear if Mphela slept with this girl it was a one night stand but the lady didnt take note of that.
I am not saying Mphela and others are right in doing this but they sure are playing these girls only because they want to be played, Mphela worked hard to be where he is,  if woman like this Katlego think they will just come and get a piece of his victory by offering sex , then girls be ready to be called stalkers and treated like zero's. Love yourselves, work hard and every good thing will come your way, life have no shortcuts, if they you think the are shortcuts then suffer the consenquences.

26 Oct 2010 08:39

Cheesa, what's your twitter username? I'm curious now.

We all know the Katlego-Katlego saga, but whatever happened...we will never know. 
Cheesa, I remember the whole uproar that resulted from someone asking who is Katlego Mphela's real  galfriend. A lot of people came out and mentioned several gals. What I really found intriguing about this whole Katlego Mokoena saga was that she has never even tweetpic'd herself with him.....not even fb pictures!

But what I can tell for sure is that they do know each other somehow. The ZAR incident was proof enough for me that they do know one another Katlego's(soccer player) friends attended to her when he ignored her.

26 Oct 2010 08:49

Ditto @ Pele and Toodecent. I agree that as guys we need to treat women well no matter what our social status is. Pele, yes, these women must work hard to acheive fame and fortune or whatever they want. If it's cheap fame they want, they can learn a thing or two from Khanyi Mbau and if it's fortune and decent fame  they want, they have perfect examples like Khanyi Dlomo, Connie Ferguson, Basetsana Khumalo, Carol Bouwer and a whole lot of of other succesful women to learn from.

It is true that the Sunday World is done with Khanyi Mbau and other schelbs as they are now really gunning for soccer stars. Phela I subscribed to the paper, amongst other papers, and every now and again there is something about soccer playaz. Shame, these soccer stars also want to make Sunday headlines and appear in Drum and Move! covers but the magazines are not barging.

26 Oct 2010 08:49

Well said Pele....Ok lets say something happened btwn the 2 but the soccer star didnt want it to become daily news, then i guess he is right by calling her a stalker..sori ausie...Pple hate having their private lives in public, i guess if Mphela wanted to go public he would have shown you to everyone.  Because he is a celebrity it doesnt mean he wants publicity. Ladies always throw themselves at these celebrities and cry foul at the end of the day, if someone loves you, then everyone will find out at the right time not on twitter or facebook or blogs. Mphela knows that if he told Sunday World that he knows the girl it wld become another story and all the girls will come out and say they are his GF but good thing he denied it so that who ever wants to pull a stunt like Katlego, then can forget it......

26 Oct 2010 09:12

Tjo guys this reminds me of that girl who once said she was engaged to our deputy pres mr Motlanthe.  she even said they went to an island where he proposed talk about sick.

26 Oct 2010 09:15

Morning everyone!

@ Pele, well said! 

I've noticed that all these girls are still young with no experience. In future they should guard their "jewels" with jealousy, soccer player or not. Where I come from you do not kiss & tell!

26 Oct 2010 10:36

Ditto TDC.. ... Well said pele.

26 Oct 2010 10:41

Khulumbuse I'm glad someone remembers this. Nami I noticed that she is friends with some soccers players which made me believe that she might really be in relationship with Mphela and is "number one girlfriend" but now when this story came out, I just couldn't believe it really more especially because of the way ebezixelele ngakhona that nguye nguye umaqonda ka Mphela even though everyone knows soccer players cannot be trusted and you cannot tell yourself that ungumaqondane even if you know everything about the soccer player that other girls don't know coz these people would disappoint you while you are still thinking you are the numder one. I remember her even tweeting that Sihle likes being a side dish after it seemed like she was seen with Mphela in Zouk or in one of these famous places zase Joburg. Well about username no man lets just leave that one LOL.

LOL Buligirl she was crazy that one she wanted some fame and I think someone payed her to give Mr Montlante some bad publicty somehow.

26 Oct 2010 13:48

I remember her even tweeting that Sihle likes being a side dish after it seemed like she was seen with Mphela in Zouk or in one of these famous places zase Joburg.

I remember all these too well! remember when she tweeted that she was doing airport pick ups and drop offs and managing the finances? I always wondered cause I thought Bafana travelled in a bus everywhere they went....lolest. Maybe it was all in her head.

And the article she posted on JC about them being together for four years? Tjo....

26 Oct 2010 14:42

remember when she tweeted that she was doing airport pick ups and drop offs and managing the finances? I always wondered cause I thought Bafana travelled in a bus everywhere they went....lolest. Maybe it was all in her head.

And the article she posted on JC about them being together for four years? Tjo....
 LMAO I remember very well kwakwest!!! TJO! ya neh.

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