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Mshoza Marriage drama

Written by Cheesa from the blog Cheesa Chat on 18 Jan 2011
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The Mshoza marriage drama, we all know that Mshoza is/was married to Witbank business man Jacob Mnisi who owns construction companies. They’ve been married with Mshoza since 2007. There was drama surrounding their relationship from the beginning, when it turned out Jacob Mnisi was married to a 22 year old girl. He denied that he was married to the girl when his relationship with Mshoza was blossoming. 

This is what he said to Sowetan,

But in a bizarre twist, Mnisi told Sowetan yesterday that he had not registered his marriage to Rampisa.

He claimed he was to have completed the ilobolo proceedings for Rampisa but cancelled them when he discovered she was cheating on him.

"She brought her boyfriend into my house and after that I instructed my parents to inform her parents that I was not interested anymore," he said.

Mshoza was happy when she was the number girl in Jacob Mnisi’s life. Now Mshoza’s marriage to Jacob seems to have come to an end after Jacob Mnisi alleges that he found Mshoza with two naked toy boys at some guest house sniffing some thing. Mshoza denies all these allegations saying Jacob Mnisi is talking nonsense. He had long wanted to get out of their marriage so this is his way of getting out. This what Jacob Mnisi said about Mshoza to Sunday World,

Sunday World understands that family members of the couple met on Wednesday and Mnisi officially told them that their marriage was over.
Mnisi says he suspected the two were having an affair a few months ago, but when he confronted her about it she denied it.
“This week I confronted the boy, who confessed to me and even told me the name of the lodge where they used to do their thing,” says Mnisi.
He says Mshoza only confessed to the relationship when he told her Mazibuko had told him about it.
He says after they spoke about it Mshoza promised to tell their families, but when they got to the family gathering she refused to do so.
“So I told them. I can’t believe that she did this to me and ran to the media to portray me as a bad person.

Mshoza’s story seems to be very similar to that of Jacob Mnisi’s previous wife. Jacob Mnisi allegedly ended his marriage to the previous wife after he discovered she was cheating on him and this is the same reason he has ended his marriage to Mshoza. The previous wife also alleged that Jacob was cheating on her with other women and Mshoza was one of them. Now Mshoza is also alleging that Jacob is cheating on her with many other women and he has been abusing her emotionally and physically. Mshoza told Move! mag her husband started acting differently during her second pregnancy with their son. 

Mshoza is giving full details of this drama in her life on the latest issue of Move! magazine dated 19 January 2011. She says this is apparently Jacob Mnisi’s way of getting rid of his wives once he’s done with them because it is the same thing he did to Funeka, the previous wife who is supporting her now. This is what she said to Move! mag about the drama that happened at the lodge.

“Even with the business that we run together, Mshoza Bhoza Entertainment, I am just a face and name. I have no control whatsoever. This is why I even kept the fact that I was going into business with Mnqobi away from him – I was afraid of his reaction, but he obviously paid someone to follow me because a few minutes after we met for the meeting, he was at the lodge banging doors and windows. I also think he was on the phone with the media because I could hear him saying; “here she is naked and taking drugs with two boys.” The boys were terrified and I tried to calm them down. It was embarrassing to know that they had met with me because they respect my work and my talent and they suddenly got caught up in so much drama. I did not want to open the door at the lodge because I knew he would beat me up in front of everyone. I felt safer when the police came.”

Yah neh sugar daddies! When I read this Mshoza story I thought of Khanyi Mbau’s story when she was married to Mandla Mthembu similar events happened to Khanyi too. She also alleged that Mandla Mthembu was abusing her emotionally and physically and would hire people to follow her around and report on what she’s getting up to. She also got free when their marriage finally ended. 

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18 Jan 2011 11:11

I wish that all girls can wise up and see that what he is doing with you behind the wife's back, he will eventually do it to you one day when you are the wife. Take it dont take it, your humiliation!

18 Jan 2011 11:33

Ya neh...da only key to success it EDUCATION. Not this!

18 Jan 2011 11:42


18 Jan 2011 11:44

People are saying karma, eish now I dont think she will be getting that Brazillian bum. To think that recently she was busy showing her house on Selimathunzi with Jacob present hayi shem celebs are good at pretending to be happy while they are not. 

I wonder what she is going to do now maybe try her music career again?

18 Jan 2011 11:47

Wow pic 3, those twins look awesome!

18 Jan 2011 11:51

yhoo i read the story on Move yesterday, this Jacob character is a serial cheater.

y did he allow mshoza to do all those surgeries though

18 Jan 2011 11:51

I wonder if she will give them twins back (remember Khanyi and Mandla)

18 Jan 2011 11:55

@tizoz,if she gives the twins back will the man give back the kuku?

18 Jan 2011 11:58

ha ha ha @ Magdisaster! well it's not like she didnt get some of Mnisi's pipe......

18 Jan 2011 12:05

this high profile weddings tsa ma14 to the oldies are nonsense. why would people spend so much and publicise the weddings when it aint working from the start. i am glad we havent heard anything from Cele and the her wife.

this young girls why cant they just learn that money has never and will never buy love hey

18 Jan 2011 12:20

LMAO at MAGNET2DISASTER and tizoz  you killed me finish tjo!! 

I think there is some sort of competition between the likes of Mshoza, Khanyi Mbau etc its like they are in a contest of who leaves a glamorous life than the other, who has the most rich husband, who has the most big house, who has the most expensive car etc. Judging by the way they float all these things to the media. 

I dont know man these people have a problem. Instead of working hard and earn all these things. They choose to depend on these men to get all this glamorous life and what happens after, these men eventually leave them with nothing.

18 Jan 2011 12:27

The pair should just cut their losses and move on. I wonder why Mshoza wants this Mnisi to buy her a house. She must move away and get on with her own life and kids. It isn't the end of the world. She can still be happy

18 Jan 2011 12:30

lol at giving back the kuku, that's classic lol

18 Jan 2011 12:55

Poor Mshoza, i heard that she was planning on enhancing her butt, i thougt African girls didnt need that, i hope she did that b4 this whoe drama cause now she's gonna have no one paying her "jobs"

18 Jan 2011 12:55

Mshoza can still be sucessful on her own..... akere she had/has a music career b4 this guy, all she needs to do, is to pick herself up and continue with her life..
Mrman yena a ye dithakeng tsa hae finish and klaar!!!! O fraza bana...

18 Jan 2011 13:11

@tizoz,she might have had some of his pipe mara what is more valuable to a woman than her kuku?if mnisi  valued his so called pipe he wouldnt let it wander and poke around,gape oa itse le wena gore gore besides food the way to a man's heart ke yona kuku,wena ware ke eng bare cover the face and hammer the kuku?eish,re lapile ke go dirisiwa ke borre coz le bone they lead us on if we want to attack their bank accounts,why cant they also be blamed?

sexy d
18 Jan 2011 13:17

@M2D u r n fre today hey  but ya all is true lol

mshoza ena she should just pack her backs and start afresh u r a mother now start thinking about the future for ur own kids as for the reverse yo mhlaba that u wanted guess you just have to save to pay for the procedure..

18 Jan 2011 13:23

ireverse ka Mshoza looks well proportioned on pic 2 kanti ufuna enjani, porridge look-alike reverse

18 Jan 2011 13:38

Mshoza just like Khanyi will walk out of this marriage with i am guessing she will also have to find a new Businessman for that brazillian butt..

kwa kwa SA Celebs...they finish me klaar

18 Jan 2011 13:41

ooh yah..maybe Mshoza just has to invest the Papgeld millions she will claim for her kids for that Brazilian sebono

18 Jan 2011 13:45

I wonder who is telling the truth between those 2. 

18 Jan 2011 14:02

shame she wont get her Brazilian Behind.....poor Mshoza..kwakwakwakwakwakwa,

18 Jan 2011 14:18

Reply from: Firstdvd Tuesday, January 18, 2011 11:33 AM
Ya neh...da only key to success it EDUCATION. Not this! >>>>>>> kwakwakwakwaaaaaaaaaa! CLASSIC

18 Jan 2011 14:23

@ Cheesa, 

true that and you will never find the likes of Basetsana, Karabo showing their assets. there is one presenter for forgive and forget - she also got married to a mkhulu but you will never hear stories about them. they choose the wrong guys. 

i loved a some clip on tv Khanyi are Primrose shouldnt attack her on her platform - media hey i loved hard

18 Jan 2011 14:29

babye saw that too, kanti who used the same platform to parade crous?

uyahlanya Khanyi, we will always b sympathethic to the cheated

18 Jan 2011 14:30

Why this Jacob dude always cites infidelity from women he dumps, hayi kwazi bona naye...

18 Jan 2011 14:41

Hayi Theoza to me this Jacob dude seems like he is really making up these stories mara ke asazi since we were not there. Maybe ke his young wives get tired of the mkhulu and go out looking for the young one akitsi.

18 Jan 2011 14:42

its always drama with these pple, when they get maried, you hear noises and when they divorce, you hear disturbing noises. If you marry someone for money, they make sure you work hard for that money, abuse, beatings, tracker, they own you so they want to know whats hapenning to their assets. Id rather die poor than marry rich sugar daddy and be abused, i know that sometimes pple fall in love with older men but it just doesnt have to be about money and status, the fact that they are old doesnt make them stupid, they know the story about young girls wanting money, that is why they bug yr phones and have you followed. Being a celebrity doesnt mean you have to be in the papers for the wrong reasons.....

The media will always write the good and the bad, think about your kids or even your ailing parents, what happens to them when they keep seeing headlines....

18 Jan 2011 14:52

the fact that they are old doesnt make them stupid, they know the story about young girls wanting money, that is why they bug yr phones and have you followed. LOL True that vinc these old man aren't stupid that is why they even make sure when one is in a relationship with them, they dont have any income of thier own and promise to take care of you and give anything and everything that you want because they know at the end once you decide to be clever and follow those of your age. They will kick you out of thier house and tell you to leave everything that they bought with thier money behind and obviously you wouldn't have bought anything as you depended on them

18 Jan 2011 14:54

Ke mathatha fela nhe!  If a man wants to leave he will leave even if your ass is imported. I wonder whats gonna happen with the her booty now. Shame uMshozana. I life iskorokoro yazi! Askis skhokho.

She must go back to her lesbianism akhulise ingane zakhe qha.

18 Jan 2011 15:24

Is it possible that he has found a newer/younger model. As the saying goes " If he cheats with you , he will cheat on you" . Just as she replaced his ex -wife it is time for someone new. 

Mshoza needs to stop being selfish adedele abanye. Isondo liya jika jika.

18 Jan 2011 15:36

" If he cheats with you , he will cheat on you" .
I guess that makes women who think that it will never happen to them think twice before committing. As for men signing the contract it really shows how idiotic they are.

18 Jan 2011 23:43

I've always thought Mshoza was so pretty. She really didn't need all this plastic:o(

19 Jan 2011 08:45

I don't know who's cheating who here (not that I care). Mshoza, Karma is a b* my dear....what goes around comes around.

Everytime things go sour in these "celeb" marriages, we always here how abusive  men are mxm.

She says Mnisi should buy her & the kids a  house & support se mo hollywood mo wena Kortes.

20 Jan 2011 11:09

She was suppose to further her studies with his money instead she got 2 about the power of money.

20 Jan 2011 11:20

@ least she has the plastic boobs and nose, one thing she must do now is look for another rich guy. as for her music-what music? the gal cnt sing to save her own life!

20 Jan 2011 11:37

im laughing with Funeka (exwife)at this.Mshoza injalo kaloku le way sana.wasting money that u didnt work 4 ebudengeni of fake boobs,could have invested for a rainy day!

20 Jan 2011 11:49


20 Jan 2011 11:55

who is going to help her maintain those silicone boobs now

20 Jan 2011 12:01

I use to think Mshoza was a lesbian, I was shocked when I heard that she is getting married to a men!!!!!she carries herself like a men...what is wrong with this Mnisi guy - dating 18 yr old and 22 yr olds- nawo lamantombazane asangene yini elandelana namakhehle!!!!sisness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 Jan 2011 12:52

iiiiiyoooo, kunzima be2!

ownah m p
20 Jan 2011 13:16

drama in deed.

20 Jan 2011 13:33

money talks
Fakimali uzobona, fakimali.....*singing*

20 Jan 2011 13:34

Maybe go na le problem ka pipe ya ga Mnisi,thats why the lil one's are getting fresher ones from outside...kwa kwaa kwaaa! Haai,these girls,when will they ever learn...if you want nice things,WORK FOR THEM YOURSELF! Now there goes the brazillian behind.

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