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7de Laan Teasers - April 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog 7de Laan Teasers on 27 Mar 2012
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Coming up on 7de Laan this April, 2012:

Monday 2 April 2012
Episode 2711

Felicity decides on a course of action with regards to Herman. Asha wants to move in with San-Mari and Annelie, but will her aunt allow it?

Tuesday 3 April 2012
Episode 2712

Herman's shocked by Felicity's decision. Casper de Vries exchanges recipes with Hilda, but will he agree to be a celeb judge at the cooking competition?

Wednesday 4 April 2012
Episode 2713

San-Mari and Annelie (and the flat) undergo a metamorphosis in an attempt to impress Asha's aunt ... but will it work? Matrone gives Xander important information about Susan Kruger.

Thursday 5 April 2012
Episode 2714

Aunt Dolores arrives in Hillside to sign a contract for the publishing of her memoires. Felicity is shaken by a traumatic experience.

Friday 6 April 2012
Episode 2715

A shocked Herman tries to visit Felicity in the clinic, but the doctors refuse to allow anyone near her. Sanjay and Errol compete for Asha's attention at her party.

Monday 9 April 2012
Episode 2716

Marko is back but what are things like between him and Paula and where does Altie fit into the picture? Felicity finds out what's wrong with her. Xander discovers interesting facts about Susan Kruger.

Tuesday 10 April 2012
Episode 2717

It's the first round of the cooking competition. Will there be any Hillsiders among the finalists? Felicity is sent home when the doctors realise there's nothing more they can do for her. Xander discovers the truth about Susan Kruger.

Wednesday 11 April 2012
Episode 2718

A clearly smitten Sanjay flirts with Asha, but does he stand a chance? Marcel reads Aunt Dolores' love letters. Will Hilda and Maria succeed with their telesales?

Thursday 12 April 2012
Episode 2719

Who will the finalists be in the second round of the cooking competition? Neville finds out that Gita and Lilian were colleagues many years ago. Xander confronts Susan with the truth.

Friday 13 April 2012
Episode 2720

Sanjay asks Asha out but she turns him down. Why does Casper de Vries give Hilda a piece of his mind? Will Felicity give Herman a second chance?

Monday 16 April 2012
Episode 2721

Marko and Altus compete for the chance to help Paula move. Who will the second celebrity judge be in the final round of the cooking competition? Herman handles the situation with Felicity badly.

Tuesday 17 April 2012
Episode 2722

Marcel discovers an important clue about Aunt Dolores' past. Who are the finalists in the cooking competition?

Wednesday 18 April 2012
Episode 2723

Diederik has to cope with a huge crisis during the cooking competition. Marcel starts prying into matters she should rather leave untouched.

Thursday 19 April 2012
Episode 2724

Is there a hidden agenda behind Gita's lunch invitation to Lilian? How will Herman react when he realises that he is the cause of Felicity's condition?

Friday 20 April 2012
Episode 2725

What will Aunt Dolores do when she finds out Marcelle has been prying into her past? Gita is clearly up to something with regard to Lilian. Will Sanjay at last succeed in dating Asha?

Monday 23 April 2012
Episode 2726

Neville warns Lilian against Gita, but Lilian believes all is well. Altus is concerned about Herman's behaviour. Aunt Dolores opens up to Marcel about her secret.

Tuesday 24 April 2012
Episode 2727

The tension between Felicity and Herman is beginning to take its toll on both of them. Why doesn't Asha invite Sanjay to her cousin's engagement party? Will Lilian fall for Alan's story about corruption at the municipality?

Wednesday 25 April 2012
Episode 2728

Ockert warns that Felicity should seek help with her problem or it might become permanent. Aunt Dolores makes a far-reaching decision. Alan feeds Lilian more info about the corruption issue, but she demands proof.

Thursday 26 April 2012
Episode 2729

Marko gets a surprise job offer. Herman drives San-Mari to tears and Gita warns Felicity to make up with Herman or lose him forever.

Friday 27 April 2012
Episode 2730

Is romance between Asha and Sanjay over before it even started? Can Felicity prevent a tragedy?

Monday 30 April 2012
Episode 2731

Marcel has bad news for Aunt Dolores. Is Asha falling for Sanjay? And do they have a future or will his past come between them?

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27 Mar 2012 17:14

asha shud date sanjay...he cul........ Dis is gna b gr8

Khutso mokoto
27 Mar 2012 17:40


27 Mar 2012 17:53

no.3! Paula n Altie should get back together already!

27 Mar 2012 18:26

27 Mar 2012 18:28

Well, it seems as though April will be a little more intersting than usual. Where the heck did they dig Casper out? Is he still alive?

27 Mar 2012 19:19

lots of new faces my Gosh....
Just the mention of Marko makes me wanna puke agg

27 Mar 2012 19:39

No 7 yipee!!!!!!

27 Mar 2012 20:01

Altus n Paula are meant for each other. I'm glad Errol is back.

27 Mar 2012 22:17

Top 10. There are some pple u cannot 4give in life.

miss ceepee
28 Mar 2012 08:06

poor Felicity

28 Mar 2012 08:14



sexy d
28 Mar 2012 08:15

Morning all

guys does anyone has a clue wats wrong with felicity?

As for lilian she should take people advice especially when it comes to gita she is trouble and once she and alan team up its a disaster she should b careful

So wat happened to Daleen court case aint we gonna hear wat happened?

28 Mar 2012 08:18

Hmmm seems like it's going to be an interesting month... :)

Why do you guys only post once when the teasers come out?
The rest of the month you're nowhere to be seen...

28 Mar 2012 08:19

@Sexy, she was found innocent

sexy d
28 Mar 2012 08:25

@allyv thanx love i missed the omnibus last sunday

28 Mar 2012 09:33

Hi all,

I posted on the old page by mistake didnt see the new teasers having a blonde day.

Felicity and Herman should get back together they are both so miserable.

Whats Gita going to say about the windhoek tickets.

What now with Daleen now xander has found the knife and knows she is lying


28 Mar 2012 13:48

hello any one there

tvsa destiny
28 Mar 2012 15:14

At last, spoilers!

tvsa destiny
28 Mar 2012 15:14

At last, spoilers!

28 Mar 2012 15:53

Herman and Felicity... I don't know... I think their relationship was doomed from the start...

@MS I have a blond day every day hahahahahaha!!
Is the site at least posting your comment immediately today?

@sexy any time :)

Wonder what disease it is that Felicity has...

28 Mar 2012 16:02

@allyv no the site isnt posting my comments immediately, I am also havinga problem with my email at work as well everything is going into my outbox and staying there,  Had some lovely geographical pics to sent to you but it wont go

We will just have to wait and see what disease Felicity has

Have a great evening all if i dont chat again  xx

28 Mar 2012 21:11


29 Mar 2012 09:04

Hi all,

I knew aysha would get into trouble with those tickets I mean 20 tickets.

Poor Ryno that susan kruger woman is bad news. 

Xander really let his mother have it... she deserved it she lied but then Gary was abusing her.  Going back to cape town I dont know if it is a good idea i mean all Gary's skollie friends are probably there.  Who knows?

chat later xx

29 Mar 2012 13:21

hello  .....

29 Mar 2012 14:46

Hi guys!!

@MS, are you still having internet problems? Maybe you should phone you internet service provider...

20 tickets... what was she thinking?!
That Susan woman just wants money from Ryno... what a cow!
I think Xander might have been a bit hard on his mom... I would never talk to my mom like that (she'd give me a smack if I did anyway lol). I agree that she shouldn't have lied, but Gary deserved it...

Chat later peeps Xx

29 Mar 2012 15:46


@allyv no problems any more dont know what it was, even the email yesterday was playing up but today its fine.

Shame he was a bit harsh on his mum but he is disappointed in her lies, i wonder how she is getting to the air port lol.

I dont blame gita for being angry how are they going to sell those tickets, they will need a miracle.

Susan must get lost and go try make a quick buck somewhere else.
ryno must get legal advice.

Its going to take maria and hilda a lot of bed socks to make a R1000.00
Maybe the scarfs will help but how many scarfs can you sell.

29 Mar 2012 16:50

@MS I'm glad your connection is up again :)
Daleen probably phoned a taxi to take her to the airport...
If I were Gita, I would also be fuming... Hope she finds a way to sell the tickets...
Ja, Susan must take a hike!
Hilda must start knitting... LOL

29 Mar 2012 16:53

I must say things ended badly for Xander and his Mother.  

Felicity and Herman well what can I say I have to agree with allyv

I think someone needs to help poor Hilda she has no clue but she does make one laugh

30 Mar 2012 08:30

Good Morning Good People. It's another lovely sunny day on the sunny South Coast. The ocean was so calm and blue this morning, I love SA.  Looking at the teasers for  April and it looks like an exciting second half for April. I'm looking forward to finding out what's the story behind Susan Kruger. I think she's just trying to make a quick buck and she's a fraud. I wonder if Herman gets suicidal or something and that's the tragedy Falicity prevents?
Moving on to what's happening now... I really hope Xander makes up with his mother tonite, they can't part on such bad terms.

sexy d
30 Mar 2012 08:37

morning all

what tickets are guys talking about? i only get to watch the omnibus on sunday

So Daleen is gone?Where did she go and if cape town aint she afraid gary skollies will make her suffer?

30 Mar 2012 09:05

Hi all

@Sexy aysha bought 20 tickets that were going on special to windhoek and they have to be sold in a month she tried to phone gita to okay it but gita wasnt answering her phone, , thank goodness last night she managed to sell most of them to tour companies so gita is happy again

My thoughts exactly about Daleen going back to cape town that is where she met gary and of course his skollie friends must still be there. 
at least in joburg she has her family although she can count xander out now he wants nothing to do with her.

Hilda and Maria are so funny with these scarfs the colours are too awful.

Susan Kruger  .... no comment she is a fraud

chat later xx

30 Mar 2012 10:23

Hi guys!

I know that what Daleen did (lying to Xander) wasn't right, but Xander mustn't act as if he's never done anything wrong...

Asha luckily managed to sell the tickets... nice save :)

@Phunk, you're making me jealous LOL
@MS, the colours are sickening LOL


30 Mar 2012 11:13

hhhheeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy im bac after quite a long tym 
yay its holidays

ay its gonna b soooo nyc wen ASHA will move in with SAN-MARI and ANNELIE(in the flat)


PAULA & ALTIE r taking to llllllllllooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg to get together

by da way who is CASPER DE VRIES????????????

noooooooooooooooooooooo MARKO must NOT get back with PAULA
paula and altie sssssssssssuit each other????????


WHAT IS gita going to do to lilian 

what happened in the past between them

angelz 28
30 Mar 2012 11:15

hey guy s
school is cosed yey its da holidays:)
bt only 4 ten days including da weekends:(

poor felicity i wonder wat disease she's got
cn sum1 pls update me dint watch yday

angelz 28
30 Mar 2012 11:16

@sar wellcum bak 
c u 2morrow

30 Mar 2012 14:52

Welcome back guys!
I hope you did well in the exams :)
What do you guys have planned for the holiday?

@SAR, Casper is an Afrikaans comedian :)

30 Mar 2012 16:24

Casper is the funniest little man i think it is going to be hilarious when he teams up with Hilda.

I have to agree with sar786 H & F need to get on with it now it is worse than Days of our lives.

What has happend to Emma?

01 Apr 2012 22:35

Read between the lines people....I think Felicity is pregnant!

02 Apr 2012 08:56

@Laanaholic, Casper & Hilda... that spells disaster! But a funny disaster... hehe
Emma went to visit her mom for a while...

@keenwatcher... you think so??!! Now THAT would be a disaster!! lol

02 Apr 2012 13:07

heman shuld promote sanmari .altie n paula togetha foreva,aysha n sanjay.wats up with lilian n gita some thn terrible or a revenge is gonna happen.saves her ryt,lilian

02 Apr 2012 13:36

@Deemo, I couldn't agree more... Herman should realize what a diamond he has in San-Mari... she manages the whole shop every time he has some sort of personal crisis... it's only fair towards her...

02 Apr 2012 15:00

Hi all,

Shame Emma in real life had to have her gallbladder removed and there were complications.  Usually you are only in hospital for one night but she ended up being in I think for two weeks, thus the reason she has been missing.

@allyv you are so right about san marie she should drop him, he doesnt appreciate what she does for him especially when he is on his little missions.

Felicity pregnant  ??? 

chat later busy with month end


03 Apr 2012 05:38

Hi all.wat really happened last night .was working maybe will,watch the omnibus.theres more action in hillside this month that cant be missed

03 Apr 2012 11:07

Hi guys!

So Felicity wants to end their joke of a marriage... it's about time
Asha will enjoy living with San-Mari and Annelie... they're lots of fun
Ryno's going to snap with this Susan story and I don't blame him. This woman is crazy!
Aunt Dolores looks like she could liven up the Laan a bit :)

@MS, shame poor Emma... I hope she gets better soon...

Today is Friday for me hehehehe :)
I'll only be back next Tuesday.

03 Apr 2012 13:18

Shame Herman had to hear about his divorce through gossip.

I agree asha will enjoy living with the girls less travelling too.

Ryno and susan getting a bit much now, xander must do something.

Poor Hilda and oubaas dont want aunt Dolores to come looks like. She looks like quite a character.

@allyv lucky you going on leave are you going to your mum?

I am sure emma will be fine apparently she is back at work
Chat later xx

03 Apr 2012 15:15

@MS, yes. We're going tonight :)
I'm glad Emma is better

I'll see you guys next week!
Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!
To those who are going away for the holidays... enjoy it and please come back safely!

Love you guys! Xx

03 Apr 2012 16:25

@allyv you too enoy and dont eat too much easter eggs.


04 Apr 2012 11:05

Hi guys

NO one here today?

Herman didnt think felicity was serious about the divorce.

Susan Kruger is a fake you can see a mile off. I am surprised she can show her face in the laan I would be embarrassed.

Maria and Hilda doing telesales lol.  Stick to selling scarfs.

Glad Sanjay is back.

Wouldnt it be sweet if altus and Paula moved in together?

Chat later xx

04 Apr 2012 14:38

????    so quiet

04 Apr 2012 16:56

@keenwatcher i agree with you.  The only thing is why would it be called traumatic exp?

I am going camping for easter not laan until the 10th i am going to loose out on all the juicy happenings.

Please keep blogging so you keep me up to date on the happenings.

Paula Pritz
05 Apr 2012 18:12

hey guys!!!!!!!! sorry hav been so scarce. was busy wid xams, den was kinda busy sortin out evrytin.... dis month loooks xcitin bt depressin.. F&H get a lyf get on wid ur marrige we all knw tghis can only end in 2 ways: 1 urll get bak togedr or 2 urll get a divorce bt become best frens n forget dat urll wer ever married... y daoes marko havta cme bak no one lyks him n nw his gonna spoil tings 4 paula and altie, ....i hope matrone doesnt win da cookin competetion bt it wud be realy kwl if da laan cud get sme realy famous stars like hw dey got da bands lyk freshlyground n sme other one wich i cant remem da name...it was hillarious how san mari n annelies flat (n dem) luked and da way dey acted...still luvin pieter n annelie btw luv how he luks on da website whe dey show all da characters n a pic of dem...shame it is sad 2 knw dat tannie schoeman has passed away in real life... may gd be with her fam in des difficult times ....n i wud luk 2 wish all of u celebratin easter may it be a joyous one n njoy da weeknd

angelz 28
05 Apr 2012 22:04

hey ppl 
back @ last 4rm my hday it was soooo fun wit all da sleepovers n meetings really enjoying it soo far

poor tannie schoeman she died in real life
casper was soooo funny LOL aaaaahhhh pieter (keep on looking
annnelie n san mari acted totally awesome i luved da way dey said"IT WAS A DELIGHT" 
felicity n herman r making me sick felicity should forgive n forget 
marko marko marko y does he hv 2 keep on spoiling things 
wat happened 2 feilicity?? dint watch 
is aunt doloros bac??????????

@Laanaholic enjoy ur camping trip 
@all  he others celebrating easter hv a wonderful week end &  the others enjoy 
mwaah see urll soon

10 Apr 2012 09:37


LOL everytime I watch 7de laan,there's always a party going down..they're living the good life hey...paula and altus should get back together already,what are they waiting for??

OMG Vanessa needs a new hairdo ASAP.something has to be done about felicity's hair too

10 Apr 2012 09:44

HI all,

Hope you all had a wonderful easter, the weekend was too short.

Poor felicity but it seems it has to do with her mind that she is paralysed.

Tant Dolores is so irritating.

Good for xander he is finding out the truth about susan kruger.

Chat later hopefully if anyone responds.


10 Apr 2012 10:39

Hello everyone, so sorry guys I have been so quite,I was busy like crazy and I am now back at school but it going to get better now.

Mhhm,, I really enjoyed Asha party, it made me wish I was there in real but one day Ill join the crew with my acting skills.

Let me get back to my school work, will chat later.. I MISSED YOU GUYS VERY MUCH, enjoy the rest of your day.

10 Apr 2012 11:44

Where is everyone?? all at school ??

10 Apr 2012 11:48

Hi guys!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!! I'm glad to be back, I missed you guys! :)

I didn't see last night's episode... mmmm

It was soooo funny how San-Mari and Annelie dressed up to convince Asha's aunt that they were decent LOL!! The party they had on Friday was also really cool... it made me want to have a party like that LOL

I see that Marko's back... he must just make like a trea and leave!!
RIP Tannie Schoeman :(
Do the writers of the show need new story ideas?? It's the same thing all over again... Marko causing relationship problems... Felicity paralyzed... bla bla bla...
Please!! Think of something original!!

Looking forward to the cooking competition... :)

Chat later! Xx

10 Apr 2012 11:57

Hi gud pple missed you so much.had gone for camping.whats happenning wih aunt dolores.

10 Apr 2012 12:22

Hi again,

I also cant wait for the cooking competition.
@allyv you are so right same boring old story with felicity and marko
I so want Paula and Altie to get together.

Shame Sanjay asha doesnt seem interested.

@deemo aunt dolores is a pain in the butt, poor hilda and oubaas are starving.

later xx

10 Apr 2012 15:33

Silence is golden ....

angelz 28
10 Apr 2012 16:32

hello people

skwl is open kinda happy
 i wish everything would be da same like dey used 2:(

da cooking competition 2nite yey
aunt doloros is a pain  i so agree
marko is a guy who cums in & SPOILS things
da 6o's party was soo cool 
paula n altie i think its abt tym
sanjay is toooo old 4 asha
chat again  bye

Paula Pritz
10 Apr 2012 18:37

Hey guy... Hope all of u had an awsome easter @MS we weat at lol bt nw we home bt was sic ...yip had an awsome easter oh n I aso find aunt dolores a huge pain @ally agree da wryters r gone useless n marko mus fly Luved hw paula told him of yesday Wached las nyts episode bt missed fridays party cos was out partin wid my cuzis ,had an awesome holiday bt nw its bak 2 skwl bt will b postin so. Dnt worry Can't wait 4 paula n altie Yay its da competetion Oubaas gonna luv da food Chat 2mrw Cya

11 Apr 2012 08:35

Hi Peeps!

@MS... it's seriously time for new writers...

Come on Paula and Altie!!
Marko... get lost!!
Susan... you're on your way down!! Bwahahahahahaha
Sanjay... give it up dude, Asha's not interested.
Aunt Dolores must also go away now...
The cooking competition was cool :)

See you guys later! xx

sexy d
11 Apr 2012 13:17

Good Day all

wow its been awhile

Missed 7 de laan for the past two weeks and i must say am not feeling very well if i dnt watch it hey
@allyv so is Tannie Schoeman dead?how, when and where? She must rest in peace
So the cooking competition has started wow better catch the omnibus on sunday this one it is a must see
So is felicity paralysed again? hau bathong when willl the poor gal finds hapiness
So guys what did xander find out about susan kruger pls guys help...

11 Apr 2012 15:51

@sexy, I'm not sure what happened to Tannie Schoeman, but I heard yesterday that she died... :(
The cooking competition is cool and Oubaas stuffs himself LOL
Felicity is paralyzed, but not permanently... it's all in her mind... I think that if she works on her problems with Herman, then she'll be able to walk again.
Xander found out that Susan isn't really a redhead, that she quit her job - she wasn't fired - she only has one child who isn't in school anymore... basically that she's lied about everything...

angelz 28
11 Apr 2012 15:52

hi guys 
kinda of dabest day in skwl 

i think herman should be able 2 see felicity 
susan kruger blablabla in her face cant wait2 see wat hppns WELL DONE xander

LOVED the cooking competition,why did matrone hv 2 win 
bernaad was soo haulariouse wen he took out his own photo LOL
the other dudes tht were nt 4rm hillside were soo fnny especially da 1st one
later bye mwah toodles enjoy da rest of da day

11 Apr 2012 15:57

Not feeling well today.

Cooking competition was good poor Kim getting disqualified its her own fault
Poor oubaas was so full.

@sexy d xander found out  that susan didnt get fired from her job at the hair dressing salon she resigned, she didnt have to remove her children from the school they had finished school already, and matrone overheard her in oppie koffie talking about money they need for their house they bought and when xander investigated he found out they were behind with the payment of R 110,000,00.
So she has been caught out they also relocated to another area as a choice of their own not because they had to because of the scandal. apparently in vredendal or wherever they stayed she became quite famous because of her name being used in the book.

Felicity is paralized but it seems to be psychological.

angelz 28
11 Apr 2012 15:58

@sexy d tannie schoeman died of heart failure on Sunday in the St George's Hospital in Port Elizabeth, after being admitted to the hospital on Saturday she was 89 years old

11 Apr 2012 16:34

@allyv sorry you hadnt answered sexy already when I entered the room  as usual my email was delayed again.

Shame poor Tannie schoeman she lived to a good age.

11 Apr 2012 21:36

Hi all! I jus looove 7de laan but i think the writers are bein less creative.. As for felicity and happines, am now convinced she got a way of contributin to her. misery. She's too.. i dont know what to say. Thanx God ryno is safe from that susan. Well done xander. Paula and altie????? didnt watch, missed the cookin competition.

sexy d
12 Apr 2012 08:16

Thank you so much allyv,MS and angelz 28 u guys are the best

So Tannie Schoeman is really dead sad hey may her soul rest in peace

Well done xander for the ifo she found susan wamted to make a quick buck ka ryno shame on her she should be grateful that atleast she made her famous lol

Felicity and herman should just sort out their issues there is no use crying over a split milk too much stress is not good for her look what it is doing to her

12 Apr 2012 08:59

Hi all,

Still not feeling great

Felicity is so miserable why doesnt she just listen to Herman

Loved Hilda and Maria at the public phone what a joke.

Cant wait for tonight to see susan's face when xander tells her what he knows.

Poor Sanjay has it bad, loved the roses.
Chat later xx

12 Apr 2012 09:59

I'm also looking forward to tonight's episode to see Susan's reaction when she realizes she's been busted.
As for Felicity, she's getting what she deserves. She is acting so childish. She needs to face her problems and stop running (wheeling) away from them.

12 Apr 2012 10:25

hi!uhm whose susan again??
paula and altus,any progress??

12 Apr 2012 10:42

Hi guys!

@MS looks like we're in the same boat today... also not feeling well... really tired
I hope you get well soon :)

I missed last night's episode, but will watch it tonight...

Kudos to Xander for sniffing out Susan's lies!

@ella, she is a parasite who is claiming that because her name is the same as one of the characters in Ryno's book, her life has been turned upside down... she was fired, her kids had to be taken out of school, etc... but Inspector Xander found her out...
No progress with Altie and Paula :(

@phunk, "wheeling" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I'll chat again later peeps... or tomorrow

12 Apr 2012 10:44

It seems Gita has found her latest victim

12 Apr 2012 11:38


@allyv hope you feel beter too.

Who is Gita's latest victim.

@phunk I also love the term "Wheeling" lol.

@allyv last night felicity came home from the hospital and herman came around and she wheeled herself so fast into the bedroom and charmaine told him to go away.  Xander is meeting susan tonight little does she know he knows all about her little game.  Ryno must be so relieved he really thought he was going to have to pay all that money.  He must go to the newspapers and clear his name.

Tired of waiting for altus and paula to get together.

12 Apr 2012 16:37

@MS, I hope you feel better soon too!
Sho, so we have to watch tonight to see that parasite's face!! LOL

Ugh... so tired of Herman and Felicity... wish they'd get it over with now...

13 Apr 2012 09:58

Hi guys!

I'm terrible with watching this week... I'll catch up on Sunday :)

@MS, hope you're feeling better :)

Have a great weekend peeps!

13 Apr 2012 11:50

Hi all happy friday the 13th

@allyv feeling much better today last two days were awful.

Enjoy watching on Sunday lots to see.

Enjoy the weekend all


angelz 28
13 Apr 2012 12:44

hi guyz

@sexy tnx  it is a pleasure

wats up wit felicity shes acting different 
da whole stry wit gita n  lilian is gonna (hp its nt boring)
annelie looked goergouse yday loved ha dress san mari also looked vry pretty 
susan kruger hahahah thts wat hppns wen u lie 

chat sooon byyyyyeeeee

13 Apr 2012 12:51

@angels felicity is irritating me and i jus dnt undastand her.

13 Apr 2012 18:51

When the hec is Paula and Altie (**,) gonn amake up???

16 Apr 2012 09:02

Hi all hope you had a good weekend.

Ryno mustnt show any mercy to Susan Kruger she tried to ruin his life and would have taken the money if he hadnt found her out.

Herman must give up now Felicity has said its over and thats that.

@allyv did you watch on Sunday and catch up? 

Paula and Altie I give up have no more patience for this.

What is gita going to do lilian? 

Chat later enjoy Your Monday


sexy d
16 Apr 2012 11:59

Finally caught the omnibus yeterday thank for all the updates i have received.

So felicuty can walk the whole i cant feel my legs is on her head agg man go and see a therapist and after that do divorce herman and get it over with.

The competition was such a great idea well done Pieter atleast yo know now that you are capable of doing some things other than painting

Lol when matrone tried to bribe oubaas for the second round i must say it was hilirious especially the way she clapped oubaas hand when she learned the public will be voting.

@ms i also say ryno should also take her to the cleaners she had no right to put ryno name to the mud mare hey credit must be given xander did a great job

16 Apr 2012 13:14

Hi guys!

@MS, glad you're feeling better :)
Now I finally know what's going on in the show lol

Kudos to Diedie for making it so far
This competition is like a breath of fresh air in the Laan...
Sanjay... I don't really think Asha is interested... go to Felicity so she can cry on your shoulder lol
Ryno must squeeze the tiniest fibre from Susan to make her feel the way he did.
Felicity... no comment :-\

@Sexy, Oubaas was so funny when Matrone tried to bribe him! Did you see he let a koeksister fall and tried to hide it LOL
Gotta love Oubaas :)

See you guys later!

16 Apr 2012 14:34

Hi again,

So glad didie made it to the final I hope he makes something delicious.

Asha is not interested in Sanjay it is quite obvious, maybe he should go back to felicity.(poor sanjay)
I think if gita goes after lilian Neville will be watching!!

Oubaas is so sweet. 
Later xx

17 Apr 2012 11:31

Hi all gee we are quiet again.

HIlda and Maria must own up to the telephone  bill they will never raise enough money.

Altus and Paula so frustrating why can they just tell each other how they feel, how is paula going to fit all her things into the boarding house.

Poor Diedie he should cook on his own Errol just gets in the way, shame he means well but too many cooks spoil the broth as they say.

Annelie must give up Felicity is adamant she will not take herman back.
Looks like herman is turning to the bottle.

In real life Vanessa and Ryno have a child with autism.

chat later xx

17 Apr 2012 11:53

Hi MS, I'm confsed with your last line.. Are Vanessa and Ryno Married in real life? Coz I saw Vanessa about 3 weeks ago at Salt Rock hotel with what I thought was her husband and they had 2 children with them. Her husband looked like that little guy that does the ad on TV when he tries to show off his sounds in his car but gets blown away by the other guys in the bakkie with the speakers at the back?

17 Apr 2012 12:30

Hi PHunk no vanessa and ryno are not married in real life they both have different partners but they have both got an autistic child, i dont know about ryno but vanessa's child doesnt seem to be bad and may get better with treatment.
Vanessa's husband is also on TV.


17 Apr 2012 13:10

Thanks MS. As I said when I saw Vanessa's children they both appeared normal to me. My daughter is ADD and when she hasn't taken her Concerta, all children will appear normal..ha, ha (I love her than life)

17 Apr 2012 15:22

@phunk all children are a gift from God no matter what, as I said in the you they say vanessa's daughter isnt too bad so she probably looks normal.

Apparently she drops her children off with Felicity's children to play sweet man


17 Apr 2012 16:59

Hi all

it has been a while.  Missed out on all the drama over the easter weekend but after reading all the updates from you lot I am firmly in place again.

@punk you are right that is her husband in real life.  If i can remember correctly he also had a part in the laan a few years back.  Is he not the guy that took V overseas with him and then left her for another woman?

Paula Pritz
17 Apr 2012 17:15

hey guys....cant wait 4 2mrw hope diedie wins . jo-ann strauss gonna be judge yay....@phunk vanessas husband is da presenter on dat show wise up n he acted as sheldon on 7de

17 Apr 2012 17:50

7delaan always bring families, how do the do it, or its jus a coincedence. *CURIOUS*

18 Apr 2012 12:48

hi all 

I also want Diedie to win the competition he has worked so hard.

Sanjay shame he is really smitten by Asha but I dont think she feels the same

So it is final Felicity is filing for divorce at least something is happening.

@kandy it is funny how there are alway families in the laan it is nice, although I didnt like Pieter's wife in real life but maybe it was just because of the part she played it wasnt a nice part.


18 Apr 2012 13:34

@MS, hayi maan, Sanjay just looks too old for Asha! Maybe when they finally hook up they'll look good together.

who was Pieter's wife in real life?

18 Apr 2012 13:43

hi everybody
  It has been toooo long. @Allyv and MS, I am sorry I havent got back to you. I am a student teacher at UKZN Edgewood campus, and its quite hectic. Since I came back from the holidays, we have been busy like its the madhouse. Anyways, keep on watching 7de laan and take care of yourselfs, your partners, family and your neighbours.

Till we meet,,

18 Apr 2012 15:11

@kerrie she was the blond who tried to scam gita and they got caught.

@mbaliem no worries know you are very busy like the rest of the room it looks like.

I preferred sanjay with Felicity.  Your right he looks a little old for asha

Paula Pritz
18 Apr 2012 17:35

hey guys, cant wait 4 2nyt gonna b so fun...sanjays realy gaga over asha lol...@MS yip i aso ddnt lyk pieters wife mayb it was da charcter bt she doesnt suit him , he suits annelie better ..dey both cute ;) chat l8r

19 Apr 2012 10:11

Hi all,

So glad diedie won the competition he deserved it.  Loved Hilda's comments about matrone those two really dont like each other.

Gita really doesnt like Lilian I wonder what happened there.

Whats marcelle up to is she trying to find tant dolores lost love?

Later x

19 Apr 2012 10:49

Hi guys!
I'm back!
Had the flu and my son was also very sick... luckily we're much better :)

Congrats to Diedie!! You deserved it... wonder who he's going to take with to the Maldives...?
Hilda's comments on Matrone's food was hilarious! HAHAHAHA
Altie and Paula... come on guys! 
I also wonder why Marcel is so intent on finding out more about Tant Dolores' love... and why doesn't Tant seem to care that much...
Sanjay, pick on someone your own age... LOL
Felicity... roll back to Herman hahahaha
Casper was so funny! Hilda thought he was Eddie!! LOL

Sorry guys, I found myself very amusing for a while lol ;-)


19 Apr 2012 12:09

Hi again
@allyv glad you and your son are better.

Yes I also wonder who diedie will take to the maldives.

Herman and Felicity get over yourselves, what good is it going to do if herman speaks to the psychologist she has already filed for divorce hasnt she, shows in love trust is so important if there is none there is no relationship.

Casper is hilarious made the show.

I give up with altus and paula I mean how long is it going to take, marko still has  a thing for her but she isnt interested.

I think marcel is such a romantic person at heart and she would like to reunite the two of them. 


sexy d
19 Apr 2012 13:44

Loved Hilda's comments about matrone those two really dont like each other. 
and all because of oom oubaas damn he is lucky hey

So diedie won  dats nyc

19 Apr 2012 13:50

@MS, thanks it's good to be back :)
This Herman and Felicity thing is getting really old now... every time they have a relationship something happens and then we wait forever for them to finally break up... Herman has proven time and time again that he isn't the commitment type... he always cheats on his partner
Did you see Altie's face when Oubaas was talking about Paula when she was moving out? So sweet...
I agree, Marcel is a hopeless romantic... but I think it's sweet

19 Apr 2012 14:39

@ally yep I saw alties face when oubaas was talking about Paula looked like he was going to cry, man just go get her altie.

From the start I didnt think felicity and herman suited each other.

Wonder when emma is going to reappear in the you they said she was back at work?

Marcel is very sweet


19 Apr 2012 16:47

Go Diedie I am so glad he won. 

Netta has a nerve I wish she would get the picture and leave Hilda be.  Oubaas is just the cutes old man.  If my hubby and I grow old to be so much in love at that age I will be the happiest girl on earth.

Herman reminds me of Brook on Bold.  He has tried all the girls in the laan already. Now that he has messed up again he is having a pitty party.  He needs to pull himself together.

I wonder if they going to tell us who Diedie is taking tonight.  Any ideas out there who do you guys think?

Asha seems to be a bit of a snob I think her and Sanjay will make a good couple he is so full of himself.

20 Apr 2012 08:27

Hi guys!
Happy Friday!

Looks like Diedie already has someone in mind...
Altie, PLEASE go and get your girl!! Before someone snatches her away from you again!!
I think Felicity gets a kick out of all the attention she's getting... she loooves the fact that everybody is concerned over her "condition" and that's why she doesn't want to do anything about it...
I wonder why Marcel is soooo determined to find out more about Tant Dolores... not sure if that's a good thing anymore...
What's the story behind Gita and Lillian?? And what is Gita planning?? She always has us guessing...
Sanjay... I know Asha is beautiful, but she's made it clear before that she's not interested... get the message!

@MS, we'll probably only see the episodes they're filming now in a few weeks/months. 

@Laanaholic, Herman = Brooke = HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
I also hope me and my hubby are like that one day :)

Have a nice day guys! Xx

20 Apr 2012 09:16

Hi all,  TGIF

I wonder who Diedie is thinking of taking.   I agree allyv I think Felicity is loving the attention, san marie is right if she doesnt excercise her muscle with cramp up but she doesnt seem to care, I think she also feels sorry for herself, she must get rolling to physio.

Shame Sanjay was put in his place by Asha, I still think he is a little old for her.

I wonder what Gita has up her sleeve and I wonder what went down between these two ladies in the past, looks like it is something gita would rather forget.

What are maria and hilda doing about the phone bill, have they stopped knitting?

Later xx

20 Apr 2012 09:36

@MS Felicity is embracing her inner drama queen...
Sanjay must get the picture now... too bad that Asha had to get nasty before he got the message...
I was also wondering what Hilda and Maria were doing about the phone bill...

20 Apr 2012 09:41

Where is clara guys ?the gal that went wth marko to london.they smd happy togetha nw he wants to spoil the chemistry btwn paula ,n altie.im glad ddie won the prize .can he pliz take san mari .they luv each atha bt they a ignoring that.felicity n hem 's part is nw boring we nd mo drama hey

20 Apr 2012 11:17

hI  @deemo clara left the program.    

i think hilda and maria should own up to the phone bill, they will never get the money.  I am surprised the phone hasnt been disconnected because they are already over due.

wonder what vince and bonita's town house looks like now they have been doing quite a bit of work in it.  LOve errol wanting R50 an hour to help them lol

Felicity must just get over herself and then she wont have to roll around on the rolstool.

I wonder if Marcel will find tant dolores long lost love. 

20 Apr 2012 11:40

Asha is sobeautiful but I don't think she is a good actress.

zandile m
20 Apr 2012 11:54

guys imss vry much bt ive bin busy 4 de past few months bt i wll b bck nd i luv 7de laan i hpe 2 cum bck n fnd thngs nomal

20 Apr 2012 15:41

@MS, Errol is awesome :)

Have a great weekend guys!

20 Apr 2012 15:53


20 Apr 2012 16:02

@ms i agree Errol is great.

I also think Diedie should take San-Mari i think they make a good  couple but as Hilda would say "dit is so voorspelbaar"  Lets hope 7de laan writers gives us something new to watch there.

@deemo have to agree with you F & H really needs to get over it now.  H is H and he will never change once you have stepped over the line well you will always go back.

Hilda and Maria - i think this is going to be Oubaas's time to put up the curtain for Hilda.  

Is Marcel and Ryno still together they dont seem like a couple???????  what is up there?

20 Apr 2012 16:05

@loudmouth hey there welcome.  I am also new but loving the feedback from all.

20 Apr 2012 16:23

angelz 28
20 Apr 2012 20:40

hey guyz 

@loudmouth  hi and welcome 

aaahhh pieter is soooooo sweet (love pieter and annelie)
why did asha agree 2 go on a date wit that old dude sanjay
F & H need 2 get over themselve & btw y is herman cross wit altus (he dint do anything wrong!)
wat is gita gonna do to liillian (shes always up 2 sumthing)
@laanaholic yes ryno & marcell r stil r couple bt they dnt act like one
i agree diedie n san mari make a cute couple bt i also like san mari n bernaad
i think diedie wil take errol he is da onewho helped him afterall
marcell oooooohhhhh aunt doloros caught u
wats happening wit the phone bill?????? is it 4gotten
bye chat soon

23 Apr 2012 09:09

Morning all
Hope you all had a good weekend

Welcome to the family  loudmouth.

Marcel has really put her foot in it, so she is going to reunite tant dolores with her son that is sweet.

I would love to know what Gita is going to do to lilian, why did she take her to lunch and act so sweet, she is a real back stabber.

COme on diedie tell us who you are taking with you to the maldives.

@angelz the phone bill is still outstanding maria and hilda were supposed to be selling scarfs to get money to pay it off, I think they should just own up to oubaas they are never going to get the money

I also agree asha is stunning but not very good at acting, and now she has agree to go on a date with sanjay lets see what happens I dont think they suit each other at all.

Chat later xxx

23 Apr 2012 10:49

Hi peeps!!
Hope you guys had an awesome weekend!

@Loudmouth, welcome to the family!
I really hope you blog more than once :)

@Laanaholic, I also think it's Oubaas' turn to put up the curtain...

@angelz, Herman is... nevermind... no comment lol

@MS, I wonder how Marcel is going to explain this one to Tant Dolores...

What is up with Gita and Lillian...?? Sounds like they worked together and Lillian had to fire Gita...? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

So Sanjay got what he wanted... let's see how long this one will last

Have a good day peeps!

23 Apr 2012 12:07


Lol yes oubaas should put up the curtain.

yes it does seem that gita and lillian worked together and that lilian had to fire her I would love to know why.

I think the date with sanjay and asha is going to be quite akward.

@allyv yes marcel is in a tight spot, but I think in the end I think tant dolores will be thankful for her interfering when she is reunited with her son.  That is going to be awesome.


23 Apr 2012 14:28

hi everybody

 I really miss ya"ll.

23 Apr 2012 14:29

hi everybody

 I really miss ya"ll.

23 Apr 2012 15:24

mbaliem we miss you too why dont you chat to us?

23 Apr 2012 15:40

Hi @mbalie! Why have you been so quiet??

@MS, I also think that Asha and Sanjay's date will be strange... but you never know...
I hope you're right about Marcel and Tant Dolores...

23 Apr 2012 15:51

Did I miss an episode? @MS, where did you get that Tant Delores's child was a boy? I have a feeling that Marcel is her daughter and that when she finds out she will be very angry with her mum for giving her away.

23 Apr 2012 16:19


Guys I dont wanna be quite but I have been really busy, but dont you worry, I;ll be back like the electronic bill.

angelz 28
23 Apr 2012 16:45

hey guyz

@mbaliem its good 2 hv u bak (missed u 2)
@ms tnx btw hilda n mariia dnt even talk abt it
@allyv i soooo agree there is no words 2 describe him i think H&F should just 4give n 4get

wats up wit gita n lillian things seem wierd...
i still think sanjay is 2 old 4 asha (& wats up wit his red pants)LOL
marcell gt wat she wntd 
pieter will work in the Deli i wunder hw he"ll look in his deli jacket!!!!!!!!!
why is vince & bonitas house nt  being shown
7de laan is gttng a little bit BORING we need a little more action & drama 
bye mwah chat 2morrow

Paula Pritz
23 Apr 2012 18:01

hey guys...hope urll enjoyed da weekend,havnt been around to post.will post till da weeknd...@PC i aso tink soo bt isnt marcel oubasses sisters dauter(unles shes adopted) c ya guys 2mrw

23 Apr 2012 18:53

I am going to rant and rave here lmao - long time since I blogged. 1) Why is Asha even on the show, she serves no purpose, she is a very pretty but cannot act 2) Felicity and Herman's drama is grating the last bit of my liver, I felt sorry for her when he cheating on her with Helena, it is time that she either forgave him or set him free 3) 7de Laan has become way too boring for my liking, there was a time that I could not wait for 18h30 - I hardly spend time watching the omnibus on Sundays. Will add more to my rants

24 Apr 2012 09:23

Hi guys!!

@PC, Tant Dolores told Marcel last night that she had a boy... so at least we know now :)

@angelz, hopefully the story with Gita and Lillian will offer some drama and action

@Perfume, welcome back :)
Rant as much as you can lol

It's true that Asha can't act... but Felicity can't act either and look how long she's been on the show with her dry tears and all... lol
Herman will become an alcoholic and then Felicity will feel bad about it...
Let's hope the Gita/Lillian story will make things interesting...


24 Apr 2012 09:50

HI all

@PC allyv answered for me tant dolores did have a son. I feel sorry for her must have been very hard to give up a child.

Gita is sure out for revenge, had to laugh when neville warned lilian to be careful of her friendship.

Sounds like the date with asha and sanjay went quite well.  Poor sanmarie must feel left out she has no man in her life.

I dont think vince can afford to hire pieter in the deli he is still paying off his house.

When is Diedie going to tell us who he is taking with him

Herman is falling apart drinking too much, san marie should insist on that promotion now

24 Apr 2012 14:27

@MS it was nice when Vanessa spoke to Marcel about losing a child... I think that helped Marcel understand a bit better...

Lillian will regret the day she crossed paths with Gita... that's for sure
Ja San-Mari must ask Herman for the promotion now, before he goes to rehab lol

24 Apr 2012 14:28

I wonder when the May teasers will be here...?

24 Apr 2012 15:35

@allyv yes it was nice vanessa and marcel chatting  and also when tant dolores spoke to marcel. 
Gita is ruthless I wouldnt like to be her enemy.

Would love to see bonita and vince's semi, they seemed to have done quite a bit of work on it. 

If Herman goes into rehab then san marie will have to run the show and then he better give her the promotion.

24 Apr 2012 16:07

Hi there

I think San Marie should just give herself a raise H is so lost at the moment "for a lack of a better word" he would not even know.  Why does Marco not go and work at T&T.  I think SM and Marco should try again he is back now they made a good couple, what do you guys think?

I wounder who the boy child is going to be poor Aunt Dolores I my heart goes out to her.  But I cant stop thinking of her role she plays in Molly and wors it is so different.  She is such a scream on that show.

If i was Lillian i would get as far away from Gita as i possibly can. 

I hope something interesting is coming our way it seems to be the same old now again we need some action.

angelz 28
24 Apr 2012 18:17

hey guys 

@allyv lets jst keep our fingers crossed LOL

i never really like marko n san mari 2gether he is 2 gross
it looks like H life is gonna change i  think he wil bcum an alcoholic
btw who was vanessa  talking abt wen she said dat she knew sum1??? (do any1 of urll know?)

24 Apr 2012 18:35

Hey allyv - thanks for the welcome back :-) I personally don't think Marco suits SM, I prefer her with Diedie, to me Marco looks like he is always in need of a bath lol. I see my favourite couple Altie and Paula are finding their way back together, I can't wait - my second favourite couple is Pieter and Annelie, I love them together, hoping there will be a wedding soon hmmmmmm. Gita has her claws out for Lillian, I wonder what Lillian did to her, as they seem to come a long way. Felicity, I have no words for her, she wanted Herman he is not the first man to cheat, at least he came to his senses and stopped the relationship from going further with the mad Helena. Is Vanessa pregnant in real life, maybe it is just be I thought I saw a little bump the other evening, would be nice for her an Xander to have a child. Who told these writers that Ryno goes well with what is the woman's name that he is dating, she is BORING, at least with Isabelle he had a bit of oomph, this woman that he is now dating cannot act to saver her soul. When will Aggie ever have a chap, it is about time that the writers pair her with someone interesting.

24 Apr 2012 18:36

LOL I was typing so fast just realised my errors

24 Apr 2012 19:28

Hi all Anyone know when May teasers are coming out?

24 Apr 2012 19:29

Hi all Anyone know when May teasers are coming out?

25 Apr 2012 09:39

Hi guys!

@MS, I would also love to see Vince and Bonita's semi... I think it should look much better by now lol

@Laanaholic, San-Mari should give herself a BIG raise lol
I also liked San-Mari and Marko as a couple... they both have a ton of energy and compliment each other well
Remember Gita is very good at Hide and Seek... she'll find Lillian no matter where she runs to...

@angelz, Charmaine had to give her son away long time ago

@Perfume, I'm also cheering for Altie and Paula, they have always been my fave couple. Pieter and Annelie make a very nice couple (even though Pieter can be full of crap lol).
Felicity and Herman irritate the !#$%@ out of me, so I'm not going to comment on that :)
Strange, I also thought I saw a baby bump on Vanessa... Hmmmm
I quite like Marcel, even though she's so different.
I also think it's time for Aggie to find some love.

@Janene, let's hope the teasers come before May does lol

25 Apr 2012 11:24

Hi all

Altus and paula must get their act together.

San Marie should tell herman to stick his job up his a...... he is so damn rude.
I dont know if I like Marko and San marie I also think marko looks like he needs a good shower I think it is the beard it makes him look dirty.

Annelie and Pieter are a very cute couple.

Do you think Asha is falling for Sanjay, she got so excited when he came to the flat.

Is tant dolores still leaving?  Bet hilda and oubaas cant wait.

Felicity got all teary eyed thinking about her honeymoon, I think she still loves Herman why is she being so stubborn.

I feel sorry for Lilian the games have just started.

Later xx

25 Apr 2012 14:09

Shame poor Marco. Let’s hope the laan crew reads our blogs and decide to give him a once over. LoL.

The laan is really draining at the moment so many questions hanging in the air.

Diedie has not yet told us what his plan is right?

I think Asha is falling for Sanjay he is such a smooth operator.

angelz 28
25 Apr 2012 15:56

hi pple
@allyv tnx

where is paula they nver show her

marco despretly needs a makeover

i wunder who diedie wil take 2 the MALDIVES

F& H are both irritating me i cnt wait till da stry line is over

asha looked stunning last night bt i stil dnt lke her n sanjay
may teasers pls
excursion 2mrrw cnt wait

26 Apr 2012 09:50

So didie ddnt tel us abt hz partner to the maldives

26 Apr 2012 10:05

Hi peeps!!

I'm so glad it's a short week :)

Shame, I hope Tant Dolores will find some closure if she sees her son again...
Marcel likes sniffing around so she was the right person to ask to help find the son LOL
Maybe Asha and Sanjay will grow on us...
To be honest... Marko is actually very handsome and he has that smile that could make you melt, but he seriously needs to lose the beard and get a new hairstyle... remember when he had long hair?? LOL
Herman and Felicity are both in a dangerous downward spiral... I don't want to witness them both hit rock bottom...
Wonder how this Lillian/Gita story's going to end...?

Chat later

26 Apr 2012 14:43

Hi all

@allyv yip nearly home time until Wednesday.  Yippppeee!!!!!!
I agree Marko has a gr8 smile.  

I am sure Asha and Sanjay will grow on us it is already happening for me.  I am sure they are going to give us a few LOL before the relationship is in full swing.

Gita oh Gita you are at it again.  Such a little tiger.  The JR Ewing of the Laan.

H and F you have to feel sorry for them.  What are they thinking.  Really??

Let predict who will go with Diedie?  What about Charmain?

30 Apr 2012 10:44

thanks guys i feel like part of the family

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