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Isidingo Teasers - May 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Isidingo Teasers on 26 Apr 2012
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Coming up on Isidingo this May, 2012:

Tuesday 1 May 2012
Episode 3369 

The kidnapping and accident dilemma is solved in true Sibeko style. Benjamin sets a path in motion but is scared of the outcome. Showman Sechaba, in hilarious form, does it again.

Wednesday 2 May 2012
Episode 3370 

Ntando, the young prince of Sibeko towers, makes his feelings about the family name entirely clear. The witch begins to take control and Benjamin is distracted by a sinister arrival. Sechaba explains the workings of a green economy.

Thursday 3 May 2012
Episode 3371

Pieter van Dyk reveals himself to be an extraordinary man. Charlie Holmes walks smack bang into her unremarkable past. Len grabs a very fierce tiger by the tail.

Friday 4 May 2012
Episode 3372

Cherel cracks the whip with Benjamin, but Benjamin is working on a strategy of his own. Suzie reveals an intimate detail, which Charlie doesn't believe. Len finds he's not bouncing back quite the way he used to.

Monday 7 May 2012
Episode 3373

Benjamin plays a perilous game of cat and mouse with Cherel to prevent her from spilling the beans about his father.

Charlie asks Suzie some probing questions and their friendship is irrevocably altered by Suzie's reply. Len's refusal to acknowledge that he is ageing results in chaos at Ontv.

Tuesday 8 May 2012
Episode 3374 

Pieter starts showing his true colours to Benjamin. Charlie's friendship with Suzie hits a speed-bump. People begin to wonder if there's a medical problem behind Len's on-air mistake.

Wednesday 9 May 2012
Episode 3375

Ben's battle with his stepmother enters the critical phase. Harriet opens Charlie's mind to the romantic possibilities of lesbianism. Len Cooper reveals a weakness on national television.

Thursday 10 May 2012
Episode 3376

Things come to a head for Benjamin, and he makes a radical decision. Charlie is confused about her feelings for Suzie. Len wants to put all his detractors in their place.

Friday 11 May 2012
Episode 3377

Pieter van Dyk, who prefers his children wealthy, confronts the witch. A long suppressed sexual tension erupts at The Duncan Hotel. Len Cooper does not go home, he goes big.

Monday 14 May 2012
Episode 3378

Benjamin and Pieter set out to smash Cherel. Charlie and Suzie cope with the aftermath of the night before. Len's irresponsibility leads to the doctor taking radical action.

Tuesday 15 May 2012
Episode 3379 

Benjamin comes back from the dead to out manoeuvre Cherel. Eddie discovers his daughter in a deeply compromising position. Len's new back brace makes him the unofficial office whipping boy.

Wednesday 16 May 2012
Episode 3380

Benjamin has Cherel just where he wants her... for now. Eddie battles to come to terms with his daughter's new love interest, while Charlie's 'love life' is going anything but smoothly. Len's hypocrisy is revealed to his viewers who begin baying for his blood.

Thursday 17 May 2012
Episode 3381

Pieter tells Benjamin that it's time to cash out, and walk away. Calvin has a weird reaction to Charlie's new relationship. Len and Frank bond over growing old.

Friday 18 May 2012
Episode 3382

Cherel takes a step towards getting the mask as Benjamin plans to strip the company behind her back. Eddie knows he must break the ice with Suzie or risk damaging his relationship with his daughter. Len starts accepting his age.

Monday 21 May 2012
Episode 3383

A potential 9/11 situation begins to develop at Sibeko Towers. Eddie Holmes finds himself in a very difficult familial situation. Bianca returns and Katlego intuits trouble.

Tuesday 22 May 2012
Episode 3384 

Hit man Keene gets to work while Cherel's future hangs in the balance. Everyone but Suzie likes the newly arrived Rodney. Bianca tries to get Katlego to bond with the unborn baby.

Wednesday 23 May 2012
Episode 3385

Life for the Le Roux brothers changes forever in the blink of an eye. Eddie struggles to disguise the distaste he feels at his daughter's life choice. Katlego's fears grow with the approaching birth of her son.

Thursday 24 May 2012
Episode 3386

Cherel closes in on Benjamin as he struggles to strip the company behind her back. Rodney wants a date with Charlie. Jefferson tries to keep both Bianca and Katlego on an even keel.

Friday 25 May 2012
Episode 3387

Pieter and Benjamin pull the trigger on the ultimate scam. Charlie finally gets her exam results. Katlego plans a baby shower - minus one important guest ...

Monday 28 May 2012
Episode 3388

Benjamin unleashes the hounds of hell on those who dare to cross him. Charlie Holmes is the life and soul of her own party with disastrous results. Bianca struggles with what she's going to do after the baby is born.

Tuesday 29 May 2012
Episode 3389 

Charlie reveals that something beyond terrible has happened. Benjamin decides to counter his principle enemy with shock and awe. Ma Agnes take pity and intervenes in the affairs of a down at heart Bianca.

Wednesday 30 May 2012
Episode 3390 

Charlie struggles in the aftermath of her devastating ordeal. Benjamin is not done torturing Cherel. Katlego has a change of heart as regards surrogate mother Bianca.

Thursday 31 May 2012
Episode 3391

The Horizon Deep rapist makes contact with his victim. Cherel can no longer contain her dirty little secret. It's a meeting of the matriarchs when Katlego approaches Agnes Matabane.

Isidingo is on SABC3 Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.


Trixy 123
26 Apr 2012 11:54

Amazing!! Am the first.  Let me go and read.

Lesedi 1
26 Apr 2012 11:59


26 Apr 2012 12:04

Im number 2 but i dont like what im reading.nothing intresting


26 Apr 2012 12:07

I'm in the top 3, wow, nice.

*yawn* boring this month, nothing too exciting.

Can't believe they going to have a rapist too, all this soapies always have similar storylines.

26 Apr 2012 12:09

Yep nothing interesting Oneh.

26 Apr 2012 12:13

ok i new Benjie boy is gona come back with a baang

26 Apr 2012 12:19


26 Apr 2012 12:21


26 Apr 2012 12:22

Isidingo e hott, but i dont like this rapists

26 Apr 2012 12:30

Ohh so now we know ba u benjie ufuze bani...can't wait to meet him..And mr councillor?? I also miss Zamdela and his sidekick..seems like its Charlie,cherel,benjie month anyhow looking forward to what seems like an interesting month..Word

26 Apr 2012 12:32

Finally Benjy's revenge on Cherel, good for him. "Horizon Deep rapist" what's going on here. Do the writers brainstorm together when they write these stories? The monkey see monkey do behaviour is boring now.

26 Apr 2012 12:34

Charlie a lesbian?? yep good old Benji is back with a bang...

sexy d
26 Apr 2012 12:54

Let me go and read be rite back

sexy d
26 Apr 2012 14:49

so benji boy will come after cherel wow cant wait...

26 Apr 2012 14:53

oh well lets jus wait n see. Charlie a lesbian? Benji hits back? Oh Bianca's bak?

26 Apr 2012 15:52

so this is the month charlie turns lesbian!!!haha
the katlego storyline,i like len is aging,how old is he..
i dont like rape storlines we've seen a lot of them and its ENOUGH

26 Apr 2012 18:44

when are going to c hiranya agn

26 Apr 2012 19:09

welcome back benjamin van dyk!

26 Apr 2012 19:40

welcome back benjamin van dyk!

27 Apr 2012 05:31

At least the teasers a here.let me read

27 Apr 2012 15:51

Hi guys,

Hope you are enjoying the public holidays. 

Cant believe charlie turns lesbien with who?? a new character.

Poor katlego what are they going to do with her in the basement she should have known better than to go down there alone silly woman.  Jefferson still doesnt believe anything she says and she has been right from the beginning.

I hope benjy beats cherel at her own game.

enjoy xx

27 Apr 2012 19:42

Happy Freedom Day all, I need to ask this rhetorical question "how much botox has Katlego done on her face, she seems to have no frown lines??????" I like Ntando and Rosie they good together, hope they get some story-lines. Benjamin will plot against Cruella aka Cherel and that is no maybe. Has Lolly gone for good?????? Lerato is looking gorgeous these day.

27 Apr 2012 22:16

Drama all round...Gosh this month looks even better,cant wait.Benjemin taking cherel down,Charlie becoming lesbo and then getting raped...Guys yes the soapies might all be doing that rape story but Isidingo always does their stories best and we doing wait forever 4 the story to end.Well done isidingo

27 Apr 2012 22:18

ownah m p
28 Apr 2012 19:46

Gr8 staff! Len aging ooh give the guy a break i stil want him 2 undress mi. Ben n cherel after each other like that ijoo i wonder where did peter van pass cherel kana any rich man is not safe from the woman's panties..if he can only do that woman then ben wil be history. Rapist must go after lerato. Keene wil also be after cherel. The matabane's must be shaken up ah!

ownah m p
28 Apr 2012 19:47

Gr8 staff u never disappoint! Len aging ooh give the guy a break i stil want him 2 undress mi. Ben n cherel after each other like that ijoo i wonder where did peter van pass cherel kana any rich man is not safe from the woman's panties..if he can only do that woman then ben wil be history. Rapist must go after lerato. Keene wil also be after cherel. The matabane's must be shaken up ah!

29 Apr 2012 01:20

@ownah m p and the kumars too...still cant believe charlie will turn lesbian WTF..
will they kiss???eeeeuuuuuuuwwww

29 Apr 2012 05:07

?this month cherel is being bitten at her own game next month she will be on top again damn I? this woman and as for katlego a woman is good actress too n a gorgeous one ,mara charlie being a lesbian? I blame benji

29 Apr 2012 11:23

Charlie is boring and hould be written out....cherel is the main woman.....cherel cherel we love u in Strand...when is the Isidingo cast touring the western cape? We want cherel...we want lollie...we want katlego....we want barker....we want frank...we want sheshaba.....we love ma agnes...WE LOVE ISIDINGO

29 Apr 2012 12:15

Sibeko family is so over protective of its own maan. As for Nikiwe to tell Rosie that she must take the fall and go to jail as she did the crime and Ntando being just an accessory. Forgeting that Ntando was the irresponsible one for getting drunk. Ntando must be a man and volunteer to take the fall for Rosie and I swear things will change, they'll even want to contact the minister of justice to save their own. Rosie babes, you don't want to end up like Katlego and turn into a family rug so save your soul and run for your life.

29 Apr 2012 12:28

I like Mzantsi lesbians ... They're like Mzantsi gays ... over compensation at its best ... What point is it they're trying to assert on us heteros again? We know they exist after all.

ownah m p
30 Apr 2012 11:57

Good lord the chalie issue is lame why didnt u just make the gal a striper at the shebeen ag. The sebekos are goin 2 solve the kidnapping issue with the sebeko style just they did with pyco sfisos' as 4 the baby the fetilised ege should be bianca's not katlegos' coz i just want katlego to split with jeff an join team cherel.

ownah m p
30 Apr 2012 11:58

Good lord the chalie issue is lame why didnt u just make the gal a striper at the shebeen ag. The sebekos are goin 2 solve the kidnapping issue with the sebeko style just they did with pyco sfisos' as 4 the baby the fetilised ege should be bianca's not katlegos' coz i just want katlego to split with jeff an join team cherel.

Trixy 123
30 Apr 2012 12:49

To be frank I didnt like Katlego before, but now I think she is the BANG!!  She is a very good actress and class.....Pity her own family doesnt trust her.... I wonder why!

30 Apr 2012 15:06


30 Apr 2012 15:06


30 Apr 2012 15:07


30 Apr 2012 15:07


30 Apr 2012 19:20

Am only interested in Benjie's part

02 May 2012 08:23

Wow! I said it about this Sibeko family. "I don't want to repeat what I did with Sfiso" se voet. If you are trying to discipline someone why must the girlfriend pay the price? What is Ntando learning from that? Big up though to Ntando and Len for telling them a piece of their mind. I hope Rosie comes back from jail wiser to skeem them for real this time, including cheese boy Ntando.

02 May 2012 09:28

their case is tricky hey. inspector Kumar wanting to use Charlie that very low, but hey i think Charlie is her only lead. i think charlie knws the Pa story if i'm not mistaken.

02 May 2012 09:35

Charlie is just a bimbo who knows nothing at all and who will definitely find nothing from Benjy. I don't know why Cherel is so interested in her she just loves to protect her.

02 May 2012 11:03

Pieter van Dyk doesn't look like someone who can pull a fast one on you but books are not judged by the cover they bear. I'm eager to see if Benjamin will inform him that here I am your bastard child.

02 May 2012 11:16

Hi guys

Will be interesting to see what Benjy says to Pieter van dyk. 

Poor ntando has to go to america, where has rosie gone back to her parents

Charlie must mind her own business.

Later xx

02 May 2012 15:00

@MS it looks like a house to let today maybe people are still on long weekend. But no Rosie was taken back to Durban with the Sibeko lawyer and without Ntando's knowledge to make a confession to the police and face the consequences. Poor Rosie really and not Ntando. I did not know that Nikiwe could be so stone hearted.

02 May 2012 15:05

I'm also in ppl :)

I'll never date a rich guy shame, if it means i'll be sacrificed to protect the family name hay shame thank you.

I love that IT Guru....... Prada........ he's cute n funny lol

02 May 2012 15:21

I'm 100% with you there @Impondo, as I was watching since last week I really wondered about some of the families we get married to. You just have no say whatsoever. Look at Katlego who so insistent that they should confess was not there to make that decision but Nikiwe and her uncle. And sure this happens in those families make no mistake.

02 May 2012 16:10

if u date a rich kid u r treated lyk rosie & if u marry a rich man u r treated as katlego

i cant wait 4 Benjie 2 bounce back, cherel here we come i hope u have all the weaponz

02 May 2012 18:19

the sibekos aren't being fair to ntando and rose,such a cute couple..almost cried for them mxm mxm...i really want to see katlego,kimberley,and cherel in one scene together,

03 May 2012 08:29

ntando u r being disrespectfull. it doesnt matter what went down but adults r adults period!

03 May 2012 08:38

lol zdwesha. Does Katlego really love Jeff or she's just comfortable being rich? I think she's gathering amunition to turn against Jeff one day and Jeff does not trust her as well. In Jeff, I see no love left there and he must find a girlfriend.

Loved Ntando the way he told his family where to get off. They say grow up and you will see.

By the way who said Daniel should be paired up with Prada........ I think they were right.

Kimmy is so determined to finish what she's started with Cherel but I hope that Cherel teaches her a lesson that she's not her equal. I wonder when she'll shift her focus to her son.

Trixy 123
03 May 2012 10:25

@zdwesha ...I agree adults are adults and Ntando needs to be respectiful....I mean really he wanted to get money the criminal way and he stands as if he didnt commit any crime.  I just feel pity for Rosie....its not fair that she is the only one who gets to be punished....Its a rich man's world indeed.....

@ Njoy.....I wonder when she'll shift her focus to her son  ...I cant agree more...Ive been asking myself that question for too long......

03 May 2012 10:25

@Njoy m also waiting for an explosion from katlego, she is up to something shame i can feel it. and with all the dirty information she has, hell will burn when the day comes n i think i'll be behind her, she has all the reason to turn against the sibekos

As for Ntando, i loved what he did, left their ears full.

03 May 2012 11:04

I also do agree with the aspect of respecting adults but respect should be earned and not demanded. Adults must be able to explain to a child why they are deserving of a punishment. 

In this case Ntando and Rosie were equally guilty but the poor Lazarus ended up in jail because some things can be bought such as Ntando's freedom. Ntando understood that they deserved to be punished and was ready for any punishment.

What Nikiwe and Jeff did was to show him that he is different from other kids and if he's taught to disobey the law he might as well disobey them. At the moment he just hates being rich. He's an obidient child though.

Trixy 123
03 May 2012 11:06

Yes I have to agree with you guys....Katlego has been nothing but faithful to the Sibeko family.  Infact three quarters of the advise and things she says turns out to be true, but they all look down on her making it look like she is nothing but an adulteress....But we all know that she went to Calvin coz the husband threw her out of the bedroom.  She actually told him that if he didnt do that she wasnt going to do what she did....I must admit I used to love the fling between Calvin  and was very sexy.....

Someone mentioned Cherel, Katlego and Kimberley together in a scene...MY GOSH!!! that would be very interesting.

03 May 2012 14:55

same here i loved the fling btwn Calvin n Katlego tho it was short lived. 

Loved Ntando the way he told his family where to get off. ya same here tho it was kinda sad wen he spoke abt his dad. wish he cld have stayed longer with Rosie i liked them. its nice to see youngsters (teens) in a soapy.

Cherel loves taunting pple ijo. can't wait for Benjy's come back

04 May 2012 09:18

It's true, Matabane is the only family safe from the clutches of Cherel. Katlego needs to put that husband of hers in place to stop treating her like a trophy wife. Jeff must realise that Katlego has got brains and should be included in family and business meetings and her opinion counts.

Benjy, Benjy, Benjy is still throwing his darts at Pieter and already the man is blushing when he talks about Marlien. Something there Benjy, probe on.

Oh Charlie's friend is it a strategy not to use make up on her face or what?

Trixy 123
04 May 2012 11:19

Good morning people, how are you today?

Trixy 123
04 May 2012 11:25

I wonder wat happened to the other isidingo website where we got to talk about several other things not relating to the soapie.  I tried to go there once just to discover that I had to pay some money to be a member.....I miss that site so much......Have they changed the web number...if anybody knows, please up date me. 

04 May 2012 15:19

*Playing Kabelo on the background* 'balele...balele...balele, beng'sabavusaaaa....beng'sabavusa' 'balele....balele....balele......beng'sabavusaaaa....beng'sabavusa............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

04 May 2012 18:57

@trixy check out stuff there

04 May 2012 20:03

i am glad isdingo has included real gay and lesbian action, please maintain it and dont discriminate. and please dont make a mock of it like with pradas role. Girl dumping girl for guy is tipical of mocking.

07 May 2012 10:09

lol *dancing with Njoy* beng'sabavusaaaa aah beng'sabavusaaa ahh lmao

07 May 2012 10:28

the best soapie

07 May 2012 10:35

Morning @Impondokazi lol. Been dancing the whole weekend, kwasa kwasa, tsipa, hlokoloza, you name it. lol

I miss Maggie on the soapie maan. Can't Barker hire her as his receptionist since Kimmy took Harriet away from him, maar bantu.

07 May 2012 12:02

PA not receptionist.

07 May 2012 12:42

@Trixy 123 commented about talking about things not related to the soapie and after reading Sunday news papers I thought of a few people who can earn a lot of money by lending their true life stories to soapies e.g. Uyanda Mbuli and it's very own Vusi Moletsane.

08 May 2012 09:19

Hey Benjy is on fire now, i wonder what his plan is.
Len, Prada n Calvin woooooo that 3 sum makes me lol all the time

Wake up late comers lol

08 May 2012 13:44

 1ash .....will be nice if  Nikiwe could fall for this lesbian lady,, whts her name????

09 May 2012 07:08

This doctor looks much more like Lee Haine her face the way she speaks is sad really n idont like benjy messing with my woman Cherel

09 May 2012 07:55

@Mpondo hey gal say that again I just wish Benji will team up with his dad against Cherel sorry Morogo Cherel is not my favourite person
this lesbian gal where does she come from don't dig her as well anyways where is parsons and his wife man missed them yahz .........

09 May 2012 12:35

Hi all missed last night's episode anything interesting happen?

09 May 2012 12:38

hey guys hw u'all been?

dd u see the "look" btwn Cherel and Katlego hehehehe wats up with them? they looked like they'd start a cat fight. dd i miss something? 

lol Qqmba nikiwe a lesbian??

09 May 2012 12:57

@prisci I agree with you  Cherel is not my fav person either... I love the Van dyk Team I think if the father and son could tema up they would own the deep.....I just Love Benji Van Dyk!!! nt sure what it is abt him but I love the guy.... so girls Benji is taken...!

I also think given a chance Katlego could be very dangerous and vicious!! I think I like her too...

09 May 2012 14:51

MsKim ,,  no sana i was just wrighting my own lines sana, 

wht is wrong with Len , is he sick????

09 May 2012 15:00

he went to see a doc and discovered he's got a prob with his site he needs to wear glasses.

so dd Benji tell Pieter Van Dyk that he's possibly his father?

09 May 2012 15:03

Love the Van Dyk family also

Len is not sick, just his's deteriorating, i think doc will give him glasses

looks like Katlego n Cherel are starting their own battle, i like :)

Prada Prada Prada....ey that guy, i keep on falling deeper n deeper for him :) lol

09 May 2012 15:05

thanks guyz, Ms Kim ,,,not yet,, i thnk Benjie is needs more time with him, to read his mind, wht a clever boy,.

09 May 2012 15:10

sorry Benjie still needs more time to read his mind,

Trixy 123
09 May 2012 15:15

I have to agree I like Benjy a lot....good actor i must.  I also like Katlego....she is cute and hot and a very good actress ......I cant wait for the drama between her and Cherel....One thing is for sure Cherel would want her husband,,,,she always goes for rich men and Katlego knows this........Soon hell will break loose.  Cant wait!!

Hey has Nandipa and Maggie gone for good?  I miss them so much.....

09 May 2012 15:18

Trixy 123...  i thnk so sana, Nandipha is with Hlomla Dandala, in Jacobs Cross im not sure abt Maggs,

10 May 2012 09:39

i like Jacob Cross plz tell me i dlala nini

10 May 2012 09:53

i wonder whats going to happen with Cherel today, will she get arrested again today?

10 May 2012 13:49

I think it's about time Cherel gave Priya what she owes her asseblief, togwana, before Priya goes insane.

10 May 2012 16:32

I am sure it is going to back fire on BEnjy.

Is charlie thinking about a relationship with her friend?  I dont think eddie will be very pleased if she does.

10 May 2012 20:02

@qaqamba lol i think it would be interesting to see nikiwe go for suzie lol or ayanda :)

11 May 2012 11:03

Please tell me people..................Did Benjy do the  tests to see if Pieter is his dad? why is he so sure?

11 May 2012 11:11

ben is the man this month wat if they test n discover tht ben is not pieters son?.....i like suzie

11 May 2012 11:31

Ben and pieter hope they put cherel in her place.cherel can smell a rat from miles away.the instincts of a wild animal accordin to priya

11 May 2012 13:10

Hi good people. Am I the only one who's upset that the writers water down Barker's character but keep Cherel as sharp as ever? Please at least can they have Katlego match or even better Cherel?! 

11 May 2012 19:54

I'm hoping Benjy wins this battle even after his secret is out, Cherel is annoying she has to go down!!

sexy d
14 May 2012 08:39

morning all

Benji is  a real fathers son they are both so sneaky and can really set u up for a fall without being aware of it. chel becare the van dyk boys are on the lose

@zdwesha jacobs cross plays every wednesday 9pm on Channel 107

@impondokazi apparently benji called his mom asking him about pieter and his mom confirmed that he is his real father

14 May 2012 10:46

did u c cherelz face when Peter told him abt taking money from the company

thank u sexyd

14 May 2012 12:09

i sure hope this doesn't back fire i really want Cherel to go down this time. @Zile u not the only one dear, i miss Barker, Bra G & his side kick.

14 May 2012 14:30


Love the look on cherel's face when peter told her about the  money.

So is charlie singing I kissed a girl and I liked it now???

14 May 2012 15:18

what a darrring lesbian everyone worked up,i'm starting to like this lesbian thingy....

14 May 2012 16:41

I love the way prada and calvin are teasing len about his age Oom this and that shame man at least len can take it.

I dont know if i like this lesbien thing didnt quite see charlie in that light.
I must say suzaan is very pretty and seductive (that is her name).

When is Bianca coming back, baby should be due soon. 

15 May 2012 08:23

let the game begin

15 May 2012 12:44

Love Love Love Cherel. She puts everyone in their rightful place. Together with Benjy.....match made in heaven.

15 May 2012 12:52

eish i hate Cherel,mxxm!!her wittiness keeps me on the edge of  the couch everytime Isidingo starts, u can never predict her next move,eish!hahahahaa and  i  lyc how it went between her and Katlego yestrdy...Katlego beware!

15 May 2012 13:56

hey guys! do u thnk this culd b da fall of Cherel. personaly I dnt thnk so like Priya said she has da Instincts of a wild animal. guess wil hv to wait n c

15 May 2012 15:13

Hi guyz  isidingo siyashisa.

17 May 2012 15:45

Hi all

Poor Len and his back.  Suzanne should keep her mouth shut let charlie tell her triends when she is ready.  Eddie is not happy poor chap.

Cherel will worm herself out of this one again I am sure.

Will Ben really go with his father and leave his brother?

17 May 2012 16:32

Where are you all?? its been two days

18 May 2012 08:45

cherel is up to samthng, i just love this better len back to game

18 May 2012 11:39

Jah neh things are happening!!cherel is a devil she'll find a way out,ben and his dad great team!!

20 May 2012 11:38

So Charlie wil be raped...I hate rape scenes

21 May 2012 14:34

eish ya i thnk we've seen one to many rape scenes that is

21 May 2012 14:45

Hi Peeps,

Who rapes Charlie?  Oh not also dont like rape scenes.

I see Bianca is back this week .

22 May 2012 14:30

Gee this place is dead.

Did you see bianca last night she is going to battle to part with this child.

How akward was the dinner with charlie and her father with suzy he will never accept them being together.

So does keene get the mask?  Priya is so on to him.


Swit Pee
22 May 2012 18:11

I don't think keen will get e mask, but l would luv to see cherel goin down, she can't win this time cumon writers

22 May 2012 19:07

@swit pee, I wish so too but that can neva hapen,Cherel z so witty u noe,wen everyone z celebrating her being defeated she juss cumz in and changes everthang fo the worst,of coz!...i juss feel fo charlie's dad, shame that man

23 May 2012 09:06

hi all

So they got the mask and now Benjamin has nothing on cherel what now??

Bianca must realise that once the baby is born that is it no more contact.
She cant just pop in and give her breast milk.

Charlie and suzie very akward, do you really think charlie is gay

23 May 2012 09:48

The lesbian story is boring and Suzie is boring. The rapist story is on its way, I can't wait till it's over.

23 May 2012 13:02

@ Njoy agree hey. or maybe actress who plays Suzie just doesn't have life in her? I almost fall asleep when she comes onscreen. Yeah not 2 keen oon the rapist story either, am guessing here but think the rapist might be that new barman who went 2 school with Charlie? Although I suppose if they make it a so called 'corrective rape' it will be relevant, seeing as lesbians do get raped out there by guys who want to "make them straight" 

23 May 2012 13:17

@ Zile12 Also thought it might be the new barman that rapes Charlie;  if they do go with the  'corrective rape'  idea it would really resonate with what's happening out there, something isidingo does better than most soapies (local and int.) But I don't think Charlie is full-on gay, perhaps just a bi-curious phase? But after the rape she might start hating men, etc etc

Shaz sexy
23 May 2012 15:40

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i smell trouble

23 May 2012 20:11

I think Cherel is a rapist. It clearly says "Cherel cannot contain her dirty little secret any longer"

24 May 2012 09:05

@weiss I think what that meant is she couldnt keep the fact that benjamin wasnt Braam's biological son  that was her secret.  I wonder if Ben will manage to get the money before the results are back.

Bianca is going to battle to part with this baby.  Gee was that tears last night ? I didnt know Katlego could actually cry.  Baby isnt even born yet and she is organising baby sitters.

Poor Frank just cant come to terms with the fact that his daughter may be a lesbien, I dont think she is at all she is just experimenting.

24 May 2012 10:24

Sorry guys I meant poor Eddie not Frank lol

24 May 2012 11:41

kiki loling at Cherel being the rapist kiki.

ja Bianca has bonded with the baby it won't be easy for her to move on without seeing the lilly one. Katlego really needs to be serious, if she doesn't breast feed him/her she'll never bond w her baby. w the way she's organising the baby sitters is a sign. poor Bianca.

Cherel u've exposed Ben.. Now wat next?

ya Charlie is experimenting.. Suzie is so boring.

Trixy 123
24 May 2012 14:14

I havent watched isi this week....has Cherel exposed benjy?  How?

I personally think the rapist will be the  new barman and I suspect people will think its Calvin coz he is so disturbed by the fact that Charlie is dating a fellow woman...I can actualy foresee the story going in that direction.

Hey people on a different subject...what do you think about big brother 2012?  and the fight between KBK and Mampi?  (I hope am not off line).....

24 May 2012 14:25

@trixy yes cherel exposed him last night bitch !!!

Does Charlie get raped because she is drunk after her party for celebrating her exam marks? 

I hope Benjy manages to get the money.

Trixy 123
24 May 2012 16:13

@MS The fight between Benjy and Cherel is on going I think.....those two are just something else.  I really feel sorry for Benjy.  How could Cherel expose him like that....anyway she has met her match and very soon Bengy will hit back.....I just dont like the way the crew always make Cherel  win.....its not fair.  For once let the bitch go down....

25 May 2012 10:28

good mornings 

sexy d
25 May 2012 10:31

morning all

Benji vs Cherel  now this is quite intresting

25 May 2012 11:04

Hi all

I am just worried if benjy gets the money is his father going to run off with it, he seems toooooo interested in the money, I hope not what will Benjy be left with

I wish Priya could nail cherel she gets away with far too much she has no heart.

Katlego will never bond with this baby, she wont breast feed and is already looking for people to look after it after it is born, poor bianca is having difficulty hearing all this.

25 May 2012 11:23

Suzie , Charlie and Rodney are soo F&$KIN Fake,it annoys me,and they are SOOO boring,I have no idea y they waste our time showing them,

i hope Daniel gets Benjamins shares, So he can take down Cherel, she's becomin irratating ,getting away all the freakin first it was exciting, But now im gettn bored.

25 May 2012 12:41

i didnt watch this week -will follow it sunday,poor benjamins its must have been hell when cherel  tells daniel that ben is not his father son.that woman deserve a painful attack  that will make her think twice before crossing someone .she should be the one thats going to be rape not charlie, poor her how will she ever be able to recover from this hell of nightmare,that should be cherel that nasty woman who doesnt have a conscious .

25 May 2012 12:42

@jenn I agree those two charlie and suzie dont even look like lovers they are both experimenting and Rodney does not suit charlie at all she is too tall for him.

would be great if daniel got benjamins shares but looks like he is going to get the money and then i think his dad is going to let him down and run off with it.

25 May 2012 12:50

i dont trust benjiz dad

25 May 2012 12:56

eish i sure hope that doesn't happen to poor Benjie, he has changed n i like the new him. i thot he'd deny not being a LeR as the dad had suggested. but he decided to tell Daniel the truth.

mised yesterday's episode, will see if i can catch up wknd.

25 May 2012 13:07

@ms kim yesterday rodney asked charlie out again and she told him she had a girlfriend and suzi came in and they held hands poor rodney is shell shocked.
Benji's dad has offered to deal with the money and I dont trust him as far as I can throw him, benji is going to end up with nothing

25 May 2012 14:32

Benj got what he deserved.

25 May 2012 20:07

Thanks MS. Wat just happened to the money? U think Benji also played his dad? I hop

25 May 2012 20:48

Ooops, what happened to the money?

26 May 2012 07:47

Hello all, You know I have been a fan of Isidingo for many years since the days of Tumisho and Letti etc. of late I find it hard to watch. Simply because of Charlie and Suzie. This is also why I stopped watching generations. It is against Gods will. I know many will not agree and react with anger but slow down and think of Sodom and Gomorrah ask yourself why the crime is called Sodomy? Can you writers not find a different angle? These shows are exposing the young ones, future generations of South Africans to things our parents told us were wrong and making it seem ok and yet we all know the truth despite our protestations and pretensions on choice etc. I mourn for our souls which are losing the way. Isidingo and Generations have lost me.

26 May 2012 08:24

Hi ubuntu... I think soapies tries to reflect ours societies. They do exaggerate but believe me those things are there whether they are hidden or not.

26 May 2012 08:36

Hi Kandyfloss, I agree with you these things are there within and amongst us. We live with them everyday but shouldn't we be saying the righ thing doing the right thing, educating rather than just accept and leave things voetstoots?

26 May 2012 09:40

Ok. How best can they do it?

26 May 2012 14:58

Back to basics, turn our backs on God at our peril. It really is that simple

27 May 2012 11:33

Im in too how interesting

Trixy 123
28 May 2012 09:46

@Ubuntu.....I feel you my sister....The devil is crafty these days.  He makes people accept things slowly but surely to an extend whereby people fail to see when the "wrong" become "right" and vice versa.  He starts using things like "human rights" and all that.  Yday I had a very strong talk with my daughter.  Wat happened is I woke up in the morning to go and drink water from the fridge then I saw some left over relish from last nite and decided to take one piece.  She came to me and told me that she didnt eat supper and the left overs were hers.  I apologized for that but she went on to say next time I should ask before eating something i find in the fridge.  I got upset and told her that it was my house and she needed to talk to me with respect and all that. The other time I found her on the phone at nite and asked her who she was talking to and she said she has a right to her privacy and that a cell phone is a private device.  I forced her to show me who she was talking to and all that.  I told her that in my home certain rights are not there coz if anything goes wrong am the one who was going to be answerable.  The goodness is that she is a dota who understands and takes advice very seriosly. 

The point am trying to drive home is that we need to be careful in the way we accept these western things.  Some are good but some are not in our african culture.  We were okey as africans until we started copying certain things from the west. Just like Kandyfloss rightly stated that these things are there and we live with them....fine they are there but we should not accept everything which is there.  

Ubuntu my sister isidingo and generations are still good soapies and you should continue watching them.  I know you dont agree with what is going on there but as an individual dont stop "preaching" what is bad and "embrass" what is right.  When I watch generations and isidingo it doesnt mean i agree with what is going on.....but that depends on what your conciousness tells you.  I personally have stopped watching the bold and the beautiful coz its ridiculous.  Brooke is so immoral its nuisiating. 

Trixy 123
28 May 2012 10:13

I think Benjy withdrew the money.  He is a very smart young if that is what he did!!!lol.

28 May 2012 10:53

Morning all! Looking forward to seeing what Benji will do with the money? And thank you Isidingo writers for making Cherel come out 2nd best for a change (wonder how long she'll be down for though?) . Also appears she's made an enemy out of Jefferson, let's see how that one plays out. Barker, Slu, where are you?! You are missed!

28 May 2012 11:13

i hope he did, i do not trust his 'biological father'. if he gets hold of that money, he is likley to just leave his son hanging. 
all he is thinking of is las vegas, he is not even interested in introducing his son to his family. i am sure he has other children.
I really hope Benjy, hacked that money.

Trixy 123
28 May 2012 11:49

@gkma, yes his "biological fatther" doesnt look straightforward...the chances are very high that he would have bolted with the money. He doesnt seem to be interested in telling Benjy about his other family and children (if he has) ...So he means to say he was going to leave his other family and enjoy the money with Benjy only?  What kind of father thinks like that?  .dont trust him!....but as the saying goes "Birds of the same feather flock together"  Benjy quickly saw thru him.  They say "Set a thief to catch one"  ha ha ha!!!  Cant wait to watch todays episode.

28 May 2012 12:21

Hi all,

I hope benjamin did manage to transfer the money elsewhere and not left his "dad" get his grubby hands on it.   How could he try and trick benjamin like that.
I cant wait to see Cherel's face when she realises what has happened.  Poor Daniel where does it leave him.

How is Bianca going to feel when she realises she isnt invited to the baby showere.

Charlie and suzi are so getting on my nerves.

Well done charlie you marks where good now go and find yourself a guy.

28 May 2012 12:34

so charlie passed her exams.cant wait for the cherel and jeff war.katlgo is being unfair to bianca its just a baby shower.that rodney guy thers something up with him

28 May 2012 16:24

enjoy your evening all xx

28 May 2012 20:06

charlie and suzie are good i do enjoy it, rodney is a sicko its very obvious. Would like to see more happen with charlie and suzie

28 May 2012 20:11

charlie and suzie are good together, most people i know are glad to see change in our local soapies, its shows we are indeed growing mature in our thinking. Well done isidingo, oh i would like to see prada and rodney lokl i think rodney should get a guy

28 May 2012 20:21

hey if you want to use the bible namely sodom and gom please do your research, its thinking such as this that bring people down, sodom and gom was destroyed because of sin, and lust not because two people of the same sex fell in love with each. Lust in any form is sin be you gay or straight, no where is the bible does it say love between two people is a sin, so please get your facts in order. No human is God every human is a sinner weather you are gay or straight so who gives you a right to judge the next person?

29 May 2012 10:14

Hi all,

So what is benjy going to do now he has the money?
Poor Cherel but she wont take this lying down.

Bianca is going to battle to give this baby up, shame she saw she wasnt invited to the baby shower. 

What happened to charlie?  Too much to drink


29 May 2012 10:32

Zee Brokenhearted
29 May 2012 10:37

hey guys 

please could you update me as to last nites episode, i missed it - pleeeeesssss thanks 

29 May 2012 10:44

Benji might emerge as the ultimate soapie-villain, not only did he murder his 'first' father, but he also showed his biological dad how a real conman does it, he is one cold SOB ;) Talking of villain, Barker has almost become a non-entity, hope the writers has an eventful storyline up their sleeves for him, miss the old bugger... Can't wait for tonight, couldn't figure out if Charlie was drugged then raped, or just had one too many... did anyone else notice that rodney was completely awol in those last scenes when they discovered charlie?so, if a crime was committed it prob him, he looks dodge... I didn't watch that time of the impregnation of Bianca - did they use Jeff's sperm and katlego's eggs then implanted it in Bianca's womb or did they fertilize Bianca's eggs with Jeff's sperm? shame, but feel for poor bianca's character, i'm almost 8 months preg with my first and you really do get attached to the little being inside you, good acting from her...

29 May 2012 11:00

Hellowin Bahlali,

Thank goodness Benjy saw his "father" for the scam he is... I was so nervous. It was also so thoughtful of him to change the BLR name and bank account to Le Roux Holdings for his siblings, Benjy is a smart boy he will find something meaningful to do at least he's washed himself off that company and being chased by Cherel... 
So anti Cherel was leaving off the BLR account, the woman has no shame.

As for Bianca/all serogate mothers, how does one not expect to bond with a baby that is growing inside u?  I doubt money matters after giving birth it must be hell not to be allowed to even see/hold the baby.  Yho good luck with that... 

Haibo Katlego! childminder already, no breast feeding and babyshower without the baby carrier?  Yhu, I give up.

sexy d
29 May 2012 11:42

Benji boy wow well done its about time someone bring Cherel down to her kneess guess this the the speciality that Benji wanted Braam to be proud of...

Trixy 123
29 May 2012 13:47

I see, so Benjy got the money....AMAZING!!! this is so exciting!! I missed last nite's episode and I was very anxious to find out about the money.  Now I can relax.  Benjy is very smart.  At last someone has outplayed Cherel!!!!  I just wonder how the relationship with his so called "biological father:" will turn out to be.  Am shocked that throughout this time that man wanted to play Benjy..  Or maybe he meant to share the money with Benjy and Benjy is the one who has played him.  Whatever the case that man didnt look trusted and am glad Benjy didnt take any chances....Clever Boy.

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