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Muvhango Teasers - March 2013

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Muvhango Teasers on 26 Feb 2013
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Coming up on Muvhango this March, 2013:

Monday 4 March 2013
Episode 1730

Nonny picks up the phone and welcomes visitors as Thandaza emerges from the lift. Vho-Mukondeleli tells Mulalo she wants to cancel her reading for the premiere. Thandaza tells Pheko that she wants to tell Ranthumeng the truth.

Tuesday 5 March 2013
Episode 1731

KK's Private Investigator makes an interesting recording. Everyone is waiting for the premiere at Vho-Mukondeleli's house but will Vho-Mukondeleli be able to read the poem? Hangwani is not finding married life that easy.

Wednesday 6 March 2013
Episode 1732

Hangwani is becoming increasingly alarmed by Albert's insensitive attitude towards her. The Thandaza-Meme-Pheko triangle reaches a climax. Will Mpho be allowed to continue her reign as Miss Thohoyandou?

Thursday 7 March 2013
Episode 1733

Thandaza chooses between Ranthumeng and Pheko. Mulalo makes Mpho an offer she can't refuse. Gizara cautions Albert against mistreating his wife.

Monday 11 March 2013
Episode 1734

Thandaza hears some shocking news which makes her think differently about Pheko. Mulalo tells Mpho that she must follow her dreams and go to Joburg. Hangwani is not happy to hear that Albert will be working late with Thuli.

Tuesday 12 March 2013
Episode 1735

Hangwani is worried about her marriage. Mulalo gets to Mulimisi. Thandaza has bad news for Ranthumeng.

Wednesday 13 March 2013
Episode 1736

Pheko gets a horrible shock. Mulimisi and Mpho make plans for their future.
Hangwani is suspicious of Albert.

Thursday 14 March 2013
Episode 1737

KK gives Pheko an ultimatum. Thandaza recommits to Ranthumeng and their marriage. Mulimisi decides to abandon his duties and follow his heart.

Monday 18 March 2013
Episode 1738

Mulimisi sticks to his decision, which dashes Mulalo's hopes. Hangwani is suspicious of Albert's movements. KK pushes Pheko to make a crucial sacrifice to save Thandaza.

Tuesday 19 March 2013
Episode 1739

Pheko gets desperate. Mulimisi's nightmare becomes a reality. Hangwani finds what she's been searching for.

Wednesday 20 March 2013
Episode 1740

When Meme manages to con Thandaza, Pheko is forced to reveal the true extent of his betrayal. KK reveals a secret to Meme. Mulimisi sacrifices his own happiness for Mpho.

Thursday 21 March 2013
Episode 1741

Thandaza is determined to stop Meme. Hangwani decides that it's time to consult the family about Albert's behaviour. Mulalo gets some unwelcome news from Mpho.

Monday 25 March 2013
Episode 1742

The B&B residents have concerns about their new housemate. Albert finally learns what triggered Hangwani's strange behavior. Will Meme rekindly her romance with KK?

Tuesday 26 March 2013
Episode 1743

Azwindini catches Albert and Thuli 'red handed'.  KK realizes that Meme tricked him.  Meme plans to let Thandaza take the blame. The chief tells Mulimisi to go back to Thathe.

Wednesday 27 March 2013
Episode 1744

It seems that Albert has no choice but to take a second wife. Mulimisi is taking strain in the city.  Thandaza finds Meme's weak spot.

Thursday 28 March 2013
Episode 1745

Malume Themba confronts the Vhakwevho. Mulimisi is in trouble with his ancestors. Meme calls Thandaza's bluff.

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26 Feb 2013 14:27

No 1 Yepeeeeeeeeeeee

26 Feb 2013 14:28

no 2 yipeeeeeeee

26 Feb 2013 14:37

Thuli and Albert, who would have thought.

26 Feb 2013 14:38

Haaiboooooo Thuli n Albert metlholo *clap once* i'm glad Thandaza commits to Ranthu n deir marriage very interesting

26 Feb 2013 14:38

Joh... VhoAlbert and Thuli??????????

26 Feb 2013 14:39

VhoAlbert and Thuli.................hehehehe

26 Feb 2013 14:40

Heeeeee Thuli maan

sexy d
26 Feb 2013 14:47

no 8 wow

sexy d
26 Feb 2013 14:52

hau thuli n albert hai muvhango is full of surprises kante wat happened ka tumahole hai**clapping hands once**

@Goldi even if she recommits its clear that thandaza will always love pheko n wouldnt think twice to pack up and leave with him....

26 Feb 2013 14:52

LOL dis is shocking honestly

26 Feb 2013 14:55

Tjo thot i will be the first one

26 Feb 2013 14:57

Top top iyho! Hee bathon Albert and Thuli sies! Mpho and Hangwani back.. For what?? Thandaza i jus wish Ranthu can find ngwanana wa matswele a a emeng *Mampho's voice* eseng mokoupere with slut tendecies mxm. Am going elope with Ranthu.

26 Feb 2013 15:00

guys the second wife ya malume Albert ke THULI????? mehlolo ya lefase ga e fele...

26 Feb 2013 15:01

i cant  stop lolling at Mulimisi in the city of Gold antse a sheba godimo not believing what hes seeing,

26 Feb 2013 15:02

how can thuli run away from Tumahule the milionaire? only because of the Mukwevho name? indeed thuli is a marriage breaker. now njabulo will come back with a strong case againt her. shame on you thulie. it is nice to be a mukwevho neh

26 Feb 2013 15:03

Albrt is old enough to be Thuli's dad,she ws so gud wth Tumahole

26 Feb 2013 15:22

Thuli Thuli Thuli...

26 Feb 2013 15:23


26 Feb 2013 15:25

Family you don't tell that tesers are out . NOT FAIR AT ALL

26 Feb 2013 15:26

Just in one month and there will be second wife hhayi suka

26 Feb 2013 15:30

@Steffie But I  posted a reply on Gen blog (because it is the most popular one) to say the teasers are out.

26 Feb 2013 15:31

Interesting wow wow uthuli no Albert second wife what?

26 Feb 2013 15:31

meant  "teasers"
mara Albert and Thuli getting naught I so wish Malume Themba knocks off his old knees to stop rubbing bellies with her daugher sis.

26 Feb 2013 15:33

@Ntaksay didn't see it , sorry for my tantrums behavoir LOL

Mrs Chix
26 Feb 2013 15:55

Yoh Thuli and Albert. ......interesting... The triangle of Thandaza-Pheko-Ranthu is tiring and boring.

26 Feb 2013 16:05

Tsho uThuli that old man.She's marriage breaker.

26 Feb 2013 16:14

Thuli and Albert, yoyoyo, Nonny will go for Tumahole then

26 Feb 2013 16:40

Hai nguBold and The Beautiful! Thuli and Albert! Haisana!

26 Feb 2013 16:50

OMG how can i not login to chek no 29 yoh not bad anyway.
Good afternoon ppipps.

26 Feb 2013 16:56

Thuli en Ali ga gona noga ya mdala who thought so ? haibo metholo ke dinoga mesesenene ke batho.

26 Feb 2013 17:21

i always knew that Thuli was nothing but trouble. She is such a home-wrecker! Njabulo pele now Albert!!

26 Feb 2013 17:22

Awu Thuli you act like a responsible somebody just because you don't have kids as yet why really breaking Hangwani`s marriage. Awu Amadoda I give up Albert at your age I thought you will settle well.

26 Feb 2013 17:42

I really can`t picture Thuli and Albert....but Thuli has athing for married men remember her affair with that guy who was a lawyer. Hope she does`nt cry rape again we can`t dzeal with that again

26 Feb 2013 18:47

Kegore Thuli is willing 2 be 2cond wife ya Albert I wonnder wats gona happen 2 Tumahole haai no still cnt beliv it

26 Feb 2013 21:05


26 Feb 2013 21:21

kikiki vho albert really we wonder 2 ne.muvhango has uped their game ne.cnt wait 2c pheko and thandaza

26 Feb 2013 22:01

Albert and Thuli. No man. Kgale Albert a tshaba basadi now he's married he start cheating, ag man. As for Thandaza yena wa tena, Ranthu o tshwanela ho lahla net.

26 Feb 2013 22:32

@kyla lol

27 Feb 2013 01:46

Joo...its going to interesting...Thuli wa nswabisha hle.o lahla tumahole for vhoAlbert??

27 Feb 2013 08:42

UMeme uyayinthanda imali, Did she try to kill herself because just letf her there or because she is broke?

Thuli just does not want her sister there because she thinks she will steal Tumahole. I don't anything wrong with what she was doing coz Meiki was fine with it and the customers did not complain, infact they were buying and happy. She is a good sale rep.

So Pheko and Thandaza are going to do it tonight.

27 Feb 2013 08:50

shocked for days Thuli and Albert

27 Feb 2013 08:58

Thuli - vhoAlbert yo yoo aaaah!!!!!!!!

27 Feb 2013 09:01

So Pheko and Thandaza are going to do it tonight

Thandaza was slightly declining but you know the desires of the flesh but not fair on Ranthu the man is good. Let hope Pheko doesn't rape her and she submit herself.

27 Feb 2013 09:04

lol thulie tumalo will kick you out of his house remember you dnt have even a plate in that house you find everythng there. now you are acting like you own the house and remember you father helped you to find that job now help ur sister uzenza betele marn

27 Feb 2013 09:11

So Pheko and Thandaza are going to do it tonight 

Thandaza was only denying with the mouth, but her body was willing.  Thandaza cant resist Pheko and I dont like it when she cheats on Ranthu,

As for Nonny, i think she is a very good sales lady, she will be best if she gets a job at the reception for MH. 

27 Feb 2013 09:55

goldi whr are you ntaksay is looking for you on generations blog march is out and im number 1 there :) . you and goldi beat me up on this one.

27 Feb 2013 11:06

Hayibo Thulisile..... cha shame uyafana noNonny

Lisa lis
27 Feb 2013 12:03

Oooh yah wldnt wanna be thuli datin an old man with a wife and a grown up kid!hayi bo!!!thandaza sis man akalamahloni cheatn on a goodman shuwa, i hope ranthu finds out and leavs her sibone ukuthi upheko wakhe wil b a gud hubby like ranthu...i love KK i hop he bursts meme and pheko and thandaza wil len the hard way.. U nonny ngcono azithathele u tumahole ahle anothe ka one...uthuli uyazenzisa she must cut her sister sme slek

27 Feb 2013 13:26

Thuli and albert oh hayi ngumhlola ke lo..kantie whre is tomahole
im lost serious!!!

Woman of God
27 Feb 2013 16:42

is it the same thuli whom i know yoooo tjo mihlolo hay never saw this one coming

27 Feb 2013 17:44

Thuli akanamahloni.

27 Feb 2013 18:10

UThuli uzothini when Albert wants to dust, will she remind him of the rape and deny him the cookie-jar. We don't want those episode when she fails to act pretending to cry with no sign of a tear,

Mpho Patricia nkwinika
27 Feb 2013 21:00

Loooolz @ Thuli Albert is old enuf 2 b ur father mara watsup ka Muvhango cnt wa8 tjo*shaking head*

27 Feb 2013 21:30

i cant wait to c ukuba into kaThandaza noPheko izophelela phi?

27 Feb 2013 21:43

Yoyo darling @list ake # msela ko tsona kaofela *tongue out* I dd gt her PM I'm glad let's catch up kaosane gud 9t

28 Feb 2013 07:21

Good morning to you all. I am new here. what a shame, Thuli ae..

28 Feb 2013 07:28

What thuli knows ke go thuba malapa a batho, so shocked she n Albert. As for thandaza hai man Ranthu is a nice guy he doesn't deserve an unfaithful wife

28 Feb 2013 08:10

Good Morning

At least Thandaza and Pheko did not do it. In today's highlights I saw Thandaza chasing Pheko out of her house.

sexy d
28 Feb 2013 08:14

@Ntaksay i also saw that hey glad dey r not gng to do the dance

28 Feb 2013 08:18

What a relief that Thandaza & Pheko didn't do it, as passionately they are with each other it not good that they cheat on their respective partners.
Good Morning all

28 Feb 2013 08:31

I also saw dat i'm glad she controled herself n remembered dat she's married (Thandaza n Pheko) s for Meme no comment i jst dont like her Welcome oopsup

Morning guyz

28 Feb 2013 08:47

morning guys

did not watch movhango...i will watch the repeat later today

but hayi thuli and albert hayi khona ...

28 Feb 2013 09:42

So what happen 2 tomahole the charmer boy it means he ca'nt do the dance well.So Thuli decide to see what Vho-Albert there.

28 Feb 2013 10:38

Thuli again!
this girl is on fire ka banna ba batho!!

28 Feb 2013 14:54

Thuli thuli so this girl want to pocket those mh shares

28 Feb 2013 16:37

cnt thuli fnd her own man

seemz lik she into married ugly  men

01 Mar 2013 02:19

Thuli n Albert! I am at a loss for words. Hayi bo. Poor Hangwani!

01 Mar 2013 11:40

Pheko please leave Thandaza alone, I saw monday's update he was still trying to kiss her.

Meme saw that something is cooking btwn Thandaza and Pheko on that mtg.

And Thandaza fantasizing about Pheko while having dinner with Ranthu, drama drama and more drama is yet to unfold in the Mokoena household.

Kusekude engqinibeni ngolwimi ekufundeni kuka Khondi.

01 Mar 2013 12:26

I ddnt watch lst 9t :(

01 Mar 2013 12:45

hellow beautiful peeps

hayi kuse kude shame @ntaksay...

03 Mar 2013 15:49

03 Mar 2013 15:53

Yoh ya Thuli decerve 2 b raped crusly,wt is she doing wth married man?

04 Mar 2013 08:28

Haaibo Ramoroka Thuli decerve 2 b raped?????

04 Mar 2013 09:23

Yoh ya Thuli decerve 2 b raped crusly,wt is she doing wth married man?
It takes two to Tango @Ramoroka married man also find her attractive she does not force them they go to her. I dont think rape has anything to do with cheating. No woman deserves to be raped.

04 Mar 2013 10:03

happy monday krkrkrkrkrkrk ramoroka

Yoh ya Thuli decerve 2 b raped crusly,wt is she doing wth married man?
No woman deserves to be raped.
thts true ntaksay

04 Mar 2013 10:33

true dat Ntaksay

04 Mar 2013 10:45

A very good morning to you all family

kanti what happened to Thuli and tumahole bantu?? albert is old enough to thuli's dad ...
hayi movhango..

04 Mar 2013 12:09

KK pushes Pheko to make a crucial sacrifice to save Thandaza.

04 Mar 2013 14:29

ntaksay wat about mukondeleli i cant wait to see her reading.

04 Mar 2013 14:43

same here hey

04 Mar 2013 15:14

ntaksay wat about mukondeleli i cant wait to see her reading
I can imagine her opening her eyes wide opened.. Have you noticed how her face looks when she reads and her head, he head moves forward and backwards. I think she is going to do well. But it is going to be interesting.

Masindi is Miss high Horse for nothing she is not that good, she takes forever to write one simple word.

05 Mar 2013 07:58

Thandaza you need to fight your feelings for Pheko, you will feel guilty and say it was a mistake but you keep on doing it. I thought we were suppose to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.

05 Mar 2013 08:45

thandaza and pheko they did it last night and i thnk shes gonna be pregnant for phekos child as i believe they didnt use any protection. sometimes you can date sameone for more than 12 years with no child and you can believe tht u dnt hv children and u can sleep with someone for one day and get preg tht day. im tired of seeing thandaza everyday in my screen ndise ndibenetloni ngathi sonke senza lanto. thulie you and your fimaly you dnt want to work hard you always want something ready u must apply be for u get a job i hope you not proud of urself coz u always use back doors fimaly business my foot you not fimaly haaaaw

sexy d
05 Mar 2013 09:02

Thandaza..................................................comment loading

Nompile aka Nonny..................................comment loading

Cant wait to see Kondi read now that would be intresting.....

05 Mar 2013 09:10

@Yoyo yes i dey dd i saw lst 9t nc nc nc nc haai Thandaza ke LETEKATSI shem i dnt care wu says wat nxaaaa but yoyo she cant have kids dat's y dey ended up adopting Dakalo

sexy d
05 Mar 2013 09:27

@Goldi maybe Yoyo is rite phela in muvhango anything is possible we can never say so wish she can be and she will lose all the respect she has shame nxa nxa nxa

05 Mar 2013 09:53

Morning fam. @Yoyozz unyanisile. This lady that worked with my mom was married for over ten years and no kids. Her hubby went and had lots of kids outside just to hurt her. Finally he chased her away saying he couldn't bear to be married o INKABI. She remarried, now the last time I saw her she had three kids. The Lord works in mysterious ways you see.

05 Mar 2013 09:56

Anything is possible, haven't you guys heard of medical miracles. Thandaza can conceive Pheko's child, they didn't even use protection it was the heat of the moment.
 I lolled when Thandaza said Pheko came to the house to seduce her, but she also went to his office to shag him.
I often wonder what kind of family life they would had if they were married probably one filled with love, joy and warmth. those two realy love each other no matter what we might say they are cheating let face it.
Good day to fellow bloggers.

05 Mar 2013 10:06

It is either the script writer of Muvhango has lost his touch or there is a new writer who simply does not know what he is doing. Dont get me wrong I love Muvhango to death. But what are you teaching the women out there? Are you teaching them that it is ok for them to cheat on their husbands? Have you forgotten that Thandaza is suppossed to be a role model for women for crying out loud and now you are turning her into an unfaithful wife. There a good reason why we stopped watching Days of our lives. We never saw Pearl and Spha dating now they suddenly married? Spha wanted to patch things up with Rendani not too long ago but a few days later he ran away with Pearl? That to me was not a great exit for them. Thuli was raped a few months ago and we were looking forward to the court case so we can see Njabulo pay for what he did but you just let him run away. Well u shouldnt have done that. Going with the court case would have helped the women in South Africa especially those who are victims of rape. It would have shown men out there that they cannot hurt women and get away with it. Thuli now has a good man but now you are hooking her up with Albert, a married man who is old enough to be her father. What is that? Please for once we were hoping that we would actually have a relationship that lasts. We want to see Thuli and Tumahole get married and stay married. Please Muvhango script writers, think before you write otherwise you will lose viewers. Think about how it will affect the millions of people watching your show. I'm not saying these things to be mean but if you actually think about it the message that you are sending to viewers is not very positive. If you want to keep your viewers you need to come up with a more inspiring and positive script.


05 Mar 2013 10:08

U ryt guyz look @ Bridget ko the Bold dey told her dat she cant carry a child look now anyway @ Steffy they really love each ada shem even Ranthu knows dat he's second best

05 Mar 2013 10:14

Morning guys

shoo pheko and thandaza finaly did the dance lastnight shoondiphosiwe yazi..but i will watch the repeat later today...
@yoyozz i wish that she can fall pregnant too yazi

05 Mar 2013 10:44

Haai nna i dont it's a SHAME for a married woman to fall pregies ka monna omongwe haai sies maan ngwana gao otlo gonka jwang mme waka nabulela banna ba bang dirope antse a nyetswe

05 Mar 2013 11:12


05 Mar 2013 11:29

there is that someone whom your love for them will never die sure thus wat Thandaza's story line is all about

every strong woman has got her own weak point and Thandaza's weakest point is man remember guys she once shared Ndalamo with Meme back then

she is just a strong business woman who needs some1 to teach her what love is

05 Mar 2013 12:50

she also share Edward with Doobsie haai soka Thandaza she likes sharing kante with Ranthu she's all alone I guess that's not enaf

sexy d
05 Mar 2013 14:20

lol @Goldi she is used to sharing and where she has a man by herself she gets bored....

crazy bee
05 Mar 2013 16:57

To the muvhango writers what the hell are you doing to thandaza, I mean come on that is just wrong to make her sleep(cheat) with pheko now I just hate thandaza and I can't wait for kondi to read. Yazi also what happened to boring Thule's rap case, ey ey to the writers of muvhango and thandaza better not fall pregnant with pheko's baby please because than muvhango will just become predictable

06 Mar 2013 08:38

Khondi did well and she reads better than Masindi. Oooooooooooh the furniture I like I like. At least she benefited somthing from the Premier's non-visit.

Mulalo was so jealous of Mpho and Mulimisi I think was dressed well.

Why is James still so mad at Mapule? He is exagerating.

06 Mar 2013 08:47

morning family.
wow that kiss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
james loves Mapule period, but he shud know he has a problem with women they always leave him why? maybe he does not know how to --- u no that thing.

06 Mar 2013 08:54

 no no no i didnt like the way mukondeleli read the poem for crying out loud she cant write and read the way she read the poem she was out of the line. she was not reading it. she started the class last week and this week she can read like that. i thnk the way mukondeleli read the poem on tuesday was better because you can see that shes trying yesterday she was reading a poem like a realy poetry tht is wrong. i was still waiting for her to read i thought at first shes trying to make everyone understand wat shes going to read.

06 Mar 2013 09:04

the new furniture in Kondi's lounge is nice l liked to......

in Muvhango thr is a lot of eating and cooking... thandaza's mum is always cooking and yesterday Hangwani was busy with tripes, and sum are always at Meiki's restaurant eating...back to Venda cheif's wives are always setting the table........just mek me wonder if they eat like in real life Thandaza wldnt be that elegant

Mrs Chix
06 Mar 2013 09:28

@yoyozz, I agree with you. On Tuesday Mukondele was struggling to rad then yesterday she read like someone who has been reading for years.

06 Mar 2013 09:29

wow that kiss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What kiss Nongo I don't remember seeing anyone kiss, please refresh my memory.

06 Mar 2013 09:37

Can i pls get n update

06 Mar 2013 09:38

did not watch movhango yesterday,but i will watch the repeat later today

@ntaksay phenyo and thandaza's passionate kiss

06 Mar 2013 09:50

wat kiss, pheko didnt kiss thandaza
rantu didnt kiss thandaza
pheko didnt meme
albet didnt kiss thuli or his wife
wat kiss are you talking about coz mulumisi didnt kiss mpho and azwindini didnt kiss his wives yerstarday

06 Mar 2013 09:56

@Yoyo & Ntaksay on Monday episode towards the end, Thandaza and Pheko kissed passionately the first I have seen on Muvhango since I became a viewer. better see the omnibus on Saturday.

06 Mar 2013 10:07

yhoooo steffie and nongo niyayithanda i kiss yhoooo i saw it and i closed my eyes thinkng about my ex he was a good kisser(wink)

06 Mar 2013 10:55

@Yoyo & Ntaksay on Monday episode towards the end,
I thought she was refering to yesterday's episode, I saw Thandaza & Pheko on Monday

06 Mar 2013 11:25

@makhuu, masgwera se. i also noticed a lot of cooking and eating in both Muvh en Gen, hey do they finish all those foods after shooting a scene kapa jwang. the kiss ya mandag my dear, oohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

06 Mar 2013 11:35

wow l hev seen pple kissing in sopies but l don know why l had too close my eyes wen Pheko and Thandaza were kissing on monday night's episode was just but too much!!!!!!

Modern Chik
06 Mar 2013 11:47


I'm new welcome me hle

06 Mar 2013 11:53

Welcome Modern Chick

06 Mar 2013 12:39

welcome Morden Chick but there are rules in the hse u hv to follow ensure tha the family is updated daily jwetse Ntaks are im joking hee.

bye evry1 c u 2moro.
im off today.
love youall.

06 Mar 2013 13:20

wow l hev seen pple kissing in sopies but l don know why l had too close my eyes myb u miss DUSTING dat's y hahahahahahahaha

bye Nongo enjoy ur off day gal

Koos Banda
06 Mar 2013 14:14

When is Theboho visiting Gauteng from Lesotho?

06 Mar 2013 15:35

hi all. What Thandaza is doing is beyond wrong but it happens daily to us, our sisters, our mothers even. Some of us will go through life thinking we know our fathers when in fact we do not. It happens. I just hope a lesson will be learned at the end of the day.  

06 Mar 2013 16:14

Thandaza wangiyangisa ah,

06 Mar 2013 16:46

why rantu phone was off when he was in lesotho thandaza tried to call him but his fone was off since day 1 until he come back. why rantu didnt answer his fone when teboho was calling him in yesterday he even hide it, mark my words rantu lied about the project in lesotho he was visiting teboho guys wakeup and smell the coffee rantu is not innocent hes up to something one day izovela. if hes not guilty why did he hide the fone ngoku teboho was  calling. lol hahahahah night fimaly chat tomorrow love u. oooo welcom Modern Chik

06 Mar 2013 18:19

Eish i dnt know how i'd feel with a mother-in-law like Mankosi. Always there being the refree of every match in the house.. When is she visitin Mfungelwa?? Thandaza is so grown up with a very colourful relationship CV. She can look after herself.

sexy d
07 Mar 2013 08:44

Morning all

07 Mar 2013 08:49

update phela ppl

07 Mar 2013 08:50

KK's very good at knowing people's secrets. His PI is doing well at hi job. Now Pheko's confession to Thandaza will be the key to stop Pheko from his/Meme's scam. Usile uPheko, he only thinks about himself. He is the on who left Thandaza now that she is married and he is engaged he wants her back

07 Mar 2013 08:56

pheko heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wat abt meme shes gonna kill herself. i saw memes eyes she realy loves pheko shes not playing games pheko please i worry yam uyaguga leave thandaza alone

07 Mar 2013 09:06

KK will now have leverage after Pheko's confession, a bonus is on its way to his PI.

07 Mar 2013 09:31

Meme ke foster creations she knows very well that Pheko will neva love her s much s he loves Thandaza now it's  Thuli n Vho Albert mmmmmm let da games begin

07 Mar 2013 09:55


07 Mar 2013 13:43

Hal00000 family pls welcome me

07 Mar 2013 14:40

Welcome Opulance

sexy d
07 Mar 2013 14:57

welcome Opulance and make yourself comfortable....

crazy bee
07 Mar 2013 18:28

Firstly welcome to the new members and also @yoyozz I agree Rathu is nt that innocent I think he did something with his baby mum and I saw how he was hiding his phone when his baby mum called,all I have to say is claps once

Lebohang PhakathiMoloi
07 Mar 2013 21:06

lmao vho-albert and thuli???? Wtf! Wow muvhango is gonna rock this month!

07 Mar 2013 23:06

um pissed!thuli and albert!

07 Mar 2013 23:09

guys dnt u thnk these soapies are really hittin us wf surprises?

08 Mar 2013 08:59

i thought yesterday ku friday i didnt watch any update. welcom opulance

08 Mar 2013 09:11

i dont think it ws showing it ws the awards tried tuning in but all i saw ws da awards (yoyo)

08 Mar 2013 09:37

so l tuned to SABC 2 @ 9:00pm only to find a skool kid resiting a poem followed by a long speech by the president

08 Mar 2013 09:44

Please we are paying tv license we do not want to c double reputation, serious we watching this for the fourth time

08 Mar 2013 09:50

Sabc better get their acts together, not even a notice that there's no Muvhango airing yesternight.

08 Mar 2013 09:57

I was so disappointed when I changed the channel at 21:00 yesterday.

08 Mar 2013 11:29

Good morning

I was also dissapointed to tune to SABC 2 to see a child resiting a poem for teachers.

So when are we going to see the episode ya yesterday,  I really wanted to know who Thandaza was going to choose between Ranthu and Pheko

08 Mar 2013 13:15

i was so dissapointed lastnight..

08 Mar 2013 13:28

We'll have to watch the omnibus tomorrow maybe they will play it.

08 Mar 2013 15:30

or check today mybe mybe

08 Mar 2013 20:06


08 Mar 2013 20:41

hie family please welcome me,i ope im gon fit well in e fam

09 Mar 2013 14:01

oh my word Thuli and Albert sies man why she is into a married man an old i like Tumahole

sexy d
11 Mar 2013 12:10

so guys those who watched the omibus ka saturday did they play the episode? n if yes pls update a sister out lenna i wanna know how thandaza chose between pheko and ranthumeng........

Thuli and Albert.................................comment loading

11 Mar 2013 12:36

hey guys welcum me im new ...
*Dead*lol  by comment laoding ,Thuli uhlale cozi trouble nje....kantie what happened to tumahole i thought they were happy together ..

sexy d
11 Mar 2013 12:42

@Othimna welcum dear......i also thought her and tumahole were hapi together but guess thuli naye ufana nje ngo-meme bathanda amadoda dat aint available.....hehehehehe excuse my zulu am still learning......

11 Mar 2013 12:58

Welcome Nicki @ Sexy i watched it there ws nothing abt thursday's episode

11 Mar 2013 13:45

something is not good in tumahole and tulies bedroom .........enlargement is needed sap

Ps takie takie
11 Mar 2013 15:17

Elw family can you plz welcome me

11 Mar 2013 15:40

TV star accused of damaging car
11 Mar 2013
MUVHANGO soapie star Themba Nofemele's women's car woes seem to follow him everywhere he goes.

Nofemele is accused of smashing a Cape Town model's Beemer and attempting to run from the sticky situation.

Last year, Nofemele smashed former sports presenter Xolelwa Majeke's sporty Audi A3. The two were at the SA Music Awards in Sun City together but Majeke decided to travel back with another friend. Nofemele crashed the car on his way back.

Our source says the owner of the BMW, Alethea Volanie, has been so frustrated by the situation she even sent a letter to Nofemele's employer asking for their intervention.

"Alethea was without a car for three weeks because this man managed to evade her even though they live in the same (residential) complex. Even the police could not find him," says the source.

Volanie regrets her generous gesture. "I had a funeral in Cape Town in early February. I left the car with Themba, who had been struggling with transport since he smashed his own car back in 2010," she says.

"I was only gone for three days and as he came to fetch me from the airport, he told me about a 'minor' accident he had had and how he would get it [the car] fixed in no time," she says.

Volanie says Nofemele started avoiding her. She says security guards in the complex told her that Nofemele was avoiding her by coming in in the wee hours of the morning, ostensibly to freshen up, and then leave soon afterwards.

After three weeks of the alleged hide-and-seek games, heated text messages containing threats to involve the media ensued between the two.

Nofemele then returned the car but the owner insists it was in a poor condition.

"The air con wasn't working. The engine fan was also damaged. I am just glad I got it back. But I'm upset he treated me so badly. He even sent me a message saying by involving the police, I was treating him like a criminal."

Muvhango executive producer Duma Ndlovu confirms that they received an e-mail from Volanie.

"I can only reveal that we asked Ms Volanie to seek other avenues to sort out the matter between her and

really rantu you cant drive why are u damaging cars like this. anyway i like you so please dnt go out with ur useless friends coz now they are trying to ruin ur life you should sort ur problem with ur friend bt they involve the media shaim on them.

yhoooo rantus pic on sunday sun is wow i never saw a handsum guy like him mhle lomntu

11 Mar 2013 16:43

@Memez am wid u on dis 1. I cnt even c gore whts goin on. No direction at ol, ol i c s scandal afta scandal. Pls writers thnk b4 u act.

11 Mar 2013 22:03

11 Mar 2013 22:08

I'm waiting for you ladies to say yoyoz you were right about rantu I asked why rantu is switching his fone whn he's in lesotho and u never answered me only one person who agreed with me CRAZZ BEE I posted this on the 6 and today its happening rantu is up to something

11 Mar 2013 22:14

@yoyozz kgale ke bona gore o na le mokgwa Ranthumeng, He is cheating. O iketsa betere month sies man

11 Mar 2013 22:28

Thandaza need to be honest with rantu cos kuyabonakala she doesn't love him the way she lovs pheko and there is a pregnance coming its either Thandaza or rathu's gf, pheko n thandaza hd sex I dnt there ws a proctection laph, I knw ukt thandaza akanansalo but you will neva know this is Muvhango, where is agnes boyfriend emthandaza as pheko loves thandaza?

11 Mar 2013 22:38

hey guys i'm new plz welcom me

11 Mar 2013 22:39

thandaza n ranthu are the same

12 Mar 2013 08:22

Oh yes Yoyo darling u were ryt  he's up to no good happy now

12 Mar 2013 08:25

Mulalo is obssesed , and Mpho loves Mulimisi, as for Vho Albert, yoh the man is on his adolescent stage. Geting married and started cheating, he riminds me of good old mays when he use to cheat with Doris Hen Doris was married to Jonny, wow Vho Albert. And why meme is so into Pheko so much, i wonder who proposed, really even a blind can see dat Pheko s nt into Meme. M glad they played Two episodes yesterday. And guys pls tel me, when is muvhango starting wi h 5 episodes a week, they said it has been anounced.

sexy d
12 Mar 2013 08:27

morning all

@venda_girl and Ps takie takie welcome

Hau Ranthu bathong....mare hai i wont blame u le wena u can see gore thandaza will always love pheko and tebogo will always love u so y not go ko le wena ur love will b appreciated.....

Heeeeee guys ke gore this thing ya Thuli le Albert is real i thought dey were jst playing us in the teasers...

Nonny jst take Tumahole since ur sister doesnt appreciate him......i for one cant wait to see malume themba reaction regarding thuli n albert phela thuli nvr does wrong in his eyes....

12 Mar 2013 08:28

I did not watch yesterday, Yoyo please help a sister. What happened btwn Rantu-Thandaza-Pheko-Teboho!!

12 Mar 2013 08:38

The woman who answered the phone is Tebogo, and clearly. The phone call that Thandaza received showed that the problem that Ranthu was waorking on was dealt with the past week. poor Mankosi, i hope Thandaza n Tebogo do nt fall pregwmant at d sme time as the cheating is happening simultaneously in the Mokoena household, Man cheating with ex gf and wife cheating with ex bf. What a drama. And y thuli has to be a 2nd wife, is gona be pregnant? m sue malume Themba will be pleased to knw his daughteqg Thuli getin married by Vhakwevho. Pitytdis month d s nothing about a psho Meiki

12 Mar 2013 09:19

husband cheat, wife cheat

12 Mar 2013 09:43

Teboho ke ena a kgogelang Ranthu thaelong

12 Mar 2013 10:39

where is goldi can you please come and help ntaksay didnt watch.

ntaksy let me try my english is not good bt i will try anyway
sorry about the grammer, spelling everything. TWO EPISODES

pheko was telling thandaza to choose between him and rantu, thandaza come home late and rantu was waiting in a dark room when thandaza switch the lite on she saw rantu sitting and rantu for the first time he standup like a realy man, thandaza told rantu that she was in a dinner with a client and rantu asked for 4 hours thandaza told him that she was driving around and and rantu asked why it was hard to thandaza to answer the question bt she told rantu that its pheko shes worried about him, he doesnt do any job and rantu told thandaza to give pheko a chance. rantu in a dinner table with his fimaly a fone ring and he picked it aside and when he come back she told thandaza hes going to lesotho to that NGO he will come back mybe after two days. when thandaza tried to call rantu his fone was off. thandaza received a call from rantus office in jorbug asking where is rantu and thandaza tell the PA that rantu is in lesotho to that NGO and the PA told her that the NGO she talking about they closed it two weeks ago. thandaza called is mom and told her about this , his mom was tried to make thandaza not to jump in to conclusion and adviced her to call the hotel, thandaza foned the hotel and ask about rantus room the receptionist told her to holdon while she was tranfering the fone and the fone ring in rantus room the girl answered the fone thandaza didnt talk on the fone she drop it. when thandaza was crying alone pheko nocked and she didnt respond he give her a file to sign bt thandaza was bussy crying pheko took the chance and asked her why did thandaza foned her on the day of her wedding and thandaza was thinking about that too.
meme was waiting for pheko with a class of wine food everythng pheko told her hes not hungry hes going to take a shower and sleep he left her there standing.
mulalo read in a news paper that mpho is not in a relationship with mulumisi and he was excited he decided to call a model agency to hire mpho and the money was wow so mpho didnt refuse becoz of the high salary and mpho wanted to knw why mulalo is helping her mulalo told her that becoz he wanted mpho to make venda proud bt mpho told mulalo shes with mulumisi and she love him. that egency is not around venda so mpho must go to it and mpho is worried about mulumisi,
mushasha had a dream that mulumisi is leaving his job because of mpho and i can see that mushasha is rite.
arlbet was eating in a dinner with his fimaly and gizara when thy finish eating hangwana took the plates and she told his husband tht shes going to sleep and arlbet ask about dessert and there were no dessert arlbet told her to do the dessert and hangwana was angry about that. hangwana told his husband not to forget about the meeting and arlbet didnt asks wat meeting he said okey. late when arlbet come home with gizara he found the house full with atokvel meeting and he was angry becoz he wanted to watch the match in his sitting room so they went to jazz loung the match was over he was very angry becoz he didnt watch the match, they ordered food. when they come home they didnt eat they were full and hangwana was angry becoz he cooked the food for free. hangwana was talking with gizara trying to knw why they didnt eat yersterday and gizara told her why. hangwana visited thandazas mom they talked the whole day and when hagwana was about to go she received a call from the mh receptionist that albet is going to be late hes bussy in a meeting when hangwana told her that shes gonna bring arlbet"s food nonny told her that thuli is already orginised that. the reason why nonny was calling hangwana its becoz hangwana told albet to fone her when hes going to be late at home.

12 Mar 2013 13:02

really i ddnt c the lst episode after the 1st i jst switched off eish hao Yoyo bathong my ears are itching kante it's u wus been tlkng abt me lol

12 Mar 2013 13:13

Thank you so much Yoyo
kanti kwaMokoena are all cheaters. I am so disapointed in Rantu. *claping hands once*

Thank You again Yoyo you are a star.

12 Mar 2013 15:33

hihihi goldi im sorry i watch two episodes last night today thandaza is gonna choose pheko over rantu , shes crying now after wat she did to rantu. i was shocked asking myself why thandaza is crying becoz shes a cheater too she slept with pheko without protection. i forget to tell you that she also dreamed about pheko, dakalo and her going to a picknic kiss each other and kiss dakalo rantuz wake her up and he asked her wat are u dreaming abt its look like a nice dream neh she said no.

12 Mar 2013 15:52

eish! i missed it i thot dat part ya pheko le dakolo will be showing today anyway it's cool tnx to u Yoyo **, wahlanya Thandaza she also cheated mos y cry ya ne haai

12 Mar 2013 18:56

Hlw guys i cnt weght to see muvhango 2nyt.

12 Mar 2013 21:49

Heeeee Ranthu o shapa Thandaza ka line yako di moving "its not what u think" kwaaaaaaaakwaaaaaa

12 Mar 2013 22:26

Hi guys am new pliz welcome me ....those fotoz OH MY GOD...weren't they hot...

13 Mar 2013 02:17

Um new guys, hae thandaza haosa rata le oena.....

13 Mar 2013 07:00

Hi family m new please welcome me

13 Mar 2013 08:24

Good morning

Welcome new members, feel at home.
 Those photos were really for a front page, that PI does not sleep neh.
I don't understand why Thandaza is so angry at Rantu coz she did exactly the same thing. This was her chance to come clean. What does she want kanti she chase Pheko and dumped Rantu. Let us wait and see.

Mulalo, no comment.
Thuli & Albert are start their way to marriage, kancane kancane before we know it they'll in each others' arms

13 Mar 2013 08:32

Thandaza haybo u Rantu is doing the same thing u did.

13 Mar 2013 09:04

Thandaza and Pheko did it on top of a table. Those pics KK will use to put pressure on Pheko to come clean. Thandaza wil be preganant anydody willing to bet?
Mulalo: " I feel like taking a poor girl to a fancy restraurant and feed her"

sexy d
13 Mar 2013 09:05

@Ntaksay its called guilty conscience(sp)....wat she is playing at is  dat wen the marriage fail she will come out as miss goody two shoes and ranthu will b the one to be blamed...

Iyo those photos tsa Pheko le Thandaza.....hai KK o bua nnete they are front page material

13 Mar 2013 10:07

i want to believe rantu when he said its not wat she think. my question is why rantu is not telling thandaza when theres a problem with morena myb he wats to give morena something or tebogo foned her to tell him murena is sick. thandaz knws about murena and tebeho i dnt see any reason why rantu is hiding himself to thandaza. rantu is a nice guy loving and caring we all do mistake myb rantu didnt want to bother thandaza with his problem myb he decided not to tell her about murena and tebogo not tht they are dating. thandaza becoz shes a cheater  she think tht becoz rantu was with tebogo they did it like her bcoz shes sleeping with pheko in the office. if she is a good wife to rantu she must sit down and listen to rantu hes gonna tell her anyway not everyone is like her. thandaza must stop behaving like a child.

13 Mar 2013 10:16

welcom new members feel at home

rules; PRAYER 3am,5am,10am and 6pm
make sure the house is not empty be here everyday
updates each and every episode everyday 8am
tea 10am but goldi drink the tea anytime ntaksay will show u the ketchen
behave please u can comeup with a topic to make this house hot if theres any i mean any problem talk to me or anyone we are here as a fimaly not to judge

crazy bee
13 Mar 2013 10:43

Hey beautiful people and welcome to the new members please do enjoy your stay, now down to business thandaza is like a professional bitch she should just tell rathu the true because things like these come out in the worse timing ever and guys I'm sure rathu did nt do anything with his baby mum cause rathu really loves his wife(thandaza) so what I think is that rathu did not cheat or did anything wrong, and thandaza did cheat Clearly

13 Mar 2013 10:46

Morning beautifull people

Iyo those photos tsa Pheko le Thandaza.....hai KK o bua nnete they are front page material..Kwwakkkk LOL....but hey those pics are good 
Steffie i'm with you there i also think mrs Mokoena will get pregnat..

Heeeee Ranthu o shapa Thandaza ka line yako di moving "its not what u think" finished

13 Mar 2013 10:53

so l hev been heard of love being blind but Mpho and Mulimsi (Mulimpho), a model and a sangoma (Mongoma) lol

13 Mar 2013 11:07

Welcome madompy Thandaza n Ranthu a r squarap case closed

13 Mar 2013 12:03

ooooh.Albert u like to be so strict to others,kanthe you are also a ............u know wht,thuli shame on u,to break hangwani's marriage.i wish albert ws my father.siiiiiiiis!


13 Mar 2013 12:42

lol @Mulimpho and Mongoma

13 Mar 2013 13:20

Mulalo is selfish y cant he date dat gal musiiwa n leave mpho alone

sexy d
13 Mar 2013 13:49

@crazy bee i also think ranthu didnt do anything guess wen u feel guilty u will make other feel guilty because from the look ya ranthu the poor guy was just confused of wat happened wen miss bu tell him its over.....guess we will tonight the explanation if there is....

13 Mar 2013 15:07

THULI IS GONNA MARRY ARLBET BECOZ SHE WANTs TO BE A MUKWEVHO not becoz she love him its becoz of the surname like jason married senzo becoz he wanted to be a dlomo im finished

13 Mar 2013 15:21

But Jason loves Senzo, I'm not sure about Thuli/Brooke. Amantombazan akwa Buthelezi ango Brooke

13 Mar 2013 16:04

I like all the girls but Noni haai, haai, haai think again.  the most important thing here is for us to learn on this soap nut this character is not giving us anything to learn.  All in all I enjoy Muvhango

13 Mar 2013 17:49

Cant wait 4 2night's episode!

13 Mar 2013 17:50

Cant wait 4 2night's episode!

13 Mar 2013 17:56

Cant wait 4 2night's episode!

ivory big bampa
13 Mar 2013 19:53

Can't wait for dis night episode

ivory big bampa
13 Mar 2013 20:01

Hey guyz am new here

13 Mar 2013 21:32

Welcome Ivory ok Provi I hope u njyd 2 9t's episode since u cudnt wait 2 watch it s 4 Thandaza she's crying cos she feels guilty not bcos wat Ranthu is saying hurts her poor Rathu its nt a nice feeling 2 be with some1 n yet u still feel lonely nt 2 say I condone wat he's done bt haai khona Thandaza's been busy le Pheko even b4 ranthu slept with Teboho!!! Ok guys gud 9t

13 Mar 2013 21:38

KK wayenza into yakhe bakithi. Feel sorry Meme, she's just lyk Ranthu shame "Second choice"

14 Mar 2013 04:18

I loled when meme said pheko gets satisfied with her ..., only if she knew.

sexy d
14 Mar 2013 08:06

@Goldi i so agree with u hey pity Ranthu loves Thandaza if not shame he was gonna take Teboho as he feels appreciated wen she is with her....thandaza should just confess nje last nyt she had an opportunity but guess she is to pround to dat that

KK i like de way u find truth about people....nice

@Provi indeed if only she knew gore he gets the satisfaction from Thandaza she wouldnt have said wat she said hahahahahahahaha

14 Mar 2013 08:47


Eish ya ne love love love love love........

Big up to KK

14 Mar 2013 09:13

Morning, What happened last night didnt watch.

14 Mar 2013 09:24

*looking for Ntaksay*

14 Mar 2013 09:46

Hey guys plz welcum me kwi family.............Thandaza uyeke eyona chance yo confess shm, because Ranthu at least uye wa honest kuye.

sexy d
14 Mar 2013 12:26

How Joe failed a Zulu test:

Section A: Complete the following

Q1: Kulele Kunye kube kubili.....?
A1: Bekuzo mpintshana

Q2: Ingane engakhali...?
A2: Seyi clever

Q3: Iso Liwela...?

Q4: Akwehlanga...?
A4: Lungakhuphukanga

Q5: Isalakutshelwa...?
A5: Sizozizwa

Q6: Induku enhle....?
A6: I shaya kabuhlungu

Q7: Ikati lilele...?
A7: Phansi kwetafula

Section B: Animal section

Q1: Umntwana wenkomo ubizwani?
A1: Inkojani

Q2: Umntwana wenja ubizwani?

Q3: Inyathi ishiy'wa yi:
A3: Quantum

Q4: Umntwana wengulube ubizwa?
A4: Is'dudla es'ncane e'ngazithandi

Q5: Umntwana wenkuku ubizwa:
A5: I-KFC encane

14 Mar 2013 14:15

@Goldi ,big up 2kk, I loled when kk insisted that Pheko le Thandaza work 2gthr.

mthi 101
14 Mar 2013 17:30

I loled when meme said pheko gets satisfied with her ..., only if she knew

ukuba bekunomgodi bengizoqasha (I felt like hiding ) only if she knew that Pheko gets satisfied next door.
 It reminds me  of an incident that happened. (I hope kids are asleep now) 
A certain woman's husby had a mistress, so the women heard about it and confronted the mistress after all the whinning the Mistress got irritated and said "STOP BOASTING ABOUT HIM BECAUSE HE CAN'T EVEN DUST THAT'S WHY HE IS DRINKING UMVUSANDUKU" the women was so embarrasse because she know the husband does drink umvusanduku ( A PILL TO MAKE THE FAMILY GOT UKUVUKA) and can.t operate properly 
 so before one talk its important to think twice u might not know what s/he does behind your back even with your friend especially if you boast about him so girls/ Ladies don't talk about your men/husbands to some of your friends because your friends might need 2 get a taste, maybe I am wrong what do you say?

14 Mar 2013 21:47

Thandaza please confess, haai u r so boring. Shame Ranthu.

14 Mar 2013 22:49

Hi people i dnt tnk mrs buu n pheko gona stay 2gethr pheko hv lot of problm n if mrs buu uya vuma kumshata uzo laxekelwa nge zito ezining pheko u ower ama millions with meme

sexy d
15 Mar 2013 07:48

Morning all

I missed muvhango last nyt pls help a sister out.......

15 Mar 2013 08:37

U n me Sexy!! morning guyz

15 Mar 2013 08:39

l was watching Skeem sami last nyt and l forgot to tune in to SABC 2 at 2100

15 Mar 2013 08:49

I watched but I've forgotten everything. I think I was just watching to see what happens from now onwards I'll watch with that my mind to update others. I may as well do it at night sorry guys. But if someone up dates I can chip in.

15 Mar 2013 09:38

@sexy d, let me tr to give you an update of last nyt's episode;

Nonny was trying to remove the dirt on Albert's jacket in the kitchen sink with salt and green soap when Thuli came down stair she took the jacket from her and they started shouting at each other of which Nonny just said she was just trying to get rid of thedirt.  Thuli seemed to be dissapionted saying Albert was going to be mad at her if he discovered.  They agreed to take the jacket to the dry cleaners on their way to work.

KK was still taking a look at Thandaza and Pheko's photos and when he steeped out to find some glue to seal the envelope Agnes got into his office.  The envelope fell from the desk and Agnes picked it up and when she was about to open it, KK managed to snatch it from her and he asked him what she wanted in his office. Agnes did nto see the contents of the envelope.

Pheko was on the phone inquiring about the name of the person who was sending him smses.  Unfortunately he failed to get the name.

Thandaza went to Pheko's office to tell him that she had made a decisionj about her relationships with Pheko and Ranthu.  She chose to be with Ranthu although she told Pheko that she loved her.  She told him that she wanted to make their marriage work with Ranthu and should forget about this relationship as it had failed so many times.

Mpho went to Mulimisi and they decided that they go to Jo'burg together.  Mulimisi insisted that he will not let her be in Jo'burg alone and they were so happy together.

Thuli and Nonny were at the reception when Albert came.  Thuli asked him to go to Sandton were the other were and Albert asked whether she had seen his jacket.  Thuli tried to not to answer and responded that she would check for it when they returned.  Nonny suggested they buy a new one after Thuli had told her that the dry cleaners had not yet responsed.  Thuli didnt buy it as she kept on saying that Albert would see it was a fake, that he wore self styled clothes.

Albert went home early to find Hangwani ironing her clothes.  he told her he was working from home, left his phone at the table and went to shower.  Suddenly a message was received on Albert's phone and Hangwani decided to read it, it was from Thuli and saying "Thanks for the wonderful morning".

Pheko decided to go to the jazz lounge and before he could sit down, KK just entered and he asked him to leave town.  Pheko refused but KK continued to tell him that he should tell Meme the truth and leave town.

Thats all I can remember @sexy d.

15 Mar 2013 09:44

i didnt watch becoz of thandaza thing tell me its over cant watch a cheater, lier manipulater, idiot, fool. she must focus on her marriege not to go around and open her legs to pheko shes married for god sakes wat do u think when someon is bussy sweating on top of you knwing tht have someon you loves and respect you who will never eat you up in the office mxm. kwedini ndlovu do something about this we knw its a story drama what ever bt its no ayoba. mulalo are u a man enough musiwa is beautiful why dnt you talk to her make something beautiful with her instead of chasing mpho mxm u are an idiots

15 Mar 2013 10:18

Olothando that beautiful I think that's all there was.

15 Mar 2013 10:18

Nono messed Albert's jacket by triyng to remove a stain with water. She suggested Thuli goes and buy a replica in Marabastad. Albert came around looking for his jacket but they didn't tell him they have it. Thandaza and Pheko had a talk and she decided she wanted to work on her marriage. She even told Pheko that Ranthu slept with Teboho. Ranthu begged for forgiveness and said he would do anything so Thandaza does not leave him. Thandaza said they would try and make it work but there is no trust between them anymore. Mulalo is busy manipulating Mushasha, Mulimisi and Mpho. He suggested Mushasha should retire and leave Mulimisi in charge so that he (Mulalo) can be with Mpho in Joburg. Mpho is given an idea by Musiwa to ask Mulimisi to go with her to Joburg and she leaves Mulalo's office to go and do that. Meanwhile Mulalo comes to the office and Mpho is gone. Musiwa explains what she has done and gets a tongue lashing from Mulalo. Anyway Mpho asks Mulimisi to go with her to Joburg and he agrees. He goes to tell Mulimisi who tells him about his retirement. Albert knocks off early and goes home to Hangwani who is delighted that her husband is home early until she sees a message from Thuli on Albert's phone which says "Thanks for a wonderful morning!" That's as far as I remember. Phew!

15 Mar 2013 10:20

Oh! I was busy typing i didn't realise someone sles had already posted :)

15 Mar 2013 10:44

@ Stonie, i guess we have managed to tell everything that happened,

sexy d
15 Mar 2013 14:10

@OlothandoD and stonie thanks much appreciated

So wat excatly did the sms mean bathong does anyone has an idea?

Hehehehehe e kare ke a bona they go and but a duplicate of the jacket Hangwani will see the different a mile the elders agreed for mulimisi to go to jozi e kare ke a monna in the big bad city....

Lol KK blackmailing pheko nice move if only he could have asked him what were his plans between ena le meme....

15 Mar 2013 14:43

Hi hi everyone in the house hei i missed gen. family so bad love u guys and your comments

16 Mar 2013 09:26

Morning guys it is time Meme and KK  being back 2gether I would luv that. and Nomtadaza she will be back 2 her Hussby and please Nom ....don`t live that handsome Husb.

17 Mar 2013 06:22

Morning guys, who won the best soapie actress i missed that part

crazy bee
17 Mar 2013 23:45

Hey guys well I did nt watch the awards cause I hate the fact that muvhango never wins but anyway thx God thandaza is back together with that hot hubby of hers and I just hope she does not fall pregnant with pheko's child cause than muvhango will just become too predictable and I hate watching shows that are predictable

18 Mar 2013 01:10

@Provi Donna Hardy from Scandal scooped that one.

18 Mar 2013 09:11

I WONDER u kk wagcina nini usika ikhekhe meme shaim if ubuyela kuye ndakuvela

18 Mar 2013 09:21

lol Yoyo oithanda kabi konje wena lol *running far away*

Modern Chik
18 Mar 2013 12:07

LOL , thanx guys:) I really don't understand 2li she's gorgeous but keeps on falling for wrong people. i'm happy that thandaza and ranthu a giving their marriage a second chance hope she also comes clean. b4 all hell breaks loose.

18 Mar 2013 15:04

The way THandaza was angry with Ranthu its was like, she was the victim but we all know she is also the guilty party..he he hehe the woman. I would have confessedand pretended to have slept with Pheko after hearing Tebogo answering the hotel phone. 

She is waiting for the pregnancy to confess, that will be too late then...

18 Mar 2013 15:10

I dont how you guys feel, but Thandaza's mom needs a house of her own. I know she is helping to look after the kids but its like she is there all the time. i dont think its good for her to know all the details of that house. When there is a fight she is there, how is son-in-law supposed to breath with her forever there.

18 Mar 2013 15:15

True pjvv cause sometimes i think its best if u sort yr marriage problems with yr hubby/wife and when u cant then u can go to mommy dearest when u want and visit when u want or needed.

18 Mar 2013 15:36

i also find it a bit boring, now the hse is all hers ooooohhhhh MaNkosi, go home sgogo.

18 Mar 2013 15:48

Ya mankosi being the refree of every match in that house. Very boring.

19 Mar 2013 09:53

hey guys i suspect soon Thandanza will fall pregnant Phekos child wait and see and you know what Tebogo as well Mampho singing Amen to that Thandaza miss Perfect

19 Mar 2013 11:48

goldie please tell me when its over this thing of pheko rantu and thandaza in the middle i dont watch these days. 9:00 i dust to avoid watching muvhango................thandaza(O_O)

19 Mar 2013 11:52

heeee wena Yoyo u said u dust b4 Gen tjoooo washintsha udludlu *clap once*

it's not over yet bt it's getting der since KK is calling da shorts

sexy d
19 Mar 2013 12:03

Thandaza yena she should have confessed because if pheko agrees to kk demands and tell me she will go and tell ranthu as she will like to see thandaza marriage go down to

Lol Mulalo, Musiwa, Mulimisi and Mpho part killed me yesterday ke gore mulalo booked everything without consulting Mpho hoping he scored shame poor him wen he saw mulimisi with the suitcase musiwa was uable to help herself witl laughter

19 Mar 2013 14:47

what shld be done to solve this adult romance is to let;;;;

Thandaza marry KK
Pheko marry Tebogo
Rantu marry Meme
Thuli marry Mulimisi
Mulalo marry Musiwa

19 Mar 2013 14:54

Didn't watch last night but wil see the repeat today

20 Mar 2013 10:09

mornings hahahah goldi yes i dust before gen but this week im using the 30min for muvhango coz i dnt watch these days i cant watch thandaza anymore untill this thing of her and pheko itsover, yesterday when i check muvhango i saw mulumisi krkrkk in dukathole dancing hahahahah his girlfriend krkrkrk im sure mulalo is happy abt mulimisi.

20 Mar 2013 10:46

hahhahahah Yoyo dat part killed me hey eish ya ne!! @ Makhuu kwaaaaaa as for u solution

20 Mar 2013 11:09

Mulimisi must go back to Thate, what happened was very funny but embarassing for Mpho.

Shame Hangwani is about Thuli and Albert and Mankhosi didn't make things easy by telling her about Njabulo and Rantu/Thandaza. I thought Albert was going to explain the whole jacket story to his wife.

20 Mar 2013 11:21

I feel her pain (Albert's wife) and chances of competing with Thlulie are slim phela muhle uThulie futhi usasemncane.

20 Mar 2013 11:58

Ay but Thukli is reali a home wreaker.....

21 Mar 2013 10:01

Pheko now wants to tell Thandaza abt the everything wen the damage has been already done....

uMankosi is always at Thandaza's house iz she a second wife l dont even understand why she z a nany while Thandaza can afford paying or employing 10 nanies

22 Mar 2013 23:38

welcome new member pls

23 Mar 2013 16:13

hello pls welcome me m new...Meme the o itse go sotla Kakathi.!!

sexy d
25 Mar 2013 08:33

Morning people

25 Mar 2013 15:05

Correct me if um wrong.Not very long ago kondi was in that radio show where she was reciting a story about an uncle who wanted to seduce his sista inlaw coz the brother had died. I thot she was reading the script. How come she suddenly cant read!!

11 Apr 2013 21:34

I thought Teboho is the shooter.

20 May 2013 14:26

Any info ka make-up o berekiswang ke Tebogo wa Ranthu

20 May 2013 14:56

Snarkg she's da shooter (Teboho)

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