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Rhythm City Teasers - December 2011

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 28 Nov 2011
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Coming up on Rhythm City this December, 2011:

Thursday, 1 December 2011
Episode 1149

Naomi wakes up in hospital with Miles at her bedside. She soon learns that she had an overdose and that the doctors suspect an attempted suicide. Her troubles only seem to get worse when Miles finally breaks the news of Millicent's disappearance.

Lucilla is unhappy about cancelling her engagement party, but has to play the role of supportive partner when Miles asks her to.

Tshidi comes face-to-face with the demons of Maidi and Nozipho's marriage when he finally opens up to her.

Suffocate bears the brunt of the guys' mirth as they tease him about his public declaration of love for Puleng.

Friday, 2 December 2011
Episode 1150

Puleng and Suffocate discover that the club has been robbed and Fats gets a brainwave to start a night-watchman service.

Thula warns Tshidi that Maidi and his wife might have more baggage than she can handle. Tshidi finally manages to reach out to Maidi and their connection strengthens.

The doctor asks Miles to convince Naomi to seek help regarding her suicidal thoughts. Naomi worries that Miles is going to discover the truth.

Elizabeth calls Lucilla, but refuses to divulge her whereabouts or any details regarding her departure.

Monday, 5 December 2011
Episode 1151

Miles agonises over his missing daughter and the tragedy brings him and Naomi closer.

Lucilla urges Elizabeth to return Millicent, but Elizabeth turns the pressure onto Lucilla. Lucilla tries to convince Miles and Niki that Naomi's overdose and Millicent's kidnapping are Naomi's own fault.

While Miles continues to wonder whether Naomi attempted suicide, the police suggest she was poisoned.

Tshidi is confused about Nozipho's request. Maidi suggests that Tshidi accepts this free pass to make their affair lawful. Thula is stunned about the decision Tshidi is facing while Stone's worry over her association with Nozipho intensifies.

Puleng urges Suffocate to get proper security at the bar and Suffocate begins to feel she is imposing on his Decemberisions.

Rejecting Thula's advice to legitimate his night-watchmen service, Fats recruits and trains Jafta and his friends.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011
Episode 1152

Naomi subtly lets Lucilla know that she suspects her of supporting Elizabeth in her "kidnapping" scheme. After learning that the police have made no progress in tracking Elizabeth down, Miles decides to employ Harrison Tracy, a PI.

Naomi works out, through comparing a known sample of Lucilla's handwriting with the handwriting on her prescription, that Lucilla engineered her overdose. She vows revenge.

Tshidi struggles with her response to Nozipho's proposal. Unwittingly, Puleng encourages her to do it. Tshidi tells Maidi that she's decided to accept - but she wants to tell Nozipho before they act on it and sleep together.

Later, Maidi urges an uneasy Tshidi to sleep with him at once - but she insists that she must tell Nozipho first. Tshidi tells him that she has made an appointment to meet her in a couple of days time. Spontaneously, she tells Maidi that she loves him.

Fats fails to persuade Suffocate and Mamokete to subscribe to his security service. Jafta shows him the uniforms Rose proposes for the security squad, which cost R 500 apiece. Fats laments his lack of success. Thula suggests he ask Stone for an introduction to the owner of the restaurant he worked at.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011
Episode 1153

Naomi bribes the private investigator Miles hired to find Elizabeth. After thinking that Naomi is the one who scared Elizabeth away, Naomi confronts Miles with proof that someone else switched her medication.

Tshidi is convinced that Maidi doesn't love her and tries to avoid him. But Maidi isn't backing down without a fight.

Fats coerces Stone into acting as a reference for him to drum up business at Ponto.

Thursday, 8 December 2011
Episode 1154

Fats is hired by Carlos to provide security for Ponto and he starts off by deducting money from his crack troops. They respond by quitting on the eve of the big job.

There is more tension between Tshidi and Stone over the issue of Maidi. Tshidi agrees to Nozipho's indecent proposal.

Miles gets proof that Lucilla was behind the falsified script.

Friday, 9 December 2011
Episode 1155

Fats reports for his first day on the job without staff and is forced to choose between completely losing out on his latest business venture or accepting a drastic cut on profits.

Tshidi finds herself having to tell one lie after the other to maintain her relationship with Maidi. She agrees to a meeting with Nozipho and Maidi that leaves her racked with shame and guilt.

Miles confesses to Naomi that Lucilla was behind her overdose and that he has known about it for a while. Naomi pretends to be hurt by what she views as Miles's betrayal and kicks him out of her flat.

Lucilla's fantasy of a happy life seems to be coming apart at the seams. In the middle of her engagement party, a sheriff of the court delivers a very public and very humiliating engagement gift in the form a restraining order from Naomi.

She is crushed when Miles won't come to her defence against the charges.

Monday, 12 December 2011
Episode 1156

Miles' plan to make peace between Naomi and Lucilla backfires. When Fats learns that Karabo is coming home, he is forced to swallow his pride and hire Toolkit and Speshil.

When Colonel Engelbrecht wants to know if he should investigate Lucilla, Miles has to intervene and beg him not to.

Gail is shocked to hear about Lucilla's attempt to kill Naomi.

After agreeing to Nozipho's proposal, a distraught Tshidi backs out at the last minute.

A disgusted Miles walks away from Lucilla.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011
Episode 1157

The tension between Miles and Lucilla mounts and Miles blames Lucilla for Millicent's kidnapping.

Lucilla threatens Naomi who uses Lucilla's wrath against her to her advantage. Miles discovers shocking truths about Lucilla.

Frustrated with the hostility between Miles and Lucilla, Niki tries to convince S'bu to go away with her.

Gail sympathises with Naomi and offers her support. Kop inadvertently boosts Tshidi's conviction in her decision not to sleep with Maidi at Nozipho's request. However, Tshidi is filled with doubt about what to do about her relationship with Maidi.

Tshidi gives Nozipho a full confession. Fats is surprised at Toolkit and Speshil's diligence as night watchmen, but they seem to have a trick up their sleeves.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011
Episode 1158

S'bu shocks Miles with the news that he and Niki are leaving the house to escape the tensions brewing between him and Lucilla.

Smarting, he tells Lucilla that he doesn't recognise in her as the woman he was once married to - and had hoped to marry again. He informs her that he will be accompanying Naomi to the Transkei, where Elizabeth has been spotted.

After a talk with Victoria, Lucilla is determined to try to stop Miles walking into a trap - but Naomi convinces Miles that Lucilla is trying to prevent them from rescuing their daughter.

Maidi blames Tshidi for whatever consequences flow from her telling Nozipho the truth about their affair.

Thula believes that Tshidi told Nozipho in order to force Maidi to choose between her and his wife. Nozipho requests a meeting with Tshidi.

At Chilas, she demands to know when she and Maidi started their affair. Tshidi says that Nozipho can't criticise her when she persuaded her to sleep with her husband. Nozipho slaps Tshidi.

Fats learns that Toolkit and Speshil are selling prawns and calamari that he very much suspects have been stolen from Ponto d'Oro.

Thursday, 15 December 2011
Episode 1159

Fats cuts a deal with Toolkit and Speshil to sell the food from Ponto. Tshidi resolves to fight for Maidi, just as Maidi decides to give his marriage to Nozipho another chance.

At Naomi's prompting, Niki tells Miles the truth about Lucilla's threat to Millicent.

Miles walks out on Lucilla and straight into Naomi's arms.

Friday, 16 December 2011
Episode 1160

Fats welcomes Karabo home with some delicious prawns from Ponto. She is utterly confused by the whole situation, but thankfully for Fats her jetlag gets the better of her.

Miles has a restless sleep at Naomi's place. Naomi plays the good wife to perfection. Naomi feeds information to Harrison Tracy. He tells Miles that Lucilla was responsible for Elizabeth running away with Millicent and Miles is devastated.

When he finds out that they lost Elizabeth again, he freaks out and fires Harrison. Naomi's plan is working to perfection.

Tshidi confronts Maidi and tells him that he has to choose between her and Nozipho.

To avoid a sticky situation Fats volunteers to play Joseph in the nativity play. Nozipho meets with Tshidi and tells her to stay the hell away from her husband.

Miles goes to see Lucilla to tell her what an evil woman she is. Lucilla is unwinding like a cheap slinky spring.

Monday, 19 December 2011
Episode 1161

Fats tells Toolkit and Speshil that he's shutting down the operation, but it's too little too late as Karabo busts him.

Tshidi is depressed at losing Maidi.

Naomi plants the seed with Miles that Buhle isn't safe with Lucilla.

Nozipho tells Maidi she wants a baby, and he visits Tshidi with a startling declaration.

Lucilla attacks Naomi in the 9-Nine offices.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011
Episode 1162

Miles wants to go down and pay Lucilla's bail, but Naomi persuades him to let his lawyer take care of it.

Lucilla becomes desperate when she gets home and discovers Miles and Naomi have taken Buhle. She wants to go and bring him home, but Patrick Sithole warns her against the consequences of violating her restraining order for a second time.

Lucilla is more alone than she's ever been in her life and Miles eventually succumbs to Naomi and kisses her.

Maidi and Tshidi plan their future, but it doesn't feel like wine and roses. Her friends try to be supportive in their own way, but when Nozipho comes to tell her she's won, Tshidi feels even worse about herself.

Fats can't understand how Karabo or the guys could believe that he was selfish.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011
Episode 1163

Tshidi remains conflicted about her situation with Maidi but remains in denial about it.

Miles tells Naomi that the kiss the previous night was a mistake.

Fats forces Toolkit and Speshil to do the nativity play. Fats begs Jafta to do the nativity play and promises to buy him a cow.

Meanwhile, Lucilla approaches Gail to give her the code to get into David's flat, but Gail refuses. Stone meets up with Maidi and tells him that he is easy about Maidi's relationship with Tshidi.

Thula gives Lucilla the code to the flat. Gail informs Naomi that Lucilla was looking for the code to the flat. Lucilla finally gets into the flat and gives Victoria an ultimatum.

Thursday, 22 December 2011
Episode 1164

Lucilla's plan to flee with Buhle fails when Victoria alerts Miles and Naomi who stop them as they're about to leave the house.

Miles persuades Naomi not to lay charges against Lucilla. Naomi corners Lucilla at her home and tells her that the next day she faces a psychological evaluation which will determine whether she goes to jail or is institutionalised.

Puleng anticipates that Mamokete might have a problem with Tshidi's relationship with Maidi. Tshidi tells her parents about Maidi's divorce plans, and invites him to join them for Christmas lunch.

When Maidi pops in later, Kop lets him know that Tshidi has let the cat out of the bag and Maidi is very angry. Thula wonders why Tshidi had not told him about the renewal of her relationship with Maidi.

Jafta, Toolkit and Speshil are hopeless actors. Karabo despairs over the Christmas play. In an attempt to prove his worth to her, Fats offers to drive a drunk home from the club.

Friday, 23 December 2011
Episode 1165

Puleng tells Tshidi that she doesn't approve of breaking up a marriage and Tshidi's feelings are hurt. Lucilla has her first meeting with Dr Mazibuko, and insists that Miles attend the next session.

Fats feels that he is getting back in Karabo's good books, and gives Jafta a goat. Thula apologises to Tshidi again. Lucilla is committed to a mental institution against her wishes.

Monday, 26 December 2011
Episode 1166

Lucilla wakes up on Christmas morning in horror that she has been committed to a psychiatric hospital for observation.

Meanwhile, Naomi wakes up to her perfect family. She does everything she can to make this a special day for the family, but Miles can't shake off his despair at the turn-around his life has taken.

Naomi goes to see Lucilla to gloat and it takes every ounce of Lucilla's strength not to throttle her.

Tshidi is thrilled when Maidi turns up for Christmas lunch. She is even more enamoured when he fits in well with the family. Nozipho pitches up during the celebrations. She wants to speak to Tshidi.

She thanks Tshidi for taking Maidi away from her and tells Tshidi that it has set her free to live her own life.

Fats finds a white guy dressed as Father Christmas outside the club.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011
Episode 1167

Fats learns that the mysterious stranger he picked up from the club is suffering from amnesia and decides to look after him. He thinks he's doing the right thing until Thula points out that he may be biting off a little more than he can chew.

Lucilla tries to convince Dr Mazibuko that Naomi is a real threat to her family but her increasingly disturbing behaviour only serves to convince the doctor that she's suffering from paranoid delusions.

Later that evening, she realises just how dire her situation is when she has first-hand experience with Quanita's violent mood swing.

Miles is having difficulties coping with the situation and finds solace in Naomi's understanding company.

Maidi surprises Tshidi with a romantic gesture, but her pleasure is short-lived when she realises that he made the same one to Nozipho a few years back. She accuses him of still being in love with her and he fails to deny it.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011
Episode 1168

Lucilla pleads with Dr Mazibuko to get her out of the institution. He refuses, saying she is still suffering from paranoid delusions.

Fats and Karabo give the mystery man a new name. Lucilla nearly loses her mind when she finds out that Buhle doesn't want to see her.

Tshidi makes a devastating realisation about her relationship with Maidi. Naomi poses as a grieving mother on Gail's radio show dispensing wisdom to parents who have lost children. Miles thinks it's an amazing gesture which infuriates Lucilla.

Thursday, 29 December 2011
Episode 1169

Naomi reveals her plan to secure her hold on Miles by getting herself pregnant. Miles announces that he chooses Naomi over Lucilla and Naomi torturously builds up his longing for her.

Gail pitches the idea of a campaign to find Millicent and Naomi is not pleased with the prospects.

Lucilla changes tack in her game-plan to get out of the mental care facility. Dr Mazibuko buys her act.

Tshidi tells Puleng she broke up with Maidi and Puleng is relieved. Puleng is tortured with grief as Matric's birthday is coming up next week.

Fats assumes that Karabo is testing him by asking him to hand Gabe over to the police. He finds out that he doesn't have to prove himself to her anymore, but is conflicted when he realises just how much Gabe needs him.

Friday, 30 December 2011
Episode 1170

Naomi wants to wait until she's ovulating before sleeping with Miles, but runs the risk of alienating him.

Lucilla realises she has to pretend to accept that she's crazy in order to be discharged from the institution.

Puleng invites her friends to a birthday party for Matric, making Suffocate very uncomfortable. Gabe remembers who he is - Hendrik Botha, a rich CEO. He rewards Fats for his kindness with a large cheque.

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28 Nov 2011 22:37

ai, naomi finaly gets wat she wants! Bt i doubt its gona last. Am numbr 1

Tiego Skay
28 Nov 2011 22:41

Number two, hmmm! Not bad...:)

Tsoza bby
28 Nov 2011 22:45

yepeeeeeeee i'm first

The General
28 Nov 2011 23:16

Interesting stuff! This is what you call a soapie at its best! But where is David?

29 Nov 2011 06:39

Woah! Hot stuff this month. Naomi vs Lucilla reaches it's boiling point. I cant believe they actually institutionise poor Lu. Hardcore. I hope she wins in the end.

sexy d
29 Nov 2011 07:34

looks like its gonna be intresting let me go and read

29 Nov 2011 08:23

Wow!naomi finaly wins,poor lucila alone in a madhouse

29 Nov 2011 09:09

hayikhona naomi

29 Nov 2011 09:22

I hate Naomi wth a passion. God help Lucilla as for Miles foolish and stupid as ever.

29 Nov 2011 11:23

top ten...yep! lemme read

29 Nov 2011 11:25

Oh lord, Naomi stays winning, poor Lucilla, she needs to find a new man for herself, Miles is a hopeless case, where is Ivan, where is David, is he still awaiting trial!

29 Nov 2011 12:37

hot stuff...RC never disapoints...Poor Lu! Fats i hope u not gonna spend that big check on sweets! we all know that you are capable of doing that! hahahaahahaha

29 Nov 2011 13:27

Poor Lu i hope she find a new man (not Mile cos he don't have a back bone). Tshidi is always in trouble how can she be happy. Is Gail preg in real life?

29 Nov 2011 16:08

But Miles is so spineless, yoh!

29 Nov 2011 16:11

I really don't like what is happening to poor Lu, what did she do to deserve this, oh yeah, she made the mistake of falling in love with that idiot Miles, now he is going to take her child from her.

29 Nov 2011 16:13

OK, it is going to be entertaining but I don't like what they are doing to Lucilla. No, I don't like it.

29 Nov 2011 16:17

You can say that again Tshd21; he is so freakingly spineless it is scary. Lu deserves better now.

29 Nov 2011 16:28

To think that we have such spineless men like Miles is actually very scary!

29 Nov 2011 22:34

jo bathong, why mara things like this happen to Lulu? She does not deserve all this. Miles ene o jele korobela ke ra phehla. So if she falls pregnant with Miles child, all hell will break lose. Niki le Victoria? Sho! Ditlhare tsa Naomi di a dira, neh? Miles is in deep trouble. Naomi o tla go tshega ka petrol o robetse mme a go tshuma ka molelo

Maka Bukhazi
30 Nov 2011 04:00

Naomi needs help. She can even manipulate a shrink ai kunzima

sexy d
30 Nov 2011 08:50

morning all

@andzon yes dear gail is pregnant in real life

Tshinawa should rather come back and save poor lu ga le nna monna o tshwanang le miles ke a moleboga ga a na backbone e le ruri

Matshidiso Khuse wen will u stay out of trouble mare


30 Nov 2011 09:11

Yo yo,  mara what is Nozi asking Tshidi to do?

Fats shame is trying real hard to get Puleng and Suffo together!!!

as for the devil Naomi yena hai!!!!!

memyself i
30 Nov 2011 09:55

hey guys  im a silent blogger i have been reading your comments for almost a year ..

@sexy d Matshidiso Khuse wen will u stay out of trouble mare >>lolest hai undibulala ngezhleko ekuseni so
Naomi is the devil ,as for matshidiso hayi she always get into trouble  suka. 

30 Nov 2011 10:06

@Phelendaba, i thinks she is asking her to sleep with Maidi! Correct me if im wrong, anyone?

30 Nov 2011 11:00

@ Skura you are right but why? Why she (Nozi) don't sleep with her husband, is there anything they are not telling us?

30 Nov 2011 12:56

@Andzon, there must b something wrong either with Nozi or Maidi, remember when she told Tshidi that they havent had sex for over a year...Now my gues would be Nozi has got serious problems

30 Nov 2011 13:53

Eish i found myself watching RC yesterday ...and tjo i was in shock by Nozi's plea.

Tshidi will never learn a lesson. This girl is ALWAYS in mud. 

Naomi is crazy.. 

Miles is acting like a robot.

30 Nov 2011 14:42

To be honest, yesterday it did seem like Lu was the crazy one and Naomi the sane one, she acting irrationally. She needs to realise that the only way Naomi will be out of her life is if she cuts Miles completely from her life and moves to another town.

30 Nov 2011 16:12

I don't like the way Tshidi was disrespecting Stone, where is Kop with a belt, yesess, ngwana o la wa telela, o nyaka go tshiwa kgang ye a nang le yona.

30 Nov 2011 16:15

I think Fats watches too many romantic movies, did he really think that locking them together was going to get them back together.

30 Nov 2011 16:18

I think the reason why we have not seen David is bacause the writers don't want to waste villaneous acts by putting both Naomi and David on at the same time. But damn it Naomi is freakishly evil, David could learn a thing or two from her.

30 Nov 2011 16:32

I would also lose it if woman who tried to kill my child, but after I was done with her, I would be going to straight to jail, I would be wholly responsible for my actions.

30 Nov 2011 16:34

Poor Nozi, your trust is misplaced.

30 Nov 2011 19:44

True...Naomi and David together is just too strong of an evil act,there has to be a balance...still,nobody does it better then Genaro

30 Nov 2011 22:38

I have never felt so down like today.reading this teasers it was like felt so real.David was a monster but he really loved lulu compared to miles. Even Evan will do better than him.Miles never stop to proclaim his love to lulu when she was with David.the old man doesn't have balls. Today he calls lulu by name. The rapist get away with everything. I wish Elizabeth can come back, or somewhere some how the truth comes out that the witch naomi was lying all along. As for lulu find your strength and move on with your life.when the dog come back crawling show him the door.

01 Dec 2011 09:21

available, I can empathise, I was so depressed reading the teasers that for a moment I considered giving RC a pass this month, but then I would miss all the other characters.

01 Dec 2011 10:09

Bathong, thusang, i couldn't watch yesterday, what did Maidi say to Tshidi??

Why does Nozi want Tshidi to sleep with her husband

Did Elizabeth eventually run away??

Can't wait to watch today's episode

01 Dec 2011 10:30

I mst say I'm hpy wth RC this mnth,mama Naomi is gttin wat she wnts...

01 Dec 2011 16:10

It’s only fair that Lisbeth ran away, the woman was planning on killing her baby. She is probably in Moz by now.

01 Dec 2011 16:13

As for Tshidi of cos people are going to judge you, things like that are frowned upon; do you think that people should give you a medal for sleeping with a married man; aag shame man we are not going to give you a Bell’s.

01 Dec 2011 16:15

I can’t wait for the day when they’ll all need to go to Lucilla and grovel for forgiveness. It seems Lu can’t trust anyone and she will have no one in her corner this festive season; Victoria; Gail will all turn against her.

01 Dec 2011 22:31

Maybe I must stop to watch RC this month.victoria!who is your madam?niki u must b ashamed of yourself

02 Dec 2011 07:43

So the armed robbers raped Nozi in front of the hubby, now he cant even touch her....shame

02 Dec 2011 09:05

Poor Nozi, she really has been through it and I can only imagine what it does to her when Maidi rejects her!

02 Dec 2011 09:29


02 Dec 2011 10:00

Mokema where does the rape news come from?who is your source?if that's true is not fair 4 maidi to treat her like she is paying his school fees

02 Dec 2011 10:09

I don't think it's Maidi who's rejected Nozi. I think it's Nozi who's not having sex with Maidi because of what happened to her. That's why she's asked Tshidi to sleep with him because she's scared by not being able to be with him sexually, she's going to lose him. Not saying what he's doing is right, but that's my interpretation of what's going on.

02 Dec 2011 11:45

@ filmho, i might be wrong neh, but this is my interpretation, Maidi cant sleep with Nozi because everytime they are about to have sex, all that happened that night comes back to Maidi, remember he was watching his wife being raped, and now Nozi has asked Tshidi to sleep with him, hoping that he will forget about that night...and if it was Nozi, then y would she wana fix her marriage? She could've gone to see a shrink or something! thats just my opinion! later

02 Dec 2011 11:52

@skura, definitely another way of looking at it. I guess that's the nice thing about stories on TV, they're open to interpretation!

02 Dec 2011 12:24


02 Dec 2011 15:41

@ available, Maidi confessed it in last night's episode, he did not explicitly say it but he implied that his wife was raped. I am with skura on this one, I think Maidi is the one holding back might be wrong though!

02 Dec 2011 16:09

Lol, Suffo got a ribbing from the guys about the whole thing.

02 Dec 2011 16:11

Tshidi, wrong is wrong, it doesn't matter how you justify it.

sexy d
05 Dec 2011 09:12

Morning all

05 Dec 2011 09:54

Morning sexy d. I saw the promotion teaser for dec and it seems Miles will be saying some hectic things to Lu. After all this, I hope she doesn't take Miles back. What is Miles, man or mouse?

Snuca Babe
05 Dec 2011 10:42

Tjp Lucilla bantu...i feel for her shame!!

05 Dec 2011 11:44

lol, i guess we need to sit back and keep our remote controls handy...*sit back, relax and enjoy RC*

05 Dec 2011 13:48

I really want to see the reasoning behind Maidi saying that maybe Tshidi should say yes to Nozi's offer. My guess is that the bastard wants to have his cake and eat it, he should be ashamed of himself!

05 Dec 2011 16:30

Maidi is selfish how could he cheat on Nozi, 
Why liz didn't tell Lu about the baby cos she pay fot the ticket to Maputo

05 Dec 2011 16:37

Lisbeth complicated things for Lu shame, as for Niki, if you only knew that Lisbeth would actually vindicate Lu by revealing what a manipulative person Naomi really is.

05 Dec 2011 16:39

Miles is a spineless twit, who deserves everything he gets.

sexy d
06 Dec 2011 08:29

can someone please hit miles with a frying pan dat man is just too useless for words.

I just cant wait to see the look on miles, niki and gail when they realise naomi has been playing them all along and Lu was right.

Lisbeth mare wena y didnt u tell Lu the truth about millie now the evil naomi is getting away with everything...

Tshidi le Maidi le bo mokwandi(sp) straight y dnt u tell Nozi the truth who knws maybe your confessions about your affair will set her free

06 Dec 2011 09:40

Lol sexy d, I will give that person a frying pan!

06 Dec 2011 16:32

Hi guys

Hao batho bakae,or did something happen to ur TV's mabane bosigo. A ke kgane Im 'new but I have never seen such poor response on the comments column,especially now that the soapie is this hot.Kgante wat am I missing hle bathong Please pray tell.

06 Dec 2011 18:59

fhuni my PC at work is actually locked and can't access TVSA until after 4, so I have to wait for that or I access it through my phone which just chows my airtime!

06 Dec 2011 19:05

Puleng is already acting like Suffo's wife, suggesting which insurance to go with. Niki disrespedting Lu like that, it should not go unpunished, Lucilla, please do us all a favour and kick that heifer out. I friggin' loathe her. Did Thula actually pimp out Tshidi and give her the green light to sleep with another woman's wife!

06 Dec 2011 19:10

Tshidi is not doing this out of the goodness of her heart, she is only doing this to legitimise her affair with a married man, she actually wants him to leave his wife so she won't have to deal with her guilt, if you feel guilty about something then that's a clear sign that what you're doing is wrong!

06 Dec 2011 20:50

Hallowz. Shame Lucilla, eish yaz second round ya eish!

sexy d
07 Dec 2011 07:51

ayeye lucilla naomi is coming back for round two and rest assured its gonna be hot than the 1st round cant wait...

07 Dec 2011 09:50

I'm looking forwand on tonight, did you see Mile's face when he saw the doctors note. It on round number 2 Who will win?
You got to love Sufo the way he change the chair after Puleng change it, it goes to show that he don't want Puleng to change or control him.

07 Dec 2011 14:24

oh poor thnkng of taking a break 4 now..I cant stand Naomi&Maidi!!!

07 Dec 2011 14:50

round num 2 lulu watch ur back.

07 Dec 2011 18:23

You and me both kazingelwayo, I mean really things are just falling too easily into place for Naomi. Lu is not really good at this whole thing, the woman couldn't even disguise her own hand writing, she should say that Naomi actually faked her hand writing and wants her to take the blame and I am sure with enough convincing (not that she needs much convincing cos she already thinks that Naomi is a witch), Lisbeth would corroborate her story.

07 Dec 2011 18:31

Can't Tshidi and Maidi find a better place to do the deed, Fats' gym really, aowa ruri! Guys how did Naomi get hold of the prescription note, did she get it from the chemist, did I miss that part?

07 Dec 2011 19:05

Avulekile amasango eJerusalem. Naomi naomi!

La Dolce Vita
07 Dec 2011 19:14

Lol iyhoo! "Hamba uyoxosha uLucilla! *sings* Avulekile amasango....whooo Jerusalem!" Moshidi KILLS it!

08 Dec 2011 08:43

Asevulekile amasango again, I love Naomi when she saying Baba u-Vilakazi ngenhlonipho like she really mean it.

08 Dec 2011 10:06

Iyoo, Naomi is so sure that Miles is going to Lucilla out.

08 Dec 2011 10:24

Miles can't kick Lu out, its her house

Lol, avulekile masango Naomi

08 Dec 2011 10:33

08 Dec 2011 12:00

Poor Lu, she will stay alone in her big house. Lu must leave she's got everything money house etc.

08 Dec 2011 12:01

Exactly phelendaba, its her house, so I guess he is going to move to Naomi's place or is it David's place!

08 Dec 2011 12:04

andzon, Miles is gonna go crawling back to Lucilla!

08 Dec 2011 12:15

Good-day 2 u y'all

calamity " 'Miles is gonna go crawling back to Lucilla!'

Strue!! bt if i were her, i wuld kick his ass out my hse & neva wanna c hm again. Hez easily carried away, jus like mos' men.  Millie seems 2 b mo important thn his 2 boys, mayb coz her so-called mother is a pyscho.....

08 Dec 2011 14:23

@andzon- Lu can have all the money in the world n a big house but all of that will be nothing if Baba Vilakazi is not there with her.Like she said she will do anything to protect her family with Miles and nothing can stop her.
AAAhhhh Moshidi wae baka,I really applau her on how she potrays this Naomi character.Avulekile amasango e Jerusalem

08 Dec 2011 15:29

I believe that if Miles trully loved Lucilla, he wouldn't be so easily swayed by that crazy woman, he seems to have swept the fact that Naomi once tried to kill his son under the rug, everyone has forgotten except Lucilla, I mean what mother would and let's not forget that Lucilla saved his life when Naomi was going to off him!

08 Dec 2011 19:01

I have missed about 25 minutes of RC cos there was no signal!

09 Dec 2011 09:33

Hi guys,tjo disaster,mabane wen  i got home from work i  turned on de TV it went cold on me,thought it was just myn kgante no no no! de whole neighbourhood its da same story. Please guys update me please.

09 Dec 2011 12:45

I only caught the last 5 minutes where Miles confronted Lu about the fake prescription and she of cos denied it and he told her he does not know the woman she has turned into. There was more disrespect from Niki, telling Lu that whatever she is hiding will come out and she was telling Lu how she can't blackmail her into keeping quiet!

sexy d
09 Dec 2011 13:04

Naomi is playing miles like a guiter

ok let me try

Fats managed to convinced Carlos to hire his services. Jaftha and his gorrilas went on stike when fats told them that he will deduct R200 on their wage for uniforms bcos they wanted those uniform mind u he is paying them R200 a nyt

Tshidi meet with Nozi and told her that she accept her proposal but first acted that she didnt wanna do it and Nozi asked Tshidi how r they going to break the news to maidi abt the proposal shame poor her he doesnt knw that the hubby is the one who pushed tshidi to do this.

Calamity u r tite there with ur comment niki ena o batla a hot clap or better yet lucilla a mo kobe mo ntloung. The P.I told miles that they are getting there in finding Elizabeth but he was lying bcos naomi told him to stop looking for Lisbeth but keep lying to miles and tell him that he is making a progress

Hope it helps

09 Dec 2011 14:24

Hey guys i can c this is a warm house luv u guys 4 the updates kip well

09 Dec 2011 15:03

Where is Ivan when you need him Lu must forget about Baba Vilakazi (everytime Noami say Baba Vilakazi I laugh I don't know whey) and look for Ivan or visit David in jail.

09 Dec 2011 15:18

I see what you mean andzon, but Lu can't go to David cos he has sworn vengence against the whole Vilakazi family and there is that small matter where she conspired with Ron to kill Dave.

Karabo thantsha
09 Dec 2011 18:45

Naomi finaly gets wat she wanted long time ago poor lucilla jst hope she gets anatha man...@happy ppl naomi nd mills

Gadson omariba
09 Dec 2011 21:24

Does dat reflect relationships en life thea n SA? wow interesting series...

10 Dec 2011 14:21

Belive it or not, there are weak-minded men like Miles out there! Naomi didn't even have to put in too much work, her presence nje is enough to send Lu over the edge. Naomi just needs a few suggestive comments here and there (to people like Miles, Gail, S'bu and Niki) and just sit back and watch Lucilla implode!

12 Dec 2011 10:04

So fiilho was right, it is Nozi who won't let Maidi touch her.

12 Dec 2011 10:24

sorry meant filmho!

12 Dec 2011 10:25

sorry meant filmho!

12 Dec 2011 12:42

Hie good people.

I am angry with Lisbeth for not revealing the truth about the devil Naomi.  She is the only person who can solve this dilemna kaMiles and Lulu.  I just wish the day is soon for Naomi's wicked ways to be on display.

12 Dec 2011 13:01

when r they going 2 reveal gailz pregoz/

12 Dec 2011 16:02

As much as I hate Naomi, she does make for fun viewing shame.

12 Dec 2011 16:06

Miles, you can’t steal something that is yours so Lisbeth didn't steal her own baby. Ooh I can't wait for someone to find out that it is all a scam contrived by Naomi, it's going to be bloody good.

12 Dec 2011 16:08

Miles should just tell Lu that he loves Naomi and be done with it cos if he loved Lu it wouldn’t be this easy for Naomi to come between them.

12 Dec 2011 16:11

Can someone disillusion Miles and tell him that Millie is not his, the way he is going on and on about it. Can we get new guys to drool over, get a hawte barman or something?

12 Dec 2011 16:11

Can someone disillusion Miles and tell him that Millie is not his, the way he is going on and on about it. Can we get new guys to drool over, get a hawte barman or something?

12 Dec 2011 16:12

Can someone disillusion Miles and tell him that Millie is not his, the way he is going on and on about it. Can we get new guys to drool over, get a hawte barman or something?

12 Dec 2011 16:12

Can someone disillusion Miles and tell him that Millie is not his, the way he is going on and on about it. Can we get new guys to drool over, get a hawte barman or something?

12 Dec 2011 16:14

Can’t Maidi and Tshidi find a better place to do it?

12 Dec 2011 16:15

I hate Naomi but damn it she makes RC enjoyable. Exploit is a big word for you Jafta.

12 Dec 2011 16:23

@Incarnate, they will never get a place more convenient to do it.

sexy d
13 Dec 2011 08:57

morning all

Karabo thantsha
13 Dec 2011 09:08

morning jst woke late but am the 1st one to say mornin

13 Dec 2011 09:13

Morning sexy d,

13 Dec 2011 09:40

lol, sexy d got there first!

Karabo thantsha
13 Dec 2011 09:45

helo calamity

13 Dec 2011 10:04

hey guys whats up

13 Dec 2011 18:49

Hold on to this feeling of hurt Lu, and when Miles comes crawling back, remember how you felt at this moment and don't you dare forgive him!

14 Dec 2011 07:49

Did Miles have to tell Naomi that it was Lulu who fodged the prescription mara he?

14 Dec 2011 07:51

Aowa o mo loile Miles naomi, it's a good thing she is still alive, maybe she can reverse the spell.

14 Dec 2011 07:54

Lucilla is right, they have been through so much together with Miles that it is not even a question of whether or not he should defend her, he should just do it.

14 Dec 2011 07:57

Damn it Lulu, you are like putty is Naomi's hands, you just keep giving her ammunition, you can't play games with Naomi because you don't know the rules and you don't know how.

14 Dec 2011 08:38

Lulu shame, naomi's got you right where she wants, 

as for Tshidi yena, mama gae o mo rutile pila not to lie, 

mara sometimes the truth will get you into trouble, look at what she is doing to maidi's marriage

sexy d
14 Dec 2011 08:43

morning all

@Ingenuity well said he should jst give up i mean teally banna ba bantsi too many in the sea wats so special about Mr No Backbone Vilakazi.

Naomi is a master when it comes to manupilation mare who can blame her miles ke motho fela e kare ngwana wa ko creche

14 Dec 2011 13:51

Tshidi has not made secret the fact that she wants Maidi for herself, I think sub-consciously she knew what she was doing when she told Nozi about her and Maidi, she could have lied and not have told her!

14 Dec 2011 14:30

Whts really wrong with Nozipho,why cant they sleep 2getha with maidi?
I thnk i have missed the episode when the truth was told

14 Dec 2011 15:19

@saarikie me too when the truth was told? 

Mrs Chix
14 Dec 2011 15:29

Please some tell me the relevance of Tshidi and Maidi's storyline

14 Dec 2011 16:14

Ok here goes, thugs broke into Maidi and Nozi's house wanting to rob them, after they robbed them they raped Nozi while Maidi was watching, and now because of the trauma Nozi can't have sex with Maidi. Nozi feels that if Maidi is not getting it at home he is going to get it somewhere else and he is eventually going to leave her, so she wants Tshidi to sleep with her husband in order to help save her marriage.  

14 Dec 2011 18:41

Uhm....Miles is sTupid.

15 Dec 2011 00:45

Gosh Lulu, has failed to play Naomi's game.  I don't know what the writers are doing making Lulu not very bright.
This is what Lulu should have done... (She knows Miles is not very bright) she should have pretended to love Millie and be very supportive towards Miles (even though deep down she knows the truth). Just play Naomi's game. She should not have attacked Naomi but instead do the opposite because Naomi is using Lulu's outbursts against her. But show Naomi she knows by being very sarcastic (using indirect words) and giving her evil smiles without Miles or anyone knowing.

She should not have involved Nikki in anyway...

15 Dec 2011 09:50

Hi Naomi taught she will sleep with Miles while there were in B&B, Ayibo!!!

15 Dec 2011 10:33

Naomi is a master at this game and I don't think it has anything to do with her being very bright, she knows that Naomi is playing a game and that's a start, she wants to expose her but she doesn't know how. Naomi takes it to the next level (she has managed to dupe the psychologist) and Lulu can't play at that level and she does eventually learn how to play the game!

15 Dec 2011 20:46

Who can teach Miles that u stand by ur wife no metta wht cos d devil is taking her position n d snake is ready to bite. He might loose it all 4 nt being a suitable partner!

Karabo thantsha
15 Dec 2011 22:10

Naomi is plang mills right under his nose... She evn bribed the privat invest, @kete is soting tshidi out wht a gud stry

18 Dec 2011 00:43

First of all why I think Lulu is not bright enough because first all she used her own hand to writing the prescription, secondly open outbursts with people like Naomi who has already convinced her psychologist and everyone that she is good person makes... When you know someone is pretending and everyone else seems to be believing that person it is important to play the opposite. Lulu should have first of;
Should have pretended to accept Millie because she knows stupid Miles weakness when it comes to children....
Should have even gone further to pretend and have mother to mother talk about motherhood with Naomi infront of stupid Miles...
Should have pretended infront of Miles to have somewhat forgiven Naomi
And should have not have tried change drugs but send a private investigator to where Naomi was taken for her mental problems to findout whether Millie is actually her child....
This is about psychology, mind games which makes me say Lulu is not that bright...
Like you said "Naomi takes it to next level and Lulu can't play at level" so really... Lulu goes to panic mode for everyone to see and makes rush decisions but Naomi relaxes herself and plans properly then looks like an angel
As for Tshidi and Maidi ... these two just bore me, Tshidi makes me tired, Maidi is disgusting

19 Dec 2011 07:34

To Tshidi, Maidi liked you when you were a dirty little secret. 
To Thula; life is too short ya ntoni, the man is married; what about the sanctity of marriage.

19 Dec 2011 07:36

i think lucilla should find another man instead of fighting tooth and nail for miles its becoming a thing of ridicule. how can she want a man so shamelessly against all odds.tshidi strikes me as a  kid who does not know  what she want she should  be concentrating on her career, academics and future instead of breaking peoples marriages. maidi is disgusting. miles is unsure of himself peope always find it easy manipulating him.  for naomi there is a day of nemensis coming where her sins would be revealed.

19 Dec 2011 07:51

@minka I agree lulu should just find someone who cares about her. Miles siyothoyotho sendoda yindoda nje ngoba unalento otherwise he is a fool with capital F. As for tsidi what goes around comes around gal. Naomi one day for you one day. Mara miles is making my blood boil.

19 Dec 2011 07:52

@ TitiAnyera, you have just described a psychopath which Lucilla is not. "Psychopaths are social predators who charm, manipulate and ruthlessly plow their way through life, leaving a broad trail of broken hearts, shattered expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret as long as they get what they want. Lucilla is reacting like any normal person would, remember we are able to see the extent of Naomi's manipulation and think if we were in a similar situation we would react differently, we have the pleasure of foresight which Lucilla doesn't. Lucilla is just surrounded by easily manipulated people like Gail; Niki and Miles.

19 Dec 2011 09:14

i feel pity 4 tshidi she is like wearing de oogklap why cant she jst liv him alone and find sumone cors dis guy act like playa

19 Dec 2011 09:47

Naomi did not poison herself so Lucilla has no one 2 blame but herself what she did fast tracked Naomi's plans, she should thank her lucky stars that Naomi did not die otherwise she'd b in jail 4 murder.

Naomi is super evil u don't fight her by being evil 2 cos she'll alwys b a step ahead of u & she does not hav a conscience

sexy d
19 Dec 2011 09:47

morning all

Tshidi need to grow up a tlogele banna ba batho i mean really now wena all the men in ur life aint gud for u or maybe u should jst be a lesbien once and for all

As for Lulu o kae ivan to come to ur rescue coz ha e le miles ena he is not a man he is just a mouse. let him enjoy de moments le naomi he will reap wat he sow and le wena dnt take him back when he apologies.

19 Dec 2011 09:59

I don't like how Lucilla is treating Niki calling her letlakala and getting her involved in her fight with Naomi it's not fair

Tshidi makes me mad, luvin a person does nt mean u shld stay

we walk away frm r/ships we know r not gud 4 us even though we still luv that person & eventually get over that person stayin will only make things worse & complicated

the hotness that is Carlos bathong, Fats shld just loose the security contract he's greedy

Suffocate le Puleng - r/ship ya bona ya bora manje

Thula - voice of reason, resident therapist like Mam Ruby ko Gen

19 Dec 2011 16:06

Yes maddie, Carlos is hawte, it was funny when he asked Fats, you are not sleeping on the job are you?

19 Dec 2011 16:10

I actually think Thula is not a good friend, a good friend tells you when you are wrong, the man is married, he is leading Tshidi down the garden path. Thula only tells Tshidi what she wants to hear.

19 Dec 2011 16:12

How do I send Miles (the character and not Peter) hate mail?

19 Dec 2011 16:17

Lawde, i could smack Niki right now, makes my blood boil.

20 Dec 2011 07:49

I want to rant and rave, damn Miles, what he did last night was despicable. How dare he even suggest it!

20 Dec 2011 07:57

How dare Miles even suggest it, the woman kidnapped Lucilla's child and tried to kill her and you want to take her child and give it to her, really Miles, like Lucilla asked you, ARE YOU CRAZY?!

20 Dec 2011 07:58

I see Lu and Naomi's part in all this but damn it Miles is responsible for all this, the nerve of this guy, is he trying to push Lucilla over the edge!

20 Dec 2011 09:13

in last night, it looked like Lu was the crazy one and Noami acting all innocent. I hate Miles how could he? I looking forwand for January teasers, let hope witch Noami will be in jail.

20 Dec 2011 09:29

Naomi is going take Miles and Buhle as hostages to get what she wants and that would be when she is cornered and this time she might really rape Miles... I hope she does... it will be his punishment for being stupid

21 Dec 2011 10:23

Lol @TitiAnyera thats a gud 1.

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