All My Children Teasers - January 2012

Written by TVSA Team from the blog All My Children on 21 Dec 2011
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All My Children was supposed to end from the start of January 2012 because the Nate Berkus Show was going to take over the timeslot instead. The Nate Berkus show will no longer be starting so AMC continues.

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Monday 2 January 2012
Episode 9635

Today is the day when each person in Pine Valley remembers the old times. Kendall and Greenlee separately remember the times they spent together.

Greenlee goes too far in imaginations, and decides to do something about her future, so she drops a huge shocker to Kendall and Ryan. Annie realizes that if Greenlee hadn't left town two years ago, Ryan would probably still be with her. Ryan says it isn't true, because she is the woman he wants to be with.

After being abducted by someone, J.R. tells Amanda that Adam must be behind this. Kendall fears for her baby's life when she suffers abdominal pain, but it turns out to be nothing.

Jamie doesn't know how to react to Julia being pregnant, and she says she knows he isn't ready for marriage. Ava reveals to Adam how she slipped the drugs in Sean's stuff. Meanwhile, Colby and Sean are taken away by the police and Sean does his best to protect Colby.

Tuesday 3 January to Friday 6 January
No AMC because of the cricket: 3rd test between South Africa and Sri Lanka

Monday 9 January 2012
Episode 9636

Annie warns Ryan not to talk to Greenlee because she thinks he would be playing Greenlee's lawsuit game. He makes an unnecessary comment about Greenlee.

Annie wants Kendall to pretend not to care about Greenlee's games, but Kendall can't keep quiet. Josh tells Zach that he'd like to help Greenlee, because he thinks Kendall's stressing out isn't doing any good for her baby. Jack blames Ryan for everything that's going on with Greenlee.

Then later, Greenlee is forced to take a step back and ask Babe to return to work at Fusion.

J.R. continues playing mind games with Amanda. Adam isn't convinced that J.R. has been kidnapped - but soon he gets proof of it.

Jamie tells Babe that he was relieved to learn that Julia isn't pregnant. Sean confesses to Jack that he has nothing to do with drugs, but that he wouldn't like Jack to defend him because he has to take care of Colby. Colby is suspicious of Sean's innocence.

Tuesday 10 January 2012
Episode 9637

Kendall is shocked when Ryan suggests that Greenlee should be accepted as a part of Spike's family. Ryan compares Zach as a step-father to Spike and Greenlee, who was also the reason why they had Spike in the first place. Greenlee is stressed out because Kendall won't even let her come near Spike.

Kendall warns Ryan that his type of thinking will some day hurt him. Annie is surprised when Greenlee tells her how Ryan stood up for her.

Ava questions Lily about how she would feel if Jonathan dated someone else. Jack and Erica become closer while trying to figure out how to help Sean. Erica advises Sean not to ruin his future for Colby. Sean comes to a realization that Ava might have something to do with the planted drugs.

Wednesday 11 January 2011
No AMC because of the cricket: ODI between South Africa and Sri Lanka

Thursday 12 January 2012
Episode 9638

Erica takes Zach's side when Zach wants Jack to take control of Greenlee. Erica is surprised to learn that Jack has hidden the custody suit from her. Stuart amuses Krystal by making fun of Adam. Krystal advises Colby to watch out for Sean.

The girls at Fusion try to make a deal with Mr. Westin, and after a bit of bickering and a lot of hard work, they manage to convince the man to go along with their plan, and the only thing that the man wants is for Greenlee and Kendall to work on the project together.

Erica asks the anonymous $1 million donor to accompany her to a function that would mark the beginning of her single life. Annie is shocked to learn about Ryan's idea to let Greenlee be a part of Spike's family.

The couple starts fighting with the idea, and Annie realizes that Greenlee doesn't actually want Spike, she wants Ryan. Ryan wants to have a honeymoon with Annie and Spike. Kendall finds a picture of Spike's sonogram inside Greenlee's purse.

Friday 13 January 2012
Episode 9639

Today is the day when all the Pine Valley residents dream a little dream. Krystal dreams about getting back together with Adam. Colby dreams of Sean releasing himself from prison and embracing her. Babe dreams of Jamie handing her a diploma and kissing her.

Julia dreams of Jamie being a doctor who tells her she doesn't have a baby, and that he doesn't have a life. She wakes up realizing Jamie isn't ready to be a father.

Jonathan dreams of telling Lily he is going to rebuild her tree house. She tells him she only needs him and they kiss. Then suddenly she turns into Ava. He wakes up confused.

Greenlee has a nightmare of Zach pushing her, and then later a dream of Spike and Ryan disappearing. She wakes up realizing what she actually wants at court. Annie dreams of a perfect life with Ryan.

Kendall dreams of being friends with Greenlee again, and Fusion being named #1 cosmetics brand in the world. Erica dreams of being in a reality show, and then kissing Jack. After waking up and talking to Jack, Erica tells Pam that she has a new idea for the show.

J.R. has a nightmare of Adam telling him he won't pay the ransom and that he isn't his son. Adam dreams of J.R. dying on the floor. When he wakes up, the kidnapper calls and requests $100 million dollars or J.R. will die within 36 hours.

Monday 16 January
Episode 9640

Ryan remembers his wedding day to Greenlee, which is interrupted by Emma coming in and throwing her arms around his neck. Di interrupts a tense moment between Babe and Kendall at Fusion.

Kendall heads over to Ryan's so he can spend some time with Spike as Annie gets them ready to leave on their honeymoon.

Adam nearly asks Erica for the money he needs to ransom J.R., but later, asks Zach to give him the money, no questions asked. Zach also heads over to Ryan's, where they open the door to Greenlee.

Greenlee tells Ryan, Zach, Kendall and Annie that she is dropping the lawsuit, and that she doesn't want to cause anyone more trouble. Both Ryan and Kendall welcome Greenlee's decision, and then Kendall places Spike in Greenlee's arms. Zach and Annie are confused by the entire change.

Jack tries to get along with Erica, but it seems like Erica has no intention of trusting him. She makes up a new segment and introduces various new women for Jack, but he doesn't like any of them. She is then surprised when Jack suddenly finds a perfect match, and she becomes jealous.

Tuesday 17 January 2011
No AMC because of the cricket: ODI between South Africa and Sri Lanka

Wednesday 18 January 2012
Episode 9641

Greenlee is overcome as she holds Spike for the first time and bolts from the room. Annie tells Ryan that their honeymoon is off, as she doesn't want to spend her marriage with Greenlee as a fifth wheel, but Ryan convinces her to change her mind.

Sean tries to manipulate Ava into telling the truth about the drugs, but she sees through him. Lily gives Jonathan some mementoes from their wedding, and then runs into trouble when she's mistaken for Ava. Jamie and Julia sadly realise that their relationship is not meant to be.

Di worries that they haven't heard from Amanda for a few days, but Del plays her voicemail message for the others. J.R. stops Amanda from intervening with the kidnappers.

Thursday 19 January 2012
Episode 9642

Jonathan saves Lily from the drug dealer. Ava tries to prove to Jack that she had nothing to do with drug charges against Sean, but Jack won't buy her lies. She continues trying to make excuses and blames Sean for everything until Lily arrives with the news of the attack - Ava finally says the man was looking for her. She then tries to convince Jack that the man was only hitting on her, but Jack is tired of her lies.

Ava then decides to move away immediately, and through tears, she says goodbye to her sister.

Stuart persuades Krystal to talk to Adam. Adam tries to convince Zach to help him get the ransom for J.R. Zach is surprised by the fact that J.R. is kidnapped, and then he tries to make a deal with him, including Adam giving him the mansion, the yacht, the Chandler shares, and Adam is shocked by his offer, so he immediately refuses and asks Zach to have pity. Krystal and Stuart visit the mansion, so Zach goes out.

Krystal tries to help Adam, but he refuses to accept it, and wants her out of the house. Stuart thinks Adam and Zach are plotting something, and he wants to know what it is. When he leaves without an answer, Zach and Adam finally make a deal.

Krystal feels like something went terribly wrong with Adam, so she wants Stuart to keep a close eye on him. Amanda is shocked to learn that J.R. planned the kidnapping, but soon she realizes how much she could get out of it. J.R. realizes someone messed up his mobile phone number.

Meanwhile, it turns out an accomplice of J.R. disconnected the phone number. The accomplice meets with Zach, who obviously has a plan of his own.

Friday 20 January 2012
No AMC because of the cricket: ODI between South Africa and Sri Lanka

Monday 23 January 2012
Episode 9643

Kendall and Greenlee bond while visiting Simone's grave. J.R. is angry at himself because someone trashed his perfect plan. Amanda comforts him. Krystal is granted a liquor license for The Comeback.

Adam has to meet with the kidnappers, and Krystal realizes there is something wrong with him, but Adam won't confide to anyone about his problems.

Jonathan and Di find Ava, who spent the night at the boathouse, and soon realize that she moved out, so Di invites her to move into Wildwind.

Tuesday 24 January 2012
Episode 9644

Kendall and Greenlee work together on the new Fusion project, and it seems like their closeness is finally back. Ryan comforts an insecure Annie, and reassures her that she is the one he wants.

Sean doesn't want Colby involved in the drug charges, so he decides to take her mind off it by taking her to a concert. With the cameras on, Erica and Tad attend a dinner at the same place as Jack and Milla. Jack is furious at Erica.

Jonathan and Ava rekindle their friendship.

Wednesday 25 January 2012
Episode 9645

An impatient Adam is reunited with his beloved son J.R. and is glad to see him alive. J.R. is shocked to learn that Adam turned to Zach for help, and that the money transfer has already gone through. Now Zach has total control over Adam.

Erica and Jack's kiss is interrupted by the camera crew. Jack gives Erica an ultimatum. Milla asks Tad out on a date, but he bails on her, and then later confronts Krystal, who accuses him of avoiding having a social life. Erica comes to an interesting idea and wants Tad to help her.

Ava realizes Jonathan is drawn to Lily, and then Di confronts Ava about having feelings for Jonathan too. Jamie and Babe, during their study session, reminisce about their past.

Thursday 26 January 2012
Episode 9646

J.R. is shocked to realize how much Adam cares for him. Adam wants to call the FBI to investigate J.R.'s abduction, and J.R. rushes to find Seamus to get the ransom money. Amanda requests that she gets part of the deal from J.R. - Zach warns Adam to pay off his debt.

Greenlee, Di, Babe and Kendall celebrate the success of a new Fusion product and they all seem like one happy family, yet Zach warns Kendall not to trust Greenlee. He agrees to let Kendall handle the situation on her own. Greenlee apologizes to Babe for what she said about her, and Babe compliments her.

Erica realizes Tad is joking around with her and Tad urges her to admit she loves Jack. Suddenly, Erica ends up in a hospital after a small accident, and Tad immediately realizes it's part of Erica's new crazy plan. He refuses to participate in it.

Friday 27 January 2012
Episode 9647

Greenlee's happiness is cut short when Ryan and Annie return from their honeymoon. Annie refuses to be bullied by Greenlee at Fusion.

A shocked J.R. learns that Zach is taking over Chandler Enterprises due to a deal he made with Adam. Amanda lies to an FBI agent to cover the story that J.R. made up. Amanda wants Aidan to help her find Seamus Wong. Krystal gives Ava a job at The Comeback.

Ava refuses to confess that she had something to do with Sean's drug charges. J.R. contacts Seamus.

Monday 30 January 2012
Episode 9648

Colby realizes she's being tailed and heads to Sean for help then is surprised to learn from Derek that her tail is a bodyguard hired by her father.

Erica enlists Josh's help while Livia reminds Jack that he doesn't have a lot of time to win Erica back before the divorce is finalized. Greenlee tries to convince Ryan that they will always be connected, but he reminds her that his allegiance is to his wife and children.

After J.R. tells her about how Zach played his father, Amanda tells Kendall that she's handing in her notice.

Tuesday 31 January 2012
Episode 9649

Adam and Zach meet with the Chandler Enterprises company board and Adam pleads them to consider J.R. as a part of their board, and to fight against Zach, but the board doesn't like their idea. J.R. apologizes to Adam for ever doubting him.

Amanda tries to persuade Zach to let her join him in his plans, but Zach refuses. Kendall learns about Zach's take-over and stands by her man. Aidan suspects Amanda and J.R. might be involved in a secret plan.

Colby is shocked to hear that Krystal gave Ava a job, and soon she ends up in a girl fight with Ava. Krystal makes them apologize to each other.

Jamie gives Babe a gift as a symbol of her studying success. Krystal is happy to learn that Babe is considering college, and then she realizes there is a spark between Babe and Jamie.

Annie and Ryan end up in another fight caused by Greenlee, and this time Annie storms off angry and hurt. Greenlee is sure that Ryan and Annie will soon be over, as she toasts a drink with Josh.

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