Trevor Noah gets a hot slap from the Indians

Written by PruLuv from the blog Luv To Chat on 24 Jan 2011
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This past Saturday a Facebook/Twitter message posted by Trevor Noah that was meant to be a joke by the seasoned comic, resulted in a racial slur directed at Indians. 

Firstly, for anyone to “follow” or “Like” the much publicly acclaimed Trevor Noah, would be fully aware that he is a comedian. From both his DayWalker DVDs and exposure to his standup material, one is aware that this guy uses mainly race and politics to get his point across. 

Now, if you are either racially or politically sensitive, why would you associate yourself with someone who will “touch you on your studio?” 


This is the comment that sparked the racial debacle: 

Trevor Noah Durban is humid and full of Indians. It’s like walking into the sauna at a gym in fordsburg 

This immediately sparked a fury from a number of his Indian fans: 

Kieren Lee Dude wtf wit u nd pick on indianz 

Thiveshan Naidoo think about what u say dude... not very nice. Minus one one fan.... 

Shenaz Abdul Wahab Yeah, Indians r everywhere, so r blacks and whites but we don’t say that bout u guys. We r South African so accept us as such. 

Tiffany Rardene 1last thng,people just dnt lyk it when people criticise or mes with their race,wheather im sensiyive or nt ive always said it2u Trevor thnk b4u act im offended,u dnt want people talkin lyk that 2u 

Tamlyn Canham Trevor likes making poor taste Indian jokes!!! This is bad. So unnecessary!!! Just encouraging hate speech by the look of some of these posts!!! 

Jessica Bundhan Dnt be a racist! Being a national comedian doesn’t excuse u from this! And anyway we did the Simba advert with u in Fordsburg where u were welcomed! 

Nevashnee Chetty  - Do u hav a problem wit the charou’s. Go bak 2Josies then. Plz don’t post racist comments 

Kamil Sunderlall thats a fairly racist comment there...minus 1 fan.. 

Then it got ugly: 

Kedusha Ramnarian Dude I agree that Comedians crack jokes bout all why dnt keep it 4 da stage en off facebook! PS – if u lukin 4 “ur ppl” find them at Nrth beach havin their annual bath! 

Merska Meranda Maistry Fuck all you mother fucking loveless kunts mess with Indians is the worst thing you can do come try it trevor youll get your ass handed to you guaranteed 

Niven Pahlath Your ma se poes Trevor 

Candice Munisamy Comments like that does not earn u respect. Just makes people think your brain is locates in your ass. U just lost a fan. 

Patsy Maraj Never thort it wud i am so putt off by u. Thort u were bigger than ths,sad tt i was rong 

Apparently this post added salt to the wound that resulted in the saga: 

Ryland Situation Kelly Stupid Indians.. Should go back to there own country 

Thank Heavens that a small fraction was offended, as some Indians proved that the post was all in the name of humour: 

Justin Kanthan Guys I don’t think some of you guys read what a guy by the name of Ryland Kelly posted on this forum. He saud: stupid Indians must go back to they country. Now that’s a offence to da Indian race group. And Indian Trevor Noah fans this is joke Trevor posted on da forum is funny so don’t take offence to that. Take offence to da people dat is talking crap about da Indian race group. 

Rolanda Pillay Yeah coz we hot n spicy lol 

Leanne Davids Lmao I’m Indian n I think its funny, I mean reall nw.... Hw can a Person get angry over diz... Lol 

Ashenka Padayachee LOL no offense at all taken Trevor! What I don’t understand is why people are still going on with this... just forget abt it and enjoy your Saturday night!!;) 

However this didn’t sit well with the comedian as he posted this update shortly after the "war": 

Trevor Noah – Hey people why are you making this thing into a racist debate and argument? Please don’t user jokes for your own agenda. Just laugh man Indian is a race not a personality there’s no negative in my post unless you in your mind think it.

Clearly Trevor felt he needed to further clear the air regarding the tension caused by the joke, as he swiftly posted another comment: 

Trevor Noah – My manager Rabin who is Indian just said “what kind, don’t these people know you’re a comedian ekse?” 

Then...  He posted yet another explanation:
Trevor Noah – It’s a shame when people use comedy or forums like this to spread their hate. I can’t believe some of the things people have said. To my Indian fans please know I love y’all, don’t let a few rotten potatoes spoil us all. Much love. 


It’s amazing how a joke could have gone so out of hand, particularly to an extent of sparking such racial tension. 

Maybe I’m naive or short sited, but I don’t think this joke comes across as racist in the slighted way, especially considering that a day prior ,Trevor Noah posted this joke: 
“It’s only natural that Xhosa peeps hang out in cliques.”  Fortunately, there was no Xhosa uproar. 

So, are we still a racially sensitive nation? 
Should comedians steer clear off the racial radar? 
Did Trevor Noah go too far? 

What are your views peeps? 

Surnames covered to protect individuals involved. Source:Facebook. (I’ve just learnt that the posts have subsequently been removed.)


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24 Jan 2011 10:42

Ag those silly people must get a life and lay off the curry! There's nothing rasict that Trevor said.  The guy makes jokes about everyone and every race even our darn President.  What makes Indians soooo special that these jokes shouldn't be said about them.  Tjerrr bayadika man!

Joke on Trevor!

24 Jan 2011 10:45


24 Jan 2011 10:49

Haai maan, those indians' sense of humour has reached a freezing point. Some peeps are racially sensetive, that's all.

24 Jan 2011 10:58

It seems Trevor can't do anything these days without there being some drama. I was annoyed by him when I learned that he refused to do the Sowetan calendar shoot after people voted for him. The paper cited him as saying "he can't do it because he is not a model". Strange comment as all the other celebs were not models too.He was also accused of stealing material from other comedians and now this.

You can never please everybody but damn I am now feeling guilty too for not getting his side of the story before I wrote him off as a diva. I honestly don't think that joke was racist. Riaad Moosa makes racial and gender bias jokes all the time, you don't hear any uproar about that. One person read that as racist and his/her comment lead to more people seeing it as that.

24 Jan 2011 11:00

Read the comment trevor made. And before reading the reactions, my reaction to those who got offended is that they must have never heard Russell Peters jokes...he is a canadian-indian...born in india..raised in canada.

24 Jan 2011 11:47

Yhu hayi wethu those Indians are just over sensitive how many times has Trevor made jokes about each and every race, tribe etc. They only need to chill. Trevor is right they are pushing thier own agenda that's all. At the end of the day he is a Comedian!! So he makes fun about everything not only them.

24 Jan 2011 12:01

The Indians are funny people. They complain and call people racists and oppressors. I was born in 1977 and in my 33 years I have never been ill treated by a white or afrikaans speaking person. But the amount of abuse and oppression from the Indians in this country is very bad. If you want to experience this first hand go to Super Save, A1, Vodacom franchise stores in Savannah Mall, Dada's world of hardware, Mica etc, in Polokwane.

24 Jan 2011 12:06

I saw this status on FB and it had 400 something comments.. i was like.. ekseee...

Kanti it was beefcurry all this while? Tjo!

24 Jan 2011 12:18

Trevor Noah – My manager Rabin who is Indian just said “what kind, don’t these people know you’re a comedian ekse?” ...kwaaa kwaa kwaa...@ "what kind"..trevor is the future!

Reading the offended facebookers comments makes me yawn...beg their pardon if im trivialising their hurt feelings.

So, are we still a racially sensitive nation? ...yupp...that we are..all of us.
Should comedians steer clear off the racial radar? ...they should not, but i bet if they were told to, they wouldnt anywhere. Ofcourse there some jokes that wont be in good taste, but generally they tell of things that internally we laugh about ousrselves in our races, why not laugh together?
Did Trevor Noah go too far? ....i still think if Russell Peters indian (and other races) jokes are anything to go by, then he did nothing.

24 Jan 2011 12:35

Shame poor Trevor! He is the only man who makes me laugh until i have stomach cramps. 

Love you man! Keep up the good work! Usisikhokho noma bangathini!

24 Jan 2011 12:39

If there is any Indian here, can u please invite me for lunch.....I love briyani. I won't mind even if im on a strict diet.

24 Jan 2011 12:43

I'm still trying to figure out how the joke was racist....

@Answers - really? That's sad.

@GA - So, are we still a racially sensitive nation? ...yupp...that we are..all of us. I guess we need to take into account where this is coming from, for e.g. if Julius Malema or Steve Hofmeyer said the same thing, then it would be racist but when it's a comedian, then it's different... I guess... lol

Mrs Chix
24 Jan 2011 12:50

Indian l'm sorry but you really need to lighten up, l have heard so many racial statements and wat Trevor said was far far away from racial

24 Jan 2011 12:51

LMAO @ kante its beef curry tl tl..

24 Jan 2011 13:13

Guys i dnt know what to say honestly there are too many jokes regarding Zulu men,Xhosa women  blablabla some of them were taken frm the things that happened for reali so i dnt understand why indians are offended anyway i love Trevor's sense of humour what ever joke he makes i always lol lets hope he never cracked that joke after the final match in cricked cos definitely that was a wrong timing kwakwakwakwa

24 Jan 2011 13:30


24 Jan 2011 14:35

kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa easy Indians lol

24 Jan 2011 18:05

lol....uwenzani amandiyabantu

25 Jan 2011 09:38

There is nothing RACIST about this comment , Lighten up people and have a bunny chow lol.......

25 Jan 2011 11:22

Oh my god. He said Durban was hot and that there were lots of Indian people there. We must burn the warlock......oh wait, it's true. Seriously, some people need to have their internet license revoked. I actually like most Indian jokes, except Michael Naicker, so freaking over him.

26 Jan 2011 09:19

Ag those silly people must get a life and lay off the curry... YOU KILLED ME
eksee...beef curry... YOU BURIED ME. Those Indians must just go jump in the ocean and wash off the breyani curry smell,mxim!

27 Jan 2011 00:03

I guess those few really spoiled the joke with their lack of humour. In the tough times we live in, we sure need 2 laugh more...

27 Jan 2011 00:08

BTW my Indian friends didn't find it racist at all. The 1 said, the joke wasn't funny but the fact that people got offended was really hilarious. lol
24 May 2012 17:21

guyz guuuyzz guuuyyyzz come on what is the big deal mara? look im a zulu speacking guy ne and i always get jokes from David kau which mostly are about the zulu culture, so is kau also a raciest? sometimes people like the feelling of being serious and as for dat i wonder why they get involve in jokes of which they can't stand. trevor noah to you ma man "BIGUP YOU STILL GUT THE SPOT LIGHT EVEN THOUGH THOSE LOSERS WHO CLAIM THY WERE UR FANS CALLOFF SAYING HEY HEY HEY MINUS 1 FAN, YEAH THATS WHAT THEY ARE, THY WERE ALSO THE SUBSTRACTION SIGN FROM THEIR SHOOLS!!!!!!!!! (

24 May 2012 18:04

running to google search Nthabiseng Moeng quickly

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