Muvhango: New Characters, Same Old Stories

Written by makisto from the blog Frankly Speaking on 15 Jun 2010
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Muvhango is a story based on two branches of the same family who are at conflict with one another, torn apart by the clash between the urban and rural communities. In their battle to find a unified answer to their conflict, they are divided by juicy betrayals, jealous and revenge, that's how the show describes Muvhango.

The choice is hers
A story that first started in 1997 as 13-part episode drama has now gone to be one of SA's top soapies. With 1200 episodes and counting, the show is currently displaying simptoms of lack of new, original and rivetting storylines = A disease that no soapie is immune of.

The crux of Muvhango 

The show has been very successful in pulling quite a few millions to watch it even though it sometimes lacks the recipe of a good storyline. Since the show started, Thandaza has been subjected to countless love triangles and the men eventually betray her. 
We all still remember the love triangles in Thandaza's life starting with the days of Edward, Ndalamo and Pheko.

The new team
On the other hand, the Mukwevhos always want to rule in Mukwevho Holdings boardroom because they are of the opinion that the Mokoenas want to steal the company from them.

Though I am not Venda, I have issues with how Venda older/mature characters are potrayed on the show. They are potrayed as people who lack compromise, emotional intelligence and sympathy. Take Vho-Masindi for instance, she had issues with Catherine right during Mashudu's death up to the time of his burial. Now that Catherine is dead, she's after Agnes. Are all step mothers really like that? I would like to see a more sympathetic and family-like Vho-Masindi injected on her character.

Last year the arrival of KK on the scene heralded a new era in the history of Muvhango. The story played out over a period of 7 months, much to the dismay and impatience of loyal viewers.

Just as we thought the storyline was over, Meme and KK are currently trying to get MH back to their arms, bits by bits. 

Some of the characters I am not sure what their role on the story really is. What is Pumpkin really doing on the show? She and Spha seem never to hit it off.

You guys know the story and you can take it from there. 

New storyline to appease loyal and attract new viewers

Royal trio
So, it is clear that something is wrong in the storyline section. What should happen?

Lufuno is portaryed as an emotional character and I would like to see how, from a cultural point of view, rape will be handled on the show.

 Lufuno and her man Mulimisi are all lover-dovey and he wants punani and she doesn't wanna give in. The situations leads to rape and Lufuno lays charges against him and he is arrested. The family is up in arms and the elders say Lufuno shouldn't have pressed charges because she will shame the royal house. All these make Lufuno angry and she starts having nightmares about the day of her rape. Mulimisi makes it out on bail. Lufuno goes to the river to wash her clothes and he comes to apologise. She then fights with him and she pushes him in the river and as he tries to gets out, Lufuno takes a big stone on the river banks of Thathe...Mulimisi get out and she throws the huge stone on his head and he dies instantly.

Mulalo and Lufuno
Lufuno is arrested and charged with culpable homicide. Her bossy inmates abuse her and she unleashes all her anger on them and starts fighting with all of them and she becomes the new cell boss. Agnes goes to see her and brags that Lufuno is now in jail and she (Agnes) is climbing the corporate ladder. Vho-Masindi arrives in the middle of the bragging and starts swearing at Agnes. Then, another trial begins...

Thandaza and her new man marry. Meme stays away from them. For once, Thandaza is shown as a woman who is happily married and so so in love. However, her son Vusi doesn't like her man and wants to stay with her grand mom. A new challenge of integrating a new husband with your son begins…

Scheming Meme
Meme sets up KK in a bid to get rid of him at Masase so she can completely own the company. He takes the bait and Meme sees him dethroned from being the boss of the company and she is now at the helm of it. Agnes turns into a bitchy character and is now enemies with Meme because they don't trust each other since she trounced her mentor KK.

Mother and daughter
Mmbangiseni and Meiki plan to get married but Humbulani comes back to reclaim her Etwatwa and Mmbangiseni loses his cool since he doesn't have any moolah and wasn't saving. Meiki's crazy with the idea of her wedding and her man doesn't want to let her down so he says he will pay but he knows he has no money at all. On wedding day, organisers and creditors have not been payed = they arrive to take the cake, catering company goes back and and so does everything and everyone else. Mmbangiseni doesn't pitch up, Meiki is devasted at the altar and the mighty Mukwevhos are seething with their name being dragged in the mud. Two-faced Miriam starts plotting against Humbulani and Mmbangiseni for shaming her only daughter.



15 Jun 2010 11:21

I agree with you 100% does Thandaza have to fall in love with men from the same family first it was Edward then Ndalamo who happens to be edwards cousin and Pheko who is also Edwards cousin now itsRanthumeng who is Phekos cousin.  I thought Muvhango was meant to educate people about culture.  If a drama runs for more than 10 years the writters eventually run out of ideas look at some of the soapies eg the bold, days and even generations total hogwash.

15 Jun 2010 12:01

I will leave my comment here to indicate that I have read this....

I have no idea what is happening in that story. Though I watch it once in a while.. I cant make sense of a single thing. I have no idea what Masase is, where it mushroomed from, what it's relationship is with MM - I cat make sense of it all.

Cant make sense of why Agnes left the royal house.. how she ended up in Masase and trying to buy or sell shares.

All I know is the chld that plays Thandaza's Vusi needs to be either re-cast or trained. That child is baaad! The few times that they try to give him some lines - he messes through the acting. Whose child is he???

15 Jun 2010 12:15

@ carino. It's true that you don't watch the show. They have replaced the old vusi and the new one speaks naturally, not like he is remembering his lines. Agnes was khadzi in Thathe. The riyal house took away the title from her. You will remember she sacrificed a lot to be khadzi. Currently she feels betrayed by the Mukwevhos since she is now banished from Thathe. She wants to go into business and does business with Meme and KK so she can hit the Mukwevhos where it hurts the most. Masase is a company bought by Meme and KK. It is a subsidiary of MH.

15 Jun 2010 12:24

i second that they have to inject some storylines otherwise it is really boring to watch teh samething all over again popel going to court every now and then.  A lot needs to be done and i like your suggestions.

As for Vho-Masindi's character, it is true, majority of step moms are like her.  They look for the best interest of their kids not step kids, many treat their half kids like that.

15 Jun 2010 12:33

Ok Lus, I think I agree with the whole step mom thing. 
A lot needs to be done and i like your suggestions. 
Yes man, maybe I need to be their freelance storyliner.

15 Jun 2010 12:39

approach them otherwise they will steal your ideas and never give you credit hahahah

15 Jun 2010 12:41

Ow-kay!!!  Lets hope for the best, thanks Makisto!

15 Jun 2010 12:50

Some of the characters I am not sure what their role on the story really is. What is Pumpkin really doing on the show?...she reminds me of that other waitress with dreadlocks....from the begining to the very end, i still dont know what she was doing on the show....oh, unless she was just meant to be Boss lady's mgobozi patner, even on that role she was not.....guite holding it down. that new storylines or your stortyline suggestions?
still reading....

15 Jun 2010 12:59

Lufuno goes to the river to wash her clothes .....even in the royal house they still go ka nokeng? i thought they sort of lived in pimped houses, looks like that to me.

Lufuno takes a big stone on the river banks of Thathe.....for a second there i thought you'd say the stone has mystical powers.. 

Then, another trial begins... LOLest....

Thandaza and her new man marry....havent watched in a while....Thandaza has a new man?....

On wedding day, organisers and creditors have not been payed = they arrive to take the cake...aowiiii....why the cake, why not sue...and go to

15 Jun 2010 13:06

There is something that always catches my eyes ka Lufuno:
In the drama, she is supposed to be less educated than Agness...a bit  of an airhead etc. But i belive in real life, the girl playing Lufuno is a smart, articulate young lady...with the model c type of english and swagg etc. 
So occasionally, i have seen her slip her real way of talking in the drama, which is the model c typa english and mannerism...just occasionally... 
Ke mo topile nta thekeng, but i understand, id also sneak in my real personalty just to remind people that im nothing like the character, if its bad.....and i think thats why im not an actress or anything close...

15 Jun 2010 13:10

They have replaced the old vusi and the new one speaks naturally, not like he is remembering his lines<<< They're all the same to me. And Thandaza's mom.....Gaad she's bad!!! You'd never tell ukuthi she started acting decades ago *SMH*

But the show seriously needs some revamping. Am bored of the same stories over and over again... and they don't even make sense!! 

PS: Ave ekhinda uThabisile!!!!

15 Jun 2010 13:25

I honestly cant say whether Muvhango is bad or not.
I have moments in the 30minutes slot for evry soapy were i like and dont like. with Muvango is days and weeks of not being interested and down right irritated....But i generally think all soapies are gulity of one thing or another,
The beauty of it is that whilst some people like, some dont?
The muvhango teasers suggest that there r people who are happy with it?

15 Jun 2010 13:31

lol @GA for all the comments. Some of them are really funny shem. You are so right about Lufuno. Apparently she studied musical theatre @ TUT, I read in some magazine, I think it's tvplus or Drum. She is also a director on the show so you are right about the model c kind of thing. You can even tell from the pics above that she looks kind of posh. @ Lus, I will try doing that man.

15 Jun 2010 13:45

O Gosh what about JUBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAARRGGHHHHHH

15 Jun 2010 14:26

@buligirl are you saying Ranthumeng is Pheko's cousin? nna i thought that name was the doctor's name,the wwan yo o neng a ratana le Hombolane kana they used the same name.

15 Jun 2010 14:28

yebo yes bk. Couldn't they come up with another name? Haai maan, Muvhango!

15 Jun 2010 14:35

and did you say Pheko was Edward's cousin? i dont watch movango that much but this.

15 Jun 2010 14:35

@least you watch....I have no idea, the last time I watched was when it played as a 13 part episode drama.

15 Jun 2010 14:44

i feel sorry for those who are torturing themselves with this thing ....

15 Jun 2010 14:47

lol @ BA

15 Jun 2010 14:54

they must go back to airing it 3times a week otherwise they are running out of storylines. And when i read your tips i thought they wetre for real.

I for one am not tortured so dont feel sorry for me, it's just a drama needing a new direction.

15 Jun 2010 15:11

and did you say Pheko was Edward's cousin? i dont watch movango that much but this.

Yes he was.... wasnt he? angithi he is Malume Tshepo's child and Eddie was VhoKatrina's boy.... and Malume Tshepo and Catherine were siblings.

15 Jun 2010 15:29

lol @ carino on how you explain the cousinhood. I like VhoKatrina... @ pele, those are just my suggestions on how they should inject new life to their stories and I better start being their freelance storyliner = I don wanna be there permanetly because their actors and crew sometimes don't get paid in time. So, I will still be sticking with my day job lol.

15 Jun 2010 15:58

Tazteeq, you are a joke, yazi lol.

15 Jun 2010 16:14

You can say that again tazteeq.

15 Jun 2010 18:47


16 Jun 2010 00:29

a la Cari, I too will leave this comment as an indication that I read this article. I don't know anything about Muvhango except for the few times when I flip through channels and I see a court scene on the show. Are this people always in court? Have to say I am a bit surprised that in your storyline suggestions you still suggest a trial on the show.

They are potrayed as people who lack compromise, emotional intelligence and sympathy.

By the way, Makisto, what is "emotional intelligence"?

17 Jun 2010 10:39

@ blaqueboi
Obviously I cannot speak on behalf of the show because I'm not their publicist. But based on what I have seen, I think court is an itegral part of their storylines. The way I see it, it's like saying saying Generations shouldn't have advertising as part of their storylines. Like I said, i am not speaking on behalf of the show because I don't know what the major bases of their storylines are. That suggestion is there to improve on their writing. Just last night, Spha (Phila Mazibuko) had multiple court appearance yet we didn't know what he did. I am suggesting ideas on how they should improvise. Well, as for the emotional intelligence thing, it is an ability or capacity to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, and of others.

17 Jun 2010 10:52

Muvhango ke mathata really.  When it started back then it was a marvel to watch.  Now it has really gone to the dogs.  I only watch it saturdays when i'm at home with nothing to do.  They must fire their writers....who goes to court now and then? for starters lawyers dont come cheap and the sad thing is even their depiction ya di courts is not a true reflection. There's no research whatsoever.  It's crawling with bad actors.  That bafuwi and his stupid laugh, KK, Juby (what a name), even the extras tsa teng diya bheda.  They cant even be proper extras.

The fact that they go to Etwatwa to have supper there, who does that? that place dont look like no restaurant (the setting is just dodgy).  Another thing is that ko Etwatwa they dont believe in investing in glasses, you order juice you drink it straight from its container. When they drink tea the carton of milk must also be there y not put the milk in its jug? (we get hore maybe ke di sponsors tsa bona mara haai no) LMAO!!

Now they've decided to steal the idea ya Isidingo of looking for a partner for nandipha now they also looking for a partner for thandaza which is also a recipe for disaster. Nuff Said

17 Jun 2010 10:56

Valid points shem BuhleFab

19 Jun 2010 19:32

I used to love the show but now they need to take a break to think hard without bn under pressure. Good ideas

19 Jun 2010 19:52

I know muvhango is all about courts,fight nd quarrels but this time with agnes i don't understand wat is wrong with her joining her family's enemy,what is the writer's trying to tell us a ke kwesisi and meme dethroning kk,how can she do that,finally thandaza tying the knot without meme 's interference.will see about that.

19 Jun 2010 23:16

Enough said. Is it possible/authorised 4 kk 2 date with kuki, were kuki. I mean they met while fightin 4 their co.s

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