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Muvhango Teasers - April 2013

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Muvhango Teasers on 25 Mar 2013
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Coming up on Muvhango this April, 2013:

Monday 1 April 2013
Episode 1746

Mulimisi is distraught because he cannot interpret the dream he had. Thandaza threatens Teboho. Ranthumeng makes an unwelcome discovery.

Tuesday 2 April 2013
Episode 1747

Ranthumeng confronts Thandaza about Pheko. Meme threatens to blame everything on Pheko if their plan is exposed. Azwindini threatens Mulimisi.

Wednesday 3 April 2013
Episode 1748

Thandaza and Meme have a showdown. Azwindini gives Mulimisi an ultimatum.

Shots are fired at MH.

Thursday 4 April 2013
Episode 1749

Mulimisi blames himself for what has happened. The police seem to have a suspect in mind. It's touch and go whether the victim of the shooting will pull through.

Monday 8 April 2013
Episode 1750

Pheko gives the Detectives some very useful information. KK finds out about what Meme's been up to. Vusi arrives home.

Tuesday 9 April 2013
Episode 1751

Vusi plucks up the courage to go and visit his mother. The ancestors reveal something about the case to Mulimisi. Ranthumeng is in for a nasty shock.

Wednesday 10 April 2013
Episode 1752

Pheko offers to help Ranthumeng.  Nonny gets some disappointing news.
Mulimisi discovers something about the shooter.

Thursday 11 April 2013
Episode 1753

Meme's luck runs out when the detectives arrive at her office. In a desperate attempt to find the shooter, Ranthumeng turns to Mulimisi. Someone makes a surprise return to Ranthumeng's house.

Monday 15 April 2013
Episode 1754

A destitute Meme begs James to help her. Albert makes another of his outrageous demands. The gun that shot Thandaza is found in the unlikeliest hands.

Tuesday 16 April 2013
Episode 1755

Mulimisi knows where the gun is hidden but will anyone believe him? Mankosi is convinced that Teboho is being sincere. Meme gets yet another nasty shock.

Wednesday 17 April 2013
Episode 1756

Ranthumeng is no longer a suspect. Pheko has a startling effect on Thandaza.
Mulimisi has a surprising message for Ranthumeng.

Thursday 18 April 2013
Episode 1757

Fortune smiles on Mulalo. Meiki is not happy with James. Mankosi unwittingly makes a suggestion that might endanger Thandaza's life.

Monday 22 April 2013
Episode 1758

An unauthorized person gains access into Thandaza's hospital ward. Mulalo decides to start dating again, but things don't go as planned. Meiki bulldozes James into attending pre-natal classes.

Tuesday 23 April 2013
Episode 1759

KK is determined to prove Meme's innocence. Meiki is very enthusiastic about the pre-natal classes but James is not that keen. Ranthumeng gets a big shock.

Wednesday 24 April 2013
Episode 1760

James can't take the torture anymore. Tshianeo hears something about Mulalo that she never knew about. The walls are closing in on Teboho.

Thursday 25 April 2013
Episode 1761

The detectives are worried that the shooter is going to try again. KK wants to help Meme with her debts. Sundani gives Azwindini an ultimatum.

Monday 29 April 2013
Episode 1762

Sundani threatens to take Thonifho away from the Chief. James can no longer delay telling Busi about the new baby. Thandaza sees Teboho for the first time since the shooting.

Tuesday 30 April 2013
Episode 1763

Meiki makes a bad decision. Thandaza struggles to try and remember who shot her. Sundani is forced to concede defeat.

Muvhango is on SABC2 Mondays to Thursdays at 21h00.


25 Mar 2013 17:03

at last

25 Mar 2013 17:05

25 Mar 2013 17:06

Im number 1

25 Mar 2013 17:07

Number 2...

25 Mar 2013 17:07

Im number 1

25 Mar 2013 17:09

Wow Thandaza

25 Mar 2013 17:16

Top 10 not bad ok let me read up

25 Mar 2013 17:25

Mmmm interesting bt no Thuli, Albert mxxxm bt dis love triangle haaikhona cnt wait 2 c da brat ebareng ke Vusi

25 Mar 2013 19:06

The house is on fire Teboho and Sundani are baack..hi everyone

25 Mar 2013 19:35

No 11, not bad

25 Mar 2013 21:09


25 Mar 2013 21:27

Let me read.

25 Mar 2013 21:50

wow top 15. Bt the Rajish isue is now monotonous and boring.

Swit p
25 Mar 2013 22:02

Who shot thandaza

26 Mar 2013 05:27

Top 8! Yey

26 Mar 2013 05:34

Top 20 nt bad

26 Mar 2013 05:39

Top 20 nt bad i w0nder who shot thandaza shym

26 Mar 2013 05:51

Me2 top 20

26 Mar 2013 08:01

Goldi why did you not tell me!!!!!!!!  Top 20 is not bad

26 Mar 2013 08:07

Very interesting, Thandaza shot, Meme the suspect, Teboho will be staying in Thandaza's house while Thandaza is in hospital, Vusi and Busi are coming back, Sundani's secret will finally be revealed. I like this month's teasers

26 Mar 2013 08:26

Ntaksay i'm sorry my angel i'm also loving dem hey too much drama i tell ya mmmmm

26 Mar 2013 09:00

26 Mar 2013 09:11

oooooooopppppppppppsssssssss just wanted tpo say hi to the family and found out this oh my lucky day in no 23 yeeaahhhh

26 Mar 2013 09:11

Meme the shooter, this lady can get desperate.

sexy d
26 Mar 2013 09:28

number 25th let me go and read

26 Mar 2013 09:54

Mina guys i think the shooter is Teboho

26 Mar 2013 10:00

Golden girl shoot weird

26 Mar 2013 10:05

My money's also on Teboho Dhee

26 Mar 2013 10:13

@Goldi I also think Teboho is the shooter.... seems like all the soapies are on fire this coming month!!! cant wait

26 Mar 2013 10:22

long time............can't wait for the drama.

26 Mar 2013 10:34

26 Mar 2013 10:35

l think Teboho is the shooter and that she used Rantu's coz it is said the gun z found in unlikeliest hands.....

26 Mar 2013 11:32

muvhango drama gets going. the return of naughty vusi.

sexy d
26 Mar 2013 11:48

hehehehehehehe muvhango is gng to be hot hey,,,,,,,,,,,,de return of vusi, tebohon sundani,,,,,,mare de truth abt sundani bby wen will it be revealed

26 Mar 2013 12:09

Hi everyone the shooter is Tebogo

26 Mar 2013 13:01

this month its rockin hei...nd Teboho is da shooter!

26 Mar 2013 13:39

wow drama drama in Muvhango....

26 Mar 2013 14:56

Teboho........ Thandaza......

26 Mar 2013 15:17

The shooter is Teboho. Can't wait to see how the intimate photo story builds.

26 Mar 2013 18:22

aaaaa top what? Z it 40 already hw cld i ms ths okay lemme read up!

26 Mar 2013 18:58

wow ths month z gonna b hoot <3

26 Mar 2013 19:15

Uh, Teogo

26 Mar 2013 19:17

Muvhango rocks

26 Mar 2013 20:56

Wow interesting month.................

26 Mar 2013 21:04

I think Meme or Teboho shot Thabdaza.

26 Mar 2013 21:32

Haai maan I dnt like dis thing ya Thuli she's innocent she n Albert r not having n affair eish!! Bathong preggie ya Meikie seele kana yhoo dat ws quick hahhaah eish Molimisi mara haai he mst jst go back 2 Thathe wuuuu *clap once* I feel 4 Mpho seeing Boyfie du dis haaikhona Mpho really loves him hey Thandaza ena ojewa ke guilty fela meme's a snake *bleep!* I wanda wat is she going 2 du @ Thandaza's house 2moro anyway gud 9t guys

26 Mar 2013 21:38

Haai maan I dnt like dis thing ya Thuli she's innocent she n Albert r not having n affair eish!! Bathong preggie ya Meikie seele kana yhoo dat ws quick hahhaah eish Molimisi mara haai he mst jst go back 2 Thathe wuuuu *clap once* I feel 4 Mpho seeing Boyfie du dis haaikhona Mpho really loves him hey Thandaza ena ojewa ke guilty fela meme's a snake *bleep!* I wanda wat is she going 2 du @ Thandaza's house 2moro anyway gud 9t guys

27 Mar 2013 09:09

angazi nokuthi ngingunumber bani.

sexy d
27 Mar 2013 09:58

wow would be nyc seeing malume themba back shame even though o zorasela thuli for sumthing she didnt do

@Goldi i also notice meikie pregnancy n last week thursday it was so small i even asked if they forgot that she was pregnant

Nna i think Meme will be the one to shot thandaza n not teboho phela meme has this crazy idea that thandaza steals all her man

Mulimisi Mulimisi.............hai the look on meikie face wen he saw Limi dng his thing was priceless

27 Mar 2013 10:17

Love da shock on KK when seeing Meme and Pheko holding hands. Did I also include that I love Thandaza and Pheko together sue me if you can but I do.

27 Mar 2013 10:28

Lol Steffie...

27 Mar 2013 11:12

Top 20.A kufani.Thadanza being shot?????tjoo.Teboho coming back.This is too much drama happening...

27 Mar 2013 11:16

Hhay abantu baka Muvhango Cheat a lot nje......Why is Ranthu and Thandaza still doing TOGETHER i mean Ranthu is wth Teboho and Thandaza li Pheko

27 Mar 2013 12:13

No Chels they r still married ao

27 Mar 2013 12:22

This is unreal, Thandaza cheated but will be shot and get sympathy vote. Every action has its cosequences, that is how we taught!

27 Mar 2013 13:34

But Goldi they both cheating njena

27 Mar 2013 14:15

shaim thuli u are unlucky

27 Mar 2013 15:10

i know Chels bt only Ranthu confessed Thandaza ddnt wabo.......

27 Mar 2013 15:20

I wonder what is meme's weak spot that thandaza will find tonight

27 Mar 2013 17:05

wow.........drama this month............!!!!!!!!!!!!

27 Mar 2013 17:31

Yoh lots of drama. I think teboho is da shooter.

27 Mar 2013 17:58

Hi hi where is pearl Kante????? Kk helping meme i wonder what he is up to

27 Mar 2013 19:12

@Sup.....salute ,Pearl is no longer on Muvhango.Spha is no longer full time he's gonna be on call

27 Mar 2013 20:26

Ohh am here also

27 Mar 2013 22:30

Dont wanna miss a thing nxt month...drama,love,relationships its about time somebody rocked Thandaza's supremacy chair

27 Mar 2013 22:32

Big up 2 Thandaza, she sure knows how 2 handle Meme' LOL!!!

28 Mar 2013 07:39

The look on Memes face when Thandaza told her to back off.....yhoooo

28 Mar 2013 08:20

Indeed Meme tried to kill KK.

28 Mar 2013 09:27

l don get it Thuli says Malume Themba has an Insurance company but how come Nonny was unemployed he cld hev employed her at his company

28 Mar 2013 09:44

ijoo Thandaza *clap once* she can also play Meme's game.

Nolly with the wedding song, joh

28 Mar 2013 10:07

BIG UP 2 Thandaza for put Meme in her place i like dat woman mxxxxm, eish Poor Thuli

sexy d
28 Mar 2013 10:09

lol nonny gng to mulimisi for consultation regarding the audition **claphandsonce**

Modern Chik
28 Mar 2013 10:28

Yoh, aowa you guys are fast  #sad# next time let me go and read.

28 Mar 2013 11:45

So sad why thandaza?

28 Mar 2013 13:50

Eish Thandaza in hospital, thats too bad coz I enjoy the showdowns between her and Meme, usile shame u Meme I enjoy her lines.  So theres romance for Mulalo this month, I wonder who? Maybe that pretty PA of his?

28 Mar 2013 16:42

hy guys am knew here, wow lot of drama n dishonest hhyi kuyanyiwa

crazy bee
28 Mar 2013 17:03

Thanadaza shoot OMG muvhango rocks

crazy bee
28 Mar 2013 17:06

Thanadaza shoot OMG but who shot her and why. muvhango rocks

crazy bee
28 Mar 2013 18:05

But guyz I was so happy about the thandaza and meme showdown yesterday at thandaza's office yoh once again guyz its proven that thandadza is the BOSS but damn I loved the way thandaza shut meme up and poor vusi hey

Mpho Patricia nkwinika
28 Mar 2013 21:42

Wooooo can't wa8

28 Mar 2013 22:46

That witch Meme shot Thandaza and this King Kong KK wanna save her! What will Vusi say? Poor Pheko i love him!

28 Mar 2013 22:59

I just love muvhango......and KK's laugh yoh!

28 Mar 2013 23:03


KK is crazy and with his shiny suits!!!!!!!!!
Its shocking

28 Mar 2013 23:22

"am a ghost remember,,,,boom!" king kong mulaudzi.... Hy am new here pls welcum me! Im so in lv wid Muvhango n i'l drnk 2 dat... Cheers!!! Gud9t

29 Mar 2013 11:14

Welcome Moltana, feel at home

29 Mar 2013 11:15

Welcome Moltana, feel at home

Ms Licious
29 Mar 2013 11:22

Can't belive kk is stil keen on helping meme, can't wait 4 da chief 2 knw da tonifo is not his and put sundani her place...hey guys am also new

phenyos crush
29 Mar 2013 12:57

eeh, there's really lotsa drama this coming month. Muvhango sure rocks...I so love ths soapie, there r surprises at every corner. mara they lied we will be watching 5 days a week frm ths yr; when is tht gonna start?? keep up ntate Ndhlovu & ur crew

29 Mar 2013 18:24

New baby... Teboho the shooter.... Busi... Vusi Wow me like! Drama all the way...! Hey guys I'm new here

29 Mar 2013 19:45

Cnt wait 2 c vusi afta a lng tym

29 Mar 2013 21:33

movhango is gonna be rocking this april lets watch and see

30 Mar 2013 20:46

Hy gyz am new here i just lv thandaza like she just rck my wrld the way she handle thngs i jst wish her nd ranthu shld just sty strong

30 Mar 2013 21:53

hei guyz am olso new here i jst lyk tandaza n peko 2gether ow by d way mvhango z hot hot hot dis month

31 Mar 2013 11:48

welcome to all the new members,a welcome party is goin to come afta the holiday,when the whole house will be back,wll pamper u will free manicure from our lovely sista manicure and umnqomboti from sis bk,enjoy yo sunday

31 Mar 2013 17:37

hei my new fam. i won't mind if Ranthu cn go wth Teboho n ofcoz Tandie wth Pheko n Meme wth Kk

01 Apr 2013 15:58

Teboho what have you done? Thandaza is a slut and she drove Rantu right into Teboho's arms but I cant help but feel sorry for her.

02 Apr 2013 09:24

I have realised that men in general don't accept cheating wives. Ranthu will find it hard to forgive Thandaza's chaeting with Pheko.

sexy d
02 Apr 2013 10:06

jst lol wen meme said ha a batle di vlai pop(sp) at her wedding  hai dat gal has a way with words....nna i dnt c meme getting married to pheko if dey call pull dis stunt off pheko will ran away as he doesnt love meme at all....shame poor Limi ke sono to see things that u cant explain surely he will blame himself wen he hears dat thandaza has been shot.....

02 Apr 2013 14:10

Mara Tebogo to Thandaza last night "I'm the mother of his only child and what are you? Just an old woman with a fat wallet (or something like that)". Eish

02 Apr 2013 14:38

I thind Rantu is going to confront his wife about her affair with Pheko before the press conference, and Thandaza is going to confess and she wont read the speach Meme gave her on the press conference that is why Meme is going to shoot her (instead she is going to expose Meme).

Or if Teboho shoots her. I think she will see the pic of her and Pheko on Meme's office desk drawer (it was opened when Meme went downstairs to collect the parcel). Then she will try to kill Thandaza so that she can have Rantu all to herself. I didn't know that she could be so mean

02 Apr 2013 16:19

1st theory i cn say ya myb bt in 2day's highlights Ranthu's gona go n confront Pheko 

#2 I dnt think so if she were to find out she cud be blackmailing Thandaza not da ada way

02 Apr 2013 17:40

Hayi ipholandaba yangempela lena why would thandaza get shot when things are at the boiling point?we wanted to hear all those how could you, I hate u yada...yada at least 4 2 weeks and to see the look on Mankosi,s face when she hears about her daughters affair with her husband's cousin yoh Thandaza is really keeping it in the family and on yesterdays episode kudlalelwani ngengane uTebogo she can't act and they are putting her up with top dogs oCindy dlathu and to add to injury indlela ade bemgqokise ngayo naye ubefuna ngisho ukufihla izicathulo zakhe eyebag ke angisayiphati yeka ubuhle bakhe And Ranthu who da hell do u think u are URE WIFE DOES NOT WANT U SHE WANTS HER EX URE COUSIN ,cha utebogo unebhadi uqinelwa nawuwena kodwa akusimmangazi ke loko kuthiwa vele indoda uma uyithanda ikujwayela kabi ana mulimisi ilv u baby kodwa plz just go home baby your supermodel gir lfriend cn visit u in Thate

02 Apr 2013 21:51

Tjo, Ranthu a re Pheko o month jella mosadi lol, shame Ranthu. I feel sorry for Thandaza, but she could have told Ranthu about the affair

The big b
02 Apr 2013 23:03

Hey my name is rosa i'm new.i'jooooh thandi wa batho i fil sorry 4 her ba mo thuntse,but ke bone gore e kara ke kotlo cuz she's bn doing bad things secretively so i think i'ts a pay back tm,but i luv thandi and ranthu.gudnyt

03 Apr 2013 01:06


Rue 27
03 Apr 2013 06:24

Thandaza n pheko belong together.l love that couple.

03 Apr 2013 08:40

What did Meme mean when she said Thandaza has more enemies than she thinks. Teboho must have said something.

Both Meme & Teboho do not like Thandaza
Meme does not want to be exposed
Teboho does not want to lose her son 
WHO SHOT THANDAZA??????????????????????????????????????????

sexy d
03 Apr 2013 08:49

I think Meme did,,,,i mean sure u can be pushed over the edge by the fact dat someone wants to take ue son away mare ha ke bone teboho has the guts to shot for meme well she practically blames thandaza for all the bad luck she had in her life n de fact that he wanted a hit man to kill KK dat makes her my number one suspect....

Hau Azwi do u really have to be dat harsh Limi jst wants to protect Mpho n fight for her jst like u did wen ur family didnt want u to marry susan,,,,leave Limi alone surely after 3 months he will be back in Thathe hau......

03 Apr 2013 09:36

OMG Muvhango is on fire its about time, who shots Thandaza and will Rantumeng ever forgive his wife mmmmm and will Mulimisi go back to Thate? eish now thats what i call drama, hala to everyone

03 Apr 2013 13:24

Tjo Muvhango on fire this month!!! Thandaza will be shot today??? Cant wait to watch

03 Apr 2013 14:36

I totally agree with Madwoman, why shoot Thandaza now with so much drama brewing?  Now she'll be in hospital for weeks, mfiim

03 Apr 2013 14:51

Teboho will pull the trigger today. the worst part, Thandaza will start having flash backs of the day she was shot in June, however Rantumeng will not believe Thandaza when she tell Rantu that Teboho is the one who shot her. this is what will put the marriage on the cliff. Thandaza will be very furious when the police refuse to question Teboho as the main suspect. the girl is very good on her calculation and she is always ahead of the police. Mampho will return to Jozi to cause more fire. Meiki will give birth to a baby boy. but again James will have to raise the infants/ toddler alone (single father) since Meiki will be arrested after committing a serious crime and flew away. but she will be arrested at the end. But you will have to wait to see all this until June.

03 Apr 2013 14:53

Thandaza will resign as the CEO of MH. after refusing to go back to work the board will replace her as CEO of MH.

03 Apr 2013 14:54

if u don't believe me go and get yourself TV plus for 3 months soap preview

03 Apr 2013 15:52

available thnx love otherwise im gonna get it its look like all the information is on tv plus not tvsa. tvplus myb is R30 or 15 rand internet is more expensive bt they are robing us this is a day light robary im telling you.

Mrs Chix
03 Apr 2013 16:09

tjo..... thanks available on my way to checkers after work

03 Apr 2013 19:21

@yoyozz and mrs chix....go get that tv plus. U can then come and share your opinions based on the revelation lol

03 Apr 2013 20:30

@available, Do they have the 3 month teasers for Isidingo as well?

03 Apr 2013 22:15

@Available i think i'm gonna have to keep watching

buhle muhle
04 Apr 2013 08:04

Can't wait to know d girl dat will date Mulalo........and I'm jst windering hws d married of Thandaza going to be like after all this

sexy d
04 Apr 2013 08:06

@Available thanx dear guess muvhango is still going to be pretty pretty hot hey i cant wait.....i jst wonder de crime meikie will commit ke ya eng.....

So guess Teboho is de one who shot Thandaza**claphandsonce** didnt think she has the guts to do de chief ke legwala iyo de way he was calling mulimisi while he was gng to de lift hahahahahaha he killed me

04 Apr 2013 08:48

everyone was beautiful like their dress thandazas dress chiefs also handasome everyone
meme not there first suspect
rantu not there second suspesct
teboho bt no one is gonna think abt her
james who are to judge mxm i like pheko the way he answered
u slept with edward wife doobsi
with meme
and meiki and now you are acting like u innocent mxm

04 Apr 2013 09:28

l just cldnt stop laughing how  pple reacted wen they heard gun shots....and the cheif was like Mulimisi whr a you going???????

04 Apr 2013 13:21

What happened to Suzan? Did she sense Thandaza's shooting? 

Hayi bangamagwala abantu bakuMuvhango But they are stupid because they did not run for thier lives they only hid under chairs/tables if the shooter wanted to shoot them bebezofa bonke shame.

04 Apr 2013 13:46

i think Theboho shot Thandaza

04 Apr 2013 16:10

Eish, the shooter o sentse modlalo. I wanted to see if Thandaza was going to deliver on Mamello's instruction or was she going to confess her fleeting with Pheko to all and sundry and safe Onkgopotse. It's about time that her projected spotless image is exposed. Jah, James QUIT too ! Tjoo - Di boa mpelebele !!!

I like Mamello's spoken language and acting. She can really construct philosophic hilarious sentences. She takes the bull by its horn. She's the only one who can stand up to Thandaza as a woman and as a corporate junky.

Teboho also act her part well - a well mannered country girl who's trying to get her fit in city life, clothes according to her character with natural beauty. She's just the right girl for Ranthu who also has got some country frills in his orientation. He's just with Thandaza for security and recognition. He loves Teboho (body language around her tells)

If were were not reading forecasts I would say maybe Thandaza shot herself, who knows!!! .  Enjoy today's episode guys and catch up afterwards

04 Apr 2013 16:23

meme is now wearing clothes which are a little longer than thank you for being formal..

l hev heard of pple who can sense some pain wen pple closer to them are in pain l think thus is exactly wat happened to Susan.......

l miss the stubborn Sundani

crazy bee
04 Apr 2013 22:45

@Makhulu don't worry stubborn sundi will be back very soon its either next month or in June and. And fianlly it will be revealed who the real father of sundi's son is, for sure we allknow that its the chief and hello beautiful people loving muvhango, I mean the sopie is on fire and I also think Teboho shot thandaza too because if it were meme she would have made sure thandaza was dead and guys ooh yes to the new vusi he is so hot, his name is raphael Griffith and he use to present on SABC 2's QBASE and its said that he will be a handful but guys for some reason I think thandaza really loves Ranthu I mean she is going to sacrifice her whole careers just to fix her marrige and no one even asked her to sacrifice her career to save her marriage and she has said this to pheko I don't know how many times already' I love my husband and my family and they are the only thing I care about'. But I don't know about you guys but I really hope thandaza and Ranthu sort they problems out because honestly they both cheated on each other and oh God, oh no mampho is also coming back to cause some more trouble and to the writers of muvhango you guys ROOK at your job.peace and love, goodnight to everyone

04 Apr 2013 23:02

I honestly don't understand why James quit. He wasn't working for Thandaza mos. he was running his own company. O kgotshe madi.

04 Apr 2013 23:31

mhm hot hot hot hot indeed i hv olwyz lyk muvhango olwyz hv olwyz wl a bg enx to tvplus viewers for keep us posted olthough it myk slpless 9t coz we cnt wait 2 wtch 4 2mr n nxt dae n d nxt dae

Nao Babe
05 Apr 2013 00:04

I am huz gona make tea fo mi here? Teboho stole meme's gun frm her office wen meme went down to collect the parcel and she used it to shoot uThandaza.

05 Apr 2013 07:54

Morning Guys..Muvhango is so HOT>>>is it me or did Albert and Meiki laughhed when Ranthu give Pheko a punch...i stil thnk meme is the one who shoot thandaza.

05 Apr 2013 08:12

@Crazy Bee are serious Vusi will be Raphael Griffith l mean that guy is hot hot hot cant wait to see him and will date Busi l guess in the near future

l laughed my lungs out wen Albert and Rantu fell wen they were trying to stop the fight

sexy d
05 Apr 2013 08:19

Morning all

I hear Ranthu is leaving the soapie in June and Siyabonga Twala is joining the crew....jst love Sya hey i wonder who will he date.....

05 Apr 2013 08:23

I did not see the fight, I saw Rantu down the I guessed that Pheko punched him.

It is still not clear who shot Thandaza Meme/Teboho??????????
 Does Pheko really think Rantu shot Thandaza, he was angry but he wouldn't want to kill her.

05 Apr 2013 08:29

Its Teboho wu shot Thandaza Ntaks....Sexy it's obvious wu Siya's gona date hahahahah

05 Apr 2013 09:48

@Ntaksay it the other way round Rantu punched Pheko

@Sexy d l think Rantu will leave the soap and go to Lesotho with Teboho and Siyabonga isnt he acting in Isibaya????

05 Apr 2013 09:58

Thank Makhuu

is leaving Isibaya for Muvhango

05 Apr 2013 10:50

How I wish for Pheko and Thandaza to find each other again after Ranhtu's exit. I never liked the guy anyway as Thandaza's hubby.

05 Apr 2013 10:54

05 Apr 2013 10:58

thandaza nkabe a consfesitse the same time le ranthu,i think thandaza is leaving muvhango,hai o katla wa bhora.

05 Apr 2013 11:32

James Motsamai makes me sick! He is such a hypocrite. Remember how he treated Mapule after he found out she pushed Meiki down the stairs? Hau he acts like he does no wrong, shame on him. As for Pheko he must just get lost. He planned with Meme to trick Thandaza into selling that company, I won't forgive him nxaa.

05 Apr 2013 12:01

lol Stonie

05 Apr 2013 12:02

Yep Stonie, Pheko z a flip flopper. At one time he z preaching how he cant do without Thandaza, the next he z scheming against her. He always come to disturb her feelings and peace

05 Apr 2013 12:24

am giving Pheko and Thandaza a chance now if they don take it then they will hev to go to hell.

05 Apr 2013 12:47

kwaaaaaaaaa u guyz r killing me

05 Apr 2013 13:23

I wish Meme falls deeply in love with Siya's character and he also loves her. And the KK gets jelous and tries to break them up by thretening to tell Siya all Meme's secrets while Noni falls for Siya as well and decides she will have him whatever the cost. That will teach Meme how Thandaza felt all those times she made a play at her husbands and then turned around to play victim.

sexy d
05 Apr 2013 13:29

@MaKhuu Siya was in Isibaya but has shot the last scenes with them and i will b shooting with muvhango soon

Sexy it's obvious wu Siya's gona date hahahahah @Goldi hahahaha so true phela no man passes without having thandaza hai umulume themba umubonile wen he calls her brooke as for Mampho ene hai kekgale le ena a mo bone,,,,,

So guess pheko will also leaving phela ena when things get hot he gets the hell out of the kitchen

05 Apr 2013 13:30

mmmm i like da part ya Noni wanting to have Siya dat wud b interesting n leave out Thandaza for 1ns nice 1 Ntla

Mash 2010
05 Apr 2013 13:47

After lastnite's episode im made to belive dat either Meme hired a hitman to kill Thandaza or she shot her herself. she was full of guilt when Pheko spoke to her

05 Apr 2013 13:48

l cldnt stop laughing wen malume Themba said to Dakalo "umuhle noma ungazalwa naNomuthandazo"

05 Apr 2013 14:30

Hy im new here..really hpe Thandaza and Rantu wil stil b tgthr in e end,i jst think thts a prfct match,ey love each othr ..lyk Teboho is so out o Rantu's league bcz shes nt so polite most o e times, thandaza is btr thn hr and to think tht sh is e one who prbbly shot Thandaza!!!..and pheko shld jst get out o e way i wldnt mind KK and meme bein bc tgthr again.... Tht ws a nice punch fr Pheko lst ngt.. Muvhango Rocks

05 Apr 2013 14:34

Welcome Faffie

05 Apr 2013 14:39

Thank you

05 Apr 2013 15:56

i love Ranthu..

06 Apr 2013 14:24

 i wonder who short Thandaza is it Meme or Teboho, lets wait and see what will happen

06 Apr 2013 21:19

I love thandaza and pheko, rantu is not good enough for thandaza

08 Apr 2013 00:40

Ooh i see MEME shot THANDAZA bcuz she knew tht wz gng 2 confess abt hr affair wit PHEKO hmmmmm. nyc lyk rice...#SABC2 U BELONG

08 Apr 2013 00:41

Ooh i see MEME shot THANDAZA bcuz she knew tht wz gng 2 confess abt hr affair wit PHEKO hmmmmm. nyc lyk rice...#SABC2 U BELONG

sexy d
08 Apr 2013 08:09

Teboho shot Thandaza using Meme's gun...........

08 Apr 2013 09:04

Meme shot thandaza n teboho s gona get Ranthu back

08 Apr 2013 10:34

Its Teboho who shot Thandaza coz she threatened to take her baby and prove to the social welfaare that she was unfit to keep the baby

08 Apr 2013 11:35

morning my people! lest do the assessment here. soap life vs real life.

08 Apr 2013 12:42

• Your partner comes up with this idea to take you out. You’re excited about the idea for sure. Before you know it the cell phone rings. Babe I’m sorry I will have to cancel on you, but I will make it up to you next time I promise. Duty calls.

• The following day your cell phone rings, your partner employer calls. They are looking for your partner at work. You are confused of course since they are the one who sent your partner away. You don’t want to look like a fool by asking so many questions, but you will do your homework.

• What option do you have, start making those phone calls that every partner will do. With a lot of luck your ex-partner answers the phone. Not by accident, we are talking about the meeting in the hotel, in the bedroom.

• You can’t believe what you just heard in that phone, you quickly recognise the voice. Your partner has been taking you for a fool. Not so long ago u just find out about the child they had together, nobody told you about it, everyone tried to hide it from you, including the family, with lot of luck you find out about the child, confronted the bustard, oh yes is all true, I was about to tell you. I’m sorry my love is you I want. You forgive and forget, welcome the child in the family, care and love the child. All the thinking comes back in that moment of frustration, confusion and betrayal. This are the people who have been staying together under your roof, who knows what have been happening all this time, now your mind tells you that is not the first time. They have been doing this all this time, plus last week they were together again.

• In the middle of your pain, tears, hurt, heartbroken, anger………someone from your past walks in on you in those tears. Hold you nicely, promise you it will be alright. You have always wanted to be together by the way, you deeply love this person. You have always held back because of your conscious to your partner. Now that is over, you having been lied too, cheated and betrayed nothing is stopping you to sleep with your ex. In that moment with those mixed feelings you made love at the spot.

• The following day you wake up to reality now. You stoop down to your partner level. Angry as you are, you tell you it doesn’t matter, after all is your partner`s fault that you did what you did. At that time you don’t know the reason why he went to do what he/she did. You took a decision that the marriage is over. There comes the explanation and it all makes sense, you decide to give a second chance. Your partner didn’t come clean because he wanted too, is because you were ahead of him. On the other side you tell yourself what he doesn’t know it won’t hurt. You will do anything to protect the family you love, but not come clean.

• Remember the fact my people, is easy for a female to forgive a male, whereas when it comes to cheating, male cannot understand the reason and 70% will not forgive their women.
• My people let’s talk about it in real life. Do you think Thandaza is a slut? If it was you on that situation what were your options going to be? Does she deserve all those pain including the shooting?

08 Apr 2013 13:05

Thandaza is not a slut, 
# 1: she was hurt, how can pple keep that kind of secret from whilst they stay with you under the same roof: Morena+Teboho+Ranthumeng.
#2: why didnt Ranthu just tell Thandaza that he is going to see his kid???? she knows about Morena, isnt it?? he was up to something fishy
#3: all these lead to someone's weakest moments, remember that Thandaza told her Mom that she wished Ranthu was around??? Pheko was there to confort her and one thing led to another............
#4: at one point in life we make mistakes that we swear we will neve do again, trust me we fall into the same trap again: Thandaza+Pheko
#5: its a fact: what u dont know wont hurt u

Bottom line Thandaza is not a slut she just had a weak moment.  remeber what Pheko said to James, who is he to judge> Doobsie, Meme, Mapule, Meiki

Mrs Chix
08 Apr 2013 13:13

Thandaza is no slut.

08 Apr 2013 13:44

Thandaza's no Slut 

When man cheat we mst understand bt wen we *women* cheat it's over no explanation no nothing so i guess she kept quiet cos she knew gore it's as good as over shud she open he mouth jst like da way it happened 

08 Apr 2013 15:49

l also agree with you guys.

in real life we all hev that one one person we will forever love nomatter wat.....if you see them u hev butterflies and you cant just think straight.....

08 Apr 2013 16:44

@Goldi, Mrs Chix and Makhuu i thank you for your honest.

If your partner is honest with you, make you happy and love you as much as they claim that will be enough to stop us from temptation.

When you leave your ex that you so much love, for the new love, you don’t need to be reminded of what you left behind. A new partner can make you forget about your x. but when the current partner shows crack you will be forced to always think back.

When I watch a drama, soap......they must be a reason why you spent that 30min or an 1hr for that matter. what is the lesson?

08 Apr 2013 19:03

The time Meme left Tebogo in her office, she left her drawer open and a gun was shown. Meme seems like the obvious murderer, but Muvhango wouldnt be that obvious.

I think Tebogo took that gun and shot Thandaza.

08 Apr 2013 21:13

Nonny's wardrobe its a no no, it needs to be chnged yooh

08 Apr 2013 21:46

Thandaza is no slut,i thnk she didnt want to come clean coz Ranthu wasnt gona blv her n she loves her family dat she wldnt do anythn to harm it.n it wasnt easy 4 her to 4gv Ranthu afta dai double crozd hm unda da same room bt she 4gave him.neva cheat in ur relationship.

08 Apr 2013 21:47

Thandaza is no slut,i thnk she didnt want to come clean coz Ranthu wasnt gona blv her n she loves her family dat she wldnt do anythn to harm it.n it wasnt easy 4 her to 4gv Ranthu afta dai double crozd hm unda da same room bt she 4gave him.neva cheat in ur relationship.

08 Apr 2013 21:47

Thandaza is no slut,i thnk she didnt want to come clean coz Ranthu wasnt gona blv her n she loves her family dat she wldnt do anythn to harm it.n it wasnt easy 4 her to 4gv Ranthu afta dai double crozd hm unda da same room bt she 4gave him.neva cheat in ur relationship.

08 Apr 2013 21:47

Thandaza is no slut,i thnk she didnt want to come clean coz Ranthu wasnt gona blv her n she loves her family dat she wldnt do anythn to harm it.n it wasnt easy 4 her to 4gv Ranthu afta dai double crozd hm unda da same room bt she 4gave him.neva cheat in ur relationship.

08 Apr 2013 22:00

Hahaha nony neh haa tsebe nex ka ka dat building chee!ebe james o nahana hore ranthu o thuntse thandaza?pheko ena what is he implyn joh cnt wait 4 da nxt episode a love n lyk.

08 Apr 2013 22:42

Vusi finaly welkom home boy

09 Apr 2013 07:26

Am i stil on da right track guys?am new so if am not plz hlp me a lv da soapie n watch t a lot.

sexy d
09 Apr 2013 08:20

hau pheko bathong was it really necessary for u to give de police de info abt ur nasty affair le miss Bu....hai no man u shouldnt have besides wat type of a cousin r u.....

Nonny comment loading.........................

Nna i still say Teboho shot thandaza i mean meme le thandaza have been enemies for a while and surely de writers was not gonna make it so ''lunch bar'' gore ke mang who shot thandaza

Finally Limi went back to thathe guess we will see the real killer soon

Hau shem meme de only person who could have helped(KK) u doubled crossed him nw u r all alone.....

09 Apr 2013 08:29

hi Guyz

I think Thandaza is no slut but what happened to her could have happened to anyone.. that's what happens when you settle foe second best and when you marry for all the wrong reasons.. lets face it Thandaza doesnt love Ranthu as much as she loves Pheko and the only reason she married him was bcoz she couldnt be with Pheko and the fact that she could hurt Ranthu since he's been too good to her " he doesnt derseve to hurt liket" that was mistake no1 and tow even Ranthu himself knows that thandaza is inlove with pheko but refuse to belive it and went on and married thandaza... so Thandaza and Pheko will always have stolen moments here and there bcoz they have unfinished business! Rnathu and Thandaza need to go their separate ways and let thandaza and Pheko give their relationship a chance and then find out if they are really meant for each other or not... coz both of them will always wonder "what if " if only" !!!! it happens in real life guys !!!!!!!!!!

09 Apr 2013 08:35

Meme for now she has to go and stay in a backyard room with her mother...she overrates herself.

as for Vusi yena tjo thot the dude an adult but he last nyt he looked like he is 15.

09 Apr 2013 08:39

Morning fellow bloggers
@Available, people tend to judge before they have all the facts. Thandaza is no slut, she knew that if Ranthu discover her cheating the marriage will be over. A woman can forgive a cheating partner but a man can;t forgive a chaeting wife-that is the story of our lives.
 I still say Teboho is the one that shot Thandaza and Meme will be implicated big time.

09 Apr 2013 09:09

I think Thadaza does love Ranthu but not in a way that she loves Pheko

is for security purposes family man so s for Pheko not a hubby material *my opion n view*

09 Apr 2013 09:44

Yep Teboho stole Meme's gun and used it to shoot Thandaza ! Kodwa kudlaliwe ngoMeme wami!

09 Apr 2013 09:55

Yep Teboho stole Meme's gun and used it to shoot Thandaza ! Kodwa kudlaliwe ngoMeme wami!

09 Apr 2013 11:34

before i read all your comments

its sound like pheko is the one whoz wrong and rantu is right
rantu married pekos ex girlfriend thandaza, and she was not even an ex she was dating pheko and pheko was in lesotho for business now everyone is questioning pheko why he slept with his cousin wife. why rantu was marrieing thandaza in the first place he married cousins girlfriend. everyone told him that this is phekos girlfriend bt he married her anyway

09 Apr 2013 11:48

lol hahaha i remember watching an HIV drama on sabc 1, wife and the husband t were both cheating  the husband decided to tell his wife abt the affair then on the other side the wife wanted to tell the husband abt the guy shes dating. in the bedroom the the wife started i want to tell you something and the husband said noo wait i want to tell you something, he hold both hands of his wife and look her in her eyes and tell her baby i cheated bt i told the girlfrnd itsover i want to be with you, please forgive me bby. the wife said i forgive you bt let me tell yu tht i was cheating too bt itsover she never finished the sentece the husband was angry and he kicked her out. i THOUGHT BECOZ THEY BOTH CHEATED SO ITS GONNA BE EASY bt i didnt understand why the husband is angry he also cheated kwaaaaaa

09 Apr 2013 11:57

Its deir EGO lala Man will NEVER 4gv u for CHEATING bt we mst mxxxxm

09 Apr 2013 12:02

IF there are men bloggers here pliz help us understand why you men mek it big or huge deal if you find out that ur lady was cheating whilst you also cheated on her and she forgave u


09 Apr 2013 12:39

have you guys noticed that with the other races ie whites, indiand and colourds they are not so bad when it comes t forgiving a cheating wife or girlfrnd, shome how they can get pass it and move on but not with our black I say confessing you infedelities is not for us black women.. black men can even kill if they find out that they wife cheated!

sexy d
09 Apr 2013 13:35

@MaKhuu u r so rite all the men pls assist bcos us women we r confused y it is so difficult for u to forgive a cheating wife or galfriend

@yoyozz when ranthu started to date thandaza pheko and thandaza where no longer dating its a pity i cant remember y pheko left thandaza then bcos ene wen the going gets tough he disappears,,,,,sure ranthu knw that thandaza dated pheko but wen he found thandaza she fixed her world as she was shatterd after pheko left her alone,,,,ranthu married thandaza knowing well he was second choice but he had a hope that in the long run he will love him n him alone....

09 Apr 2013 13:57

Sure sexy d they were nt dating then..morning guys

09 Apr 2013 15:02

Yep Sexy wen da tough gets going Pheko gets running he's not a hubby material

09 Apr 2013 15:09

When a wife z cheating ,she z the one receiving the foreign things but when a husband z cheating hes actually releasing his "dirt" inside a woman, so I guess man do not want to imagine that someone has actually left his semen inside his wife.

09 Apr 2013 15:16

some one once said that when women cheat it is more then just sex but it goes deeper then that where as wehn men cheat it's just about sex no emotions and feeling involved.. so when a wife or grlfrnd cheat men know that they problems runs deeper than then just their love making and it could mean that they could be losing her for good!!! and they ego gets bruised big time!

09 Apr 2013 15:31

Taba ke hore Thandaza o bile in lv le Pheko before Ranthu so a stl thnk hore she stil hav dat feelingsnyana tse ntseng li setse.

10 Apr 2013 08:19

Muvhango is rocking an who is the shoter?

sexy d
10 Apr 2013 10:05


So wat did Limi bones reveal to him coz he kept on saying its not possible....

Mrs Chix
10 Apr 2013 10:09

TJo I give up on Ranthu and Pheko. They are always fighting when they meet

sexy d
10 Apr 2013 10:21

@Mrs Chix so true hey n pheko is a coward always screem ranthumeng ntlogele...ranthumeng o sa ntshwara i mean really dey shld hit one another to show gore ke mang the big Mr Mokoena......

10 Apr 2013 10:32

Morning good people

I wish to see Mpho and Mulimisi kissing.......

10 Apr 2013 10:42

lol Sane

10 Apr 2013 11:53

Haiyaya Teboho,Meme n Ranthu wu is da shooter?

10 Apr 2013 13:50

i think it is tebogo but meme know cos she put her to do it because of the baby

sexy d
10 Apr 2013 14:28

@sane came to think of it since they dated i never seen them kiss all they do they hug each other nna i want to see that passionate kiss ya thandaza le pheko e etswa ke mpho le mulimisi

10 Apr 2013 15:28

@Sane, Muvhango doesn't show kissing scenes, only for Thandaza. Just think of all the couples and tell me whom you've seen kissing: Azindini and the wives (incl Sundani), James n Mapule, Meme n Pheko, Albert n Hangwani, Vangani n wife, Tivhu n baby daddy, KK n Meme, Thulie n Tumagole, Agnes n the guys she has dated, Kondi n Shashi, etc. if they do show a kiss, it would be just a small perk, or people about to kiss n scene changes, or just a hug.

10 Apr 2013 15:37

Pheko told the police that he was cheating with Thandaza so that they can arrest Rantu. He's selfish shame.

10 Apr 2013 15:42

l guess disappointing news that Nonny is goonea received is that abt the audition thing.

as for kissing they don just kissing coz they regard their soapie as a family show so they don want to put families in a situation whereby you change channnels becoz of sum compromising scene

10 Apr 2013 16:56

Jus to chip in, i think Pheko n Thandaza were separated by the Bakwevho, who still wanted Thandaza to hang onto Ndalamo. 

I hate the pulling n pushing by Pheko n Ranthu, if they wanna fight better beat the hell outa each ada. Its wrong that Pheko wants Ranthu out of the picture, but also on the other hand Ranthu will end up being guilty to those lazy detectives if he doesnt tell the whole truth.

Did i see right, Vusi didnt want to hug Pheko, it was kind of forced or was it the emotions nje. 

Truth being told, Thandaza loves Pheko but she sees that she will never have a stable relationship with him hence settling for Ranthu who will give her a stable family. So whenever they meet, they will always be attracted to each other.

10 Apr 2013 17:45

A big LOL 2 Ranthu n Pheko alwyz fightng

10 Apr 2013 21:36

Yhoo!i wondr if Pheko wil give in to Ranthu's condition...!!tht ws harsh Hehehe a big LOL to Mankosi's tone and stmnts whn she spoke to Pheko..'he wldnt hurt Thandaza,"hez not lyk u" '(lyk huh??!)lol hehe u sis N.O.N.N.Y is a dreamer,and jst hd to tke aftr Pearl in sme ways,,gossip girls... Nyt fam

11 Apr 2013 08:32

i jst love NONNY she's a free somebody wu careless!!

11 Apr 2013 12:08

Ranthu is scared that if Thandaza were to wake up while Pheko is in town, he will lose. Poor man is insecure 

11 Apr 2013 12:12

Hello good people! 

I missed last night's show ,  can someone give an update please,

Luv you all!

11 Apr 2013 21:44

I hate the part of Meme

11 Apr 2013 22:24

Iyo feisi ea ranthu guys hai muvhango is mi best.jwale a khutlisang sethunya ena ke mang?cnt wait 4 mandai i lyk i lyk.

11 Apr 2013 23:16

The way bloggers defend their favourite characters iyho.. In my view what Thandaza did was very wrong period.. and no amount of justification can make it better. Even Ranthu was wrong. Cheating is cheating. They say "you can change the frame but the picture remains the same"

12 Apr 2013 09:34

Kandy am with you there. Cheating is Cheating. No matter the situation. Ranthumeng cheated and so did Thandaza. At least Ranthumeng came clean about it.

12 Apr 2013 09:46

keep ur friends close and your enemies even closer thus wat Tebogo is doing. tebogo has a baby with Rantu but seriously there are not related that she cld cum and stay in the house like she wants to help.

Rantu and Pheko are acting like Tbose and Kat (Skeem Sami) they fight wen ever they an oppptunity to do so.

@Sane.Khumalo ur wish was granted  Mulimisi and Mpho kissed lol

12 Apr 2013 10:24

Morning to you all!

I agree with Kandyfloss, Thandaza and Ranthu were both wrong, cheating is cheating, there should have came clean about it.

I also think its wrong for Tebogo to be coming at Thandaza's home whenever she feels like it, she should find her own place or stay at Mokoena B&B

sexy d
13 Apr 2013 15:00

Guys I said it n am saying it again Tebogo is de one who shoot thandanza The shadow of that person who enters MH to leave de gun matches Tebogo's shadow 100%

13 Apr 2013 21:58

hei gyz d shooter z d luchbar so dam obvious TEBOHO

13 Apr 2013 23:13

At sexy d, I also noticed that it was Tebogo's shadow. I always suspect her anyways..

15 Apr 2013 08:45

hey guys am new here ..hope u guys will welcom me to the  1 and only traditionaly hot soapie ever muvhango teasers....... but teboho look so innocent ma sefatlhegong o ka se mo akanyetse aka shoot Nomthandazo...some pipz ba dangerous waitse o pretenda to feel for mankosi's family....haibo!!

15 Apr 2013 10:49

Morning to you all!

Welcome Dinnyd, feel at home, 

I feel bad for Meme, eish I hope she figures out who got into her office and took the gun.

15 Apr 2013 11:36

Under that beautiful face (Teboho) eish,,, lies the devil incanet. Beware of appearances. The way she was comforting Vusi````I sensed something fish

sexy d
15 Apr 2013 12:53

@Dinnyd welcome dear

there is a saying that descibes Teboho perfectly O se bone tholo  borethe teng ga yona go a baba,,,,,,shame if only mankosi knew gore she is living with a person who nearly killed her daughter

If only meme didnt make an enermy out KK he was gonna help her find the truth but guess now she is on her ouw cos enen james she burned his fingers more often dnt think he will help her or she should just contact Mulimisi o tla mo thusa...

15 Apr 2013 21:50

Tebogo you stupid thing why did u shoot her.

16 Apr 2013 08:57

That innocent and cute face of Teboho is evil. She is already acting like a madam in Thandaza's house. When is she going to work, maybe she thinks Thandaza will never come out of comma. You've got it all wrong sister.


16 Apr 2013 10:09

l laughed when Chief asked Vangani how Albert grew up....truely that man is too much even for himself.

Teboho is keeping her enemies closer

is Meme that broke to steal R200 note in her own restarant?????

16 Apr 2013 10:44

Ranthu should never have allowed Tebogo into his home after the cheating a few weeks ago. How will THandaza feel when she finds out, this Ranthu is also selfish, he wants Pheko out of town but Tebogo can stay. 

Albert n Gizara are brothers, hahaha. Used to think they are cousins. Laughed at the way Chief was complaining about him.

Modern Chik
16 Apr 2013 10:47

@ pjvv and MaKhuu plz update me I didn't watch, I know I've been mute but i'm back now!!!

16 Apr 2013 10:49

Tebogo is not nervous, she is playing this part so well. But that shadow ayeee, hilarious it was clear as to who it was.

Everyone is suspecting Meme becoz her n Thandaza are public enemies but not realising that Thandaza naye is got enemies every where. Even in real life pipo always suspect someone who is innocent and leaving the guilty one alone. Let the drama begin,

16 Apr 2013 10:56

yooooh, who wld hve thot ,,,,,,Tebogo tryin' to kill Thandaza. yoooo......wonders shall neva end

Mrs Chix
16 Apr 2013 11:05

Ok what the hell is Ranthu thinking allowing your ex an the person you had an affair with a few weeks are go to take care of your kids and move in with you. Why not take Aggie or Susan for a few days. Ranthu is a selfish man and he pretends to be perfect. This guy is looking for trouble. As for Teboho nxa

16 Apr 2013 11:24

@ Modern Chik, i didnt see everything but, 

I saw Tebogo explaining that she was there to help Mankosi with the kids with Tandaza not being around. 

When MaNkosi arrived at Ranthu n Thandaza's house, Teboho had already made breakfast and everyone was eating, MaNkosi commented that Tebogo has risen very early to have done all of that...Vuss left with malume to go to school.....

Mushasha n Mulisimi were sitting together n Mulimisi was complaining as to why the ancestors are not showing him who shot Thandaza, after compalining as well to Mpho. Mushasha advised him to go for a walk and to also visit his ancestor's graves n talk to them to seek guidance n ask them to assist him find the killer.

The Chief was complaining about vho Albert wanting to have Thandaza replaced as CEO and he was asking ukuthi lo Albert ungumuntu onjani othanda ukungxamukela endabeni zonke, he was concerned about what the Nkosis will say about them replacing her while she is fighting for her life, they might think they want Thandaza to die. The Chief also said that he will not protect him anymore. 

Tebogo went to MH and was having something to eat at the coffee shop. Nonny (is it) came n told her she is not allowed after she was kicked out last time. So Tebogo explained that she is Morena's mom n that her n Thandaza's hatred come a long way. So Nonny quickly forgot as she wanted to hear more goss, then Meme walked past and Tebogo hid saying that she doesnt want Meme to see her in that she is the suspect in the shooting. 

Saw everyone leaving MH, then a shadow (Tebogo) came holding the gun and placed it in a pot plant or something. So Tebogo must have been hiding so that no-one saw her still inside the building.

16 Apr 2013 11:28

that is all i can remember

Laura Bush
16 Apr 2013 11:43

Mpho is sick to go to that an extend to shooting someone for a man yoo!!!! after all she let ranthumeng marry thandaza and only now she wants to be noticed as a woman and claim ranthumeng like that···tjo. ,i know that what thandaza did was wrong bt being shot at is something else.

sexy d
16 Apr 2013 12:41

@Laura Bush ke TEBOHO not MPHO dear....

16 Apr 2013 13:36

Hello everyone, Muvhango rocks these days, 

this Nonny eish she luvs gossiping.

I just wish Ranthu realises that the Tebogo is the one who shot Thandaza,

16 Apr 2013 14:16

Where has Nonny been all my life? That girl rocks!

16 Apr 2013 15:34

Ranthumeng mani yesess i hate that stupid guy. pls when you leave muvhango yu better go back to lesotho with your farm girl tebogo and your boy  sies nxa. morena's head looks like garden slasher or panga dammett

16 Apr 2013 15:34

Ranthumeng mani yesess i hate that stupid guy. pls when you leave muvhango yu better go back to lesotho with your farm girl tebogo and your boy  sies nxa. morena's head looks like garden slasher or panga dammett

16 Apr 2013 22:03

Long dresses really suits meme,she luks nice in em,or @least i think so,lyk e one she wore e nyt thandaza was shot(while,matchn colours w pheko),e one she wore whn she went to Thandaza's hse fr dinner w Pheko bc en..etc,i think she is one woman who rocks in em,and truth is meme is pretty despite her nasty role wc wld mke ppl ovrlook tht fct..its nice to c Pheko and Ranthu nt fightin fr Hehehe Albert and his wife trying to be is irritatin haaya,why she jst cnt luk fr her own place,and a job or smethn,leave town... Nyty fam

16 Apr 2013 22:09

Long dresses really suits meme,she luks nice in em,or @least i think so,lyk e one she wore e nyt thandaza was shot(while,matchn colours w pheko),e one she wore whn she went to Thandaza's hse fr dinner w Pheko bc en..etc,i think she is one woman who rocks in em,and truth is meme is pretty despite her nasty role wc wld mke ppl ovrlook tht fct..its nice to c Pheko and Ranthu nt fightin fr Ahh e way evryone jst hs to think Ranthu is only aftr Thandaza's money,its outrageous. FACT-ere r smethns we as women hve to accept abt men,one thing is wrong and worse whn a women does it,bt whn it cums to em,its ok we shld forgive,"cheating,etc"..its sickening... Hehehe Albert and his wife trying to be is irritatin haaya,why she jst cnt luk fr her own place,and a job or smethn,leave town... Nyty fam

16 Apr 2013 22:09

Long dresses really suits meme,she luks nice in em,or @least i think so,lyk e one she wore e nyt thandaza was shot(while,matchn colours w pheko),e one she wore whn she went to Thandaza's hse fr dinner w Pheko bc en..etc,i think she is one woman who rocks in em,and truth is meme is pretty despite her nasty role wc wld mke ppl ovrlook tht fct..its nice to c Pheko and Ranthu nt fightin fr Ahh e way evryone jst hs to think Ranthu is only aftr Thandaza's money,its outrageous. FACT-ere r smethns we as women hve to accept abt men,one thing is wrong and worse whn a women does it,bt whn it cums to em,its ok we shld forgive,"cheating,etc"..its sickening... Hehehe Albert and his wife trying to be is irritatin haaya,why she jst cnt luk fr her own place,and a job or smethn,leave town... Nyty fam

17 Apr 2013 00:09

@Vuxy, that's no cool way to describe a child.

This shooting thing should be obvious to the cops that Meme isnt the shooter. Why we would she hide the weapon at the crime scene? 

Detective Noni should put 2 and 2 together on Teboho.

17 Apr 2013 08:09

Pearl and Nonny in hev sumthng incommon like gossiping tjo uNonny uthandi indaba zabantu

sexy d
17 Apr 2013 08:09

Morning all

@Mimibob u r so rite dear Nonny could b de one to pin point the police to Teboho but i guess she was too concerned abt the gossip to even to notice wat Teboho was saying was a clue that she shot Thandaza

Mulimisi bathong damn give that a man a bells,,,,hope now he can finally see who shot thandaza

hau i feel so sori for meme hey being arrested for sumthing u didnt do hope kk will help her find the truth

17 Apr 2013 09:54

KK n Meme about to kiss n walla detectives coming to arrest Meems, for once, poor girl being arrested for something you didnt do. 

No-one suspects Tebogo in that she pretends to be this sweet girl. But she wil be caught.

Modern Chik
17 Apr 2013 12:51

@ pjvv thanks for the update, you're a sweetheart. Otherwise there is a saying that goes like: "Good girls are bad girls who never got caught' That's Tebogo farm girl.

17 Apr 2013 16:18

I have a feeling it  will be soon before the farm girl is caught, Mulimisi should just try harder to get info from the ancestors and the truth come out.

17 Apr 2013 16:24

but like really what happened yesterday was just magic's, kuhlezi kunama suspects left and right ahamba izangoma nenyanga abakaze basizakale. what Mulimisi is doing ku Muvhango is not a reality shame

sexy d
18 Apr 2013 08:01

@titidi maybe its reality maybe its not i hear dere are some sangomas that r really gifted like Limi n some just tell u warevr u want to hear and take your money but here i stand to be corrected

So thandaza finally reacts pity she was unable to squeeze rathu hands wen she asked her to but glad she is recovering well

18 Apr 2013 09:43

i think mulumisi is gonna tell rantu to go and look for pheko hes gonna be the only one to save thandaza

18 Apr 2013 10:27

Bye Pheko

crazy bee
18 Apr 2013 11:27

Loved the fact that pheko is gone yoh that guy is just lose and stupid and ranthu should kick out that slut of that baby mama of his but above all so happy that pheko is gone and this time can it be forever. Muvhango ROCKs and no other show comes close and welcome to the new member please do enjoy your stay

18 Apr 2013 12:28

t felt so sad ydae wen the family was at the hospital singng those sad songs like ey all ere to say goodbye

plz plz fam i dnt want  a grp of ma chch  membrs to cum bezongthandazela masengfa ngoba it feels lik ey r ere to say goodbye

poor mankosi mara abo doctor nabo bayitshela kanjani ifam ukuthi izilungiselele?

MUlimisi rocks ese days aaaaau

sekushota nje ukuti atshele amapoyisa ukuth ey hv e wrong person.

18 Apr 2013 13:04

i havent been watching eish!! i guess will chatch up on sat

18 Apr 2013 21:12

Thuli's pimples are all over the place. Even the make up can't hide them. They should send her to a holiday or a business trip.

crazy bee
18 Apr 2013 22:48

Hey guys OMG did you guys see Tebogo tonight she is the one who shot thandaza but the question is when will she they realise that it is her?

19 Apr 2013 00:11

i hate d fact dat Pheko z gone i jst wish its a shrt tym BOOS

19 Apr 2013 09:01

happy pheko is gone. whats with thulis face.

19 Apr 2013 09:04

@Riyat, aybo aybo aybo, Thuli's pimples !!! ngibonile and i was so sad shame. she must do sumthing about it, like trying to figure out the root cause of it. aw unemali uThuli nje,


19 Apr 2013 10:19

Haibo Thuli watsup with her face are they pimples or sum reaction or she was stung by mosquitoes..........and Mulamo is he falling for Thuli, l don think that will be good idea bcoz Malume Themba doesnt love the Vendas

its so sad that Pheko left.....

19 Apr 2013 11:53

Thuli must wash her face with baking soda

19 Apr 2013 12:01

Wer is Tumahole

19 Apr 2013 14:04

I feel sorry for Pheko that he is gone cause I realy love him dey make a gr8t couple with Thandaza n its very ineresting dat Thandaza was able to squeez his hand not Randu, true love never end.

Mrs Chix
19 Apr 2013 14:35

I have given up on KK's suits tjo where does he get them

19 Apr 2013 14:49

yoyoh did not watch but di she(thandaza) squeeze his hand?

19 Apr 2013 15:16

Too bad Pheko had to go! Yea she did, but the doc called it reflex action

19 Apr 2013 15:17

Sad:( didnt watch yesterday's show. 

Muvhango rocks nowadays. It beats all the soapies. 

I now have time for Muvhango n Isibaya..

lesley mdluli
20 Apr 2013 06:51

i think the shooter is teboho she must to hell for heaven sake

20 Apr 2013 15:35

thandaza love's pheko..... Ke fact

20 Apr 2013 16:18

20 Apr 2013 16:19

20 Apr 2013 23:48

The bones revealed to Limi abt the shooter. He must pay attention to what being said. The ancesistors mentioned the mountains and Thandaza house, with the women he doesn't know well. Mulimusi knows meme not Teboho. The mountain is Lesotho, Thandaza house is where the shooter is hiding.Limi must just focus. Is his job to interprete those dreams

20 Apr 2013 23:56

Rantu need a farm girl. Not a smart wife like Thandaza who run a multibillions. He want Pheko gone, out of their life 4 good. But his mistress is staying with him. Who knows what happen when they are too? That is rubbish. What must Thandaza think? On top of that when she tells Rantu that Teboho is the one who shot her He won't believe her. No guys the guy doesn't have balls.

22 Apr 2013 08:56

My thoughts exactly Available about the mountains and Thandaza's house. But I'm sure he will crack it in not time.

22 Apr 2013 09:30

Dumelang bagaetsho!!

22 Apr 2013 10:11

Muvhango rocks these days.

22 Apr 2013 15:55

I cant wait for tonight's episode yhoo....

23 Apr 2013 09:32

please update me guys l ddnt  watch yesterday

23 Apr 2013 09:58

I've heard of mothers doing whatever it takes to fight for their children but when teboho shot thandi she went too far shem. She is just Satan personified and shes got guts. She sleeps with thandi's husband, then shoots her and now she's staying at thandi's house and acting all innocent and now she is framing meme who is now sitting in jail for a crime she didnt commit. Meme is usually a strong person but look at her now. I know Meme is no angel herself but she doesnt deserve this and I really hate seeing her like this. Right now she looks like a wreck. Teboho is now trying to kill thandi in her hospital room. She is doing all this so that she can keep her son and get ranthu. This girl can get really desperate. She doesnt deserve to be a mother. She should rot in jail for the rest of her miserable life and feel the pain that meme is feeling now. I really hope kk can find the truth and when he does i'm very sure that there will be hell to pay

23 Apr 2013 09:58

Farm gal can wear heals too wat does she want at de hospital anyway

sexy d
23 Apr 2013 10:09

Muvhango is de bomb

Can now somebody please expose sundani thonifho looks exactly like mulalo n they say dey look alike bcos dey r related aggg man even a blind man can see gore ke father n son.....

Iyoo Teboho now wants to turn off the machines tsa thandaza hai shame mosadi ke wena ur obsession ya gago ko ranthumeng is dangerous

23 Apr 2013 12:28

Hayi Tebogo i wonder who will catch her when she switches off he machines.

23 Apr 2013 12:41

wat did teboho tried to switch off the machines shoo ididnt watch becoz electricity

23 Apr 2013 12:47

Yhoo eish Tebogo!!

23 Apr 2013 12:47

Update please guys