Tshwane University of Shameology

Written by makisto from the blog Frankly Speaking on 01 Aug 2011
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The Tshwane University of Technology is rocked by an embarrassing scandal involving its vice-chancellor and rector "Professor" Jonny Molefe.

Jonny Molefe
"Professor" Molefe says he didn't know the university was bogus

Let's drop the "Prof" title because he doesn't deserve it, shall we? Mr Molefe allegedly bought a doctorate at a bogus institution called St George University International which is famous for selling qualifications.

The investigation was instituted by Carte Blanch on M-Net and the episode aired last week.

Mr Molefe was appointed acting vice-chancellor and rector of the univerity after the institution controversially fired its then vice-chancellor and rector Prof Errol Tyobeka. On Friday, Mr Molefe was appointed on a permanent basis to the post.

Molefe took his bogus MBA to the South African Qualifications Authority in 2007 for evaluation and accreditation. However, SAQA wrote to Molefe and Prof Tyobeka (on his capacity as the institution's boss) informing them that the qualification was invalid and that the university Molefe studied at is not accredited and therefore, his qualification is not internationally recognised. Neither Prof Tyobeka nor Mr Molefe bothered to reply to SAQA. SAQA once again wrote to Molefe and the university's council and senate in 2008 and no one responded, alleges my source.

TUT logo
TUT management allegedly has a mutually beneficial relationship with Molefe

"His appointment is political because the institution's management are having a mutually benefical relation with him," says my mole. Asked to explained the "mutually beneficial" relationship, my source said: "When the management has demands, Mr Molefe signs on their memorandum of demands and approves their needs. We are having a situation where people are appointed on higher levels and have car and housing allowances though they are not supposed to get those," says my source.

A head of a department at the institution who cannot be named for obvious reasons says the entire university is still in shock. "Everyone is shocked here. No one has written any communication to stuff to let them know what is happening," shim says.

The Beeld on Saturday reported that the Minister of Higher Education, Dr Blade Nzimande, has given the university's council and senate until Friday to explain why the university should not be placed under administration. 

Molefe isn't going any where

My sources allege that the university short-listed five candidates for the job and Mr Molefe was their concil's first choice. At the time of the interview, the council and senate was very much aware that Mr Molefe is sitting on a fake qualification. 

The university has come to Molefe's defence making it categorically clear that it will not take any action agansit Molefe and insists it will not suspend or fire him.

The university claims Molefe was a victim of a fraudulent institution. "Neither the employer nor Professor Molefe knew or could have known the 'adverse status' of the university. He could not have known that St George University International was not accredited because chances are his employers may have verified the status as well," the university tells the Pretoria News.

However, a quick call by Carte Blanche to a bogus university in the West Indies showed that one can buy a doctorate and a thesis can be written for them but at an extra cost.

Molefe TUT
Molefe's fake qualification is everyone's academic's business

His appointment has resulted in the resignation of two council members. The university's council chairman has been asked by the DA shadow Minister of Higher Education to explain to the Portfolio Committee and Parliament why it appointmented Molefe despite all the fake qualification. 

The Pretoria News reports that Molefe chose not to study locally because in 2000, there was no instution offering MBA studies in South Africa. 

Makisto can today report that the university students are set to go on strike and since his appointment on Friday, the mood on campus is somewhat rather frigid.

Though Mr Molefe knows his MBA is invalid, he continues to put it on his CV as part of his qualifications.

My sources at the university allege that the institution may be sitting on a situation whereby there are a number of "professors" and "doctors" of Molefe's "reputation". "The situation goes back before the merger when we had Technikon Pretoria, Technicon Northen Gauteng and Technicon North West," says my mole. My source alleges that there was a period when TNG wanted its staffers to at least have a Masters Degree and the university paid for their tuition fees, hired temporary staff members while the staff without M Techs studied further. 

TUT Campusthswane_caret_blanche
TUT: The Office of Vice-Chancellor

My source continues to allege that the staff members concerned studied their M Techs for a period of three months. However, to obtain an M Tech, it takes a minimum of two years and a maximum of three years. My mole says shim isnt aware whether those M Techs are valid or not but is sure that the then TNG paid for their fees.

Makisto understands that Mr Molefe was part of TNG management at the time. 

Bheki Cele
Molefe isn't the only one who refuses to do the right thing. Could it be the case of rotten from the head?

My other source says Mr Molefe is a great guy to work with as a "professional" and they are just puzzled he chose to remain mum about his situation. "He is wonderful and relates to staff very well, we like him as a colleagues. It's just that we are concerned about the instutitution's reputation," says the source. 

There is mounting pressure that Molefe should resign or be fired or at least be suspended in the wake of these facts. However, South Africa is not known for having assertive leadership starting with the government. President JZ is failing to act on the General Bheki Cele lease deals which Public Protector Thuli Madonsela said is invalid and illegal. The President also fails to act firmly concerning controversial ministers you can name. 

Justice Ngcobo
Legally leading by example: Chief Justice Ngcobo

However, Constitutional Court Judge Chief Justice Sandile Ngcobo declined to accept his reappointment. Whether that was due to mounting political pressure including allegations that JZ was reappointing him as a "thank you" for acquitting him on a myriad of charges, is anyone's guess. The Constitutional Court has later ruled that his reappointment was unconstitutional in any case.

Monday World coming up a little later this morning


01 Aug 2011 10:59

<> I was thinking this all the while as I write. Its to a point where one isn't shocked anymore by such news, as a patriot of the country your head just hangs further in shame. The nittygritties of the allegation>> story of the South African leadership from the top!. The outcome of this case will be less shocking as you pointed out few of the preceding fraud cases and how they were/are mishandled.....from the top. #sigh# Just now I'm reminded of two rather highly acclaimed lecturers who left the chemical and metallurgy department at wits for tut. I wonder???***..... Iyoh! Haai.

01 Aug 2011 11:04

Hai Carino, the shocking thing is that TUT is an international accredited university along with other South Africa universities. It is an open secret that at universities hard work is encouraged in order for one to obtain a doctorate. How can a leader of an instution have a fake qualification and be allowed to lead? What happened to the post being held by a person of stature and a respected somebody in  the academic field?

01 Aug 2011 11:24

i am shocked, this is my employer(tut)

01 Aug 2011 11:26

In all honestly makisto, politics do exist even in higher education. And with politics come corruption. I'll speak for wits bcos I know its politics a little more, from the vice chancellor to the head of schools/departments. The appointment are usually marred with controversy. The appointed person is often the one who will be easily "used". It seems to be the case here, where the tut management did not act on his questionable qualifications because they knew he is the kind person who will deliever certain underhanded perks. Word has, my reliable mole(sp) tltlt says that in my school at, the head's appointment is often influenced by the committe members whom the dean and the VC concider to have financial weight. And that person will elect a head in a person that they know they'll be able to 'use', who won't give them drama when they need authorisations etc... Now the problem with the current head is that the people who both picked him to use him, are nemesis, so he is torn. Poor black brother, the first black head of that school. So Varsities if they ever had integrity, its lost because of politics, power corrupts everywhere. Even at churches we can't trust the structures anymore...NGOs maybe, NO...Private entities maybe.. NO... Only tree hugging organisations MAY have credibility.

01 Aug 2011 11:30

Phela this guy taught me... u mean i was suppose to teach him?

01 Aug 2011 11:33

Makisto is it fine with you if i take this article and email it to my friends(colleagues)?

Sana Lwam
01 Aug 2011 13:52

U have sources in high places neh makisto

01 Aug 2011 14:12

lol Mokema, yeah you were supposed to be the one teaching him depending on your qualifications lol. Yebo Favoured, you can do  that. lol Sana Lwam, I am just trying to be a resourceful journalist that I should be.

01 Aug 2011 14:12

If this is not resolved within this week,by friday at the latest.

I will give up on this country of ours.

Like Juju's case,this is very straight forward.I don't wantto hear anything about apartheid,counter revolutionaries and all such rubbish.

This is one scandal too much.

This country is sliding down an abyss and we seem to be watching our house on fire.Enough of this.

01 Aug 2011 14:25

Enough indeed Mbulela, our country lacks assertive and firm leadership that will not think twice when it comes to protecting our image not only to ourselves but to the international community as well

01 Aug 2011 14:47

Monday World coming up a little later this morning ------ its 14.51 patiently waiting

01 Aug 2011 16:49

its 14.51 patiently waiting
Hey Moola, after your complain, I went straight to writing the article. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. I just had a number of things to do today.

01 Aug 2011 18:10

Hee, Eric Miyeni's article was removed from Sowetan. Did Ferial deal with his column the hand she dealt Kuli's column. PS: I'm absolutely even as before #TeamFerial.

01 Aug 2011 18:18

@Mbulela, I'm not holding my breath...ill be pleasantly suprised though is indeed the story is dealt with 'JUSTLy'. But I'm not holding my breath. KZN officials ...provincial officials are also embarking on a loong tax payers blood and sweat ravaging trial for their what..R112 million worth corruption case. I bet many are next. The GOOD news shame is that this cases are being uncovered. At some point the voters will have to take note. May the Ferial Haffajees and DAs of our country not grow weary of digging out this corruption situation, yes as fallible as they are le bona.

02 Aug 2011 01:47

Eric Miyeni is an idiot. I though hard about that before typing it. Ever since his nonsensical piece on Lebo the poet, i am convinced that he is not worth the time of day. Haffajee is not one of my favourite persons but i will willingly contribute to her legal fees in a bid to deal with that scum. He writes like a man under the influence of some chemical. Lebo's response to the trash he wrote about her was a classic. I will post it here for whoever is interested.

03 Aug 2011 10:10

@maki,any update on this?


03 Aug 2011 10:40

He must give us the university contacts, I wanna be a Doctor in Politics! lol
Kwaaaaaaa Pru, nna I want a doctorate from his univbersity, yours will be invalid wena and mine will be valid coz TUT is registered lol.

@maki,any update on this?
I will try to find out

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