BBStargame: pose your questions to the housemates!

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Big Brother StarGame Live Blog on 03 Jun 2012
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Calling all uhdikts! ....

Segololo will be hooking up with the reject housemates on Monday to interview them for us after their eviction.

She'll be chatting to whoever leaves of the four: Mildred, Keitta, Eve and/or Edith.

What would you like to ask them? What do you want them to spill?

Pose your questions to them right here and Segololo will include some of them when she interviews them.


03 Jun 2012 10:55

to Milly,has big-e organised her some medical check ups as she didnt seem well enough while in the house?and what was the diagnose?

03 Jun 2012 10:57

Which two housemates would they have nominated if there wasn't the ridiculous Br-otto?

03 Jun 2012 10:59

Milly;who she dated bfo Keitta as seems a bit insecure and so bothered by the ex's looks and how long been with FTB?she also seems too matured for him does she think it will last?

03 Jun 2012 11:04

Edith how does she feel bout having to go back to work?what kind of a boss is she?does she think her staffers will look at her differently now?

03 Jun 2012 11:12

Keitta:it was very noble of him to stand up for the most vulnerable SUPERSPY&Experion when they needed support but in his Koffi Annan-ing missions he kinda neglected Milly.

03 Jun 2012 13:07

Why was Milly always horizontal and did Edith have a crush on Goliath?

03 Jun 2012 13:08

Eve.....what type of weave-ing did she do for her hair and wasn't it heavy?

03 Jun 2012 13:10

Keitta....why did he cry like a widower when David and Goliath left and what was his and Milly's mission when they kept persuading Experience to leave?

03 Jun 2012 16:22

To Milly: is she pregnant?

Keitta: did being on BB strengthen his relationship with Milly and was it a good idea to enter with his girlfriend, given another chance will he still enter with her?

Even: boys in the house said she is pretty but her attitude sucks or her outlook in is a bit negative and that lessens her attractiveness , is this a true analysis or reflection of her personality? 

Eve: how well does she know Roki?

Edith: What went down between her and Malonza, did they do it? 
what does she think of keegan's  - as in does she think he is prejudiceo or racist?


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