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Muvhango Teasers - April 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Muvhango Teasers on 27 Mar 2012
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Coming up on Muvhango this April, 2012:

Monday, 2 April 2012
Episode 1541 

Mulalo starts his job with a bang. Ranthumeng is furious with Thandaza and takes action. Spha discovers what hard work is all about.

Tuesday 3 April 2012
Episode 1542 

Pearl's got a new hobby. James is not having a good day. Azwindini finds out what Mulalo is up to.

Wednesday 4 April 2012
Episode 1543 

Mulalo's controversial commission is leaked to the press. James battles to cope. Pearl asks her father to help Meiki out of a sticky situation.

Thursday 5 April 2012
Episode 1544 

A mob protests outside the royal house. Pearl decides to do something big for her dad. James slacks off at a time when he is needed most.

Monday 9 April 2012
Episode 1545

Vho-Mukondeleli's is reminded of the past Mulalo goes with Azwindini to khoroni Busi has made up her mind.

Tuesday 10 April 2012
Episode 1546 

Azwindini is forced to make an announcement to his people Pearl is worried about her parents. James makes things worse for himself at work.

Wednesday 11 April 2012
Episode 1547 

Selina has some shocking news for Pearl. James finally accepts what Busi is telling him. Azwindini confronts Mulalo.

Thursday 12 April 2012
Episode 1548

Who is Pearl's father? Mulalo reopens old wounds. James hits rock bottom.

Monday 16 April 2012
Episode 1549 

Pearl comes face to face with her past. Thandaza and James fight. Albert makes a drastic decision with regard to MH.

Tuesday 17 April 2012
Episode 1550 

Mulalo wants to know the secret that the royals are hiding. James's job is at risk. Pearl tries to come to grips with her father issues.

Wednesday 18 April 2012
Episode 1551 

There are more surprises in store for Pearl. James is back. Who has unleashed Vho-Mukondeleli's wrath?

Thursday 19 April 2012
Episode 1552 

Pearl bonds with her dad. Thuli decides what she's going to do about James. Vho-Mukondeleli asks Mulalo to do something for her.

Monday 23 April 2012
Episode 1553 

James takes the wind out of Thuli's sails. Pearl gets some unexpected news. Mulalo speaks to the police about the Lambani murder case.

Tuesday 24 April 2012
Episode 1554 

Vho-Mukondeleli has a decision to make. What will James do now? Pearl tries to find common ground with Jena.

Wednesday 25 April 2012
Episode 1555

An old Thathe resident makes a dramatic return. Thuli fears that James will expose her secret. Pearl and Jena find closure.

Thursday 26 April 2012
Episode 1556 

What does Carol want from Thuli? Mulimisi is haunted by the past. Thuli's life might be in danger.

Monday 30 April 2012
Episode 1557 

Thuli is freaked out. Mulimisi is in a better space. Mulalo gives Azwindini some unwelcome news.

Muvhango is on SAB2 Mondays to Thursdays at 21h00.


27 Mar 2012 16:09


27 Mar 2012 16:10   first let me read

Khutso mokoto
27 Mar 2012 16:11

no.2 nw let me read

27 Mar 2012 16:14

yeeeeeyyyyy im 2nd

27 Mar 2012 16:19

I am fifth... woow I seldom watch this soapie... am not sure what to make of this month!!!

Mrs Chix
27 Mar 2012 16:23


27 Mar 2012 16:24

Im new,things looks good this coming month

Khutso mokoto
27 Mar 2012 16:25

no action @ all n wats wit al da creepy charctors,hai man s 4 da directors its a no no 4 me i mean dy r clueles some scenes r pretty much boring and obvious,cnt say much abt da writer

Mrs Chix
27 Mar 2012 16:26

OH OK ^^^^^^""""""######@@@@****

Khutso mokoto
27 Mar 2012 16:27

no action @ all n wats wit al da creepy charctors,hai man s 4 da directors its a no no 4 me i mean dy r clueles some scenes r pretty much boring and obvious,cnt say much abt da writer

27 Mar 2012 16:29

lol Khutso and Gugu u are not 2nd my lovies lol

interesting stuff here, cnt wait

27 Mar 2012 16:32

top number... what number am i?

27 Mar 2012 16:36

top number... what number am i? are 11 darly

27 Mar 2012 16:37

wow it seem like it is pearl's month this one, Pearl and James...

27 Mar 2012 16:38

lmao Mpondo, ndiyaqala nokuba kwii top ntoz ke sana, so usisi uexcited, yaqonda? lol

27 Mar 2012 16:44

lol........nam ndiaqala tshin, subona lento ndifika ngondweba lol. ndihlekiswa ngaba babiza inumbers ezi wrong lolest

27 Mar 2012 17:40

its all bout pearl,thuli and james

miss ceepee
28 Mar 2012 08:12

i wonder wat Rantu sees that makes him furious!

sexy d
28 Mar 2012 08:16

morning all let me go and read be right back....

sexy d
28 Mar 2012 08:24

guys is it me or this month muvhango will be boring i mean there is no action that makes us sit on the edge of our couches. I mean this month is all about thuli this, james that, peral this agggg man n what the hell did ranthumeng see that made him angry nxa

28 Mar 2012 11:27

number 21,yip!!!
has meme left the soapie already?how?

28 Mar 2012 11:29

the writers o f the muvhango teasers are the ones who makes it like it wil be boring................. but believe me it will be rocking kana thathe wil be shaking

Trixy 123
28 Mar 2012 12:07

I personally think the month will be interesting...I think Rantu saw Thandaza with Pheko...(wishingful thinking)

28 Mar 2012 12:20

yho! mulumisi and his african magic! ai, thy make it seem like those nigerian movies

28 Mar 2012 13:47

ohhhh which numbeer am I don't even wanna know twenty something will do better next time 
looks like this month doens'nt have the drama for us but we;ll have to watch and see

28 Mar 2012 20:52

At least we will get to know pearls parents. May be pearls father is albert.

28 Mar 2012 22:53

Sounds lyk there'll be a lot of drama in de next cuming weeks.

Swit Pee
29 Mar 2012 07:00

No comment l will wait

29 Mar 2012 08:59

I like Mulimisi with his African Magic, it always puts Arrogant Mulalo Pompous Mkwevho in his place, that young man thinks he is hip n happening all the time. 

Did you see his jacket engulfed in flames yesterday, i wonder what he is supposed to do, he tries this the gods forbid, he cant be chiefs' advisor too young for that.

29 Mar 2012 12:08

Lets wait and see

29 Mar 2012 12:14

*May be pearls father is albert.* Kwaak

sexy d
29 Mar 2012 12:16

Bathong james what you did last night was i really necessary....

Mulalo and the fire jacket kwakwakwakwa couldnt stop laughing i forsee trouble in Thathe

Posh M
29 Mar 2012 14:06

waitse Ranthumeng should just go ... aeyee!

29 Mar 2012 14:31

 I luvd the couple of Ranthu n Thandaza now i ga ke tsebe go diragalang magareng ga bone.......I think Ranthu shud take Thuli n pheko n thandaza. Finally we mit pearl's parents who is  pearl's father cud it be albert or malome Themba

29 Mar 2012 21:34

Nthng interestin 4 ths mth.mayb watchin t wl mec me enjoy t.nt readin ths

30 Mar 2012 09:19

This is sooooooooooooooooo boring.  I cannot even connect the dots.

30 Mar 2012 09:45

Muvhango eishh! more action please we tired of Ranthu and Thandaza. Cant they just kiss and make up for Daka;o's sake.

cphe m
30 Mar 2012 10:07

mulalo mr mayor i smell the troubie. bavhuyi watch ur back cos mulalo is coming to u. nw i hav 2 wait

miss ceepee
30 Mar 2012 17:57

mulalo really is enjoying being in the spotlight.thing is u neva knw 4 real if he really means it wen he says i want to help the people of Thathe

miss ceepee
30 Mar 2012 17:58

wat do u think of Meiki's clothes?

30 Mar 2012 18:57

Mis ceepee to me meiki's clothes look fab on her MOST of the times. The fashion sense is great.. I like. I just don't understand uThuli, is she not a great actor or its her character. Wats up with same facial expressions all the time.

30 Mar 2012 20:58

the teaser is so complicared nd uninteresting but when we gona watch its going to be very interesting.. i cant wait to see thathe burn

Maka Bukhazi
31 Mar 2012 13:43

Thuli nids sum attitude, i hope meme left a lil for her.

01 Apr 2012 14:02

yho so new at ths teasers

02 Apr 2012 21:17

Well will wait & c bored*yawning*

spongebobsquare tights
02 Apr 2012 22:59

awi   not bad this time...eish mulalo bathong

dj fats
02 Apr 2012 23:23

Guys I m back can ? plz tell me what happened today ,I did not see the show,what's happening I hope tandaza has found comfort with pheko.

03 Apr 2012 05:49

Thandaza n rantumeng a we need drama in thathe.wher is ele n sundani

03 Apr 2012 06:20

Muvhango has something against LOVE.. Only bafui got wives who he frustrates now and then. The moment 2 people fall in love, the worst happen. James& meme, meiki& neo mirriam and tshepo etc. Even spha and rendani. No love in muvhango. Even if pheko can come, he wont be with thandaza. She'l start moaning and worshippin bakwehvo (as usual) he'l get irritated and go

Mrs Chix
03 Apr 2012 09:37

Why is it Muvhango writters do not want Thandaza to happy, its becoming boring now

Trixy 123
03 Apr 2012 11:13

@Mrs Chix and @ Kandyfloss.....Cant agree more with you guys......I think the writers are sadists and thats the only way they can express themselves....ha ha ha!! It pains to see Thandaza always unhappy....Sometimes I suspect that since Muvhango is based on a true life story, maybe Thandaza's storyline is meant to be like that...its sad really,.....

03 Apr 2012 13:22

@Trixy i'm with you but now they are immitating the reality, maybe when thandaza riches happiness will be the end of the story.

03 Apr 2012 14:07

Oh how I miss meme. One of a kind.

dj fats
03 Apr 2012 16:00

Please can. Someone remove le mbungulu le ewu sizwe away from from thandaza. Plz. Guys what if we have a new company (milling company to challenge mh )being owned by pheko and has meme and thuli on his side fighting for the top position To be the best company .let's. Try en put en end to dis bakwebo ,s madness of putting themselves before everyone en everything.

dj fats
03 Apr 2012 16:00

Please can. Someone remove le mbungulu le ewu sizwe away from from thandaza. Plz. Guys what if we have a new company (milling company to challenge mh )being owned by pheko and has meme and thuli on his side fighting for the top position To be the best company .let's. Try en put en end to dis bakwebo ,s madness of putting themselves before everyone en everything.

03 Apr 2012 21:29

no muvhango... Meiki was all dressed, sayin bye to busi. Suddenly she's back at dukathole dressd like she was in the mornin.. We don't expect reality but some minor details are not that minor. It was even confusin

04 Apr 2012 08:30


Edward *dead* - Also date Doobsie who have a child with James.
Ndalamo *went to UK* - Also dated Doobsie who a daughter with James, Ndalamo also impregnanted Meme.
Pheko *went to lesotho*who had an affair with Meiki, Pheko also have a sexual history with that PEACH BLACK THIN LAWYER (MAMUSA)
Ranthumeng *attitude problem...dumped Thandaza*...wants to chow Thuli...who is Thandaza’s relative...

This happened between 5-10 years....Why is there no one with AIDS – especially Thandaza....nxa

04 Apr 2012 08:36

@Kandyfloss - thankx sista, i'm glad i'm not the only one noticed.Muvhango e nagana gore ke rena di dom-kop.

04 Apr 2012 09:24

i think they use condoms kuku

04 Apr 2012 10:10

as 4 kuku AIDS shoo bathong u r so hard kuthandaza

04 Apr 2012 13:00

hahaha now i get it the writer is missing Aids part.

04 Apr 2012 14:09

Our society is living with AIDS...however all this soapies have ppl changing sex partners lyk panties mara no-one ever has AIDS.

Brooke - the bold
Dineo - generations
Karabo - generations
Thandaza - Muvhango
Chief (Azwindini) - Muvhago

What are they teaching us....who can tell me that in this world if u sleep with men lyk the way Karabo, Dineo, Brooke did - you won't have AIDS?
They don't use Condom...that's why they fall preg.

04 Apr 2012 17:37

Ya true that is kuku.. U don't jus sleep with anyone you meet and get away with it... thats a lie. Not in this hiv era..

05 Apr 2012 08:09

Mulalo is just a PAIN hey...wherever he is...there is DRAMA. 
Where is Sundi...i miss her so much.
Bafowe is such a stubborn Chief - he should just come out & tell the community abt that stupid stamp cause if Mulalo tells them....hehehehehehehe...I smell a RAT.

Thandaza is such a failure when coming to love.....she will die ka AIDS.
Spha - miss u dear.
James - u r over reacting le wena man...U act as if Bucie is cute. Bucie is such an Ugly OBESE child with big boobs due to Sphatlo...nxa

05 Apr 2012 14:48

Thuli, she is boring sham. Meme was nasty but she did in a way that will make you laugh sometimes or wish to see more. Thuli looks cold, like a murder, she was fit to play that Dakalo's mother.

dj fats
06 Apr 2012 10:39

I still stand by my word guys, Why can't. We have a rival company to tAke on mh,a company that will be ? buy pheko.with meme and thuli along him.I would <3 to see thuli dating james and. The bakwebo trying to fight for what's to be,it will be much better than seing this rubish mulalo story. Plz look into this I bet ? will have some. Drama that will keep you clued to your set all mnth long for muvhango.

06 Apr 2012 11:02

Dj fats maybe your storyline may be more interestin than we see this days. Mulalo's story am lost for words. Is his office in thathe or jourbg? We know how notorious mulalo is but what happnd now is too exaggerated, considerin the time he served that office. Ok thathe people are so traditional, honours bafui more than god but mulalo jus snaps and they turn against him .

07 Apr 2012 07:26

@kuku you so right about the Aids issue. Mam Ruby even hd a one night stand with Kenny before dishin out da Dikobe cake 2 JB. LOLEST!

09 Apr 2012 13:04

hayi aaaahhh. we tired of thandaza's divorces... nd whr z sundani... thr shld be more drama now dat mulalo z mayor nd azwindwini z n hot soup. nd as for meme, whr z our drama queen, e show z tasteless w out her. bring back to spice up e show. nd as for thuli, she nids mo character coz tjo, uyabhora bigtym. plus, why z dat thandaza is alwaes going thru hardships nd as for ranthumeng, hee eehh, he gave up to quickly on thandaza

09 Apr 2012 15:40

I dont blame ranthu, thandaza is smthn else.

10 Apr 2012 16:53

@Fabtabulous..........Sundi has started sms-ing Mulalo already, trust her to come back for the "mayor"

excellent point Kuku, these ppl should be dying

11 Apr 2012 11:53

lol.........did Vhafuwi have to say "SABC 2 FEEL AT HOME"? lol

sexy d
11 Apr 2012 12:42

So if sundi has already sms-ing mulalo does it mean that she wants to be the majors wife that the chief wife? will it be a way of the telling us the real paternety of the baby? ijo sarks will fly

Trixy 123
11 Apr 2012 15:33

I cant wait to watch today's sopie....imagine azwindini slapped mulalo....and Vho Albert is disgusting....he now want to move where its getting warmer.....Mulalo's side.....

Trixy 123
12 Apr 2012 08:53

Hallow bloggers....howz the morning? 

12 Apr 2012 10:33

Eish, Mulalo received a warmklap from Awindini, a be a isa maoto godimo, hahah, lol!

12 Apr 2012 10:33

Eish, Mulalo received a warmklap from Azwindini, a be a isa maoto godimo, hahah, lol!

12 Apr 2012 10:43

Update pliz missed abt three episodes.

12 Apr 2012 10:53

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Please forward this as it could just save someone’s money in the bank

senior scones
12 Apr 2012 11:37

i want the chief to have more power and descipline mulalo mulimisi shld help the chief

senior scones
12 Apr 2012 11:48

where is the doctor, agnes, the jail bird, let them meet and see what will happen. is friendship so important that the doc was left by pearl becoz of mik

12 Apr 2012 12:11

lol the chief's wives, bayangichaza, hoo shame umuvhango umunandi, especially eThate. EJhb ngibhorwa uThuli, Modimo, that girl can not act to save he life, she is soooo boring! and the tight coporate clothes she wears just make her look like she is tied with elastic band and can not move properly, she just moves the whole body. Ga a lahlele le sebono nyana like Meme when she is walking. she does not move her arms wen she is walking, only the hands, she just moves like a robot. Ai ai ai!
Dakalo shame is a drama baby, she is always being fought for, what will  the court say when the same parents who were fighting to get Dakalo as their baby are now fighting for the same child's custody in a period of 2 months? hayi no! Sizwe must come take his baby, the Mukoenas do not deserve her

12 Apr 2012 12:14

lol.........did Vhafuwi have to say "SABC 2 FEEL AT HOME"? lol................. hei dilo tsa thathe.......... i stil think mulalo is not bad........its just that there is this something about him i cant explain............ mara as a mayor he has people's intrests at heart its only that it gets in vhavui's way

12 Apr 2012 12:24

Ga a lahlele le sebono nyana like Meme when she is walking. hahahahahah kuqine yonk'indawo lol

heheh Pearl is bringing another drama now, i wonder who's this father

12 Apr 2012 12:28

lol uqine intlobo embi, lol lol lol, ubone when she is speaking, i hate it so much when she keeps quite for about a second before she starts saying something, hayi shame i salute her, she is the best worst actress on Muvhango, ngcono noPfuluwani who just always over reacts like she has a panic attack, that is so much better than Thui

12 Apr 2012 12:29

she is just like a doll, u can not tell when she is smillin, sad, crying, suprized or any emotion, all she does is just stare without blinking, lmao! eish, i wish they can change her

12 Apr 2012 14:48

LMAO yho bommy u going 2 get me fired bathong!

12 Apr 2012 21:41

Eish this james nd busi thing yangbhora,I mean busi is old enuf to decide who she wants to stay with noma james or doobsie... Ai james found out hs parents weren't hs parents,now sekuwi thuli wth da daddy thing aicha dats kinda d same story line.... I miss agnes,meme,kk,pheko,jail bird and sundi... Hai bt I m enjoying them drama yase thathe mulalo sekathuma uMusiwa njalo nje evry where sekavilapha nokuzifonelela amaphoysa,mxm he shud enjoy ds wyl it lasts.... Lol I miss mulimisi hai hs scary tho.... Thandaza ay 4eva going thru hard tyms kaze uyokuthola nini ukuphumla.. Thuli cannot act ai I agree with yall kodwa muhle yena

12 Apr 2012 21:44

Meant now sekuwu pearl wth da daddy thing

sexy d
13 Apr 2012 08:53

Thandaza ay 4eva going thru hard tyms kaze uyokuthola nini ukuphumla... @NtoZoe guess she will find hapiness when she marries Azwi and moves to thathe as they have and always will refer her to mazwale(sp)makoti despite that she is married to someone else

Sp Pearl dad is a white man iyo guess they are protraying her real life into a soapie

What the hell is mulalo looking for by trying to find evidence regarding who killed lambabi? Is he hoping he will find a link that connects azwindini to lambani murder?

13 Apr 2012 10:51




13 Apr 2012 11:25

Mhle shame yena but she can't act to save her life

sexy d
13 Apr 2012 11:35

@Impondokazi and meikie goes and says dats explains why bana ba kwa lona ba le bantsho wena o mo swaana i just lol wen she said that

13 Apr 2012 12:31

lol sexy did bana ba kwa lona ba le bantsho wena o mo swaana! lol that got me too especially because since the mother told pearl that dad is white i was thinking the same thing. Like did she think she was an albino or something? lmao, and when Meili said it, i was like, yeah, lol

13 Apr 2012 12:33

Mulalo yena is just weird, I would hate having a person that strange as my brother. He is very good at screwing up.

13 Apr 2012 12:50

True bomyy,mulalo always screws up,its like he is a magnet for trouble... Wonder how his like in real life.... No no no I take that back,I wonder how thuli is like in real life

sexy d
13 Apr 2012 13:22

lol you guys just cracks me up especially when it comes to thuli your comments about her just makes me go dead on the floor...

13 Apr 2012 13:40

Lol sexy d,ai kodwa thuli muhle yoh hai cha jelas down,kodwa I cnt say much 4ha acting..... Hey where's kuku,has she gone awol?

13 Apr 2012 13:44

lol Kuku usabe uVusiK, lmao i am sure she just felt really small after VusiK came, lmao, bye bye to her. (if akasabuyi)

13 Apr 2012 14:11

Ngenzeni keManje?

13 Apr 2012 14:14

u chased away some irritating rat vusiK, bigs up to you, lol

13 Apr 2012 14:16

lol, I was not even aware that I was a repellant, lol, I suppose It happens. Glad to be of service, lol

13 Apr 2012 14:23

Tjo ! I had no clue I had that size effect on people who irritate you guys (my fav. people) , perhaps I should stick around a little longer.

13 Apr 2012 14:30

<<< I hope I was not rude to Kuku ... I am capable >>>

13 Apr 2012 15:01

i can't wait to hear see what are Pearl's unexpected news.shame i feel for that girl

13 Apr 2012 15:14

hey! wayikhuluma indaba girl,i mean really that Thuli is like a toddler that did'nt get enough gripe water.shame let her try another career.

13 Apr 2012 15:17

I think I wrote about two weeks ago that she seems to be a pretty face & that's it ! ...... At least my impression or her during the 2 seconds I flashed past the TV are accurate.

13 Apr 2012 18:07

Lol mafez u killing me... Whens sundi cuming bck? Nd if she wants mulalo manje wud she b actually cheating on bafuwi? Ai kodwa why can't women have isithembu lol

sexy d
17 Apr 2012 08:09

@mafez **kwakwakwakwa dead** with ur gripe water statement

James man wena u should just get a grip busi is not dead she is with her mom albert o bua nnete wen he says james doesnt have a crisis the child is with her mom where she belong. Sure you have raised busi mare let her go so that she may get to know her mom a little better just like he knows you.

Mulalo wena they should just change your name to being khathathi finish and klaar dat boy spells trouble

17 Apr 2012 08:15

I loved it when james said diparentin styles tsa rona ga di tshwane.. Gues he was talkin about Rendani.

17 Apr 2012 08:59

Mulalo yena exhausts me, uvele nje angiqede amandla!, lol the look on his face every time he is busted! you would think that he would change, he just looks so regretful, but what does he do in exactly the next scene? continue with his kaking! ai that guy shame, lol lol, ndikhakhathi for real

17 Apr 2012 09:18

Mulalo is a stress provider.............

17 Apr 2012 11:58

the whole mulalo mayor thing is just plain irritating..honeslt it looks like this is not a good month on movhango..gone are the good old days of KK,meme,Pheko,Sundani ..eish ...

17 Apr 2012 14:07

@mana1985 u r r8 dear muvhango sucks when it comes to that mulalo-mayor story. story

17 Apr 2012 21:09

what is wrong with vho-albert! Mid life crisis? He is becoming an older version of Mulalo, n we all know that Mulalo is going through adolescence

17 Apr 2012 21:18

Albert has always been like this.. am not suprised

18 Apr 2012 21:31

lol Thuli. Ok i am sori mabloggerz bt i cnt nt say smthng abt that gal's acting. Today she said "i just gerve him a perrfect chernce. Lolo. Uyarola usisi

19 Apr 2012 09:53

I stand with James Motsamai.  He really does it for me when he tells Albert direct in the face that he will only go when he wants and ready to go.

As for Thuli, haai shame the girl is evil.  how can she support Albert when he wants to get rid of James.  Not so long ago, Thandaza was going through a difficult time and she took much leave as she wanted. No one was after her nagging her to come back or threatening her of being dismissed.

When James is back to the office they still insinuate that he is not in a good condition to be in the office.  What is that they really want from James.  Thuli is a different person now after she was the acting CEO.  I per se hate NEPOTISM....

20 Apr 2012 11:03

I think that Thuli person is after Jame's job, she has had a taste of power and now she wants more

20 Apr 2012 11:16

hi all -- guys remember what Meme said to her ( thuili) when she was sitting on that ceo chair for the 1st time " be careful sisi that chair has a way of eating up ur soul/conciense (sp)" or something to that eefect.... Thuli seems not to care abt anyone but her selfish self..

20 Apr 2012 11:18

Please dont tell me we've lost Pearls dad.

20 Apr 2012 11:42

I didn't watch last night's episode. Cna someone pliz update me.

sexy d
20 Apr 2012 12:18

@purchase no we havent but i think his time is near. saw some clips for monday and he(pearl dad) called his brother and the guy who was with jena when they saw pearl and she prented to be an oof duty nurse. He will introduce pearl to the family

@PC well Mr Mdluli doesnt want pearl to throw him a 60th bday, she told her that she should spend more time with her real dawta. Pearl went to see her dad and they bounded very nyc hey..he kept on reminding and telling peal well he call him pearlie that he always asked questions ilke dad y is ur skin so pink while mine is brown kwakwakwa could hold my self when she said that. guess pearl inheritate inquisitiveness from a young age

Mukondeleli asked mulalo to reopen the case. Thuli was on james case again told james to come to work or else he shoild prepare himself for a hearing, well james didnt really care. thuli the organised a corrier to send james de docs, james went to njabulo n asked him to represent him and she said yes. Njabulo went to thuli told her that he was going to represent james, she told her not to as she is playing bith of then, njabulo then told her that james is innocent he wont do anything even thought he knws abt their silly little kiss and thuli didnt like the way njabulo refered to their kiss while james on the other hand is telling his mom how he is asking njabulo to represent him, just to annoy thuli

Hope it helps dats all i could remember

20 Apr 2012 12:23

i just wanna take Thuli n Mulalo n whip them so hard with my grandpa's "gqudu" ............they really irritate me those two

20 Apr 2012 12:24

i just wanna take Thuli n Mulalo n beat them so hard with my grandpa's "gqudu" ............they really irritate me those two

20 Apr 2012 15:33

mpondo how abt we make them a couple mhm?

ownah m p
20 Apr 2012 16:00

Hi all, that thuli woman wil soon be after the CEO chair with albert by her side God she just oder people around even thandaza but i liked the monday clip when james told her he wil takeng her down 2. Mulalo shame u wil soon deliver flour that s if they hire u. U are donkey emptey head and u wil die stupid.

24 Apr 2012 10:46

Thuli is becoming the new Meme, Albert yena is a dog nje, go shota gore are hawu hawu.

24 Apr 2012 11:06

ijoooo Thuli wa bora struuu............ muvhango should not make a mistake o trying to make thuli like meme............. that will be the biggest mistake .....the gal cant act

24 Apr 2012 12:02

thuli is becoming too big for her shoes...carol wl sort her out

24 Apr 2012 12:08

uvhango should not make a mistake o trying to make thuli like meme............. that will be the biggest mistake .....the gal cant act

they should bring that Julia Motene Lady who was on generations a long time ago(Xolile Tshabalala), she would be great...

24 Apr 2012 12:12

@bomyy .......... it wil be fire i liked her very much...mara u know muvhango they never keep quality actors/actress........maybe they are not paying well

24 Apr 2012 21:29

I dnt lyk wat they r duin 2 James i mean he haz bin workn 4 da company 4 ever n they treat hm lyk dat jst lyk sum kynd of a piece of trash dats nt fair am beginin 2 hate Thuli

25 Apr 2012 09:26

And why is James not shaving cos seemingly his beard is irritating him, he keeps scratching it and it is very annoying to watch... that Thuli charecter is very interesting, bringing fire and drama on the soapie, but cant it be done by some other actor and not that stiff robot girl? she destroys the charecter with her lack of emotions and acting talent...

25 Apr 2012 09:30

And why is James not shaving cos seemingly his beard is irritating him, he keeps scratching it he looks so uncomfortable, it's really annoying

m loving the relationship btween Pearl n her newly found sister

25 Apr 2012 09:50

I think they want to potray James character as someone who is stressed and not thinking straight that is why he is so restless and always losing his temper.(just thinking)

25 Apr 2012 10:00

@bathong ndiyakutlwa neh(lol)? but why isn't anyone mentioning the fact that he needs to shave? it is like nobody notices so which would mean maybe his weird beard is not part of the script

25 Apr 2012 10:07

ewe that beard suits his current scenes, kind of stupid/ stupid actions, stress, no hope, confused etc

25 Apr 2012 10:07

oho bommy mina i give up lol but i think u r right meiki would have mention that a long time ago or u pearl

25 Apr 2012 10:08

lol ndiyakutlwa eish

25 Apr 2012 10:16

"Ndiyakutlwa" hihihihi sounds so wrong.........isn't  "Ke a hotlwa" better Bathong? lol

25 Apr 2012 10:22

to be honest Impondo shem nam ngi khuluma isizulu but i think its ke a go utlwa but ur better than u bommy ndiyakutlwa kwaaaaaaaa nawe ke a holtwa kwaaaaa ai nindiqibile

sexy d
25 Apr 2012 10:26

@impondokazi am also loving relationship ya pearl le her sister they are so gud hey
''Ndiyakutlwa'' kwakwakwakwakwa hai guys u just kills me
but cant it be done by some other actor and not that stiff robot girl? @bomyy mare this robot is always red it never goes green, n it should go green once to just make sum movements

25 Apr 2012 10:28's not our mother land tltltltl

we are learning shame, hopefully some1 will give us the correct 1. urs sounds better kodwa lol

Bomyy's version is too xhosalized kwaaaa

25 Apr 2012 10:30

Robot always Red kwaaaaaa #dead# u ppl are cruel

ownah m p
25 Apr 2012 10:51

Hi, james is sreawing the hell out my ass when he start scraching his things geez it freaks me out thuli being beach bt i think james should get hold of him self and thandaza must help him the guy help him a lot as 4 meiki pliz do some waves, s-curt or somethine her hair gives me a doze everytime i see it. I dont think killin pearls father on baba's birth day was a great idea that was heartles the gal was goin down. I wonder what mulalo want from muhango modler chief azwindini but he wont get away with the *bleep!* he is playng soon his sute wil burn down and he wil be left naked.

25 Apr 2012 11:39

lol guys, i wanted to sound knowlegeable nam, i know the right way of saying it but i do not know how to write it, so i just thought i should stick with xhosa-sotho, lol, nawe bathong ungubathong kodwa awungomsotho, wandilahlela emaweni ke...

I dont think killin pearls father on baba's birth day was a great idea that was heartles the gal was goin down @ownah I can see Pearl's father dying during the party, but her mom was insenstivi for telling her right there and then, she should have waited, it is like she wanted to ruin the moment Pearl was having with Mdluli, normal people wait for you to be calm before they can tell you that your father just died

25 Apr 2012 11:40

And it is not like mama Pearl got the message then, she just decided to tell Pearl when Pearl was ddancing with Mdluli...

25 Apr 2012 12:03

i think Pearl's mom can't act eish another actor who can't act

25 Apr 2012 12:22

Muvhango yenza ama audition for abantu basestratweni, not necessarily abantu abafunde idrama, that is why inama actors aso

25 Apr 2012 13:17

kwaaaaaaaaa bommy ai niya thetha struuu

25 Apr 2012 14:36

hie mablogers when is Agnes and "Rapudi" coming back i miss them so bad

25 Apr 2012 15:10

Thuli's character is sooo boring, its like she has no emotions at all, whether happy or sad, just same facial expressions. 

Thandaza sometimes its like she is been hypnotised by that child, why cant she see what Thuli is doing. One she will falloff her chair when Thuli starts motivating for her job. 

James has been with that company for a long time now such that Thandaza should be intervening instead of letting mafikizolo handle everything

25 Apr 2012 15:40

Pearl's mum was better on RC but now she just got worse.

Kanti why is behaving like that white man's wife, always in hospital.

sexy d
26 Apr 2012 07:53

So nenzhelele i s back wow so mulalo here is the person who is responsible for lambani death and stop accusing azwindine......but guys do u remember gore wen this guy left is was a little crazy upstairs now it looks like alll things are well is he cured or wat?

Cant wait to hear wat will Carol say to thuli....

26 Apr 2012 08:46

lol What was Thuli doing at James's place izolo? lol lol lol, watella ngwan ole. And Thandaza must really watch out sheme, Thuli is going to be an MD and she is going to be finding faults with Thandaza so she can be the CEO, hehehehehe, ukuphi uMeme masekunje

26 Apr 2012 12:39

does thuli have emotions bathong she is just straight

26 Apr 2012 12:54

lol Zdwesha, did you see how she was attempting to smile when speaking to Carol? it is just sad, really

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