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Rhythm City Teasers - March 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 29 Feb 2012
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Coming up on Rhythm City this March, 2012:

Thursday, 1 March 2012
Episode 1214

Bash breaks the news to Findo and Speshil that he is no longer going to supply the drugs. Lucilla demands thirty percent of Redemption records from Miles, but he tells her to get lost.

David tries cunningly to get S'bu to accept the job at 9-Nine. Niki realises that through thick and thin Bash really is there for her. When Lucilla is thinking of walking away from the fight with Miles, David encourages her to fight another day.

Friday, 2 March 2012
Episode 1215

Thula convinces S'bu & David to let him carry on with Hustle on his own and David has finally found his replacement for 9-Nine.

Lucilla realises she's got no legal claim to Redemption, but David plants a seed that the law isn't the only way to get what she wants. Niki finds that she might be out of a job at Kilowatt.

Monday, 5 March 2012
Episode 1216

Bash tries to save Niki's job by standing in for her, but Suffocate is not sure it's such a good idea. David tells Lucilla that if she is to get her share of Redemption, she needs to blackmail Miles on a personal level.

S'bu impresses Hermanus at the interview and gets the job of station manager. After some nudging from David and Henk, Lucilla decides she'll use Buhle to get to Miles.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012
Episode 1217

Lucilla is forced to take a drastic step in her battle with Miles. Suffocate gives Bash a second chance. Gail meets an intriguing trauma counsellor.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012
Episode 1218

Miles discovers Lucilla is using a smear campaign to blackmail him into giving her a cut of Redemption. He's dissuaded from retaliating, but warns Lucilla that next time he won't be as lenient.

Hermanus makes a play for Gail and Gail does not reciprocate. Hermanus warns S'bu to keep Collins away from 9-Nine. Suffocate takes a secret meeting and curiosity is piqued as to what he's up to.

Thursday, 8 March 2012
Episode 1219

Lucilla is wary of using Buhle as a way to force Miles to give her back her shares in Redemption, but is quickly realising that she may not have any other option.

Gail interviews Tamsen, a rape survivor, and gets a chilling glimpse of the trauma involved. Her shock turns to horror when calls from other rape victims start pouring in from listeners and they all describe their attacker as having the same modus operandi as Tamsen's rapist.

Gail realises that there's a serial rapist out there.

Friday, 9 March 2012
Episode 1220

Gail persuades S'bu to let her conduct a crusade on her programme to track down the serial rapist. S'bu agrees, but thinks it's also an excuse for Gail to see more of Collins.

Lucilla eventually tells Henk Le Roux to draw up papers asking for sole custody of Buhle. Miles predictably goes ballistic when Henk says they'll drop the case if he gives Lucilla a fair share of Redemption. Miles warns Lucilla that there will be dire consequences if she goes ahead.

When Suffocate takes a meeting with the Hotplate guys, Fats is even more convinced he is planning on selling Kilowatt. The others disagree, but Puleng's upset Suffocate hasn't said anything to her.

Monday, 12 March 2012
Episode 1221

Gail confides in Niki about the pass she made at Collins - and his humiliating retreat. Hermanus annoys S'bu when he tries to think of a catchy name with which to dub the rapist.

Later, he horrifies Gail when he tries the same trick with her. She is rescued by Collins himself who warns her that her campaign has likely turned her into the rapist's next target.

Miles asks S'bu what he thinks of his decision to fight Lucilla to the bitter end. S'bu begs him to consider Buhle, the innocent victim of his parents' feud.

The Kilowatt guys wonder what the future holds if Suffo sells Kilowatt.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012
Episode 1222

David plants the thought with Lucilla that Miles isn't giving her enough of Redemption, and she makes a demand for half the company. Miles retaliates publicly. Suffocate reveals his plans for Kilowatt.

Collins tries to talk Gail out of taunting the Floral Rapist, but Gail, influenced by Hermanus, puts herself firmly in the line of fire.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012
Episode 1223

Suffocate gets down to the rather annoying task of negotiating with the Hotplate guys.

Lucilla is totally freaked out about the situation with Miles. She is regretting taking David's advice. Miles refuses to back down and is suing for sole custody of Buhle.

Collins once again implores Gail to be careful. She is dealing with a dangerous criminal. Gail has a very unnerving late-night run-in with Hermanus.

Thursday, 15 March 2012
Episode 1224

Gail tells S'bu how Hermanus is creeping her out, but won't let S'bu confront him.

Hermanus later tells Collins he's not welcome at 9-Nine after Gail's campaign is over. Collins tells Gail his wife was raped and murdered in their home when he wasn't there, which explains why he's been holding back.

After Henk tells Lucilla that Miles will probably get sole custody of Buhle, she goes to Miles and offers to drop all her claims to Redemption.

David's looking for a new venture and is thinking of starting another club and putting a BEE front man in place that he can manipulate.

Friday, 16 March 2012
Episode 1225

S'bu suggests to Suffocate that he get an investor to help him buy Hotplate. A frustrated and desperate Lucilla contemplates getting a new lawyer.

Hermanus draws suspicion when he threatens Gail. S'bu pitches the idea of investing in Hotplate to David.

Lucilla begs S'bu to speak to a steely Miles on her behalf. Gail gets a call from the rapist.

Monday, 19 March 2012
Episode 1226

Suffocate's silence leaves a bad impression in his meeting with David. Gail makes another appeal to the rapist. S'bu comforts Lucilla, only for her to take it a step too far.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012
Episode 1227

Gail and Collins establish a beautiful intimacy, but Collins withdraws when Gail tries to pry into his history. Frustrated with himself for not being honest with Gail and potentially ruining their chances together, Collins opens up about his wife's tragic death.

Lucilla and S'bu struggle to deal with their guilt after their shared kiss the previous night. S'bu tries to conceal his secret from Gail and David, but they pick up on his discomposure.

David finds evidence of what Lucilla's been up to with S'bu. David tells S'bu he is keen on investing in Suffocate and later reveals his true intentions with Suffocate to Ronald.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
Episode 1228

S'bu continues to feel guilty about his kiss with Lucilla. Without letting on that he knows the details of his situation, David manipulates S'bu into believing that he owes it to himself to see if there's anything to what happened between him and his step-mom.

Gail is frustrated that she's not making any progress in getting the Red-Rose Rapist to open up to her. Her hopes are raised when someone phones in to her show claiming to be him. She quickly realises she's being pranked.

When the real Red-Rose Rapist finally calls her, he promises to give her proof that he's the real deal.

Thursday, 22 March 2012
Episode 1229

Gail and Collins make plans to spend the weekend together. She tells Niki about this decision to move their relationship to a new level.

Hermanus proposes dinner to Gail, who brushes him off. He promises he's not going to give up. Gail's on air when she gets a call from a man who at first she thinks is yet another tiresome copycat. But when he promises to deliver solid proof that he is, indeed, the Red-Rose Rapist, she feels a chill creeping into her bones.

S'bu makes an arrangement to meet with Lucilla to talk about their illicit kiss. Miles, in the meantime, prompted by S'bu, decides to drop his attempts to have Lucilla declared an unfit mother. He doesn't want to cause any further collateral damage.

When S'bu goes round to see Lucilla, he realises that it's going to be more difficult than he though to ignore his strong feelings of attraction for her.
Suffocate has second thoughts about enlisting David Genaro as a partner. When S'bu informs David of this, he's more disappointed that we expected.

Friday, 23 March 2012
Episode 1230

S'bu feels massive regret after his night with Lucilla, and is consumed with guilt. David tries to get Suffocate to change his mind about their partnership.

Gail is looking forward to going away for the romantic weekend, but then a terrible message is delivered.

Monday, 26 March 2012
Episode 1231

Gail is battling to come to terms with her role in the latest rape. Collins does his best to reassure her. Gail is determined to go back on air even though the cops can't offer her much protection.

Suffocate tells David he will go into partnership with him, but he will not sign any contracts. Miles walks in on Lucilla and S'bu.

Gail tries her best to get through her radio show, but the pressure is too much.

Miles and Lucilla are well on their way to sorting out their issues when Miles finds something in her house that hardens his heart.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012
Episode 1232

S'bu suggests Gail takes some time off after freezing on air. She's heading for a meltdown and is considering ending her campaign to track down the Red-Rose Rapist. Collins suggests she speak to Tamsen, who inspires her to carry on.

Miles tells S'bu that Lucilla's sleeping with another man and he's determined to find out who it is. He confronts Lucilla, but she refuses to reveal the person's identity.

When David and Suffocate sit down with Hotplate, David blows the deal out of the water. Suffocate's angry, but David says he must think big and they'll move to the Northern suburbs.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012
Episode 1233

In spite of S'bu's reservations, Gail wants to return to work and help the police catch the Red-Rose Rapist.

A determined Miles hires a PI to find out who Lucilla is sleeping with. Suffocate surprises David by showing some business savvy. S'bu tries to get Miles to call off the PI, to no avail.

Collins, directing his words at Hermanus, issues a challenge to the Red-Rose Rapist.

When S'bu gets a visit from Lucilla, he worries that the PI might be watching her and ushers her out.

Thursday, 29 March 2012
Episode 1234

Gail continues her campaign against the Red-Rose Rapist and Collins warns Gail to keep her distance from Hermanus. Gail invites the serial rapist to call in to her show, but he entertains her invitation off-air. Gail learns that he is frighteningly close to her.

Miles finds out about the rendezvous between Lucilla and S'bu from the private investigator he hired. He confronts S'bu and is destroyed by S'bu's betrayal.

Mamokete is distraught when she is visited by a man with whom she shares an unresolved past. Tshidi is curious about the man's identity.

Fats is tempted to run for counsellor in the local elections despite his non-existent interest in politics.

Friday, 30 March 2012
Episode 1235

Gail accuses Hermanus of calling into her show as the rapist. Hermanus and Collins threaten each other to stay away from Gail. Hermanus warns Gail that Collins is not to be trusted, and gives Gail a gun to protect herself.

Miles wakes up at Lucilla's house, filled with remorse for his rage at her the night before. Lucilla pleads with Miles to move on, but Miles is having a hard time letting go.

Bash convinces Fats to run for the local council by-election and Fats agrees to do so and to have Bash manage his election campaign. Suffocate and the guys mock Fats for his political ambitions. Bash takes a bet with Suffocate that he can get Fats elected.

Tshidi insists on knowing who Sello is and Mamokete reveals that Sello is her brother. When Tshidi wants to get to know him, Mamokete reveals how Sello and the rest of her family rejected her when she fell pregnant.

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29 Feb 2012 21:59

SBU AND LU?!?!?! No man!!! Gail takes center stage this month which makes me happy. I love that chick. No Khuses for almost an entire month? THANK GOD! I'm so sick of that family their never-ending issues. As for Suffocate and David going into business together... I'm almost too afraid to ask.

The General
29 Feb 2012 22:19

Rhythm City's storylines are the best! The way they are so entertaining and think out-of-box

29 Feb 2012 23:39

Sbu and lu,interesting poor miles

7 guests
01 Mar 2012 08:55

what a month

01 Mar 2012 09:28


01 Mar 2012 09:31

ahhh....what an interestin storyline for this month...interestin..S'bu n Lu noooo....! shamz miles batho..newluv for Gail hmmm.Genaro n suffocate..ijoo stay tuned :))

01 Mar 2012 09:41

Kwaaa Sbu n Lu haaaa what a month poor miles.Well not bad at all better than generations hey

01 Mar 2012 10:11

Writers not having story lines , Sbu and Miles once shared a woman(Kelly Khumalo AKA Sunay if m not mistaken) not again. Yawn boring

01 Mar 2012 10:27

So between Hermanus & Collins - One of them is Red Roses Rapist. 

@Me...Agree with you about Miles n Sbu sharing a woman,  the only change is that is its the other way round, son is taking away daddy's woman.

Sbu managing Nine9, back to when Dave was in prison, no changes there, again when Sbu moves into Dave's flat.

Am tired of Lulu sleeping with all these man, is she the only woman with a kuku on RC,

01 Mar 2012 10:29

When will Lulu learn to never follow Dave's advice, just a few weeks ago she got that woman killed by listening or wanting Dave's help.

Now she wants Miles' company, has she forgotten that she was committed, what if it pops up and then she loses the child. mxim

01 Mar 2012 10:31

Dave n Suffo as business partners, i smell gun powder, and foresee bullets flying all over.

01 Mar 2012 11:01

Watz gonna happen to Stone mara, I m worried abt him

01 Mar 2012 11:22

I love it, the whole S'bu and Lucilla, it is a soapie after all. Technically it is not a recycled story. Both S'bu and Lu are single so there is no triangle, they are focussing on the taboo of the stepmother and son. Way back when there was something between S'bu and Lu but the writers never pursued it and now I think is the time. Lu and S'bu are not attached so why not, and I don't pity Miles, he deserves everything he gets after he humiliated Lu like that with the whole Naomi saga

01 Mar 2012 11:33

and they forget about the gays again

01 Mar 2012 11:34

There is no sharing!

01 Mar 2012 11:51

@pjvv  I think she is the only woman that is addicted to sex. Next month Nikki will be sleeping with Miles cos Miles and Sbu always sharing woman.

01 Mar 2012 12:07

Rhythm City is the best soapie so far. I have a feeling it will beat all the other soapies in this year's SAFTA awards.

01 Mar 2012 16:25

Lulu sis! man! Everyman o robala le worrd abt stone.Eyo! Dave nd Suffocte in partnrshp i forec disastr

02 Mar 2012 07:58

Sbu n Lu hhayi khona!!now she is becoming the brooke of RC poor miles though he acts stupid most of the times i feel sorry for him Davey n Suffo very interesting both dodgey in their own ways

02 Mar 2012 10:15

David will be suprise to find out that Sufo is a bad boy too. All I can say is Interesting!!!

02 Mar 2012 10:55

It seems some of you are sympathising with Miles, well I don't, what he did to Lucilla was unforgiveable, she spent christmas in a hospital because of him. And I glad Lu told him where to get off last night.

02 Mar 2012 11:02

Is'nt Gail pregnant and whos da father of da baby.

02 Mar 2012 11:28

Sunay, Naomi nd Lulu both father nd son...hmm

02 Mar 2012 13:00

Miles n Lu's relationship was boring me anyway, i hope they neva get back 2gether

mara i wanted Sbu n Nikki 2 b together maarn nxa

02 Mar 2012 14:33

@calamity I agree with you 100%. Miles gets NO sympathy from me. The man left Lucilla, shacked up with her worst enemy, called her evil, took her son away and had her thrown in a looney bin. Then he has the nerve to think they could start over like nothing happened. Lu has been FAR more civilised than Miles deserves. I just don't want to see her with Sbu. I want her to stand on her own two feet without a man by her side. Sbu wouldn't know what to do with a woman like her anyway.

02 Mar 2012 16:51

Miles is an idiot who deserves everything he gets, what goes around comes around.

02 Mar 2012 22:33

sorry guys i forgot 2 tell u that im new, i have been following your posts 4 sometimes n i really enjoyed reading such that,i decided to join. I would have loved 4 Sbu n Gail to be a couple again i didn't like the Nikki relationship.

Wilson Zachariah
03 Mar 2012 15:20

This is gonna be a very marvellous month 4 me. Rythm City hane never disappointed me or anyone. I am a bit jealous for Nikiwe for not continuing with S'buda. S'bu is a not good with relationships, Suffocate is bie better than S'bu. We will atleast rest from this issue ya Digays. Im worried ka Stone and atleast The Khuse family will be out resting for sometime this month. Puleng and Suffo didn;t show up this month and I wanted to their romance in Parliament.

I hate Hermanus and he is the so called Red Rose Rapist we can bet. In one of the days he will be rotting in prison like his BK friends. Davey and Suffo, watch the space..................

07 Mar 2012 09:07

I for one don't want Hermanus to be revealed as the red rose rapist, I somehow like the man, and like the fact that he keeps David on his toes, and not just anybody can do that to Dave

07 Mar 2012 09:27

rhythm city teasers are spoilers, after seeing them then there is no need to watch the tv

07 Mar 2012 11:04

@calamity  will be suprise to learn that Collins is the red rose rapist not Harmanus.
@bomyy rhytms city teasers are not spoilers, they make us want to watch.

07 Mar 2012 11:15

What up with Kop and that so call cop, i think the so call cop is working for DD. I hope Sufo told Stone. Poor Stone.

sexy d
07 Mar 2012 11:22

 i also think that collins guy is the serial rapist he is too soft for his own good

07 Mar 2012 11:27

@ andzon, i also think the cop has hidden agendas

07 Mar 2012 12:30

Ya Andson, unyanisile u know, if that cop was a bad cop and was working for Dd he would not put in his notes that he was going to see stone since seeing stone was something he was not supposed to do... ya, he works for the bad guys, he is as bad as the 1st cop! kop needs to wake up and smell the cheese

07 Mar 2012 12:38

I also dont trust that cop ,i think the cop is working with Ding Dong .

07 Mar 2012 12:50

Bash is like tsusuma in ga re dumeli, lol always want to make deals that do not make much sense

07 Mar 2012 13:04

I like Hermanus and feel it would be an injustice to me as a viewer if they make him the red rose rapist, I feel that is beneath him.

wilson kgakgamatso zachariah
07 Mar 2012 13:26

I still feel pity for Niki, she is a nice little girl with manners. Bash is up to something guys u will see as time goes on. Kop is very stupid and I start to see that he is not the real Father to Stone. Kete can save his Boy.

07 Mar 2012 15:24

@wilson kgakgamatso zachariah Kop is not bio father to Stone. Remember when his bio father needed a kidney. Last year sometimes

07 Mar 2012 16:45

Kop is naive and thinks that he is helping his son because in Kop's eyes, cos he thinks Stone killed the cop in self defense. How is he to know that the guy is a skelm?

wilson kgakgamatso zachariah
08 Mar 2012 07:17

I really can't get logic behind Hermanus, he is anxious when looking to Gail. there is something bad about this ugly piece of meat ball. Gail seems to stroke an ego between Hermanus and Collins. I feel insecure for Gail. I like Suffo because he can smell it that Kop has something up his sleeve. Kete have to be careful with his self centered husband.

That is Rythm City, it getting hotter and hotter every day. Good day Guys.

08 Mar 2012 10:25

Hermanus is following Gail around cos he has the hots for her. That's why he aksed about her husband. It is the innocent looking ones you have to be wary of. I don't trust that Collins guy, not one bit. My gut tells me he is the red rose rapist and shouldn't be trusted.

sexy d
08 Mar 2012 12:08

Hermanus is inlove with gail lol cant imagin him being all romantic

08 Mar 2012 14:36

Lol sexy d, imagine that. He looked so comical when he was speaking to Gail, he may not be the most good looking guy in the world but hayi, he also needs love. I loved the banter between Gail and S'bu.

08 Mar 2012 16:56

Viva Hermanus viva, I think we should put it to a vote, all those who say that Hermanus should be the rapist say I

08 Mar 2012 16:58

Lu playing dirty.

08 Mar 2012 18:12

hi new here.i've been a non-member for some time and i read your updates.But now that i registered as a member i am now dissapointed..i could not even read the whole preview of this month..i like the part about Gail though..atleast i have something to glue me on my couch watching R.C

09 Mar 2012 13:59

@ Ingenuity, I,

Hermanus hands off Gail pls, u r the serial rapist.

09 Mar 2012 14:00

I hate Kop. I dont know why he is still on the show. Right now he is seriously pissing me off! I wish Suffo a mo kwalle ka mo store room for a month until they give Stone the money and he vanishes. Kop? eish!!!!!

09 Mar 2012 14:03

And I kinda like what Lulu is doing with Sbu. I wish stupid Miles catches them red-handed. After all they are not related and are both un attached. Let this be a lesson to those men who think that a woman can be tossed out at the drop of a hat like Miles going for Naomi. Miles? piece of  ...........!

09 Mar 2012 14:06

@kentse "I hate Kop. I dont know why he is still on the show. Right now he is seriously pissing me off! I wish Suffo a mo kwalle ka mo store room for a month until they give Stone the money and he vanishes. Kop? eish!!!!! "

Kwaaaakakakakakaka!! can't stop laughing.

09 Mar 2012 16:09

Exactly kentse, Miles gets what he deserves, his treatment of Lu was cruel, Naomi didn't hold a gun to his head, he went in with his eyes wide open.

10 Mar 2012 10:09

Watching the omnibus and Hermanus has got it bad for Gail. Lu should never have given Miles those shares back.Collins is hawte though.

12 Mar 2012 15:08

grow up Miles its over ,dont pay a revenge gave liccila wat she deserve!!!!!!

12 Mar 2012 19:02

Hermanus is an insensitive oaf, but dude got it bad for Gail, acting like a infatuated school boy!

13 Mar 2012 07:50

Hermanus needs psychological help, noone can be that calous. The insensitive things he was saying? Aag, still like him though.

13 Mar 2012 07:51

Tjo Hermanus.

13 Mar 2012 07:53

What is wrong with Hermanus, I mean really, how can he be that insensitive.

13 Mar 2012 08:29

Hermanus looks like a serial killer in love! I like Stone's acting big time. Miles and Kop are a waste of space followed by Sbu.

sexy d
13 Mar 2012 08:55

stone really knws how to act big up boy

miles ena no comment

13 Mar 2012 08:55

i think collin is the rapist

14 Mar 2012 07:25

You and me both blaxswan, there is just something about him, he is dodgy, with Hermanus, what you see is what you get.

14 Mar 2012 07:27

Oh Hermanus, he just makes me laugh everytime he talks to Gail.

14 Mar 2012 07:35

Why would hermanus be the rapist, he will give Gail a gun to protect herself from the rapist, like Hermanus said, he reads people. And I like the fact that He has made Genaro his biatch

14 Mar 2012 12:52

i like hermanus when he first came on he usd to piss me bt now its the opposite.

14 Mar 2012 15:02

i also think colin is a rapist thats why he told Gail about his wyf he doesn't want to be suspected

Mrs Chix
14 Mar 2012 15:31

Miles did Lucilla good yesterday

14 Mar 2012 18:28

What Miles did was very low, he knows that Lu actually slept with Ivan so his thieving ass wouldn't go to jail and we all know his part in Lucilla's stay in a mental institution. But no matter, he will get what he deserves when he finds out about S'bu and Lucilla, touch down!

14 Mar 2012 19:04

oK, I have to admit, that was creepy, tjo, Hermanus

15 Mar 2012 07:06

Hawu, Hermanus, what the hell was that?

15 Mar 2012 08:04

 am lost can somebody tell me what did miles do i didnt watch the 13  march  2012 episode pliz..........................

15 Mar 2012 08:04

 am lost can somebody tell me what did miles do i didnt watch the 13  march  2012 episode pliz..........................

15 Mar 2012 09:21

I wonder how Jafter and so call cousin knew each other. mybe umakhwapheni?

sexy d
15 Mar 2012 09:36

hermanas hai am speechless

Mrs Chix
15 Mar 2012 09:43

Lucilla was being greedy listening to Genaro, she should have just accepted the she is getting nothing and being humiliated

lerato thage
15 Mar 2012 09:56

lerato thage
15 Mar 2012 09:58

i am so looking forward to all this drama.omg lulu and sbu

15 Mar 2012 10:54

ja neh lerato am also looking forward to that ai sbu le yena mara

15 Mar 2012 11:12

Are they trying to portray women as what? Useless! No matter what Lulu does Miles always get the upper hand! Eish after what LUlu went through: Suney, Naomi, sleeping with Ivan to protect Miles he still comestrumps and Lulu pays? I am not liking this at all.

15 Mar 2012 11:44

Lulu got what she deserves, why would she scheme with Genaro?

15 Mar 2012 17:32

Lol sexy d. and I was rooting for the guy, I still am though. That was just plain old creepy

15 Mar 2012 20:25

Jafta bathong!! Le ena wa jola!! Eish banna! No matter how snaaks they look they always find a young woman.

16 Mar 2012 09:37

lol@jafta!!! Its gonna b fire and brimstone when rose finds out what he is up2.

sexy d
16 Mar 2012 10:09

morning all

Jafta wen rose will skin you alive kwakwakwakwa cant really stop about that scene ya jafta and his so called niece hai shame

Lu wena mare you brought all this to ur self you could have taken the 15%

16 Mar 2012 10:30

Jafta man he get tide of screw mmaRose.. lol

16 Mar 2012 10:47

I'm looking forwand to watch tonight, Jafta ubacabuza bonke abashana wakho? that question make me laugh.

16 Mar 2012 10:51

Collins became the red rose rapist after his wife was rape and murder.

17 Mar 2012 09:41

Don't really care for Miles, he just bores me. What did Lu see in him

19 Mar 2012 07:51

Rose is gonna kill Jafta, he better hope and pray she doesn't find out. he even moved her closer to where he lives. Jafta, your ass is grass and Rose is the lawnmower

19 Mar 2012 08:50

lol @ IngenuityJafta, your ass is grass and Rose is the lawnmower

19 Mar 2012 09:51

I really don't like what is happening to Lu, how can Miles come out of this smelling like roses and Lu smells like worm crap, I mean really now, Lu can actually argue that Miles was actually shacked up with a woman who killed a woman in their living room.

19 Mar 2012 16:12

Aw Rose is going to vaporise Jafta once she finds, he has no love for his life, clearly Rose is going to murder him when she finds out. Poor Lu though, why are things not going well for her.

19 Mar 2012 18:45

Hawu Jafte, he is no longer laying down the pipe at home, Rose will probably be on to something in a little while

19 Mar 2012 20:31

Imagine being played by a biltong like Jafta. Mara Rose wa morata and she had me in tears ha a re batho ba tlo mo tshega that's why she is confiding in Kete. EiSh BANNA!

20 Mar 2012 06:49

Eish kentse, Kete is the last person she should be confiding in, I mean she had a lekker skinner about poor Rose the other day.

20 Mar 2012 08:36

Lol @ Kentse calling jafta a biltong ai ur killing me

Mrs Chix
20 Mar 2012 11:40

To the way Lulu jumped on S'bu izolo was just embarrassing, And that Hermanus guy is creepy

20 Mar 2012 11:52

morning guys
lulu what was she thinking ???

20 Mar 2012 17:20

I think Lulu had revenge on her mind cos she kept on saying that if only there was something she could use to get back at Miles.

21 Mar 2012 09:29

I see Jafta is one of them hard learners. He is scared witless of Rose, yet he cheats on her, ay

21 Mar 2012 18:58

Jwanong why Kete a decida ho fa Jafta chance? Why doesn't she tell Rose or get rid of Makhwapheni now? Women should stick together or kanjani?

sexy d
22 Mar 2012 09:25

morning all

@Kentse yes women should stick together mare ba yanong they rather fight one another that fight the man..

So guys now who do you really think is de red rose rapist cos hai both collins and hermanus are so creepy yazi

22 Mar 2012 11:44

is rhythm city going to pull a Brooke stunt on us. i am sure we have seen enough of the brookedom in our local soapies hle! eish

22 Mar 2012 11:54

hermanus is the rapist i think, i remember what he said to gail about him liking women who scream and fight back

22 Mar 2012 11:59

I think that Kete doesn't want to break Rose' s heart by telling her that Jafta is creepin on her. I mean she did look like it would break her if whe was to ever find out the reason why Jafta hasn't been putting some work in parliament.

22 Mar 2012 12:03

I don't think anybody can ever be like Brooke, she falls in love with all the men, when it comes to Lu, she is a bit opportunistic in that there is always a reason for her to be with a certain man. I think with S'bu, she just wants to hurt Miles and with Ivan she was trying to protect Miles, with Sam she was trying to get him to join Redemption and with Genaro, it was also about revenge against Miles

22 Mar 2012 12:12

Brooke thinks she is gonna spend forever with all these men she is involved with so there is a big difference between her and Lu, Brooke is naive while Lu knows the score.

22 Mar 2012 12:23

Brooke thinks she is gonna spend forever with all these men she is involved with so there is a big difference between her and Lu, Brooke is naive while Lu knows the score.

22 Mar 2012 12:25

But why u Rose alalisa u Jafta on the sofa maar? I remember him mentioning it that time he was installing the kitchen unit ka Khuse. I just don't know in this instance.

22 Mar 2012 12:27

But why u Rose alalisa u Jafta on the sofa maar? I remember him mentioning it that time he was installing the kitchen unit ka Khuse. I just don't know who to blame in this instance.

22 Mar 2012 12:50

Njoy uRose is serving uJafta just well. UJafta kgale a qadile mjolo o wa hae. Remember the time The Khuses ba rekisa that mbizarag milk or whatever it was Rose said it made JAftA perform better ko parliament after a long time. So you see kgale Jafta a le stout!

22 Mar 2012 13:01

Kentse, fine if you say so. But don't you think there's something that Rose is lacking as well, perhaps the bullying makes Jafta feel not man enough in his own home and then he thinks he can find it outside?

22 Mar 2012 13:16

I still think collin is the rapist but i suspect its hermanus that is behind the calls. Im guessing collin will attack gail at the getaway and hermanus will save her somehow. Btw i also dnt thnk its cool gail starting a rshp wth some otha guy while she is preggers for another guy. She should be getting responsible now that she is gonna be a mum

22 Mar 2012 13:34

ko parliament? hahahahaha lmao u guys are silly

22 Mar 2012 13:50

But really now, if we remember how many times u Jafta had to tell u Kop that he must assert his position at home as a man and yet you can tell that the only reason that there's no case of domestic violence pending between him and Rose is only because Jafta is embarrassed to lay a charge. I feel for him, a little though. I also loved the reminder of the 'parliament' story too.

22 Mar 2012 14:30

Jafta just talks big and has no follow through, he has mob mentality. He is one of those people that would provoke people in a crowd and would shout 'hold me back before I hurt someone' meanwhile they are quaking in their boots.

22 Mar 2012 14:36

'hold me back before I hurt someone' meanwhile they are quaking in their boots. hahahah now that is the real jafta hey!

22 Mar 2012 14:45

lolment parliment

22 Mar 2012 15:00

so if Jafta has been spending the nights on the couch then why was Rose crying about how she does not get any action? is Jafta supposed to sms the action to the bed?

22 Mar 2012 15:12

lmao @ sms the action to the bed

22 Mar 2012 15:17

or maybe Jafta's action figure can go all the way from the couch to the bed... mmmm i wonder

22 Mar 2012 16:14

Jafta is obviously lying about spending nights on the couch or Rose would be complaining. He is just justifying his dirty dog ways, nothing more and Rose is a very proud woman, she would never confess something like that unless she was desperate.

22 Mar 2012 16:22

loool bomyy sms? hahaaaaa

22 Mar 2012 16:22

Jafta is a hoot, telling Kop to put Kete in her place meanwhile he can't even handle his own business.

22 Mar 2012 18:53

Iyoo, the Hermanus creep fest continues, does he have to be so creepy naye?

22 Mar 2012 19:01

Hermanus on bended knee and saying he will wait even one monthfor Gail? CLASSIC? Ha ha ha ha ha ha that scene was the BOMB! HermAnus is my main man!

23 Mar 2012 07:24

I loved it as well kentse, that was so awkward and yet so funny. Can't help myself, I just like creepy Hermanus. He has even resorted to begging her to go out with him and when she said that she was sort of seeing someone, he just said he will ask her again in month. The fact that she said that she was seeing someone was of no consequence to him. I LOVED IT

23 Mar 2012 07:38

It's amazing how this has happened. Gail was feeling unlovable and wanting Collins to fall in love with her, but she ended up getting attention from where she never expected. Be careful what you wish for Gail.

jackie sande
23 Mar 2012 11:51

its amazing guys......................

26 Mar 2012 09:40

Has everyone gone to Easter already, what's the silence? I watched the episode between Mamokete and Rose and feel it was fair for Mamokete not to tell Rose about u Jafta. That is sensible enough in as far as I'm concerned. If she blatantly tells u Rose what would be her expectation, ukuthi they must separate. She wouldn't be a good friend then what if u Rose tells her that uzenza better because no Kop uyajola. Would she separate with him? I think she must deal first with the culprit "Jafta".

26 Mar 2012 12:06

Lol Njoy, but you are right, what was Kete supposed to do in that situation.

26 Mar 2012 16:15

I would have loved to watch hermanus on bended knee again, that was just mad funny.

26 Mar 2012 16:20

Knowing what a coward Jafta is, he would actually deny the whole thing and convince Rose that she is jealous and wants to separate them. He is such a weasel.

26 Mar 2012 16:27

ja, i think as a friend, if you are in the situation ka Kete you should deal with the dog(Jafta) before breaking Rose's heart. and if as a friend(Kete)  you see that the dog is not willing to stop eating the dustbins(nyatsi) and therefore he is not good for your friend then you can tell your friend, the dog was not worth it anyway!

26 Mar 2012 17:52

Haai Kete acted like a true friend. Every woman who loves her friend woulnt tell them but try and deal with the dog (husband). Mara ke eng ntho e ya ho pair di odd couples? Jafta le Rose, Kete le Kop! Talk about mismatch! I wonder who is casting for them! O kare o castela Africa Magic eish!

26 Mar 2012 19:47

Jafta is such a liar, I mean did he really have to say that Rose's perfume smells like donkey piss, that was just wrong and as for that lady actually believe, hayi eh eh. Rose can do away with them both, Jafte for cheating on her and that lady for being such an idiot.

26 Mar 2012 19:48

Jafta is such a liar, I mean did he really have to say that Rose's perfume smells like donkey piss, that was just wrong and as for that lady actually believe, hayi eh eh. Rose can do away with them both, Jafte for cheating on her and that lady for being such an idiot.

27 Mar 2012 06:33

Rhythm city is running out of story line, fake and unnecessary things are happening. boring!

27 Mar 2012 06:53

Boring or not, we love it!

27 Mar 2012 06:56

heheheh, lol, ai eh, eh, just coming here to comment that RC is boring, hayi, people have time.

Tata Jafta, what a lying idiot.

27 Mar 2012 07:52

In SA we have a constitution which allow everyone the right to express themselves, but I feel that some people are just abusing those rights, and they should be taken away from them. RC may running out of story line, fake and unnecessary things are happening. boring to youi, but nobody forces you to watch, I think Generations is the worst show on TV, but then some people think it is the best thing since sliced bread, I don't watch generations, it gives me nose bleedsevrytime I am forced to sit through it.

27 Mar 2012 07:57

What I mean by the above is that it is your perogative to think that RC is all those bad things, we won't hold it against you,

27 Mar 2012 08:12

@ehwojeheri I think it's good to critic when you are not happy but try to avoid shooting at random and be specific about your grievance. I think that might help you and others a lot.

27 Mar 2012 08:50

Agree Njoy, shim need to be specific.

Mrs Chix
27 Mar 2012 08:50

I love RC

sexy d
27 Mar 2012 09:03

where is tshidi?

Miles nxa

Dave and suffo into business hai e ke batla go e bona this relationship its so gonna be exploive

Gail my love take it easy i know u are trying to save the world from the rapist but think about ur baby too this stress its not gud at all

27 Mar 2012 09:30

Again my man Hermanus does the unthinkable! I am in love with that Freak! RC is the only soapie that is hot these days and I love it too. Watch Scandal if you want to criticise rubbish!

27 Mar 2012 09:43

But don't get me wrong I DO watch Scandal.

27 Mar 2012 10:55

morning peeps!!!!!

not sure but did Sbu actually slept with Lulu I only know that they kissed  I think I've missed out a lot....


27 Mar 2012 11:09

ow, enough with the hating already! it is like everybody who hates whatever soapi they just want to splash their hate all over the other people's faces, as if we have not heard enough, don''t you people hate repeating the same thing over and over again? ai it is annoying and irritating, and it is very old.

Now coming to jafta, he is a typical married man, lying to a naive girl like that. I really think that that story is going to show a lot of girls out there that a man will never leave his wife for a nyatsi

27 Mar 2012 12:26


27 Mar 2012 12:35

who has sex with their mother maar, i mean where did they even begin... step mom or not, they should both rot in hell, lol

27 Mar 2012 13:00

In Zimbabwe there's a story of a woman who is pregnant and planning and applying to get permission to marry her son (her own flesh and blood). Things do happen out there. If only walls could talk!

Crazy Jess
27 Mar 2012 14:46

I know a woman who used to sleep with her daughter's boyfriend! We live in a sick world.

27 Mar 2012 16:07

A poor boy loved a rich girl. One day the boy proposed to her and the
>girl said,"Hey! Listen, your monthly salary is my daily hand expenses.
> How can I be involved with you? How could you have thought of that? I
>can never love you. So, forget about me & get engaged to someone else
>at your level". But somehow the boy could not forget her so easily.
> Sometime 10 years later, they stumbled into each other in a shopping
> mall. The lady said, "Hey! You! How are you? Now I'm married and do
> you know how much my husband's salary is? $17,000 per month! Can you
> believe that? And he is also very smart
> " The guy's eyes got wet with tears on hearing those words. A few
> seconds later, her husband came but before the lady could say a word,
> her husband seeing the guy, said, "Sir you are here? Meet my wife."
> Then he said to his wife, "This is my boss, I'm also one of those
> working on his $100 million project.
> And do you know a fact my dear? My boss loved a lady but he couldn't
> win her heart. That's why he has remained unmarried. How lucky would
> that lady have been if she had married him. These days, who will love
> someone that much; he said to his wife. The lady looked in total shock
> but couldn't utter a word.
> The moral of the story is : Life is so short and it's just like a
> mirror. You can only see as much as it reflects. So don't be too
> arrogant and proud of yourself by looking down on people because
> situations change with time! Nobody knows tomorrow!!!,Don't under
> estimate anyone, Because everyone has potential..

27 Mar 2012 16:30

It does happen, a man in Mpumalanga actually married his mother (not even a stepmother but his own flesh and blood) cos the ancestors tol him to. This things happen.

27 Mar 2012 16:32

In a sleepy village known as Slovo Park near Siyabuswa, villagers were torn with joy and surprise as they witnessed a rather strange wedding where, a mother and son exchanged wedding vows.

The son, a traditional healer from Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga, said he married his biological mother in a wedding ceremony to appease his ancestors. He now calls his mother “my wife”.

On Sunday more than 2000 people turned up to witness the wedding of Buti Mphethi , 28, to his mother Francinah Makunyane, 62.

Mphethi said that his forefathers had instructed him to pay lobola to his mother’s family before he could marry his wife, who stays separately from her own husband, Buti’s father.

Mphethi paid the lobola of two cows to his mother with a street value of R14 000.

The wedding was arranged and took place at his mother’s home in the same village on Saturday and finished at his home at the weekend.

Mphethi dropped out of his second year studies in sound engineering at the Tshwane University of Technology in 2003 to become a sangoma.

He felt it was a calling from his ancestors.

Mphethi said he had been married before, but it did not work out. His wife left him four years ago.

Mphethi said that his father William Mphethi was still alive, and had four wives. The father stays with the elder wife in Burgersfort, Limpopo.

He was confident that marrying his own mother had been in line with his culture.

Speaking to The New Age, the beaming bride, Makunyane, said she never imagined having a ‘white wedding’ because she was a grown up.

“I am now old enough and getting married was never in my mind. My son really did a good thing to marry me before he can marry his wife.

“This process is part of our culture. I am now a married woman because he represented his father,” she said, before bursting into tears of joy.

27 Mar 2012 19:09

Lov is a rose .lulu miles sbu david noami gail jirrrr dz guys lov sex bt sbu ms hv aids jiiiiir

28 Mar 2012 00:00

Miles is annoying, the old dude slept with Naomi very easily
and now Lulu is doing her own thing and his poking his nose in her business

I felt like bitch slapping the old dude

28 Mar 2012 07:14

Miles sounds like a stalker, he even wants to know whether the guy wear stinky socks, him and Lu are no longer together, maybe she should have him committed, I mean he lost it mos.

sexy d
28 Mar 2012 08:30

miles is one crazy old man how dare he ask lu wat their marriage meant what about him he slept with naomi heck twice and now dat lu is dng her own thing he suddenly call her by name agg man you must just take a good look in the mirrior

Ooohhhhh jaftha bathong hai that guy just kills me he always has an ansa for every question cant wait for him to get caught i for one know that scene is so gonna rock

28 Mar 2012 16:03

miles is one crazy old man how dare he ask lu wat their marriage meant what about him he slept with naomi heck twice and now dat lu is dng her own thing he suddenly call her by name agg man you must just take a good look in the mirrior

Exactly sexy d, who the heck does he think he is mara he! To even dare paint himself as a victim.

28 Mar 2012 17:23

Miles wants to have his cake and eat it.

28 Mar 2012 17:25

When are the April teasers coming up I can feel the impatience now.

28 Mar 2012 18:50

Kete ke bossa man! That meeting le the Jaftas and the makwapheni was brilliant! Miles makes sick! ma

29 Mar 2012 09:00

what was Kete doing, that meeting was interesting I wonder what Jafta have to say to makhwapheni? 

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