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Generations Teasers - September 2011

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 28 Aug 2011
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Coming up on Generations this September, 2011:

Thursday 1 September 2011
Episode 176 (3418)

Sharon proves that out of sight doesn't always mean out of mind too. The sparks fly when Mashaba Ads and New Horizons go head to head.

Kenneth is faced with a demon he is powerless to fight.

Friday 2 September 2011
Episode 177 (3419)

Ruby worries that Khaphela may be right about his wife's state of mind.

An unexpected announcement leaves Thomas shocked and unsure about what to do next. Interfering Patricia puts her foot in it yet again.

Monday 5 September 2011
Episode 178 (3420)

Senzo is shaken when Nicholas tells him their game is up. Khethiwe hears something and totally loses it. Sharon is shocked to see what the Khumalos did to her child.

Tuesday 6 September 2011
Episode 179 (3421)

Desperate Dineo sets an ultimatum. Ntombi confronts Ngamla but gets more than she bargained for. Worried, Dr Mbitha makes an unexpected house call.

Wednesday 7 September 2011
Episode 180 (3422)

Susan is taken aback to see the state Ruby is in. Khaphela hears something that leaves him shocked and reeling.

Is Kenneth finally going to step up to the plate as far as his son is concerned?

Thursday 8 September 2011
Episode 181 (3423)

Queen gets reprimanded for sticking her nose in where it's not wanted. Samuel picks up that all is not well with his sister. Thomas wants to put a stop to the plan he helped orchestrate.

Friday 9 September 2011
Episode 182 (3424)

Dineo is shocked to the core by what she sees outside her window. Ntombi's arrival in Mahlabathini doesn't go off too well. Trapped Khethiwe realises her troubles are far from over.

Monday 12 September 2011
Episode 183 (3425)

The skeletons in Nicholas's closet are haunting him in a big way. Khaphela is furious to be put in his place by a woman. Senzo is unsettled about what his father has to say.

Tuesday 13 September 2011
Episode 184 (3426)

Thomas gets a painful wake up call. Kenneth has the shock of his life when he arrives in Thailand. Will Ace come through for the woman he used to love?

Wednesday 14 September 2011
Episode 185 (3427)

Ntombi's resolve to save her marriage is tested. Ruby makes an enemy of a friend.

Lulu admits why she's been playing hard to get.

Thursday 15 September 2011
Episode 186 (3428)

Ngamla's thrilled about the latest scandal to hit the papers. Khaphela decides to change tactics to get what he wants.

Senzo pieces the puzzle together and is shocked by what it reveals ...

Friday 16 September 2011
Episode 187 (3429)

Sharon can also be sneaky when it suits her. Khethiwe calls Jozi Journal about a juicy scoop. Thomas has second thoughts when he hears about his father's fate.

Monday 19 September 2011
Episode 188 (3430)

Patricia is scandalised about a newspaper expose. Ruby is shocked about what Ace has in mind. Ntombi desperately wants to find out the truth behind Kenneth's arrest.

Tuesday 20 September 2011
Episode 189 (3431)

Lulu isn't impressed with Samuel's latest brainwave. Calculating Ngamla offers to be a mentor. What is he up to? His meeting with the prophet doesn't go at all the way Khaphela expected.

Wednesday 21 September 2011
Episode 190 (3432)

Senzo isn't nearly as excited as Jason about the idea of moving house. Thomas is floundering at work and knows it. Will Khethiwe's journal reveal the truth about whose baby she's carrying?

Thursday 22 September 2011
Episode 191 (3433)

Ntombi's pleased to see her husband's heart hasn't hardened completely. Ruby arrives at the care centre on a fishing expedition. Dineo doesn't know what to make of an unexpected visitor.

Friday 23 September 2011
Episode 192 (3434)

Ngamla hears an off-hand comment which sets his mind racing. Sharon gets home and is furious by what she finds. Ace is shocked when Khaphela offers him a job.

Monday 26 September 2011
Episode 193 (3435)

Sharon's in a hell of a mood, but not for the reason Samuel thinks. Thomas does something to motivate the staff but ends up doing the opposite. Nicholas reveals the real reason he won't drive an Orion car.

Tuesday 27 September 2011
Episode 194 (3436)

Lonely Dineo is in two minds about calling an old friend. Khethiwe's worried about the plan Ruby's cooked up.

Sneaky Lulu makes a phone call without telling the person they're live on air.

Wednesday 28 September 2011
Episode 195 (3437)

Ntombi's rattled after walking in on a heated confrontation. Khaphela gets a little too pushy with the police.

Detective Dave receives a strange request.

Thursday 29 September 2011
Episode 196 (3438)

Will Thomas's last-ditch plan to save the company work? Sharon's payback plan backfires on her. Nicholas makes a devastating discovery ... or so he thinks.

Friday 30 September 2011
Episode 197 (3439)

Lulu's delight about an early phone call soon turns to dismay. Ace arrives at Siqalo with news on Khethiwe. Queen receives a desperate request to help a friend.

Generations is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.


28 Aug 2011 20:02

I am no 1,this is great!

28 Aug 2011 20:39

Yipee gosh no 2 i guess

Paula Pritz
28 Aug 2011 20:55

no 3 yay:)

28 Aug 2011 21:05

I'm new, i have been a silent blogger and i'm happy to be no3, hope i'm welcomed, well this is better.

28 Aug 2011 21:09

Am numer five yipie lemme read

28 Aug 2011 21:48

We'll so far its interesting wil folo th action. Am happy ntombi is stil in. Goodnite

28 Aug 2011 22:07

khapela is evil i hope its dumi's baby

28 Aug 2011 22:08

khapela is evil i hope its dumi's baby

28 Aug 2011 22:10


28 Aug 2011 22:12


28 Aug 2011 22:19

so interestin this month

28 Aug 2011 22:44

I dont see anything interesting abt this. All I see is how most ppl are "shocked" 4 sum reason. Generations is blowing things out of propotion.

28 Aug 2011 23:00

whatever Generations, ketla bona ka over the mundane..

28 Aug 2011 23:06

Hi every1 am new here Gosh can Generations be more vague.... on top of that they can't live up to the "supposedly" suspense they create!!!

29 Aug 2011 07:32

Top 20!

29 Aug 2011 07:50

TOP 20!!!

sexy d
29 Aug 2011 08:04

top 20 yippie

29 Aug 2011 08:13

Halla ya'll hope u gud. Now m going back to reading

29 Aug 2011 08:25

wasn't expecting to see Kenny this month. is he going o what..

29 Aug 2011 08:42

mis o
29 Aug 2011 09:01

i havnt read all thz bt i wl try later so c what septmba holds 4 us. .i'm loggn out nd promse to b bek later. .HAPPY MNDY!

Mrs Chix
29 Aug 2011 09:22

eeee another no comment from me this month

29 Aug 2011 09:24

i dont knw i will wait and c

29 Aug 2011 10:19

Seriously, whats the use of reading teasers if they don't tell you anything? I just have more questions than answers.

29 Aug 2011 10:39

morning guyz let weight n c

29 Aug 2011 10:39

morning guyz let weight n c

29 Aug 2011 11:00

jhah neh!

29 Aug 2011 12:21

Such a yawn shem!!!!! Lets hope Isidingo is not as dissapointing nxa!!!

29 Aug 2011 12:57

hey guys' hw are u, its been long without posting a comment. yoh generations is boring nowadays , i rather  luk at rythm city than gen

29 Aug 2011 16:11

Can someone please kill Kgaphela on Generations he needs to quit acting a yo lusa inkomo e makhaya

Baby love
29 Aug 2011 22:37

Top 50,cn khaphela die already the man is boring,i lv it whn da truth z gonna cum out abt da baby. Interesting month though

29 Aug 2011 23:21

Lol Generations its just ok

30 Aug 2011 08:45


Ntombi desperately wants to find out the truth behind Kenneth's arrest

nami iwana knw....finally itt looks like kenny is going down

30 Aug 2011 08:53

this whole Kenny going down thingy i think its silly, the meetings btwn Sibusiso n Dineo silly thanks to Nicolas now they're working on somthing real coz all along all they head wer empty threats. Anyways wats with Kenneth i think he's go cancer or somthing serious up with him.

morning bloggers

30 Aug 2011 09:03

and whatzup with kenny's hands is he having stroke or what

sexy d
30 Aug 2011 09:22

Good Morning all

Kenneth mare ke sumthing else he steals their ideas even le di answers no man o feteletse jaanong 

Khaphela dnt act all innocent you are as much to blame in this whole khethiwe situation as much as she is. I wonder what will you do if you find out that she is not carrying your baby. What will you do then will you call Detective Dave regarding the information you know ka Khethiwe?or will you let her go and divorce her?

ownah m p
30 Aug 2011 10:15

helo all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey sexy d,Vandimerwe ,MsKim, Tazteeq, Mrs Chix  and the others!!!!
i just poped by to say hi and i have been missing you all!!!!

i just cant wait to see kenny goin down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 Aug 2011 10:48

im sorry but i find Generations so boring and suprised that ppl are still watching it.

30 Aug 2011 11:38

hello hello hello.i mzd yall.

30 Aug 2011 11:55

yah en wish me happy birthday am wiser today

30 Aug 2011 12:44

lets w8 nd c, can i feel a part of the TVSA family.....

Any1 plz welcum me

30 Aug 2011 12:50

HapiBefDai kid1 and have many more returns

sexy d
30 Aug 2011 13:19

@phaki welcome dear make urself  at home..

30 Aug 2011 13:37

halo ppl im new in des teasers plz welcum mi

30 Aug 2011 13:47

kid 1 hppy brthdy may God bles u on dis special day of urz end let hm give mny mny yrs 2cum towards u..

30 Aug 2011 13:53

Very boring i must say, dont expect such undramatic soap

30 Aug 2011 14:47

yeah guys thankyou so much en will enjoy it.

this is home @ TR M

30 Aug 2011 15:54

it got mi surprised tht some pple find Generations boring? How do they know its boring? Coz they watch it! So why do they watch it? Honestly, why bother?

Hello fellas, Im loving Generations mo and mo. I cant wait!

mis o
30 Aug 2011 16:14

@kid 1,may God be there to bles u n dz special day nd u must grw up to be a responsible persn in our society. . .to all new bloggers it's nyc to have u here,feel relaxd nd go for it. . .wel tota i dnt undstnd sumthn here,i thnk dineo is planin to do sumthn to thomas if thy arrive at thailand,hei dad an son in trouble,hehehehehehe!

30 Aug 2011 17:15

To me sept is interesting.Happy birthday kid 1 by the way how wise are you (age). Ukhuludle zinyoni zabazukulu babazukulu babazukulu.

31 Aug 2011 10:01

Rather late than never Happy Bday Dear. Wishing you many many more blogs :)

31 Aug 2011 10:48

Nothng will happen to thomas coz i heard hes back 4rm gens so whch means only kennys going down not thomas.. So if dinny makes an enemy to thomas den shes making an enemy of another mashaba

31 Aug 2011 12:56

Save the best for last , Happy belated bday Kid 1 hope you had a great one and still enjoying it.........

31 Aug 2011 15:17

sory to do this now bt happy belated birthday kid, keep on being the most wondrful soul that u r on this blog, we cundnt ask for more, cz i b'liv every 1 is unique in their own way.

31 Aug 2011 16:19

halo pple wats up..

31 Aug 2011 16:19

halo pple wats up..

31 Aug 2011 16:33

Hi ma-blogggeerrrsss! WHHU Khaphela & Khethiwe saga, shame.

31 Aug 2011 18:45

When is kenneth leaving?

31 Aug 2011 19:47

Wel all lines r complicated, any 1 can be a writter of generation, u gues it happen. Mmm.... Writers must go back nd make it challinging. Make it de take of de day.

01 Sep 2011 07:25

Hppy belated Kd1

ANd To  Every1 hppy Spring day...ladies show some mathanga.....gents imicondo mayivele....

01 Sep 2011 07:47

What is happening to Kenny, is he getting another stroke attack or what. Are they planning to plant the drugs on Kenny and by the way what does Thomas know about drugs.

01 Sep 2011 10:05

hey guys thankyou so much eish this is truelly home> i had fun en failed to logon yesterday coz some irrisponsible chap kept on buy cocktails for me. but hey am good thanx. may the God lord be with you in all that u do.

now back to generations.

it got mi surprised tht some pple find Generations boring? How do they know its boring? Coz they watch it! So why do they watch it? Honestly, why bother?

Hello fellas, Im loving Generations mo and mo. I cant wait!

01 Sep 2011 10:10

Sexual Needs 

Then girls don't put out!!

This was written by a's pretty damn smart.

Girls -- Please have a sense of humor!

I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so
much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have
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like it, I just want you to hold me.'

I said, 'WHAT??!! What was that?!'

So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear..

'You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for
me to satisfy your physical needs as a man.'

She responded to my puzzled look by saying, 'Can't you just love me for
who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?'

Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep.

The very next day I opted to take the day off of work to spend time with
her. We went out to a nice lunch and then went shopping at a big, big
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We went on to the jewelry department where sh e picked out a pair of
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testing me because she asked for a tennis bracelet when she doesn't even
know how to play tennis

I think I threw her for a loop when I said, 'That's fine, honey.' She was
almost nearing sexual satisfaction from all of the excitement. Smiling
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I could hardly contain myself when I blurted out, 'No honey, I don't feel
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Her face just went completely blank as her jaw dropped with a baffled,

I then said, 'Honey! I just want you to HOLD this stuff for a while.
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And just when she had this look like she was going to kill me, I added,
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01 Sep 2011 10:16

lmao @ kid1.......There i am thinking, i must do this tonite when i get home.

01 Sep 2011 11:01

Oh Kid ! innntresting LOL.

Kethiwe might be caryng Dumisaniz bbe. Inntresting.....

01 Sep 2011 11:13

LOL kid, i wud slap the idiot right away. n wena kid where the hell ......? my god. don get sum of us fired s we laugh loud enough.

you js made my morning, i was so down, anyway hi lovely bloggers, hope your spring day is as colourful as the department i work for. shuu!!!!!!!! guys you shud see the flowers on their heads, people are probably carring the whole garden.  

01 Sep 2011 11:16

Happy spring day to y'all.. By the way 2dy it's Winnie Modise's bday (Khethiwe)...She is a year older 2dy.

01 Sep 2011 11:22

theres one thing I dont lyk about Mfundiz storyline, that nothing gets revled, and Kenneth always a winner. eg, 
1) When deneo hired Ace to kill Keny,the case just dissapeared nd no1 talks about it.. 
2)Paul died bearing guilt of a murder he nver commited, 
3) Nicholas accused my Jason fr sexual harasment.
and many maan. when r we going to get the shocking truth of all these?everything just dissapear on air.

when is the Court  case fr tht poor gal who was paid by Kenneth to accuse Pauly?

01 Sep 2011 11:25

Tjooo Kid1, this guy deserves a good kick on his chest tyhini, usile moss.

01 Sep 2011 11:27

@kid1, Jo you are so nasty.  Why at the store with so many people.  Have a heart man.  Atleast with you it was private, but at the store. I could have slapped you. I feel for that girlfriend of yours.  Maybe you won't feel her body for atleast two months, to just cool the heart off.

01 Sep 2011 11:43

@pjvv by the way what does Thomas know about drugs.

my thoughts exactly, they should have given them to mateo to taste.

Khethiwe & Khaphela comment

sexy d
01 Sep 2011 11:56

Happy Happy Happy spring Day...

01 Sep 2011 12:07

? ;?;*;?;*;? ;?;*;?;*;?;* ;*;? ;?;*;?;**;?;* *;?;*; ?;*;?;*;?;**;?;* *;?;*; *;?;*;?;*;?;*;?;**;?;*;? *;?;*;?;*;?;**;?;* *;?;*;? *;?;*;?;*;?;**;?;*;?;*;? *;?;*;?;*;?;**;?;* ? ) ? ( ? ) ? ( ? ) ? ( ? ?. ). ( @""*@ ) ยค ( ( ' ; ' ) ? )~~( ? (")?(")??????? have a lovely SpRiNg DaY mabloggers???????

01 Sep 2011 12:40

generations is a must watch thios month

01 Sep 2011 12:57

ijerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kid1.......haibo

01 Sep 2011 14:27

@kid1, hilarious indeed !!!!!!!! u made my day. i wish u many more days so tht u will always make bloggers laugh hard

Lil Dinny having second thoughts?
Not only  a slut but a confused one!

mis o
01 Sep 2011 17:56

@musarigo:the other time sibusiso saw that letter whch joe wrote to ntombi nd even up to nw we dnt knw how thngs workd out,so generatins always brin unanswrd questn to our minds. . .nway i wl kip n watchn coz i'm in love wth it.Hie to evry1 nd have a gr8t evenin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .wl b bek!

01 Sep 2011 18:40

Hy m nu here sho me sum luv pipo.As 4 Gener ihot this mnth

01 Sep 2011 21:34

WASSSUP BEEEEAAAAATCHES I'M BACK,DIDJA MISS ME,OH you don't no me now,in case you bitches forgot i set my cat amongst your li'l birdies with my wit and charm.are y'll still goin on about that cheapass soapie,it's still funny as that the best you can do in south africa,thats an utter shame.i left like some time ago came back and still no exactly watts goin on,that some *bleep!* cos the story has not progressed do you people say it.........SIES, idare any of you nigga's to challenge this............BRING IT BITCHES!!!!!! i'm out PEACE

02 Sep 2011 09:08

how can someone say im a boring freak wen hey don even knw wat m about?, there must be somethiing that keep them coming bac 4 more js that they don wona admit.

HI LOVELY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02 Sep 2011 09:16

there are some people who just crave for attention. ignore them

02 Sep 2011 09:21

goodmorning all

xplicit welcome love this is wer the fun is en all ur contributions will be fun forus.

@ caro never be bothered with pipo with issues just let them hang

02 Sep 2011 10:24

Good people,update please,yesterday i went to church and God is good all the time,i prayed for fellow bloggers,God bless you all.

02 Sep 2011 12:23

estupido soap nunca!! muito macador.

02 Sep 2011 12:54


02 Sep 2011 13:05

@Aztec ... This Mamidas is evidently a child who thinks we are among his/her peer group. Simply ignore ...

02 Sep 2011 14:06

So its really tru? Actually amazing! Generations expresses wat really happens in the real world. Some pple really need phschological treatment out thr! Hence some crazy comments.

Good day dear bloggers! I jus tuned in to say HIE. I cant wait 2 c how this storyline of Kenneth progresses!. *wink*

02 Sep 2011 14:49

Hy im new here,and i c d r interestin ppl.hala

02 Sep 2011 14:51


02 Sep 2011 20:46

AZTEK AND VusiK first off get the name right BITCHES if you can't spell go back to school cos clearly you from the school of D.E.T so sorry for you both as for the rest of you so called BLOGGERS you need to get yourselves a life cos clearly y'all dont have one together with your own laptops bitches,r you all serious about that crap soapie you call art imitating life.thats some *bleep!* show you call a soapie no wonder peeps don't pay tv license.ME wheneva i have a bad day @ work i like to sit in my R 2 MILLN HOUSE AND LAUGH MY ASSS OFF @ the stupidity of the whole show,can't blieve they let this *bleep!* be shown on tv.stop thinkin like a ghetto no. and get real cos this *bleep!* don't happin in the real world well at least not in my world!!! maybe in yours?

mis o
03 Sep 2011 09:49

hala @ ya my bloggers,i'm got lost wth words after reading a post above mine,what's goin on nw?bt adawis i'm calin 4 a enjoyable wknd to all my pepz here. . . .(wink wink wink)

cphe m
03 Sep 2011 11:07

hi blogs i new here ihop iwil fel at hom

03 Sep 2011 12:21

05 Sep 2011 03:10

So sharon's brother's girlfriend is going to do her husband?So we are doing it,i mean the BB... we copycats ?aghaa shame!

cphe m
05 Sep 2011 07:36

morning ma blogs i hope you had nice wekend i cant wait to see what khumalos do to sam child anyway i going to schol have grt8 day sohlangana ngo 8 tnite ku gen@

05 Sep 2011 08:45

hi lovely people, u knw i feel lucky to have a biiiiiiiig happy family lyk this one. you peeps js knw how to roll it. @AZTEC ,VusiK,kid1,Condomm,laughing out loud wen u guys kicked  the sick to drie koppies( the mental institutin in limpopo). gen is buzzzzzzzzzzzzling in action

05 Sep 2011 08:51

anyway forgot to tell u guys on sat was my  birthday

05 Sep 2011 10:31

goodmorning all hope u had a lovely weekend .

Caro happy belated gal en hope u had a blast on ur day. Remember the older u get the more beautiful you become.

05 Sep 2011 10:42

@mamidabs ME wheneva i have a bad day @ work i like to sit in my R 2 MILLN HOUSE.

so wat? did anyone ask you? wo is interested anyway, stay in ur mansion en am shocked that u even take th time to tune in why if u have everything? we are wat we are en you can never change us. i bet you have no friends and the only thing you do is seek attention. enjoy ur faboulous life en we shall enjoy ours coz gal we are a happy family here. we love each other ttho we have never met en we totally thank God that we are friends.

you aint perfect in the lords eyes enjoy it while it lasts en have a great day

05 Sep 2011 11:58

when is Mr fat head Thomas going to die. that guy face is just boring. instead of arresting Kenneth they better arrest Mr fat head and sentence him to 2 life sentence so that when he is done with his life sentence i must be old to watch generation. any way that Lulu the DJ must join Rythme City because she is to hot for Generation.

cphe m
05 Sep 2011 12:13

@kid1 how can u say the older u get the more beutful u be came who like 2 be mkhulu or gogo? beutful blogs i have one questlon for u when ugly ken leave gen? coz they say he wil leave on aug but he stil on our tv screen coz wabora ne stroke blogs plz i need an answer!!!!

cphe m
05 Sep 2011 12:14

@kid1 how can u say the older u get the more beutful u be came who like 2 be mkhulu or gogo? beutful blogs i have one questlon for u when ugly ken leave gen? coz they say he wil leave on aug but he stil on our tv screen coz wabora ne stroke blogs plz i need an answer!!!!

05 Sep 2011 12:27

jus thot of saying hie bloggers and keep on shining! See u @ 20h00! 

05 Sep 2011 12:27

jus thot of saying hie bloggers and keep on shining! See u @ 20h00! 

05 Sep 2011 12:41

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05 Sep 2011 12:44

@cphe m oh yes check out ur photos from way back en now. you are not the same

05 Sep 2011 14:37

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05 Sep 2011 15:04

@KID thanx kid for the messege n the jokes kwaaaaaaaaaaa 2@ the idiot called again

05 Sep 2011 15:09


05 Sep 2011 20:24

AZTEK AND VusiK first off get the name right BITCHES if you can't spell go back to school cos clearly you from the school of D.E.T ......................................... I have Two Bachelor's Degrees, One Masters, and Two Doctorate Degrees ... I am truly grateful for the D.E.T. ....................... What have you got?

05 Sep 2011 20:41

#Deathby .... The Idiot called back .... Uyabona Kid1 ... I will avoid Zambia if you carry on like this ... Kwaaaaaa!!!

05 Sep 2011 20:48

@Mamidabs ... Generubbish is a STORY ....

05 Sep 2011 20:54

... also, R2m is a lot of money to be bragging about here ... there are people who will not appreciate it because not many people live in Mansions which cost a little less than my Home theater's equipment ... Not Nice MamiDabs. Just chill, enjoy the people ... or do like I do if you are not OK with Generubbish .............. keep the Telly Off and enjoy the house !!!

05 Sep 2011 20:56

BTW Bloggers , We welcomed baby number 9 into the world on Friday at 3:30 in the afternoon ............................ Boy is he Kaaaaakkkkkyyyy, just like his Momma!!!

06 Sep 2011 09:15

Congratulations VusiK, I promise you, you will get to enjoy them when they visit with grandkids. I always have fresh memories of visiting my grandpa and saw him sitting n watching TV.  All the best.....

06 Sep 2011 09:23

Lol @ Ngamla threatening that drug lord, he must have been laughing his lungs out, I mean he threatens to kill him but uhlulwa ngu Kenneth, such that he decided to hire him to get rid of Kenny. 

Senzo & Nic are in for it, 

Thomas doesnt hate his father he is dying for dad's attention, shame now that dad is making a U turn, he wants to abandon all the evil plans hatched against dad.

Kwaaa..Khethi is carrying mnumzana's brat.

06 Sep 2011 09:44

hey everyone.

@vusik congratulations gizwiz its aboy nice. congratulate the mommy aswell.
ok i have stopped so make that trip as soon as sonny seez your face

06 Sep 2011 11:43

Generations is boring

06 Sep 2011 12:36

hello good people pliz update me, ga ka e bona gen maobane,hectic day yesterday  i slept early. b bac guys. ciaaaaaaaau...............!

06 Sep 2011 13:52

06 Sep 2011 14:29

kid1.................... kwaaaa @ a green one

06 Sep 2011 14:54

i wish i cud caro but  i never watched my darling

06 Sep 2011 15:15

@Pvjj & Kid 1 ... (Bow) .. Thanks Guys!!!

06 Sep 2011 15:32

Congratulations Vusik a u still making those cute babies...Ncoooohhh is he fair like you??? Oh man so sweet:-)

06 Sep 2011 19:15

kapzela ur bcmng a boring charcter nw, u n ur wife kethy la bora blnt, thnk mby ul chng wt u dd daily.

06 Sep 2011 20:07

@Ntoko ... Yes ... Very fair complexioned. My partner looked at the Pictures says ... He has eyes like Mthembi's (sic. Nthabi), A Nose like You, and everything else like me

06 Sep 2011 20:09

@Ntoko ... As I said to my other partner in Hong Kong when he asked what number this one was ... I said Nine, and Number Last! ... He said ... Yeah Man ... The woman deserves a rest and a great big checque ... Get Off her already!

06 Sep 2011 20:57

"huffing and puffing" - eish Khethiwe

07 Sep 2011 07:52

What exactly is happening with Generations:

The nurse @ de hospital was not typing anything on the computer.

What Khethiwe said 2 Ruby disturbed me alot - couldnt sleep last nite

Dlomo asking the wife whether she slept with Joe

07 Sep 2011 08:31

@Mokema i didnt watch what didi kethi tel mumruby

07 Sep 2011 09:11

That he took Khaphela as her brother

She married him, she was in bed with him, was on top of her

huffing and puffing as Timone mentioned above and she just lay there humiliated

sexy d
07 Sep 2011 09:15

morning all

Khaphela wat de hell is wrong ka wena sure wena le khethiwe you are both responsible for your misery life mare how can you want to take her baby away no man grow young since i wont say grow old coz u are already there but you are as stupid as hell.

07 Sep 2011 09:25

@ mokema huffing and puffing as Timone mentioned above and she just lay there humiliated

hahaha lol the man must have been enjoying oh poor kheti. wats she to do wen in such a situation?

i didnt like that part hehehe khaps i bet is unconfortable doing th part yoh

the scenes we play for the love of money

07 Sep 2011 09:49

guys hi, i think mamruby le yena has a similar story to tell, the way she rushed out of the room ka khety at  the mental institution or wateva they call it,maaan she was hurt, 

i wud also be miserable if i had to share a bed no mapholoba. kwaaa @ dineo givin thomas an ultimatum.ngamla le yena cudnt hold bac wat he saw wen ntombi started with the shouting" did you sleep with joe? i lolled......

07 Sep 2011 11:18

A Chinese man married a Zambian woman and had a child.

Two months later the child passed away:

At the funeral house a family member of the Zambian woman kept sobbing and crying and kept saying: I knew it! I knew it!

So a family elder pulled her aside n discreetly asked her "what she knew?"

She replied 'Chinese products don't last!!!!

07 Sep 2011 13:44

holla ppl what do u think about mashaba,sibusiso is obsessed  by his plans,what if this plans fail cos ntombi is totaly against them

07 Sep 2011 13:49

ntoko u crack me

07 Sep 2011 14:27

JULIUS MALEMA :Hello, I would like to order some guns please. 
Gunsmith: Some what???? (The line is bad) 
JULIUS : Guns (Getting louder)
Gunsmith: Sorry I can hardly hear, please repeat 
JULIUS: (Very loud now) GUNS! "G" for Jeep, "U" for Europe ,"N" for 
                 knowledge and "S" for Eskom....GUNS!!

07 Sep 2011 14:38

LMLO Ntoko ngamafongkong

07 Sep 2011 14:39

@nthoko am in zambia en u r killing me now i wonder from which part that woman is from, i bet u eastern province.

@vivalicious come S for Eskom lol am sobing how in the world oh poor juls

07 Sep 2011 15:49

ROFLMAO and coughing my lungs out @ Ntoko & Vivalicious !!!

07 Sep 2011 16:30

@mamidabs... WTF are you all up? shame if you need attention you will never get it from us.... Please take your loneliness elsewhere……….

sexy d
08 Sep 2011 08:26

Morning all

Guys am a lil confused who is kethiwe baby daddy coz nna i thought ke khaphela now khethiwe ena a re ke ngwana wa dumi anyone pls help..

08 Sep 2011 08:36

@Kid1 ... (She was probably from Kitwe!!!) ...[Arguably the dirtiest town in the known Universe]

08 Sep 2011 08:41

@ sexy d on the nite that khapela was admitted in hospital with plants poisoning or something of that sort, the lady 2 D KIOSK  visited kheti in the morning and suprise " dumi emerged from kheti's bedroom tying the belt" so thats the day dumi a jeleng  kuku n kheti was not on birth control coz " ledlozi" khaps o be a nyaka go dira "baby nqobo" 

ruby has a story to tell,wat will happen nw that mazi got wat he wants? be bac duty cal

08 Sep 2011 08:54

@SexyD ... If a woman says a child does not belong to a person ...... Believe them ...

08 Sep 2011 09:20

lol goodmorning yah believe us wen we say you aint the daddy.

08 Sep 2011 09:39

Yes Kid1 ... I will believe that! ... lol

08 Sep 2011 09:40

I thought Khethi is preg with Ngcobo's baby and now its Dumza and very confused. Khethi was crying on Monday saying i wish it wasnt your baby or she is jus saying to spite Khaphela.

Its a good thing they not giving Khethi any medication imagine if she loses it completely. 

Ntombi after everything Kenneth did to your husband, you still stand by him. Shame Dlomo is better off without you,

08 Sep 2011 10:28

Kheti's situation somehow bring back old memories for Mam Ruby....i wonder where the story is leading....

Goood morning family!

08 Sep 2011 12:00

hi viv , my point exactly, now this is js a speculation so pliz guys bear with me, bt i knw ur all sweet ,here it goes: ruby was raped or forced to sleep with someone to get a recording deal and got pregnant with dinny and cudnt go further with the singing as she was pregnant, and thts exactly why she was furious wen dinny opened the album with pictures of her and the band singing.the truth about dinny 's dad is a secret. yaa.. neh? LOL

08 Sep 2011 12:03

now we knw the story abt Nicolas its time we knw the story abt u mamruby

sexy d
08 Sep 2011 12:22

oh thank you guys guess khaphela should let khethiwe go now that the baby is not his

08 Sep 2011 12:57

i missed yesterday episode.. i thot thts Khaphela's baby.. wat happened? he did it turn out to be Dumi's after the gyna's visit??

08 Sep 2011 14:29

@Holiday .... checking where this mamidabs has been in historical articles ... There is great merit is simply ignoring her ... There is a pattern of off-the-wall-rudeness and disrespect with her .... I identify an attention seeker! ... or grave insecurity ...

08 Sep 2011 16:20

mamidabs and notle thema can build a strong team of attention seekers

08 Sep 2011 16:23

seriously  will be happy if that baby turns out to be dumiz and u will see since he dumi has been fired khapela will accept the baby. tho ther will be terms en conditions.

08 Sep 2011 16:32

Lmao! "you are not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on"

09 Sep 2011 08:56

Khaphela is seriously not well upstairs

Sexy girl
09 Sep 2011 09:03

Hi every1 i am new on this block hope i will be welcomed with both warm and loving hearts zala ekhaya

09 Sep 2011 09:13

Welcome Sexy Girl ... I hope you have a great time with the Mad crowd!

Sexy girl
09 Sep 2011 09:45

Tanx Vusik

09 Sep 2011 09:51

Dineo to Sbuda, "U think i'd really fall for Thomas after everything he has put me through??".

So who are u trying 2 fool gal? For all we kno is she actually got in love with him..all ova again ...until the time he revealed his involvement in Kenny's plan.

On the other hand, Kenny is definitely going down bt the fight between Sbuda and Mashaba Media is just beginning. Watch out for the rising Thomas!

09 Sep 2011 10:21

You guys must watch the new drama on SABC 1 at 22:00 Thursdays, it rocks. I don't know why they put it so late. But you can sacrifice your sleep for it, it's fantastic.

09 Sep 2011 10:55

Wife arling where did u sleep last nyt?

Hubby: Sam,our friend lost his sister n I slept there ....

Wife:Ok u cn eat your food m stil takin a shower.

(After bathing) Wife: am going out

Hubby:Where to? ...

Wife: keya go tshidisa ko losong le o letseng ko go lone

Hubby( shaking n scared):When u were bathing they phoned, ba re moswi o tsogile!!

09 Sep 2011 11:20

@ vandi we all want to hear and laugh too so pliz translate

09 Sep 2011 11:24

Hawu Vandi ... Kannete Gatsi .... Mahlale afedile!

09 Sep 2011 11:29

Reminds me of a guy who was an accomplished escapist .. always got away just before he is caught ... Being cocky and all, crept in his wife's bed ... Got busted .... His wife was like "en nou?!?" ... Hubby simply went over to the closet, pulled out his sjambok, handed it to the wife and went laid prostrate on the bed and said "Lovie ... Maka afedile!" (Lovie ... I am out of lies) ... True story ...

09 Sep 2011 11:30

i think they shld release Khethi from the institute and admit Khaphela, crazy old man.

09 Sep 2011 11:32

Lol Vusi..

09 Sep 2011 11:33

Another is of a journalist friend of ours who is married to a lawyer .... impregnates 2 teenagers in a row .... When the families came to raise complaint (same day ... at 7 and 9 in the morning ... 2 delegations) ... All his wife could do is sit in the living room and when we arrived all she could say is "Vusi ... botsa motswale wa gao are bulelle ..." ... "na Papa buwa ... ose-Thotho kopa o a tekesisa na?" ... I fell out of my chair with uncontrollable laughter .... which broke the ice ......... they're still married ...

09 Sep 2011 11:38

"Vusi ... botsa motswale wa gao are bulelle ..." ... "na Papa buwa ... ose-Thotho kopa o a tekesisa na? ... = Vusi , ask your friend to tell us ... Papa talk ... are you an idiot or is all this just pretense?".

sexy d
09 Sep 2011 11:44

@Vandi lol he knw then gore he was caught clever dude moswi o tsogile kwakwakwakwa

09 Sep 2011 12:06

The Teacher said to her class to say a sentence using the words “liver" and "cheese" in the same sentence, so the teacher picks a white kid to go first, he says "my mom made me a liver and cheese sandwich, it was really good!";

Then the teacher picks a coloured kid to go next, he says "my mom bought the wrong kind of cheese, so my dad punched her in the liver!"

Finally, the teacher picks a black kid and he says "Two boys were trying to look up my sister's skirt and I said: Hey wena, liver alone, cheese my sister!" ☺

09 Sep 2011 12:18

Lolest ntoko u've made my day... kikiki

09 Sep 2011 12:32

hi all its about time we had this laugh as usual am in stitches. 

welcome sexy girl. have fun

@vusik,Vusi ... botsa motswale wa gao are bulelle ..." ... "na Papa buwa ... ose-Thotho kopa o a tekesisa na? ... = Vusi , ask your friend to tell us ... Papa talk ... are you an idiot or is all this just pretense?".

@nthoko, Hey wena, liver alone, cheese my sister!" ☺ 

oh yeah thats how we roll as blacks lol

09 Sep 2011 12:56

lolest longest Ntoko ... You so Crazy!!!

09 Sep 2011 13:01

I just love all the Jokes....Lol! "moswi o tsogile" hahahahahahahahaaa...good one

Hello good a bona go batlile go nkga go sa bola mang this person a ntse a ikgantsa ka ntho tse re senang se pe le tsona.....Nonhle Thme o mongwe hape? Lol!

09 Sep 2011 13:38

anyone care to translate: "moswi o tsogile"

09 Sep 2011 13:41

@Kid 1-plz stop,my ribs tu!!!kwakwakwakwakwa.hai-u r just too funny.may i ask this-wat do u do for a living,lyk;u working,whr?

09 Sep 2011 14:20

hah wat have i done peaches24

well iam a marketing manager working for an insurance company in lusaka zambia. 

am  branding politicians as you know in zambia they are voting on the 20th. 

@vusik that contract u wer talking about just get intouch with me en i will point you in the rioght direction.

09 Sep 2011 14:26

Wife and Husband prepare to go to bed.

Wife starts to sing the national anthem: "Lumbanyeni (meaning give thanx to )Zambia".

Husband asks: Why are you singing the National Anthem during bedtime?

Wife replies: When people sing the anthem, they stand up, so I'm hoping something will stand up. I can't take this anymore, awe chachilamo meaning its too much en am tired) !

09 Sep 2011 14:35

hayi Ntoko I had to come back just for this one ; hey wena liver alone; cheese my sister, *deathbylaughter*

09 Sep 2011 16:52

@kid & @Ntoko you guys just finished me LOl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your weekend guys.....

mis o
09 Sep 2011 17:58

atleast i ddnt mis dat much,it's been sumtym wthout checkin dz site. . .bt hei thanks 2 my bloggers,thy brin funny jokes to mak us 4get bout th troubles of da day. . . . .hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,i mean really?cnt hold my laughter!!ah olrite kip it up guys. . .hope new bloggers are on to it already"lets mit tonight @20:00hrs,u r such a gud family. .hahahahahaha!

mis o
09 Sep 2011 17:58

atleast i ddnt mis dat much,it's been sumtym wthout checkin dz site. . .bt hei thanks 2 my bloggers,thy brin funny jokes to mak us 4get bout th troubles of da day. . . . .hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,i mean really?cnt hold my laughter!!ah olrite kip it up guys. . .hope new bloggers are on to it already"lets mit tonight @20:00hrs,u r such a gud family. .hahahahahaha!

mis o
09 Sep 2011 18:04

atleast i ddnt mis dat much,it's been sumtym wthout checkin dz site. . .bt hei thanks 2 my bloggers,thy brin funny jokes to mak us 4get bout th troubles of da day. . . . .hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,i mean really?cnt hold my laughter!!ah olrite kip it up guys. . .hope new bloggers are on to it already"lets mit tonight @20:00hrs,u r such a gud family. .hahahahahaha!

mis o
09 Sep 2011 18:04

atleast i ddnt mis dat much,it's been sumtym wthout checkin dz site. . .bt hei thanks 2 my bloggers,thy brin funny jokes to mak us 4get bout th troubles of da day. . . . .hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,i mean really?cnt hold my laughter!!ah olrite kip it up guys. . .hope new bloggers are on to it already"lets mit tonight @20:00hrs,u r such a gud family. .hahahahahaha!

09 Sep 2011 23:09

@Condom .... I have no frmating but here goes .... Jack comes off his all night creep ... Jill Asks Where have you been ... Jack :; At out friend X's house ... his sister died & I had to spend the night ... Jill: OK, your breakfast is ready ... Jill comes out of the shower readies to leave ... Jack: Where are you going Hon? ... Jill:; to where you were last night, I must go sympathise and convery our condolences ... Jack:- (Shaken & shaking) Sorry Love ... They called while you were in the shower to say that the deceased lives again!... Iy was a false alarm!!

12 Sep 2011 14:51

Dead, bra Mfundi do something, get rid of Khaps

12 Sep 2011 15:41

hey pipz....khapz ke mathata...I thnk m loving da feud btwn him n Kheti..Gen is interesting tlhe bathong...Kante ne le tsaya kae kgang ya gore Ntombi has left Gen..Lets stop believing magatwe...M loving da jokes hahahahahaha DBL!

12 Sep 2011 15:44

hey pipz....khapz ke mathata...I thnk m loving da feud btwn him n Kheti..Gen is interesting tlhe bathong...Kante ne le tsaya kae kgang ya gore Ntombi has left Gen..Lets stop believing magatwe...M loving da jokes hahahahahaha DBL!

12 Sep 2011 15:52

@diwapz ntombi is leaving generubbish... There was a despute over salaries so she quit.. Why do u tnk her perfomance is so wack these days...

12 Sep 2011 16:43

hi everyone sorryam late. how has been ur day? i just love the dissapointing look that dinny had wen kenneth handed over the papers for signing to thomas. oh she is a gold digger

12 Sep 2011 20:22

guyc du u wana tel me is d end of kenny ..

12 Sep 2011 20:31

Wahamba kanjalo ukenny kwi generubbish!! Yes @thelionking dats how he leaves... *yawn*

13 Sep 2011 01:29

(((Swazzy!!!))) (((Wave)))

13 Sep 2011 01:31

@Kid1 ... I'll be sending someone up your way in October ... will PM you his info, meet and see what can be accommodated, and he will line things up. Thx!!!

13 Sep 2011 07:48

Poor Shaz she can't act drunk

13 Sep 2011 08:35

so shazz IS hottt!!!

sexy d
13 Sep 2011 09:56

Morning good people...

13 Sep 2011 10:11

Morning ma bloggers a mantle!!! i have only 1 thing to say....... SHARON IS A BAD ACTRESS PERIOD!!! that scene of her`s whr she had 2 act drunk... My word WTF?

Sexy girl
13 Sep 2011 10:21

Mrning pple. How is Kenneth going to exit ku Generations? I wonder hey!!!

Thomas and Dinny? Do you think Thomas will remember what happened to him.

I just wish every guy was so loving and caring like Sam. Ngcobo makes me sick about his attitude ggrrrrr!!!!!

Now with Khethi carrying Dumi's child this means that Dumi will be back on our screens again.

13 Sep 2011 10:32

i love the ideal of dumi being khetiz child coz that man khaps is evil. lets see if he will handle news knowing that dumi his public enemy number one is th dad.

@vusik roger!!!!!!!!!!!!! till then

13 Sep 2011 11:26

Shame poor Mashaba

13 Sep 2011 11:27

@ Sloe agree with u Shaz cant act drunk

13 Sep 2011 11:59

Nna ke re Shaz dress.........Shoooo.....the girl is pakkies. reverse ya mhlaba

13 Sep 2011 12:07

Hello Vusik.... @sexy girl... That was kenneth mashabas exit last nyt.. He'll be arrested and dats it.. As for dumisani coming back nope he was "shown da door" by mvundli so wether da child is his he aint coming back.. Guys can we discuss this obsession ya khapela.. What is da most obsessive thing uv done in a relationship. . To what extent will u go to protect a relationship *hint for article Vusik*

13 Sep 2011 13:19

thailand is "no-go zone" area for drug smugglers, so kenneth will get locked up and that will be the end of him on gen.

13 Sep 2011 13:33

Thailand carries a mandatory death sentence for trafficing large quantities of drungs and mandatory harsh full term sentencing for general possession and smaller quantities trafficking ......... *****Noted Swazzzzz***** I have been ill 2 weeks, had new baby in that time also .... I promise all my buds I will write an article second half of the month .... Suggestions, as always are welcome, either here or via PM !!!!

13 Sep 2011 13:44

wow really, he's gone 4 GOOD?,, wow i hope generations without Kenneth wont be boring. it seems like everybody is leaving hey.

Aggggg im gona miss Kenneth 4 dayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. All the good one's are leaving.

Sharon has a BODY 2 die for,,, O PAKILE  shame jealous DOWN!


13 Sep 2011 13:52

Kenneth left because he is "tired" Ntombi salary despute Dumisani was harrasing ppl at work... Sam and sharon contracts not renewed.. I think da adas are gona stay coz dey dnt have anything to fall on...

13 Sep 2011 14:16

well then lets ride on th remaining bunch i dont mind it will still be generations yah, but mfundi needs to pull up his socks firing and hiring is not a good solution to us the viewers coz he will also end up losing his job or rather prime time on sabc1.

so he has alot to lose and am watching u like a >>>>>>>>>>>>>>?

13 Sep 2011 17:15

Sharon has a BODY 2 die for,,, O PAKILE shame jealous DOWN! ... Not to burst anybody's bubble ... Sharon has an ass that is migrating South ... A friend sent me pics when she started and yesterdays ..... Her Ass is migrating South and is sagging / hanging ... and mokhaba ole ... Some people like handing low-rider butts ... I like em firm and with a definite static presence in life ... I never liked her for some reason ... all the boys around me rave about her !!!

13 Sep 2011 20:24

what a lousy show

13 Sep 2011 20:29

Thats no way to take down a super-villain(bored)

14 Sep 2011 07:23

Thailand airport????

14 Sep 2011 08:56

Women must Do

1. Answer Your Phone: The number one complaint from a lot of men regarding women is not infidelity or clumsiness; it is the inability by women to answer their phones. Cell phones in particular. And the excuse from women is, “It was in my bag. I did not hear it ring.” Your inability to answer your phone will cost you three things:

a. Opportunities will pass you by and go to someone who answers their phone.

b. You will loose your respect because people will consider you a scatter brain.

c. Your relationships will be spoilt as you always have to fight and explain why you did not hear your phone.

More than any thing, not answering your phone means you are disorganized and you lack concern and care for what is important to others first and to you last of all. So get organized and carry your phone with you. There is a reason it is called a mobile phone; coz it is mobile. In short point number one could have easily read, get organized.

now where your stuff is; find your birth certificate, your marriage certificate if you have one. Know where your title deeds are and when you find them keep them safe. Often what worries men about your disorganization is really one thing; “Will this woman manage when I am dead and gone?” A man can only be assured by your level of personal organization now.

This is not only about getting organized for the sake of men. It is also about getting organized for your sake. So that you can compete in any country, any culture in this world.

2. Leave Your Skin Alone: There is a reason you have that dark pigment called Melanin. It is a good thing and not a bad thing. Instead of the African woman looking for books to read and looking for investment and growth opportunities, she is looking for chemicals that will bleach her skin the deepest. She will alter her outside to look like a Barbie. But her inside will still be riddled with deep seated self esteem scars. And guess who is laughing the most? The men. Enlightened men have no appreciation of any short circuit to Gods wondrous creation.

Please we beg you as your men and your children, we want you natural. Just the way God gave you to us. You can use other augmentations and make up, but leave your skin alone.

3. Go Back to the Basics: The basics defer from person to person and from subculture to subculture. But find out what drove you before and go back to it. Some basics are bad and must be disdained. But others, most of them, are powerful and make an African woman who she is. For example, an African woman has respect. She gives and commands respect. A woman who will kneel down or at the very least do the knee-bend when serving is a woman with respect. A sexy woman but one who is still descent enough not to parade her assets in the streets to all and sundry is a woman of respect. Those are basics. Even the bible in Proverbs 31 speaks about these basics. We must watch E- Channel but we must not embrace everything we see on E-Channel. Some African women are swept off their feet by The Playboy Mansion, Kendra, and all these celebrities whose morals are questionable.

4. Shut UP: Don’t talk too much. Learn to mind your words. Men hate two the most: words and questions. Not snakes and needles. But words. You can’t be talking all the time. When do you think? A great woman is one who speaks when it is the right time to speak. And when she does speak, everyone listens to her. If you talk too much, you will give up respect.

5. Close Your Womb: Having children is a wonderful gift. But having too many children is a wonderful problem. Some African women still think like yesterday; the more children the happier. How many children can you have? At some point you must stop. One of the reasons China is a powerful country I believe is because of the one child policy. With fewer children, you liberate yourself to do other things and you raise better children (exceptions do apply). God gave you a mind, hands, feet and not just you back to lie on. And if your man wants more children, tell him you can adopt. By the way, family planning is primarily a woman’s business. When a woman says no, it is no. Can I get an Amen?

6. Raise Great Children: Preferably children whose fathers are there in your life and the life of your children. Be careful not to emulate some cultures where women mother children for economic reasons. Children are a gift from God. Raise them well. Spend time with them and tell them how great they are. Read great books to them. Introduce them to great mentors. Protect their innocence. And the day your daughter tells you someone has raped her or touched her inappropriately, for goodness sake believe her and do something about it. Too many women are sacrificing their own children

14 Sep 2011 08:59

I totally agree with u Xplicit. I'm fed up with the drugs cases, its a BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! from me.

14 Sep 2011 09:08

Is that how we say goodbye to Kenneth Mashaba?

14 Sep 2011 09:12

Kwanzima ukuba owakwaMashaba kulama langa. Libashonele. Sbura is ruling the house.

14 Sep 2011 09:26


14 Sep 2011 09:42

PREGNANCY ACCIDENT: Angry dad says to pregnant daughter: Uthi lesisu yi- accident? Daughter says: Yebo baba. Dad says: Ungitshela ukuthi uhlangene nePIPI limile endleleni walishayisa ngekuku!?!

14 Sep 2011 10:07

Amen to that @ Kid1 , so very true hey.......

14 Sep 2011 10:25

@ Kid1  that is a mouthful!

14 Sep 2011 10:37

@swazzy hai hai swazzi slow down, ke tla tebelwa mosebetsing. laughing my lungs out...........haaaaaahaaahaa
@kid1    wise.... wise.... wise indeed!!!!!!!!

@scriptwritters & every1 behind the scenes how low can u sink ? x10 ((((((((((((singing))))))))))))))) shooo !!!!!!! tatanic.........

cphe m
14 Sep 2011 10:38

hi blogs welcome back mr dlomo

14 Sep 2011 10:45

@swazzy translate pliz 

sbuda welcome and all the best in your acting career.
@ caro lol , how low can u sink ? x10 ((((((((((((singing))))))))))))))) shooo !!!!!!! tatanic.........

14 Sep 2011 11:12

Kenneth's exit was not nicely played...............I expected something for the chinese at the airport.................shoooo.............I rest my case.

Aowa............u have cheated us.


14 Sep 2011 11:29

@swazzy please translate for some of us,
hello evryone,

sexy d
14 Sep 2011 13:29

@swazzy kwakwakwakwa wat an accident ''dead''

14 Sep 2011 16:05

@swazzy i will send u to the airport with mashaba if u dont translate puliizi

14 Sep 2011 16:13

Part II Women must Do 

7. Trust your Man: Trust is a better weapon than suspicion. Browsing through someone’s phone is not cool. You will find whatever you are looking for and your heart will be broken. By the same token to all the men who check their wives phones that is the most un-rocking gesture you can ever give a woman. It is the highest form of mistrust. People are innocent until proven guilty not the other way round. In fact, trust makes a person in your life change their behavior. They will say, “I can’t do this because she trusts me.” If you don’t trust, they say; “I will do it after all she does not even trust me.” When you trust people, you show them that you yourself are trust worthy and you free them towards loyalty not scandal.

8. Choose Your Fights Carefully: You can not fight in every fight. Today it is in-laws tomorrow siblings the next day work. Men have a higher tolerance of conflict than do women (In part because men start those conflicts anyway). When a woman fights, she does not rest until she sees blood. You must chill. Fight sparingly. Some battles are better left in the hands of God. He will vindicate you. Don’t go to that workplace of so and so to fight. Leave it alone. One of the great ways to fight is walking away. That way you conserve your energy and prepare for better things in your life.

9. Leave Another Woman’s Man alone: This is a hot topic. I am not even sure I am qualified to tackle it. But many African women have no faith in themselves. They would rather harvest a fruit another woman has toiled to plant and cultivate. There are even women who do nothing but destabilize homes. There are women who have never gone out with a single man. All their men have been married. What in the name of shrimp is wrong with you? Lets face it, some marriages are dead anyway and your presence or absence does not make a difference in that home. But it is still wrong. I also know that there are fewer and fewer single men who are serious these days. A lot of single men are themselves caught up with multiple partners because they still want to play. This leaves the serious minded woman to settle for married men because married men are more stable and mature. Whatever the case, decide which path you will take as an African woman and take it with dignity and sobriety. Someone has to break this vicious circle and I am counting on you.

10. Get a Life: Women in Africa (our mothers at least) got into marriage and forgot about themselves. They dedicated everything they had to the family. They stayed home while the husband went to work; they cooked and ironed the children’s clothes. They did it all. One day these mothers realized the children were grown and gone, the men had multiple degrees and the women had nothing. And I mean nothing. What led to that? These women had no life. They gave up everything for an institution. They gave up everything in the name of family and in the name of raising children.

14 Sep 2011 16:24

Em sho tht swazzy is still LOLling.. Now let me translate:

Angry father is asking his pregnant dota that " are you telling me tht u being pregnant is an accident?" she said "yes dad" and the angry father says " are you telling me tht u ran over a standing P#NIS and you his it with ur va-j-j?"

@Swazzy that a good one em telling u.

14 Sep 2011 16:26

Sorry bloggers the word is not "HIS" but "HIT" frm the father's response.

Mrs Chix
14 Sep 2011 16:34

Thank you kid1 on the trust issue, tjo l just found out that my hubby knw everything l do on my computer, how l dont know, he has gone thru my facebook chat, my emails. I dnt knw how he does it but honestly l found it to be really crippy. Kid1 please post this article separately for other that dnt visit Generubbish Teasers.

14 Sep 2011 16:58

thanx mrs chix i will start posting. eish i dont envy you but let him come out in the open and say what he has been up to? i know its killing you but hey run along with calmness.

14 Sep 2011 22:03

@Ms Chix ... He might have a keylogger installed or some other form of snoopware, ... one that reports to him via email to wherever he desires, and will not require any physical contact with your computer ...... I used to use those on an ex girlfriend who denied that her special friend was a little too "Special" to exist in the same universe as me ... I bugged the hell out of everything, (All network traffic on all my computers, mobile phones, every number she spoke to) .... including upgrades to the home security that allowed me to log in and view my house room for room, and control the cameras remotely from any other location on the planet (even via my phone) .... Never again will I find myself in that space .... (my resolve after that episode is that if I am not comfortable, and my comfort is not addressed, I leave .... no appeals necessary) ... I can do bad by myself, and I can enjoy my wonderfully privileged position in life all by myself if I have to .............................................. There is absolutely NO RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT TRUST ..................... If my partner gives me any reason (even the slightest) to question the trust issue ...... I am sooooooooooooooooo GONE!!!!

14 Sep 2011 22:08

@Ms Chix .... honestly speaking ..... Paranoia of the type you speak of is triggered by something YOU are doing ..... before you get confrontational .... check yourself and critique yourself objectively ..... there is something in what you do that pushes your spouse to this extreme ...... (a little too chatty and cosy with some male or female buddies, have areas of life you cut him out of? ...etc.) ........ With me, it was the woman lying about something she could have simply spoken about .... that I found out later .... which could have been dealt with differently ........ regardless, she lied, and that destroyed all trust, and that triggered and re-activated the retired spook in me .... and denying the truth when a discovery is oddly close to the truth is even more destructive .................... My suggestion is simply ..... be brutally honest with yourself and INTERROGATE yourself .... there may be something you did that triggered his violating your privacy.

14 Sep 2011 22:11

@Kid 1 ..... Part I article 4 ....... I do wish ALL women would read there like it is a scratched record ...... I always look at my woman and wish she would SHUT UP!!!!! ....... my sister and my mother too !!!! Why can't women *bleep!* up?!? .... I can be completely quiet for months on end !!! if I have nothing valuable to speak of, I keep quiet !!!

14 Sep 2011 22:32

This leaves the serious minded woman to settle for married men because married men are more stable and mature ..................................................... I disagree absolutely on this notion ................. Serious minded single women should seek serious minded single men ........... there is no correlation of any form that a serious minded women will seek a married man because he is more stable and mature and GET him............ Any man who is stable and mature should not date any woman other than his wife ......... I am personally a decent example of this phenomenon ................ When I am in a committed relationship, there is no woman on this planet who can distract me from the woman I chose to be with (NOBODY is that hot or attractive), even when I am so angry and upset that I want to kick her out of my life, I refuse to allow "an-other" woman enter and exercise any power over my choices, we work on it till it either fails, or we succeed ...... I will always play the field when I am SINGLE .... There is no excuse for any committed person to engage the charms and favours of other people without first getting consent from those they gave their commitment with .... I'd ask my woman first .... in fact ....... I have asked ... More than once !!!

15 Sep 2011 09:25

What did shaz do to mat help pliz

15 Sep 2011 09:47

What did shaz do to mat help pliz @ Sloe.....................She is the one who called Puleng to come fetch Matt ( Hope it make sense)

15 Sep 2011 10:05

goodmorning all @ vusik thats well spoken and i love the way you have that command in your language and i want to belive that you are the few that can be brutally honest with such issues.

Big up up to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i for one hate women that are catalysts in other marriagescoz they think they are better than the other woman without realising that a man changes every single minute. kill me but u do that

Mrs Chix
15 Sep 2011 10:13

VusiK thanks will look into that, its just that l find it weird and crippy,and scary that he would go that far,

15 Sep 2011 10:28

.VusiK  @I can be completely quiet for months on end !!! if I have nothing valuable to speak of, I keep quiet !!! hai vusi nna i js cant, bt it depends who im spoken to. hihihihihihi.......

15 Sep 2011 11:01

@zvee tnx for translating I was hoping vusik wud translate.. The joke is dry in english though. ... Guys sharon's butt was on dailysun yesterday ... h

15 Sep 2011 12:23

@Swazzzyyy ... I was tempted, but did not want to step on your pweety twooes !!!

15 Sep 2011 12:25

@Kid1 ... Noted .... But when an external woman does manage to exert power on another relationship ... one should always note that it only happens because her leverage in the relationship (the man) allows it .... that's the bottom line .... We allow people to exert influence on us, not the other way round.

15 Sep 2011 12:30

@Ms Chix .... Odds are great that you either have a male chum or two you are uncomfortably close with, one whose interaction with you oversteps the boundaries of his sensibilities .... or ..... You have girlfriends who drag you out of the house which he does not approve of .... Men's egos are fragile (extremely), trigger their insecurities and they do turn into gremlins and will not only destroy themselves, but you and the relationship also. If your marriage is as important as it should be, investigate yourself all the way back (truthfully) and when armed with all your violations of him, sit with him and discuss that you are not comfortable with him violating your privacy ..... It will probably take 2 or so years to stop (depending on his character & love for you) ......

15 Sep 2011 12:33

Hi Kid1 ... How was your morning?

15 Sep 2011 12:51

@vusik my morning was hectic coz now its 5 days to go for the elections and am doing my final mtgs. eish i miss my sleep. oh by the way how are you feeling?

i cant wait for this period to end so that i get back to my life tho its boring but i miss it.
one should always note that it only happens because her leverage in the relationship (the man) allows it ....  i agree 100% 

men of this blog where are you?

15 Sep 2011 12:57

@Kid 1 ... are you branding all government, & Politicians, or branding Zambia, Elections, & individual poiticians?

15 Sep 2011 14:59


15 Sep 2011 15:18

@ Agree thanks a lot

15 Sep 2011 15:59

hey vusik am branding the opposition members of parly to be.

15 Sep 2011 16:22

IC, developing Parly brands in Africa is a difficult PR exercise .... We have no idea of what public image to go with because we tend not to develop a sense of public persona early enough ............... Politics in Africa is happenstance and pure chance .......... generally, the opportunist who gets there has no sense of image projection and control ..... (Look at out politicians as a baseline) ....... You have your work cut-out for you ..... See you late October!

16 Sep 2011 09:13

A parrot swallows a viagra tablet. His owner then puts him in the freezer to cool off. Later when he opens the freezer he finds the parrot sweating "How come you're sweating?" He asks, confused. The parrot replies, "Have you any idea, how hard it is to open the legs of a frozen chicken!??

16 Sep 2011 10:19

good morning good blloggers,

Two prisoners are making their escape over the jailhouse roof when 1 of them dislogdes a tile."whos there"shouts a guard.The first prisoner replies with a convincing imatation of a cat's MEOW.Reassured,the guard goes back 2 hs rounds.Bt then the second prisoner dislodge another tile ."Who's there"demands the guard."THE OTHER CAT",Answers the second prisoner.

16 Sep 2011 13:27

Kwakwakwa!!! Happy weekend guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen.

16 Sep 2011 15:49

Generations teasers replies are only 200+ in mid September... haaaa uyaphela uGen kancinci kancinci!!! They should pull they socks up or else...

17 Sep 2011 00:07

Hey guys,i've been here for quite sometime now but i never said a thing this is my first time i hope im welcomE here.

17 Sep 2011 12:18

The khe-phela saga continues