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Makisto on Cape Talk Radio or Talk Radio 702

Written by Cheesa from the blog Cheesa Chat on 04 Oct 2011
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Makisto with Muvhango actors

Hey bloggers you know we have been complaining about not having a black person winning SA Idols. Well TVSA blogger Makisto will be talking about this on Cape Talk radio or Talk radio 702 at 15h10 this afternoon.

So you can tune in to hear what Makisto has to say about “what South Africa needs to do to have a black Idol and how black people need to move from blaming us having a white Idol on apartheid.” 


04 Oct 2011 14:49

Okay i am swiching on my radio

04 Oct 2011 14:51

Sadly I cant tune in .........but bloggers keep me updated tu .

04 Oct 2011 14:59

zam i am still listening to the news

04 Oct 2011 14:59

What is the frequency of Radio 702... want to tune in!!!!

04 Oct 2011 15:00

What is the frequency guys??
Plz respond it's almost 3:10

04 Oct 2011 15:01

never mind... am listening on the internet

04 Oct 2011 15:05

Okay Minah .......

04 Oct 2011 15:06

they are talking about some desease

04 Oct 2011 15:07

they are talking about refugees

04 Oct 2011 15:10

92.70 @ Anol@

04 Oct 2011 15:11

The frequency guys please? Ithini? I've been turning and turning I don't find it!

04 Oct 2011 15:13

Cheesa ke 92.70 you see I am helpful

04 Oct 2011 15:13

You can listen via live streaming here: http://www.capetalk.co.za/onair/tunein/tunein.asp

04 Oct 2011 15:14

For Cape Town?

04 Oct 2011 15:19

sorry mina ngize Johannesburg

04 Oct 2011 15:20

Im only tuned in now via the link Luke gave up there. Im not sure if Makisto has finished talking?

04 Oct 2011 15:23

Cheesa on 702 they still talk about refugees i ma about to give up cause now it is going to be the headline news

04 Oct 2011 15:25

I think Makisto has finished talking. Eish I was trying to tune in. I didnt get to hear him :(

04 Oct 2011 15:27

But Cheesa I have been listening to 702 since 15:00 and nothing

04 Oct 2011 15:29

Still no Maki ?

04 Oct 2011 15:29

lol Minah I think he has finished already. Coz when I tuned in on talk radio they were rapping up the Idols topic. Now they are talking about some thing else.

04 Oct 2011 15:33

No Cheesa i was on 702 ka 14:55 and there was no sign of Maki they were talking and they are still talking about medical attention given to refugees instead of South Africans bandla and people are calling in and complain about the old man Dalai Lama/Tutu instead of the given topic.

04 Oct 2011 15:34

Tjo Minah and Zam I dunno but they were talking about Idols on Cape Talk.

04 Oct 2011 15:36

mina i am on talk 702 i cannot access Cape Talk

04 Oct 2011 15:40

Sowrie Minah. Makisto will tell us what he said there. Lets wait.

04 Oct 2011 15:44

Now my battery is flat

04 Oct 2011 15:51

Maki where are you ?

04 Oct 2011 17:25

Hey guys, I'm currently in Nelspruit and I did my interview from here. I am sorry guys, it was only broadcast Cape Talk, that was the blunder on my side. Sorry Zam, I am not blogging frequently this week because I have personal issues that I am currently dealing with.

Here is how the interview went:

The interviewer was Jeremy Mensfield or something along those lines *hides*
He started by asking me whether not having a black idol is SA is a big deal to me and whether we should make it a big deal.
I said yes it is a big t me because we as black people need to have a black Idol and I went on and on about how black people don't vote where as they can afford to vote.

He put it to me that most black people don't have dstv and only 1.4 million households in SA have dstv and the majority of them are not black.
I said as much as the majority are not black, that's debatable in terms of the number of people who watch TV per household. I also said that I have been to a lot of kasi and townships where people stay in shacks but have dstv so most of those watch and don't.

I continued to state that black people who have dstv most of them have a mentality that the person is not my friend, I don't know the person, he is not from my communti or he doesn't know me so I will not vote whereas with white people, they support each other regardless of their relations with the contestant. They buy airtime for all their 5 or 6 sim cards and vote. However, black people don't do that even though they can afford to buy airtime and vote.

I also pointed out that mina ke shem I only vote for blak contestants because we have never had a black winner. I also said I wrote about this on my blog on TVSA telling my blog readers that I am only voting for black people and when Lefa got booted out of the competition, stopped voting. I asked you guys if that makes me racist or not and said some of you said I am not racist it's how I feel and some of you said I am racist.

He then asked me what needs to be done to ensure we have a black idol next year or whatever time.
I said since this is a societal thing, we need to start in our communities. Let's say it's me "Makisto from Nelspruit" (I'm from Tzaneen so since I was in Nelspruit I just said Nelspruit on air) and I made it to top 10, my town really needs to support me and so should my village or township. They can campaign for me by having posters on the streets asking people to vote for me [even if they don't watch, as long as they can vote>>>>this I forgot to say on air].

Since we are in a social media era, we can have someone from the community who has unlimited access to the internet to ask for permission from my family to campaign for me on the Facebook and twitter by creating Facebook vote fan page and a twitter fan account where people can create online buzz and start talking, the online buzz will create a conversation amongst people and some of the will vote for me.

I continued to say that black people need to stop blaming everything on apartheid as that can no longer be acceptable as an excuse for us not supporting each other.

I also said I have heard white people saying they are impressed by a blackk idol contestant and saying they will vote for that black person because they have talent. However, the proof is in the pudding so we can safely deduce they only said it but come voting time they vote white and not for talent. I said white people need to liberate themselves by voting for deserving black talent.

The interviewer said black people who enter the competition and make it to the top 10, even though they don't win, they still go on to have successful careers and their albums really do sell well and are known in the entertainment industry so the talent search puts them out there.

I agreed that indeed they do have careers by making it to the top 10. However, 10 years down the line, we cannot afford to look back down the memory lane and only see white winners, we need also need to see a black winner [The winners need to reflect the demographics of this country]. Besides, being a crowned an Idol is important because nothing compares to the crowning. 

The interviewer asked me wouldn't moving the show to SABC ensure we get a black I dol as Mara Louw suggested?
I said no.. The SABC has a lot of shenanigans and poor management. The show needs to stick to Dstv [espeially that it's available on Mzansi Magic for those who have the Compact bouquet]

In a nutshell, that's what I said on the show. 

I was basically asked to open the debate around the black Idol thing before they could take calls and sms'es fr

04 Oct 2011 17:34

The producer who called me said she reads my articles here on TVSA so we can safely conclude that TVSA is influential. She says as she was researching for the show this morning she came accross some of articles especially the one I did last yeat titled "Why SA needs a black Idol".

04 Oct 2011 17:39

Thanks Cheesa for writing this, much appreciated

04 Oct 2011 17:52

Super stuff Maki' - you rocked it!! Was luvly hearing your voice:).

04 Oct 2011 18:18

Great stuff Makisto :-)

04 Oct 2011 18:40

Congratulations Maki ... Making Waves are We?!?

04 Oct 2011 22:53

Thanks guys, Thanks Tashi, thanks Tshd21, lol yeah VusiK, TVSA is influential in the industry yazi,

poker face
04 Oct 2011 23:06

great stuff boet!!...

05 Oct 2011 08:03

Great stuff Makisto!

05 Oct 2011 08:24

Thanks a Mill Maki ........for voicing our concerns ,TVSA RCKS!

05 Oct 2011 08:43

Congratulations on your interview-wish it was aired on 702 (wish Redi/Jenny can have such a topic)

Hai! I must say im a bit disappointed by the bloggers-please dont attack me, i dont want you to be like me-otherwise the world would be boring!

I fought a literacy battle with my sisters because i wanted them not to live in other people's shadows or see some things as unattainable or for certain people (it creates a very weak character in a person-jealousy-ignorance-self hate etc) and i happy to say i have won.

there are several mediums freely available to eliminate illiteracy-read, listen & watch things that will take you higher than the level you are at-can one's life be about watching soapies & reading gossip columns?

i am disappointed that someone from Gauteng over 16yrs old does not know 702 radio!!! Maybe its because i started listening to it way back in Shado Thwala's days but really, with the kind of info you get there..........it helped me to be broadminded!!!

Anyway.........one man's bread is another's poison!


05 Oct 2011 09:52

Thank you guys

05 Oct 2011 14:04

Hhm welldone Makisto that was great.....

05 Oct 2011 14:23

@Ntlewame2, tsharo was'dlalisela inombolo kanti nawe ungumtakababa uvukvale ubhalakaxane zkhiphani?

it doesn't matter whether you are disappointed in us or not because we are not you children in the first place! Hawu asisiyena ubaba wakho asizalwa nguwe.

05 Oct 2011 14:37

hey maki congrats bro en i can see u have the luks lol. pliz write an article on generations yah may be they can do something.

05 Oct 2011 14:41

it doesn't matter whether you are disappointed in us or not because we are not you children in the first place! Hawu asisiyena ubaba wakho asizalwa nguwe. 

05 Oct 2011 18:01

Awesome Makitso. Pity it clashes with my working hours. Mara knowing you it must have been intertaining!

The interviewer was Jeremy Mensfield or something along those lines *hides* 


I think if it went to SABC, 1 specifically, the chances are greater that we could have a black Idol.

I think it's also the genres that determines the audience of the show, hence more white people would watch and black people watch Africa Magic. lol

05 Oct 2011 22:33

maki congrats bro en i can see u have the luks lol.
Thanks everyone for all the compliments hle. lol @Pru and Africa Magic *dead*

12 Oct 2011 16:10

@Ntlewame2, tsharo was'dlalisela inombolo kanti nawe ungumtakababa uvukvale ubhalakaxane zkhiphani?

it doesn't matter whether you are disappointed in us or not because we are not you children in the first place! Hawu asisiyena ubaba wakho asizalwa nguwe. 

Kodwa Chase ungenzani.......LMBAOL.........hayi maan i look too serious as if ndiyasebenza now i can't stop laughing loud hahahahahahaha. You just made my day dude/dudest.

Sorry Maki i missed this. But i think u were amazing. Love ur answers but i stil say they should move Idols to SABC 1, 2 or 3 but they should use the same crew members (meaning the cameras and everything). I used to undust my tv kanti ziicameras ezingekho grand.  

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