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Generations Teasers - August 2011

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 28 Jul 2011
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Coming up on Generations this August 2011:

Monday 1 August 2011
Episode 153 (3395)

Torn Thomas is caught between a rock and a hard place. Samuel has had enough and gives Sharon an ultimatum. Fed up Senzo decides it's time to make a change.

Tuesday 2 August 2011
Episode 154 (3396)

Matthew isn't happy to hear what his new house rules are. Kenneth gives Dineo a grim warning. Khaphela is furious when he sees who's visiting his wife.

Wednesday 3 August 2011
Episode 155 (3397)

Ngamla fumes when he hears the message Ntombi left for him. Bitter Ace takes revenge on Khethiwe in the worst possible way. Jason smells a rat in the Suite Style debacle.

Thursday 4 August 2011
Episode 156 (3398)

An already devastated Lungile gets a phone call with even more bad news. Emotionally fraught Sharon breaks down at work. The launch is going well until an uninvited guest gatecrashes.

Friday 5 August 2011
Episode 157 (3399)

Phakeme decides to take matters into his own hands. Ruby's oblivious of someone hungrily eyeing her cash. Nicholas hates to beg but doesn't have a choice.

Monday 8 August 2011
Episode 158 (3400)

Ngamla starts to make good on his threat. Thomas realises that vengeful Dineo means business. An old fling arrives and is shocked to see what's become of Matthew.

Tuesday 9 August 2011
Episode 159 (3401)

The women at the brunch are shocked by what Khethiwe says. Bitter Senzo has one thing only in mind - to take revenge. Kenneth is brewing a revenge plan of his own.

Wednesday 10 August 2011
Episode 160 (3402)

Lungile clings to the only shred of hope he has left. Phakeme is surprised to see what his son-in-law is up to. Queen is rattled by a friend's ominous warning.

Thursday 11 August 2011
Episode 161 (3403)

Matthew's change of heart comes a few moments too late. Nicholas is unnerved when he gets summoned to the boss's office. Samuel is furious about Sharon's shock announcement.

Friday 12 August 2011
Episode 162 (3404)

An incident in his bedroom leaves Kenneth scared and unnerved. Thomas is upset when Dineo won't tell him who she's meeting with. Ngamla is sad as he shows Christina around her new home.

Monday 15 August 2011
Episode 163 (3405)

Lungile doesn't hide his aversion towards an unwelcome visitor. Senzo is furious about the latest developments at the office. Devastated Khethiwe resorts to desperate measures to end her living nightmare.

Tuesday 16 August 2011
Episode 164 (3406)

When he doesn't get what he wants, Matthew turns nasty. Ace fires up suspicions after the late night visit he witnessed last night. The events of the last few days take their toll on Khaphela

Wednesday 17 August 2011
Episode 165 (3407)

Ntombi is angry about Ngamla's patronising attitude. Ruby's pleased that her tough love approach is working. Hlomla is shocked to hear who his new account executive is.

Thursday 18 August 2011
Episode 166 (3408)

Nicholas tries to get out of a devious deal. Dineo finds another way to stall the baby-making issue. Sharon's apprehensive about going to see her brother.

Friday 19 August 2011
Episode 167 (3409)

Khaphela is smug when Khethiwe makes things worse for herself. Senzo is suspicious when Kenneth insists on changing an ad. Thomas tries to do the right thing but it doesn't work out.

Monday 22 August 2011
Episode 168 (3410)

Ruby is on the warpath. Ace enjoys rubbing salt into some very raw wounds. Ngamla reveals his dark side is alive and well.

Tuesday 23 August 2011
Episode 169 (3411)

Sharon is in a predicament and doesn't know how to solve it. Nicholas realises he's bitten off more than he can chew. Patricia convinces Queen something fishy is going on.

Wednesday 24 August 2011
Episode 170 (3412)

Khaphela is not happy when an early visitor arrives to fish about something. Kenneth isn't sure what to make of the latest twist in his plan. Will Puleng's arrival make things better or worse?

Thursday 25 August 2011
Episode 171 (3413)

Senzo is furious when he hears what's been going on. Troubled Ruby appeals to a friend for help. Is shattered Matthew strong enough to say no to temptation?

Friday 26 August 2011
Episode 172 (3414)

Patricia's shocked about the new notice on Siqalo's notice board. Thomas is smug when it seems his plan is coming together. Ngamla's mood darkens when he sees something he wasn't supposed to.

Monday 29 August 2011
Episode 173 (3415)

Kenneth is rattled by what happens in his bedroom. Khethiwe is shocked to hear what Khaphela's decided to do. Senzo finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place.

Tuesday 30 August 2011
Episode 174 (3416)

Ruby is stunned to hear the latest in the Ngcobo saga. Nicholas explains why Christina had such a profound effect on him. Dineo decides to deliver some proof in order to keep up her facade.

Wednesday 31 August 2011
Episode 175 (3417)

Lulu begs Puleng not to take away the man she loves. Ntombi is thrown when an old friend is very cold towards her. Ngamla is furious when his co-conspirator gets cold feet.

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28 Jul 2011 21:52

Lemme read!! #1!

28 Jul 2011 21:53

I hate ace

28 Jul 2011 21:56


28 Jul 2011 22:06

top 5!ok this month but eish tooooo slooooowww!

28 Jul 2011 22:17


28 Jul 2011 22:24

First time and am in top 10 wow!!!!!!!!!

28 Jul 2011 22:45

TOP TEN YEEE!! this is good!

28 Jul 2011 22:56

Khethiwe's a nut case and Ace is worse. And finally Sam is acting like the man he really is. But nothing is certain in the soapieland.

28 Jul 2011 22:59

Baby making?  Oh this dam Mashaba's. 

28 Jul 2011 23:00

#7 haaa I'm on the top 10 on this one also, atleast I'm #1 on muvhango

28 Jul 2011 23:05

Ntombi she's back,that's wonderful

28 Jul 2011 23:53

@Tsakzin, i hear that she's also leaving Gen, ka bo october, Nice Story line.

29 Jul 2011 05:36

i hope nicholas finally gets what is cumin 2 him. I hate khapela and khetiwe's so called marriage it jus has 2 end

29 Jul 2011 06:12

Ntombi is bad 4 Nicholas he didnt knw kenny well b4 he goes to him.and Ruby begging Wow Generations...........................

29 Jul 2011 07:42

15 at least

sexy d
29 Jul 2011 07:44

top 20 yippe

29 Jul 2011 07:57

Yeeeppeee top 20!

29 Jul 2011 08:15

Top 20 Yeeeeep, let me read......

29 Jul 2011 08:17

top 20 yayaya

29 Jul 2011 08:25

am in watever

29 Jul 2011 08:29

Eish why are they bringing back Puleng? So Khaphela doesnt die.  I read some time ago that August will be the last month we see Kenneth on screen, but theres nothing on his grand exit above. I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Ntombi's return will be short lived if shes really leaving in October.  Ah well.....

29 Jul 2011 08:40

I am so confussed wid regards to august teasers,Ntombi is coming back but only for mnth ay,Christinah and the new home????

29 Jul 2011 09:00


29 Jul 2011 09:30


29 Jul 2011 09:43

29 Jul 2011 09:44

29 Jul 2011 09:48

so khapela is still going to annoy us every day ka 8. aghh ,....  y shud i care. may the sinking titanic take the rest to the deep end wen ma-khumalo exits....... ddnt watch yesterday ....

29 Jul 2011 10:10

Oh gosh... is Choppa going to be ok??? i don't see anything abt him next month.. i hop he doesn't die he's a funny character.

29 Jul 2011 10:28

"Senzo is caught between a rock and a hard place" as if that's a!!!

on a serious note with all the other actors leaving is there any reason Khaphela, Khethiwe, Ace, Patricia, Dineo, Ruby are still in the show? I mean if they leave there will be no love lost! lol

29 Jul 2011 10:30

People said they won't atch Generations when Karabo left but here it is, still standing. You say it's a sinking Titanic when, you're still saying that with Ntombi leaving. Let me tell you it will still be standing, even more growth, proven by the AR, still a number one show. Why? Because whatever you say, you like it, you watch, the numbers prove it. So shame... stop making noise and just enjoy watching. Generation rules, the others don't even come close. If you don't believe me... Check the ARs, they are proof. They were on 5 million when Karabo left now they are close to 7 million if not already there. Karabo and Ntombi are not great actors anyway, so glad they are bringing in Nambitha, now that's good actors who deserve accolades, they have done international movies. What has Karabo and Ntombi done? Karabo is proven only her beauty made us think she's good, check her on the wild - PATHETIC ACTRESS, she's with real actors there and she can't prove anything.

29 Jul 2011 10:53

oh crap jus wen i was getting used to seeing him.

thanks anywz Tazteeq

29 Jul 2011 11:03

yahhhh ke bitterness moo.......................

29 Jul 2011 11:08

lol @ Taz

What shocks Kenneth in his bedroom 12 & 29 Aug.

Does this mean Chrissy will stay with dad when mom leaves. If all these pple are leaving, it means we will be getting a new family, i wonder what they will called. It will be like a brand new soapie with same old boring story lines.

If Mfundi changes Dineo, Nicholas and mamRuby's storylines. It will become interesting again. Patricia is fine, i like her story line, umgosi wase Siqalo. 

I liked Gen a lot when they most of them young pple used to live in Baba's commune. 

We watch because, there is really nothing to watch at 8, its now like culture, not that we have anything good to look forward to. Its always nice to look forward to a good storyline after a very stressful day at work.

Ntombi is the only character i have watched who fits the rebellious wife part nicely and when she tells people where to get off - It looks and sounds really.

29 Jul 2011 11:12

Biggie i feel sorry for u shame.....u dnt understand us bloggers we are the no1 supporters of Gene we love it and we watch it everyday what ever we comment about is a wake up call to bra Mfundi wena u r fighting wid us what's your problem did u get it all last night?????? u got a right to remain silent cos no1 will pay u for what ever u r saying right now the more we critisize as viwers the more they improve if we r silent how will they know where to improve???

29 Jul 2011 11:12

Why do I suddenly get drained everytime I see biggiesmalls' name even b4 I read his comments.... Nkos' enofefe, do we really still have abantu abaloluhlobo kulo mhlaba.U need a shrink biggie, u sound seriously damaged.

29 Jul 2011 11:23

The most person I wished would return is Archie Moroka. If one can just imagine the confrotation between Archie and Keneth? Please do something, Archie is being wasted at scandle given rolls that doens't beffit him. Show your superiority Generations, stop being a stop over soapie by maintaining you actors.

29 Jul 2011 11:33

Sweetz you need a shrink because you lie to yourself. And I'm sure you're going to read this too, I can see you typing a reply... go ahead, type now, here it comes, you're boiling inside to answer me,... do it... you want to... go ahead... satisfy yourself, your anger... truth iyaklakla neh?

29 Jul 2011 11:34

Just to let you know Mfundi doesn't even read this, he doesn't even know it exist. He's got too many things to be concerned with

29 Jul 2011 11:35

I reali Love seeing Ntombi and Sibusiso together they always makes me believe truelove real exist, I also like it  when Ntombi comes up wid umgosi and Sibusiso will say hey Makhumalo yekela izindaba zabantu wat a cute couple,will real miss Ntombi and I am failing to find the perfect match for uSibusiso unless if they can hire that woman i love Akuye (Msutwana) wat is her name again Zandile???

29 Jul 2011 11:40

Y *bleep!* Dineo find it ws 4 da best whn he ws wth Kenny

29 Jul 2011 11:43

hey pple

1. I hate this so-called Puleng character
2. I love maKhumalo so mch. she is so irreplaceable. jus lyk Karabo, so  irreplaceable. both these ladies will always remain stars as far as Generations is concerned.

29 Jul 2011 11:48

dd someone talk abt the Wild? it doesn't have a blog page yet, i think. If it does, then, we are talking abt Generations here.

Anyway, i jus hope Dineo wakes up from ths Mashaba nightmare and realizes tht Thomas is playing with her feelings. Lungile , oh shame

29 Jul 2011 11:50

Was wishing for Khaphela to vanish, seskhathele now, and as for Dineo, she is annoying with this 'sleeping with every man' of her habit...eish

29 Jul 2011 11:55

@NqobileH u r so ryt u kno? I wonder why they dont make Dineo have HIV! kikikikik 

29 Jul 2011 12:36

auuu vivalicious i want dinny to be with kenny...............

29 Jul 2011 12:56

@vivalicious HIV no man just have a heart!

29 Jul 2011 13:15

I cant help but feel sorry for Lungsta,

I was hoping that Thom wld do right by Lungi and not subbotage him, what do i know evil Mashabas. I get a sneaky feeling that Thom does love Dineo but is too scared to be thrown out of the mansion, he has not forgotten when he became a waiter and they stayed at Siqalo, when she cooked with those cheap pots.

29 Jul 2011 13:26

pjvv......dont u think Thomas is going to turn against his father and be with dinny

29 Jul 2011 13:35

Not another HIV case, we are having enough with Matthew in the picture.I never clicked with Puleng, i hope this time she goes to Three Towers or rents a flat at Siqalo. Khethiwe's is empty,

29 Jul 2011 14:13


baba bp
29 Jul 2011 14:59

this teasers are boring

29 Jul 2011 15:08

Am back helo guys... Gens has become interestng thanks to crayz khethi... As 4 dinny shes da worst slut ever am glad even lungile saw that.. If u compare karabo nd dinny i say karabo was better than her... Dinnys been in gens for 6 years already shes slept wit 4 men well i added thomas twice ay cha

29 Jul 2011 15:39

Agree with you MsJ, Karabo never slept with father,son and brother. She has gone back to Kenneth 3 times and Thom 3 times. Believe me if Thomas decides to leave town she will go back to Kennny. 

Remember when she got angry with her mother for not telling her that Thom was back in town, all was just a lie, so glad Ruby shut her up with a hot clap. Not sure if she buys new underwear when she moves to the next person. Otherwise all the Mashabas know her underwear and every mark on her body, yuck!

29 Jul 2011 15:56

They have finally given Samuel some balls! Hallelujah!!

29 Jul 2011 22:16

@biggiesmalls do you really knw what u r talking about?a soapie shud nt be so prdictble.we need to look forward to 2mrw..and we watch cos thers nothin really to watch at 4 sayin mfundi does nt read nd doesnt even knw they exist then y wud they giv us the comin up.....they do read the teasers cos i once saw muvhango tearsers saying agnes has to get a new and within a day they changed her style.....we r the teasers so stop being nastyyyy.....

29 Jul 2011 22:31

@ biggiesmall....oh by the way how do u knw that mfundi does nt read the tearser or his team doesnt?r u related...ha ha. Well the millions u r talking about are our MOTHERS;AUNTS;UNCLES WIFES; those who goes way back with gen b4 we understood what was going on....then we grew up knwin it was no 1 soapie. Its not interestin cos kenny always gets away with bad things,when we expect him to be BUSTED sumhow......

29 Jul 2011 22:49

Yeah an interestin mnth indeed

Miss Rue
30 Jul 2011 01:28

Thank goodness they changed Khetiwe's hairstyle............... now can they do something abt Dineo's???????? 
sad abt Ntombi leaving tho. i love the woman to bits......

31 Jul 2011 19:56

hey m new
wow intresting
choppa got stabbed shame
good evening all

31 Jul 2011 22:27

Dineo is a whore to the mashabas,let the writer gives another character,and khaphela on the other hand, he is looking forward for a genue lover, these two figures are in the opposition, maybe dineo will match oneday.who knows.

01 Aug 2011 09:33

Tazteeq??????????? hw cld u??

01 Aug 2011 10:40

Guys i think Nambitha Mpumlwana will make a difference i real love her especially when her role is Judge or Lawyer hahahaha can't wait shame

01 Aug 2011 11:18

hiiiii lovely people. cnt wait for ntombi to come bac, maybe she wil b able to spice things up a bit, as we think its not enough, mfundi is letting go another character? i mean not js another character but a good one. i bet the producers around are js waiting for her big exit from the soapie.

01 Aug 2011 11:23

@ntoko is she coming 2 our sopie? morning blogers!

01 Aug 2011 11:32

yes viva

01 Aug 2011 11:32

yes viva

01 Aug 2011 11:32

yes viva

01 Aug 2011 11:38

hie good pple Khetiwe has turned out to be a monster as for Dinny once a slut always a slut

01 Aug 2011 11:47

Morning all, @veejay shame i dont blame her its the situation

01 Aug 2011 11:47

Morning all, @veejay shame i dont blame her its the situation

01 Aug 2011 11:54

Hi all, welcome to myself. OOH poor Khethiwe, Nambitha wil mak a diff.

01 Aug 2011 11:54

Dinny is not a slut she was once told she is not good in bed therefore she went to Maz to get a second opinion ....kwakwakwakwakwa

01 Aug 2011 11:58

Nambitha is good bathong and having her on the saopy will bring back the die hard fans that's a good move Bra Mfundi i also need uZandile Msutwana a perfect match for Sbuda hahahaha ****i wish i wish

01 Aug 2011 13:33

eix khapela n khetiwe are so boring

01 Aug 2011 14:05

hello gen fans, been away on mini martenity leave(only 2 months :( ), m back now... 
damn Dineo. can somebody rape her so she can be paranoid and not want a man next to her? she is just a plain slut who has absolutely no clue of what love is and confuses it with being horny

01 Aug 2011 14:45

wb bomyy

Lolly Thekiso
01 Aug 2011 20:39

i support

02 Aug 2011 08:31

hy guyz is keny leaving gen ts month?n i also heard tht sammy n shaz ar leaving in dec.

02 Aug 2011 12:05

good day all. ai maybe they should just start generations afresh with total new charecters and maybe new management, the current crew has overstayed their welcome and as a result bayaflopa, blind

02 Aug 2011 14:16

greetings pple,im a new member here bt i always read yol responses its interesting wat yu ppl write

02 Aug 2011 14:34

welcome home msandos.........

02 Aug 2011 15:33

tnx Vandy...du u always nicely welcome new comers*wink*

02 Aug 2011 15:37

wc msandos, yes they always do, they did to me too *wink wink*

03 Aug 2011 06:45

I once heard pple say change is gud, so if that's true then it'll be gud 4 Generations 2 change 'n bring new generation just to give its name a meaning, besides that'll give others a chance to prove themselves 'n show what they r worth. And oh! I too wish Mfundi could consider taking Msutwana on board.

sexy d
03 Aug 2011 08:57

Gud morning all

Khethiwe wena you are playing with fire o nagana ace is gonna leave you like that shame poor gal you better think twice even le khaphela wont be able to protect you.

So is senzo gonna go to ezweni or wat?

Dineo wena o tla thanya lemapo le le mo tsebeng because plp dnt just change shame unless they are willing to so as for thomas case like father like son finish and klaar

03 Aug 2011 09:32

morning bloggers, i am still new, always read ur coments n so loving them, wishing u all a lovely day

03 Aug 2011 09:46

goodmorning all am back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03 Aug 2011 10:08

welcome ladytee and kid1

03 Aug 2011 10:15

Tazteeq,Ntoko and SK.....where is Maud? People like Mashabas must burn in hell. even if they say you hate a person there is a limit. how can he do that to Lungile? the man is trying to do good for his lovely daughter, unlike him f#ck bastard.

03 Aug 2011 10:47

Reply from: biggiesmalls Friday, July 29, 2011 11:34 AM

Just to let you know Mfundi doesn't even read this, he doesn't even know it exist. He's got too many things to be concerned with ............................So what we don't care either he reads it or not but what written here is totaly going to happen this month.

03 Aug 2011 11:00


You get introduced to your wife`s friend [a lady], this is what she will say: “ Ke ntate wa ko ntlung”
simply meaning that ho na le wa ko strateng.
Another one :” Ke ntate wa bana”. Meaning wena o baby-maker fela…..
Your wife introduces you to a buddy [ a man]: “ ke ene enwa he”
This one clearly tells you that somehow or somewhere you became the topic of the day for those two. [ Make a follow- up]
“ Ke tla go tsebisa ntate later ke sa tshwaregilenyana” this normally happen ko Matlapeng, funerals or manyalong. Then you must know hore o hlabisa mme kgala metsoalleng ea hae.
SHE WILL ALSO SAY: KE MOKGALABE WA KA O- Know that you no longer perform right : check check

03 Aug 2011 11:02

thanx @ available
@ jadapinkett yah taking it on another level with biggiesmalls.

i just wonder why pipo take these comments personal.

this is where pipo get to express en have fun. whether mfundi reads or not it is our blog en we are here to have fun.

03 Aug 2011 11:03

A dog asked a cat: why do you guys hide when you're doing it
The cat replied: that's because we don't want humans to copy our "style".
They've already copied yours

03 Aug 2011 11:09

ijooo BabyN.....nna i want to be introduced by a name and a title

03 Aug 2011 11:55


03 Aug 2011 12:18

That lady Kenny's friend, i hate her, hot body though. 

How did Lungile become so broke, please explain to me guys. But naye uyakhala ethi he is broke while staying at 3 towers why not get a 1 bedroom unit at Siqalo. 

03 Aug 2011 14:05

good day everyone, ai Khethiwe yena nje au bandla. what happend to that "im sorry for speaking out of turn bhuti"

baby N nice one, but wat does "ke ene enwa he" mean?

03 Aug 2011 14:11

Khethy was trained by Ace bt Ace seemed to be so lost yesterday,its true ukuthi okwenzayo uzenzela wena,

03 Aug 2011 14:14

pjvv i hav been asking myself the same question ........i dont understand lungile's story line..............kana he has hotels and what what.........why dont he sell 1 of them and start afresh

03 Aug 2011 14:16

@bomyy , it means" this is the one" ........

03 Aug 2011 14:47

Lungile is broke coz of the hospital bills he's been payment for his daughter.

wish Ace cld take out the tape n playing for braKhaps. Khethi is very stupid haa.

03 Aug 2011 14:49

Lungile is broke coz of the hospital bills he's been paying for his daughter.

wish Ace cld take out the tape n play it for braKhaps. Khethi is very stupid haa.

03 Aug 2011 14:52

why did he put his daughter's illness a secret beacuse he could have been helped

03 Aug 2011 15:18

yes guys, Lungile's story is kinda wierd. Talking about almost marrying Karabo witout even telling her!

But i think wen push comes 2 shove fro Dineo, she will end up dating Lungile for real.(one can never b sure with that wh*re). lol

baba bp
03 Aug 2011 16:49

hie evey one,have been reading all these messages,wao!u guys are good,otherwise long time no talk

03 Aug 2011 17:17

this generation bull *bleep!* always get on my nerves. can someone please fire the entire crew because they are booooooring. very soon they will tell us that Jaysin is pregnant. How long has queen been single, i mean she doesn't have any feelings.Khaphela has a lot of money but he only had experimental sex with Sara. Bull *bleep!* this thing is booooooooooooooooooring 100000% so as the rest of you bloggers who love this bull shit

04 Aug 2011 08:43

Morning bloggers. I have one request from you all my lovely bloggers. Some pipo just love causing havoc plis ignore the and pretend you never read their comments. And continue with our soapie which we love no matter how boring it becomes.

04 Aug 2011 08:52

Poor Thom wanted to confess to Dinny but the wrath of Kenny;s anger stopped him. Kenny still doesnt like his son, i dont even know why Thom still carries on doing his evil work. 

Lungile is lost for words but they can trace the cell phones numbers now that they are RICAd and they will find her and she can then implicate Kenny. I am so tired of what Kenneth has done, please bring all of this to an end. Thom can testify against his father

Kwakest at Mapholoba's face after hearing the testimony on the tape. The mood he was in when he got home from the meeting with Ace. What were you expecting when you married Khethi, she told you everything she had done and you chose to marry her, live with it.

04 Aug 2011 09:08

lungile is stupid he still has mabena industies why cnt he sell some of his shares there instead of beign selfish coz he managed to steal money from the company without them knowing its not like hes broke wit no cent while leaving in 3 towers he does have money just tha its in fixed ASSETS

04 Aug 2011 09:10


04 Aug 2011 09:14

GENERATIONS IS BACK all thanks to evil witch kheti

04 Aug 2011 09:15

@Available thanx 4 a warm welcum.

morning all, ah mara poor Lungile, how could they do this to him,

> will khaphela tell khethi about the tape he got from Ace, hai if i was khaphela i would change my will again bfr its too late.

04 Aug 2011 09:36

Khaphela is beta off without Khethiwe run sbari run for ur life

04 Aug 2011 09:37

at least last knight i saw some action of the tape. i hate generation when i see two man kissing because my child keep on asking me if do man have to kiss each other and on the other hand can't picture my baby boy kissing another man.

04 Aug 2011 10:18

ya neh this whol Jas kissing/flirting with Senzo also gets to me...

wonder wat Khaphela was thinkin in the first place after finding out wat she was capable of abortion, murder, stabbing really why is he surprised

04 Aug 2011 15:32

Hey guys, am new to ths bt i thnk its great, wy *bleep!* lungile sel hz ada asets?

04 Aug 2011 15:33

hi all

ace has trained a proper mafia en wat he dosent know is that kheti will be th one to eliminate him. infact soon. let me take u way back wen ace introduced kheti to mabaso they used to play is it poker or watever she lost all her money en all ace told her was am so sorry sis.

let keti finish him

04 Aug 2011 15:51

@ kid1

u mastermind kid, neva thot anyone remembers that, i like the way your memory works.big up ... yyerrrrr!!!!!!!

04 Aug 2011 16:00

I think this month Generations is better . There is some action and it looks like there is still more to come in future

04 Aug 2011 18:20

thanx caro (wink) am chaffed

05 Aug 2011 09:15

I liked lastnite episode

05 Aug 2011 09:15

I liked lastnite episode

05 Aug 2011 09:51

So Lungile has taken his daughter off the life support, sham but the guy had no choice. Kenny must be exposed for his evil deeds and also Thomas had the time to tell the truth, he also deserves to be exposed.

Dinny was left with egg on her face

sexy d
05 Aug 2011 10:26

Morning all

05 Aug 2011 13:26

Generations is dead, is getting to be more like Bold and Beautiful with one woman sleeping with the whole family from a father, uncle to a son. It is filthy. Yes it is boring. I prefer to watch other programmes on SABC and ETV that to watch it. Only when there is soccer, wrestling on other channels that I force myself to watch Generations. It has lost its plot. Its time the producers call it quits.

05 Aug 2011 13:48

Kethi is pregnant with Dumisani's baby and now he wants to give pin it on Khaphela

05 Aug 2011 13:55

Reali Maud?>???? mmmhhhh that is umgosi ozoshubisa ngempela but uKhethy useyazi???

05 Aug 2011 14:04

yho the best couple that i haite is this slut dineo with thomas sis she like mashabas nd they ur destroyin her

05 Aug 2011 14:06

i wish dineo will mary mabena

05 Aug 2011 14:10

wat a painful moment when Mabena switch off the machines eish it brought back some sad memories life is too short guys,always tell ur family and ur children how much u love there and how much u appreaciate their presence i learned that the harder way.

05 Aug 2011 14:13

Kethi is pregnant with Dumisani's baby and now he wants to give pin it on Khaphela

I hav a horrible picture of SSS nd khethi in bed nd its not gud 4 my health

Khaphela o rata dilo ene ke mokgalabje sies

Snuca Babe
05 Aug 2011 14:59

I hav a horrible picture of SSS nd khethi in bed nd its not gud 4 my health
@ Mokema
I can just imagine yaz

05 Aug 2011 15:13

@ntoko not yet, but soon she will find out, i dont mind Thomas ,infact i like his body ,yest ntoko i said his body but not the attitute,its in me i like tall guys. and he also knows that.

05 Aug 2011 15:24

GBPY Eish le wena fela Mokema o rata dilo hahahaha

05 Aug 2011 15:54

Extra USD 50000.00 for Wendall, i wanted to share with fellow bloggers.

05 Aug 2011 16:22

helo all
nice one kheti

05 Aug 2011 16:38


A little boy goes to his dad and
asks, 'What is Politics?'

Dad says, 'Well son, let me try to
explain it this way:

I am the head of the family , so
call me The President.

Your mother is the administrator
of the money, so we call her
the Government.

We are here to take care of your
needs, so we will call you the

The nanny , we will consider her
the Working Class.

And your baby brother, we will
call him the Future.

Now think about that and see if it
makes sense.

So the little boy goes off to bed
thinking about what Dad has

Later that night, he hears his
baby brother crying, so he gets up
to check on him.

He finds that the baby has
severely soiled his diaper.

So the little boy goes to his
parent's room and finds his
mother asleep.
Not wanting to wake her, he goes
to the nanny's room. Finding the
door locked, he peeks in the
keyhole and sees his father in bed
with the nanny.
He gives up and goes back to bed.

The next morning, the little boy
say's to his father, 'Dad, I think I
understand the concept of politics

The father says, 'Good, son, tell
me in your own words what you
think politics is all about.'

The little boy replies, 'The
President is screwing the
Working Class while the
Government is sound asleep. The
People are being ignored and
the Future is in deep *bleep!*.

sexy d
08 Aug 2011 07:49

Good morning all

@Kid1 clever kid

Thanks dj lulu is coming back maybe she will knock some sense in matt head coz ena he really needs a reality check. So sad choppa is gone.
@maud so if khethi is preg will she knw whether is dumi or khaphelas baby?
When will we see ntombi vele?

08 Aug 2011 09:05

hi peo[le !!!! be back

08 Aug 2011 09:14

Morning lovely people 

Hahahahahaha @Kid1 nice one lol!!!!!!!!!

i cant wait to see Ntombi.....

08 Aug 2011 10:11

hi every1, im new here but i lyk wat u dng so im hoping dat i wil enjoy interacting with u ol.

Snuca Babe
08 Aug 2011 10:51

Hi SiSaneh

Welocme, hope yu will enjoy your stay here with us!!!!!!

08 Aug 2011 11:38

hello mabloggers i am so tired just came to say hala

08 Aug 2011 11:45

Hi Ntoko,lets arrange come together for all bloggers.Hei i want to meet sowetan bloogers with all their funny names.

08 Aug 2011 12:34

Lol funny name??? no comment

08 Aug 2011 15:43

can please give a hint hw kenny is goin to leave generations..i don get the departure part in the bloggers

08 Aug 2011 16:05

Hi pipz..m new here...hav bin reading ur blog 4 a long tym now n alwayz fail 2 post..anywayz let  me ask whr do u get da in4 dat Ntombi is leaving or has left...???

08 Aug 2011 16:32


Be the kind of woman
That when your feet
hit the floor each morning
the devil says:
"Oh No, She's Up!"

To all the beautful ladies in the house Have a wonderful day tomorrow

Happy Woman's day !!!!!!!!!!!!

08 Aug 2011 16:46

OMG thanx babyn indeed the devil needs to know that we are up.

Happy womans day guys.

am rushiing to go en buy true love mag am told ntombi is on the cover. i think she has spilled the beans alittle

08 Aug 2011 17:04

Jim had 4 children.
The Government announced that if you have 5 children you will be given a monthly grant of $5 000.
So Jim told his wife. "I have another child from my small house and l'm bringing him home."
But when he returned he was amazed to see just 2 children remaining, he asked his wife, "Where are the other 2 kids?"
She replied "You were not the only person who heard the announcement."

09 Aug 2011 08:13

I ddnt watch Gen lastnyt..any1 ka update plz????Morning all!!!

09 Aug 2011 08:21

goodmorning all today hope you wil have a lovely day.

manazo 1
09 Aug 2011 09:38

Good morning, ke mocha ke ya fihla, bt hey generations is boring, KHAPHELA o tla ya neng hae????

09 Aug 2011 10:15

Molo diwapz and kid1. Eish matewu must just go to hell

09 Aug 2011 10:35

@Kid1 what does true love magazine say about Ntombi, also curios to know her whereabouts,

gud morning everyone in the house,

09 Aug 2011 13:35

HA! HA! HA! JA NE GENERATIONS.....................................................................

09 Aug 2011 16:17

hi guyz..any info on Sonia Sedibe pipz???

sexy d
10 Aug 2011 08:40

Good mrning all

@Kid1 we are waiting regarding response ka Ntombi pls tell us what she said in the mag?

10 Aug 2011 09:37

Ntombi will be on Gene only for a short while she is also leaving somewhere in October she wanna focus on her personal businesses aparently while working for bra Mfundi she is pre occupied she can't focus

10 Aug 2011 11:52

hey guys am so sorry was stuck in traffik then decided to go stret home will tell u this afternoon .

10 Aug 2011 13:33

ntombi is leaving gen bcoz nambitha is earning mo than her. she says shez been working 4 Gen 4 2 long its unfair 2 her 2 earn less than umafika izolo njengo nambitha

Anyway gen bloggers its been a while

10 Aug 2011 16:44

yah th face of lux being a new mum en co owner of a restraunt yoh hands full. i personally willl miss her coz i always look forward to seeing her designs she knows how to dress.

10 Aug 2011 17:03

gudnite all

11 Aug 2011 09:35

hello guyz, when is kenneth leaving generations

11 Aug 2011 10:10

i think kenny wil be leaving soon as everybody and everything turns against him

sexy d
11 Aug 2011 10:17

good morning all

11 Aug 2011 10:32

morning .................hei dineo is saving home affairs time of changing surnames

11 Aug 2011 10:37

Goodmorning bloggers believe it or not Generations is getting hotter and hotter everyday, I feel bad for Lungile Mabena i shed the tear that's painful guys i experienced the same pain hey?

11 Aug 2011 10:47

hello good ppl
does anyone know what on Earth did Nicholas had on that USB he gave to Kenneth last night. please share

11 Aug 2011 11:11

@Immah49 i dont think its something that can help kenny

11 Aug 2011 13:26

hi lovely pipo 

11 Aug 2011 13:59

Is not the information kenny hes looking for, thats ma thinking,

what will hapen to kenneth coz every1 is turning against him including his son?

enjoy the rest of ur day bloogers

11 Aug 2011 14:10

Kenny's intention was to use Tomas to destroy Dinny but unfortunately Tomas was kind enough afta helping himself wid the cookie jar  to share the secret wid Dinny now Dinn'y is using Tomas to destroy Kenny wid the help of Big-guy I love it can't wait for action,

11 Aug 2011 14:28

Dinny's cookie iyashaya it forces the truth out of a man.

11 Aug 2011 14:42

Lol Sloe inamalambo hahahahahaha

11 Aug 2011 16:22

Below is an extract from a paper on women's rights to land in Uganda.

Beyond these more obvious challenges to customary practices are the daily individual acts of resistance that often elude notice.
In one dramatic incident of this kind, a recently widowed woman, Noerena Mubiru, of Mubende, was confronted by her husband's relatives one Sunday morning before she left for church. They had come to grab her properties, a customary practice in some patrimonial Ugandan societies.
The 10 relatives presented the widow with a list of things they intended to take back to their village. In desperation, the widow stripped naked and walked into the living room where the relatives had assembled. She stood in front of them, pointing to her private parts, saying: "You see, this was one of the properties my late husband loved most."
She continue demanding that, "If anybody wants to remove his property, he will have to start with this (pointing to her private parts) and then I can show you the rest," she declared.

The father-in-law fainted and the relatives fled as fast as they could.

11 Aug 2011 16:26

@sloe for a sec i was thinking of the real cookies then it hit me dinny not a baking type then dah its her cookie the one en only cod mashaba cookie. lol indeed she will bring kenny down

11 Aug 2011 16:42

@Sloe.............u hav made my day................

11 Aug 2011 16:48

@kid1 lol , thats a power of a woman .......You go Noerena Mubiru!!!!!!

sexy d
12 Aug 2011 08:20

Good morning all

Khethiwe bathong hai speechless as senzeni would say you are rotten and rotating

So if sbu is sad showing chrissie the house is he gonna come back alone or wat?

12 Aug 2011 08:32

eish I love MamRuby shame she is so generous, I wish Thomas will real support Dinny without playing the games, That tym whem Matthew wa holding that expensive brandy i thought he was gonna drop it was keeping my fingers crossed hahahahaha

12 Aug 2011 08:39

Khethi is giving Khaphela everything he deserves, how can you force someone to love you and to mae love to you. He said Dumi & Adam were wicked but he is worse and he is too old for that. He should have accepted his life with Sara but he wanted to be sugar daddy.

12 Aug 2011 08:46

shooo bathong sbuda is in hospital shame man get well soon

12 Aug 2011 09:09

i bet you guys this is trying to teach all of us ladies that there are men out ther like kaphela always wanting th opposite of their partners. sera suited that punk and he wasnt interested in her. eish i wish that mariage had lasted, how can u invite home afairs minister mama zuma en them let that marriage go to waste? ha kaphela should look for his size

12 Aug 2011 09:10

Someone has written these beautiful words.
Read and try to understand the deeper meaning of them.

1. Prayer is not a "spare wheel" that you pull out when in trouble, but it is a "steering wheel" that directs the right path throughout life.

2. Why is a car's windshield so large & the rearview mirror so small? Because our PAST is not as important as our FUTURE. So, look ahead and move on.

3. Friendship is like a BOOK. It takes a few seconds to burn, but it takes years to write.

4. All things in life are temporary. If they are going well, enjoy them, they will not last forever. If they are going wrong, don't worry, they can't last long either.

5. Old friends are gold! New friends are diamond! If you get a diamond, don't forget the gold! To hold a diamond, you always need a base of gold!

6. Often when we lose hope and think this is the end, God smiles from above and says, "Relax, sweetheart; it's just a bend, not the end!"

7. When God solves your problems, you have faith in HIS abilities; when God doesn't solve your problems, He has faith in YOUR abilities.

8. A blind person asked God: "Can there be anything worse than losing eye sight?" He replied: "Yes, losing your vision!"

9. When you pray for others, God listens to you and blesses them, and sometimes, when you are safe and happy, remember that someone has prayed for you.

10. Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles; it takes away today's PEACE.

12 Aug 2011 13:15


12 Aug 2011 13:46

hey please fill me up, guys: what help is dineo looking for from sbuda? am a bit behind with the episodes.

12 Aug 2011 15:44

@ kid1 

Thanx i need 2 hear this

sexy d
15 Aug 2011 08:15

Morning all

15 Aug 2011 10:08

goodmorning all its a lovely day en i hope u enjoy it as well.

15 Aug 2011 11:30

Good morning pple, pls come back to your blog. why the silence? Dont u luv Generations anymore? :-(

15 Aug 2011 11:57

Sbusiso in Hospital he must get well soon for real he is one person that meks me watch Generations

15 Aug 2011 12:24

hah exchuze me he needs to get beta soon.
@vivalicious we love gen but th storyline aint fitting in our blogging attitude.

lil slender
15 Aug 2011 12:52

lil slender
15 Aug 2011 13:00

dis story it gettn bored bcoz many great talented actor  they left so kea bona hore by next year ke tlabe ke tswile hosona

15 Aug 2011 16:23

boring wink wink just a blank gen set

16 Aug 2011 09:22

hey guys its dimakz0 here im new in that game so pls every 1 can brief me as far as im corncen ;is it true that dineo she gonna chance a surname

i can wait to see ntombi on my eyes maybe tomorrow

kenny he is boring guys

16 Aug 2011 09:29

dont mind slender maybe the new ones will be more interesting, nna kw borwa ke kenny le khaphela they are old

16 Aug 2011 09:48

Sbu was shocked 2 c Ntombi yesterday as 4 BL and SSS they r hopelessly boring

16 Aug 2011 12:10

they are boring hle'

16 Aug 2011 12:16

Morning lovely bloggers came to ensure you'll that i am still alive :-)

16 Aug 2011 12:20

Mokema who is BL le SSS

16 Aug 2011 15:07

mokema im lost who is dat persons o buang ka bona

16 Aug 2011 15:33

the was no electric so miss gen yesd iwish i see ntombi .guyz what happened to Sbuda?

17 Aug 2011 08:11


17 Aug 2011 08:45

hey liya hw are u

17 Aug 2011 08:57

Mokema who is BL le SSS

Khethiwe le Khaphela

17 Aug 2011 09:22

goodmornig all yah atleast mokema kept us thinking lol

17 Aug 2011 10:05

good morning bloggers. Ntoko im happy u r still alive. kid1 gd morning 2 u too. Welcome dimakatso.aletta

Guys, i jus wonder hw Ntombi is gonna disappear from our screens 4 good. I jus hope she doesnt die. Im thinking since Dineo spilled the beans 2 Thomas abt her mission wth Sibusiso, of destroying Kenneth. Once Thomas tells Kenneth, Kenneth will destroy Ngamla's marriage, b4 he is get rid of.

17 Aug 2011 10:19

Long time ago i said Ntombi will have a one night stand wid Kenny remember that???? It will happen cos Kenny will brain wash Ntombi's mind about Sbuda and Dinny as if something fishy is going on between them, correct me if m wrong guys but Dinny was so uncomfortable hearing that everthing is perfect between Ntombi and Ngamla she was like daaaahhh r u guys back together forever*** m just reading her mind hahahahahahaha

17 Aug 2011 11:30

@ntoko, i was eating & i lost my appetite - jus wen i pictured the devil Kenny in bed with Ntombi. Lmao!
If it happens tht way then, Sbuda will find all the energy in the world to kill Kenny. 
Pardon me but Dineo seems to have a heart 2 love almost every succesful man. By the way, wats her plan regarding Thomas? I mean, why continue sleeping wth the man when its now clear she doesnt luv the dude anymore? *confused*

17 Aug 2011 11:56

i think dinny loves thomas and at the same time she dont trust him

17 Aug 2011 12:08

Its been long since i visit ths site hw is everyone doing

17 Aug 2011 12:11

True Vandi and i thought Thomas was helping Dinny to destroy Kenny after that suspicious look i dnt trust him anymore

17 Aug 2011 12:18

although Dineo try to destrory an affair ya ntombi and sbu bt wat  i knw is dat sbu lvs ntombi shame'

i am little bit worried gore y dineo want to take a.long b4 she marry thomas"if im not mistaken dineo ha a sa batla thomas guys

17 Aug 2011 12:18

although Dineo try to destrory an affair ya ntombi and sbu bt wat  i knw is dat sbu lvs ntombi shame'

i am little bit worried gore y dineo want to take a.long b4 she marry thomas"if im not mistaken dineo ha a sa batla thomas guys

17 Aug 2011 12:21

Its been a long since i visit ths site hw is everyone doing

17 Aug 2011 13:29

Menzi - 'undergoing successful treatment'

... Full Story

17 Aug 2011 14:00


18 Aug 2011 07:59

can some i tell me whats going on with ntombi, she is not her self,guilt is written all over her face,do you think she cheated on sbu while she was oversees or what.

sexy d
18 Aug 2011 08:17

morning all

@lyfde i think the name joe does sumthing to her maybe he is/was de new guy ko chicago

Khaphela institutialise(sp) khethiwe kwakwakwakwakwa that man never sees to amaze me these days

Dineo agreeing to make a baby le thomas wat de hell is that chick thinking or is it some kind of strategy guess we have to wait and see

18 Aug 2011 08:23

morning all hope u r fine.
ntombi looks very guilt i bet she pulled a good one on sbu en she just come to say bye. that couple is the best in gen en i wonder which next will be the hottest couple in the soap. 
khapela feels he is the man now sow he is on to kheti. oh the punk is in control

18 Aug 2011 08:41

She will probably go back to Chicago to that Joe guy, mxim, she will tell Ngamla that she loves him but loves Joe more. Whichever way she leaves, they must bring someone more like that lady Akua from Society and more lovable.

Dineo is ok, i like her acting skills but i always have a problem when she is given these powerful positions, coz she does not have qualifications, atleast let her study part-time to make her good editor. I know experience counts but with a bit of education phela.

En why is Dineo giving Thom the kuku, i thought she doesnt love the guy, messed-up in the head i guess.

Khethi & Khaphela,

18 Aug 2011 09:50

@pjvv u r right i love Akua oh sh would be a perfect much for sibusiso or let them bring back julia she is doing fine in jacobs cross but she dosent luk fine to be andilez wife. 


Mrs Chix
18 Aug 2011 10:26

hi guys missed you all. That Mathew guy just irritates the *bleep!* out of me

18 Aug 2011 10:30

morning everyone

I agree with you kid1 julia  is the right candidate......

18 Aug 2011 10:34

Ntombi's story line is now mo like Karabo's wen she went to India and met Lungile. is Lungile gone for good?

18 Aug 2011 10:47

hi new to the Generations family. please welcome me

18 Aug 2011 10:51


Geeez welcome home madness......

18 Aug 2011 11:01

feel @ home madness

sexy d
18 Aug 2011 11:03

@madness welcome dear

18 Aug 2011 11:33

Hi everyone, I am also knew to the family, please welcome me........

Snuca Babe
18 Aug 2011 11:39

Ntomby.....Mxim shes leaving sbuda
Matt................Irritates me
Dinewhore.......You having a kid?????
Khethy............I love your afro shame
Queen............Boring bathong!!!

18 Aug 2011 11:47

Welcome Madness.. your name kills me.

I wonder how Ntombi's storyline will turn out and not bore us to death, We were already getting tired of her not coming back. I was excited to see her coming in throught the door but that guilty face of hers turned my excite to sadness. I really love Dlomo & MaKhumalo but its a soapie and actors move on.

I hope they wont give Dineo to Sbu once Ntombi is gone, bring someone new uDineo has kissed all the men on that soapie.

18 Aug 2011 11:53

Ma-bloggers what's up! It's been a long time. Hey Ntombi's action lately is very strange.

18 Aug 2011 12:42

pjvv Zandile Msutwana was my first choice for Sbuda anyway  i will hate seeing Dinny all over Sbuda wat a mess yeap Dinny tasted almost all the boereworses on gene we need someone new fresh like Terry Pheto hahahahaha

18 Aug 2011 12:55

Good afternoon fellas
@ntoko Dinny tasted almost all the boereworses on gene

maKhumalo came back with a different attitude, shame. definitely not the same

18 Aug 2011 13:01

@ntoko, I remember and that was spot-on gal. 

Dineo is all over the place, she is knocking on Sbu's door, kissing Thom, comforting Lungi and threatening Kenny.

I dont understand the reason why Dineo told Thom that Sbu is helping her bring kenny down, what was the reason for doing that but I got very angry when Ruby ran to tell Kenny that Dineo wants to get even with him, why would a mother do that to their children

18 Aug 2011 13:17

Xolile Tshabalala its a NO for me in Arthur's voice and facial expression. I dont think I like her a lot, may be its the hairstyle that she is spotting on that drama Fallen.

Bloggers lets make a list for Mfundi to choose a love interest for Sbu Dlomo, anyone interested, phela knowing Mfundi, he will just take the easy way out and throw Dineo in the mix. Muhle yena but dont over use her.
We already have 2 suggestions from Ntoko, Zandi and Terry

Thembi Seete,
Tshidi Motshegwa 

18 Aug 2011 13:28

there's a possibility that Khethi could be carrying Dumi's baby ne??

18 Aug 2011 13:34

That will be interesting and she slept with both of them a week apart, so no-one will ever tell, unless of course if the child looks exactly like Dumi.

18 Aug 2011 14:06


18 Aug 2011 14:26

hi everyone can i also be welcomed as i'm a new member! lol! 
Ey bafathu i love iGene thats wat i call our soapie but in reality these things are there in our everyday lives though when some of those things happen we all act as if we've never had a light from Gene.

snuca babe 
i am so feeling your thoughts as they same goes with mine lol!

and to all the new memers like myself you are so welcome angazi ngami kodwa LOL!
@kid1 keep on inspiring us with those nice word keep doing it they are really making a defference in one's life.

18 Aug 2011 14:34

Dinewhore makes me sick! As for Khethiwe,

Guys, r u saying Lulu loves Matt for realz?????????

18 Aug 2011 14:35

Khethi & Khaphela will exhaust their in-hospital visits if they carry on like this...

18 Aug 2011 15:23

Thembi Seete is a no no  for me

18 Aug 2011 15:38

Dlomo is a man he reminds me of that late guy frm Ubambo lwami (Bheka) wow that one was a must have hubby so i will rather settle for Zandile sweet and charming,Terry as well but impossible she is currently abroad and tiep up, I need a fine woman for Ngamla even Dinny is a perfect match only when u overlook her actions....

Ms Zee
18 Aug 2011 15:47

I cant believe Ntombi is really leaving... they must just tell us how Kenny will depart.. I hope Ngamla takes over Mashaba Media..

As for the slutish Dinny..shame poor girl. sad case.. She seems as if she loves Lungile but also wants Thom... 

Yaah Sam is finally a man...
@Tazteeq, unyanisile yazi.. I thought of that last night.. uBra Khaphs ubanjiswe ilahle apaha.

18 Aug 2011 16:42

thank you every one for the warm welcome...and pjvv make sure u come back from the dead...hehehehehehe

enjoy ur evening bahlobo bami

sexy d
19 Aug 2011 08:47

Morning all

19 Aug 2011 09:49

@Vandimerwe Thts so so true, Menzi is indeed a good actor but i think his time on Generations needs a new fresh taste especially with the boring storyline they have now..................I hope the producers will do something about this,Please
From: a concerned viewer

19 Aug 2011 10:09

morning all

last nite i saw this preview of a movie called steal 2000 i stand to be corrected  menzi and terry oh they lock en i seriously agree with ntoko that terry should be the next ntombi, the movie must be a hit with the likes of rapulani. am looking for that dvd

19 Aug 2011 10:42

tota mumRuby is a gud woman..................

19 Aug 2011 11:03

Morning All, Dineo is taking Pill to prevent pregnancy, Whats up wit Ntombi her attitude irritates me coz Ngamla really loves her.

19 Aug 2011 11:16

@ladytee................there is Joe in the picture/..................ijoooo Ntombi i didnt thiink of her as a cheating woman im so disapointed

19 Aug 2011 12:09

Good Friday to you bloggers!

Excuse me if im wrong........
How can Khethiwe's pyschiatrist be the same phsyc who was used by Dinewhore that time when she was still in Kenny's house? Remember tht phsyc who told Kenny that all the bad things will get back at him?
Are there limited willing actresses out there? Geez?

19 Aug 2011 12:19

It means that it's gonna b long 4 Sbuda 2 hv a woman nhe as Terry is abroad acting on The Bold & the beautiful, or is she done already?.. Msutwana is the right one at the moment.

19 Aug 2011 12:26

Ma bloggers, how tru is it that Brenda Ngxoki has been set free by the Real Goboza 4 poor presenting skills? Her acting is very good though.

19 Aug 2011 12:28

Happy friday  bloggers

19 Aug 2011 12:31

Khethiwe she is good maan

sexy d
19 Aug 2011 12:58

So will we evr get to this Joe dude or it will only be the name that we will hear?

Poor sbu i hope you find someone who will love you more that MaKhumalo

Nicholas wena you should know gore if u are a fish you cant swim with the sharks you better do wat kenny says if not trust me he will destroy you

19 Aug 2011 13:24

dont worry sbu 'marutle a mangata 'tsa mo kola. u see wat guys sbu ona le true lv so o hloka some1 o innocent like sharon

19 Aug 2011 13:29

we have 2 face the truth guys khethiwe nd khaphela ba bora shame

19 Aug 2011 14:41

Guys that book Ntombi had looked old, Joe might be her first love nd they met again in Chicago or something.

Kahphela ke leshilapuleng 

19 Aug 2011 15:27

Ayi Mvundli, just come up with better story lines, we were bored the time you brought Lungile to be Karabos lover who she met while overseas, please let it be not the same thing with Ntombi............& as for Khethiwe & Khaphele just give them atleast 2 years brake bazobuya, they are boaring period..........

19 Aug 2011 15:47

18 Zulu men went into a bar and the Xhosa guy asked, “ Kutheni nihamba niyi 18?”

The Zulu guys replied “because no under 18 people allowed… “ ha ha ha

19 Aug 2011 16:12

kwakwakwkakwkakakaakwakwakwk Ntoko

19 Aug 2011 16:19

Hahaha Vandi have a good one guys

19 Aug 2011 19:36

Crazy Ntoko*gwagwest*

19 Aug 2011 20:27

so my dearest drling Ntombi was cheating whilst in Chicago... why mara why... she is sooo cold nowadays... has changed so much

mis o
20 Aug 2011 13:40

@kid 1. .i lyk ur jokes waitse,kip doing thz gud job coz i'm lookin 4 da ada one later. . . 'to other bloggers i'm new to this and can sum1 welcum me. .a good site indeed!lov u all.

mis o
20 Aug 2011 13:40

@kid 1. .i lyk ur jokes waitse,kip doing thz gud job coz i'm lookin 4 da ada one later. . . 'to other bloggers i'm new to this and can sum1 welcum me. .a good site indeed!lov u all.

mis o
20 Aug 2011 13:41

@kid 1. .i lyk ur jokes waitse,kip doing thz gud job coz i'm lookin 4 da ada one later. . . 'to other bloggers i'm new to this and can sum1 welcum me. .a good site indeed!lov u all.

mis o
20 Aug 2011 13:42

@kid 1. .i lyk ur jokes waitse,kip doing thz gud job coz i'm lookin 4 da ada one later. . . 'to other bloggers i'm new to this and can sum1 welcum me. .a good site indeed!lov u all.

22 Aug 2011 10:41

slow down mis

22 Aug 2011 10:45

kwakwakwakwakwkakwaaaaaaaaaa @Ntoko

22 Aug 2011 11:17

lolini ppl, good morning all

nam i have a couple of  jokes

a blonde finds a penguin on the street and says 'are you lost?' there was no answer suprisingly and so she puts it on a lead and starts to walk home with it.
an onlooker goes "hey, i think you should take him to the zoo"
the blonde says "ok " rather confused. so off she trots to the zoo.
the every next day the onlooker see the blonde with the penguin again
he says "i though i told you to take him to the zoo"
she says" i did , he had a great time, were going to the cinema today" 

2 hunters walk in the woods one falls unconscious, one of the hunters calls the police and says "O MY GOSH O MY GOSH I THINK MY FRIEND IS DEAD"
The police on the phone says, "calm down did you make sure he was dead" *Long silence*
The hunter comes back on the line "ok i made sure he is dead, now what?"

22 Aug 2011 11:48

Can they juss replace ntombi. I enjoy that character

22 Aug 2011 13:11

Ntombi is like she has forgotten how to act, her new style is boring shame. We really need some action in Gener. otherwise lately it's boring. If they bring back the times of Ntsiki, Julia, Zoleka's, Archie. Aikona!!!!!!!!!!!!

sopie lover
22 Aug 2011 14:44

i agree with you Cha on that one it is really boring now

22 Aug 2011 14:52

yahhh everybody is angry or moody or fighting kenneth............there is no one happy in gens nowadays.....................

22 Aug 2011 15:58

hi everyone am cool en hope u all r. welcome miss o i will continue en hope u r here to stay yah
all the best

as for ntombi i think her mind is made up en she dosent want to be part of generations hence the bad attitude towards acting.

hey guys how is menzi doing? any news i miss him bunches

22 Aug 2011 16:59

Good Advice

1 - Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

2 - Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older,
their conversational skills will be as important as any

3 - Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep
all you want.

4 - When you say, "I love you," mean it.

5 - When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye.

6 - Be engaged at least six months before you get married.

7 - Believe in love at first sight.

8 - Never laugh at anyone's dream. People who don't have
dreams don't have much.

9 - Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but
it's the only way to live life completely.

10 - In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling.

11 - Don't judge people by their relatives.

12 - Talk slowly but think quickly.

13 - When someone asks you a question you don't want to
answer, smile and ask, 'Why do you want to know?'

14 - Remember that great love and great achievements
involve great risk.

15 - Say "bless you" when you hear someone sneeze.

16 - When you lose, don't lose the lesson!

17 - Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect
for others; and responsibility for all your actions.

18 - Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.

19 - When you realize you've made a mistake, take
immediate steps to correct it.

20 - Smile when picking up the phone... The caller will
hear it in your voice.

21 - Nobody can insult you without your permission.

22 - Spend some time alone

mis o
22 Aug 2011 19:46

@kid 1,thanx 4 welcumin me,i wl b here til th end of tym nd i really appreciate. . . .@ntoko why ar u saying i shud slow down?my heart is broken!'nway i'm lukin 4ward 4 dz wk's episodes. . . .

mis o
22 Aug 2011 19:50

@kid 1,thanx 4 welcumin me,i wl b here til th end of tym nd i really appreciate. . . .@ntoko why ar u saying i shud slow down?my heart is broken!'nway i'm lukin 4ward 4 dz wk's episodes. . . .

mis o
22 Aug 2011 19:50

@kid 1,thanx 4 welcumin me,i wl b here til th end of tym nd i really appreciate. . . .@ntoko why ar u saying i shud slow down?my heart is broken!'nway i'm lukin 4ward 4 dz wk's episodes. . . .

mis o
22 Aug 2011 19:51

@kid 1,thanx 4 welcumin me,i wl b here til th end of tym nd i really appreciate. . . .@ntoko why ar u saying i shud slow down?my heart is broken!'nway i'm lukin 4ward 4 dz wk's episodes. . . .

23 Aug 2011 08:59

hey lovely pipo 
Sharon is in a predicament and doesn't know how to solve it. Nicholas realises he's bitten off more than he can chew. Patricia convinces Queen something fishy is going on.

Patricia would have made a good wife for kaphela coz sh knows how to put that man in his place

23 Aug 2011 09:36

Morning people. My skorokoro tv is dead so I will be updated by your comments so post more and more.

23 Aug 2011 09:47