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Muvhango Teasers - May 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Muvhango Teasers on 26 Apr 2012
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Coming up on Muvhango this May, 2012:

Tuesday 1 May 2012
Episode 1558 

The police aren't keen to continue the investigation. Mulimisi's graduation takes place. Vho-Mukondeleli gets a shock.

Wednesday 2 May 2012
Episode 1559 

Azwindini demands answers from the uncles. Mulimisi gives Vho-Mukondeleli a special potion. Thuli finds out who the stalker is.

Thursday 3 May 2012
Episode 1560 

Will Mushasha reveal to Vho-Mukondeleli what the Mukwevho uncles told him? Has Carol brought the enemy right to the door? Will Thuli tell Thandaza who her stalker is?

Monday 7 May 2012
Episode 1561 

Thuli decides that enough is enough. Gizara finally tells Azwindini a long kept family secret. Vho-Mukondeleli takes drastic action against Mushasha.

Tuesday 8 May 2012
Episode 1562 

Thuli is attracted to someone. The big secret threatens to surface in Thathe. Mulimisi is granted an audience with Mpho.

Wednesday 9 May 2012
Episode 1563 

Will James keep his mouth shut? Vho-Mukondeleli gets a big shock. Mulimisi is lovesick.

Thursday 10 May 2012
Episode 1564 

Thuli has to explain her actions to Thandaza. Carol is inundated with offers. Vhangani makes a shocking discovery.

Monday 14 May 2012
Episode 1565 

The fashion show was a great success and the offers start pouring in. Lambani's murder case is finally closed ... but will that be the end of it? Will Mulimisi win the heart of his chosen new love?

Tuesday 15 May 2012
Episode 1566 

Will Thivhulawi's arrival in the royal house bring answers? Can Busi be the one who opens James' eyes? Can Thuli move on from Njabulo?

Wednesday 16 May 2012
Episode 1567

Mpho seems to have made her decision. Thivhulawi threatens to expose royal secrets. Thandaza welcomes a stranger back into her life.

Thursday 17 May 2012
Episode 1568 

Thivhulawi shocks everyone. Ranthumeng finds out some unwelcome news. Mulalo puts ideas in Mpho's head.

Monday 21 May 2012
Episode 1569 

The wives are shocked when Azwindini comes clean with them. Mulimisi finds what Mulalo has done. Sizwe is very upset by what Thandaza tells him.

Tuesday 22 May 2012
Episode 1570 

Will Vhangani find the proof he needs? Mulalo accuses Mulimisi of playing a dirty game. Sizwe is losing patience.

Wednesday 23 May 2012
Episode 1571 

Thivhulawi gives Vhangani some unwelcome news. Mpho phones Mulimisi. Sizwe takes drastic action.

Thursday 24 May 2012
Episode 1572 

Meiki gives the police a lead. Agnes gets in contact with her family Mulalo's bags are packed.

Monday 28 May 2012
Episode 1573 

Thandaza and Ranthumeng make an appeal on national TV. Mulalo struggles to adjust in his new environment. Meiki has some tough questions for Agnes.

Tuesday 29 May 2012
Episode 1574 

Thandaza gets a mysterious call. Mulalo gives Azwindini a piece of his mind. Agnes has to face Mampho's wrath.

Wednesday 30 May 2012
Episode 1575 

Sizwe does the right thing. Dumi's book is launched. Vhangani asks the chief to summon Thivhulawi's aunt.

Thursday 31 May 2012
Episode 1576 

Mampho gives Agnes an ultimatum. Thandaza gets an unexpected visitor Thivhulawi receives some shocking news.

Muvhango is on SABC2 Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.


26 Apr 2012 13:04

First today. Wow! Interesting this coming month for the Mukwevho's.

26 Apr 2012 13:05


26 Apr 2012 13:06

what? we are here now? let me read

26 Apr 2012 13:08

1st one yipeee and new.

26 Apr 2012 13:52

yhooo sounds hot......Dumi has a book? wow not useless mos
Mulimisi n love kwaaaa
Secrets n Thathe haaaa

this is good kaloku

26 Apr 2012 13:53

drama drama

26 Apr 2012 14:12

i bet the secrete is Lambani was killed cos the elders wanted Azwi to be the chief, but Azwi had nothing to do with the murder and he did not know

26 Apr 2012 14:17

atleast on top 10 

mulimisi  n love lolest cnt stop imagining him kissing a girl lol

sexy d
26 Apr 2012 14:20

top 10 now let me go and read

sexy d
26 Apr 2012 14:27

Nna i think the whole secret revolves around Thivhulawi mark my words something its up

So aggie is back nice one....Rapodi has a book wow intresting...
mulimisi n love lolest cnt stop imagining him kissing a girl @ ayasha imagin that kwakwakwakwakwa***dead***

26 Apr 2012 14:29

Mulumisi can be a chamer guys... lol, he got a nice body
mulimisi n love lolest cnt stop imagining him kissing a girl

26 Apr 2012 15:10

Wow wow interesting i cnt wait to c mulimisi proposing n kissing a gal*hppy*

26 Apr 2012 15:13

Another Mpho nd is a she

26 Apr 2012 15:18

Mulimisi in love really cant wait for tht part @Bomy Mulimisi with nice body just take his face off .................

26 Apr 2012 15:38

ok agnes is back yay!dumi launching a book nay!
what are the police investigating now?mulimisi graduates eish..but in january it was said that vhanghani is going to "fall in love with someone u least expected"i was waiting for that...

Trixy 123
27 Apr 2012 08:52

Top 20 ....Let me go and read

27 Apr 2012 09:38

Wil be waitin.. Hope the secrets are worth waitin for. Not the kind which makes one think "so this the secret.

27 Apr 2012 11:38

i wonder if Dumi and Agnes are married or what, these things happen! should it be that way Mampho and Bafuwi will be livid ngempela!

and now the police in Joburg, what a they looking for! How can Thandaza welcome a stranger back into her life, if the person has been there before surely they can't be a stranger next time they come back................!

27 Apr 2012 12:14

lol @ Kerrie ... Script oversight !!!

27 Apr 2012 12:57

28 Apr 2012 09:56

That's Muvhango ka nnete

28 Apr 2012 09:57

That's Muvhango ka nnete.

ownah m p
28 Apr 2012 19:21

Wow molimisi in love, agie comng back. What up with the writers kante there are lots and lots of names out there why mix first ke dakalo for vho gizara's grand son and thandaza's kid now ke mpho the future wife of thathe's strogest sangoma molimisi and mmampho's son agg man. Thuli whats wrong i wonder who u going 2 fall 4 this time.

29 Apr 2012 04:58

At least the is no too much james and his sulking he gets on my nerves

29 Apr 2012 17:54

he he he very interesting, i cnt w8.

29 Apr 2012 17:54

29 Apr 2012 19:19

Poor Thandaza! Will she ever find happiness?

29 Apr 2012 21:52

I guess Mpho is Mulimisi's new love. I wonder what Thivulawi's connection with Vhakwevho is.. Vangani must be involved in this somehow, or is hiding some Mukwevho secret. I remeber he was acting funny and elusive during the baby Dakalo court case.

@ Kerrie and VusiK, maybe by "stranger" the writer was referring to someone who enstranged  themself.

@Awnah, I think the writers are being real with the name-sharing issue. Can get a bit confusing on telly, but that's how it is in real life.

30 Apr 2012 11:33


sexy d
30 Apr 2012 12:08

@Dhee true dat...

Trixy 123
30 Apr 2012 13:12

Cant wait to see Mulimisi's new love.

Is Vho Mushasha leaving the soapie?....Hope not coz I love the way she calls Mukhondeleli..."Khondi"  He is old but very romantic....

30 Apr 2012 17:45

Aii yho! What now, I bet Dakalo will be kidnapped and who is the stranger? Ranthumeng. Yho they'll possible bond through the kidnapping and get back together hai noooooooooooooo. Can't zheal with that. Mara mulumisi ain't bad he's just scary. Thuli must just grow some balls she better stands her ground if she's saying NO she better mean it. N wena Njabs stop leading ngwana o mongwe on Be faithful to your wife. Till death do you apart... Remember? Nna mulalo wambora can't wait for his downfall.

01 May 2012 22:29

jst hppy dat Agnes is cuming bck nd dat James is nt leavin,..........i hope Thandaza nd Rantumeng r nw fyn nd nt gttin a divorce

02 May 2012 10:11

-Bathong did u see the chief's look 2 Thandaza... akanya ba tlo o ratana.*hiding*

-Mulalo.... u are up 2 no good. a o ipatlela Mpho naare..bek off b4 stabbing yslf wt a knife. da way Mulalo a tlileng n Mulimisi ceremony ws breathtekin nd pissed off da chief.... i liked it though.

-N highlights.. u Thuli asked James y s he obssesed wt her... tjo...jst awaiting 4 2day's updates, James guess o tlile go kgakgafalela Thuli....

''all da good men hev bin taken" Meiki le wena o iketsa Thuli...its tym 2 hev yr own family jst lyk Ranthu said

02 May 2012 10:11

-Bathong did u see the chief's look 2 Thandaza... akanya ba tlo o ratana.*hiding*

-Mulalo.... u are up 2 no good. a o ipatlela Mpho naare..bek off b4 stabbing yslf wt a knife. da way Mulalo a tlileng n Mulimisi ceremony ws breathtekin nd pissed off da chief.... i liked it though.

-N highlights.. u Thuli asked James y s he obssesed wt her... tjo...jst awaiting 4 2day's updates, James guess o tlile go kgakgafalela Thuli....

''all da good men hev bin taken" Meiki le wena o iketsa Thuli...its tym 2 hev yr own family jst lyk Ranthu said

02 May 2012 10:40

-Bathong did u see the chief's look 2 Thandaza... akanya ba tlo o ratana.*hiding* @badi............. with that look my sister o moitse o bareng bafui o wa ba akare o batla Thandaza......eish i laughed

02 May 2012 10:44

-Bathong did u see the chief's look 2 Thandaza... akanya ba tlo o ratana.*hiding*
I saw it as well, and he said why did Edward meet Thandi before yena did, what exacly didhe mean by that? And Thandaza was so comfy sitting there with the royal wives, so maybe chief was charmed by that, Ayeye Thandi Mukwevho ayeye, she is next

02 May 2012 12:36

Thandaza the 5th wife in the royal hose, m telling u

02 May 2012 13:03

imagine the five wives at thathe voSusana,pfulwani,vele,sundani and thandaza.there wl be mega drama full time and over

02 May 2012 13:27

if vha-fhuwi can take Thandaza then he would mean he clearly does not understand his taste in women... nothing in common with any of his wives

02 May 2012 21:26

gud people, am new in this industry ndikhowomphela vha ngi welcome.

02 May 2012 22:29

Welcome confie.raty

dj fats
02 May 2012 22:45

Let's hope thandaza does not let sizwe ??? his lyfe coz dat guy (yimbhungulu nje) he is just as nonsense like ranthumeng,if mushasha leavs I will sell my tv rather replace the following ( siswe, ranthumeng , thuli, mr mayor and the sick en starting to work on my head james )en bring back pheko, meme, kk and sundani mampho and spa they much better than mulalo en thuli en not to mention e borring ranthumeng

03 May 2012 08:26

Yeah, Mulalo is boring now, his getting into politics was never exciting cos we all knew he was gonna misuse his power!

What happened between Thandaza and Ranthumeng? it's not because of the court case or Pheko, i mean, the way they broke up does not make sense! he even said to Thandaza, "i know you did not cheat on me with Pheko and Ndalamo"! what then?  I thought the court case was gonna bring them closer!

03 May 2012 10:35


Thandaza ddnt give Ranthu his dignity as a man, she wanted to be the man herself. Ranthu felt undermined, there's a whole lot of things he wasn't happy with. That's why they broke up. She's too independent for a man's ego

Trixy 123
03 May 2012 10:55

@Kerrie...I think Ranthumeng is not comfortable with Thandaza's success as a corporate woman and also her independence and open mindedness...Its typical of most African men, if not all men.....Well personally I would be glad if Thandaza became the Chief's wife....maybe she can get some happiness for once coz the chief isnt all that bad when it comes to his wives except the immorarity part...but all chiefs are like that.......

I have to agree that Mulalo is boring and I dont like him.  I also wish they could bring back Pheko, Meme and especially The mother to James's daughter (forgotten her name)  I just used to love her......

Well am a bit consoled like the rest that James isnt leaving the soapie and that Agness is coming back!!!

Later people....have to work.....

03 May 2012 11:19

Ranthumeng knew ukuthi uThandaza is a successful woman before he married her! i just think Ranthumeng did not trust himself around his wife, Thandaza did nothing wrong! Ranrhumeng bought the house, Thandaza paid the lawyer for the court case, so what! it's called sharing the costs, there other plenty things he could have done for his wife, he is just not man enough!

Being the chief's wife, hhhmmm! i don't think Thandaza can stand knowing that at the end of the day Susan is the favourite wife, that no matter what happens Susan is first in the chief's life and the first and last person he thinks of when he wakes up in the morning and when goes to bed at night!

i sometimes wonder ukuthi  how do the other wives feel about that; it's a good thing Susan is not the one to boast! Imagine if the favourite wife was Vele or Sundani!

Yeah, Meme should come back, the poison peach!

03 May 2012 13:54

Mulimisi and mis thoyandou...datz hot..thuli is boring so is james

sexy d
03 May 2012 14:07

@Trixy 123 the mother of james child ke Doobsie...

lol wen bafuwi tell thandaza dat y did it had to be his brother who saw him first...i was bafuwi there rite there is ur number 5 wife kwakwakwakwakwa

I also want to see meme kante where did she go?

03 May 2012 15:29

Apparently Meme left Muvhango to go and do theatre, hope she changes her mind and comes back, she is solemnly missed!

Trixy 123
04 May 2012 10:32

@Impondokazi ...She is too independent for a man's ego......

Its high time African men started to accept a corporate woman and the independence that goes with that.....Personally I dont see why Ranthu should be threatened with Thandaza's independence....The lady cooks for him and does a lot of things any wife can do....but just the fact that she has her own mind and all that makes Ranthu uncomfortable.....We have a long way to go in terms of gender in Africa am telling you....Success and marriage doesnt seem to go hand in hand in most successful women....its sad.

04 May 2012 10:35

yho i ddnt watch the whole week. i soooo hope that the cheif doesnt go that far with thandaza

Trixy 123
04 May 2012 10:44

lol....anything is possible with the looks like he cant keep his pants down!!!!
I mean four wives and he is still eying another....Anyway it would be akward going after Thandaza coz those are like blood relatives, but if he went after the wife's young sister, what can stop him going after Thandaza?  Lets wait and see.

04 May 2012 10:56

Women will always be women, it is nly a few women like Thandaza who choose to behave like men even when they have a husband, Most women submit to their husbands no matter what their status, it is in our nature

04 May 2012 10:57

as for Thuli yena, hehehehe i hope she falls hard, and i still think they shoud have put some one like Meme or Sundani for that charecter, Thuli is just really soft, when she is angry she just makes a face like that one ka Princie from generations and kuba so obvious that she is acting! hayi man!

04 May 2012 11:16

Thuli should just go and be newsreader somewhere aggggggggg......... 

04 May 2012 11:23

lol newsreader would suit her so well, cos she does not move, she is not flexible and she is motionless, and that is exactly what you need to be a newsreader

sexy d
04 May 2012 14:41

@vandimerwe news reader? mare it can suit her kwakwakwakwakwa ***rolling on the floor with laughter***

04 May 2012 16:32

Thandaza did none wrong to ruin ha marriage.... If thandaza cud b bafuwi's 5th wyf hai stru nas uzothwala kanzima cz she will knw 4sure dat wife number 6 is on da way,proberbly Thuli lol *joking*...... James irritates da brain outa me he is pushing away evry1 close to him as if they hs enemies,and he has no reason to b angry at thuli cz 1stly she ddnt tell hm to neglect hs work,and act lyk a 9year old running around as if Busi is gonna die in Japan

04 May 2012 19:48

shoo guyz did u see mulimisi and miss thohoy'do 2gther in bed. kwakwakwa.

04 May 2012 20:25

guyzen I am so happy for Senzo and Noluntu, for once Jason gets to feel what he alwaysmakes Senzo feel! Go Senzo!!!!

05 May 2012 07:02

Bomyv u are sooo happy you want to share with thathe people.. lol

05 May 2012 09:09

lolKandyfloss, OMG, i did not notice, i am sorry, ndo kho khombela pfalelo bathu bangaphana Thathe

06 May 2012 21:31

Thuli is so boring something must be done.

07 May 2012 10:02

@Teey: Thuli can't act, nothing personal cc u acta ikaka and tht's tht, i think Azwindini wants uThandaza.

07 May 2012 10:06

lmao Bomy kwaaaaaa mxm wena

07 May 2012 13:21

I'm still on the fact that Mulimisi is inlove with Ms Thohoyandou (touch that)

07 May 2012 13:23

Prisci, i got one thing to say to you, i do not mean to disrespect or anything, i got noting less than love for you, here what is what i want to say to you about your comment

08 May 2012 08:55

whuuu he e njabulo and wife scene was ................. i dont knw sam thng was lacking ibicace ngca ukuba yi acting

08 May 2012 09:27

Njabulo not a good actor either. Thuli and her "daddy"'s conversation.. Ija!

sexy d
08 May 2012 09:30

So the secret is finally all hell will break lose ko thathe

Thuli Thuli can sumone pls give this gal a vacation or go bk 2 school and study acting jeeerrrrr

08 May 2012 09:35

ever notice uNjabulo when he's hugging the wife it looks like he's just enjoying Phuti's chest judging by his facial expressions!!! 

Thuli is so stiff its not even funny great body and all but gees ufun' umuntu ozomnyakazisa

Thandaza and the chief that wud be drama....... but I like the fact that the chief appreciates her opinions he's more accepting of her independence but more scenes with Ranthu wud be appreciated the brother is yummy!!!

08 May 2012 09:39

Thuli and her "daddy"'s conversation.. Ija!

i was like "what the hell?" it just seemed like they shoot the whole scene in different days, daddy answering what is not asked and Thuli responding with something irrelevant, what the hell? lol Muvhango, ha ana

Saw the preview for today's episode. so it seems like Thuli's new bf is another excuse for an actor! why? what have we done to desrve whta they are doing to us?

08 May 2012 09:41

Can someone pls recap yesterday's episode what is the secret I missed it

08 May 2012 09:42

it is painful to watch these actors, Njabulo has the looks for his part, but he acts like he is in a school drama, he is just too much in there... as for Thuli, hayi i rather not comment before i have a heart attack! these actors just make the rest of the good actors look bad

must say i love relationship ya Vho Mukondeleli na Vho Mushasha. typical old people relationship! and Kondi acts her part hle!

08 May 2012 09:45

Mangqezu the secrete is the Uncles killed lambani so that Azwi can be the chief

others scenes were Njabulo telling James to stay away from his wife and James saying no. Thuli telling James to get outa the building and again he said no.

Thuli went all angry when Thandza was feeling pity for James and said James is just being a baby

Kondi chased Shashi out of the house

Kondi overheard chief and Gizara talking about a secrete that must be told to Kondi

that is all i remember

oh oh oh, Mulumisi had a wet dream about miss Thoyas

08 May 2012 09:47

i think there was something wrong with yesterday's episode........... Njabulo and wife something was lacking.......... Thuli and the call to daddy..there i was so lost....i even asked myself if im stil watching muvhango

08 May 2012 09:52

oh oh oh, Mulimisi had a wet dream about miss Thoyas........... bwa ha ha ha ha

So the chieftaincy really wasn't meant for Azwindini or something

mpho malete
08 May 2012 09:57

jah wa rocka muvhango

08 May 2012 09:58

So the chieftaincy really wasn't meant for Azwindini or something
i think(i am really not sure) Lambani's father was the acting chief after Azwindini's father(the real chief) died, after the great chief died and his first born(Azwindini) was still young a brother to the chief(Lamabani's father) had to take over. Now Kondi was excited that chiefancy had come to her family and was hoping that Lambani might just take over, and so since Lambani;s dad sorta had power he could make his son the next chirf, and Thathenians love Lambani's dad and would have prefered him to take over from his dad. So vho mu khodzi mnene had to get rid of Lambani so that Azwi could get what is his without any problems. Nenzhelele was against that so they asked Shashi to make him mad so nobody would believe anything he had to say (that is just my theoty hey, i am not sure about any of it)

08 May 2012 10:08

with thathe chieftancy i dont understand a thing because there is mulalo who at one point waas the rightful chief..........

08 May 2012 10:08

bommy i hear u bt what is confusing me mulalo where does he fit in in this kyos of chieftaincy

08 May 2012 10:17

Mulalo happens to be the right chief ya, maybe he is the son of the first wife cos him and Azwi share a father right? ewe right, neh? lol(started watching muvhango in 2010 kalok) so maybe the first wife had problems giving birth and Mulalo happend to be younger than Azwindini, (i do not know even this, people who can help are people who have been watching Muvhango since when it started)

08 May 2012 10:26

ja nhe............n i still believe Azwindini is the rightful chief. remember when he turned into a lion? Mulalo being paralyzed when he sat on the chief's chair after taking over?

08 May 2012 10:39

hahahahahahhh @bomyy u trying shamz......... mulalo and izwi dont share the same father ........izwi's father married masindi and mam'cathy..... i stil belief mulalo is the rightful chief ........... izwi turning into a lion is protected by the ancestors as he is doing the right job as a chief.....ijooo muvhango ke muvhango

sexy d
08 May 2012 10:43

Anyone pls correct me if am wrong

The rightful chief of Thathe ke Lambani even the uncles knws that. Mashudu(azwi dad) refused to be the chief and went to live in  chiawelo le Mam cathy to run their business together, he didnt wanna hear anything ka thathe. Alpheus(mukodeleli husband) became the chief so wen he died lambani was suppose to be the chief as his father was.

As for Nethathe(the lion) guess he prefered azwi to be the chief as there was no one left since the uncle arranged for lambani to be killed

08 May 2012 10:44

Thathe will die the day Mulalo becomes chief yhooo shame lol

08 May 2012 10:45

thus whole many wives, many fathers and so many rightful chief is really confusing, ya what i am also sure of is that Mulalo is the rightful chief(birth right).. it is just that he is immature and stupid lol, the ancestors would not want that

08 May 2012 10:46

sure sure sexy d, rhst id mpre  convincing than anything i have said lol

08 May 2012 11:03

everything in thathe is confusing........... Lambani was not the rightful chief but if he was not killed by then he was going to be the chief by force........

08 May 2012 11:18

@sexy d I also vaguely remember that cos I know there was drama after Mashudu died but I wasn't a fan then

08 May 2012 11:22

Thuli asking dad's opinion, dont you ask other girls about silly girl stuff, heyyyy!

Kondi chasing Shashi outa da house, that was hilarious and that sangoma's dreams, he he he

Shame poor Chief wanted to tell Kondi the truth but his toungue was stuck, i want to see how this one will fold.

Mulalo thinks its Azwi who killed Lambani and he thinks he is gonna have the support, now if Azwi is stripped of chieftaincy, and khotsimnenes are sent to prison who will bbe the advisor, Kondi n Shashi, 

Muvhango is drama amplified

08 May 2012 11:27

@sexyD, i remember the bits n pieces, about another one who was supposed to be chief that is why Kondi hates them the Royal family. 

Your comment makes sense. 

That is why its Muvhango, the chieftaincy started all this war.

08 May 2012 13:02

@bommy "duh" to you too darling 
whuu I missed Mulimis's wet dream OMG lol
is James working for Njabulo's wife now or what??

It's true that these many wives and many children it's really confusing us now 
but i think let's just go with the flow guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08 May 2012 14:02


08 May 2012 15:49

MUVHANGO FOR YOU. Tel me guys, did Pearl find her real father coz I was once heard she wrote to Khumbuli ekhaya looking for her white father. What a coincident

09 May 2012 08:56

Guys what is happening with Muvhango and charecters dissapearing into thin air?

What happened to Meme? what is up with Kk's murder case and where on earth is Khathu with that mouth watering body of his???

gota say people may say whatever they like about venda people but shooo! venda guys have the most beautiful bodies ever, take Mulumisi for instance, yho hayi guys!! yho yho yho!

09 May 2012 09:31

take Mulumisi for instance, yho hayi guys!! yho yho yho!..............@bomyy.. hahahahahhh.....he was so clean yesterday ............. with the disapering of the characters i hav given up

09 May 2012 09:53

So Lambani was sacrificed, **shaking in fear**

Now its really scary that his own father was involved and tha Bangani's father also was involved. 

What i am not understanding is that they said a child was to be sacrificed but wasnt Lambani already over 18, if he was to become chief.

09 May 2012 10:09

Kanti does this mean Alpheus sacrificed his son for the ritual cant wait for today's episode when they inform Mukondeleli she's gonna flip.

09 May 2012 10:26

Mulalo is teh rightful Chief. his father died before he was born and his mother left the village. only a few people (vho makhadzi) knew that Mulalos mom was pregnant when he left. Mashudu was made Chief as his brother had died with "apparently no children". He became Chief but went to work in Joburg. Met (Delilah) Kathy and ignored his chieftancy duties. Lambanis father was made Chief. and Kondi sumhow wished lamabani would become Chief as Azwindini had no right to contest that, as he also isnt the "rightfully Chief".

09 May 2012 10:49

danki andi01

So Lambani was sacrificed, **shaking in fear**
I went speechless when this was revealed! things we do for power! and as for sacrificing your own son! shoo i rather die, but i guess tradition and what ancestors wanted is much more important to other people. If it were my ancestors shame i would tell them that they can just go f** themselves!! what kind of cruel ancestors would want you to kill your own son?!?!?!?! I  hope Muvhango has a better explanation as to why was Lambani sacrificed, there is no way it can be ancestors!

09 May 2012 10:50

Once they serve no purpose they disappear, for example, what hapenned to Pearl's family, Meme is gone Theatre.

Also the Chabeli family will also disappear.

09 May 2012 11:43

If it were my ancestors shame i would tell them that they can just go f** themselves !! LMAO true dat

It sounds something like a satanic ritual more than anything what kind of ritual requires the blood of a young boy gees scary shyt!!!

09 May 2012 12:15

@Bomyy, Mulalo and Azwi do not share a father...  Andi01 has the correct version of this chieftaincy circle... Mulalo's Father and Azwindili's Father were brothers. Mulalo's father died and he and the wife were not married and that is why as much as his Father was the eldest and chieftaincy is suppose to be his, he still can't be chief because the parents were not married. So Chieftaincy fell on to Alpheus' lap and he became all CIVILIZED to stay in the rural Thathe and "vat en sit" ko Soweto with Cathy!!!

That is why Azwi is Chief and Mulalo is not because Mulalo's parents were not married... that is what is keeping him from being crowned as Chief!!!

Lambani dad was chief temporarily because Azwi was still young to take over so when Azwi was grown and Lambani's dad was dead it was a debacle whether it should go to the son (Lambani) automatically or it should go to the person it was meant for in the first place (Azwi). I think there were two camps; one for Azwi the other for Lamby and Azwi's fans decided to assassinate Lamby so Azwi would be crowned!!! 

Huuuuu hope I didn't confuse you guys even more!!!

09 May 2012 12:24

@Chix you are confusing me now(lolest just playing uyicwalile) 
so every new man who comes to Muvhango Thuli just grabs him oh that gal yes she is beautiful yena... .... 

Oh Mulimisi yesterday bendimzwela yhazi when that gal told him she can't date a Sangoma I was touched a little bit.

09 May 2012 12:38

Kamdlise 'ubheka mina' angithi uyisangoma

09 May 2012 12:40

Oh Mulimisi yesterday bendimzwela yhazi when that gal told him she can't date a Sangoma I was touched a little bit.
Ncoooh me too, that girls naye she is too much of a straight talker... lol

sexy d
09 May 2012 13:10

Afternoon all

wow muvhango ke muvhango straight

Hau mpho did u really have to say dat hau phela mulalo is in loooovvvvveeeeee with u...

09 May 2012 13:25

afternoon. @ moon 38 yes she did find her dad (she was acting reality at muvhango ka dat part of seeking her real dad

09 May 2012 14:38

@Chix .Alpheus is mokondeleli's husband and izwi's father is mashudu

Trixy 123
09 May 2012 15:40

Ha!! as for me i cant follow this chieftaincy issue to tell the truth....all I know and feel is that Azwindini is the rightful chief of Thate....i dont know why but thats what my gut feeling tells whatever drama thats gonna happen, let it happen to spice up the soapie but at the end of the day Azwindini will remain in that sit....with or without Mulalo being the "rightful" chief.....this i can bet you....

09 May 2012 16:09

Shame i was really touched when Vhafuwi told Vhangani the truth, he was crying bantu. i love their *vhafuwi n vhangi* relationship :)

i lol'd hard when Mulimisi jumped to help Makhulu with coffee, couldn't say why he called Mpho lol

09 May 2012 16:23

i lol'd hard when Mulimisi jumped to help Makhulu with coffee, couldn't say why he called Mpho lol
I also laughed my lungs out on this one, and when he asked her out on a date!

sexy d
10 May 2012 07:46

Thatha Malume Themba did he really had to shout thuli in front of everyone his parts were just hilirious yesterday...

Poor Mukodeleli atleast now you know the truth

10 May 2012 08:36

lol sexy d, i was like yeah!!! lmao, but i think James has gone to far, lol... i am sure malule Themba is pissed cos Thuli keeps calling him daddy, where does she get that from?

10 May 2012 08:37

Oh shame poor Mukondeleli I felt so soooooory for her when she was crying, as for thuli I say its about time she irritates me. Oooh the  entrance Carol made it was like the ones they make on the cowboys movies and wonder what Njabulo is gonna say to explain his actions. 

10 May 2012 08:55

I wish Vhangi cud have more lines to say there is something cute about his quiet demeanour lol

As for 'daddy' that was hilarious esp the part ethi ma ngikhuluma nawe uzobona ngibhekane nawe illustrating with his hands

James is something else indoda ehlebayo gees

10 May 2012 09:44

hayi James is being mean and dumb how can a man act like that only women do those things sies

10 May 2012 09:54

wenze kahle James, u did well boy. Thuli irritates me too much, tht whole drama served her right. i loved that scene shame.

True Vhangi is too cute, i like him a lot. That scene was touching, but it myt happen that they twisted the truth a bit, remember on tuesday Gizara suggested they blame Nzelele for the murder??

sexy d
10 May 2012 11:08

So since the secret regarding Lambani is out...what is the secret that Thivhulawi wants to reveal looks like the royal house is full of secrets? does anyone has a clue wat that secret may be...

10 May 2012 11:32

Ya I think Gizara n Albert had bought Nendzelele to take the whole responsibility as they stil protect the Chief, as He said I'v done all this to protect the Royal House in his speech

10 May 2012 11:47

Tivhulawi is Vhangani's daughter or one of the uncles

10 May 2012 12:01

Why are Albert and Gizara not married?

10 May 2012 13:05

muvhango is ful of lies waitse.............. kanti lambani and alpheus who died first?

10 May 2012 13:30

Gizara is married ti Albertina or something like that

sexy d
10 May 2012 14:01

@bomyy gizara is married to Vho-Sarah 
@mangqezu as for Albert the last tym i saw she proposed to rendani mom so hey we still waiting to hear if they will get married on not.

10 May 2012 14:12

heita holla muvhango fam, ive missed ur'l lyk mad. anyway im enjoying the drama ya thuli n james. eish i so wish pheko cud come back, now is the best tym 4 him n thandaza

10 May 2012 14:33

Gizara is marrued to Vho Sarah. Vho-Albert can never get married he is to tough with his women. Regarding the chieftancy remember Edward waz to becum chief and he refused. Mulalo's Father, Azwi's Father and Lambani's Father are all brothers. The issue with Mulalo is that her mother was not married when his Father died. Before Vho-Alphues died, Khondi was pushing him to make Lambani chief & Lambi also new his father's secret & wz blackmailing him. So the uncles whn Alpheus died knew he was going to coz problems so they eliminated him. Azwi is the rightful chief since Edward his elder brother refused to be chief. That's how i understand Muvhango.

dj fats
10 May 2012 21:32

Ya. Thulisile ? deserve A better man like jAmes.? telling e truth malume themba. Or else please remove her from e show.then plz. Bring back pheko to thandazA or else if e show can't pAy him I m more than happy to do so just to make e show tasty ? know.

dj fats
10 May 2012 21:32

Ya. Thulisile ? deserve A better man like jAmes.? telling e truth malume themba. Or else please remove her from e show.then plz. Bring back pheko to thandazA or else if e show can't pAy him I m more than happy to do so just to make e show tasty ? know.

dj fats
10 May 2012 21:33

Ya. Thulisile ? deserve A better man like jAmes.? telling e truth malume themba. Or else please remove her from e show.then plz. Bring back pheko to thandazA or else if e show can't pAy him I m more than happy to do so just to make e show tasty ? know.

dj fats
10 May 2012 21:35

Ya. Thulisile ? deserve A better man like jAmes.? telling e truth malume themba. Or else please remove her from e show.then plz. Bring back pheko to thandazA or else if e show can't pAy him I m more than happy to do so just to make e show tasty ? know.

10 May 2012 21:45

The current saga of Thivhulawi is I don't think she knows the secret to his brother's killers but she was so traumatised tht she end up givin her child away for fear of Muti Killings, Mulalo is stressed coz she failed to prove tht the Royal knows hw Lambani ws killed. I think James will go wth Carol in the business & relationship & tey gonna build their Clothing Empire.

10 May 2012 21:47

The cousins Thandaza & Thuli they always rock in pants

sexy d
11 May 2012 08:48

@Gumani75 i think Thivhulawi knws excatly wat went down about her brother hence she wants to expose them iyo its gonna be hectic ko thathe cant wait for the we know why she freaked out when he saw vhangani in court..

James James i think now its time for you to come back to reality wa re tena rona ba bangwe

Mulalo wena ayeye mulimisi is coming after Mpho dnt be surprised wen she falls for him bcos he wouldnt be parading her to parties but loving her as she is not because of her guys who do you think will win Mpho heart, Mulalo or Mulimisi?

11 May 2012 09:33

no matter happens i pray that the Nchabelis do not break up, they have kids hle and have been married for so long, i hate it when families fall apart! imagine braking up because of a kiss! please, let nothing happen to them

11 May 2012 10:51

Indaba kaThuli angiyitholi kahle.She deserve a man not married man like Njabulo.

14 May 2012 12:53

i think if i heard it well,  Lambani was killed because he wanted to expose his father's bad deeds, about the human muti ritual he was supposed  to perform; when Lambani heard that a small boy was going to be killed he said he was gonna tell and that's when he was sent to the mill where he was killed but Kondi assumed the Mukwevhos killed her son so that Azwindini can take over but that was not the case, he wanted to tell on his father and associates!

14 May 2012 13:03

@Kerrie i think i nw have a clear picture of wat transpired on the chief saga bcoz of yo explanation

14 May 2012 14:38

@ SKHINXI   James is available 4 Thuli. I think they must  put ipride leeee & talk. Otherwise bohlala benjalo.

15 May 2012 08:05

i'm glad i have been of assistance to you Deemo.

Thuli could make a good lawyer, plus lawyers are always uptight like she is.

where are my manners, morning bloggers!

15 May 2012 09:00

the explanation was that they tht it best to kill him for fear that the Mukwevhos wud be blamed for every child that wud go missing in Thathe if the secret was revealed abt the ritual but I'm glad the Chief insisted they tell Kondi the truth becos now she can put the matter to rest.

15 May 2012 09:11

Hey guys n gals

Y muvhango repeats names?

1.  Dakalo - Humbulani's son and now Thivhulawi's daughter (Thandaza's adopted)

2.  Mpho - Mampho's son (Mpho Mokoena) and now Miss Thohoyandou who is Mulimisi's future wife LOL.

Seriously do they think b4 they make a new character's name?   Mxm!!!!

15 May 2012 09:32

@kerrie thats wat bloggers a here for.pheko shld come bek.

15 May 2012 10:11

Thuli is so uptight its like someone who wants to be in control of her nerves, or someone who is scared that if they loosen up something is gonna fall-off and cause a big bang. Even when she laughs, same thing, when she is angry and lashing out, same, same

Thandaza, i also want one of the dresses, they were so nice. MaNkosi, have you moved into Thandaza's house or what. I never see you arriving in the mornings and evenings you are still there until late. USpha yena what happened to him, i hope he is not asleep, or has he moved to MH

Mulalo & Mlimisi. he he he fighting for that girl. Mulalo doesnt think he has competition in Mlimisi but lets wait n see...Most guys are like Mulalo, they judge people by their looks and think they have everything under control.

15 May 2012 10:22

morning yall, cab somebody explain to me that scene of Thandaza and Thuli and maNkosi when Thuli was trying a dress for the big date? i felt like i was watching some american teen movie, lol lol lol... who came up with that idea? lmao, i always knew Muvhango was not of great quality when it comes to settings but after yesterday i give up, lol.. what i like about Muvhango though is the drama of the storyline, now if they can get a director who is as skilled as the scriptwriter then it will be top class, lmao!!! maybe it is a student director... hahahahahaha

15 May 2012 11:16

Hey bomyy that scene! I was so irritated more so that am not News reader Thuli's fan. Aag

15 May 2012 13:42

15 May 2012 13:49

queen ah its jst that dis people wen they wrote dis drama de wer only tinking about balancing the cultures and so is the names of people in differnt culture are to be write but i tink dis guys a jst trying to simplefy tings ......a drama with so kind of diffrnt names its boring but wit same names u cn be able to differtiate de characters..lols bomyy ur write but dou i tink dis guy duma is a gud director mah lols

sexy d
16 May 2012 10:15

lol looks like mulimisi is going to win mpho heart as for mulalo ena he is playong games shame..

James wena just go back to MH o tlogele go re tena man jerrr

So tumahole and thuli went to the LOST CITY wow maybe they should just date a tlogele banna ba batho 

16 May 2012 10:22

@bomyy, i thought tha't why Lufuno "died" in Muvhango so that she can be a full time director and dish out top of the range episodes one after the

uyazi uThuli yena, eish, i give up on her! she is too serious maan, she needs to loosen up and enjoy life a bit. yesterday she did not look and act like somebody who was whisked away on a romantic get away on a private jet by a "gorgeous hunk"...she tied to when she was talking to Pearl but it did not work, she wasn't starry-eyed like they usually are............

16 May 2012 10:26

oopsy, she tried not tied, correction!

Where is Sphamandla, the mill keeping him too busy to even show face?

16 May 2012 10:26

@kerrie.. Tumahole gorgeous kwaaaaa

16 May 2012 10:51

Tumahole gorgeous kwaaaaa
i was thinking the same thing Kandy, lol but hey that is how he is potrayed.
Mulumisi is using his herat and feelings to get Mpho, Mulalo is using his position. Mpho already has a status and i do not think she would be charmed by someone seducing her with status compared to someone who has what most girls need- emotions! sensitivity! Mulumisi wins! sorry Mr Mayor, your gestures are good for wanna be famous Thathe girls, not Mphoza...

i must comment on the scene though where Mulumisi came to see Mpho at her flat, Mpho was standing next to the couch waiting for the knock, lol that was a fail... Muvhango aowa hle, please up your game.

A for Thuli shame, she really looked good in that red coat and black pants, she has a nice body and she is very beautiful, but that all goes to waste when she starts moving like robocob, and talking like one too

babie btch
16 May 2012 10:58


16 May 2012 11:29

Tumahole is a  "gorgeous hunk" mo Muvhango..........LMAO, that's how they describe him, thina what can we say! hahahaha

16 May 2012 13:45

bommy u saw that 2 when mpho was waiting  4 sam1 to knock! i thought iwas the only 1 kanti whatsup muvhango bakubile lufuno na?

im having a 4rnd called Lufuno & my calls him Lufundo

16 May 2012 15:33

lmao about Tumahole being a hunk, who knows he is probably married wherever he came from. Who knew Chabeli was married until Carol joined him in Jozi. 

But hurting Thuli is playing nje, coz that child has no feelings sham, i wonder she is like that in really life. Some needs to interview her on a live Tv show, sokesimbone ukuba uyi robot nyani.

16 May 2012 15:54

LMAO @ Thuli acting like robocop

Tha's why for a very long time I never watched Muvhango becos I tht the acting was poor even uThandaza unobustiff-nyana iskhokho samanje uKondi hayi she cracks me up with her gestures

16 May 2012 16:45

The healer & the beauty Queen--it's lyk a book title, lol Romeo & Julliet, lol

sexy d
17 May 2012 09:59

Guys can you pls provide me with the update i missed muvhango last nyt..pls

17 May 2012 11:37

uThuli wants to control everything, now she is telling Thandaza how to run her life, watch out Thandaza, there is a snake in your house.
As for Sizwe shame, if i was him i would open a case against Thandaza and Ranthumeng. How can they divorce after promising the judge that they will give Dakalo a warm loving home?

Tivhulawi can act, there is potential there... she really did her part izolo

17 May 2012 11:48

UPDATE sexy d
Mulumisi went to the date with Mpho, he was late and Mpho was not impressed but she still forgave him and they went for a bike ride. Mulalo wanted to die and be buried and never wake up again, Mukondeleli told him to go to hell

Tivhulawhi said Vhangi killed her brother, she screamed and went to Sundani's bedroom, she then called cops and told them Vhangi has kidnapped her and wants to kill her. Cops came to the royal house and they saw that she is just a mad person and the royal house is trying to help. so they left. Her doctor came and she got a bit better

Sizwe came to see Dakalo but Thandaza told him to come the following day and to call first. Thuli saw Sizwwe and started telling him about how she has a prolem with him even though Thandaza is ok with him. she even told him that Thandi is going through divorce and has a lot to think about. Sizwe was not impressed. Thuli then went a told Thandaza how Thandaza should not let Sizwe in the house nje cos yena Thuli has a problem with the guy, lol

Ranthu still loves Thandaza and misses her but is to proud to admit, James and Mankosi have noticed that...

That is it for today...

17 May 2012 15:51

i think Thandaza is asking for trouble by letting Sizwe back in there life what if Sizwe takes them to court n the court decides to give Sizwe back his child mare o Thandaza can she just listen to Mankosi for ones as for ORanthu he should swallow his pride n a boele Thandaza.....

17 May 2012 16:23

tjo tjo uThuli ungcasule kabi izolo..did she really have to tell Sizwe dat Thandaza z goin thru a divorce???!!!!!!now Sizwe will strengthen his claims in court so he can get Dakalo back,eishhhh!!

17 May 2012 16:23

tjo tjo uThuli ungcasule kabi izolo..did she really have to tell Sizwe dat Thandaza z goin thru a divorce???!!!!!!now Sizwe will strengthen his claims in court so he can get Dakalo back,eishhhh!!

17 May 2012 16:23

tjo tjo uThuli ungcasule kabi izolo..did she really have to tell Sizwe dat Thandaza z goin thru a divorce???!!!!!!now Sizwe will strengthen his claims in court so he can get Dakalo back,eishhhh!!

18 May 2012 08:44

Shame i feel sorry for Vhangi but I think Tivhulawhi is mistaking him with his father because he was the one involved in the killings and getting rid of the evidence.

As for Thandaza she's playing with fire in this Sizwe thing.

Shame Mulimisi being chased away by Mpho thats so not ayoba nad does Mulalo has to be soooo devious in getting everything that his heart desires. I just wish he gets what he deserves like when he was chasing after Sundi.

sexy d
18 May 2012 08:59

@bomyy thanx my love for the update...i really need to catch the omibus to see that looks like it was intresting

Well i also dnt like sizwe dat much mare where the hell does thuli have the right to tell thandaza dat she doesnt like it wen sizwe comes around iyo gal go and find ur own house.

Hau bathong o kae spha? Pls bring him back @Dhee i also hope so wat he said it was uncalled for if you want a gal fight for her with a clean slate not with lies imagin wat will mpho say wen she finds out

as for the vhangi saga maybe vhangi looks more like his father while he was her age hence thivhu thinks he is the one who killed her brother.

18 May 2012 13:32

Hi all I am a nu blogger here tryin to find my feet and used to reading many comments by Zdwesha, Bomyy and sexy d. Anyway i wish they would bring back Spha so she can get on Meiki nerves  twas great like tht it made me smile nd laugh.

but u Thivhulawi she expects ukuthi the man who killed her bro wen they were kids will still be the same age now.. i guess her emotions are clouding her juddgement.

18 May 2012 14:03

hala clairebearzim welcome dear

umankosi naye bathong!
i mic spha
Thivhulawi is mad crus
as for Ranthumeng go and get ur self a sotho girl and make babies and lots of them and let sizwe to raise his bby

19 May 2012 12:33

afternoon guys.. long time , this days im very buzy, see u next time,


21 May 2012 15:38

@zdwesha. I also think ranthu& old thandaza should give sizwe his baby. Its unfair to him. That traumatised thivu is one who gave the baby away.

22 May 2012 08:59

Mulalo will never be a grown up, even if they make him chief, he will always be up to his old tricks. He never learns, i wish that Mpho can see through him one day. Lying like that to get a girl to go out with you.

Ranthu dont worry love, you have all the support kamaNkosi and RoboThuli. I recall that wedding was lovely it was as if it was going to last for ever but Ranthu being scared of the CEO wife took off.

22 May 2012 09:12

morning guys, hehehehehe nami i wish Sizwe can have Dakalo, and I am sure he would win the case if he took them to court, The court gave them the baby because they were a loving happy family and had wht Sizwe did not have. You know it makes me so sad when a guy like Sizwe wants his baby abut can not have him where as a lot of guys out there would not careless about what happend to the baby. I saw preview for today, Sizwe is going to be telling Ranthu where to get off, i am liking...

As for Mpho, shame, not being sure if your love is real or not, doubting your own heart, poor girl, she must find herself a healer who can examine her if she has any muthi in her and so they can be happy na Mulimisi wavho
clairbear welcome dear, please do say a thing or two every now and then so we can keep the fire burning

22 May 2012 09:15

Tivhu is crazy really, this murder would have hapenned 15 years ago and the man does not age or change. Shame now Bangani will suffer for the sins of his father, i just got annoyed by the screaming.

I bet you this Tivhu will be knocking at Thandaza's door wanting the baby, coz she might say she gave it away coz she scared it wa going to sacrificed like her brother..

22 May 2012 09:16

Wow ranthu is starting to be a real bore with his cave man self. Thandaza must just wipe the floor with him in court and free us all from him

22 May 2012 10:51

tjso! roboThuli is getting worse, lol ozolo when she was saying something about Sizwe, Ranthu and the baby, she looked angry and had an angry tone, and yet what she was saying had nothing to be angry about, hayi shame

sexy d
23 May 2012 09:23

Morning all

wow am really liking mulimisi ancestors they really dnt want anything ka ena guess she really obeys hey making mulalo to sneeze all day and the only way to stop is to confess the whole truth to mpho iyo

As for the sizwe thing i also think they should just give sizwe his child finish and klaar a kere o na le a support structure so aunt, uncles and couzins are there and they will help out its not like he is the only one left in the family

Ranthu ena he should just go to lesotho and find himself a wife

23 May 2012 09:38

ewe sexy d, plus Sizwe is still young, and he has a qualification, who knows what he can achieve in a few years and be able to give Dakalo anything. Thandaza and Ranthu fighting for a child that is not even theirs while the biological parent wants the child! hayi man, they need to get over themselves

23 May 2012 10:56

Yho the way mulalo sneezes ayi no.

23 May 2012 12:39

im with u sloe mulalo sneezing was samthng else sho

thandaza & ranthu they must wai 4 bad news when tivhu comes and collects the bby

23 May 2012 14:08

Can Thandaza and Ranthumeng kiss and make up already! they are still so into each other but they are letting their pride get in the way!

23 May 2012 15:18

Thandaza &ranthu should finalise divorce. Give sizwe his back. Ranthu should be realistic and make his own child. Thandaza will decide who she want bafue, gizara or albert.

23 May 2012 15:32

Meant Should give sizwe his baby back. They are not a stable family anymore

Shaz sexy
23 May 2012 15:45

MUVHANGO is now hotter then rythem city

Sizwe should be given back his daughter shame the poor guy wants to part of her life permanetly shame poor guy

23 May 2012 15:47

Thandaza should jola with Sizwe and her and Sizwe can get full castody of Dakalo, and Ranthu can go hang himself

23 May 2012 16:05

LOL @bomyy. should that happen Ranthu will come running and tell Sizwe that he loves his wife and he wants them to sort out their problems......

dj fats
23 May 2012 22:32

Ok I have heard all yah, (what if thuli finaly makes peace wth his true lover james, en so is pheko en thandaza.I would be happy to see the day some1 walked in on james en thuli locking lips,I m so sick of mulalo en not to mention sizwe, I swear the directors of muvhango are sick too(by bringing back ginesi en dumi)...I m telling u plz bring back spamandla ,malume themba,mampho, en pheko. This show will be a blast I tell u.

24 May 2012 07:47

is Thivhu the woman Vhangani is going to fall in love with, mmmmmh, i wonder! remember i was mentioned in the previous teasers that Vhangani is going to fall in love!

24 May 2012 10:04

yes kerrie i said that and the cheif will approve

shame pearl she didnt knw what to do

mankosi cant act, i loved thandaza & ranthu yestdy i thought ranthu was going 2 b angry @ thandaza

24 May 2012 10:48

i think that thandaza was reacting too much  and if she listens to what rantumeng wants and they have 50/50 they wil be a happily married couple together

sexy d
24 May 2012 11:59

so we finally see dumi and aggie today....

Guys wat happened to vhangi yesterday he was all sweaty and thivhu was feeding him i also saw there and there pls assist...

Trixy 123
24 May 2012 14:39

@ Shaz are right Muvhango is better than Rhythm far.  Infact it can even beat Isidingo if only something can be done to the people who direct the film like  @ Bomyy rightfully stated that it can actually be  top class if they can only work on the class of the soapie or whatever.  There are two soapies I fail to miss at whatever cost, Isidingo and Muvhango. 

24 May 2012 21:18

Please bring back Meme,Spa.Gud to see agnes back but she should have left Dumi behind

24 May 2012 22:50

Zdwesha, I also liked Ranthu and Thandaza yesterday, can't they just solve their problems, they realy look gud together.

25 May 2012 00:54

Ranthu will def get it on with the new mosotho girl and maybe then he'll be able to have his own baby. Huu mampho will be so excited. Rapudi o kare he is so controlling, calling all the shots I wonder who owns the car. Thandaza + Tumahole = Till death do them apart. And they'll have many babies. ( Ud never know how strong Tman is) Yhoooo! Mulalo with the dust make up, had a lekker laugh when I saw him. I bet the assistant couldn't wait to get away and laugh at him. Mara guys, Mulalo makes muvhango interesting with his troubles

25 May 2012 07:42

there, Ranthu did it again, as soon as the argument gets heated he grabs his car keys and goes away, he is such a coward that one! i think yena noThandaza just need to scream their lungs out at each other then kiss and make up already!

25 May 2012 09:37

Morning guys can somebody update on yesterday's episode i didnt watch it.Pleeeeease.

25 May 2012 09:41

I hope Sizwe takes that baby and moves to Mozambique and they never find him ever! I hope Ranthu gets hit by a train. I hope Thandaza could go for a sarogate option and be a single mom to her own baby

Aggie and her over controlling boyfriend are back. Who knew that sweet Dumi could be like that? Shame Aggie, and she has gained so much weight, she does not look like herself at all, When i saw her for the first time I thought they had changed her

sexy d
25 May 2012 10:21

Morning all

@Paragon it clear dear gore aggie is the one who owes the car i mean Rapodi where will he take it lol 

I hope Ranthu gets hit by a train kwakwakwakwakwa @Bomyy o tlo ba mince meat

Mulalo always invite trouble even wen its far guess he will never learn

Iyo guys did u hear wat Rapodi said i mean the things he said to agnes were not cool at all he is the one who should make means for book iyo aggie o tla gopola max coz i e le dumi ena i dnt think you guys will last if he keeps been so controloling phela wena u like to be ur own boss

25 May 2012 12:20

bomyy, i like the idea of Thandaza opting for surrogacy and being a single mom, it looks like amadoda will give her grey hair before time nge-stress nje.

Aggie still has baby fats, she'll lose them soon and become slim again. i never liked Rapodi and don't think i ever will, he's been a control freak from the word go. bang'chaza ngo-my love this, my love that!

25 May 2012 12:30

i don't if anybody else remembers this; a while ago when Etwatwa was still alive and run by Humbulani, Thabisile and Vho-Albert were having coffee and Thabisile called Albert dad, when she asked him if he'd told the Mukwevhos about her! it was a random scene out of the blue, it did not gel with that day's episode and the issue was never brought up again! #i hope i wasn't day dreaming#

25 May 2012 13:10

@ Kerrie No you were not love I also remeber that episode and nothing ever came out of it hopefully they will bring her back together with Mpho.

25 May 2012 13:21

bendimthanda ke uthabsile

25 May 2012 13:27

ok, for a minute there i thought nobody was gonna remember that.....hope she comes back too. uJuby yena must stay wherever she is....

Snuca Babe
25 May 2012 13:34

Hello everyone!!!

27 May 2012 09:21

halo guys! Its be a while he. First i would like to thank Ownha m p for clearing out the name issue i had with the dakalo name. Kade ngisho kuthi leli ngama ngiyalazi impela, lalikhe lasetjenziswa lapha. I mean really muvhango so many venda names out there.

27 May 2012 20:16

I also didnt notice agnes at first. And that dumi of hers mxm.. sizwe should disappear with his daughter. Thandaza and ranthu seriously boring..

Trixy 123
28 May 2012 10:34

I like the idea of tandaza having a surrogate baby....that will teach Ranthu a lesson.  He is such a coward.

28 May 2012 12:36

i agree with u kandy.  i also like it that Sizwe took her daughter. 

29 May 2012 10:36

may anyone please update me with what happened yesterday @ Muvhango

29 May 2012 11:40

I hope Ranthu gets hits by a train ........
kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa literally LOL gees whatever brought that thought

A recap pls I also missed yesterday's episode

sexy d
29 May 2012 11:50

i wonder wat will be the  ultanative that mampho will give agnes? or will she tell her to dump dat dumi so that the family can forgive him

Mulalo wena you should just go back to mukodeleli i mean the old lady was so found of you now o robala ko hoteleng and you can stop complaining agg man...

Ranthu bathong was it really necessary for him to be so disrespectful to the Shange family i mean its not like they are the one who told sizwe to go and steal that child he is a grown up man o na le ID for heaven sake nxa..

30 May 2012 08:18

how is everybody doing?

haw people please update me with Muvhango i only be able to watch it on weekends.

30 May 2012 10:41

I just want Ranthu and Thandaza to reconcile, and Ranthu to cancel divorse

30 May 2012 14:28

U c if Thandaza can put her pride in her purse n stop acting like "staring sa film" 2wards Ranthu.things can b ok.

30 May 2012 15:31

S 4 the hug Tshivu gave Thandaza the other day.lolest.twas like she wanted to bite her.i stil cnt blv Meiki is mad at Aggie.

02 Jun 2012 18:48

@ Mercedez I cudn't agree more she must shelve that pride away and give Ranthu a chance I mean the man is trying.........

Cudn't stop laughing like gees she's so busy it might seem Ranthu needs to make an appointment to see her felt sorry for him when he even had to say can I pls have 5 min of ur time when he brought her lunch and she's like I only have 2min lol

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