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Rhythm City Teasers - April 2013

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 26 Mar 2013
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Coming up on Rhythm City this April, 2013:

Monday 1 April 2013
Episode 1496

Gail tells Lucilla that she needs to let Sifiso down gently. David tortures George in an effort to get the secret codes. Tshidi and Maidi get even closer.

Tuesday 2 April 2013
Episode 1497

Mampho is depressed about the state of her parents’ marriage. Maidi is concerned about his relationship with Tshidi. Dr Ongers is forced to step up her plans for George.

Wednesday 3 April 2013
Episode 1498

David’s chances of getting the codes from George are quickly slipping away. Lucilla takes Sifiso under her wing and teaches him the art of wooing a woman.

Thursday 4 April 2013
Episode 1499

Ronald finds some vital information that he needs to share with David. Dr Ongers permanently incapacitates George for killing her father but David comes to her with shattering news. Mampho attacks Rose for neglecting her.

Friday 5 April 2013
Episode 1500

Dr Ongers grapples with the fact that she's just paralysed her father. Tshidi confesses to Puleng what she said to Maidi. Mamokete and Kop attempt some counselling with Jafta and Rose.

Monday 8 April 2013
Episode 1501

David establishes himself as the new Kommando leader. Despite his triumph, he still needs to find the codes. Mamokete is not happy at the prospect of Tshidi moving on from William. Sifiso uses the tactics that Lucilla taught him on her. Will he succeed?

Tuesday 9 April 2013
Episode 1502

Hermanus is forced to accept that Ronald has power over him now that David is running the BK gang. Kop urges Mamokete to accept the fact that William might never return. Jafta tries new tactics to get Rose back.

Wednesday 10 April 2013
Episode 1503

Tensions are high between Lucilla and Sifiso at the office. Rose brings divorce proceedings against Jafta. Naomi swears war on David. Maidi kisses Tshidi.

Thursday 11 April 2013
Episode 1504

Reneilwe tells Mamokete about Tshidi and Maidi. Jafta makes a mistake of hiring Bash to represent him at the divorce negotiations. Lucilla mistakenly accuses Sifiso of pursuing her publicly.

Friday 12 April 2013
Episode 1505

David tells Hermanus and Ronald that he will be lying low for a while. Lucilla is not happy with Sifiso’s attempts to stop her from seeing John. Naomi seduces Hermanus.

Monday 15 April 2013
Episode 1506

Tshidi grapples with the possibility of getting divorced from William. Lucilla is starting to realise that Sifiso might be growing jealous of her and John. Will Jafta agree to give Rose the divorce?

Tuesday 16 April 2013
Episode 1507

Naomi tells Hermanus that it’s time for Ronald to die. Tshidi’s struggling with the idea of having William declared dead so that she can divorce him. Rose apologises to Mamokete and the friends make up.

Wednesday 17 April 2013
Episode 1508

Lucilla confesses to Gail that Sifiso is the guy she slept with. Jafta takes the divorce papers to Rose. He also thanks her for all the happy years that she has given him and then something completely unexpected happens.

Thursday 18 April 2013
Episode 1509

Ronald manages to delay his execution by telling Hermanus that the father of Gail’s child is David Genaro. Tshidi finally manages to let go at William’s memorial service. Rose invites Jafta back into her life ... but there’s a catch.

Friday 19 April 2013
Episode 1510

Lucilla accuses Sifiso of flapping his mouth after receiving a call from a reporter regarding their affair. Naomi learns the truth about the paternity of Gail’s baby. Fats’s mom loses her job.

Monday 22 April 2013
Episode 1511

Naomi tells Gail the truth about David and the BK gang. Sis Bee gets the wrong end of the stick about Maidi’s involvement with Tshidi. Fats asks Suffocate for a raise so that he can support his mother.

Tuesday 23 April 2013
Episode 1512

Caroline sabotages her own attempt at finding a job. Tshidi and Maidi come clean to Sis Bee about their relationship after she tried to get Maidi arrested. Sifiso confesses to Miles about his affair with Lucilla.

Wednesday 24 April 2013
Episode 1513

Fats’s mom is making his life a nightmare. Tshidi decides to officially introduce Maidi to her family as her boyfriend. Naomi makes Gail suspect that David knows about his child. Hermanus wants a share of the 011 profits.

Thursday 25 April 2013
Episode 1514

Fats grapples with the “Caroline wanting to be the Kilowatt chef” situation. S’bu is dissatisfied with just being the barman and is causing friction at 011.

Naomi plants another seed to try and get Gail to confess about David and her child. Tshidi is taking the washing off the line when she sees someone from her past.

Friday 26 April 2013
Episode 1515

Tshidi is shell-shocked by William’s return. Caroline puts pressure on Fats to hire her at Kilowatt. Niki discovers that David has been moved to a different prison.

Monday 29 April 2013
Episode 1516

Fats wrestles with the dilemma of firing Martha in order to hire Caroline. Tshidi wonders if William is keeping something from her. Naomi’s rage is fully focused on Suffocate.

Tuesday 30 April 2013
Episode 1517

Gail opens up to Lucilla about her confused feelings for a certain someone. Suffocate threatens Naomi.

William reveals some information about being held captive in Kivu. Fats tries to come up with excuses to fire Gogo Martha. S’bu tries to find evidence to convince Niki that there is a rat at 011.

Rhythm City is on Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.


26 Mar 2013 10:54

No 1 again yepeeeeeeee

26 Mar 2013 10:55


26 Mar 2013 10:57


26 Mar 2013 10:58

Naomi and Sfiso jto.... so much is happening  ngo April cant wait...

26 Mar 2013 11:01

not bad

26 Mar 2013 11:02

Yay no1 *colgate smile*

26 Mar 2013 11:04

Kwaaax m nt no1*sad face*

26 Mar 2013 11:06

ohhh well not bad Naomi n Suffo again shuuuuuuuu too much drama William coming back n Tshidi's busy sleeping with Maidi yhooooo finally David gets want he wants

26 Mar 2013 11:07

url are obsessed

26 Mar 2013 11:15

top 10

26 Mar 2013 11:20

T0p 20 again

26 Mar 2013 11:23

26 Mar 2013 11:46

26 Mar 2013 13:41

Lulu and Sfiso I saw that 1 coming.

sexy d
26 Mar 2013 13:45

hope its intresting

sexy d
26 Mar 2013 14:06

@bobo1927 i also saw it dear i wonda wat will umtomdala(miles) will say wen sfiso confide to him regarding lucilla

so dave finally get his way nyc,,,n naomi coming back guess this is gng to be a hot month......hau tshidi le wena u declared william dead not even a week passes u introduce maidi as ur boyfriend hai ausi guess di spider webs needed to be dusted hahahahahahhahha

26 Mar 2013 17:45

At last gail baby we know who the father is

26 Mar 2013 18:26

interestin luvin it already

26 Mar 2013 20:30

Hi guys.I m new and top 20

26 Mar 2013 20:36

Number 20 not bad.

26 Mar 2013 21:40

22 al least,let me read

26 Mar 2013 22:40

Proudly 23

27 Mar 2013 06:24


27 Mar 2013 09:59


27 Mar 2013 13:42

I called it. A triagle involving Tshidi; Maidi and William.

27 Mar 2013 13:50

Hhayi Tshidi Falls inlove so Easily.......Yho william is back, Ayeye

27 Mar 2013 15:50

Good making loads of sense as usual.

27 Mar 2013 15:54

@chelsea i agree wit u.tshidi is always inlĂșv wit one person or de other.first,dylan n den maidi n den william n nw maidi again.cant she make up her mind?unlyk puleng whu's always been inluv wit suffocate.i fink tshidi is yet to meet sum1 she truly luvs

27 Mar 2013 15:56

can sum1 pls tell me wher suarez is?

27 Mar 2013 16:05

Eish,,,,,,,, I feel for George shame.

27 Mar 2013 18:19

so george is dr ongers father?woow

27 Mar 2013 18:22

mara Lucilla just gives that cake away like nobody's business tjoe!

27 Mar 2013 23:37

tshidi n men! u knw wht her relationships neva last is scandal after scandal,Nosipho wil also come back to fight for her husband,at least ka William ona itholletse motho eo eleng wa hae,if only ola dula dikgwedi to mourn her husband death

28 Mar 2013 07:42

Tshidi its was Thula....Then the guy he quit matric for that star search guy.....Than was preg with dylans baby........than was inlovw wth a married man maidi..........Than married back with maidi again tjo i feel for that cake!!!!

28 Mar 2013 08:36

Guys let us not JUDGE Tshidi here she's desperate for love she needs a sense of belonging i dnt blame her lol Chels da cake mst be eateng it gal @ MakaN Lulu only gives dat cake to young boys hahahahaha William is coming back let da love triangle begins

28 Mar 2013 08:41

And im sure since willy is from congo hes got a REAL BONJOVI

28 Mar 2013 09:50

Ooooh I lost my number 1 spot

28 Mar 2013 11:33

hahahahaha Chels my thoughts exactly....wat we call da real makoya aka BONJOVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

28 Mar 2013 11:34

mara what's with Lucilla and Ben10's first it was Sbu now Sfiso.

28 Mar 2013 11:50

Intresting i luv it guys .oh tshidi

Modern Chik
28 Mar 2013 11:59

 I rest my case, tearsers family you're so fast. Let me go and read nexttym ill be number1.

28 Mar 2013 13:54

Looking forward to the divorce proceedings especially when Bash is involved, this should be funny.  Uyadika shame u Tshidi and her recycling men, why can't she ever be happy?  Theres always been drama with Tshidi ever since I started watching RC.

28 Mar 2013 14:00

U Tshidi akayeke amadoda and focus on school or wateva that shes doing akhele u kop a very nice house in the surbubs....

Cooper M
30 Mar 2013 12:40

UTshidi uwuBrooke wala kwiRhythm City...uthanda ukuphisana ngekuku!! *let da men chow it ke*

01 Apr 2013 20:04

I also cant wait for the divorce saga,when Bash is around as a represantative sure it will be funny........Ma Rose is neglecting her child please no take aways

01 Apr 2013 20:05

I also cant wait for the divorce saga,when Bash is around as a represantative sure it will be funny........Ma Rose is neglecting her child please no take aways

sexy d
02 Apr 2013 10:12

lol hau guys u waiting for the divorce saga hehehehe things will b on fire phela bash has never done gud in his life all dat he is gud @ is trouble as he is a walking bomb

Modern Chik
02 Apr 2013 12:38

Tshidi is so beautiful and needs to be loved, I believe Maidi can give her that love. The least she can do is to forget about William and focus on maidi and her studies so she can buy that house from fats, extend it and make it nice at least stone renovated the kitchen.

03 Apr 2013 10:14

Jafta had me is stitches when he said that Rose smacked him.

03 Apr 2013 14:37

tjoo, wonder how Tshidi handles the return of William with Maidi back in her life. So George is Dr, Mongers dad?

03 Apr 2013 15:16

I love and feel this RHYTHM Interesting indeed.......

Vina Akkum
03 Apr 2013 18:29

interesting yupeeeeeeeee

04 Apr 2013 08:14

Ongers is dangerous.

04 Apr 2013 08:15

Although Tshidi and Maidi may have something; i just feel there is too much water under the bridge. William and Tshidi were sweet together.

sexy d
04 Apr 2013 09:44

@Ingenuity lol like father like daughter

04 Apr 2013 13:29

lol RHYTHM CITY is electrifying So much drama and entertainment galo. William back mara why, Sifiso Lucilla and John love it. Noami back oh yes and seducing Hermanus lol. YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! baby

04 Apr 2013 15:16

Naomi swears war on David

Where are the Naomi and David fans. They were complaining last month that there was no David and now we have both Naomi and David on a collission cause but none of the Naomi and David fans are talking about that.

04 Apr 2013 15:58

tlogelang Tshidi bathong yhooo!!

hamilton 5050
05 Apr 2013 08:37

Whoa david genaro

05 Apr 2013 08:52

Tshidi le yena; she doesn't know herself and where she stands. Telling Maidi that she has not stopped loving him; what kind of nonsense is that; what about William (her husband who is missing and feared dead) is she on some Taylor Swift tip or what? Tshidi is coming off as one of those flighty female; who don't know their hearts.

09 Apr 2013 07:28

Hlw guys am new plz guide me anybody?

09 Apr 2013 08:59

What kind of guidence Chum?

09 Apr 2013 11:57

David is now bawse.

sexy d
09 Apr 2013 13:39

@Ingenuity indeed he is i wonder wat plan he will come up with to get out of jail since he got everything he owed n more.....

Naomi please hurry and come back i miss u....u lekker ding....

09 Apr 2013 15:48

I hate Naomi no longer watching this sopie bcz she is a snob

09 Apr 2013 21:04

Tshidi wa nqaka le nna eish! She falls in love just like that! I love Hermanus with the mastage ( haai excuse the spelling)

10 Apr 2013 08:23

Not this Tshidi thingy again *walking away*

sexy d
10 Apr 2013 14:47

hahahahahahahaha Naomi talking to Ronald yesterday she really killed me she was like Hey ronnie have u forgot the tsa tsa tsa on ur chest**dng de action with her hands** hai naomi wa hafa bathong

Tshidi ena o hafisa ke banna ke a bona y a sa tshwane le puleng n concentrate mo lifeng ya gage

10 Apr 2013 16:59

He batho; how is Naomi a snob (According ot google; a snob is a person with an exaggerated respect for high social position who dislikes people or activities regarded as lower-class)
So David has the codes?

11 Apr 2013 08:31

Heeeehe; Rose and her lawyer.

11 Apr 2013 10:35

Yep David is da new owner of da BK GROUP Naomi's no snob she's jst Power Hungry nje 

s 4 Lulu no comment

11 Apr 2013 15:37

Lu seems to move between two extremes; first Miles who is way older than her; then Sam Sedibeng who was way younger than her; then David; then Ivan and now Sifiso. Ok; what's with Gail, it's like she is blindly choosing to swallow everything that Naomi says; she should wait until Naomi sets her sights on her.

16 Apr 2013 09:00

Naomi and Hermernas 
Lucilla and Sifiso

sexy d
18 Apr 2013 08:34

@Ingenuity u forgot Sbu

Hau bathong ronald was dat necessary to spill gail secret to save ur old ass hai suka man u shld have taken it like a man not a mouse imagin wat will david do once he hears dis info.....

Will William hurry n come back i jst hate de idea of Maidi n Tshidi being an item struu


18 Apr 2013 09:06

I hate it too; but if it means that he has to be with Tshidi to stick around then we will have to grin and bear (or is it bare) it.

18 Apr 2013 09:10

Maidi is just looking extra hawte nowadays. Speaking of which; where the heck is S'bu? Ronald shouldn't have spilled Gail's secret; but this way gail will feel Naomi's wrath instead of blindly defending her without all the facts. Hermanus must have enjoyed whatever that is Naomi gave him, he is going against the Kommando's wishes.

18 Apr 2013 09:26

@ Sexy wat happened wu dd Ronnie tell? i was lolling wen Naomi was throwing herself @ Hermmie baby hihihihihihihi @ Inge Maidi's always HOT hey uuuuuu

18 Apr 2013 09:26

hey guys can u plz stop with the tshidi and maidi saga they r so borin eish ainor tshidi and maidi nor jus get tshidi back with william no maidi he bores m to death

18 Apr 2013 13:52

Tshidi and William are sweet together. I like them together. Maidi can pick either Pule or Niki. The pickings for the ladies on RC are already and Tshidi should't hog all the men. As for Sifiso; what the heck lil boy. Go play with someone your own size.

18 Apr 2013 19:41

@friend,i missed the part of george being the father to that doctor.pliz explain that to me

19 Apr 2013 14:17

23 Apr 2013 00:28

Guys what happened to dr Ongers and Ronald?

sexy d
23 Apr 2013 10:21

@Goldi Ronald told Hermanus that gail bby daddy ke david genaro which the confession stopped hermanus from executing him n then hermie went n told naomi

@Ingenuity hahahahahaha she gave hermie something delious with a capital letter D.....

23 Apr 2013 11:55

Hey Guys ddnt watch yest pls update a sister?

24 Apr 2013 08:49

Gail needs to use sense; David was not even in jail when Stacy bit the dust; so he coldn't have been the leader.

24 Apr 2013 08:50


24 Apr 2013 11:47

Poor Hermanus; Naomi is playing him like a fiddle. I thought he was supposed to be street wise. is Naomi going to get Hermanus to kill Suffo; (roll my eyes here) as if!

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