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Rhythm City Teasers - June 2013

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 27 May 2013
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Coming up on Rhythm City this June, 2013:

Monday 3 June 2013
Episode 1541

S'bu is offered a job on a cruise ship. David sends Miles to Home Affairs in search of Quinton’s birth certificate. Tshidi announces that she’s moving to uMthatha with William. Jabu pressures Mampho to get sweaty and naked with him.

Tuesday 4 June 2013
Episode 1542

Reneilwe is worried that Jabu will only end up hurting Mampho. William ignores Tshidi’s fears and makes a decision that affects their lives.

Wednesday 5 June 2013
Episode 1543

David wrestles with the knowledge that he is the father of Gail’s son. Mamokete discovers Mampho’s troubled behaviour and tries to tip off Rose. S’bu struggles to decide whether to take his father’s job offer at Redemption or go with Lola.

Thursday 6 June 2013
Episode 1544

Lucilla makes a proposal to Sifiso in a bid to enlist him as a source of information at Redemption. Naomi tells Gail that she has plans to emasculate David. Jabu gives a naive Mampho a fashion necklace.

Friday 7 June 2013
Episode 1545

David makes a call to Gail. Lucilla lies to Sifiso in order to win him over to her cause. David takes photos of Seymour Sargassian in a compromising situation in order to use them to his own advantage. Mampho is angry with Reneilwe for telling Puleng about her and Jabu.

Monday 10 June 2013
Episode 1546

Lucilla and Miles do a delicate dance of deception around the acquisition of Redemption. David feels like he wants to kill Naomi. Puleng challenges Jabu to leave Mampho alone.

Tuesday 11 June 2013
Episode 1547

Tshidi offers to keep an eye on the shisa nyama while Puleng helps Fats at Kilowatt. Fats and Bash have to make the best of the situation when the wrong machine is delivered. Mampho and Jabu meet to have sex for the first time.

Wednesday 12 June 2013
Episode 1548

Fats and Bash set up the love machine at Kilowatt. Mampho is worried that Jabu hasn’t called after they slept together. Miles is furious that David almost wrecked their plans.

Thursday 13 June 2013
Episode 1549

Miles offers Maponya an unexpected deal. Lucilla manages to get information about Miles and David from Sifiso. Jabu surprises Mampho when he comes back expecting them to pick up where they left off.

Friday 14 June 2013
Episode 1550

Puleng tries out the love machine with Suffocate and Fats. David and Miles have to learn to trust each other. Maponya has good news for David.

Monday 17 June 2013
Episode 1551

Miles realises he trusts Sifiso implicitly and tells him what is going on with David and Seymour. But can Sifiso be trusted with this information?
Jabu pressurises Mampho into having sex without a condom.

Tuesday 18 June 2013
Episode 1552

Puleng reluctantly agrees to go to dinner with Fats. Mampho finds herself a victim of Jabu’s pressure and deceit once again.

Wednesday 19 June 2013
Episode 1553

Tshidi urges Mampho to go for an HIV test. Naomi pressures Lucilla, Gail and Sifiso into following her plan so that they can steal the photographs from David and Miles.

Thursday 20 June 2013
Episode 1554

Miles and Lucilla confidently place their bids for the Redemption auction. Mampho is overwhelmed when she gets her pregnancy and HIV test results. She tries to convince Jabu to also do an HIV test. Fats tries to hide the fact that he enjoyed his date with Puleng.

Friday 21 June 2013
Episode 1555

Gail uses Quinton to get out of a sticky situation with David. Mamokete is torn when she finds Mampho’s ARVs. David finally gets an opportunity to touch his son.

Monday 24 June 2013
Episode 1556

David and Miles are in for a nasty surprise when the new owners of Redemption Records are announced. Mampho faces the possibility of being HIV+ after starting her PEP treatment. Fats decides to tell Puleng the truth with regards to how he feels about her.

Tuesday 25 June 2013
Episode 1557

Miles realises that Sifiso did the double crossing. Jabu pitches up at the shisa nyama with another young girl and Mampho tries to warn her about Jabu. Puleng eventually agrees to kiss Fats in order to stop him from nagging her.

Wednesday 26 June 2013
Episode 1558

Puleng is actually affected by the kiss with Fats. Lucilla approaches Miles and asks him to come back to Redemption.

Thursday 27 June 2013
Episode 1559

Puleng’s business suffers a setback just when she thinks she’s on track. Kop has to break up a fight at the shisa nyama. Naomi lets her true colours show in front of Gail. Sifiso quits his job at Redemption to show his loyalty to Miles.

Friday 28 June 2013
Episode 1560

Kop takes an interest in the little kid who was being bullied. Gail gets a gun for protection. David embarks on a mission to kill Naomi. Miles wants Sifiso to seduce Lucilla.

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27 May 2013 22:02

1st. yepiee

27 May 2013 22:07


27 May 2013 22:20

wow it is my first time here and im no 3 hello fellow soapie lovers

27 May 2013 22:34

No 4 yess hey guys m new here

27 May 2013 22:36

Lucky number 4 hala

27 May 2013 22:42

Number 5!

27 May 2013 22:51

Hey i made it to the top 10 by the way iam new here....

27 May 2013 22:53


mbali flower
27 May 2013 23:19

Nine, the interesting part will be Mampho and Jabu.

28 May 2013 00:21

Hala 10 not bad

28 May 2013 01:26

Hey top 15 nt bad 4 a newbie

28 May 2013 03:15 huh but wen is miles going to enjoy his company....pliz....and Tshidi-William; better I dont like Maidi....yeah now uGail can know ukhuthi uNaomi ngubani....not the fake Naomi

28 May 2013 03:32


28 May 2013 06:06

aaaa mampo no wedz......welcome new members enjoy yo stay

28 May 2013 07:07

Mampho being Hiv+....OMG

28 May 2013 07:23

Top 20 morning

28 May 2013 07:25

Interesting month.
Why do Mampho have to learn the hard way?
Couldn't she just have a scare instead of being positive?

28 May 2013 07:46

I say bring it on

28 May 2013 07:51

Ya neh

28 May 2013 08:05

Argh shame Mampho how can you be so stupid, Jabu you are such a pervert using young girls like that. I think he knows that he is + and now he is using innocent girls to cure himself, that is bull.
Tshidi is another fool shame I rest my case.

28 May 2013 08:18

shoo mampho is HIV+.....
Tshidi and william i dont like them together at all ,where is maidi
fats and puleng comment loading.....

28 May 2013 08:30

'David feels like he wants to kill Naomi'
Lol, if we all went with our feeling, a lot of people would be dead. Oh Lucilla, you have just sold your sopul to the devil.

sexy d
28 May 2013 08:31

Intresting month indeed as for Sbu he better take that job offer ha a sana story line

So lucilla will ger redemption,,,so no news ka hermie....eish Mampho man kante dey dnt teach u to practice safe sex no no gal hau

28 May 2013 08:39

# mang mang ok let go n read

28 May 2013 08:50

Fat and Puleng O_O *clap once*

Eish MamMpho bloody STUPID i tell you hope u not +

Lucilla aka SLUT nc nc nc nc 

Sbu must just go with Lola nothing for him there anymo no storyline

David Genaro no comment

28 May 2013 08:51

Same old story...

28 May 2013 08:57

Mampho like any other girl with self esteem issues succumbed to pressure. With a friend like reneilwe, there is not way that she doesn't know about having protected sex (although I think Riri is all talk and no action).

28 May 2013 09:16

hai bandla mampho,y not preggies not +
Tshidi nd her man ey relocate fo gud i dnt kur infct bayandidika

28 May 2013 10:03

@Duckie u can sy dat again be preggie not HIV dis is 2 much for her especial ka first time....

28 May 2013 13:45

Lol Goldi, I also clapped one when I saw fats and Puleng. I mean seriously! From Suffo to Fats. I mean really now!

28 May 2013 13:45


sexy d
28 May 2013 13:58

lol hau guyslove doesnt chose hahhahahahahaha hides

So Tshidi agress to marry maidi n then turn around to want run away le william hai....

28 May 2013 14:07

Yoh, poor Mampho.

28 May 2013 14:19

Lol Goldi, I also clapped one when I saw fats and Puleng. I mean seriously! From Suffo to Fats. I mean really now!.......they cant be serious  puleng and fats  NO NO

28 May 2013 14:52

yah RC always has interesting stories neh
drama drama drama all the way

i cant wait to see GG holding his son for the 1st time.

28 May 2013 14:54

hahahahahah u can say again Othim 4rm Suffo *sex pistol* 2 Fats *oros* haai khona tjooooo

28 May 2013 15:03

Kwaaaa, you guys are so wrong

28 May 2013 15:08

ja Mampho

28 May 2013 15:15

Lol @ sex pistol

28 May 2013 15:26

Tshidi and William must please move to Mthatha already!  Sbu must go on that cruise too! Tjo I'm so tired of these people.  Fats and Puleng, thats so ridiculous, come on!!  Poor Mampho, thats just too sad and mean shem.  So both Tshidi and Nikki are pregnant in real life?

Mpho Patricia nkwinika
28 May 2013 15:39

Wow mmmm nyc 1 bt xem 2 mampho

dream catcher
28 May 2013 16:23

Very intrestinG joh... drama all the way!!!!!RC rokS heY n am new heRe

lira for lee
28 May 2013 17:14


28 May 2013 17:19

Hi guys I am new here. Tshidi n her drama. Wez stone n thula?

29 May 2013 03:53

tshidi line is boring with capital lttr B, i thot xe agreed to marry maidi nw xe wnts to run away wid william? Oh really. Shame for mampho, y cnt miles gt hs company bck? Iyoh!!! Mara we'll c

29 May 2013 03:53

tshidi line is boring with capital lttr B, i thot xe agreed to marry maidi nw xe wnts to run away wid william? Oh really. Shame for mampho, y cnt miles gt hs company bck? Iyoh!!! Mara we'll c

sexy d
29 May 2013 08:09

Tshidi n William shld just leave already.....Sbu Sbu Sbu will u ever grow up mare

As for Mampho the whole thing is so sad,,,,,Mampho is dating Jabu jst bcos he tells her he loves her, buys expensive gifts n actually wants to be with her..she really has a problem with her self esteem,,,i mean mampho o montle n all she needed was to tell her self that now look wat de feeling of being wanted will result into....

So Dave is making the whole deal with miles but does not intent to speak to maponya to give him redemption hai miles le ena ke setlaela to trust david

hahahahahaha i must say i loved the way dave introduced himself ko Zero11 hahahahaha man on de skirt is back in town with his bald ass he really has way with words shame


29 May 2013 09:02

29 May 2013 10:22

Lol moltane, your comment was so good, you had to post it twice. 

I am glad that RC have decided to address the whole sugar daddy thing. It is quite sad how many young people are taken advantage of by these vultures. The man should be arrested, statutory rape. This Jabu should be scared of Rose, she is like a lioness, his ass is grass and Rose is the lawn mower. 

Call me weird but I absolutely adore William and Tshidi and her indecision between Maidi and Will is intriguing cos for me it is a choice between security (Maidi) and love (William).

29 May 2013 10:45

@Timone i dont know bout Tshidi but NIkki is

U can see her on screen, she s no longr the bodylicious Nikki we knw

So is ths y Tshidi wl move to Mthatha wth MawILLIZ?

29 May 2013 11:44

hi !
im new,
 i dont think mampho is hiv positive, thts the way it is if you  sleep with  someone who may be hiv positive n  if u go to hospital before 24 hours they test and if you are negative they put u on airvs for a month, then they test you again after that u may be lucky to find that the virus did not infect u , its not hunderd percent though so  mampho may be saved !bye

29 May 2013 12:00

phulang and fats i dont like this at all

29 May 2013 12:30

yah neh i've seen the way nikki was getting bigger averday u preg ..i thought so .

29 May 2013 12:34

MUMU502, is right, Mampho was put on ARVs as a preventative measure. She will know in six or so whether she has contracted HIV or not.

29 May 2013 12:36

six months or so.

29 May 2013 13:08

@ duckie yes Tshidi is pregnant, she confirmed it on Drum magazine a few weeks ago.

mbali flower
29 May 2013 16:05

Hi everybody, pls tell me is Tshidi and William leaving the soap?

30 May 2013 10:03

Why in the world is Kilowat letting underage Reneilwe and Mampho into the club. Couldn't they go to Puleng's chisa nyama?

31 May 2013 09:21

I see nobody is shipping Will and Tshidi. I like Maidi and I think he is hot and everything but hayi

31 May 2013 11:34

tru that calamity deep doown i wishd Tshidi and Maidi kld have each other not u William , hayi yean sekhethile phela u Tshidi bt she seems confused

31 May 2013 19:20

Lol...mampho ao shame... HIV+ sory nana u caused it. Gail u'll regret wat u did naomi's jst a piece of... tht nids to rot in jail... Puleng y kisin fats i wanda wat wil suffo fil abt diz... Cnt wait 4 mre

31 May 2013 19:20

Lol...mampho ao shame... HIV+ sory nana u caused it. Gail u'll regret wat u did naomi's jst a piece of... tht nids to rot in jail... Puleng y kisin fats i wanda wat wil suffo fil abt diz... Cnt wait 4 mre

31 May 2013 19:21

Lol...mampho ao shame... HIV+ sory nana u caused it. Gail u'll regret wat u did naomi's jst a piece of... tht nids to rot in jail... Puleng y kisin fats i wanda wat wil suffo fil abt diz... Cnt wait 4 mre

31 May 2013 19:22

Lol...mampho ao shame... HIV+ sory nana u caused it. Gail u'll regret wat u did naomi's jst a piece of... tht nids to rot in jail... Puleng y kisin fats i wanda wat wil suffo fil abt diz... Cnt wait 4 mre

01 Jun 2013 14:26

mampho positive... Nt suprised

01 Jun 2013 14:41

Yepiiiiiiiii!......very interesting month.......I'm loving it! Puleng and interesting

Lazy lee
02 Jun 2013 11:31

Mampho s behavior is typical of kids who feel they are not loved @ home and @ school. So to all of us let's appreciate and love each other and build each other s worth and self esteem.

03 Jun 2013 09:51

Aaaah RC, let me count the ways I love thee.

4 mil viewers and counting.

Kem Moc
04 Jun 2013 18:21

I need to get Namhla to help me write an open letter to the RC head writer about their lame storylines. I don't care about numbers but my beloved soap has turned into a joke. She got Metro to listen, surely etv will follow suit.

04 Jun 2013 18:36

@Kem Moc, I'm all ears.

05 Jun 2013 10:30

Now that is the Hermanus that I know and love. Urgh, he was annoying me when he was Naomi's lap dog and his love for Gail is endearing.

Ken Moc, we are all ears.

06 Jun 2013 11:33

wooooooooooooooow interesting!

07 Jun 2013 08:14

What the heck, Jabu is such a predator, he makes it seem like it is Reneilwe's idea.

09 Jun 2013 22:46

top 10 this month mampho she + positive fat and puleng woooooooh jabu having another gal in front of mampho

10 Jun 2013 12:52

@ Ken Moc, you have lost credibility in my eyes. Muvhango is number 5 on your list of favourite programmes. Dude or dudette, and you come here and talk about how isht RC is, really? I will admit to watching muvhango cos I love me some KK and Meme as a couple, but I wouldn't put it as one of my favourites, cos 1, the acting is just terrible. 2. the acting sucks. 3 the acting sucks, yes even my fav KK's acting.

12 Jun 2013 09:47

12 Jun 2013 10:09


Jabu made it clear that he was only after Mampho's cookie shame he just left her there alone. Puleng & Reneilwe warned her but she just had to learn the hard way. Shame on you Jabu

Kem Moc
12 Jun 2013 14:48

Ingenuity the acting might suck however they have a good storyline not people tossing bottles around or chasing rats.

sexy d
12 Jun 2013 14:50

@Ntaksay so true guess she wanted to c for herself hahahahaha mampho neh romantic, hotel, red roses only to find ur self dng it in de car sure clearly jabu doesnt love her straight o ne a batla di chips net....

As for Dave i wish he could smoke Naomi already dis lady starting to work on my nerves as for Sfiso y a ba setlaela ke lucilla miles believed in you wen no one did so stop listening to Lu tuuu....

13 Jun 2013 16:43

Seriously Ken Moc, that is your beef with RC? Are you for real? Are you saying that the story line with Mampho and her sugar daddy is not a good one, are you saying that the storyline of how David got out of jail is not a good one, are you saying that the xenophobia story re William (William's struggle when he was captured in Congo) and his struggles to get back to Tshidi is not a good one, are you saying that the story of how Tshidi struggled to choose between Will and Maidi is not a good one, are you saying that the story of how Suffo struggled with his conscious whether or not to shoot Naomi is not a good one, are you saying that the story of how Jafta cheated on Rose and the consequences thereof (the effect it had on Mampho) is not a good one? Then if that is the case then you Sir or Madam need to re-evaluate your understanding of what a good story is, Seriously!
The rat issue was a puff piece meant to fill in some gaps, it was the lighter side of life,moving away from tackling serious and often uncomfortable issues.  

13 Jun 2013 16:44

I agree sexy d, Dave should smoke Naomi and be done with it.

15 Jun 2013 08:01

Gail ke yena why did she invite GG and then throw things on him nx she is too afraid of Naomi and vele ke she shuld. Jabu ke yena a real satan.

18 Jun 2013 09:45

The way Mampho so folornly sat on the steps just broke my heart, that was so sad. Jabu is a vile creature.

18 Jun 2013 10:08

hai mampho le yene hw she let Jabu do ths to her, allowing him ukuth amudle nje wen/where ever he wants ng leave her hanging

18 Jun 2013 10:36

Morning people
 I don't know what to say about Mampho, she does not want to listen. Jabu ate her cookie in the car and left her alone. Didn't even take her home and she is giving it to him again on the stairs. What if someone saw them. This time she did not protect herself shame. Jabu does not bring protection on purpose.

18 Jun 2013 12:02

Mampho islima sentombazan hw can he allowed jabu to du this to her i dont feel sory for her isizulu siyash unzenzile akakhalelw

18 Jun 2013 12:26

I feel sorry for her, she is a child who wants love. Pity she had to look for it in the wrong place.

18 Jun 2013 19:02

Mapho is a good actress. Her part today was so believable, made me cry. Wow I'm impressed.

19 Jun 2013 08:47

Exactly Ntaksay, that is what is coming out clearly for me. She wants love and she takes any scraps anyone can give her. Her acquiescence to having unprotected sex proves how vulnerable she is.

19 Jun 2013 09:37

This too much fo mampho

19 Jun 2013 11:58

I hope the next victim will listen when Mampho warns her about Jabu

19 Jun 2013 12:04

akammbi nalowo Jabu...dont knw who is better Jabu or Ngozi....aiai hw cn they do that to poor grl !!! i feel sorry for u Jabu once Jafta and his wife find out abt this...bazohlanya.....mara no Mampho--

20 Jun 2013 08:30

Good morning

Heh I wonder what Jabu meant when he said you don't get HIV from VIRGINS. Mampho is not the first and certainly not the last he is infecting all the young girls. Hayi nabo why are they giving him that chance to take away their innocence, he will give them HIV and impregnate them aqede abashiye kanjalo.

May the best MAN/WOMAN win.

Why does Gail trust Naomi so much? she will be so disappointed when she sees her for really who she is.

20 Jun 2013 10:02

Gail is annoying me with her unwavering trust for Naomi. She was glad when all that with Buhle's kidnapping took place. At least Lulu has gone into this thing with her eyes wide open. Naomi should watch out, spending Hermanus' money is not a good thing, Hermanus is dangerous, he will cut you. 
Ok, seriously Sifiso, your gullibility is taking away from your handsomenesss. 
Reneilwe may at time be a pain in the butt bus she is a good friend to Mampho, Mampho is lucky to have her as a friend. 

I think Jabu believes in the notion that virgins cure aids and that just cos they haven't had a  sexual intercourse, then it must they don't have HIV. This brings a whole new element to it that you don't only contract HIV from having sexual intercourse sith a person who is infected.

20 Jun 2013 10:19

Jabu is very stupid for his age. HIV is not only contracted through sex.

20 Jun 2013 10:35

Ntaksay Ntaksay im waiting for u at the office where are u?

25 Jun 2013 08:38

Sifiso quits his job at Redemption to show his loyalty to Miles. 

Too little too late Sifiso, where was the loyalty when you were betraying Miles.

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