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Just Thinking out Loud

Written by Cheesa from the blog Cheesa Chat on 29 Nov 2010
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Without sounding like I’m doing Makisto’s Monday World, I am just thinking out loud you know. We know that your gal B launched her bag range Baby Star earlier this year. We were happy for her that she's getting into other business. And I thought it was a good idea to do something different like having her own bag range than perfume or T-shirts which are only things that most celebs can think of when it comes to doing something else. 

But now I'm wondering how is Baby Star doing and it seems like B doesn't do much to promote her Baby Star. We know she's a lady who likes brands and she seems to forget about hers in the process. Just when she was turning 23 in June her birthday cake was designed as a Louis Vitton bag and I thought haibo how come? Didn't you just launch a bag rage a few weeks ago, shouldn't you be pushing your own bag range. 

I mean we know Bonang is a trendsetter once something is seen on her everyone wants it or wants to do it. So I thought if she was carrying Baby Star bags or do whatever with them people would want them. 

Can someone help Lesego resurrect his singing career? God knows there's a lot this guy can offer in this music industry. I love Lesego's music so much. The guy can sing. His first album was the bomb people loved it. Songs like Africa, etc were all over airwaves and he was performing everywhere. I know alcohol got into his way but now can him and Jaziel Brothers make peace and produce another hit album and stop with these money issues. 

They worked very well together and they seemed to understand each others voices. I also like Lesego's second album Soulsation. It is not bad at all it just didn't get much publicity. I see Andile Majola didn't do a good job as Lesego's publicist.


Is Khanyi Mbau's reality show still being shot? Isn't it supposed to be playing on Dstv as it was promised? Anyway I thought there was going to be much acting than reality in that show. Another thing am I the only one who thinks Khanyi Mbau is like Brenda Fassie in terms of turning unknowns into “celebs” and making news every Sundays? Remember that Shembe guy became some sort of a celeb after he was Brenda's toyboy and Cindy who was Brenda's lesbian lover became an actress acting on Gazlam, recently she acted as Constance on Rhythm City.

With Khanyi Mbau, Mandla Mthembu became some sort of “celeb” after becoming Khanyi's sugardaddy/ husband. Now Theunis Crous is winning awards after he became Khanyi's sugardaddy and his wife Primrose is appearing in magazine covers and is in Sowetan's top 12 hot celebs. Now Khanyi has a shadow by the name of Linda Moeketsi who's following her everywhere she goes. I mean really even if he's her manager does he have to be her tail. I just hope Khanyi won't turn into a Brenda in some other things you know what. 

Mshoza what happened to loving yourself the way you are my darling. Is your body going to be made of plastic now? I'm beginning to think you are obsessed with these surgeries. Now you are going to put a butt, have you seen JLo's butt lately if I were you I wouldn't dare? Now you seem like a bored housewife of a rich man who doesn't know what to really do with the money and we know your music doesn't seem to be keeping you busy. We just don't understand you gal and you seem confused yourself.

I mean really can an artist do all music genres all at once. You must have shocked Angie Stone on Live when you said your album has Afro pop, Hip Hop, Kwaito, Jazz, Gospel etc I mean really come now Mshoza only Zwai can do that. Thank God there was Tumi of the volume to show that we do have some focused talented artists here eMzansi. By the way Mshoza has a big nice house. 

Can Criselda Khananda please chill when doing her show she always seems like someone who goes on air already irritated and ready to humiliate her callers by cutting them. The way abalaxaza ngakhona it’s painful to listeners like me. I remember the other day when Buyile's wife was there talking about being abused a man called also telling his story of being abused by his wife.

Tjo Criselda cut the man and preached that she is talking about women abuse he can't just change the topic and talk about something else. Tjo the way awayilaxaza ngakho that man it was sad and I was like haibo sis’ Criselda he is also talking about abuse nje couldn't you just listen a bit. The man sounded sad shem. Can't she find another way of dealing with her callers? 

seems to be like Criselda as well and Kagisho (5fm’s popular caller) is always a victim. Shem poor guy loves 5fm and he's becoming like a stalker and Euphonik seems to be scared. Did I mention I love Euphonik's show, My House on 5fm every Sundays 7pm with Cc. It's the best show on Sundays you should tune in. 

So Dj Sbu decided to unmask Mzekezeke and come up with the Rhubulizing song which I think it is just something he came up with to keep himself busy this festive season. Like performing even if it's for free as long as he'll be performing for people to keep himself relevant and TS records out there since it seems like TS is not doing very well like it did when it started. 

I also remember hearing Sbu on Metro FM during his show saying he can't be doing one show only on Saturdays. His goal is to do the breakfast show on Metro. So I thought is he trying to send a message to management to kick Kenny Mystery out, eish madoda abo Sbu.

Okay now can SABC1 take Selimathunzi back to their original slot on Saturdays at 18:00pm? Selimathunzi has a lot more interesting content than RGB who ends while you are still waiting for the show to begin. On RGB it’s like they are teasing us while Selimathunzi has a lot to show us and its sad because people are watching soapies at that Wednesday 18:30pm time slot.

If it’s true that Kabelo Mabalane and Nonhle Thema are dating I think they make a nice couple plus they are Mam-mfundisi and Tatumfundisi. Last time I checked they used to have Biblical studies and Sunday school on Twitter. They are both children of God I think they are a match made in heaven don't you think? 

People of South Africa are you trying to sabotage Eddie Zondi's Confessions show on Metro FM? First he had to stop the confessions thing because people were saying very weird and creepy confessions like sleeping with their brothers, I mean having sex with your brother etc. So he had to stop confessions time, now recently he had to burn the hook up thing coz people were setting up their friends giving out their friends' numbers. 

Some girl had to call Metro FM management coz she was having problems with her boyfriend because of people who were calling her after they got her numbers on Metro. Eddie had to be called for a meeting about this which resulted in the burning of hook up. Now I just hope whoever is sabotaging Eddie’s show isn't working on Eddie's entire show being burned phela that show is legend. 

What is going on with Bongo Maffin. Does the group still exist or is it dead that would be sad because this is one of those groups we don’t want to lose. Unlike Mafikizolo I haven’t heard any of Bongo Maffin’s band members promising that the group is going to release an album soon. I just hope it had nothing to do with the rumours of Speedy going back to the group because I'm thinking what if other band members didn't like the idea of Speedy returning to the group which maybe led to Stoan and Speedy deciding to do it together leaving Thandiswa and Jahseed unhappy, aketsi. I was just thinking out loud. 

People of South Africa went we suppose to vote for Khuli Chana for Best Hip Hop award at the Metro FM Awards. Yes I didn’t really like that Freshe song but he blew me away with Konka which got me voting constantly for the guy to a point were I was convinced he is taking that award. I was disappointed shem, anyway there’s always a next time Khuli. Congrats to HHP for taking it I also like his Watseba Motho song.

On song of the decade I also thought Mandoza was going to take it for Nkalakatha even though I also like Mafizolo’s Ndihamba Nawe. I just hope Mandoza qualifies for next year’s Metro FM Awards so that we can vote for him if Metro FM Awards aren’t going to take a break like they did last year. Nonetheless I’m happy with all other winners! 

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29 Nov 2010 10:57

Woow Cheesa you always take time to arrange your articles properly, nice one

29 Nov 2010 11:13

Great article!!!
Tjo!! Mshoza uyaphapha shem. Does she really wanna look like Joan Rivers? 
How were the metro awards?

29 Nov 2010 11:22

Brilliant article.

29 Nov 2010 11:38

Bouga 2shoes has a woman...nice.

There's something so uninteresting with Mpho Maboi-angiyazi yini.

29 Nov 2010 11:42

Yep Cande I just want you guys to get what I'm trying to say. Thanks 1size & SK. As for the Metro's we are still waiting for SABC1 to decide when are they going to show us these awards that took place at the stadium. I just hope at least the stadium was covered.

29 Nov 2010 11:52

Quarter way through...interesting staff Cheesa.

Remember that Shembe guy became some sort of a celeb after he was Brenda's toyboy and Cindy who was Brenda's lesbian lover became an actress acting on Gazlam, recently she acted as Constance on Rhythm City....*crickets sounds*...i tried to close my eyes to recall but none of the names here ring a bell.

have you seen JLo's butt lately if I were you I wouldn't dare?,ome to think of it..JLo doesnt wear body hugging staff anymore,i thought it was being a mother. QUESTION, kanti did she have a butt implant le yena?...i thought people who admired her Godgiven "hot" butt wanted her JLO butt implants like people want Angie jolie's lips.

reading on....

29 Nov 2010 11:54

SMH @ Afro pop, Hip Hop, Kwaito, Jazz, Gospel etc ...i mean ruri now.

29 Nov 2010 11:57

Chriselda, Chriselda, 

29 Nov 2010 12:16


its nice to be home after the weekend to find such articles. 

ke sure replies will be hilariuos

i need to read and enjoy!!!

*taking a munch at magnum and enjoys reading the goss!* [nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom]

29 Nov 2010 12:17

RE: Bongo Muffin.
I hope they are silent so that they can drop a hot album on us, they generally dont like hawking the limelight like bo Sbu who will release something just to remain relevant for difestive season..LOL,you funny cheesa. If there is a group whose work speaks for itself its Bongo Muffin...and Thandiswa and Appleseed (is he?) also operate by that creed it seems and I think its cool. 
Speedy coming back to the group???...eish, his presence wasnt missed...le yena nne a ya kae?

29 Nov 2010 12:24

Eish...just to add to the thinking out loud points. 

I found myself bored this weekend and fiddling and google entertainment news and i came across stories about some american groupie called Kat Stacks (i was actually reading news on my guilty pleassure reality show The bad girls club when i came across her name). This Kat stacks groupie person tells tales of how she sleeps with artist (young money crew,bow wow,nelly,fabolous etc) and then she "puts them on blast" on youtube and some hiphop website and twitter giving out the mobile numbers and pretty much exposing all that is expose-able about them. Then the exposees (them artist) do interviews cursing at her and LOL, some of the artists she "put on blast" actually send people to go and beat her up on camera forcing her to apologise on several occasions (so ghetto)....the vidoes are there LOL, and yet she is not stopping, and she has the funnies voice. Its just some funny ish i came across that made me shake me head at America.

And then along the same silly scandalous line is the guy who was a member of B2K...Raz B. He accuses Marques Houston and some Chris Stokes dude of sexually mollesting him and the B2K boys when they were still a group. The allegations are denied ofcourse but form what ive heard..i believe him. Molestations is a serious issue.

Gona moo, Raz B also alledges that Omarion, Bow Weeeeezy, and a whole bunch of people are on the downlow "DL"...and they have responded by cursing him out, accusing him of being bipolar...he does sound retarded on the videos though...or maybe he is THAT troubled due to the molestation which nobody is acknowledging ofcourse. Some really crazy sad staff.
And arround the same issue, there is a trend in the US and mo Mzanzi were brothas are constantly being accused of being on the DL. Its a sad state of affairs because the accused deny it to the extent their denial comes across as extremely homophobic which does nothing for the plight of the homosexual people in the world. I dont understand what the people who go arround accusing others of being on the DL are trying to achieve by putting these people's issues on blast when IFF they are gay, they  have a right to come out when they are comfortable or not. Just some strange crazy things im "thinkin out loud about" in the broarder entertainments world.

29 Nov 2010 12:28

Nice read...i may not comment as often as i ought to but i enjoy reading your articles.  I love Kenny's show and would switch to Kaya if Sbu were to host it.

29 Nov 2010 12:38

ARGH Mshoza must just take a chill pill and do constructive things unto her life.What she is up to is the pure proof that the lady has got huge issues with her appearance.Phela now she will be this artificial thing that we won't be able to make head or tail of it.Jacob must be one insane dude,how can he allow Mshoza to splash moola on such silly and stupid stuff.If he wanted the most sexiest and beautiful woman he should have got himself a natural beauty not some plastic fake.

As for Mshoza's music genre I don't know...she and Zwai must make an album together.

Is Chriselda an Indian???Have been wondering from the day I got exposed to her and I never found an answer.

29 Nov 2010 12:46

Hello Cheesa, thanks nonoza. I hope everyone had a jol like i did. It was too nice to explain.

Back tot he topic....

I stopped listening to Chriselda bcoz of her stinking attitude. I mean you can't treat your listeners like abantwana base creche. I know listeners can be a pain but plz she must be nice. It seems like she takes everything personally or she is always pissed.
She reminds me of a dj from Umhlobo Wenene. Her name was Lulu and she was the worst dj i ever listen to. Guess what happened to her? She got her butt kicked out bcoz of her bad attitude.  

Mshoza hayi no comment but whats next? Yikuku or toes or hands? Livers or kidneys? Nale ndoda yakhe why ingathi sisimumu? He must stop giving this girl too much money. Akere even her teeth are fake!!!! Iyoooo bathong. 

Guys who is Mpho Maboi? Is she the same girl who has dreadloks?

Cheesa, is Euphonic playing house at that time? Hayi nontombi i like my Sunday calm. I cant listen to house at that time and another thing im not a house person. At least on Friday and Sat night but not on Sunday. Indlebe zam ziyadikwa ngulo gqum gqum.

29 Nov 2010 12:58

I hope they are silent so that they can drop a hot album on us I hope so too Green Arrow that group always take time to produce so they can come up with something hot but it seems like they are taking too much time now. And they are not promising not even once. I actually wanted to see how it was going to be like to have Speedy back to the group whether it was going to remind us when they started all together or what. 

You've umgosi too GA LOL!! When are we seeing Mzansi's version of Kat Stacks I think that would be interesting seeing that there is this thing of Jezabels. And we know there are people like Kat Stacks la ko Mzansi. A friend of mine once told me a story about how her cousins slept with abo Sliq Angel in PE when they were there to perform at Graham's Town Festival. Apparently Slig wanted to be the only one taking them girls since his is the famous one. Everytime his friends are carrying abantwana he goes to shela that mntwana, Geeezzz it is just gross. 

What is a DL GA, with the gay thing I just think people are obsessed with gays these days. Everyone is gay in people's eyes like really can people wait for these people to come out before all these accussations. I don't know whether its their way of trying to make these guys question their sexuality or bring their ego down or what. 

Jacob must be one insane dude,how can he allow Mshoza to splash moola on such silly and stupid stuff.If he wanted the most sexiest and beautiful woman he should have got himself a natural beauty not some plastic fake.
Like really Lejazz I actually thought Jacob should follow Mshoza to do some surgery too coz it seems like he needs to do it also. Phela the guy akamhle neze, have you seen his lips, tjo!

29 Nov 2010 13:00

I stopped listening to Chriselda bcoz of her stinking attitude. I mean you can't treat your listeners like abantwana base creche. Yhuu good example Myname uba treata ingathi ngabantwana bakwa grade R tjeer maan.

29 Nov 2010 13:05

Mshoza hayi no comment but whats next? Yikuku or toes or hands? Livers or kidneys? Nale ndoda yakhe why ingathi sisimumu? LMAO 

Myname Lulu is back ke darli she is doing t he same show they kicked out Blaq apperantly she wasn't informative as Lulu. 

Mpho Maboi is a Dj on YFM and also on Super Sport. She is friend with Dj Zinhle apperanlty they were rumoured to be a couple. 

Yes Euphonza plays House music on his show so sonze ulunge.

29 Nov 2010 13:10

There's something so uninteresting with Mpho Maboi.""" Ditto! 
I so wish Sbu could stop shouting @ us on Saturdays, I cant dzeal!! His topics are not suitable for Metro FM listeners!!!

29 Nov 2010 13:21

Nice one Cheesa....pity I can't skip ama spelling mistakes, please correct rage-range, tale-tail. Thank you again for this article

29 Nov 2010 13:25

Wow cool stuff. I was supposed to write a Monday World thingie about relevance and this kind of has the same tone I wanted to take. Great one Cheesa. I was so busy this morning and only got a break now. I will do Monday World next week. I will read later Cheesa. I just browsed through the article and comments. It really looks great!

29 Nov 2010 14:17

Phew! hope you happy Sobza.
I cant dzeal!! His topics are not suitable for Metro FM listeners!!! I hear you on that what about those clips of kids teasing each other gosh Sbu! He is not over YFM. Thanks everyone. We looking forward to Monday World Makisto.

29 Nov 2010 14:20

Nice article, i agree with on Selimathunzi going back to its original slot saterday 18:00, i wont mind if i miss RGB, during the week.

As for Mshoza cant she just appreciate the way the Lord made her,and stop plastic surgerius, its not cool.

29 Nov 2010 15:40

Mshoza hayi no comment but whats next? Yikuku or toes or hands?........At least on Friday and Sat night but not on Sunday. Indlebe zam ziyadikwa ngulo gqum gqum.   jiphiwayi!!!!! LMAO

29 Nov 2010 16:15

Yo..the sun dealt with me..wasnt planning to get out the building and i was gone about twon for 1.2...sho  4 hours,lol.

What is a DL GA... @Cheesa...DL (down low) i believe means someone who is gay/lesbian in secret...after nine,yes thats our mzanzi term for being on the DL. LOL @ me having umgozi......i didnt know untill i wrote that essay up there that i actually have umgozi nami...i must do a Wednesday But realy, i actually hardly know any SA kinda sorta fascinated with the UK and US entertainment world. #Not ayoba i know but hey...

But i think our entertainment industry is too small to have bo Kat Stacks..gape she is slandering the US hip hop/RnB community which tripple the SA entertainment community as a whole. And our small community of celebrities is still very sensitive perhaps bcos Goliwood is all they have. arme skepsils. If your name is slandered in Goliwood you are done!, Whereas in America, even the Hip hop community has classes (cliques) ,divided into states, ATL, New york, Chicago,Philly, LA etc....then there is still the Country music cliques etc, then there is the BIG one hollywood, So that if you are slandered in one "clique" you can somaar disapear and re-emerge in another clique and still make decent money.
The jezebels must wait a minute and have mercy and let Bo Sliq Angel make the little cents that they are making, even though le bona their behaviour warrants Kat Stacks type of slander.

29 Nov 2010 16:21

But nna i dont miss speedy ko bongo Muffin hle Cheesa. But  when im not optimistic about something or someone at the very least i hope to be pleasantly suprised. You mention some hem-hems about them maybe perhaps kinda sorta splitting..noooo..they cant do that:-(...i loves me some Bongo Muffin hle bathong.

29 Nov 2010 18:36

Wow Cheesa. You are growing in leaps and bounds as a writer. I'm so proud of you girl!

29 Nov 2010 19:35

Thanks Goldsta that's sweet :-)

29 Nov 2010 20:46

Hey hey! The MMAs are gonna be on SABC1 on Sunday, 12 December at 20h00. Here's the line-up of specials coming up: New on SABC1 in December 2010. We'll update if any further ones are added.

29 Nov 2010 22:51

lol@kuku reconstruction!uMshoza uxakwe yimali fosho?i wanted 2 cry thinking of all the things id use that money for.The day that man laxaza her she's gona hate those booty implants thinking imali isempundu ebroke.

29 Nov 2010 22:56

nam andimva uMaboi shem angazi why,no hateration at all.

30 Nov 2010 00:58

Great article Cheesa I'm also worried about Mshoza. Remember how cute she looked when she started off in the industry. These surgeries are addictive & may become deadly

onza1 tym
30 Nov 2010 10:25

Dj Sbu o montle he does'nt nid a musk 2 cover his face bathong. i luv Sbu most than mzekezeke. wats Mzezkezeke????? o ne a le dirty now Sbu o clean, handsome everything

30 Nov 2010 12:55

haw cheesa how is jennifers but is it dropping  or growing sideways? just curious (hides!!!)  if jacob is not careful he will end up like mandla mthembu.  i agree with you Pruluv she was cute before the surgery but now she looks like a porclain doll.

30 Nov 2010 19:46

sbu shud neva get breakfast @ metro yo yo, ppl will stop listening, phela he 4gets that yfm was like primary school & metrofm is post graduate from wits. he cant entertain listeners wit his vandal ghubuluzing nonsense. haikhona

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