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Muvhango Teasers - March 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Muvhango Teasers on 28 Feb 2012
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Coming up on Muvhango this March, 2012:

Thursday 1 March 2012
Episode 1524 

Will Pearl make good on her threat? Mulalo finds out what's really been going on. Malume Themba discovers Thuli's new role at MH.

Monday 5 March 2012
Episode 1525

Spha delivers good news to Meiki and Pearl. Mulalo makes a ridiculous demand from Khathu and Meme. Thandaza confronts Thuli.

Tuesday 6 March 2012
Episode 1526 

Thuli suddenly has to run an AGM without Thandaza. Spha makes his first silly decision now that he thinks he has made it. Meme and Khathu look for a way to get rid of Mulalo.

Wednesday 7 March 2012
Episode 1527

Is this Thuli's last day at MH? Spha starts acting like a big spender. Mulalo doesn't know what's wrong with himself.

Thursday 8 March 2012
Episode 1528

Thuli finds a loophole in an important contract. Science fails to explain Mulalo's sudden and mysterious illness. Thandaza gets the shock of her life.

Monday 12 March 2012
Episode 1529

Spha gets an unpleasant surprise when he gets back from Durban. The truth behind Mulalo's illness starts to emerge. Thuli shows what she's made of.

Tuesday 13 March 2012
Episode 1530 

Has Thuli found a new friend in Njabulo Chabeli? Will Spha finally take responsibility and contact the tender board? Will the family support Mulalo in his political career?

Wednesday 14 March 2012
Episode 1531

Mulalo takes drastic action to keep his political ambitions alive. Thuli and Njabulo spend an interesting evening. Thandaza confronts Spha.

Thursday 15 March 2012
Episode 1532 

Spha still will not take responsibility. Meiki fears for her business's future. Azwindini has some good news for Mulalo.

Monday 19 March 2012
Episode 1533

Thandaza drops a bombshell on Thuli. Will Spha go to jail? Mulalo's campaign is in full swing.

Tuesday 20 March 2012
Episode 1534 

What is Spha going to do now? The Mukwevhos react to the TV interview. James pulls a nasty trick on Thuli.

Wednesday 21 March 2012
Episode 1535 

Will Azwindini do the TV interview? Spha makes plans to get himself out of the debt. Thuli accepts a business dinner date with Njabulo Chabeli but gets more than she bargained for.

Thursday 22 March 2012
Episode 1536 

What is Thuli going to do now? Have Mulalo's political dreams come to an abrupt end? Will selling sandwiches help Spha with his money problems?

Monday 26 March 2012
Episode 1537 

Thuli and Njabulo get a chance to talk. The family finally puts Spha's affairs in order. Susan reveals a secret to Mulalo.

Tuesday 27 March 2012
Episode 1538 

Spha has to face the music. Things are awkward between Njabulo and Thuli. Mulalo discovers something about Vho-Tshikonelo and Vho-Tshikosi.

Wednesday 28 March 2012
Episode 1539 

Mulalo has a big surprise for the family. Thuli has had enough of James. Spha starts his new job.

Thursday 29 March 2012
Episode 1540 

Ranthumeng gets a shock when he comes home unexpectedly. Mulalo receives a call from an unexpected caller. Sphamandla has an idea to make some money.

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28 Feb 2012 14:41

28 Feb 2012 14:43

Nothing interesting.

28 Feb 2012 14:50

number 2

28 Feb 2012 14:50

number 2

28 Feb 2012 14:50

number 2

28 Feb 2012 14:51

mxm wat hapened to baby dakalo

28 Feb 2012 14:54

number 3, first time hop hup.

28 Feb 2012 16:21

im lost

Mrs Chix
28 Feb 2012 16:27


28 Feb 2012 16:48

Bring it on!

28 Feb 2012 17:30

Top ten yipee!

28 Feb 2012 17:37

Same old story, dfrnt dayz. Thuli trying to tak over the bsnss from Thandaza with the help of his father

Swit Pee
28 Feb 2012 22:05

Yah top 10, there is nothin intrestin this month

spongebobsquare tights
28 Feb 2012 23:51

thuli this,thuli that,spha this spha that...blah blah blah..

29 Feb 2012 08:29

but where is Phuthi Khomo here I thought she was going to join the soapie or maybe useza!! 
good day Ma Bloggers.....
this month it's not thaaaat much interesting but let us watch and see guys maybe we will be suprised......!!!!

29 Feb 2012 09:28

MaNkosi and Mampho's argument was priceless.

Why Rantu does not devorce Thandaza,most women mange to raise
their children alone.

I realy don't see the point why they must live apart and still be married.

Spha,what has got into your head,but I do understand after Thandaza 
was busy with Dakalo and refused to listen to Spha.That is why spha 
lied about his aunt signing the document.

29 Feb 2012 11:44

am I the only one who was bored with the part of Thandaza not listening to Spha instead feeding the baby comeon she should have just said I will phone you later Spha or just put him on loud speaker ke........ I mean it was really boring ....... ....  ....

kaloku kuthiwa before you dovorce you separate first and blablabla!!!!!

Mrs Chix
29 Feb 2012 11:54

I liked the fight btw maNkosi and Mampho, and its true Rantu is too week, he is boring shame

29 Feb 2012 12:31

I've said this before Ranthumeng doesn't have BOLLZZZ he is a coward instead of fighting for his marriage he choose to run away sis man!!!!

29 Feb 2012 13:53


29 Feb 2012 15:05

not interestng indeed lets wtch and c

29 Feb 2012 16:37

why is Thathe being ignored?

baby bear
29 Feb 2012 16:42


29 Feb 2012 16:52

I think it's because they are renovating the royal house.

29 Feb 2012 19:58

God bless u..

01 Mar 2012 07:06

Feb had lots to bring to us, March I dont know maybe they will really surprise us... heeeey!! so KK's killers afta mulalo now what really is GOING on, comin to MH wtht being recognised, maybe if Meme was around she wud instantly hav known them...

Mankosi and Mampho's argument, alk about it man, each defending their blood when the owners are somewhere else discussing the what's and what's not of the ritual, kikikikiki

somehow I think Sizwe's iving up of the fight for baby dakalo has some hidden agendas, lets wait and c... this is mulalo's, thuli's and spha's month, SISI MAN dont knw how i wil cope wtht much of thathe

01 Mar 2012 11:18

Nothing much has been revealed yet. They only gave highlights not with more than three lines.people just love to critisize all the time. Intead of focusing on the wonder our country is so behind.let use this blogger to build each other.some pple visit this site 4 answers and advice since they are experiencing the same problems we watch on muvhango. Muvhango is potraying real life not myth. U receive an important call but never give a person a chance to explain his side of story. They are showing pple what ignorant can cause. Other pple just say " can I call u back and drop the phone". Is important 2 rather ask a person if is urgent or can I call back since I'm busy. With Thuli and malume saga is showing us what family can do.jelousy is a very dangerous thing. Thandaza opened her arms 4 Thuli. She welcomed her at her home and work.but still is not enough to her and the father. How do u help each other if u don't know who to trust nowadays.

01 Mar 2012 11:33

Boring this month

01 Mar 2012 11:56

@available lyk ur comment. u knw wt dey cy, d reality z dat ppw we trust n luv d most r often d one who end up hurting us. Ask me joe tjo. Real feel sorry 4 tandz

01 Mar 2012 12:04

@mxa that makes the 2 of us!!

01 Mar 2012 12:46

mh where is every1?

01 Mar 2012 14:56

@Mxa... what are you guys on about... did I miss something... did Thuli back stab Thandie or you guys are speculating that maybe she will in future... kaloku I only get a chance to watch the Omnibus...  I love my sleep so by 20H30 I am in bed!!!

01 Mar 2012 18:57

Atleast Thandaza's court case is over & it was boring. Muvahngo mara where is Sundani & Vele mara? Ranthumeng wa bora man. it is not interesting but let's watch mayB sumthing wil cum who knws

02 Mar 2012 10:30

Ranthumeng is a coward..Cant he stand up and be a man.Why ran away.....I agree ,thandaza was acting stupid.How can you leave a child on the counter and tell her not to move.Come on ,she just a baby.Catch a wake up  .As for thuli.she is a back stabber.After every thing Thandaza did for you.

02 Mar 2012 11:00

Seriously, if Pearl did realise that there were so many errors in that letter, why uMeike didnt see it as well.  Hay...... the truth must come out.

As for Thuli, why she was shouting at Pearl as if she did something wrong where there was nothing and notthing was so urgent, just a typical email.  She's acting big and she forgets that she's only a begginer as well. 

02 Mar 2012 11:06

Hold your horses guys, lies, deceit, backstabbing......... etc.. thats wat makes drama, so i cant wait 4 the catfight between meiki and pearl if theres eva gona b, 

thuli backstabbing thandi, akere we nid more fresh blood ko muvhango, so thandi shud go, thuli and ranthu ba nyako starta family, and as for sizwe and miss chivu they shud js cum fetch their kid xem, she is not doing thandi any justice.
thani  geting the shock of her life, i think it has something to do with the loophole thuli finds on a contract.....

02 Mar 2012 12:34

yep!! new on the blog, but old mo muvhango.

02 Mar 2012 12:54

kaloku Pearl corrected the errors so Meiki couldn't have picked up.

Mulimisi is the best, wow what he did to those killers.......magic i tell u

03 Mar 2012 20:59

Y daz thuli wanna make thandaza's office ha own,cumon its nt hers its still thandazaz,ah ds mnth luks lyk we'll b missing meme eish bathong I love dat woman

05 Mar 2012 11:36

pearl need to get a man

sexy d
05 Mar 2012 14:16

wats with all this question? imean really now i knw they are suppose to make us think mare aowa not like this...

05 Mar 2012 14:21

lol sexy d

Magical Baby
05 Mar 2012 15:32

U Thuli upethwe yi tswai. She needs some one to "assist" her in releasing all the pent-up anger, she's such a ice-cold drama queen. Listen to her when she says "Daddy" I mean really uMalum Themba does not strike me as your "daddy" type of father.

Thuli is so plastic.

Magical Baby
05 Mar 2012 15:35

By the way, guys help me here, sometimes I have a memory of a gold fish. Is Pearl not supposed to be James PA/Assistant or something? If so (yes) how come is acting in a position of a CEO? Couldn't they find someone appropriate to hold the fort in Thandaza's absence instead of Thuli?

Where in the world can a PA act as a CEO? As I said before I have a memory of a gold fish at times.


05 Mar 2012 15:42

hampaaa sexy d lol lol

hey magical tht also puzzled me. from PA str8 to CEO ??? sooo much for giving some1 room for growth. and she's coping very well hey. tht made me wonder what subjects or course 1 does in order to be a PA

05 Mar 2012 15:53

@magical baby u mean thuli nt pearl. Bt am olso suprise hw cn PA act az CEO I mean real Y nt Jamez

05 Mar 2012 15:59

Thuli is not really James's PA but an MD, James is 2nd in command after Thandaza and Thuli reports to James and one of her duties is to sorta serve James.James was supposed to be the one taking the chair not Thuli, But i gues maybe James had a lot of work f his own that he needed to focus to

sexy d
06 Mar 2012 08:33

guess it all about nepotism i also say james could have been a CEO for now he did it before while thandaza was overseas or sumthing i forgot

U Thuli upethwe yi tswai. She needs some one to "assist" her in releasing all the pent-up anger kwakwakwakwakwa indeed @magical baby no wonder her daddy wanted a husband for her shame coz she can see her child is suffering

Guys does anyone know wat is wrong ka mulalo?

06 Mar 2012 09:09

Mulalo receives a call from an unexpected caller. ( From kk) KK is not dead, he is faking his death and he will be back to fight his enemies bcos people don't die in soapieland remember?

06 Mar 2012 11:24

nothing interesting!

06 Mar 2012 11:46

hey blogerz m new here. Wats hapening to Mulalo. Ranthu boring.

06 Mar 2012 12:16

Hi Guys, may someone be kind enough to assist me with the last night's update.  Please Bloggers.

06 Mar 2012 12:34

ijooo they biwitched mulalo bathong....................... ranthu is boring.......... i dont know when is this dakalo thing is going to finish so that thandaza can go back to work..................thuli ena o tsaa dichanse

06 Mar 2012 12:36

KK not dead soo interesting yazz 
I'm not sure why Mulalo is sick but did he follow the instructions properly from Mulimisi?? really not sure!!!

06 Mar 2012 15:02

'Ranthumeng gets a shock when he comes home unexpectedly'' Thandaza will move out of his house if not he will find thandza in bed with Vhafuwi kwakwakwaaaaaa huh hhhh just wait and seeeeeeee

06 Mar 2012 16:15

@vuxy lol lol eysh u myd my dae yaz, but dat z nt true. Ranthu wl find sizwe plyng gud husbend 2 his ex wyf

06 Mar 2012 16:21

heheheh hay vuxy tht wud be the best joke eva

wena mxa why are u so sure? lol, tht'd be disgusting rha

06 Mar 2012 17:39

I thnk thandaza has reached a dead end in muvhango.. They jus don't know how to develop her character anymore. They made her too holy at the beginnin. And i think thats what make her character rigid. They shuld consider givin her sabbatical leave. U ya bora mani..

07 Mar 2012 08:25

morning beautiful ppls!!!!!!!!!!
where is Pheko na or did I miss something??
'Ranthumeng gets a shock when he comes home unexpectedly'' i so wish he could find thandaza and pheko in bed together making love, maybe uzotsho ayeke uba yi Plastic Husband.......

sexy d
07 Mar 2012 08:39

morning all

Mrs Chix
07 Mar 2012 08:46

please help who is o strike

07 Mar 2012 08:54

hayi ke umulalo xa eve athi shutdown okwe robot, lmao lmao, i totally loved that scene

07 Mar 2012 08:55


07 Mar 2012 13:53

hi guyz i thnk mulalo ddnt follw mulumsi'z intsruction o myb wt z happeng 2 him z part of being protected. Eysh real dnt knw, wt do u guyz thnk

07 Mar 2012 15:43

Thuli has gone too far, I'm awaiting her downfall wth ths guy thts coming in her life this month, kikikiki cant wait

08 Mar 2012 08:50

spha, you are so stupid, why are you doing this to thandaza who took you to her arms when things are bad to your drunken  parents? stupid boy, you dont even know what a budget is and now you decided to drop out of the college. your head is full of water BOY !!!!!!!!!

08 Mar 2012 09:13

spha wen u were buzy spending R300 000 did u forget that meiki is capable of stabbing ppl, ur attitude towards ur aunt will bit u at ur butt. thandaza and azwindini shud marry.  Thuli my skat u r full of urself with fake "daddy" why ungathi "baba" afterb all ur father is a zulu man not cheese zulu

08 Mar 2012 14:39

mulalo, you will

09 Mar 2012 08:28

pity meme is leaving we gonna miss u

09 Mar 2012 09:20

@zdwesha, r u saying meme is leaving the soapie?


09 Mar 2012 09:35

hei mulalo last night was screming lyk i don't knw may b that's how meme and kathu are trying to get rid of him watch the space.

09 Mar 2012 11:39

yes she is leaving muvhango 4 stage

09 Mar 2012 12:28

if Meme&Thandiza are leaving n then who going 2be the Qeeeeeeen 
Mulalo yena no comet.

09 Mar 2012 12:38

hey guys i'm new here

shoo meme is leaving hayi *dissapointed*
Spha Spha eish andisafuni nothetha

09 Mar 2012 12:48

ya nam i dnt understand why Thuli calls her dad daddy, it just does not suit malum themba

09 Mar 2012 13:15

ha ha ha bomyy i agree...... Thuli just bore me 

09 Mar 2012 14:17

lol doesnt suit him at all

10 Mar 2012 21:02

Waiting 4 de suprise!!!!!

12 Mar 2012 12:05

U Thandaza uya kuphi manje yena???
Thandaza, does she have a child in real life any one who knows!!

12 Mar 2012 12:50

hey guys, i'm new here.
Ranthumeng is a weakling, he is scared by the downs of life. all he likes is smooth sailing, when things get tough he runs away! no wonder umalum' Themba calls him the run-away husband.

12 Mar 2012 15:14

Thandaza gets wat she deserve , money cant buy luv nd if u were leeting Rantu to be husband who knows maybe he was gonna be u hubby for ever ..............

14 Mar 2012 08:27

@Prisci  U Thandaza uya kuphi manje yena???
Thandaza, does she have a child in real life any one who knows!!

Thandaza has no children in real life, she might be 38 years old if am not mistaken

14 Mar 2012 09:58

yep she's 38 vuxy...u Spha he's always in trouble ,oh shame poor Mr motsamai ndiyamvela yazi its like he does'nt even exist at MH wonke umntu thuli this and that

14 Mar 2012 11:24

Someone posted that Thandaza's character is going no where slowly, true, i agree. She must take leave of absence, 

Do you remember that lady sisterboss (Florence Masebe), oh now i remember Humbulani and that thug's child was called Dakalo, am i mistaken. 

Meme is going, shame i liked her a lot, ngoku we are left with power hungry Thuli, crazy Meiki and silly Pearl who refused a nice guy becoz of some friendship with a crazy Meiki.

Spha - Am i missing something here, how did Spha make all those withdrawals without his business partner also signing. To transact on an account, both company owners / directors must sign, but Spha went on a spending spree without Meiki's signature or did he forge Meiki's signature too, like he did with that letter from Thandaza.

14 Mar 2012 11:33

Have you guys noticed that even in real life, women with money tend to be bossy around their partners, especially if the partner has no money. There is also an issue with men who earn less than their spouse, they just feel threatened over nothing. 

14 Mar 2012 14:12

@pjvv i thouhgt i was crazy thinking that both should sign the cheaque unless he forged it. the writers miss it sometimes like the case where Thuli is made acting CEO while she is James junior. le gale gotla tweng

14 Mar 2012 15:21

14 Mar 2012 16:09

pjvv.......... its possible because if you doing the bank transfers just use the company pin and i think meiki and spha both have.......... in a company u can choose the signatories to be 1 or both of u can sign.......( or each 1 of u can sign ........  with this 1 meiki can withdraw money alone and spha can withdraw money alone)........

15 Mar 2012 15:55

Phuthi Khomo played Ginger long time ago on Gen but she was there again as Linda from Capitec Bank was it in 2010.

But cool stuff hey.

15 Mar 2012 15:55

yes TVSA just read the article, great news hey, very interesting

15 Mar 2012 15:56

ja hey how does 1 person play two diff roles on the same program? confusing

15 Mar 2012 19:44

The person does the role now, disappear, cum bak after a long time with hope that viewers have forgotten her/him.. Lungile also did in gens.

sexy d
16 Mar 2012 10:22

Thuli accepts a business dinner date with Njabulo Chabeli but gets more than she bargained for.  Guess this is the part where we will see the introduction of Chabeni wife cant wait to see Thuli face as it seems that he is falling for the guy

Spha the money spender lol now it is all failing down you could have just taken procedure steps now look what you have done worst part meikie wa batho was so trying hard to make this work and wena ka botlaela you went and ruined thing...

16 Mar 2012 12:02

update please

19 Mar 2012 15:39

hi guyz

 can I please have an update on tonights episode bcs angeke ngiphumelele ukubuka. Impondokazi, m counting on you you doll.

20 Mar 2012 15:20

lol m famous nhe??? lol
bt i wont be at work tmorrow, i'll c if i can update with my phone, @least muvhango don't have too many replies. scrolling on a phone can be a serious thumb abuse lol

20 Mar 2012 15:32

Impondokazi sana ku funeka i update ye monday please sana lwam

20 Mar 2012 15:38


20 Mar 2012 15:47

u c now don't start (angry) who is going to update us now

20 Mar 2012 15:49

lol oh so u guys must watch the stories while i miss out? lol

22 Mar 2012 12:12

This is so sweet, @Mpondokazi you are famous.

What will Thuli do now that she knows Njabulos wife????


sexy d
22 Mar 2012 12:25

am also wondering what will she do now since it seems like she was falling for Njabulo or are they going to have an affair he he he he cant wait to see what April teasears have in store for us

22 Mar 2012 13:37

molweni :)

thuli ddnt seem very hurt there, or she's not gud at portraying her emotions, she has tht little smile i dnt understand.

a wife n kids also? nice i love a "complete n big" family lol

23 Mar 2012 10:27

up date me i ddnt watch i was buzy watching  MOVIE ON ETV

23 Mar 2012 13:15

Thathe royal house now looks fabulouse*in queen's accent*

23 Mar 2012 14:24

hlw guyz am stl wth u

23 Mar 2012 16:03

Thuli was hurt, she is just a very bad actor, always standing there emotionless like a doll, and have you noticed how she takes about 2 seconds before she responds? ai that girl is bad... but beautiful.

i think Thuli is going to go after Njabulo and i think she is going to be a bad person, remember what James said "she is becoming a golden girl", also the  way she looks at James nje, one of them might be up to no good

24 Mar 2012 12:45

Hi blogers am new filz gud 2 be 1 of u

26 Mar 2012 10:44

@Z.P. Nkhonzeni

You are welcome Dear.  Feel at home.

26 Mar 2012 10:46

welcome z.p.

26 Mar 2012 12:48

ey sorry Zdwesha, m not good with updates this side, left early on friday ddnt c ur request, sorry bhuti

i agree Bomyy, she's really bad it's so obvious. she cant even keep a tr8 face when in an argument. bt yeah she's beautiful n i like her even thou she has turned into a bad girl.

dj fats
26 Mar 2012 22:33

Hi . To all you. I love you. Muvhango so much but they are depriving me of something."Pheko en thandaza".we need a loving couple plz "james en thuli" plz .I. Honestly. I don't giv a dime about mulalo en his drama plz.whoever is behind the script of muvhango I beg you to pull your. Socks then.(Let us have a different soapy that teach us about love. ,happiness,and family building,not all the rubbish,s. About mulalo en spa.

27 Mar 2012 10:49

@dj fats hayibo we've got Bafuyi and his wives nje lol haha; okay seriously now we really need i couple that can lead us an example for me Pheko and Thandaza will do the trick.... .... ... ... ....
and as for Thuli and that lawyer no no no no Thuli umuhle umuhle umuhle mntwana I really don't know......

27 Mar 2012 11:00

lol dj Fts, u sound like some one who is in a new relationship, i do not see anything wrong with spa and mulalo's stories. but yes, a heslthy couple will do, Thuli and james perhaps

27 Mar 2012 11:00


Trixy 123
27 Mar 2012 11:02

Hey I dont know....sometimes I get confused whether Thuli genuinely cares for Thandaza or she is there to take up everything that belongs to her....I think I agree with some of you guys when you say she is a very bad actress and cant express her emotions properly...Remember we used to think she was after Rantumeng and yet she is the one who at the fore front asking him to reconcile with Thandaza....I think she is just a desperate girl looking for success, love and recognition, but is looking for that at wrong places.....

I also agree that Thandaza and Pheko should come back together....I dont thnik Rantumeng is good for her.....

27 Mar 2012 14:49

How about a Gay storyline?and who better to play Gay than the chief?

dj fats
29 Mar 2012 21:42

@ bomyy and prisci thanks for standing with me on dis,I hope ? can help send. Dis massage to the writers of muvhango,plz.THANDAZA and PHEKO plz.I saw it from day 1,dat e part ranthumeng is playing is bogus,let him GO en take the same pay en give it to pheko.

26 Feb 2013 21:50

Haai man, Albert wants another wife bathong, kgale a dutse a sa nyale. Now o etsa manyala sies man. As for Thandaza yena Ranthu a month hlale. Nxa

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