Gospel According to Lundi Tyamara

Written by makisto from the blog Frankly Speaking on 02 Dec 2010
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TVSA blogger Makisto interviewed Lundi in 2010 so we're republishing the interview in memory of him following his death today (27 January) as a result of stomach TB and a liver condition. He was 38.

This is the interview..

The Prince of Gospel has been performing all over the country and wasn’t able to pitch up for our face-to-face interview. Lundi and I ended up having a telephonic interview.

Bula Music’s publicist Dudu Dlamini tried to call me in the morning since about 7:30 and I didn’t notice my cell phone was off. I arrive at Bula Music in Auckland Park right on time for our appointment at 10:00, excited that I will finally get to meet my most favourite artist. You see, Lundi [and Sechaba Padi] is the only artist whom I can without a doubt say, I am a huge fan of. I have all 10 of his 11 albums after all. 

Lundi albums cover sleeves/posters are on the walls and it’s clear the albums are best sellers.

Lundi 2010
As I make my way to the reception, Dudu comes to welcome me and tells me Lundi isn’t around. She ushers me into her office and there are various Lundi albums cover sleeves/posters on the walls and it’s clear the albums are best sellers.

Dudu leaves the office [trying to organise me a telephonic interview with the gospel star], I look around and see a flyer with the words, Bula Music Christmas Hits and it’s Lundi and Sechaba’s 2010 albums.

When she returns, I ask Dudu why I didn’t know Sechaba has a 2010 album. “It was released on 4 November. It means I am not doing my job well,” she chuckles. 

[Some] People don’t love Lundi, they love to hate him.”

I ask if I can get a Sechaba cd titled Thank you, to review and she opens a box under her table and gives me a copy [You can expect the review next week]. We then talk about Lundi and TVSA. “I was on your website earlier this week and it’s about the hip and happening on the entertainment industry and I’m not sure Lundi fits into that category. I like the website because it is very interactive and very lively,” she says.

“On TVSA we write about anyone and everyone,” I say. “When our news editor Tashi Tagg posted the winners of the Crown Gospel Music Awards, I commented on Lundi winning in the Classic of all time category and we had this big Lundi talk.

Then Dudu says: “The media hasn’t been very good to Lundi. Sometimes they write good things about him then suddenly there is bad publicity.” I then interject her, “…but people love Lundi.” And she replies “No they [some people] don’t love him, they love to hate him.”

And I think there is some truth in what she says. And she continues, “You will find people asking him the same questions time and over again. They go like, Lundi, are you gay? Are you still on drugs?” I reply, “So what if he is gay, will they win any award for that?” She replies. “Exactly, so, what if I’m gay?” 

Lundi has proven himself to be an amazing entertainer with a personality set for the stage.

She then also gives me a Kaya People of Africa CD for me to review and I smile inwardly. She goes out and comes back after a few minutes and my telephonic interview with Lundi is sorted. 

Before we start with the interview, let’s look at Lundi’s biography from Bula. Lundi is considered one of the countries greatest performers for many years now and is able to attract an audience of thousands.

He has proven himself to be an amazing entertainer with a personality set for the stage. This, coupled with his amazing live vocal abilities, makes watching Lundi perform live a memorable experience.

It was unsurprising then that Lundi took part in a live DVD. By combining his own musical expertise with that of his band members, Lundi put together a brilliant musical package for a live DVD shoot. 

He has grown in fame and popularity and despite the controversy and [bad] publicity he has had to endure over the years

Lundi is one of a handful of South African Artists who have exceeded unit sales of one million, with every release having exceeded double platinum. His incredibly powerful voice has gripped the nation and abroad since the beginning of his musical career in 1998.

He has grown in fame and popularity and despite the controversy and [bad] publicity he has had to endure over the years, thousands still testify to the impact Lundi’s music is having in their lives.

I am on the phone speaking with Lundi Tymara and the guy commands energy and is very enthusiastic about what he is talking about and even kind of makes it clear who is in charge of the interview. I introduce myself and tell him for the purpose of this interview my name is Makisto. I outline what my mission is and I tell him I would like to talk about his music, bad publicity and Christmas. 


I started by asking him, 11 albums and still going strong! How has been your experience over the years?

No it’s not 11, it’s 13 [he is referring to two of his The best of Lundi]. It wasn’t easy mfwethu. You know in everything one does there are ups and downs and my downs are many compared to my ups. I looked at my situation and gave everything to Jesus. At the end of the day, I can only emerge a stronger person.

I have been waiting for 9 years for a song that will take a Mphefumlo Wami route and when I heard Size sifike ezweni, I was like, this is it. Another classic and my prayers, and probably yours too were answered when you won Crown Gospel Award for classic of all time with that song…[Lundi interjects]
There can never be any song like Mphefumlo Wami, that song is indeed a classic [and the continued demand of that song proves it]. It was my breakthrough into the music industry, there can only be one Mphefumlo Wami. I didn’t expect the success I got with that album mfwethu and when uThixo calls you, he calls you with a purpose. I am very fortunate that I get to do what I love most.

I am a big fan of yours and I have 10 of your 11 albums and that’s because I can’t find Phaphamani anywhere. Each time your album releases, I run from store to store looking for it and so does many other thousands Lundi fans out there. Do you think we buy your music because of the Lundi brand or because your music is very relevant.
Oh wow! You are my fan, wow, that’s great mfwethu [with the continued mention of mfwethu, which is most arguably a masculine word, I wonder where these gay allegations come from]. You must mention in your story that you are my fan.

As for relevance, before a song can be a great song to other people, it must first be great to me and those I’m working with. I don’t take people for granted because they must get quality music and they deserve to get their money’s worth and one must sustain the brand of releasing good music. I always try and work with great people in the industry.

Please tell your readers that on 16 December is my birthday and I will be at Vanryn Place of Safety in Benoni with my musician friends. We will be singing for the children there and having a great time. Everybody is welcome to join us.

Do you have fans shouting Lundi every time you walk on the streets? 
They do all the time mfwethu and sometimes you find maybe I’m in a hurry to a bank and people want to talk and take pictures with me.

It isn’t always easy to explain that I’m rushing somewhere because mfwethu ukuthi lendaba kumele ebe ye 50/50 because these are people who buy my music and I must make time for them. However, banks close at certain times. For me, people matter most because I am who I am because they buy my music and come to my shows. 

Lundi Tyamara
Lundi, over the years, you have received your fair share of bad publicity. How do you deal with such situations?
Many things have been written about me and many of them are not even true. I have learnt to put everything to uJesu because I cannot do anything without Him. He is the source of my strength.

I have realised that people don’t always believe what they read in the papers. Journalists have the power to make a star and they have the power to break that particular person.

Yes I have received good publicity but when journalists are done with you, they will chew you and spit you out mfwethu just like that. Jurnalists can be great to you but not all the time. It is especially important for us as artists to be mindful of the things we do.

Uhambo lwam from Ngiyabonga [2004] chronicles your journey in the music industry and you talk about how you first started in the music industry and continue chronicling your challenges with booze and drugs. How did that song come about?
Eish, that song…[there is a little silence on the other end of the line]. Can we talk about my current album please?

Ok, in your new album Uhambo’ lwami/My journey, there is a song called Buya Mhlobo buya. Man, that song is hot! It has the makings of…[Lundi interjects]
Mfwethu, this album is about my life. If there is anyone who doesn’t know me, they should buy this album and they will know who I am. Buya mhlobo buya is about me. I was lost and lost my purpose in life and forgot about God’s greatness.

I lived my life and didn’t wanna involve God in it. I was really lost. Then it dawned on me that I am actually behaving like a prodigal son and decided it’s time ndibuyele kuJesu because he died for me. Even when the media writes bad things about me and tell things that aren’t true, it’s the same as what we did to Christ. He came from heaven to show us His love for us but we rejected and crucified Him. Mna ndithemebele kuJesu (I trust in Jesus and put everything to him).
Lundi 01 2010
We are now in the festive season. What do you love about Christmas?
For me Christmas is about family and family time. For instance, I am in Joburg ‘ya bona mfwethu and my family is in Cape Town. So, on Christmas Day I will be spending 100% of my time with my family.

What are your childhood memories about Christmas?
I remember my mom bought me a pair of shoes and I loved them so much. We were having a dance thing going at school and I would always wear those shoes because I loved them so much even though the teachers were quite specific about what we should wear on that dance group. I am getting bored, another question please.

Where do you go to church?
I don’t have a specific church I go to. I go to all the churches and every church that invites me, I attend. I don’t want to be a member of a particular church.

How is your new album doing on the market?
My new album is doing very well [I can tell he is smiling] and I am grateful to everyone who is supporting me and thank you too Makisto for being my fan. I really appreciate all the support and I love you guys because you continue to buy my music despite what has been written about me.

We as your fans love you too Lundi and it will take more than just bad publicity for loyal fans like me to stop buying your music. Credit must be given where it is due. I’m only gonna speak for myself here; I find that your music is uplifting and entertaining and I like that about it.
Thank you bhuti, I appreciate it.

Thank you Lundi for your time. I appreciate you taking your time to talk to me. You are a star.
Inkosi bhuti!

My interview is over and I tell Dudu how great Lundi was. I show her my 10 al;bums I brought with me for Lundi to sign. “Ah, the guy has disappointed you. You are his biggest fan,” she says. She then gives me Lundi’s Phaphamani album because I am not able to find it in stores.

She also wants to give me Uhambo lwami but I tell her I have already bought it so there is no need and I thank her nonetheless. “We appreciate you supporting Lundi Makisto and please continue doing so,” she says.

Lundi: Uhambo lwami/My journey album review
Lundi Tymara
When I saw the title name at Musica, I was like, mos is the name of the song from Ngiyabonga but nonetheless, being a loyal fan that I am, I bought it without listening to it first. When I played it on my home theatre, I was pleased. The album kick starts with the Crown Gospel Award winning song Size sifike ezweni and if you adore songs like Mphefumlo Wami, Mina Ngithembu Jesu, you will like this song.

There is something about Lundi’s music. When I compare all his albums, the sound and rhythm has changed over the years but he is consistent with his new beats. For instance, Mphefumlo Wami and Mvuleleni Angene/Usigcine [his first two albums] have the same rhythm. When I listen to Uhambo lwami, it has some relation to Inkosi yayazi. However, the songs and lyrics are very distinctive from each other. For instance, Umasikhala kuwe from the 2010 album reminds me of 2009’s Ngithule lomthwalo and so does Senzeni [2010] and Hamba ntliziyo [2009]. For me, that is a good thing because as a buyer, you are guranteed some great gospel. Also,Ngiyabonga goes together with Jeremiya [2005] 

Songs to look out for in My Journey are of course Size Sifike Ezweni , Senzeni, Come down Jerusalem, Buya mhlobo buya and umasikhala kuwe among others.

Though Lundi has matured musically or artistically, I would like to see him returning to the basics of Mphefumlo wami. My journey gets 3 and half stars from me.



02 Dec 2010 18:45

i used 2 be a fan mara hayi no, lundi must seek redemption yu. his lost the plot & is not a gud role model shame. hayi kabi but it's his own doing, so don't blame me 4 being honest he just thrives on controversy 

he bores me 2 death manje, it's like hes possessd by demons. y does he always hav 2 b on the wrong side of everything. hayi suka man.

he should grow up, go to church, repent, take a chill pill (actually we don't want him doing mo drugs), he must just relax, we are tired of his drama man

only then will i become a fan again until then hayi no lundi

02 Dec 2010 19:22

He is so talented and I love his music, God given talent...I don't own any of his album though, you should have taken that CD wena Makisto and given it to me.

02 Dec 2010 21:56

Why Lundi my man why why why the man of God?......Pls stop this thing ya bo gay its against the BIBLE we love u,we like your music but......

03 Dec 2010 07:11

i am 1st.yessssssssssssss

03 Dec 2010 07:11


03 Dec 2010 07:12

makisto,you are the man!

03 Dec 2010 07:26

oh!maki! you are a star*

03 Dec 2010 07:57

only then will i become a fan again until then hayi no lundi
Hayi LadyMay, but Lund says he has now given his life to God and he says he behaved like a prodigal son hence the song Buya mhlobo buya.

you should have taken that CD wena Makisto and given it to me.
Itjo Sobza, if I knew I would have then taken it but I believe in honesty and I didn't wanna lie and say I don't have the CD whereas I have it. As Mutodi will tell you, lying is against the Bible. ((((((hides))))))

Pls stop this thing ya bo gay its against the BIBLE we love u,we like your music but...... 
But Lundi says he is not gay and is planning to get married or is married.

i am 1st.yessssssssssssss...oh!oh!

oh!maki! you are a star*

03 Dec 2010 08:16

Bless Lundi. Glad to hear he is still selling and that is loyal supporters still support him. Yes he has had his fare share of negative publicity, but in the spirit if "a sin is a sin is a sin" i hope we will stop casting stones at him as if our flaws are lesser flaws in God's eyes.

I dont know his music though...i have seen his songs on Gospel gold,but i only recall Mphefumlo Wami,le gona thats about all i know in the song,the rest i hum along,don't really know what it says.

03 Dec 2010 08:30

[with the continued mention of mfwethu, which is most arguably a masculine word, I wonder where these gay allegations come from].  Makisto makisto makisto makisto makisto please please asseblief tog that "mfwethu" does not mean anything.I am 90% sure that Lundi is gay..the manner in which he carries himself says it all and again it takes more than mannerism for one to be gay.One can be very macho but deep down you find that they are on the down low..I for one do not have anything against him being gay and I won't win anything.But the best thing he can do for himself is to stop being in denial.Yes he might be denying this for the sake of his career cos I know most bazalwane might stop supporting him if he had to come out of the closet. THERE IS NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE

03 Dec 2010 08:32

"But Lundi says he is not gay and is planning to get married or is married. "

*rolls eyes* Let's just say I have seen some very incrementing photos...

03 Dec 2010 08:39

Guys I am not defending Lundi, I am just saying what he told me and many other publication. Lejazz, sometimes people do course fire, for me, until Lundi comes out and tells us he is gay, I will deem him to be hetero. Lol @ Lejazz and the mfwethu argument.

03 Dec 2010 08:43

Makisto, i hope you also mentioned to Lundi that im his number 1 fan...number 1! *side eye* LOL ...>>>>**adjusnting my glasses & continues to read**

03 Dec 2010 08:47

Wow Goodone Makisto I am also Lundi's fan even though i don't have 11 albums like u Makisto...Well all i can say is that i am different If i love someone i dnt look at the bad things ppl are saying regarding that particular person(Labels) I love Lundi so as Sechaba and the other artists i can't mention since the topic is about Lundi, And it's reali good to hear the positive staff about our celebs keep it up Makisto....It's so strange to see ppl spending their entire tym gossiping and digging all the dirt and exposing other ppl meanwhile they also have their dirty laudry in the closet no wonder we dnt progress... good stuff man well done Makisto

03 Dec 2010 08:51

Thank you Ntoko. I appreciate it, you guys are the ones challenging me to keep it up and write what you call great stuff

03 Dec 2010 08:52

....I am getting bored, another question please >>>>kwakwakwakwakwaa! *dead*

03 Dec 2010 08:53

Thanks Makisto, great article Mfethu, LOL . I am alos a huge fan of Lundi Tyamara and Sechaba. Oh and I just heard that song they collaborate on, AMAZING. But uLundi yadika man. Every time he is about to realise, he comes with this strory that he has changed his ways. We buy the story, support him./ He takes the money and waste it on drugs. when hes broke again he reocrds and come again with these stories. hay without being judgemental I love Lundi to bits, but Yakhenya Mfethu, seriously. Having sad that, iam buying his latest album. if hes fooling us, thats his INDABA, not mine.

03 Dec 2010 08:53

me too @ TheLady. he is so gay, they gaydar goes on malfunction everytime he is near. And that marraige thing is a stunt so that he can shut the media up.

03 Dec 2010 09:06

yekani u lundi maan ..gay or not he is still a child of God..

03 Dec 2010 09:10

Dear Lundi,
Please Lundi i wish to see you without the afro, please tu!  I hope you will get to see this comment.

your fan, ms.tebby

03 Dec 2010 09:13

i just wanted us to quickly open our bibles go GALATIANS6:1-10 and Matthew7:1-3, as much i dont lie the way Lundi does things i cannot point fingers at him, i think the best thing i will do i pray for him and shut up

03 Dec 2010 09:14


03 Dec 2010 09:19

Makisto please interview Sechaba next, I would love to read about him & please this time when u are offered a CD you already have, think of me or Sobza, neh? *hides* You must ask him a lot of questions (not necesarily personal, i knw just like me u respect ppl's personal space,*wide grin*) I wanna know how he ended up in Nigeria & stuff like that, lol

03 Dec 2010 09:24

Thank you Favoured for your words, thats what I believe in. when I read all those things about him being a grug addict & stuff all those years back, i prayed for him, & I believe that my prayers have been answered.

03 Dec 2010 09:31

Thumbs up ms.tebby Sechaba next i can't wait to tell him that his eyes are charming (((((hides)))) plz forgive my evil thoughts now u know that nobody is perfect hahahahaha

03 Dec 2010 09:35

But uLundi yadika man. Every time he is about to realise, he comes with this strory that he has changed his ways. We buy the story, support him./ He takes the money and waste it on drugs. when hes broke again he reocrds and come again with these stories.

True andi01..........dont forget the crying when they intrview him on why he's doing all those things,am so not judging him too coz i love his music irregardless of all the things being said bout him

Makisto makisto makisto makisto makisto please please asseblief tog that "mfwethu" does not mean anything.

LOL lejazz....i remeber the latest interview she did with sis'Ribs,i was dead with laughter oh how she was talking and stuf...hehehehehe but he COULD be straight,LOL

03 Dec 2010 09:40

.........latest interview she did with sis'Ribs = he

03 Dec 2010 09:55

people phuuuuuliz!!!!!!..the guy is so gay even ma lil sista said " this guy acts like umama nje"..she is 9 for that matter...aaaaah shame ungumfazi nje, the way he carries himself...that said, he is talented no arguement abt that....mara u gay! (and its not a bad thing)

03 Dec 2010 10:15

I'm all for Setjhaba being interviewed next.  I love the man to bits... and that deep voice, banna!!!.

As for bro Lundi.... I also used to love his music, cz i believe God has blessed him with that voice.  Until he started ka drama ena ya hae ... 
ag mar if he says he is ok now... i mean.... we jst have to take his word for it( or jwang?) & stop judging him, God is God of second chances, and if we say we follow Him, then we must imitate Him.

All the best for Lundi

03 Dec 2010 10:16

@ Phikiza "dont forget the crying when they intrview him" In Sepedi we say "Monna ke nku o llela teng." losely translated as "men are like sheep they do not cry/bleat" so if indeed Lundi o hetero why is he so soppy,softy and light hearted.How can one cry ka interview nje bathong.
I remember when Khanyi Magubane interviewed him on SAFM and one caller asked him "Lundi are you gay?" then Lundi replied"No comment." Silence speaks volumes hey....

@Maki "sometimes people do course fire," aowa Maki they cannot just start fire in isolation

Lundi I love you and your music..but truth will set you free.Conforming to society's norms will deprive you of many things that you want..you are a human being so just live your life to the fullest.

03 Dec 2010 10:16

03 Dec 2010 10:19

Death by# I am getting bored, another question please...LOL

60 Plus Madala
03 Dec 2010 10:22

Oh thanx Makisto -  I thot I was the only one who was nd stil a crazee fan 4 this kideo- I happen 2 hav all his cd's too - and hav bought some CD more than once as gifts 4 other natured fans, and sometimes 'permanent' borrowers nd thieves - I can't believe ukuthi abantu even steal ilizwi lenkosi...nxa 

03 Dec 2010 11:10

Where do you go to church?
I don’t have a specific church I go to. I go to all the churches and every church that invites me, I attend. I don’t want to be a member of a particular church.

03 Dec 2010 11:18

Lol, you guys are having fun ka Lundi ne.
But Tazteeq, Rebcca does the same thing nje. Instead of tithing like we ordinary abazalwane do, they give more than 10% to charities and homes which is a good thing. But I also feel gospel singers should be affiliated to one particular church as opposed to going from Baptist to Emmanuel, then Full Gospel and again 12 Apostoles then next week it's Waters of Life the again Calvary then oh no, this week is Assemblies. There nees to be some stability.

03 Dec 2010 11:56

" don’t have a specific church I go to. I go to all the churches and every church that invites me, I attend. I don’t want to be a member of a particular church" 

Tjo! I don't think it's good for him, I know someone who used to do that, they never grow spiritually because bayazibusa. it's people who do not want to abide by the rules and to be led... they usually have baggage they don't want to deal with, and know it will come out if they stick to one church...

The irony is that this person also had struggles with his sexuality....hence not wanting to be pinned down to  one church because eventually he was going to be ghubuluzing khona in the church, tapping them brothers or someone would notice...so floating around was the solution

03 Dec 2010 12:55

people must sort their own lives and leave gays alone. what if Jesus and John were an ite m then, but, that is in the missing scripts.

03 Dec 2010 13:00

ms.tebby will take what she thinks is good out of Lundi & make the best use of it, whether he is being labelled as gay , bi straght or what, thats not my place. #Thats All

I read somewhere, i think it was Rebecca is im not mistaken, she was saying chrches use them as ''crowd pullers'' to their churches. but like y'all say they need to be stable, before they started singing didn't they go to church??

03 Dec 2010 13:16

people must sort their own lives and leave gays alone. what if Jesus and John were an ite m then, but, that is in the missing scripts.

sivuyilevg....LOL, dude/dudette, you need to calm down. no one is against anyone here

03 Dec 2010 13:33

Im not Lundi's fan but i believe we all make mistakes coz we are human beings, We also did things in the past that maybe we are not proud of, Lundi made mistakes too but he wants to change. God forgives our sins if we honestly repent, He doesnt think the way we think. Let's support Lundi and pray for him

I agree with Ms Teddy, Masechaba next please................

03 Dec 2010 14:50

Lmao! @ ms.teDDy.....sanek you remind me of Pooky wherever she is, shem! I miss you, khumbulekhaya sisi, siyakudinga!!

03 Dec 2010 14:59

Eish, sorry ms. TEBBY,

One and Only
03 Dec 2010 15:40

Abantu ngokuthanda izinto, bengingazi ukuthi kunabalandeli baLundi!

miss.tebby ungiphoxile., ngingamane ngilandele izimpukane kunokulandela uLundi. Ngiyadlala bo.

03 Dec 2010 15:56

people must sort their own lives and leave gays alone. 
I think this is true Sivu.
Phikza mfwethu!!!!!! YOu make me wanna lol to the power million.
You should have taken that CD the publicits offered you and do a competition seeing that there are people who want it now.
Don't worry Cheesa my friend, I will do so next time. Thanks again to everyone for commentinh how great he article is and requesting a Sechaba interview. I am working on it.
Ditto @Sanek!

03 Dec 2010 16:11

kwaaa! One & O? im only getting bits & pieces, eish! growing up in Qatar, i lost my roots, im not that deep in my mother tounque ,LOL. ngiyaxolisa ngiguphoxile kakhulu ngoba ngi landela umculo wakhe,someone has to shem! I hope we are still friends, angithi, tl tl tl..

makisto, did Lundi sy he was going to read this article?

03 Dec 2010 16:13

He didn't say but Bula publicist may print this for him? Why do you ask?

03 Dec 2010 17:03

oho I doubt lundi goes 2 church hence his respond that he goes 2 many churches mxm oho. wen he's changed his ways i'll buy his album

03 Dec 2010 17:49

Kwa kwa kwa @ all the replies, u guys are hilarious. I see new people commenting and I hope anivunjululwanga nguLundi

03 Dec 2010 21:05

eish! MAKI how i wish you had scored a face to face and meet the real Nolundi in action.same here Cheesa i wish he'd slow down on the bad habits asale nobugay bakhe qha simthanda anjalo.thanks i love him so-so!

09 May 2011 00:04


09 May 2011 07:35

Yes Blackstone, I agree, Lundi is a star and his music is exceptional.

29 Jan 2017 16:46

May your soul Rest In Peace Lundi 

30 Jan 2017 09:56

why all of them died at the age of 38 ????? .. scary ..

04 Feb 2017 16:14

May Lundis soul rest in Gods perfect peace. Listening to Phaphamani now and just dropped a tear. I.dnt have a single album but I was a fan, I loved his music. Now ama gonna buy 1/2 albums. Thanx Makisto

15 Mar 2017 10:52

This news just in...

Fans and supporters of the late gospel star Lundi Tyamara are in for a treat with the surprise release of his legacy project entitled “Legacy”. The album boasting 18 tracks, features four never before-heard songs that Lundi recorded before his demise in January this year.

The first single is “Nomakwenzenkani” featuring Fikile Mlomo, which was recorded in October 2016.
Ironically, the track is about coming to terms with one’s mortality. He sings "whatever happens to my life you will always be with me".

“Uyithemba Lami”, featuring longtime friend and collaborator Sipho Mbhele, is another new release that will impress his followers. Lundi also teamed up with Thinah Zungu on the inspirational “Uphakeme” while on “Zonkizizwe” he worked with M Siya.

The other songs on the album are the hit singles he released from 1998, starting with “Mphefumlo Wam”, “Onqonqozayo” and “Mama”, all the way to his most recent hit in 2016 “Ithemba Lami Likuwe” with the Jaziel Brothers.

Lundi's manager Anele Hlazo commented: "The most significant thing is that the four new recordings are the last pieces of work he ever recorded in his entire career. There will be no other new songs you will hear."


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