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Come Dine With Me SA 2 calls for dinner hosts

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Casting Calls on 04 May 2012
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Come Dine With Me South Africa

BBC Entertainment has confirmed a second 12-episode season of Come Dine With Me South Africa, to air on the channel later this year.

The series debuted on the channel in October last year and wrapped in a special celebrity edition that starred M-Net presenter Ashley Hayden, SuperSport's Neil Andrews, model Shasi Naidoo and motormouth Samantha Cowen.

The new season will once more be produced by Rapid Blue and will follow the same format as Season 1:  four strangers visit one another's homes for dinner and attempt to outwit and impress fellow guests with their culinary and hospitality skills in a bid to win a cash prize and Pick n Pay vouchers.

If you think you have what it takes to be the ultimate dinner party host then this is your chance to enter. The series is on a search for contestants and applications are open. Entries close at the end of May.

To get information on how to enter you can e-mail Rapid Blue who'll provide you with the details. You can contact them at this adress:

The series will be filming in three cities: Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban and entries are open to South African residents.

If you go for it - good luck! - we look forward to being invited to your party:).


04 May 2012 13:41

ooh how i love this show..if i had a house id enter.. manje niks ngihlala erumini

04 May 2012 13:49

Hayi wethu Monchy you are not alone in that shack. Sisokola soyi 2 ntangam. 

Een dag is een dag broer waka.

04 May 2012 13:49

@Monchoo, use a friend's house like some lady did on the SA version, and shem she ddnt know the stove was problematic, so she had to fess up to explain why the meal ddnt work out. So enter wena o adime flat ya mkgotsi...

04 May 2012 13:55

We could do this kind of thing among ourselves ... except I don't cook ! but my chef cooks up some very interesting dishes ... A Sunday at a different blogger's house experimenting with flavours ... that's a show on its own !

04 May 2012 14:54

@VusiK unayo ne chef???TJO! We have aboPatrice Motsepe moss in this site.

Guys next year im turning 3-0. I've been saving amacents wam now i have been thinking of buying iflatanyana. I need a place i would call a home even if its a small. With this E-THIEF going on i dont think i really need a car but it would be a bonus. 

If there is anyone who have more info please share. I have no clue where to go and look. I work in Midrand but im staying in PTA. Oh im single with 1 son maar we dont stay together and lastly i dont earn that much so please don't tell me about Irene, Waterkloof, Bluevalley etc. I need something affordable where i would still eat my cheese tu. Oh it should have isecurity bathong.


04 May 2012 15:55

Myname, hy not look for a place around Midrand? Is Pta a must?

04 May 2012 16:02


04 May 2012 16:14

YES/NO......I dont really like Midrand but i will take it if i like the place.

I'm still studying Tshd21 and i plan to study further.... The reason why i love PTA is becoz i have access to everything and i dont have to hire a cab.

04 May 2012 16:28

Myname why don't u check the bank auctioned houses on U can choose neighborhoods that u are comfortable with and see what they have, bid accordingly.

04 May 2012 17:38

interesting idea Vusi but thina ngabanye asinawo namalounges that we can sit people sisemakamereni emaflatini.your space is just that kamera of yours.

05 May 2012 08:25

I will invite them to come dine with me in my one room shack with a licking roof.........

05 May 2012 16:58

You know Cinglemother no ZandileZ ... Anybody who will come judge you by your possession has no appreciation of the person I have learnt you to be ... send them to my house for reorientation because I will be right there sharing whatever my friend puts in front of me emkhukhwini nakwi-1 room leyo. Angizi ngoba uneLounge Suite e-nice ... ngoza kumngane wam' ongimemileyo.

05 May 2012 17:02

@myname ... I work approx 18 hours per day (time zones), I was never domestic (family insisted I read & study when I wanted learn housework & stuff, I cannot cook to save my life ... so I have a full compliment of staff to service those areas where I am not equipped) ... angiyena uPatrice. I'd rather cook for myself ... kodwa iziSkillz .. Never eat something I cook ... I don't! The only dishes I prepare well are italianite , anything else ... my children start hinting at takeaways, Al's chicken, dining out etc.,

06 May 2012 19:00

When will four weddings come to SA? That is something I'd love to see.

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