Survivor Samoa: Shambo gets her revenge

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 27 Mar 2012
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Laura's viperous poison got satisfyingly snuffed on Survivor on Monday night in a twist of karma and lack of insight.

On one hand you can't believe that Galu could have destroyed their majority as they have yet on another it makes sense when you think about how often it's happened in previous seasons.

They've plummeted from an eight-vs-four majority at the merge to a three-vs-six minority in double-quick time.

They've plunged for 10 key reasons:

1) Laura's obsession with being in a clique that she considered "good enough" for her and her refusal to acknowledge the existence of Shambo. Yes Shambo's fem-mallet's a problem but it doesn't deserve the evil Laura directed towards her.

Even at Tribal Council - when Jeff asked about the members of Galu - it was too astounding how Laura excluded Shambo as a member. The way she's consistently ignored her existence has been a very low blow and also symbolic of a bully.

2) Galu's over-confidence right from the start of the merge when they snuffed Erik. They believed they were invincible against dwindling numbers and totally disrespected the impact of the players they've turned on.

3) Mick's winning immunity which gave the old Foa Foa the edge they needed.

4) Delusion. It's very obvious that neither Laura, Dave nor Monica have any sort of grasp on reality. Laura proved this beyond a doubt when she claimed that she was voted out because she's a physical threat. It's the stock phrase Survivors always use to make themselves feel better but in her case I reckon she actually believed it. Bah!

5) Russell and his endless idols. They've given Shambo the power she's needed from her allies and gave her the necessary firepower to smite Laura.

6) The disrespect directed towards John by Galu. Something you don't do to someone who thinks they're so super. He was very justified in being annoyed by their decision to use him as a decoy. The way they did it sucked - as if he needed to accept any consequences and move on.

He made the right move casting his second vote for Laura - he would definitely have been in jeopardy had she stayed. This way he can try to wangle a fresh alliance.

7) The close relationship between Natalie, Mick, Jaison and even Russell. None of them have been clique'y nor venomous to each other. It could be because they're underdogs but probably not, particularly when it comes to Natalie, Mick and Jaison.

8) Dave and his lack of brainpower. He's so dense you can't believe he remembers any gym moves to teach the people he's personally training.

9) Shambo's numerous visits to the old Foa Foa before the merge, which built her tight relationship with them - yet another huge mistake made by Galu.

10) Monica's blind dedication to Laura, for no reason whatsoever. Someone mentioned that they have an older/younger sister thing going on - if you ask me Monica's simply been manipulated.

And she's headed on her way OUT. Her and Dave will be history soon I'm sure. Probably before Brett who's going to be vaguely interesting for the first time. He spoke for the first time last night, when he was reading the clue, but other than that he hasn't done a thing which will probably work in his favour now.


27 Mar 2012 10:58

i miss tv ah mxm...i googled the survivor samoa winner and i cant belive who won!!this is an ugly game shame

27 Mar 2012 11:11

I'm stunned and now believing that they've taken cheating of the 'reality' concept to a whole new lie! Same guy we love to hate gets the idol every time.

I was more shocked, no make that shocket, when Russell just pulled out the idol the first time without Jeff asking for it. Is that allowed in the game? Or I must have missed when Jeff posed the question.

The season has been strange to me in also the sense that I've not had someone I like. It's quite clear whom I don't have much love left for.

I hate the thought that this might be the last season I watch of the show!

27 Mar 2012 12:26

I hate Laura but she's getting too much credit for this. John has as big a reason in Galu's downfall as she has. He was the one who put this all in motion when he convinced Erik they should target the Galu girls and got them voting out Erik first. He thinks he's too smart for his tribe because they're all dimwits but he's dumber and more reckless than all of them (except for Dave who can never be beaten in idiocy).

All this vote got him was the bottom rung in a tight six-person alliance (maybe fifth if they drop Shambo before him) and a jury pissed off at being betrayed by one of their own. He's torpedoed his own chances completely this episode.

Monica's not been great and her Laura devotion is awful but I hope she lasts a bit longer because she's the only one on Galu with half a brain. If they had listened to her last week when she suggested splitting the votes to flush Russell's idol out, they could have avoided this mess entirely. Arrogant twats.
Also screw Shambo. She loves playing the victim so much that I guarantee she's as responsible for her alienation from her tribe as Laura is. She is intolerable.

27 Mar 2012 13:15

I can't hep but laugh when Dave's eyes pop out....the old man is a idiot, delusional and dumb. He can't think....and their plans show how shallow they have become. I am glad Laura is finally out. Foa Foa must thank the sneaky Russell for their survival up to so far, nobody deserves to win this thing like Russell.

He is sneaky and always look out for some loop-holes, but I don't think he will win the million dollars as everyone will be gunning for him once they get rid of Galu.

tha - bang
27 Mar 2012 14:51

Got to love Russsel he has made this season for survivor for me

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