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A Killer Asks For Forgiveness

Written by Cheesa from the blog Cheesa Chat on 10 Nov 2010
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Did you watch Forgive and Forget yesterday? Tjo it was like I am listening to someone telling what happened in one of these soapies. Well this is what happened if you didn’t watch…

A lady by the name of Promise asked Forgive and Forget to help her ask for forgiveness to uBaba ka Sipho. So Doris asked her what did she do that she wants to be forgiven for. Promise told Doris that she killed a man by the name of Sipho in 2006. She said before all this happened she was dating Sipho's brother whose name is Somandla. Sipho and Promise were neighbours so Somandla was staying with Sipho. 

As Promise and Somandla were dating, Somandla got a job somewhere far from where they were staying. Somandla had to live there because he was working there. So while Somandla was away Promise got a new boyfriend who made her pregnant. After a month Somandla came to visit and Promise continued dating Somandla and kept it a secret that she is pregnant and it’s not Somandla's child.

Sipho knew that the child that Promise was carrying is not his brother’s child because he knew that Promise was going out with someone else while Sipho was away. When the baby was born Somandla decided to go introduce Promise and the baby to his parents in Nelspruit. Somandla thought this baby was his and he supported this baby. On the other side Promise was also being supported by the real baby daddy. Sipho kept quite about all this to his brother. He didn't say anything to him.

As Promise was Sipho’s neighbour some other day Promise asked Sipho if she could cook in his house because she didn't have electricity and Sipho agreed. So Promise went to Sipho's house to cook her dinner using her stove. Sipho's girlfriend Busi was there but Sipho wasn't there. Promise finished her cooking and went to her house and left her stove at Sipho's house. Later when she went to fetch her stove at Sipho's house she saw her stove lying outside the house and asked Sipho why her stove thrown away. 

Sipho started swearing at her and called her umarosha who is playing his brother and named her with all sorts of names. Promise also swore back at Sipho. They shouted each and Promise ran to her house. As Promise was inside her house making herself some snack using a bread knife. Sipho came in her house shouting and Promised got frighten and raised her hands with the bread knife on the other head. Sipho approached her and she slit his throat with the bread knife and when she saw blood streaming down she ran away to hide at some hole in the streets.

She decided to go to the police station to tell them everything that happened and she was arrested for attempted murder. Two or three days later the police came to tell her that Sipho has died. She cried and was told her case has been changed to murder. So she was in jail for 3 months and later released because the court ruled the case as self defence since this happened in her house. She was supposed to spend 10 years in jail but the court ruled that in 5 years she mustn’t offend anyone. I don’t remember what she wasn’t supposed to do in the other five years. 

Sipho’s father watched her video as she was apologizing asking for his forgiveness and that of his family. The old man cried afterwards, it was so sad. And Doris explained to him what the show is about and that if he accepts Promise’s apology they will open the door and he will see Promise and talk to her if he wants. If he doesn’t forgive her they will just leave without him seeing Promise.

Tjo uBaba ka Sipho said no, he doesn’t believe what she is saying and he doesn’t forgive her and the truck just simply moved while Promise was standing there in front of the door. She cried shem when the truck left, leaving her standing there. Forgive and Forget offered her counseling after that.

Tjo I was thinking tjeer this woman lied to this family about the baby on top of that killed their son. So would you forgive her if you were Sipho’s father or family? 

I tried to make it shorter peeps :-)


10 Nov 2010 09:23

Edit mzala.... she ran away to hide at a friend’s place, she hid in a hole somewhere in there street...

She cried and asked for her case to be changed to murder. She was told her case was changed to murder and she might be jailed for upto 10years.

10 Nov 2010 09:25

Forgiving someone who has taken your child away from you is never easy... Until l am faced with the same situation l can say l can be able to forgive  someone like Promise. for now l don't know what l will do.

10 Nov 2010 09:30

eish, it really broke my heart to see the old man crying. Why the heck did she do it on national tv? She should have tried other means, i dont blame the father for not forgiving her. 

ownah m p
10 Nov 2010 09:30

This is realy sad.... it will be had bur i hope they all can come to a dsnt dscn... and ladys lets play wise plizzz!!! man also aohhhh!!!!

ownah m p
10 Nov 2010 09:33

This is realy sad.... it will be had bur i hope they all can come to a dsnt dscn... and ladys lets play wise plizzz!!! man also aohhhh!!!!

10 Nov 2010 09:33

Thank you for this Cheesa. I only saw the FB updates then when i switched on mna I saw some madala refusing to forgive.. and the van moving off... I have never seen the van moving off kwi F&F...

I so wanted to know what happened.

Now lemme read.

10 Nov 2010 09:35

Ijo Cheesa i didnt watch it. but eish, i would have done the same thing, i mean the old man was still in shock.i think he did the right thing. you dont just forgive something like that over night, you think about it. she didnt steal sweets but KILLED his son.......

10 Nov 2010 09:45

Yoh BigM I think I heard her saying hole but I thought I didn't hear her clearly let me copy and paste what you wrote lol.

10 Nov 2010 10:16

that Promise is such a liar: ' she used a knife to cut bread", why did she need to cut bread, whne she just cooked food at Sipho's place?????. "Sipho fell on top of the knife",  and yet the knife cuts so deep, as to kill, as if sum force was exerted on that knife". I think Sipho threatened to tell Somanlda the truth and she decided to kill him,

10 Nov 2010 10:25

promise should not be forgiven,i agree with you andi01 Sipho threatened to tell his brother that is why she killed him......

10 Nov 2010 10:34

I just buy her story 
Y would Sipho shout at her and call her names because she claims Sipho agreed for her to cook at her place? Why would he throw her stove outside the house? Yeah he was not there when she was cooking but he agreed to it. She's a filthy liar! I think Sipho had had enough and threatened to tell his family and then she killed him. Sies man
I wouldn' forgive her....never!!!!!!!

10 Nov 2010 10:35

I just DONT buy her story!!! Sorry y'all

10 Nov 2010 10:38

I don't think I can be able to forgive so quickly. At least after 20 years when I have healed and made peace with the issue. This woman should be in j ail, whether self-defence or not. But Sipho wasn't threatening to kill her mos. Le teng, it just goes to show that we need to attend to issues while they are still fresh. Sipho should have have told Mandla about it as soon as he knew about the cheating. Primrose is a murderer. She must live with the guilt. It takes a bigger person to forgive someone who killed your son. I don't think I can forgive anyone to who can kill my daughter, in fact, I can also kill them to get justice for my daughter.

So Primrose must think before she acts next time. She has learnt a lesson and we are also learning some lessons from her experience.

10 Nov 2010 10:39

This case needs to go back into trial. It's just another case that exposes the shortfalls of our justice system. Full investigation never happened here.

10 Nov 2010 10:42

True Carino. Plus, she got away with cheating and murder

10 Nov 2010 10:48

Yeah, true that makisto. she got away with both cheating and murder. @carino, u also right, this was never investigated. Where the hell does this b**tch stays? M so pissed.

10 Nov 2010 11:02

Lol S.K, don't do anything that will make you stop blogging for life because you do hear this woman will use her knife as self-defence

10 Nov 2010 11:04

how many years did it take for Primrose to go and apologise Cheesa?

in my case, iwll forgive but never forget, forgiveness is not about her it is about me healing giving myself freedom to move on as i will never ever change what happened by holding a grudge but that does'nt mean we will be best of friends.

nice recap Cheesa as i didnt watch this...

heheh Carino no recap from Intersexion today, it was not so enganging izolo ne?

10 Nov 2010 11:20

Y would Sipho shout at her and call her names because she claims Sipho agreed for her to cook at her place? Why would he throw her stove outside the house? This is what puzzled me too S.K why did Sipho decide to throw away the stove if he agreed for her to cook at his house, hayi there is just no truth here.

Andi01 I thought maybe she was using the bread knife to spread some butter. That is what I thought too Makisto that if Sipho had told his brother earlier about all this it might have not gone this far. Really there's a lesson learnt in this episode. Pele yesterday was her first time trying to apologise to Sipho's father. So it took her 4 years to apologise. Carino I also think some more investigation needs to happen in this case there is just someting that doesn't add up.

10 Nov 2010 11:25

Y would Sipho shout at her and call her names because she claims Sipho agreed for her to cook at her place? Why would he throw her stove outside the house?

l was listening attentively shame, Sipho did not agree for her to cook in the house, Sipho said she must bring an electrical extension cord and cook in the veranda... Busi was in the house too, l would love to hear her side of the story on what went down.

10 Nov 2010 11:31

Promise has a neive to ask forgive and forget to help her, how dare she thinks Sipho's family will forgive her. She is still dangerous to be around Sipho's family who knows what she's going to do since Sipho's father not forgiving her. Maybe she will force them to forgive her utherwise kill them all one by one then claim a self defence.

Somandla must run away from her or fly away if he can.

She's not thankfull,Somandla loved her into bits maybe if she made the right decision from the first place by telling the truth all this would be avoided.

10 Nov 2010 11:34

Tjo Cheesa. That's some really hectic stuff. U r right, it sounds like a movie or drama series. 

It's a very tricky situation that Primrose has put herself into. Tjo, this is a tough 1 indeed!

10 Nov 2010 11:36

@BigMama Busi was in the house too, l would love to hear her side of the story on what went down.

it doesn't matter either Sipho was wrong or not ,Sipho show ubuntu by not telling uSomandla the truth waiting for her to do the right thing. I think she had a bad attitude towards uSipho in a first place and by cheating infront of him

10 Nov 2010 14:12

The girl said Sipho fell on da knife. WTF?????? I didnt buy her story

10 Nov 2010 14:25

I think leaving with the fact that you killed someone who carried your secret all that time is punishment enough, and I honestly dont blame Sipho's dad for not forgiving her we can say the death was an accident but lying about a child is something else.
 if she had told the truth in the first place she wouldnt be in this position and she is opening wounds that are trying to heal.

10 Nov 2010 14:44

 Promise is a brutal liar. 

Why did she  make a  snack whereas she cooked supper.

10 Nov 2010 15:06

Sori Cheesa i cant read the whole article but i watched half of the story coz her reminds me of my family.

The guy who shot my father in 1996, tried to ask 4 forgiveness after trying to kill my mother in 2007 Dec. I swear i was ready to raise money and come to Joburg so i can buy a gun and shoot that bloody mother f*****. Fortunately he killed himself in 2001 & honestly i was still hurt, couldnt talk about it. Every time people talk about their fathers i would just bust into tears. Phela i loved this guy. I only become free after i realised that he is no longer in this planet earth. I think i started talking about it in 2006 after i end up in hospital bcoz of depression.

Forgiving someone is not a one night decision. I wont say time heals but it depends what do you do during this time. Losing someone you adore is not a game, esp if that person is irreplaceable. Sometimes i still become angry when i think of this story.

10 Nov 2010 21:41

What a complex story.
The old man crying was just such a heartsore....shame man. 

The girl/sista:
1. I believed her plea for forgiveness. Yes she messed up even before the tragedy like many people. Infact had the tragedy not happened,the cheating issue and the child paternity issue would have been forgiveable. Maybe the tragedy knocked some good behaviour into her as it happens with most of us. The hard thing is that death was involved and the old man's position is understandable. 
Hopefully The councilling she recieved will help her foorgive herself and move on the best way possible.

After last night's episode (one of the few ive watched),i found myself questioning the credibility of this kind of shows. I hated how the old man was put on the spot like that. But if the show helps anybody,then its all good.

10 Nov 2010 21:43

@ myname...*hugs sisi ne*,...keep strong.

11 Nov 2010 07:39


11 Nov 2010 08:34

Yeah, was in the same situation too but the difference was that the forgiveness was asked from me.
Be strong myname!!!!!

11 Nov 2010 09:46

Eish yambi lent' uyibalisayo Myname. Keep strong gal I think talking about it helps to ease that anger. Forgiving a killer really cannot be easy.

11 Nov 2010 10:57

Personally, I think the worst thing you can do when seeking forgiveness is lying about your wrong doings. You need to come clean completely so the other person can also get some closure.
I mean her (Promise) claiming that “Sipho fell on top of the knife", was just undermining the old man’s intelligence. I mean c’mon you have a knife in your hand and you are in heated argument with someone and suddenly the person just "falls on top of it"???? No ahaha...something’s not right here. She stabbed him or slit his throat! Sure it might have not been intentional but nonetheless she did it. Why can’t she just be honest nje?

11 Nov 2010 11:19

tracy I totally agree with you,the fact that she killed a person and has to live with that knowledge is punishment for her. But I think she needed Sipho's family's forgiveness so that she could start the process of forgiving herself. Its a pity the other party involved in this issue is now deceased and we only have one side of the story. There may be some truth to her story,but what I dont understand is how Sipho fell on top of the knife,because when a knife falls then the sharp side falls to the side (if you get my point),so it means Sipho fell sideways.

11 Nov 2010 11:36

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sins against us. Its not easy to forgive but if God forgives us all the terrible sins we have done then we should forgive.  Its not easy to forget abut once you forgive, you will have great peace within you.....

11 Nov 2010 11:40

Kwaaa tshepiso she was making a sandwich or whatever.

Mina I think Promise is very remorseful about what she did and for some reasons i do believe her.  What she did was wrong vele (cheating) but Sipho had no right to treat her like dirt.  He should have told Somandla the truth and the matter ibe resolvded.

As for ubaba, shame i feel for him.  I can only imagine what he is feeling.  But he needs to move on. forgive and just put everything in God'a hand.  In order for him (ubaba) to move on, he needs to forgive Promise.  it's not easy i know but he can atleast try.  Promise uyazizola and God had forgiven her already.  I really hope that ubaba will speak to Promise by then he will be able to live his life .  Manje useyagula because he is always thinking about this thing.  Ubaba needs to aks strenght from God, forgive Promise and make peace that Sipho is gone.  
That's waht i think, sorry for being looooong

11 Nov 2010 11:42

Oh I agree with gonah27....ubaba needs to say "Baba wethu osezulwini and mean it" #thatsall#

11 Nov 2010 12:11

@ myname He killed yo dad 1996, tried to kill yo mom 2007, killed himself in 2001... sorry but l m very confused and he asked for forgiveness from who when he clearly wasnt finished with killing yo family

11 Nov 2010 12:47

@tracy... l guess it was just a typing error, the poor gal is hurting.

11 Nov 2010 12:52

@ginah27... Very few people mean what they say when praying that prayer, maybe the old man doesn't even go to church...I mean her @(Promise) claiming that “Sipho fell on top of the knife", l believe Promise's story, maybe they struggled some how and he fell while Promise was holding the knife, anything is possible. She made a mistake by telling a lie but Sipho was not suppose to swear at her from the first place, it was none of his business, his brother would have found out one way or the other. Because of ukuphapha he is no more.

People must learn to mind their on damn business and they will be spared from such things happening to them.

11 Nov 2010 12:55

I understand but what I dont understand is what was he apoligising for for killing her father of for trying to kill her mother who was he trying to apologise to

11 Nov 2010 12:56

They are a lot of typing errors there

11 Nov 2010 13:44

11 Nov 2010 13:45

tltltltlt....sad *but typin error* and trecy's q? very funny (priceless)

11 Nov 2010 14:56

 myname I wont sleep ok today coz I will be having nightmares about your story I just wish you could help here

11 Nov 2010 15:21

How can an old man like Sipho fel on the knife!!!!!!!!!!! This lady has got a lot of explanation to do not this s**t.........

11 Nov 2010 15:31

kwa kwa kwa kwa, let it go tracy, why do you need the true details vele.

11 Nov 2010 15:49

the story doesnt add up and I feel like I have heard a story like this before thats why BM

24 Nov 2010 19:23

Hayi guys, Primrose said when Sipho approached her in the room, shouting at her, she moved back and the knife was still on her hand because she was trying to cover her face, that is how Sipho got stabbed on the throat. I rewinded that part just to hear her clearly. Doris is the one who changed the story and told the old man in the car that Sipho fell on top of the knife, hayibo!!

Nna I believe Primrose, she seemed sincere. She explained that the reason why it took her four years to apologize is because she was afraid of facing Sipho's family knowing that she killed him... She further explained that even from where she was hiding, she could see and hear what was happening with the police and the ambulance.

Straight after the commosion (sp) died, she went to the security guard, with the knife still on her hand and covered in blood, to  ask them to take her to the police station... She cheated, people dot hat, she lied about the paternity of the baby, people do that, but Sipho's killing, after I watched that recording twice, rewinding in between,  I think was just an accident.

02 Mar 2012 21:21

Is the woman in the picture the killer?

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