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Rhythm City Teasers - March 2013

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 27 Feb 2013
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Coming up on Rhythm City this March, 2013:

Friday 1 March 2013
Episode 1475

Suffocate doesn't understand why Nkhensani was not at his apartment as expected. Bash gets the pawnbroker to loan him money to free up goods from customs. Everyone is speculating why Kop punched Jafta. Reneilwe makes a shocking revelation.

Monday 4 March 2013
Episode 1476

S'bu arrives to see Bash with his clothes in a bag. Suffocate is starting to panic about Nkhensani. Kop apologises to Jafta for punching him. Patricia takes Naomi to see something that's deeply shocking.

Tuesday 5 March 2013
Episode 1477

Bash's plan to scam the pawnbroker backfires. Patricia tries to get Nkhensani to sign over her empire to Naomi.

Wednesday 6 March 2013
Episode 1478

Patricia agrees to kill Nkhensani. S'bu steals from Miles in order to pay back the pawnbroker. Jafta and Kop's staged burglary doesn't go as planned.

Thursday 7 March 2013
Episode 1479

Suffocate finally manages to track Nkhensani down. Miles is left reeling from the realisation that S'bu stole his watch. When Mamokete calls the cops to investigate the break-in, Kop is forced to tell her the truth.

Friday 8 March 2013
Episode 1480

David is cultivating his relationship with Dr Ongers. Ronald comes to offer David his services. S'bu and Niki put their differences behind. Mamokete is still unforgiving towards Kop.

Monday 11 March 2013
Episode 1481

Mamokete has great difficulty dealing with Jafta's wandering eye. Lucilla realises that she is winning professionally, but personally she is very much alone.

Tuesday 12 March 2013
Episode 1482

Gail tries to persuade Lucilla to think about internet dating. David pushes Dr Ongers about her father. Ronald comes up with an escape plan for David. But can he be trusted?

Wednesday 13 March 2013
Episode 1483

Tshidi is taken by surprise when she learns that her partner for the hospital's mentoring programme is none other than Maidi. Lucilla goes on her first Internet date.

Thursday 14 March 2013
Episode 1484

David uses his growing intimacy with Dr Ongers to obtain the key to the infirmary for his prison-break plan. Maidi gives Tshidi a gift. Jafta's plan to keep Lindi backfires.

Friday 15 March 2013
Episode 1485

Tshidi gets physical with Reneilwe when Reneilwe speaks her mind about the William situation. Lucilla is embarrassed when a journalist breaks the story about her internet dating attempts. Mamokete feels guilty about keeping Lindi a secret from Rose.

Monday 18 March 2013
Episode 1486

Lucilla is delighted about her date with John. The Maidi-Tshidi situation reaches boiling point and Tshidi takes her frustrations to Sis Bee. David offers an olive branch to Hermanus in exchange for persuading George to retire.

Tuesday 19 March 2013
Episode 1487

David is getting anxious about his situation in prison. Jafta is looking for a place to stay. Tshidi loses her patience with Reneilwe and Puleng.

Wednesday 20 March 2013
Episode 1488

David poisons George's coffee with some drug he stole from Dr Ongers's office. Lindi reveals to Rose that Mamokete knew about her affair with Jafta from the start.

Thursday 21 March 2013
Episode 1489

Tshidi gets her hopes up too high when Maidi provides a slim idea that might lead to news of William. Lucilla is nervous about asking John to accompany her to the awards. David convinces George to meet Dr Ongers, and it goes surprisingly well.

Friday 22 March 2013
Episode 1490

George is getting sicker from the poisoning. Mamokete is afraid of losing Rose's friendship forever. Tshidi makes a decision to go to Congo and rescue William herself. Lucilla bumps into John with another woman at club 011.

Monday 25 March 2013
Episode 1491

David worries that the doctor's enthusiasm for the plan is suspicious. Kop meets with Rose and fears for the worst. Maidi tells Kop and Mamokete about Tshidi's plans to go to the Congo and all hell breaks loose.

Tuesday 26 March 2013
Episode 1492

George refuses to give up the codes that David wants so badly. Dr Ongers drugs David. Lucilla throws herself into her work to heal after John's rejection, but S'fiso catches her in a vulnerable moment.

Wednesday 27 March 2013
Episode 1493

Ronald offers to get Hermanus information on David's plans. Tshidi withdraws all the money from her student loan to travel to Congo. Mamokete's worried about how Rose and Jafta's break-up is affecting Mampho.

Thursday 28 March 2013
Episode 1494

Lucilla swears that she is over men for good. Hermanus wants Ronald to become a double agent and betray David. Miles convinces Lucilla to give S'fiso a chance at more responsibilities. Dr Ongers makes a startling revelation to George.

Friday 29 March 2013
Episode 1495

David discovers what drives Dr Ongers to seek revenge against George: he killed her father! Tshidi tries to shake off her allegiance to her long-absent husband. Lucilla overhears S'fiso asking Miles for advice on how to approach a woman he fancies.

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27 Feb 2013 10:37

No 1 Yipee. Let me read

27 Feb 2013 10:41

Im no 2 and have already read... Maidi is back OMG.

27 Feb 2013 10:46

Farayi i m number 3.....

27 Feb 2013 10:48

no 4 yeppp

27 Feb 2013 10:50

No 5, not bad

27 Feb 2013 10:56

6...not bad at all..let me read

27 Feb 2013 11:19

Oh lawd; don't tell me that S'fiso fancies Lucilla, now I can see him with Reneilwe. Is Lu going to be a cougar now?

27 Feb 2013 11:20

No 8

27 Feb 2013 11:27

Sbu and Bash, who would've thought.

27 Feb 2013 11:43


27 Feb 2013 12:20

Wow No 11

27 Feb 2013 12:29

No 12 not bad let me read up

27 Feb 2013 12:40

The Khuse Family mara! Always has problems, cant the writer give the a bit of happiness for once?

27 Feb 2013 12:42

@ least top 15

27 Feb 2013 12:43

@ least top 15

27 Feb 2013 13:13

Patricia agrees to kill Nkhensani..oh shame poor khensi,i hope patricia wont kill her yazi

sexy d
27 Feb 2013 13:33

top 20 let me go and read

27 Feb 2013 13:37

Back to Khse household!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27 Feb 2013 13:43

Ag Tshidi with her william again!!!!

27 Feb 2013 14:01

23ooh my NKHETSANI

sexy d
27 Feb 2013 14:03

iyo iyo iyo her i forsee lucilla dating sfiso straight,,,,

Finally dave is back but i dnt see much of naomi o ile kae?

27 Feb 2013 14:48

This month is David no Nomi nxt montth will be Naomi n no David ai RC mara haai le baha Khuse bona badula ba aparetswe ke mathata...Lulu n S'fiso hehehee

27 Feb 2013 15:03


27 Feb 2013 15:37

no. 24. Not bad.

27 Feb 2013 15:47

Lol how com im so fa*anyway sbu remain a doom kop pat is killing khentsi sufo is bn threatened kop jaft saga welcom bck maidi ma rose sfiso dave ron hermaneus dr orgers george n who else

27 Feb 2013 19:00

Ag the coming episodes are boring Caaaman maaayyne! *JaftasVoice* David is back that means no more Naomi that sucks :(

27 Feb 2013 19:16

Jafta n fats Come on meeeeen!!! guys from 8th march we wnd c d likes of sufo khentsi noami n patricia*in their places we ll c david ron hermaneus maidi gearge n dr orgas

27 Feb 2013 22:54

Poor. Sbu

28 Feb 2013 08:07

It says that 'Suffocate finally manages to track Nkhensani down'; since Pat has agreed to kill  Nkhensani; does that mean that Suffo traces her corpse cos after that there's nothing.

28 Feb 2013 11:47

Boring mxm

28 Feb 2013 17:03

Davin's got the spot light back, well I like this guy, & Lucilla-Sifiso thing I saw it from the start. . LLol Kop punching Jafta, this I wanna see. Shame Tshidi's still hang up on William & sacrifies her studies for him, it must be true love Will Saffo find nkensi alive or Patty will be done with her satanic what what on her

28 Feb 2013 17:08

01 Mar 2013 09:32

S'bu has fallen to the lowest of the low. Now he is stealing, seriously?

01 Mar 2013 11:39

OMG! S'fiso and Lulu,wow..........datz interesting! I hope dat lunatic Patricia won't kill Nkensi. Poor S'bu, he's now stealing 4rm his Dad.........Eeiish!

sexy d
01 Mar 2013 14:32

Sbu is jst a spoil brat dat needs to grow up period

02 Mar 2013 21:21

cum on I dnt c much of Naomi,mara y? I watch RC bcos of her.

05 Mar 2013 08:02

Patricia is a crazy woman

05 Mar 2013 09:12

I ddnt watch yest eish!!

05 Mar 2013 12:52

Did I miss something last night; why did patricia suddenly turn the gun of naomi?

05 Mar 2013 18:57

Hi am new here But there is nothing abt nkhetsani after saffo finds him

05 Mar 2013 18:57

Hi am new here But there is nothing abt nkhetsani after saffo finds him

05 Mar 2013 19:09

Patricia realy do love noami all tat doing fo her now she patricia has to sacrifice to kill khentsi *n suffo manage to fine khentsi s copse while noami kill patricia n goes awop fo eva

c carter
05 Mar 2013 22:08

Poor nkenzi

06 Mar 2013 09:44

Naomi n Pat hahahaah bagafa baobona tjooo Poor Khensi bathong welcome RTL

06 Mar 2013 11:01

Pat/Naomi are a good combination, they are both crazy. Naomi is crazy in love with wealth and Pat is crazy in love with Naomi. 

sexy d
06 Mar 2013 11:28

@Goldi those women are beyond crazy shame but atleast they keep us entertain

As for Bash ena hai he will never leave scheming no matter how many times he gets caught

Hahahahahaha @kop and jaftha house breaking plan cant wait to see that

Modern Chik
06 Mar 2013 11:42

I'm new RC family...welcome me plz!

06 Mar 2013 12:00

Hahahahahaha @kop and jaftha house breaking plan cant wait to see that 

cant wait either hey!! psychopath both of dem spikiri seashota mo hahahahahaha
Welcome Modern Chik

sexy d
06 Mar 2013 13:05

LOL @Goldi dipikiri not one but many di ya shota hahahahahahaha

Welcome Modern Chik

Koos Banda
06 Mar 2013 13:59

I enjoy your acting guys

Vina Akkum
06 Mar 2013 14:12

this month is complicated lol

07 Mar 2013 15:08

That was hilarious the way Kete was telling Kop to let her at Jafta the thief; and when she hit him over the head; I was finished.

07 Mar 2013 19:03

Ies ke jamere joe *suffo manage to kill patricia or is she js bn wounded? Noami is going bck to jail or run away *sbu is dumb ass *kop bhave like a chrech kid sies

07 Mar 2013 19:05

Cala whatsapp me 0715052891 or Ke jamere ka ceo ya manyeloi

Lebohang PhakathiMoloi
07 Mar 2013 21:27

mmmm there's bound to be alot of drama, i like i like

07 Mar 2013 21:45

Oooooonh Suffocate Mmmmmm i so love that man, he real rock ma world hez charmingz damn .Can i change my name 2 Khensani lol it impossible

07 Mar 2013 21:58

It ws fun while it lasted *jammer Pat*

08 Mar 2013 09:42

Phew; what a relief. For a moment there I thought that Khensani was a goner. Is this the end of Patty? Is she dead?

Sorry Nenisos; Khensani is already taken.

09 Mar 2013 12:53

I think Patricia is just wounded. Colonel Stofberg hinted tha Patricia is still alive when he said to Naomi that he will hear from her who was behind the kidnapping and planned arson.

11 Mar 2013 08:24

Jah; I saw when Nkhensani and Suffo were looking for Pat and she was gone. I hope whereever she is she realises that Naomi was just using her.

sexy d
11 Mar 2013 08:36

Morning all

I wonder wat wil happen to Naomi now dat her plan didnt work our or will she go after miles again? i wonder if we will ever see patty on our screens....

Dave Dave Dave wat is ur plan now?

11 Mar 2013 09:08

Patricia is a fooool? I hope she comes back for now and drags her down with. Henri abducted Suffo makes a nice couple.

11 Mar 2013 13:01

Friend wat r u saying now? Henri abducted Suffo makes a nice couple.

11 Mar 2013 13:31

hellow new here
i hope patricia comes back too,naomi cant get away with this..

13 Mar 2013 22:39

I hope this internet date 4 lucilla will work 4 her

13 Mar 2013 22:42

I wonder who's John and what's his after

15 Mar 2013 19:42

Tshidi y cnt u jst 4get william nd go on with ur lyf

15 Mar 2013 19:44

Tshidi y cnt u jst 4get william nd go on with ur lyf

15 Mar 2013 19:44

Tshidi y cnt u jst 4get william nd go on with ur lyf

16 Mar 2013 20:16

patricia is sumthn else.lulu shuld b wit s'fiso.he's cute

16 Mar 2013 20:20

@madompy,dats tshidi 4 u.she always wants sumthn she cant get

18 Mar 2013 16:22

It's not going to work out for Lu and John, the teasers say 'Lucilla bumps into John with another woman at club 011'

20 Mar 2013 11:44

morning guyz

aii mann sfiso must date tshidi and maybe this tym she'll be happy after all dat happened...

oh by the way, im not new.. jst a silent blogger

22 Mar 2013 08:47

I must say that Dr Maidi is looking scrumptuous nowadays; he can check my blood pressure anytime.  

22 Mar 2013 08:55

I have Sifiso lined up for Reneilwe. I think they would make a cute couple.

22 Mar 2013 09:29

i'm with Shady on this one Tshidi n S'fiso cute couple i think Reneilwe's still a baby to S'fiso n ohhh yes Cala Dr Maidi is looking mo n mo sexyyyyyyyy i cn eat him..... 

23 Mar 2013 10:51

I agree with you Goldi..Tshidi and Sfiso are a cute couple

23 Mar 2013 14:07

i disagree wit maziki.s'fiso is a hustler stayin wit miles n tshidi is 4rm a humble home lukin 4 one missin husband.tshidi needs help,s'fiso needs help.who is goin 2 help who?tshidi needs sum1 who's goin 2 tak de khuses out of dier misery n s'fiso needs to go bak to skull.maidi is ok 4 tshidi but s'fiso,not such a gud idea

24 Mar 2013 11:02

Sifiso is too young for Tshidi. I think he is about 18 or there abouts; Isn't Reneilwe 16 or something; so they can grow up together.

24 Mar 2013 11:04

Maidi and Tshidi would work, she needs to let go of William; or a love triangle of some sort.

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