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RC: Is the Khuse Family Cursed?

Written by Cheesa from the blog Cheesa Chat on 24 Nov 2010
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Is the Khuse family cursed? Will they ever be happy? Ok let me summarise Khuse family’s ups and downs. Their precious daughter Tsidi auditioned for the Starstruck competition. It was a singers’ competition the winner stood a chance of winning R250 000 and a recording contract with Redemption Records. Tsidi entered and sacrificed her Matric exams for the Startruck competition. 

Tsidi got in a relationship with the Starstruck producer, Siya. She even moved in with him to Mamokete and Kop’s surprise. Seeing their only daughter moving out to play vat n’ sit with her boyfriend. When Tsidi was supposed to win the competition she got sabotaged by her friend, Portia. Her relationship with Siya didn’t work out and she moved back home. After the competition she became Sunay's backing singer. At least she could earn some money and got to perform with Sunay even though she was cheating them sometimes. Mamokete and Kop were happy Tsidi was bringing something home. They even asked her to pay rent and she did.

In the world of music she got introduced to drugs when she saw Sunay taking a line. When Sunay offered her drugs she was sure she will never take drugs. One day she did and became hooked. She became friends with Sunay's drug dealer, King. King was happy to give her drugs by credit and she would pay with her backing-singing salary. 

Even though she was snorting together with Sunay she would be the only one footing the bill for their drugs debt. At this point Tsidi was no longer bringing money at home. Mamokete and Kop would wonder what’s going with Tsidi. She would tell stories that Sunay didn't pay them. Her parents found out about her drug addiction after Stoan found her overdosed drugs at some dodgy place in Yeoville. She was admitted to hospital and was lucky alive. Stoan had to give King his car to pay for Tsidi’s drug debt. Mamokete and Kop were so disappointed by Tsidi but as their child they supported her. 

It wasn’t long after Stoan discovered he is gay when he had feelings for Thula and ended up kissing with Thula. He tried to fight his gay feelings but he didn't win. At this time he was engaged with his girlfriend, Charlotte. Their families were preparing for their big white wedding. Mind you, Stoan didn't have enough money for the wedding but Mamoke and Kop were happy to spend their savings in the wedding. While Stoan's proud parents were busy with wedding preparations and her happy girlfriend planning their future, he was busy bonking with Thula, who is also Charlotte's best friend. 

The day of the wedding arrived and everything was ready. Charlotte was such a beautiful young bride. Stoan went to the altar waited for Charlotte to arrive. The church is packed everyone is singing and Stone is sweating at this point. The Pastor asked Stoan if he takes Charlotte as his lawfully wedded wife, Stoan froze and nothing could come out of his mouth and he ran like a headless chicken, leaving Charlotte and Mamokete crying and everyone shocked. The wedding didn’t happen and Stoan had to answer to everyone what happened.

Ultimately everyone found out that Stoan is gay and Charlotte couldn’t be more shocked and Mamokete was devastated while Kop didn’t want anything to do with Stone. His family had to suffer this humiliation in the community. No one wanted anything to do with them because of Stoan being gay. Mamokete lost customers and everyone was speaking behind her back. She even had a stroke but eventually they accepted their son as he is and everything was back to normal.

After Stoan found out that Kop is not his father but Jacob is, he tried to commit suicide at hospital when he was there to donate a kidney to Jacob but he didn’t succeed. Lucky a male nurse rescued him. He became friends with the nurse who is also gay and they became more than friends. Stoan left with the nurse to Stellenbosch to leave there for a while. 

Kop on the other hand became jobless when Miles decided to leave Hustle Records and went back to Redemption records. Sbu gave Kop a bakkie for his shares at Hustle, as Sbu didn’t have a job for Kop. Kop’s family didn’t have money and Mamokete wondered what Kop was doing with his money. In the end Tsidi and Mamokete found out Kop was no longer working. But Kop used his bakkie to bring some income at home.

Stoan made a surprise when he came back from Stellenbosch for Kop’s birthday. He had a project that he was busy with but didn’t want his family to found out as yet but they found out. Mamokete and Kop were happy that their son is going to do something big for the community that was discriminating him.

Stoan who didn’t know much about the corruption in the business of tenderpreneurship wanted to do things according to book. His honesty was not good for this business. His partner, Johny was always there to tell him what to do and how this business works. But Stone couldn’t hear any. Stoan became a problem so Jonhy needed something that will put Stoan’s mind onto something else. He arranged a gay guy to be involved with him. The development was not going smooth workers were getting injured. The buildings were falling off them because of cheap material. 

Stoan was not happy with how everything was happening with the Extension 9 project. He thought he was exposing Johny to Mr. Tshabalala when he told him about what Johny was doing in the project not knowing that Mr. Tshabalala is part of this corruption. Stoan’s family almost got burnt in their house when Mr. Tshabalala’s people dropped a petrol bomb there. Stoan almost died in all this but got rescued by Johny and that was the end of the extension 9 project. Stoan had to run for his life.

Now Tsidi has a white boyfriend, Dylan she met on campus at Medicine school. They love each other even Dylan’s coconut friend couldn’t come between them. Initially Kop and Mamokete were not very happy with Tsidi dating a white boy but they accepted it. Recently Tsidi found out that she is pregnant. Her first decision was to abort the baby and keep it a secret to Dylan but her friend, Puleng was against the decision.

Tsidi decided to break the news to Dylan who was surprised but didn’t cause a scene. Dylan supported whatever decision that Tsidi wanted to take but he seemed happy with the abortion. Tsidi had already booked a day at the clinic for her abortion. The nosy Sis Bee who is a nurse who happens to be Mamokete’s friend went through the clinics books and saw that Tsidi is pregnant and she wants to terminate the pregnancy. 

Sis Bee couldn’t wait to tell Mamokete the news. She was aware that she’s breaching a contract of privacy but told Mamokete not any doctors law comes between their friendship laws and their Christian laws. So she told Mamokete about Tsidi’s pregnancy and that she wants to terminate it. Mamokete was shocked and shouted Tsidi about this. She couldn’t believe how Tsidi has let them down again. She told Kop about Tsidi’s pregnancy he was also disappointed at Tsidi. Mamokete told Tsidi she wants her out of her house and she is not going to do abortion. She will have to drop out of varsity and find work to support her baby. 

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24 Nov 2010 11:16

Eish,'s such a rollercoaster ride for the Khuse family! Tjo, Tshidi's crying yesterday broke my heart. 

24 Nov 2010 11:27

 I loved yesterday's episode they acted it so well it was like a scene in my family and how my late mom would have reacted if I told her that am pregnant and had to maybe drop out of school/varsity.

the Khuse family never dissappoint they're like the Matabanes, very convincing

24 Nov 2010 11:31

Mina I think Rhythm City needs to get another average family like the Khuses... Coz the reason everything is happening to them is because there are a lot of things that happen to average families in our society and Rhythm Cit only has one family to depict all that in. It's not fair.  I dont think one family can go through so much in such a small space of time.. with so much praying that they do still.. and they try so hard. Rhythm City need to get another family.

Now lemme read the article

24 Nov 2010 11:35

Yes it is cursed. this is beyond life's challenges

1.Tshidi drop out of St Magdelens
2. She pursues a career in singing but end up in drug addiction
3. She lost her medicine scholarship
4. Stone unlucky in love
5. only to realise he is gay and was stigmatised by te community
6. Khuse project management saga
7. He is not Kop's son
8 KOp not knowing his age----remember the 50th party when he is in fact 49
9. Kete's spaza not growing......MaAgnes started ka di runways, look where she is right now
10. renting Fat's house for over 2 decades

the siver lining

1. Kop now has a car (finally- it must have been hard t owork as driver and not have your own 4 wheels)
2. the had shares in the recording company
3 Tshidi quit and recovered from drugs
4 she fell in love with Dylan and fell pregnant (oops back to square 1)
5 Stone did fall in love
6 started a comany

24 Nov 2010 11:37

They have had their share of unhappiness haven't they?, but the one thing abt this family is that despite all they have to go through they always remain a family.  And most of us can see out "own families" in the Khuses.   Mamokete always reminds me of many mothers i know, including my own.  

24 Nov 2010 11:44

This rollercoaster sounds like my family

24 Nov 2010 11:53

Chomi, you are a Rythm City Khuse family encyclopaedia I'm telling you. Lemme continue reading. Great article by the way.

24 Nov 2010 12:01

Tjo! Cheesa…every detail recorded. You are a true Rhythm Cityzen, nhe…?

Some other things I didn’t know like the suicide attempt by Stone and the parents paying for the wedding with their savings… and why Stone went to Stellenbosch.

These days I’m a 7de Laaner… I’ll come back to the City towards Thembi’s death I just saw the teasers and it’s the days leading to 20December.

Shem. Poor Mamokete

24 Nov 2010 12:14

i dont think that girl was called thandeka,i believe it was portia,correct me if am wrong

24 Nov 2010 12:18

sounds like a great story line reading from the blog, pity that I can't watch it (or as often as I wish). 

They portray your typical township family but I just hate that gym thing going on outside their house.

24 Nov 2010 12:25

lol @ M2D

24 Nov 2010 12:25

Cheesa nice one lady and you have a good memory, i must say...

I feel for Khuse family but things like this are happening in real world. Thank God i caught that scene ya Tsidi and her mom. It was so real, i almost cried coz i still reemember when i found out that i was preggis. I was 19, doing my first year . Tjo i was vibrating. At least i talked to my mom over the fone but i still cried for letting her down.

Disappointing your parents is not a joke. I hated myself and i never thought i would be making a joke about it vandag. I was in similar situation coz the father was also studying..... ja nhe....ilife is full of surprises.

Did u mention when uMamkote enama feelings ne brother ka Kop. Hawu shame, i always feel sorry everytime i see KOP. What a character! I think he is a caring father and loving husband even in real life. He is so supportive. If i can get a husband like him perhaps i will change my mind about getting married.

24 Nov 2010 12:26

Portia was her name M2d.........i dont think the family has been cursed, i think its what happens in life. you dont get everything you want and things dont always go according to plan. on top of that we are different as family members and we end up making different decisions, some sound some bad. you know

Sana Lwam
24 Nov 2010 12:31

LOL @ Kop's trousers on the pic.

24 Nov 2010 12:34

8 KOp not knowing his age----remember the 50th party when he is in fact 49 LOL Blueroze I remember that.They even prepared a surprise birthday for him not knowing it's his birthday. They had to find out from Stoan what is the real date for his birthday... talking about stress in that family.
9. Kete's spaza not growing......MaAgnes started ka di runways, look where she is right now like really she's been selling through that window for how many years now.
10. renting Fat's house for over 2 decades and Fats almost chuck them out of his house during the World Cup. He even had tourists staying there.

but the one thing abt this family is that despite all they have to go through they always remain a family. And most of us can see out "own families" in the Khuses. Mamokete always reminds me of many mothers i know, including my own.  True Sbam. 

They really acted yesterday's episode very well shem. The Khuse family has really good actors. They are convincing. The way Mamokete was ready to chuck Tsidi out of her house. I was like this is the way mothers used to react to such news but these days. It is just treated like a normal thing. 

I hear you Carino on having another family there but don't you think it would be too much to watch. I think there would be too much cast if it would be that way but I understand what you mean about taking some of the burden off the Khuse family. They have to suffer alot of stress and heartache. 

Everytime you think finally they will have a taste of the good life something happens. I thought even from that Starstruck thing that finally Tsidi is going to buy a house for her family and they will have new furnisher and everything but it wasn't like that. Then the tender hayi I just gave up. 

Heeheeeheh Maki I am a Rhythm Cityzen LOL! I try to watch Isidingo but I just end up turning to RC. I hear things are hot there. 

Nam shem the Thembi storyline is boring me now. M2D until someone comes up to back you I remain with Thandeka. I'm sure it was Thandeka it was not an English name I remember.

24 Nov 2010 12:36

Was it really Portia?!! mmmhhhkay ke M2D you win! I was convinced it's Thandeka I wonder...mphmm...

24 Nov 2010 12:37

LOL @ Kop's trousers on the pic.

Brentwood! it better not rain on him....or else he wont be able to walk

24 Nov 2010 12:40

@M2D that's true.

24 Nov 2010 12:53

wow Cheesa....i dnt watch RC bt i can see ngamehlo enqondo everything you  wrote....damn gal you good.

24 Nov 2010 13:56

*Giving a bow to Cheesa* wooooooow great article indeed.

I am also a Rhythm Citizen & I love the Khuses. Lmao @ Papa's pic.

I wonder if Stoan & Tshidi are still a couple.

24 Nov 2010 14:01

Thanks Stroh and Spineli :-)

24 Nov 2010 14:02

I just don't like the white guy (Tshidi's Boyfriend). He looks a bit old. I am huge fan of Nokuthula's work so any storyline that involved Tshidi I am happy with because I know the girl will deliver.

Have to say though that I am finding it difficult to watch RC these days. Gail and her new boyfriend are just boring and the fact that Miles is getting more screen time now is depressing.

Someone please tell, Gail's boyfriend that he looks ridiculous when he tries to be sexy on camera. He is trying way too hard. He is a good looking guy and should just let the sexiness exude from his personality.

Bring Lucas back!!

24 Nov 2010 14:04

I don't watch rythm city much, I'll make sure i catch the omnibus from now on

ownah m p
24 Nov 2010 14:19

i still wonder and hey... will they ?? only if this baby can bring them together...

24 Nov 2010 14:25

Gail and her new boyfriend are just boring. They are hle!!

Someone please tell, Gail's boyfriend that he looks ridiculous when he tries to be sexy on camera. He is trying way too hard.   And  childish... or is he too young or immature for Gail(something is not ayoba da)...

24 Nov 2010 14:25

Yes Cheesa, Isidingo is getting hotter and hotter now that Cherel is back. I will never sacrifice Isidingo for anything lol.

onza1 tym
24 Nov 2010 14:37

this family is being cursed all the bad things happend there i wonder y. eish man thz family nid God himself Jesus is 2 small he cant handle it its 2 big 4 him

24 Nov 2010 15:53

As for Miles Vilakazi and his hands being more and more in our faces.. ///shakingmyhead///

24 Nov 2010 18:03

Hey Cheesa, you forgot the fact that Tshidi lost her first boyfriend, Mandla, after being shot when him, Suffocate and Sbu went to steal some equipment at Gail's ex-boyfriend's house for insurance!

Remember those days when Mandla would walk Tshidi  to and from school,  holding her school back?? Those were the days, remiinded me of my high school days when umjolo was soooo innocent... Rhythm City rocks shem

26 Nov 2010 12:08

Ya ne,Cheesa ke skhokho sa RC. I also enjoy the show,I didnt like it at first,used to watch Isidingo.But whenever I logged on onto TVSA,it was always RC this RC that,so I ended up watching and I'm not regretting it one bit. The Khuses need a lot of saving,tjo,mathata a makanakana. My major irritation ko RC ke Miles Vilakazi, geez the dude cannot act tlheng,kante why was he cast in the first place? Nee man,he is a real bore,nx!

28 Nov 2010 20:16

Aaah! Tshd21 I remember that storyline sa Tsidi and Mandla and I loved them. They also made me remember high school. They were cute but they just had to kill Mandla just when RC was starting and I didn't like it. They like killing characters on RC they are going to kill Thembi now. Hahaahahihi Lex eish phela Miles overdoes his acting sometimes yazi. The Khuses are just one of these families you just wish they can win Lotto and be happily ever after.

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