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Muvhango Teasers - February 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Muvhango Teasers on 31 Jan 2012
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Coming up on Muvhango this February 2012:

Wednesday 1 February 2012
Episode 1507

Azwindini confronts Sundani about the paternity of the baby. Thandaza and Ranthumeng's first court appearance doesn't go as planned. Meme is determined to get rid of Khathu from Masase.

Thursday 2 February 2012
Episode 1508 

Sizwe makes a compelling witness. Thandaza and Ranthumeng argue about their future. Mulalo shocks Meme and Khathu.

Monday 6 February 2012
Episode 1509 

Will Thivhulawi make an appearance in court? Khathu and Meme have been forced to work together for the good of the company. Azwindini and his wives ... who will have the last laugh?

Tuesday 7 February 2012
Episode 1510 

Khathu and Meme are forced to listen to what Mulalo has to say. Pfuluwani and Susan defy the uncles's orders. Thivhulawi gets a fright.

Wednesday 8 February 2012
Episode 1511 

Thandaza has a surprise visitor The paternity results come out Khathu and Meme have to introduce their new shareholder to their investors

Thursday 9 February 2012
Episode 1512 

What does Thandaza's visitor want from her? Susan tells Pfuluwani what she heard at the clinic. Khathu is trying to get to the bottom of KK's strange business deal.

Monday 13 February 2012
Episode 1513 

Thandaza makes an last minute attempt to salvage her marriage. Sundani's big day turns out to be quite small. Pearl and Meiki seem to have caught the eye of the same man.

Tuesday 14 February 2012
Episode 1514 

Thandaza goes to Venda to find answers. Maxwell sends Valentines' flowers to Meiki and Pearl. But who has his heart? The uncles go to see the wives to try to make peace.

Wednesday 15 February 2012
Episode 1515

Pearl is in for a surprise Meiki could be in love Vhangani gives Azwindini some advice.

Thursday 16 February 2012
Episode 1516 

Azwindini sends his wives a letter. Thivhulawi's testimony is explosive Pearl is shocked when Meiki tells her what she's going to do.

Monday 20 February 2012
Episode 1517 

What will the judge's verdict be? The estranged Royal wives make a decision. Is Meiki going to lose it again?

Tuesday 21 February 2012
Episode 1518 

What is Thandaza going to do now? Pearl gives in and agrees to help Meiki. The nightmare is not over for Meme, just yet.

Wednesday 22 February 2012
Episode 1519

Mulalo turns to Mulimisi for help. A crisis brings Thandaza and Ranthumeng together, but things don't go as planned. Meiki confronts Pearl.

Thursday 23 February 2012
Episode 1520 

Meiki can't bear the sight of Pearl. Spha discovers something about Thandaza's will. The Mokoenas have some unwelcome visitors.

Monday 27 February 2012
Episode 1521 

What ails baby Dakalo? Will Pearl choose Maxwell over Meiki? How will Thandaza cope with her unexpected visitors?

Tuesday 28 February 2012
Episode 1522 

Meiki catches Pearl off-guard. Sizwe pays Thandaza a visit Spha decides that he can only rely on himself.

Wednesday 29 February 2012
Episode 1523 

Pearl tries to explain to Spha the seriousness of what he's done. Baby Dakalo is still sick and Sizwe comes to a decision. Is Mulalo in danger?

Muvhango is on SABC2 Mondays to Thursdays at 21h00.


31 Jan 2012 17:37

why does meiki hv 2 fall in luv wit men who r nt in2 her,they shld change her storyline. Partenity test 4 sundi's baby interesting

ownah m p
31 Jan 2012 17:42

Hei al! Wow i have been waiting 4 this!

ownah m p
31 Jan 2012 17:42

Hei al! Wow i have been waiting 4 this!

31 Jan 2012 17:56

Why why why is Meiki made to fall in love??so that she goes kung-fu on everyone again??hai man no, stop this Muvhango people...

Interesting month though...

"Pearl tries to explain to Spha the seriousness of what he's done. Baby Dakalo is still sick..."

Are you guys thinking what i'm thinking??that Spa did something to baby Dakalo to make her sick so that his Aunt and Ranthumeng get closer???mmmmmmmmm

31 Jan 2012 17:57

I'm 3rd by the way...

31 Jan 2012 18:06

Its gud to be here!

31 Jan 2012 18:57


31 Jan 2012 19:43

Muvhango e hot

31 Jan 2012 20:05

Top 10 man

31 Jan 2012 20:07

2012 saftas i hope meme gets nominated.she is the only watchable character on muvhango plus vafuwi and his wives xcluding bitchy sundi

31 Jan 2012 20:24

@ Bedi I suppot u

31 Jan 2012 20:56

Number 8 yeeepie!!

31 Jan 2012 21:13

Mxm it's not as interesting as i thought it would be... january was full of actions... why not end Meiki's part it seems so irrelevant..... or take her to Lesotho.. she'll come back in August.... lol... something needs to be done to this Khathu guy.... KK was way better actor than him.... or by the way i met with KK in PTA cbd, he isnt dead after all.... lol

cphe m
31 Jan 2012 21:24

no.11 not bad

31 Jan 2012 21:35

top 15, toko silinde kuchazwe utata wengane ka sundi since december bukukdala ngoko, makenze ahambe ngoku usundani

31 Jan 2012 22:07

Not interesting shame. Mabye the actor are going to do a better job acting this script.

sexy d
01 Feb 2012 07:56

morning all

let me go and read hope its intresting

01 Feb 2012 07:57

Paternity will say baby is bafuyi's.

01 Feb 2012 08:05


01 Feb 2012 08:17

@ownah my frend r u back! it's been so longggggggg i missed so so much!!! (jumping up and down)

they say something abt meme and Khathu introducing their new bus partner!! so i guess malalo is the new guy on masase!!!

Snuca Babe
01 Feb 2012 08:23

Not as interesting as i thought i will be, but than i will watch for Meme and Pearl

01 Feb 2012 09:01

i expected much more better than this...i read in tvplus that vanghani will fall in love with someone much to the chief's dismay,they havent mentioned it here..thats the only thing i'm looking forward to this feb,,,who will be vanghani's  love???hehehehehe

01 Feb 2012 09:12


01 Feb 2012 10:01

there is no couple in mvhango which is at least perfect, lets give thandaza and ranthu some peace and happiness, so that they can an example to all, not just arguing all the time, its boring give them a break, they suit each other, same applies to aziwindini what a chief, what are we learning from them.

Snuca Babe
01 Feb 2012 10:12

ella it will be susan *hides*

01 Feb 2012 10:38

Pearl Meiki and Maxwell!!! INTRESTING

01 Feb 2012 10:39

Swit Pee
01 Feb 2012 10:40

thats is why the name of the soapie is "muvhango" there should always be conflics, but tandaza should be given some peace its high time she gets some happiness for a change

01 Feb 2012 14:03

01 Feb 2012 14:04

Eish, Thats Muvhango ka nnete.

01 Feb 2012 16:20

Is KK really dead

01 Feb 2012 19:20




02 Feb 2012 11:23

Muvhango is hot.I mis Maki

02 Feb 2012 14:49

Thandaza and Ranthumeng must just forget about baby Dakalo. Sizwe is the biological father, meaning he stands more chances than the said couple.

02 Feb 2012 15:47

what are really these "women in long robes" when is that going to be revealed I am so curious I've been suspicious for too long now !! it's exhausting

02 Feb 2012 15:48

aai Muvhango*pissed*

Mash 2010
03 Feb 2012 08:18

Can someone please explain this "women in long robes" thing. Does it mean they are going to make Thandaza's life difficult forever?

03 Feb 2012 09:37

"women in long robes"  judge lady in long robes will drive here crazy , whenever she sits on her chair she changes to mulimisi and it is a friendly reminder to remind her about who is going to destroy her because she is going to loose baby dakalo, that is why she froze when ever she sees that woman( judge lady )

as for the chief, you are reaping what you just sow, i dont feel sorry for you, never!!!!!!.   Meme i think you have just find yourself a perfect match mulalo, i am warning you not to underestimate him because he will destroy you, he is a snake just like kk, he might look like a stupid worm like you said, but just watch yourback, he is ruthless just like kk, slowpoison you will never know what bite or killed you.

03 Feb 2012 15:37

it looks like i am the only one in the house, where are you guys?

03 Feb 2012 15:43

hey Vuxy so maan I didnt watch so cant really comment but I'm here!!!((((waving))))

03 Feb 2012 16:04

No-one is above the law bafuwi  Azwindini Mkwevho, ***clap hands for Susan n Pfulu***. I was lolling at messenger, its like he was giving a summons to bangani, did not show any respect, as would be expected in thathe..

He he he at Ms Bu seeing a vampiree in court, shame if i was the judge, i would not give custody to a crazy woman.

03 Feb 2012 20:43

This kk'brthr looks exatly like him is it my eyes or they related in real lyf but he is handsome i guess

sexy d
06 Feb 2012 11:16

@Lanchbar lol i also saw that they look alike who knws maybe they are really related

I lol everytime Meme opens her mouth. She reminds me of Naomi in RC they really knw how to act thise two

Snuca Babe
06 Feb 2012 12:03

hey Sexy do everything mush shuuush when meme is on TV, I even ignore ma calls hey

sexy d
06 Feb 2012 12:10

lol @Scuna Babe even ignoring calls mare hai dnt blame u meme is one crazy chick and i must say she has really grown in this character.

06 Feb 2012 12:39

kwaaaa , KK ands his brother HANDSOME@ Lanchbar that is hilariously funny

06 Feb 2012 15:09

Hi guys new here,I miss vele already

07 Feb 2012 08:38

hala ppl gud news phuti khumo is joining the cast of muvhango 2 b sam1 wife.
i wonda whoz wife

07 Feb 2012 08:40

@zdwesha maybe she is the one Vanghani will fall in love with and end up marrying her!!!! or she is malume themba's wife hahahah

07 Feb 2012 08:40

or maybe Neo is coming back with the wife this tym!  Meiki's Neo who got married while dating her!!!

07 Feb 2012 08:41

@morogo welcome dear!

07 Feb 2012 08:44

Sundani gav ebirth a few days ago and is already sitting on table and enjoying breakfast with bafuwi, tjo... i thought the man is traditional.

Meme, is a hard nut to crack.

07 Feb 2012 10:02

ysterday's episode ws nice!! i stay glued 2 da screen coz of Meme!!1


07 Feb 2012 10:19

@ badi pls share I did watch!

Snuca Babe
07 Feb 2012 12:55

Oh god i didnt watch Muvhango yesterday, Was soo busy with bedroom Activities!
Please Share guys

07 Feb 2012 14:17

He Mulalo 4rom being a mealie meal delivery boy in Thate to a boardroom business man at Masase. Hai u climbing that ladder boy, wonder who going to cook for u in Jnb coz Mkondeleli is in Thate.

07 Feb 2012 14:22

So its wil be the chief's baby. Thats why the wedding is ön. Mxim dnt want that to happen.

07 Feb 2012 20:50

@snuca babe bedroom actvities heh! Toomuch information hope it was worth missing muvhango

Snuca Babe
08 Feb 2012 08:44

@Morogo ooh yes gal i had o change mu bedding, clean and all that stuu wangthola?? those are bedroom activities for me!

sexy d
08 Feb 2012 09:14

so azwi will get married to sundi without the approval of the wives hai azwindini le ena o nagana ka gore he is chief he can do anything he likes hai suka man dnt u see u r destroying ur family further...

Thandaza wena u r gng to lose ranthu if u r not careful be careful dear before thuli steals her away now that would be intresting  indeed.

So mulalo is now a big shot in masase he he he i wonder wat will the bakwevho says when they learn this kwakwakwa they will summon him to thathe hai those people

08 Feb 2012 10:49

I meant khathu is better than kk @nakui

08 Feb 2012 10:53

ai Mulalo will not last there, i mean there is Meme and Kk's bro, they will get rid of him pretty soon, he is too dumb to stay on his feet

08 Feb 2012 12:01

mulalo is like agnes all of us thought she wont last see now she was a business woman so lets give mulalo a chance

sexy d
08 Feb 2012 13:28

@zdwesha n he might just surprise us

08 Feb 2012 13:55

@snuca babe ok gal my mind is in the gutter but anyway i like the way phuluwani showed bo albert the door and susan is not taking nonsense from anyone this days

08 Feb 2012 14:08

thandaza must give her life to God now, things are seriously wrong in her life, she needs serious intervention

08 Feb 2012 14:39

the vision that thandaza had last night told her the only way she can win this is a willingness to share

i dont knw what must she share

08 Feb 2012 15:11

@zdwesha i think she must be willing to share the baby with the biological parents.

08 Feb 2012 15:27

shame poor Thandaza and bby Dakalo is so pretty u could swear she is Thandaza's flesh and blood....ncooooh

08 Feb 2012 15:35

Thandaza's story line must be realy hard on her since she is got no child in real life

08 Feb 2012 15:38

@bezu &  zdwesha they said someone major so i also wonda who it is, cz the only male charactors that r dominatin full tym @ d moment ke azwi,james,ranthu n d lawyer, wts his name? 

it has to be someone handsome, gape o botsana ngwan'o la. i think ke the chick that thandaza once called ka that saga ya gagwe le ranthu thinking he is cheating ehhh her name is masechaba n ranthu said they r working together on a project, js guesin

08 Feb 2012 21:06

i think da dna was switched how can a doctor come with da wrong file,i smell a rat mxm

08 Feb 2012 21:07

Hey everyone, newbie here. Got to say I LOVE the drama going on at Muvhango. Whoop whoop Pheko is back, this will be interesting. He he he... Thandaza says that maybe she is not meant to have a successful relationship, vele maybe not with Ranthu. She must just get it on with Pheko. I bet she will fall pregnant in a min.

Snuca Babe
09 Feb 2012 07:56

@Z wedsha to share Ranthu with Thuli and Ranthu to share her with Pheko*Hides*

09 Feb 2012 09:17

hayi hayi suka maan why is that bby azwindini's child nxaa i wanted drama

sexy d
09 Feb 2012 09:25

so pheko is back again hai suka maan wat does she wants now to try for de last tym to convience thandaza to run away le ena gape

09 Feb 2012 09:28

@zdwesha that bby  is not azwindini's, just wait and cee, the doctor didnt want to embarass the chief, he j 

09 Feb 2012 09:29

Snuca Babe
09 Feb 2012 09:40

I hope it isnt Azwindinis1

Snuca Babe
09 Feb 2012 09:40

I want azwindini to suffer tjo

09 Feb 2012 09:57

i think phuthi will be introduced as Pheko's wife .

09 Feb 2012 10:37

@ all hi guys

have missed Muvhango from monday, so wat is this abt Pheko? is he Back ? if he is Thandaza will def be after him since she and Rnathu are a bit distant and r having problems!!

09 Feb 2012 11:29

mna I am scared becoz u Ranthu really that guy loves children and if this one ye adoption is not working out maybe he will go out and look for the woman who can concieve a child...... and that is Thuli ..ohh muhle ke loomuntwana...

Pheko I wonder what is he going to do this time???? can't wait..... maybe he will impragnant Thandaza lolest............

09 Feb 2012 11:37

Haai, that Doc is hiding something, that's not the chief's baby...You could see the look in his eyes, I wanda what is it that  Susan is gona hear at the clinic..I still think Mulalo is the father. Just wanna c sundani's stockvel party lol......AND WHERE IS HER BABY ANYWAY...The last time i saw him(the baby) is when shen gave it to the chief....I sooo love MEME

Snuca Babe
09 Feb 2012 11:46

Snuca Babe
09 Feb 2012 11:46

Snuca Babe
09 Feb 2012 11:47

im also convinced that the kid isnt his, i wish its not his!

09 Feb 2012 14:34

pheko is not going to stay long, he just came to spice up things then off he goes!!!!!!

09 Feb 2012 16:59

A 54 year old accountant leaves a letter for his wife one friday evening that reads,Dear wife I am 54 and by the time you receive this letter I will be at the Grand hotel with my beutiful and sexy 18 year old secretary, when he arrived at the hotel the was a letter waiting for him that reads,I too am 54 and by the time you receive this letter I will be at the hotel with my handsome viril 18 year old boy toy and you being an accountant you will appreciate that 18 goes into 54 many more times than 54 goes in 18

Snuca Babe
10 Feb 2012 07:52

Yho Mara Thandaza.... I feel sorry for you neh
I dont wish i was in your shoes! now lets see how u gonna smooth talk your way out of this 1 ke

sexy d
10 Feb 2012 08:04

morning all

mare thandaza ena was it really necesarry for her to lie to ranthu like that was is it so hard foe ena to say ranthu ur cousin is back in town. now ranthu will think that you have sumthing to hide since he found you in pheko arms i just wonder how are u going to talk your way out of this one..

i for one cant wait to see the look on sundani face when her big wedding becomes a family gathering thing now that will be priceless in susan and pfuluwani face.

Snuca Babe
10 Feb 2012 08:49

i Hope the truth can be reaviled on the weeding that the kid isnt AZWINDNIS

10 Feb 2012 10:17

What difference does it make? Movhango has no challenge for Viewers. Is family related. Only Khathu, Meme, James and Pearl are family separated

Snuca Babe
10 Feb 2012 11:12

Jam what do u mean by " NO CHALLENGE FOR VIWERS"

If you sayin what i think you sayin well i think its kinda fun, its boring when everyone is some how related to sum1 like Thuli, spha, Thandaza (shes realted to every1 from Venda) 

Khathu-----Is KK's Brada from Venda
Meme--- --We know her mother and saw them when there were doing i cleansing
James----Busi is there and we know his mother\Aunty
Pearl---well i dont know anybody here

people weve never heard of their families are

10 Feb 2012 14:35

Fosho the child is not azwindini's. Meme yu make my day. Tandaza's visions of the judge and the voice frightens me

10 Feb 2012 14:43

THANDAZA tshifevhi tsha muvango,

10 Feb 2012 14:43

THANDAZA tshifevhi tsha muvango,

10 Feb 2012 14:43

THANDAZA tshifevhi tsha muvango,

Snuca Babe
10 Feb 2012 14:50

@ vUXY OK translate

10 Feb 2012 15:10

@snuca babe it means muvhango's slut

10 Feb 2012 16:52

hlw ol blogerz am bq hop u stl remember me. Mvhango z hot jst lyk 2 c Pheko n Ranthu comptng 4 d love of my lyf (Tandaza)

10 Feb 2012 16:53

hlw ol blogerz am bq hop u stl remember me. Mvhango z hot jst lyk 2 c Pheko n Ranthu comptng 4 d love of my lyf (Tandaza)

11 Feb 2012 12:04

11 Feb 2012 12:08

Hey yall I'm new here and I really love muvhango.... I think Khathu is hot tho.... And Sundani that snake I dnt think that bby is bafuwi's and bafuwi is really stubborn Neway thandaza eish isidididi somfazi nje n akafuni ukuzwa ai wats rng wth ha Meme yoh I love her ta bits

11 Feb 2012 18:54

Any1 knois wat happened 2 KK in real life/y did he leave?

12 Feb 2012 17:30

sund z back 2 her old look dis preg have chngd her

13 Feb 2012 08:03

@zdwesha neither do i, m also confused

13 Feb 2012 09:35

2nyt is gona b a good nyt ,2nyt is gona b a good  goood nyyyyyyt 
thandaza got kot, sundai ran away and she is having a small wedding
meiki and pearl falling 4 1 man

13 Feb 2012 14:42

somebody please fill me in, did Azwindini find out the baby is NOT his??

13 Feb 2012 14:55

A follow up on Sundani's baby should be done...i cnt blv that vhafuwi is de fther and i think de doctor ddnt tel de whole truth................Does Pheko realy hv 2 cum bck at tymes lyk dis,when will Tandaza ever b happy lyk 4 reali

13 Feb 2012 20:30

I think thandaza still loves pheko.... Sundi ai that girls bby isn't bafuwi's,hey myb uthenge udokotela cz dats possible...

13 Feb 2012 21:21

Jst watched how ranthu dumped thandaza... No I take back my words they cute together eish no

13 Feb 2012 21:46

I swear.........dakalo is a child of the mukhwevhos.........mulimisi will reveal 2moro!!!!!!!

13 Feb 2012 22:01

Sure Thandaza needs TB Joshua not Mulimisi

Mash 2010
13 Feb 2012 22:25

I broke down when Ranthu told Thandaza dat its over between them. Eish...these things happen when you are attached to ....

14 Feb 2012 07:29

Phela umshado ka Sundani was just an excuse for ukudla kwa mahala as for Ranthumeng no Thandaza le devorce was long overdue I mean let's face it guys labantu azange babe ne chemistry from the start sure they look cute together but that is not enough

14 Feb 2012 08:48


14 Feb 2012 09:46

Now you have got me thinkin'

14 Feb 2012 10:14

@zdwesha.. I also suspect that Vhangani has something to do with the baby, I have this feeling that the guy in court fighting for "his" baby may soon find out that he didn't actually father that child!!! Owwwuuuu how could they do that to Vhangani... he seems like such a sweet servant to the chief!!! Love him when he say "he who says must die, I perish" aaagh something along those lines!!!

14 Feb 2012 10:25

14 Feb 2012 10:32

@ last, fa e le nnete, den Ranthu &Thandaza wil be saved. As Vhangani wont give dem hard time.

14 Feb 2012 10:45

Its over between thandaza and ranthumeng?????????
my best couple in muvhango
i'll never forget the day ranthu proposed to her,that was the best marriage proposal i had ever seen........i hate pheko nxla

14 Feb 2012 11:29


14 Feb 2012 11:59

mara thandaza's lies a becoming too much................. ranthu should go to meme

14 Feb 2012 12:19

Thandaza naye was behaving badly, why would she go and get comfort from Pheko leaving her hubby behind.

So Thandaza married Ranthu but can only find comfort in Venda, if i was Ranthu, i would also feel threatened or unhappy. 

Lol @ Sundi who was expecting a big wedding and only a tea party happenned.

14 Feb 2012 12:23

i knew dat tandz n runthu they r nt mean 2 b. tandaza'z heart belong 2 pheko dat z d trueth of real luv. i cy tandaza must go 4 pheko. bt ranthu n meme nt intouch et ol

14 Feb 2012 12:48

I never enjoyed Thandaza and Ranthu's marriage..... they always arguing for a small things am glad its over now.... Thanx bloggers for keeping me updated i only watch on Saturday.

Snuca Babe
14 Feb 2012 14:37

I liked it when Sundi said" Dont be dissapointed when you see my wedding on top billing" kwaaaaaaaaa Family gathering on top billing

14 Feb 2012 14:54

Can somebody kindly upadate me on how Pheko came back to Muvhango,i missed last week and saw him yesterday and could not put pieces together.please help.Makisto a u there,please fill me in.

Mash 2010
14 Feb 2012 15:10

I think Thandaza married Ranthumeng while her heart was still with Pheko.

14 Feb 2012 15:47

ranthu is too soft .............. he needs a strong woman who wil wake him up....... i like meme because she neva lies............ she just say everything as it is.........wherether it hurts u or not its not her problem

14 Feb 2012 16:00

What did Suzan hear at the clinic?

15 Feb 2012 08:00

I so enjoyed muvhango las night.. Batanuni and Batabatshindi. Susan and pfuluwani rocks this days. Sundi and mukundeleli about the honey moon was so hilarious.

sexy d
15 Feb 2012 08:22

lol wen meme said jimmy come to jozi referring to mulalo damn dat women can speak her mind indeed...

So max loves pearl not meikie now this is intresting

power to susan and pfuluwani bafu can go and jump to the nearest lake o nagana ene ke selo mang

Thandaza wena u confess all ur problems to ur exes its ndalamo now pheko why the hell are u still married to ranthu is u find comfort in other men arms and not your husband..

15 Feb 2012 08:50

I almost fell off my chair when vho Albert said Ndalamo says you are stressed, what hapenned, na Pheko drove all the way from Lesotho to be with her. i would feel un appreciated if i was Ranthu.

Thandaza was cooking, did they also get a house of their own when they gotm to Venda. I thought Mukondeleli was helping out at the Royal house.

15 Feb 2012 08:57

I liked the part where pfulu told the uncles that she is also from the royal family and she is a princess.....................  i feel for meiki she is going to go crazy again.........

15 Feb 2012 09:00

guyz dont u think vhangani is thivulawi's father...............

15 Feb 2012 09:04

Big ups to the Royal wives, but the way vho Albert was talking to them, what were they expecting. It sounded as though all the words were directed at Susan.

good for chasing them away.

Sundani forgets that she was umakhwapheni and she is now wife.

15 Feb 2012 09:43

Yoh if vhangani is thivhulawi's bby daddy then angaz... Ncncncnc poor vhangani,daz he have a wyf ko muvhango or a gf or sumtng... Lol sundani's wedding yonah yoh that's all I cn say...

15 Feb 2012 11:27

i hate bafuwi and the way he has treated Susan and Pfulu. Infact i wish they could go ahead with the divorce and the court gives custody of the kids to their mothers. Bafuwi can be with that lazy Sundani which i am sure he will regret his decision of marrying that girl. 

15 Feb 2012 12:00

Vhangani is a good man, please dont potray him as a rapist, may be he can be Thivhu's father, whom she found out about when her mother passed on.

Sundani is good for that man, she is going to teach him a lesson that next time he sees a girl, he must not act, may he can start singing "ndimusanda, ndina vhafumakandi 3 and 3 kids and must stay away from khakhathi"

15 Feb 2012 12:16

@pjvv  thats what im saying thivu's father why did she cried and got scared when bafuwi and vhangi enter the court room........

15 Feb 2012 12:19

can sam1 explains mulimisiz words "ur bby is crying for her blood" im not even sho if these r the exact words

15 Feb 2012 12:32

@zdwesha eish mulimisi's words a always confusing................ i tried to figure out what he is saying............ cant get answers

15 Feb 2012 21:21

I have had enough of this court case and why do u always bring pheko back? Its like he's only @ muvhango to destroy thandaza, is it his story line or what?? Borrring

16 Feb 2012 00:54

@zdwesha wen mulimisi cyd those words I actually thot dat myb bby dakalo has to knw ha real daddy nt sizwe bt vhangani.... Cz we all knw dat traditionally if yo daddy aint yo biological dad then wen the elders go ta da sangomaz n stuff they'll tell em dat da bby needs hs blood or sumtng lyk *hidez*

16 Feb 2012 07:46

Very confusing indeed my fellow bloggers are Mulimisi's words but i guess all these sangomas or prophets talk in parables.

Sundani went back home and chief is buying her a house, i also want to marry the chief so i can get a free house. 

I dont understand this, can someone kindly explain to me....If you are married to the chief, if you want to move out, you are not allowed to divorce you can still be called his wife but live separately. I see that is the case with Vele and now its gonna be Sundani.

sexy d
16 Feb 2012 08:07

morning all

Can someone pls update me i missed muvhango last nyt...

16 Feb 2012 08:09

Max, be careful buti, you dont smile at Meiki and expect her to take it as a friendly smile, she thinks you dig her, double trouble. 

Muchango exciting sham, lots to talk about not like other popular soapies, we just comment khona but nothing interesting.

That witness, where did they get him, its like he was told what to say. That Lawyer yaka Shange is not convincing. But atleast its not Nomsa, got tired of her.

16 Feb 2012 08:40

@sexy d....i will jus provide what i saw:

Sundani decided to go back home and Chief allowed her to take the baby as well coz its still very small and needs mother care even if Sundi will get some one to look after it. The chief said that he will buy her a house at Unit D and Sundi was over the moon and jumped onto chief's lap n gave him a kiss on the chic. 

Chief asked Bangani to take Sundi n babe home. He was telling Bangani that the wives did not want her and that they even tried to use witchcraft on her so she never felt welcome. Bangani told him the truth that Sundi also made life difficult for the wives, she has no respect  and is very lazy. Also pointing out that she is the one that caused all the problems and that is why the wives want to divorce him. The chief argued that he was attracted to Sundi by the fact that she is educated and has a university degree. Bangani told him that University degree does not teach one to care for the husband and to look after the household. After giving advice to the Chief, he excused himself to go n wash the car to prepare for the journey.

Meiki was smiling and thinking about Max who is in love with Pearl. Spha figured it out and told Meiki to go ask the guy out and Meiki was like ok, ok, i will. On the other side, just next to Dukathole at MH Max was asking Pearl out on a date and Pearl was all smiles and said she will think about it. Shame naye uPearl uyayifela ngo Max. 

At Mkoena house, ntate Mkoena and MaMkoena are leaving the house to go to court and MaNkosi asked mkhwenyana to take care of Thandaza, shame poor woman, doesnt know that Ranthu is fed up of Nomtha.

In court, The Social Worker testified that Shange is not a violent man. Then this lawyer, yabo Thandaza called a witness, i think they call him David, he testifed that he witnessed Shange shaking Thivhu violently and Thivhu was very terrified of him.

I saw Albert n Mulalo arguing, Mulalo was telling Albert that in Joburg there is no Chief and that the Mkwevhos will one day come and ask for his help, when he is well off. He put vho Albert in his place for once coz that man thinks he is clever than everyone. Albert was left with egg on his face and everyone was starring at him in the coffe shop.

That is all i can remember.

16 Feb 2012 10:29

pjvv wow what an update

sexy d
16 Feb 2012 12:32

@pjvv thank dear u r such a star
Thatha vhangane he really gave the chief piece of his mind nice one wished i could have seen that part

Lord have mercy on meikie hope this time she wont go crazy once she realises that max loves pearl not her

16 Feb 2012 12:35

i really like shame Pearl @ last

16 Feb 2012 13:51

A house in unit D,atlast Sundi.

Pearl,there is a knife with your name on it,because Meikie thinks she will hook up
with Max.

16 Feb 2012 14:07




16 Feb 2012 15:37

i will go to venda special to seduce Bafuyi so he can marry me then I will also have a house a Unit D haha!!!!!!!!!!

meike will really go mad this time oh shame I feel sorry for her yazz!!!
but I don't trust Max my inner voice is telling me something about him

is it only me I don't like KK's Brother he does not act that part kahle kahle (he does'n't do it for me tu) i just don't feel him !!!

16 Feb 2012 17:20

I think Vangani got something to explain concerning the father of Tandaza's adopted baby. The way that mother screamed in court when he appeared with Vafuwi.....

16 Feb 2012 17:21

He must be the father of that adopted baby

17 Feb 2012 10:23

VhuThandaza vha visa vhutungu ni ya divha,trying to write venda

zandile m
17 Feb 2012 12:10

guys wats up wth meiki ths mins she wll neva find luv again lol

20 Feb 2012 12:24

Hey bloggers I'm new here, I think Thandaza should listen to Mulimisi ...She must not be afraid of being for Vhangani I think he is Tevhulani's father .
 Azwindini & the wives!! Big ups Vho Susan I would never allow a man to do that to me

20 Feb 2012 16:21


20 Feb 2012 21:34

Guys them uncles know sumtng ngo thivhu

20 Feb 2012 23:03

@ pjvv, thanx for update, but lol at Bangani..

21 Feb 2012 00:34

Aargh man Ranthu needs to man up, Thandaza chose him over Pheko. What's up with all the bs. I just don't feel his character same as Sizwe's lawyer they lack vava vroom. Thandaza must just reach a mental break down it'd be cool to see her as a psycho women. Ai Meiki Meiki Meiki just because a guy is nice to you already you want him as ur boyfriend hai suka. Max likes Pearly so what you gonna do now. Haha I smell world war III here.

21 Feb 2012 07:16

Meiki shows that she is really not right entloko, if a guy is nice towards her, its love, remember with that doctor who was treating her, she thought it was love. 

I was dissapointed at Ranthu when he left  but its a lesson to all ladies who are well off, money is not everything, look at Thandaza, bamshiyile nemali yakhe. Even if you know you can pay for everything dont let it be too obvious.

21 Feb 2012 07:34

Big ups to the Royal wives, they refused to share their man with a gold digger Sundi.

21 Feb 2012 08:09


21 Feb 2012 08:19

Did you guys hear that discusion between Albert and Gizara regarding baby Dakalo the secrete is about to come out

21 Feb 2012 08:26

who is Thivhulawi's father, i wonder how the Mukwevhos fit in??

sexy d
21 Feb 2012 08:38

morning all

guys does anyone knws the secret that albert and gizara were talking abt hai i smell a rat who knws maybe dakalo is a mukwevho child

Good for u ranthu hope u will find somebody who you wont be second best to him

Wena Azwi hope u can keep ur word and keep ur wives happy those two that left dnt respect you all they need from u its money

It was so sweet for vhangani to remind azwi of the love he and susan shared wow

21 Feb 2012 08:41

The baby's name is dakalo.. And she brought divorce what an IRONY! Thandaza's life is all about thathe. She should get married to someone in mukwehvo family. Even gizara will do

21 Feb 2012 08:43

dakalo is a mukwebo remember when mulimisi said ur bby is crying 4 her blood
as meiki no comments

21 Feb 2012 09:48

Guys what did meme do?

21 Feb 2012 10:26

now whatz up with max's shirt bathong

Mash 2010
21 Feb 2012 13:20

Hala guys

Why is Ndalamo 's name mentioned all of a sudden. I think Thivhu is Ndalamo's daughter. What do you think guys?

Kwaaaaaaaaaaaa @ Max's shirt (malaselapi)

sexy d
21 Feb 2012 13:33

@Mash 2010 u might be right hey lol imagin if its true ndalamo ex wife adopted his ex husband grant daughter now dat would be muvhango indeed

@rebaone i think meme helped the police to get the confession out of that guy the one who was responsible for kk death now i think the big guys wants her blood since the police wants her to be under protection

21 Feb 2012 15:46

OH OHK, THANX Sexy d....You such a darling

21 Feb 2012 21:44

Whu please give Meiki a man yho now she's gonna kill Pearl. Khuthu's acting suck, most of the time he seem to loose his lines(ingathi akayazi into ayenzayo). I think Tandaza must just let Rantu leave man he is no match for her. She is a ströng woman who needs a ströng man. Just marry Sizwe.

22 Feb 2012 08:00

Morning all didn't watch yesterday update please

22 Feb 2012 09:03


The wives are back in Thathe and it was all smiles and they agreed to stop fighting and put their children first because fighting will traumatizing them.

Meme was pacing in Khati’s office then Khati came in she was hysterical and told him that KK’s killers had escaped from prison. As they were still arguing about it, the 2 foolish detectives arrived and told Meme they were taking her into protective custody and they went.

Thandaza was crying on the couch and she told Spa and Thuli that Ranthu has really left, he packed his bag and left. On the other side ranthu was at the B and B talking to James when Mampho arrived without notice. She sais she had personal biz to take care of anf also see baby Dakalo.

Ranthu called Thandaza and told him…Thandaza told him she wasn’t going to pretend everything was fine between them blab la bla boring.

Meiki begged Pearl to invite Max for dinner and she would cook. Then she said she will leave them alone and Pearl has to ask Max if he likes Meiki not knowing that Max and Pearl and max are already an item. After a lot of resistence she agrees.

She later meets Max at Meme’s club and tells her the fix she was in, they get cosy and Meiki gets in without them seeing her. As usual she freaks out and storms out. We later see her calling spa and shouting that Pearl betrayed her and Spha was looking so so uncomfy throughout the whole phonecall…

What else did I leave out??others can help, hope this gives you a picture of yesterday’s episode!!!!

22 Feb 2012 09:44

Why did Max send the flowers to CRAZY Meiki to thank her spending valentine,Meiki must stab Max not Pearl.

spongebobsquare tights
22 Feb 2012 12:41

meiki is pearl

spongebobsquare tights
22 Feb 2012 12:44

@gugulethu72.....thanks hey

22 Feb 2012 13:34

thandaza must marry the chief and all will be well

22 Feb 2012 15:54

@gugulethu72 ngiyabong mtana wa se khaya

23 Feb 2012 11:59

Meiki's going "cuckoo" again over a man, it's sad that she'd rather lose her best friend over a guy

23 Feb 2012 14:59

Meiki doesn't knw wat she's doin.

23 Feb 2012 15:46

Eyelash i agree with u ...................thandaza needs a strong man not mama'sbaby

23 Feb 2012 15:52

I still say Pheko is the guy for thandaza !!!!! he is maturer than ranthumeng!!!!

23 Feb 2012 16:39

Why didnt pheko marry thandaza?

24 Feb 2012 07:49

 ranthumeng is not maturered and he is not patientand that guy is stupid and cold, he can not even act well mannn dammm 

24 Feb 2012 08:13

@Gugulethu72... tell me girlfriend how do you change your font??? Love it when a person comes with new and exciting stuff!!! Please share!!

sexy d
24 Feb 2012 08:45

morning all

24 Feb 2012 11:33

 ranthu is half sotho and half xhosa

24 Feb 2012 11:59

why doesnt pearl date spha?i like them together,rendani is hardly ever present..

max is kinda boring and his eyes always look shut.maybe he needs glasses...

zandile m
24 Feb 2012 12:14

i wanda if thandaza iz gnna cope wth all de drama hppning in ha lyf

24 Feb 2012 16:38


25 Feb 2012 21:01

Hey pipo, I'm new here but an ardent follower of muvhango, it is simply the best...

Pliz giv thandaza a brk; she will brkdwn frm too much pressure, as for meiki, eish!! i loved it when she ran downstairs to find Pearl REALLY gone, and i guess tht tod her somethng, I just wonder what's gonna happen when she comes to her senses tht max & pearl r meant 2 last, or will they??

Mash 2010
25 Feb 2012 22:08

I missed muvhango on thursday. Updates pls!

27 Feb 2012 13:51

hie guys i am new here. 

27 Feb 2012 14:04

WELCOME @sharontee

There was no muvhango on thursday,since we watched 2 episodes on wednesday because of those teachers awards.

28 Feb 2012 07:56

Good day Peeps

I really hate what Ranthumeng is doing 1. he left Thandaza with the baby when Thandaza really needs him by herside. 2. he is causing a caos with abantu bakwa Shange, but why?? he is disgusting yhazz ; i just wish Thandaza will find indoda eqotho to take care of her and the baby...Ranthumeng is not men enough he doesn't have balls at all......(I like malume Themba he will put him in his place)

28 Feb 2012 09:14

@EVOQUE kikikikikikiki you crack me up...I type in word then cut and paste, whatever I would have used in word will then become the default when I paste here…like now…

28 Feb 2012 12:15

Thandaza must learn how to respect her husband. With or without money, husband is a husband.

28 Feb 2012 12:42

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