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Isidingo Teasers - April 2013

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Isidingo Teasers on 25 Mar 2013
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Coming up on Isidingo this April, 2013:

Monday 1 April 2013
Episode 3608

Rajesh appears to win the race to be Derek’s preferred buyer, but Kimberly has plans to derail the sale. Frank is embracing fatherhood, but will his relationship survive? Lerato can’t stand the suspense of waiting for the outcome of her application.

Tuesday 2 April 2013
Episode 3609

When Derek Nyathi discovers Barker’s involvement in the HD Mine, Rajesh has to face the consequences. Beth has had it with Nikiwe and she blows off. Lerato gets a lovely surprise from Georgie and Slu.

Wednesday 3 April 2013
Episode 3610

Jefferson’s fury over Katlego’s betrayal reaches boiling point. Priya appears unhinged when she learns of Nikiwe’s pregnancy. Lerato’s a little frightened of her new slave-driver boss.

Thursday 4 April 2013
Episode 3611

Rajesh is shocked by an unlikely turn of domestic events. Beth takes action that has unwelcome ramifications for Frank. Lerato finds that the glamorous hotel work has its downside.

Friday 5 April 2013
Episode 3612

Rajesh finds that financial success can be accompanied by emotional disaster. Nikiwe’s heart is taken on a two man rollercoaster ride. An epic service-disaster strikes the shebeen.

Monday 8 April 2013
Episode 3613

Katlego suffers at the hands of her cruel husband. Nikiwe finds herself at odds with all around her and feels the walls closing in. Lerato discovers that being a professional masseuse can come with certain expectations.

Tuesday 9 April 2013
Episode 3614

Jefferson cruelly sabotages his wife’s ambitions. Nikiwe plays with Carter’s emotions. Lerato has to face a disciplinary hearing which could ruin her newfound career.

Wednesday 10 April 2013
Episode 3615

Katlego becomes increasingly desperate that she will lose her stake in KME. Nikiwe and Frank feel a pull - will their other relationships survive? Lerato faces her disciplinary hearing over Mr. Rogers’ complaint.

Thursday 11 April 2013
Episode 3616

As hard as Katlego tries to get her ducks in one row, things just won’t go her way. Nikiwe and Carter reach a sad conclusion. Lerato is surprised when she’s offered a managerial position.

Friday 12 April 2013
Episode 3617

Just before the company launch Rajesh finds out he has an unexpected buyer. Katlego is furious with Jefferson but finds revenge in her own way. Sechaba is taking strain with Lerato’s insistence that he continues paying for her.

Monday 15 April 2013
Episode 3618

Katlego’s feelings for her man turn from love to hate. Zeb learns that his job is on the line. S’khumbuzo and Ayanda decide to give back to the community.

Tuesday 16 April 2013
Episode 3619

The flames of lust threaten to engulf Sibeko Towers. Sechaba gets taught a lesson in politics. Jeff does an about turn on the library project.

Wednesday 17 April 2013
Episode 3620

Jefferson discovers betrayal in his midst, but his anger is met with a passion from an unexpected source. Zeb’s new job makes demands on him, while Sechaba faces an existential crisis. S’khu and Ayanda find that being the face of Sibeko Gold come with impossible demands.

Thursday 18 April 2013
Episode 3630

Jeff can’t get Kimberly’s kiss out of his mind because it tasted like more. Agnes has a surprise from her past. S’khumbuzo gets into girlfriend trouble without doing anything wrong.

Friday 19 April 2013
Episode 3622

Katlego is highly suspicious of Jefferson’s business trip with Kimberly. With good reason. Agnes takes a friendly step towards Amos which she may live to regret. Ayanda feels threatened when Nandipha goes the extra mile for S’khumbuzo.

Monday 22 April 2012
Episode 3623

Jeff gets an anonymous e-mail that sets a cat among the pigeons. Zeb meets Agnes’s preacher man and surprises Agnes with his response. Ayanda decides to surprise S’khu as he has surprised her.

Tuesday 23 April 2013
Episode 3624

Jefferson and Kimberly dance around the edge of the Abyss. Len Cooper greets a strange new challenge. Agnes reveals the truth about her and the priest, Amos Modise.

Wednesday 24 April 2013
Episode 3625

Hayley, Len’s old clubbing mate, brings with her a dark and haunted aura. Agnes has to face the truth of her emotions at the presence of Amos. A bored Lerato seeks stimulation.

Thursday 25 April 2013
Episode 3626

Hayley hides a dark secret, but how long before her past catches up with her? Agnes struggles to come to terms with her feelings for Amos. Ayanda has big plans for a Rec revamp.

Friday 26 April 2013
Episode 3627

The guys in the commune discover that they are sheltering a liar and a thief. With Zeb away, Agnes and Amos become dangerously close. Sneaky Lerato steals Ayanda’s ideas.

Monday 29 April 2013
Episode 3628

Hayley manages to manipulate the commune guys into getting what she wants. Amos’ declaration makes Agnes uncomfortable. Ayanda and Lerato have a blow out about the two parties.

Tuesday 30 April 2013
Episode 3629

Calvin risks all to save Hayley from herself. Zeb decides to take some action in claiming his wife. Lerato uses her wiles to up the stakes for the shebeen party.

Isidingo is on SABC3 Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.


25 Mar 2013 17:30

No 1 yeeeeepeeeeeee

Cpha ndlovu
25 Mar 2013 17:33

yepppppppppppie number 2

25 Mar 2013 17:42

wow m no 3

25 Mar 2013 17:43

Wow wow wow Nandipha's coming back n ma Agnes n da priest mmmm very interesting indeed

25 Mar 2013 17:49

Interesting... No.3 yay

25 Mar 2013 19:42

No 6...............!

25 Mar 2013 19:46

7. Old faces..

25 Mar 2013 20:24

number ten

25 Mar 2013 20:26

Nandipha? Jeff and Kimberely?????

lesegos Girl
25 Mar 2013 20:35

OMG!!!!!NANDIPHA!!!!!these teasers are so good I could actually cry!!!

sexy d
25 Mar 2013 21:03

Number 11 not bad let me go and read

25 Mar 2013 21:08

J n K? Tjo

25 Mar 2013 21:55

Marking my presence.

25 Mar 2013 22:08

Lol MaAgnes, interesting. . .

25 Mar 2013 22:34


26 Mar 2013 05:09

No 12 atleast

26 Mar 2013 05:19

Ma agnes lol...amos must b a real charmer,cnt wait 2 c nandipha as for jeff n kim im not so suprisd.

26 Mar 2013 05:26

Under 20 yes

26 Mar 2013 08:35

forbidden relationships this month wow................

26 Mar 2013 08:56

You people are glued on you screens

26 Mar 2013 09:52

top 2O not bad

26 Mar 2013 10:07

Lol Ntaks u snooze u loose hahahahahaha

26 Mar 2013 10:08

OMG Sounds interesting! will have to watch !!!!

26 Mar 2013 10:13

And Agnes goes on and on about being a good Christian women, Rajesh story very interesting can't wait to watch.

26 Mar 2013 10:34

thot i was the first one eish

26 Mar 2013 10:36

Very interesting indeed, I am on.

26 Mar 2013 10:46

Am glad they hev managed to grow Lerato's role......isnt it too late to reveal MaAgnes' past at such an old age

as for the Sibeko l hev no words bt l feel sorry for Kat

26 Mar 2013 11:25

Interesting, haybo Jefferson and Kimberly

26 Mar 2013 12:57

TOP 50, let me go and read.......

26 Mar 2013 13:02

TOP 50, let me go and read.......

26 Mar 2013 13:24

Nandipha!!!!!is back sounds interesting this month............

26 Mar 2013 15:12

MaAgnes, kim, Jeff, Amos.......

26 Mar 2013 18:29

yipee um here*pheew*

26 Mar 2013 22:11

wow... interesting. Ma Agnes' christian values will  be tested.

27 Mar 2013 10:09

interesting month ahead.
so jeff & kimmy.wooow!!   who can resist kimberly haines, the woman is damn sexy!!!

27 Mar 2013 10:12

I'm slowly bt surely loosing interest.. That's jst my opinion

27 Mar 2013 11:03

Jeff and Kim, now that's the one kiss I don't want to miss!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't expect that from Jeff.

27 Mar 2013 12:48

Top 25 let me read

27 Mar 2013 13:06

Sorry, but I do think Isidingo story line has become quite boring. The arrival of the Sibekos has put a dampner on things. They are truely a miserable lot.

27 Mar 2013 13:56

Interesting indeed!!! Can't wait to see Nan **Happinezz**

27 Mar 2013 14:00

Hi Family, new member

27 Mar 2013 15:17

Hey Joyli welcome very interesting indeed lol Kimmi u beda make sure u dnt miss Isidingo dis month lol i think Jeff is paying revenge...

27 Mar 2013 15:18

Hey Joyli welcome very interesting indeed lol Kimmi u beda make sure u dnt miss Isidingo dis month lol i think Jeff is paying revenge...

27 Mar 2013 15:50

Kimmy and Jeff? I didnt see that one coming! I cant wait to see Ma Agnes's old flame lol

27 Mar 2013 18:56

Very jucy month its gonna be ! My Kimmy and Jeff wow . Can't wait to see Ma Agnes sneaking around with the priest *claps once*

28 Mar 2013 09:55

Hi all. Welcome @Joylicious.
Interesting flirtations/relationships - Jeff/Kim, MaAgnes and a pastor, ok? Very happy Nandipha's back, however long/short her stay'll be. I don't see any Barker or Cherel action, a bit disappointed with that.

28 Mar 2013 13:29

Jeff and Kimberley I definitely saw that one coming, I'm looking forward to the show down between Kimberley and Katlego! Shame poor boring Beth, not that Nikiwe is that interesting herself, ah well it is what it is.

28 Mar 2013 20:17

Interesting month....hmmmmm Jefferson & Kim we all saw that coming. Welcome back Nandipha. Where is Cherel arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh with all the drama going on, and with Derek Nyathi back on The Deep there is no better excitement than with Cherel being in the midst of it all, trying to sink her clause into everything, I miss her. Why is it that our veterans (Barker, Cherel) are being given less airtime :-(

28 Mar 2013 20:58

W0W interesting month......Nandipha is back.........Kim and Jeff it was bound to happen!!!!Can't wait!!!!

28 Mar 2013 22:31

Kim n Jeff......I knw Barker won't be happy about that one

29 Mar 2013 20:57

Frank paying damages for Nikiwe this I have to see.

29 Mar 2013 21:35

Nandipa is back!! Kim and Jeff...meeow, eish Katlego must hook up with Rajesh!

29 Mar 2013 23:16

Hi.... lerato managerial position lol,lol,lolest where? At Duncan?

Crazy C
30 Mar 2013 06:45

these teasers are way better than Generations ones. Love it!

01 Apr 2013 21:32

Nw talk about good writers. April will keep us glued to our seats.

02 Apr 2013 09:46

Iam just happy Rajesh is rewarded for his patience unlike generations where bad people are getting it all. keep it up isidingo.

02 Apr 2013 11:51

02 Apr 2013 20:21

Just so excellent - wonderful writing and acting on Isidingo

Rue 27
03 Apr 2013 06:13

Isidingo rocks,big time.

03 Apr 2013 12:18

I wish this blog can be active like Generations blog becoz i love Isidingo, more so that i wish to have last night update. Someone come to my rescue pliz

04 Apr 2013 00:22

Isidingo actors r proffessional

04 Apr 2013 09:36

you wont be disappointed it you watch this soap.....the  guys know wat they are doing

04 Apr 2013 10:39

I don't unerstand how 77de laan couldve win best soapie, Frank has too many kids , and I think they should make priya pregnant with rajesh son

04 Apr 2013 11:18

Frank needs Beth because Nikiwe has Carter

04 Apr 2013 11:29

im begining to hate Nikiwe and her atittude, shes becoming a bitch.

as for Frank , Had coloured, indian , black and now white, speak about a rainbow nation.

04 Apr 2013 11:36

I HATE Nikiwe yhoooo @Btwa i also love Isidingo bt Gen's got mo active family members dat's y...

04 Apr 2013 13:18

@Jenn I love that they have created a character that is colour blind, and looks for what is in the inside a society after our hearts. I'm excited Jeff let Kathego have the shares for crying out louder, she need's to be independent.

04 Apr 2013 16:20

I'm getting bored of Nikiwe and Priya, these women want to have it all when it benefit them and are opportunistic. Let Rajesh spill the beans to Priya's family arout the true father of their child.

Let Rajesh shine for once. Lets see him as a tycoon like Barker and Jeff and see how he pens out.

Lerato and echaba make me watch and laugh and as a family with the Matabanes they are a healthy easy going family.

If all families were like that, there would be less stresses in Mzantsi

04 Apr 2013 16:39

lol JENN talk abt rainbow nation for real. Priya thot mayb if she leaves Rajesh can cld go back to Frank, maybe. coz she ddn't seem happy abt the news. i think she's overacting. Frank is a PLAYER jo. babies babies..

05 Apr 2013 12:44

@Jenn lol Frank is worse than Ace (Skumbuzo) ..

And Jefferson is being hurtless why z he being cruel to Kat. if he hates her for that why dd he force her to stay in the same bedroom.....he is very selfish

07 Apr 2013 10:58

I hate nikiwe and priya is quite ungrateful , rajesh pays for nost things

07 Apr 2013 17:43

Nikiwe n priya with great partners bt are so selfish With their emotions , always me this me that, frank is taklin all cultures, katlego go girl at least ull do sumthing of ur own,

09 Apr 2013 16:07

Lerato looks so smart in her uniform, but she make it.

I think Nikiwe wants Frank back cos Carter is going to disappear one of these days.

Good for Katlego standing up to Jeff .

Priya doesnt know what she wants.

Beth was crazy to run away she should stay and fight for her man

later xx

09 Apr 2013 19:36

Looks like Jefferson enjoys eating the free food on set, he's always eating more than anyone else,

10 Apr 2013 01:13

Uncle Jeff makes me sooo sick,lyk hez so cruel,,,,and controllin...he needs a woman lyk m)nt in e sense o wife tho,i wldnt survive!jst a day w him),, and by e tym i wld b done w him he wld be jumpn whnevr anyothr woman barks orders,,smehw!!!

10 Apr 2013 09:53

Hi all, @Jenn lol, lol, lol, I'm in tears from ur comments!!! Rainbow nation and Jeff chowing more than anyone else. You've really made my day!
Am hoping Katlego dsnt get kicked out of KME, this is her chance 2 make something of herself outside the Sibeko shadow. Jeff showing how ruthless he can be. But Kimberly is the wrong person 2b allies with, she's only after her own interests. Where is Cherel???

10 Apr 2013 10:10

I'm glad Katlego's not backing down Jefferson mst jst be strong as for Nikiwe no comment cos she irritate me mxxxm Priya is so selfish ungreatful BITCHES yes i'm shouting hihihihihihihi 

i also love Lerato in her uniform mara haai is too skimpy tlhe

10 Apr 2013 12:30

@Zile glad to hear I made ur day, ;-), Nikiwe is becomin really annoyn,wid her mood swings,we knw u pregnant,u dnt hav a Bitch.she wants to have her cake and eat it, I'm enjoyin lerato ,all dressed up n lookn professional. U go girl. The crazy client need a kick up his ass. That's the "happy ending" u shud hav gav him.

14 Apr 2013 08:24

LOL! @Jen. Poor poor Katlego, I feel so sorry for her 

15 Apr 2013 19:59

Katlego is goin back to her secret love affair wid calvin. Nikiwe's stomach blew up so much over the,looks like that child wil be here sooner than we thought. Jefferson doesn't sound or looks sexy even wen he tries, he looks worse,lol.and katlegos love stories are so borring. (Yawning) ....

15 Apr 2013 20:17

Wild actress causes chaos on Isidingo ... full story HERE.

16 Apr 2013 12:53

Ya neh, Jeff is not sexy AT ALL. Kim is just playing him, i don't think she feels anything for him. Beth pliz come back.. i don't want Frank with Nikiwe.

16 Apr 2013 20:06

The secret partner in KME is either Nikiwe or Kimberly, hmmm I wonder when we going to find out.

lesegos Girl
17 Apr 2013 10:16

hello! the secret buyer is none other than vusi moletsane

17 Apr 2013 12:40

ah! really 2 lesegos Girl?

17 Apr 2013 12:51

wen Calvin is flatting i feel like he's flatting with me.. mmmh! Katlego shld jus get out of that marriage. i don't think they love eachother anyw. so why stick arnd? mayb Jeff was ryt for calling her bitch (in it for the money)

17 Apr 2013 20:07

I thought as much, kim the is secret buyer bt she plays innocent this days.

18 Apr 2013 16:40

well ddn't see that one coming. Kim is clever hey.. Katlego shem hun.

18 Apr 2013 16:46

i want Katlego with Calvin. coz i get to see the side of Calvin i like the most..

18 Apr 2013 17:40

Kimberly kisses away the tension n katlego she warawara n does not get her anywhere. Katlego shud learn from the best

19 Apr 2013 11:23

eish, in a way i've always respected the character MaAgnes, but this upcoming story line does not do it for me.

19 Apr 2013 15:40

Can not stand Nkiwe! She is such a bitch!!!! i miss Beth she is such a saint!   i like Beth and Frank together!!

21 Apr 2013 11:09

Haha the moment is over , jefferson is not sexy at all, kimberly is just using him ,

fancy king
22 Apr 2013 08:17

Katlego should just leave Jeff cos his a control freak.

22 Apr 2013 08:43

MaAgnes, stay away from this Amos man, pleasssssssse. 

Kimberly just use Jeff and get whatever you want from him the dump him like rubbish, he thinks he owns the world. He has punished Katlego enough already.

23 Apr 2013 11:21

Can't understand men. Katlego is sexier and more beautiful than kimmy. Those Kimmy Vs Jeff  scenes? Not sexy at all. Gives me a real head ache but he's acting that (typically male) wimpy-before -an-attractive girl part so well. lol!

23 Apr 2013 12:00

Kimberly is as skimming as Barker, i'm sure she after something its jus a matter of time.. i think both Kim & Katlego r sex tho in a very different way. wish Katlego cld jus leave Jeff n move on w someone else. n leave Kim to handle Jeff..

23 Apr 2013 13:50

Sibeko Towers with all the family should disappear into a sink hole, in order for Isidingo to return to enjoyable show. It is currently slow, drab and dreary....yawn!

24 Apr 2013 12:33

can this Amos go away already. i don't want maAgnes corrupted. she inspires me..Sku n Ayanda r boring, cn Nandipa pliz come back so that we can see drama..

24 Apr 2013 13:11

i cant wait for Nan to come back hope it's still Hlubi Mboya

26 Apr 2013 23:22

really dissapointed in Nikiwe being back with frank.such a clich!!!she's spoilt and slutty frank deserve Beth!please redirect nikiwe 's no man please ma agnes!

28 Apr 2013 17:27

Ntate amos we... Pls leave horizon deep in peace

lesegos Girl
28 Apr 2013 17:49

@haggis, i kind of disagree..maybe if jeff and ayanda left, they are boring and have no place in the show,even skhumbuzo..katlego should stay, I love her, and Lincoln should take over from Jeff.....Not sure about nikiwe.

Trixy inusithabile.12
03 May 2013 11:07

Well I must say isidingo has been very very interesting these days...who ever is coming up with the recent story line is brilliant.....very BRILLIANT!!

I wish Nandipa would come back....I really miss her.

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