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7de Laan teasers - August 2011 (updated)

Written by TVSA Team from the blog 7de Laan Teasers on 23 Aug 2011
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Coming up on 7de Laan this August, 2011:

Monday 1 August 2011
Episode 2536

How will Linda feel about Bernard,  who's gone, and Tim who's going away? Matrone and Hilda want answers from Felicity about their necklaces.

Rick is not happy when he sees Emma and Ryno together. Len visits Gita.

Tuesday 2 August 2011
Episode 2537

San-Mari is upset about Kabelo's friend. Zinzi is panicky about her being alone at Hillside Travel.

Will Rick take Emma back? Kabelo is upset when he sees Patrick with another girl. Kim is planning an evening alone with Pieter.

Wednesday 3 August 2011
Episode 2538

Ryno's publisher is angry when he is not there for their meeting. Pieter realises thet Annelie knows about him and Kim.

Will Bonita be able to hide from Vince? Zinzi is angry when Kabelo ruins her and Patrick's date.

Thursday 4 August 2011
Episode 2539

Vince is not happy about Isabelle and Bonita's working arangement. Herman sees what Rick puts in his wallet.

Oubaas is very happy when Marcelle, his sisters's daughter comes to visit. She's played by Oubaas' real life daughter Zetske van Pletzen. Zinzi walks in on Aggie and Patrick.

Friday 5 August 2011
Episode 2540

Hilda is upset when she sees Oubaas with a young woman. How will Xander react when he sees Bonita?

Ryno meets his publisher and she is not what he expected. Kabelo goes to comfort Zinzi ...

Monday 8 August 2011
Episode 2541

Oubaas doesn't know why he has to hide behind the sheet and Hilda realises she is wrong. San-Mari is shocked when she hears what happened to Zinzi the previous night.

One of Rick's family members pitches. Zinzi hears what Gita's plans are. Vince and Isabelle have a huge fight.

Tuesday 9 August 2011
Episode 2542

Kim isn't impressed when Pieter offers to assist the new waitress. Bonita realises it's difficult for Vince while she is in Hillside.

Rick gets emotional when he holds Thinus and Herman sees it. Pieter and Annelie both show up at Isabelle's. Herman gets info about Rick from Sanjay.

Wednesday 10 August 2011
Episode 2543

Isabelle convinces Bonita to stay strong. Kim is upset because she didn't hear anything from Pieter the previous night.

Herman tells Felicity how Rick's wife and child died. How will Kabelo react when he sees Zinzi and Patrick together?

Ryno is not impressed with Marcelle's notes.

Thursday 11 August 2011
Episode 2544

Felicity wonders if she must go with Hermans plans for the tracksuits. Vince defends Bonita when Neville bad mouth her.

How will Emma react when she finds out about Rick's wife and child?

Friday 12 August 2011
Episode 2545

Herman is convinced Felicity will change her mind. Lukas is interested in Nicci and Pieter wonders about Annelie.

Emma sees a side of Rick that scares her. Ryno and Marcelle can't agree about anything. Vanessa goes to chat with Bonita.

Monday 15 August 2011
Episode 2546

Annelie is upset when she sees Pieter and Kim together. Zinzi gets an idea to create World Cup packages for Hillside Travel. Will Herman and Felicity make peace over the tracksuits?

Rick and Emma watch a movie that upsets Rick terribly. Ryno and Marcelle moan about each other to other people.

Tuesday 16 August 2011
Episode 2547

Emma wonders if she can expose Thinus to Rick's moods. Bonita hears about a competition for flower arrangements.

Hilda is sad when she hears she won't be able to afford a ticket for Oubaas to the World Cup. Felicity hears Herman puts her above his business.

Wednesday 17 August 2011
Episode 2548

Ryno feels guilty after phoning Boonstra to moan about Marcelle. Charmaine is sceptical about Hilda's plans to raise funds.

Herman hears that Rick's wife was a well known singer and that she had an affair. Marcelle is very angry with Ryno, but they manage to make peace.

Thursday 18 August 2011
Episode 2549

Oubaas literally eats all of Hilda's profit. Emma peptalks Felicity about the track suits. Bonita doesn't have the courage for the competition, but Errol has a plan.

Kim is upset when Pieter doesn't want to go out for the night. It's obvious what Marcelle is thinking about Altus. Emma gets a phone-call from Dawid.

Friday 19 August 2011
Episode 2550

Lukas hears what Bonita did with her prize money. Ryno makes the wrong assumptions about Altus and Marcelle.

Hilda has an idea when she hears Kabelo can sing. Dawid pitches in Hillside. Annelie and Pieter are together during a power failure.

Monday 22 August 2011
Episode 2551

Sanjay wants to do an interview with Marcelle about Ryno's new book. Kabelo thinks about Hilda's plan.

Dawid sees Xander about his rights over Thinus and Emma realises she must give in. Herman tries to convince Felicity, but will she agree this time?

Tuesday 23 August 2011
Episode 2552

Dawid wants to take Thinus on a day trip but gets back much earlier than planned. Bonita doesn't want to fetch vases at Vince.

Hilda is on a roll with organising Kabelo's concert. How will Ryno react on Marcelle's interview in the Hillside times? Matrone also plans to go to the World Cup.

Wednesday 24 August 2011
Episode 2553

Matrone has an idea when Errol talks about a bingo evening. Ryno invites Marcelle to go with him to a book launch.

Paula decides Ryno needs a makeover. Errol is with Xander to see what an attorney do every day. Rick sees Emma and Dawid together and follows them.

Thursday 25 August 2011
Episode 2554

Ryno and Marcelle are both upset about the previous night. Hilda jumps to get everything finished for Kabelo's concert that evening. Rick tackles Dawid in public and he and Emma have a huge fight.

Kabelo's voice is gone. How will Oubaas react when he realises what Kabelo's concert is all about?

Friday 26 August 2011
Episode 2555

Vince asks Bonita to do flowers for the deli. Marcelle appologises to Ryno about her behaviour.

San-Mari suggests Annelie must talk to Pieter, but will she get the opputunity? Bruynwaves is shocked when Matrone asks them to help her. Ryno and Marcelle have a positive meeting.

Monday, 29 August 2011
Episode 2556

Will Bonita accept Vince’s invitation to go to dinner with him? Matrone has big plans to raise funds for a ticket to New Zeeland. Rick acts weird and Emma is uncomfortable. Will Ryno and Marcelle’s dinner go smoothly?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011
Episode 2557

Matrone gets Bruynwaves to help with her Bingo evening. Marcelle opens her heart to Oubaas.

Herman is worried about Rick’s moods and Rick is suspicious about Emma’s phonecall. Who will win the big prize at the bingo evening?

Wednesday, 31 August 2011
Episode 2558

Vince invites another girl to dinner and Vanessa wonders about it. Rick tackles someone in the Laan and Felicity realises he has a problem with his temper.

Matrone breaks upsetting news to Marcelle ... but will it end there?

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27 Jul 2011 22:31

1st yay.

Baby love
27 Jul 2011 22:35

No 1 hurray there's nothing much interesting

27 Jul 2011 23:12

Wat abt Gita nd Bernard

28 Jul 2011 01:03

Nothing interesting this month

28 Jul 2011 04:57

ferlicity n herman shld just breakup i dnt lyk their r/ship. Seriously these guys hv left us hangin on da gita issue

28 Jul 2011 05:52

wow im in top ten.

28 Jul 2011 06:47

Hello everyone.

WOW. I see that some guy stay up real late just to be in the top ten. That's commitment.

28 Jul 2011 07:13

8 yes

sexy d
28 Jul 2011 07:49

top 10 yippee

28 Jul 2011 08:45

Watsup peeps??

Enjoy your day!

I'll comment on the show later...

28 Jul 2011 08:50

TOP samtyng

28 Jul 2011 09:59

Hi! Guide me I am new here pliz. With every detail that can help me on how to do things here.

28 Jul 2011 10:34

I wanda whos this Marcelle hope he stays away from Paulas man.

28 Jul 2011 11:24


sexy mamma
28 Jul 2011 11:57

nothing really major happening, what's up with Rick?

28 Jul 2011 12:29

how boooooooooring

28 Jul 2011 13:29

Eish... let me see...

Bonita this... Kim that... Zinzi this... Kabelo that... Dawid... bla bla bla...

Mmmm Ryno finally has a new love interest... wonder what Isabelle will have to say about that...?

Wonder what's Rick's story...?

7de Laan seems mostly boring this month, but let's not abandon it just yet...

@MS how you holding up??

@Monanagal, Welcome! Just type whatever comes to mind...

28 Jul 2011 14:21

halla to ya'll. YoYOyooooooo

28 Jul 2011 15:39

@ ms how ya doing
this month not interesting but they might hook up pieter and annelie 
bonia borring

28 Jul 2011 18:13

I am finding 7de laan extremely boring. The same things are happening just to different people. Nothing new or gripping to keep me and many others I'm sure interested. It's almost as if the writters have run out of ideas and don't know how to keep the laan interesting. I find myself switching between the laan and Isidingo: that's how boring the laan has become.

28 Jul 2011 18:51

i agree i watch isidingo most of da time
have a great evening bye
ms hope you fine and wishing you all the best 

29 Jul 2011 12:30

@Tangle, I agree... seems like now that the action is over, the writers feel that they can go back to the same old boring stories... :(

29 Jul 2011 13:36

hey where is everybody 
i feel gita little sorry now 

29 Jul 2011 13:38

Hi all thanky ttt and allyv, the funeral was lovely and peaceful, she is at rest now and we have said our final good byes, I will miss her dreadfully but time is a healer thank you so much both you two and the others for caring .

Love you all MS xx

Baby love
29 Jul 2011 13:55

Hi u all,2day z ma birthday m officially turning twenty something

29 Jul 2011 14:30

@babylove happy birthday hope you have a great day

29 Jul 2011 16:14

@ms, it's a pleasure sweetie! I'm glad to hear that all went well and that you're already seeing the better side of the situation... Anytime you want to chat, lemme know xx :)

@Baby love, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and a blessed year ahead of you! :)

29 Jul 2011 17:02

Hi@allyv, ms, soooo happy u r ok and babylove, have a super special bday!!! Boooooooooring august!!!!

29 Jul 2011 17:54

wonder whats gonna happen to bernaad.
cant wait 
i've decided to move at the end of da year to austrailia no more in september so can chat
gotta go matric dinner
will chat soon
have great evening

Baby love
29 Jul 2011 22:44

Thnx guyz for bdae wishes, that gud 2 hear that tttt,that u nt leaving us any tym soon,wat happened on 2dayz episode

30 Jul 2011 11:03

hey all
@BABYLOVE bernaad broke up with gita as he found the necklace, gun, shoe in the safe and showed her da necklace.
diedrek changed bio-straths billboard a little.
matrone and hilda had an argument at function asame necklaces.kim is rude &s they found out they had the  irritating as always.
she told annelie she has a "pretty dress but pitty she doesnt have a date"

30 Jul 2011 11:06

sorry i ment kim is rude as always 
and matrone and hilda had an argument as they found out they had the same necklace

30 Jul 2011 21:25

Thank you all back on track you all helped me so much I will miss her for ever but life has to go on. Baby hope you had a good birthday x. I dont really know what is going on will watch tomorrow hopefully.  Ally and ttt, meenie and all thank you again for your support love you all xxx

Paula Pritz
31 Jul 2011 16:57

@ttt Are You Husna

Paula Pritz
31 Jul 2011 16:58

@ttttt Are You Husna

31 Jul 2011 19:37

@paula pritz who are you than i'll tell you if im how ever you say her name.....

01 Aug 2011 10:56

Hello friends!
Hope you had a great weekend... mine sucked... me, hubby and kids are sick!! blegh

@MS, I'm glad to hear that you're ok xxx

@ttttt, How was your matric dinner?? Glad to hear you'll be with us a while longer :)

Enjoy the rest of your day peeps! :)

01 Aug 2011 14:25

@allyv thanks it was awesome
to all of you this is my last post as my computer and laptop will be sold today
but i will be reading your'll coments on my phone
so toodels and have a wonderful year and i will miiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss u'rrll
terribly (sad face)
i realy wouldn't want to leave but it is my fathers choice and to sell my computer and laptop
with all my hugs and love 
@allyv hope you get better soon
love your'll
will miss ms babylove allyv and meenie
and everyone else
see your'll (sad sad sad)

01 Aug 2011 14:26

@allyv thanks it was awesome
to all of you this is my last post as my computer and laptop will be sold today
but i will be reading your'll coments on my phone
so toodels and have a wonderful year and i will miiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss u'rrll
terribly (sad face)
i realy wouldn't want to leave but it is my fathers choice and to sell my computer and laptop
with all my hugs and love 
@allyv hope you get better soon
love your'll
will miss ms babylove allyv and meenie
and everyone else
see your'll (sad sad sad)

01 Aug 2011 15:22

@ttttt, Goodbye sweetie pie!
It was real nice to meet you and get to know you! Good luck with everything honey and we'll miss you too! xx

01 Aug 2011 16:09

Bye ttt and good luck.  Thank you for all your love and support xx

02 Aug 2011 08:24

Here's to a new day with new possibilities!
Have a good one! :)

02 Aug 2011 11:20

Bye@tttt...u'll be missed terribly! Hi guys, my connetion failed, but it's ok now. "see"u later.

02 Aug 2011 11:20

Hi ally how are you?

02 Aug 2011 11:22

@ally hope your hubby and kids are better.  Whats happening in the laan havent seen it for ages missed the omnibus on Sunday?

02 Aug 2011 13:34

Hi MS sweetie! All good here, thanks! Hehe...
Eish where to begin... lol
I think Clint is dead, Bernard got shot, Len and Tim framed Gita for the shooting by having some incriminating "evidence" (if you're planning to go shoot someone, you won't do it in high heels and then leave one shoe behind...) but anyway, Bernard dumped Gita and left, Tim forced Gita to sign some papers prohibiting her from coming near Ava and Bernard, Tim and Ava went back to Singapore, Bonita is back and looking more like an orphan every day, Hilda and Matrone are ready to attack each other after Annelie sold them both the same necklace, Kim is a b*tch (but you already know that), Rick dumped Emma, Kabelo's friend is moving in on Zinzi and he is jealous about it... Ummm, I think that's all... I might be missing something... hehe

02 Aug 2011 14:30

Hey@allyv! I din't realise that u were sick, SORRY!!! But this'll teach me not to read between the lines. Anyway, I'm glad that u r ok.

02 Aug 2011 14:31

Hey@allyv! I din't realise that u were sick, SORRY!!! But this'll teach me not to read between the lines. Anyway, I'm glad that u r ok.

02 Aug 2011 14:44

@allyv thankyou my friend.

So Bernard has gone with his dad.  Shame poor Linda is left behind. Gita must be devastated lost her lover and daughter at the same time.

Rick is so possessive, Emma is better off without him she can speak to another man if he is around which is not healthy.

SO Len and Tim were working together all along - they framed Gita.

02 Aug 2011 14:56

Thanks @Meenie! :)

MS, Gita was shattered when she found out... he didn't go with his dad, he left before Tim.

Rick must have had some cheating issues with his previous wife, that's why he is so suspicious every time Emma talks to someone. Now Emma knows how Dawid felt when she accused him every time...

At least Gita got what she deserved...


02 Aug 2011 16:30

@allyv but is he going to be staying with his dad and ava?

02 Aug 2011 16:35

I don't think so... I think he wants to be alone...

booers suckers
02 Aug 2011 19:56

i am not hear to post i'm here to booo ur'll.
aaah ms 
@allyv good you sick
@BABYLOVE hope you had the worst bday
@meenie read properly
@ttttt if your reading these comments just hoping your matric dinner was aweful 
to da rest of ya u must be misin your i realy dont know wat words  to describe your
eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww friend ttttt...& wherever bl is
and ms dont get saddd it doesnt hapen to da others only to u
to da rest keep being ugly
wont be posting any of my best commmeenntssss again
so erg erg erg (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((dont bother))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

03 Aug 2011 06:31


03 Aug 2011 08:27

Ag whatever get a life moron and learn how to spell you idiot...

03 Aug 2011 09:04

Lol get a life booer, why come in here no one is interested in hearing what you have to say.  !!

03 Aug 2011 14:23

You can say that again MS!

03 Aug 2011 14:52

How are you today Allyv. 

angels 28
03 Aug 2011 15:04

hey guys im a newbee                                                                                               
i've been reading ur'll comments for a realy long time and i think u guys are realy sweet and surportive.
who is that booers and suckers? is he/she a first time poster
7de laan is becoming very intresting but things are repeated
@ms i'm only here for one day,but are u feeling alright (sorry to hear)
and also sad to hear about your friend ttt...dont worry i'll be posting every day
cant wait 
see ur'll later

Baby love
03 Aug 2011 15:07

Mxm 2 this booer thng who the hell u think u r,u ugly thng

Baby love
03 Aug 2011 15:18

Lol will be da 1st one 2 welcum u angel,welkom dear n enjoy ur stay. Allyv,ms,meenie, angel n all the rest hi 2 u all, kabelo has flngz 4 zinzi bt doeznt want 2 admit shame on him, its so sad 2 lose u ttttt i'll mic u n ur comments. Lol bonita looks like an orphan as ever

angels 28
03 Aug 2011 15:58

@babylove thanks
what happened with the whole kim and pieter thing
didnt watch the end was watching isidingo

03 Aug 2011 16:45

@ angels welcome to the family .  Thank you for your kind words, I am taking one day at a time I really miss my mum, but she is in heaven.  Enjoy I only watch the omnibus on Sunday, I also enjoy isidingo although it isnt as good as it was 
Have a great evening all allyv, meenie, baby love xx

03 Aug 2011 16:58

@MS, I'm all good thanks and you? :)

@Baby love... Hellooooo!

@Angels 28... like MS and Baby love said... Welcome to the family, we really hope you enjoy it here and help keep it alive and kicking hehe :)

Have a great evening all! xxx

03 Aug 2011 17:17

Hi@angels welcome. Let's 4get about booers whatever, he/she trying to drive us nuts. Kim tried every sort of crap for pieter attention, untill he gave in and they end up kissing,eeeeeewwwwww.......

Baby love
03 Aug 2011 17:22

Pieter n kim ended up kissing n that cow was so happy u cud tell while she was kissing

03 Aug 2011 19:01

hey guys,im a newbee and i love all your comments.can someone please tell me what happened today?

04 Aug 2011 08:17

Gita finally getting what you deserve yah what goes around comes around,serves you right. Yo yo yo Anelie where does that blossoming beauty suddenly coming from. Vince must just make up with Bonita at least she's trying to be honest (never mind the ugliness) as she doesn't have money for makeup as she's paying her debt.

04 Aug 2011 08:21

Amy11 welcome to the house I'll be back to show you around

04 Aug 2011 08:33

Morning everybody!

Welcome @amy11!
@Meenie, you're right, that kiss was eeeeeeewwwwww!!
@Sloe, I love your comment that Bonita can't afford makeup! Hahahahaha :)

So, Kim is a b*tch... no surprise there... she's rubbing her and Pieter's "relationship" in everybody's face... not nice... Wish she could change her face and attitude and... oh well, just everything about her...

Sho, did you see Ryno's new publisher?! She is hot! *Credit to Zetske van Pletzen (Oubaas' real daughter)

Vince was sooooooo angry when he saw Bonita... Expecting some fireworks soon... hehe

04 Aug 2011 09:25

Hey all hope you are all well.  I cant wait to watch the omnibus on Sunday.
Any more progress with annelie and pieter?

Whats Bonita up to?  Does she still look like an orphan?

04 Aug 2011 09:38

hi my lovely ppl,

@ms how r keeping? i haven't watched de laan but will def watch the omnibus!but ur comments keeps me updated..thanks guys!!!

I hate Kim!!!I love Annelie and Pieter together they make such a cute couple!!!
its about time Ryno gets involved- its obvious that he and Isabelle will never work out...
love u guys

Baby love
04 Aug 2011 09:49

Welcome amy enjoy da house, i mic'd last nyt's episode i'll cum back after the repeat

04 Aug 2011 10:20

@bezu I am hanging in there miss my mum every day but life has to go on. How are you.    Also looking forward to the omnibus.

I also hate Kim.  I wonder if things will work out now for Ryno he is always unlucky in love.

04 Aug 2011 13:44

Hi guys!

@ms, absolutely NO progress with Pieter and Annelie... in fact... the opposite (damn Kim)
And YES... Bonita still looks like an orphan... unfortunately...

@bezu, I really hope Ryno finds some love this time...

04 Aug 2011 14:04

Yes Ryno deserves to find love.  Is Bonita back making the flower arrangements now?   Kim must get her claws away from Pieter he belongs to annelie.
Poor annelie also hasnt had much luck with love.

Baby love
04 Aug 2011 14:28

@ms yes bonnita is back making flower arrangements wit isabelle without vince's approval n knowledge

04 Aug 2011 19:11

Eih eih why is San-marie busy with match making why can't she find her own boyfriend.

04 Aug 2011 21:09

Hey guys!!@ms,allyv,babylove....and welcome@amy. Kim is irritating a living day light out of me....why with a showoff....bloody....stupid....cow!!! As for san mari, u r rite @bezu, she needs to sort her love life and leave zinzi and kabelo alone for pete's sake!!!

04 Aug 2011 22:31

I was trying to say @sloe!

04 Aug 2011 22:34

05 Aug 2011 08:27

Morning peeps!!

@Meenie, I agree TOTALLY!!!
Kim is sooooo irritating!!
And San-Mari must concentrate on her own love life... Shame, I feel bad for Zinzi...

05 Aug 2011 12:05

Hi everyone, so looking forward to the omnibus on Sunday.

KIm must leave pieter alone.  So vince doesnt know that bonita is helping with the flowers?

Have a good weekend all
Love you xxxxx

05 Aug 2011 12:26

@ Ms vince found bonita in the flower shop so he knows but is very angry about it such that he told a lady they don't do flowers and to try another florist

05 Aug 2011 19:03

So Kabelo and zinzi are now a couple. And isabel should just let bonita go if she wants to cos I don't see the importance of her part at all

bian7ca 644
06 Aug 2011 14:21

hi 7delaan ppl, i must agree Kim is such a cow she has to keep here claws off of Pieter. shame poor Annelie she seems so alone, but  that is the ONLY exciting thing happening in 7delaan other than that wow 7delaan is so boring. i know quite a few ppl who stopped watching 7delaan, doesnt that tell them anything at all???????? there is a high possibility that next year they wont even win a quarter of the awards they did this year.!!!!!!! step up or step down.

Funky chick
07 Aug 2011 17:45

Hey gud ppl m a newbie here m also a 7de laan fan love ur comments

bian7ca 644
07 Aug 2011 20:01

hey ppl i may hav been a bit harsh with the 7delaan comment  yesterday but all that i meant was that 7delaan can be a bit boring sometimes but it would be much to terrible to say goodbye to it. it is something anyone and everyone can look forward to after a long days work. it is like a reality show that u sometimes get tired of and think u can go without but if u think about it u really do appreciate it. 7delaan has got to keep up all the interest and excitment. !! :)

Baby love
08 Aug 2011 06:33

Welcum funky,i mic'd 2 episode last week so m bit behind,morning u all hope u had a fabulous weekend

08 Aug 2011 08:27

Hi peeps!! Welcome to all the newbies!! Please help us keep this blog more excititng than the actual show... hehe

@bian7ca, I totally agree, the writers can make the Laan much more exciting...
Like last month was SOOO good! LOL

Maybe they have something up their sleeves...?

Hope you all had a good weekend and enjoy your day peeps! :)

08 Aug 2011 09:48

Hi all

Hope you had a great weekend.  Thoroughly enjoyed the omnibus yesterday.

Bonita please get a make over and stopped acting like a frightened mouse. I must admit though she has talent when coming to doing flowers.
Kim you irriate me, leave Pieter you dont suit each other at all he belongs with annelie.

Patrick what a sleaze ball glad you were found out and now zinzi has a decent guy. 

Poor Oubas being put behind the curtain, Hilda if only you knew the truth.

I am so sad that Isabella, lukas and kabello are leaving the show.
Aparently Kabello is also having problems with his relationship after they lost their baby shame man.

Poor Paula you still like altus so much, he doesnt seem interested.

Emma I wouldnt trust rick at all he has too many skeletons in the cupboard.

Sorry if I have gone on too much  enjoy the day further.

bian7ca 644
08 Aug 2011 12:17

dear MS where did you here that isebella, lukas and kabello are leavung the show?

08 Aug 2011 13:34

@bian7ca644 it is in the latest you,  Isabella is going to concentrate on her singing career, Kabelo also i think on his music and I think lucas is trying to get into some tv productions.  I know you cant always believe what you read but they say they were unhappy when their contracts were not renewed and that they would just be like call in actors. That is no very stable for them so they are going elsewhere.  I wonder what zinzi will do.

08 Aug 2011 13:45

Eish, so many peeps leaving the show!! Oh well, this only means one thing... NEW CHARACTERS!!! YAY!!!

Ja, shame poor Zinzi, she just got her man and now he's leaving... not cool!
And poor Oubaas! HAHAHAHA, shame! :)

08 Aug 2011 14:23

Does Hilda really think that if Oubaas was seeing a young attractive girl on the sly that he would take her to oppie koffie where all the gossip mongers are.

Kim should get fired she has messed up too many times with orders. 

08 Aug 2011 14:26

@MS, I agree totally! Don't like Kim at all!!

Hilda isn't very bright if she thinks that of Oubaas... but she's gonna feel really bad when the truth comes out!!

08 Aug 2011 15:39

Hey friends...i don't have anything to say, u've said it all...but i can tell u my secret...i only watch 7delaan on tv,from there...nothing, weird....hehehehe. I sometimes get angry with the writers, but, hey....i can't think of leaving the show.

08 Aug 2011 15:59

I loved the way Linda told Gita off, do you think they were genuine sobs?
Must be heartbreaking to find out that you child is out of the country again but it is her own fault. Little Ava is really cute.

I didnt see the omnibus last week, did Bernard think that Gita was with his dad again?

08 Aug 2011 16:12

Linda rocked when she told Gita off! Hehehe...
The funny thing about actors crying is...you always hear them, but when they look up, there are no tears and their eyes aren't even red... LOL

I think Gita is really sad about Bernard leaving, think she fell for him...

I don't think Bernard thought that Gita and his dad were an item again...

08 Aug 2011 16:36

@ms, those were gita's real sob, she ended up in clinic. As for benard, he didn't think that his father is with gita, but he just got tired of the lies surrounding the shooting saga and everything.

bian7ca 644
08 Aug 2011 16:52

shame the show is losing all of its characters, that is soo sad. but it can also be a good thing, maybe now with some new characters 7delaan will become a bit more interesting. lets hope that the newbies bring some new style into 7delaan.

08 Aug 2011 17:59

Let's hope so :)

08 Aug 2011 21:12

Thanks people for the warm welcome.are they really leaving?

bian7ca 644
09 Aug 2011 08:51

hey amy11 yeah they really are, something about being uhappy about not renewing heir contracts and focusing on better careers than just being in and out characters. at least that is what is said in last weeks YOU. i understand why they are mad but rather just complain they are some of the best characters. the laan is going to struggle to find characters like them again. but the new characers might be better we'll never know. i wish they would put something on the web about it instaed of leaving us hanging.

 last nights 7delaan was so boring lets hope tonights will be a bit more interesting. wow Kim is getting on my nerves.

have a Blessed day ppl:}

09 Aug 2011 18:55

Kim is beyond irritating, I hate her.I won't be able to watch the daily episodes so i'll just watch the omnibus on sunday.but anyways who is the new waitress?

10 Aug 2011 08:36

Morning Peeps!!

@amy11, the new waitress' name is Nicci, she seems cool and she makes Kim fume... so I like her... Hehehehe
Kim was soooo jealous last night, it was funny... I wonder what she would have thought about Pieter and Annelie's meeting at Isabelle's house...? LOL

Enjoy your day peeps! :)

10 Aug 2011 09:01

Zinzi should invite kabelo every night so that san marie can be thrown out of the house every night to serve her right for playing match maker.

10 Aug 2011 12:29

@allyv, i just love nicci girl, she really looks nice. I enjoyed watching kim being attacked by a green-eyed-monster,and i can't to see her reaction when learns about peiter and annelie's meeting at isabell's....hehehe.

10 Aug 2011 13:31

@Meenie, that's gonna be sooo funny!! LOL

10 Aug 2011 15:41

Where are all the peeps today?!?!?!

10 Aug 2011 16:56

so what happened between annelie and pieter??nicci surely sounds nice.

Baby love
10 Aug 2011 17:22

Guyz maybe m the only one noticing this:when ppl @ the laan r going 2 get back 2gether, one have 2 get hurt,luk at what happened 2 kb n zinzi,n thats exactly whats gonna happen 2 kim whn annelie n pieter get back 2gether coz its clear that pieter is nt onto kim,did u hear him when he was telling isabelle that 'everything happened so fast' 4 sure he doesn't luv kim as much as annelie

Baby love
10 Aug 2011 17:28

And yeah abt an obvious way of trying 2 kiss each, one have 2 drop down smthing and pretend 2 be hurt so that-that somebody cn come closer,n after dat they'll luk each other for a lil longer then the game begins

bian7ca 644
10 Aug 2011 19:07

omw Kim is getting on my last nerve. i mean we can all see that Pieter would much rather date Annelie than the cheap gold diger. Kim doesnt even like Pieter for who he is, just his outer body unlike Annelie. 
i wish the fude between the Meintjies family would end, it is not the most excoiting thing to see, shame poor Vince i wish he could also get a really nice girl that will appreciate him.

have a good nights rest and a Blessed day tomorrow
Cheers. :)

11 Aug 2011 09:00

Morning Peeps!!

Eish, Ryno is sooo angry with Marcel... this is gonna be interesting... hehe
At least Kabelo is ready to fight for his girl...
Annelie looked so nice in last night's episode, hey... Pieter also thought so... hehe
San-Mari got kicked out of the apartment... AGAIN... LOL
Bonita is BOOORING!!!!
So Gita's going away for a while... Hopefully she will stay away... or maybe she should hurry back so we can have someone to vent all our frustrations... :)
Kim is a thoughtless, spineless, golddigging, ugly, manipulating COW!! Pieter should dump her @$$ and get back together with Annelie...

11 Aug 2011 14:27

vince should just forgive bonita and make up and neville should STOP bad mouthing bonita and just let bonita and vince work things out and the family should be happy for vince and bonita and pieter should leave that '' NASTY'' kim she just makes me sick and i wish that ryno can forgive isabelle and they should just get married instead of just living together

11 Aug 2011 14:51

In a perfect show, everything would happen just as you said @shanzel... unfortunately it won't :)

11 Aug 2011 16:20

Hi all been so busy busy.
@Shanzel I also wish ryno and isabelle would get back together.

11 Aug 2011 16:47

@MS, I thought you abandoned us!!
At least it's Friday tomorrow... Hehehe :)

12 Aug 2011 09:43

@allyv i would never abdandon you people ever.  Been very busy sorting out my mum's estate etc, still cant believe it has been three weeks since she passed but she is in heaven I know.  Thank goodness its friday. 

12 Aug 2011 10:38

@MS, I'm glad to hear that you're doing ok... Only time will heal...
I can't describe how happy I am that it's time for the weekend!! This was a looong week! lol

Last night's episode was good... Kim was soooo jealous of Annelie! Pieter couldn't take his eyes off of her! hahahaha

12 Aug 2011 11:00

@allyv  cant wait for Sunday.  I hope Pieter gets with Annelie she is so beautiful.   What is happening with Bonita and vince?   Yep TGIF can sleep in tomorrow.

Time will heal and I have so much support here at work people have been amazing. 

12 Aug 2011 11:47

That's good to hear :)
If they didn't support you, I would smack them for you! Hehehe :)

Isabelle and Bonita are now allowed to run the flower shop... Vince asked Xander to draw up a contract for them. Bonita bumped into Vince yesterday, but they only made smalltalk.

Pieter and Annelie belong together... Kim is a big fat cow!

12 Aug 2011 11:58

@allyv thank you but they have been wonderful.

I agree Pieter and Annelie belong together

12 Aug 2011 12:06

Its a start Bonita being allowed in the flower shop. I dont know if i want them back together she is such a loser.

Ryno and Isabell yes I would love to see them together again they are so right for each other.

Paula and Altus????

12 Aug 2011 13:28

Ja, Bonita must get a life...

Paula and Altie had a brief moment the other night, but it wasn't really something to get excited about...

I don't think Ryno and Isabelle will ever get back together... and I think Ryno and Marcelle will hook up...

12 Aug 2011 13:44

Yes I saw Paula and Altie but she seemed more into him that he to her.

Bonita reminds me of a scared little mouse.  Always running away from things.
Pity about ryno and isabelle they are stunning together, havent really seen much of Ryno and Marcelle do they look good together.  Shame isabelle will be devastated.    What is happening with oubaas and Hilda, has she realised her mistake?

12 Aug 2011 15:58

Hi guys! Bonita is a freak! U are rite @ms, she also reminds me of a scared mouse. Wow Annelie!!! Yes Hilda realised her mistake, now they okay.

12 Aug 2011 16:14

@ms I dont like that Marcell - she looks like a man but she has a nice body!!!but the face!!!

bian7ca 644
12 Aug 2011 19:27

dear ms sorry im a new b. sorry to heaar about your mother, the same thing happend to my friend her father passed away on saterday and she really isnt taking it well, but always remember that there is always one person who will never leave your side and is always there for you, that is the Lord Almighty.

omw 7delaan is gettng soo interesting with Annelie and Pieter.
wow that bragging, old lady hair style Kim is such a COW!!! she is purposely rubbing her and Pieters relationship in Annelies face.
i think the next few weeks is going to be sooo interesting.

love you all have a Blessed weekend.

12 Aug 2011 20:42

@bian7ca644 thank you for your kind words and I know my mum is in a better place and she died peacefully thank u xx

@meenie good she realised her mistake i will watch on Sunday and laugh I love this soap it is just so funny and real. Hope I see some sparks with pieter and annelie and that Kim say no more .. Have a great weekend love you all love ms xxx
Allyv have a great weekend my friend love you xx

Paula Pritz
12 Aug 2011 21:06

wat happned in 2nyts episode

angels 28
13 Aug 2011 10:54

neber wap lol
@paula pritz sorry didnt watch only was watching isidingo.....................
what happend last night

Paula Pritz
13 Aug 2011 22:20

nt watchin whole august keep me updated, tnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

14 Aug 2011 14:42

Jah nee 7 de Laan was gewoontlik altyd so opwindend Daar HET altyd iets gebeur ek dink annelie moet soos ontvoer word of iets dan moet pieter so haar mis en dan vind die mense wat haar ontvoer het uit sy is verlief op pieter dan moet hulle hom ook ontvoer (let we'll:die ontvoering moet wees soos n robbery gone bad) dan moet die mense besluit de hell met annelie en pieter en hulle toesluit in n plek en weghardloop dan moet annelie swanger word met pieter se kind en met hom trou!!!hehe lekker Xx L!s@

15 Aug 2011 09:09

@Is where is the sub titles?
Hello all
Watched the omnibus yesterday very exciting.  Pieter and Annelie please stop messing around and get back together.  Kim you can see Pieter is into Annelie so let him go.  

Emma run a mile this Rick is up to no good at all.  Dawid will be back soon and Rick is not going to like that.

Vince you are getting soft you will take Bonita back.

Felicity get a life Herman is only trying to help you make some money.

da bomb
15 Aug 2011 12:16

pieter en annelie OPEN YOUR EYES!!!! You so inlove with each other. can't wait for u to get together again


15 Aug 2011 12:41

Hi all!! I hope you had a very nice weekend!

@MS, I agree... Rick is bad news...
Pieter and Annelie are perfect for each other, they must stop getting on my nerves and get back together now... :)
Let's think.... Kim is STILL a COW... nothing's changed there... LOL
I agree that Felicity should consider it, but Herman should also respect Felicity's decision...

@IS, wow, you have a VERY active imagination :) Maybe you should go write for the Laan... LOL

@Meenie, I couldn't agree more... Bonita is a FREAK!! LOL

Enjoy your day all!

sexy d
15 Aug 2011 14:03

Havent watched 7de laan for weeks, yeterday i told myself that am gonna watch it and i must say am impressed

Pieter please tell Annelie how you feel coz them you guys really make a cute couple ha e le kim ena she must get a life i mean ruri now

Thatha zinzi le kabelo gud luch guys hope you make it work.

San Marie pls get a man

Vince will you please sort out your problems le bonita it sure seems you still love her. Felicity atleast think about herman proposal who knws it might help you grow


Baby love
15 Aug 2011 14:09

Hi u all in da house haven't been here 4 a while Is@ nxt tym u text plz xplain

15 Aug 2011 15:14

Welcome back @Baby Love!!

15 Aug 2011 16:45

YAY!! Home time!!

See you all tomorrow! Have a great evening! Xx

16 Aug 2011 06:46

Morning good ppl:-) see u later and have a fab day....lol

16 Aug 2011 08:28

Hellooooo Peeps!!

Eish, the way Ryno and Marcelle were moaning about each other was sooo funny! LOL
They're gonna be a couple... mark my words...

Have a good day!

16 Aug 2011 09:23

Good morning frenz,  i'm som loving de Laan nowadays.  @allyv you so right i think Ryno and Marcelle are definitely gonna hook up...
i just can't wait for Annelie and Pieter's reunion:)

16 Aug 2011 10:34

@relay... we're all waiting for that to finally happen! :)

Baby love
16 Aug 2011 10:34

Mrning evryone, lol kim pieter is inluv wit annelie n she can see it so she'll better stop rubbing it in-in anesh's face. Ja marcelle n ryno r gonna be a couple, is altus after annelie? Wat abt paula? Lucas n nicci mst hook up

sexy d
16 Aug 2011 11:23

morning all

Guess kim is trying so hard even though she knws gore pieter loves annelie i for one also cant wait for them to get back together again. I can wait to see what will happen when there is a blackout and pieter and annelie are together.

Will paula ever date again? i also think ryno and hekkie(like oubaas calls her) will hook up they way the complain abt each other to some people it seems like they are hidinhg what they really fell for each other.

16 Aug 2011 11:23

Hi All,

Cant wait for pieter and annelie.  I think Altus and annelie are just good friends.
Nicci and lucas go for it.  Marcelle and ryno okay you go for it.
Poor sanmarie cant get it right, there is a shortage of men.

16 Aug 2011 11:31


16 Aug 2011 12:24

@aztec Bonita will probably run the flower shop on her own, I think her and vince are going to kiss and make up.    I hate it when actors have to leave the show but I suppose they have to make way for new ones.  How will vince cope in the deli without lukas.  

16 Aug 2011 14:24

Ryno and Marcelle will make a nice couple...
I feel like going to the set and giving Annelie and Pieter a lekker taai smack each, so they can wake up... LOL #wouldbesofunny

At least we will get some new faces when the other actors leave...

I also think Boring Bonita will run the flower shop after they (Vince and Boring Bonita) kiss and make up...

Isabelle will probably be crushed when she sees Ryno and Hekkie are a couple and that will be her story line to leave..
Maybe Lukas and Nicci will leave together...?

16 Aug 2011 14:29

@MS, it will probably only then be Vince and Hilda again for a while...

16 Aug 2011 15:02

@allyv yes I suppose Lukas actually forced himself into that job with the help of Hilda and Vince didnt really need him.

KIm must be stupid not to see the chemistry between annelie and pieter, i mean would you want to be in a relationship with someone who is pining after another.
I dont think so.

How is Felicity and Herman have they kissed and made up ?

16 Aug 2011 16:49

@MS, I think Kim sees it, she just chooses to pretend not to see it... if that makes sense... lol

Yes, Felicity and Herman have made up... until the next fight... :)

I'm heading home now, so enjoy the rest of your evening!

Baby love
16 Aug 2011 17:18

Even maria sees it dat pieter n annelie still luv each other,i dnt see bonita as a boring person (well according 2 u allyv),the boring person in the laan is rick,i dnt knw hw 2 describe him he's hot n cold, on n off he shud jst let emma go coz whn the poor woman tries 2 help,he bites her head off, aargh he's really trying 2 get on ma last nerve. I hate it whn dawid is cuming back,y is he always doing the coming-back will he die already so he cn never cum back. WRITERS BRING KARIEN N DAT HUBBY OF HERS I MISS THEM TERRIBLY

17 Aug 2011 08:40

Morning peeps!

@Baby love, the only reason I say that Bonita is boring is because her story stays exactly the same... Scared little mouse that wants nothing to do with anybody... same stuff every day... nothing to excite us... like when she bumped into Vince, now THAT was interesting... I guess when things pick up, I won't see it as boring anymore... hehe :)

Rick also annoys me... maybe he will wake up and see what he has in Emma when Dawid comes back...?

So Bonita's going to enter a competition with the hopes of winning to pay Vince back #verynoble... Let's hope she wins!

17 Aug 2011 09:27

Morning all.

Bonita is painful, all she does  is run away from everyone, I mean she cant even go into oppie coffie and order some cake.

Rick must get lost, emma you are asking for trouble if you stay with him. 

Karien and hubby I doubt will come back to the show they are far to busy.  I often see them out for supper here in cape town, they are so in love it is so sweet.

@allyv you are right Kim does see it but choses to ignore it.

sexy d
17 Aug 2011 10:04

morning all

17 Aug 2011 11:01

Hi @MS! Please don't tell my hubby that you see Karien often... he'll want to move to CT! LOL
I wouldn't mind her hubby though... Hehehe

17 Aug 2011 11:16

goeiemore almal

17 Aug 2011 11:55

Halo everyone i hope you will all welcome me here

17 Aug 2011 13:13

Hi All

@allyv okay I wont tell him.  Her hubby is hot dont you want to move here to see him?

Welcom Mirandagal enjoy the room it is very pleasant in here

17 Aug 2011 14:17

Hello @liya2010 and @Mirandagal, we hope you enjoy your stay :)

@MS, Absolutely!! LOL
Can I stay with you though? LOL

17 Aug 2011 14:35

@allyv sure you can.   Where in Jhb do you stay?

17 Aug 2011 15:41

@MS, thanks! LOL
Someday when I go to CT, I'll come say Hi to you :)
I stay in Fourways...
Where in CT are you?

da bomb
17 Aug 2011 15:41

hey all,

don't u guys thingk 7de laan is a liiiiiittle bit boring now that Gita nd Bernard has broken up. the only thing that's xciting, is Annelie Kim nd Pieter. that's the only reason i watch 7de laan these days. This Rick is also irritating me with his moods. Emma shud open her eyes...he's dangerous.

otherwise, i think we need action again....dont u think??


angels 28
17 Aug 2011 16:03

hey all
what happened last night didnt watch?
my fingers are still crossed for pieter and annelie.
what is going on with that kim hell

17 Aug 2011 16:17

@allyv i stay in Constantia, i used to stay in Bedfordview in Jhb
before moving down.  I had a friend who stayed in Fourways lost touch with her. Lovely area

17 Aug 2011 19:28

Yeh@allyv and @ms!!! Can some ask me @which-part of the world i am....hehe. And guys u r rite, the Bonita storyline must change, she must face ppl and stop running away like a small mouse. Ryno is so into Marcell gal...ooh la lah! Emma is playing with fire, she has to run as far as possible from Rick,he is bad news.

18 Aug 2011 08:24

@Angels, you didn't really miss much... Ryno acted like a naughty boy with Marcelle... and they complained about each other to other people... and Bonita entered a competition... that's about it...

@MS, that's so cool! How long have you been in CT now? I have family somewhere in CT, so when I go visit them, I'll come say hi :)
Fourways is ok... The only thing that sucks is all the stuck up people that live here... They think because the drive fancy cars and live in huge houses that they're better than you... I only live here, because I work here hehe

@Meenie, where do you stay?
I think this Marcelle/Ryno thing is gonna be very interesting...

@Da Bomb, I totally agree, we need some action... and quick!! :)

Enjoy your day lovely peeps! :)

18 Aug 2011 08:58

@allyv I have been in Cape Town for five years now.  Miss the fast life in Joburg.
Would love to see you if you come down this way.

I hope Ryno is going to find happiness now I mean he has been married enough times.  Shame poor isabelle does she know yet that he is into Marcelle

What competition has bonita entered maybe "spot the mouse"

WOuld love to know which part of the country your are from Meenie

enjoy your day all

18 Aug 2011 09:03

Hi@allyv! I'm staying in Maseru,Lesotho and yah....this Ryno/Marcell thing is becoming sooo interesting, i just wonder about Isabella...hmm...

da bomb
18 Aug 2011 10:00

I think Ryno is still inlove with Isabelle, he just doesn't want to admit or show it. u guys know mos how men is. But then i think, Isabella had her chance and blew it, what did she think, Ryno must wait forever? Life goes on...u snooze u loose babe.. can't wait for Annelie and Pieter to make up. how long still before they kiss and make up???

18 Aug 2011 10:31

Thanx guys fr the warm welcome.all i wish for is to see Altie nd Paula together again nd kim n pieter they don't suit each other,i love to see anelie nd pieter together.the producers must hurry up nd bring them together.

18 Aug 2011 10:37

@MS, I'll definitely come visit :)
Spot the mouse... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Thanks for making my day!!
She entered a flower arrangement competition...

I hope Ryno will find his soulmate too... He's been married like 100 times LOL
I don't even think he knows he's into her yet... As @da bomb said... you know men! LOL
Isabelle messed up twice so I think it's time for them to move on...

@Meenie, That's awesome! Beautiful landscapes there... :)

18 Aug 2011 10:51

@allyv glad I made your day, there is nothing like laughter to brighten up your life.
Do you think she will win the competition?  I must say she does have talent when it comes to flower arranging. 

Any progress with pieter and annelie?  Why isit taking so long?

Will Paula and Altus ever get back they are so good together, doesnt look like altus is too keen.

What is Rick up to these days and has Dawid, emma is another one attracts all the wrong people.  She must protect that little angel of hers he is so cute

18 Aug 2011 10:53

Guys is marcel Oubaas 's daughter in real life.

18 Aug 2011 11:48

@mirandagal yep Marcel is oubaa's daughter in real life

18 Aug 2011 11:54

@Mirandagal, yes she is :)

@MS, a moment without laughter is a moment wasted... Always keep on smiling, you never know who is falling in love with your smile... #feelingveryphilosophical hehe

You're right, Bonita has gifts when it comes to flowers... her theme for the flowers for the competition is Spring... maybe she can use that theme for her wardrobe too... lol

Nothing yet with Pieter and Annelie... they want to keep us all on the edge of our seats...

I think Paula and Altus' relationship is doomed... but I hope it's not...

Looks like Rick is really trying with Emma... Herman found out that Rick's wife was a famous singer and that she cheated on him... #verysuspicious

18 Aug 2011 12:31

@allyv thank you .  yes i agree There is something about Rick that is not right but if any one can find out it will be Herman and Sanjay.  Poor Emma remember when she was married to Ryno and she went crazy? 

We have come a long way remember Felicity's baby mix up and when she was shot and couldnt walk.  That was the worst relationship I think on the Laan her and Neville. 

You see in real life Aggie and Clara are good friends they visit each other. It was in the you magazine. 

What kind of work do you do Allyv?

18 Aug 2011 14:15

I saw the insert in the YOU mag... it's quite cool.

I agree... the Felicity/Neville thing was terrible... shame on the writers! LOL
It's actually funny... during the story line of Felicity being paralyzed, we actually bumped into her in Fourways Mall, so I said to my hubby "She's lying to Neville!" LOL that was hilarious!

Ummm, let's see, I do a bit of everything... Admin, advertising, media planning, reporing, data capturing... basically, when you watch the 7de Laan Omnibus and you see an sms ad saying sms HEART to 33334 or something similar to that... that's me doing my job :)

And you?

angels 28
18 Aug 2011 14:43

hey cool friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no progress with pieter and annnelie yet (so sad)
what happened with da whole ryno marcelle thing

angels 28
18 Aug 2011 14:49

Kim is upset when Pieter doesn't want to go out for the night
this line makes me happy

18 Aug 2011 15:02

Hi @angels, Ryno and Marcelle made peace and they went for a drink together at O'Malley's...

That line makes me happy too... I wish Kim would just take a hike!! :)

angels 28
18 Aug 2011 15:13

@allyv me too
 did anything happen with zinzi and kabelo
i miss lanie, karien , mandla and alyce

Ms Zee
18 Aug 2011 15:34

@Alyyv, I thought I was the only one who wants that Kim to take a hike... I hope Annellie and Pieter can finally swallow their pride and make up.. I love them..

Interesting, Ryno and Marcel???? cant wait to c what happens next between those.

18 Aug 2011 16:22

@allyv anytime i saw Mnr MEINTJIES and felicity together, i wanted the earth to swallow me, it was so embarazing....really, shame on the writers!!! U also made my day, hehehe....that was hilarious...."she lied to Neville". Anyway ur job is so interesting, maybe u can advertise my business...lol.@ms, what r u doing for a living? Hope i'll visit u guys and u r also welcome to the moutain Kingdom. So, Hilda is baking up the storm to raise the funds for Oubass's air ticket for him to see rugby world cup! That's sooooo shweeeeet.....

18 Aug 2011 16:37

@angels, nothing new has happened between them...

@Ms Zee, Kim is a COW and she should leave the show or grow up! Maybe San-Mari must take her on...? This Ryno and Marcelle think is cooking!! Lol

@Meenie, thanks for the invite! What business do you have? Ja, the Felicity and Neville relationship was awkward...

Ag shame, Hilda can be so annoying but so sweet... lol. They were made for each other...

18 Aug 2011 16:45

We all want Kim to take a hike she is so annoying and possessive.

Allyv i a a medical pa I run Medical practice.  Your job sounds stunning.
LOL you told you hubby that she is lying shows you how real the show becomes to us.

Chat tomorrow been busy all day applying for  bursary for my daughter.

Have a great evening love you al

18 Aug 2011 22:45

Kim is really anoying big time@ms, but should've seen her when Pieter gives her a cold shoulder....hehehe, she was like a sleeveless old jacket! Then there is bonita the mouse....she ran away again when she suppossed to deliver her flowers....talk about low self esteem!!!, Errol and Isabell had to safe the situation and deliver them for her and come with her prize, headless chicken... @allyv, i deal mostly with girly stuff, handbags, shoes, jewellery and cosmetics. From there, i'm in partnership with two lovely guys from Senegal in fashion desighning. Anyway, time for meenie to sleep, have a peaceful nite friends.@ms, best of lucks.

19 Aug 2011 09:03

@MS, wow that's cool! People in the medical industry are heroes to me...

Ja, but as @meenie said, it was so funny when Pieter gave Kim the cold shoulder!

Where are you applying for her?

@Meenie, that's cool... all girls need stuff like that...

Enjoy your day peeps!

19 Aug 2011 09:47

Hi everyone TGIF

@allyv thank you.    My daughter  is at stellenbosch university first year every year you have to apply for a bursary. 
@meenie sounds interesting i love girly stuff.

I cant believe you said that Bonita ran away, she is so painfully shy.  She is probably scared of her own shadow. 

I love Errol he is a sweetheart,  so innocent.  He has the best parents Charmaine and Neville.  Remember that piece of trash that was his mother poor kid glad he was rescued and is doing so well at school.

I cant wait for the onminbus to see pieter giving kim the cold shoulder.

19 Aug 2011 11:24

@MS, I'm also happy that it's Friday! lol
What is your daughter studying?
I love what you said that Bonita is probably scared of her own shadow! LOL
At least she won the competition...

Errol is a wonderful character, so loving and caring... more people should be like him... Can't believe he's so much older than his character... His mom was a cow and I'm glad she left the show...

19 Aug 2011 13:21

@allyv she is studying journalism, wants to be the next debrorah patta (spelling correct?)  do you have children?

Bonita is scared of everything. I am glad she won maybe it will give her some confidence.

Errol is the greatest how old is he in real life.  His mother was a tramp and that girlfriend janine she was up to no good, he saved her life.

19 Aug 2011 14:35

@MS, I have two... my daughter (Jessica) is almost 7 and my son (Justin) is 10 months (he was 7 weeks premature)...

Bonita won R 10 000 and she gave everything to Vince... so that was nice of her.

Errol in real life is 28 years old!! I couldn't believe it when I saw that!! LOL

19 Aug 2011 15:04

@allyv  that is sweet my son was two months premature weighed 1,5kgs tiny tiny couldnt get anything to fit him. Was in hospital for a month after the birth poor little mite.
I should have left the office already but have to wait for the courier service to drop off my daughter's liscence disc.

Good for Bonita giving the money to vince she should try enter some more competitions.

Is errol married in real life, he would make a brilliant husband.

Baby love
19 Aug 2011 15:50

Afternoon 2 u all LOL pieter is making it very clear 2 kim dat he's so nt onto her,@allyv n ms, its clear dat u've grown up,u even have kidz,gud 4 u ladies. Bonita's nervousness is too much,cn u believe it,she changed her mind abt entering the competition jst bcoz of é stupid shyness,thanx 2 errol for convincing isabelle 2 enter on her behalf at least she's paid some of her debt

19 Aug 2011 16:16

@baby love thank you, children change your whole life.

Have a great weekend all the courier still hasnt come i get so mad

19 Aug 2011 16:48

@MS, wow, my son weighed 1.9kg and he was also in hospital for a month... at least he's getting bigger now...

We work until 5 every single day... that sucks! I hope the courier doesn't take too long...

I don't know if Errol is married, but I agree he would make a wonderful partner.

@baby love, how old are you if I may ask?

Enjoy your weekend all!

19 Aug 2011 18:21

Hi there my good ppl:-)@ms and@allyv, it looks like we have one thing in common...premature babies. Mine was born six month early, with 2.3kg!! No one thought she will live, but she survived shame! She is now 15yrs....yah, Errol is really a sweety,thanks to Neville and Charmaine! Hi @babylove....we are old, lol.

20 Aug 2011 14:26

Ai ....hulle rek ook die annelie en pieter ding uiy laat hulle asb net soen en klaar kry!!!*

20 Aug 2011 15:03

@allyv courier didnt come they had better come on Monday or else.WE get off early on a Friday because we dont take a lunch hour, the doctors dont like us to leave the rooms in case of an emergency.  So 14h00 we go on friday.
@meenie shame dont you mean your baby was born at 6months not six months early.  That was a good birth weight.  My son is now 19 and is so tall.  and such a pleasure, my daughter is a total dram queen but I love them both to bits

Paula Pritz
20 Aug 2011 23:14

watched fridays episode, was awsome just luv pieter n annlie, her dress ws too smart looked gorgeous

21 Aug 2011 07:23

Yes@ms, she was born at six months, and though the birth weight was good, she had a lot of complecations. But she is a big girl now....taller than me. Her brother is only three months old....i have three foster children, a girl and two boys, they are so adorable....shame! Enjoy the omnibus, i wont be able to watch them coz i have a small function today.

Paula Pritz
21 Aug 2011 09:25

hey sowi never got 2 say hi wen i joined, hope i'm welcome

21 Aug 2011 13:02

Hi Paula of course you are welcome, welcome to the family you will enjoy.
@meenie, its amazing how these little prems just fight and fight.  I am glad you little girl has grown up to be tall, my son too he towers over me.  Gee you are brave having three foster children well done to you you must be an angel.  Children are adorable and so innocent.  I will enjoy the omnibus unless my hubby wants to do something else.  ENjoy your function.
See you all tomorrow take care

Paula Pritz
21 Aug 2011 13:54

@MS tnx.... :)

angels 28
21 Aug 2011 19:50

hey all
wow wow wow
pieter and annelie were awesome with a capital A 
why did the lights have to cum back
annelie looked extra pretty
@paula pritz.............welcome

22 Aug 2011 08:46

Morning all you wonderful people!!

@Meenie, we are as old as we feel... hehe... and I'm glad your premature experience turned out fine... Hope you enjoyed your function and you deserve a gold medal for having 3 foster kids!! You ROCK!

@IS@, Pieter and Annelie must get to the point now!! :)

@Paula Pritz, welcome to the family! :)

@Angels 28, it's too bad that the lights came back on... Looks like we'll have to wait a while longer...

@MS, if you see the courier today, give him a smack and tell him you waited until 19h00 on Friday... hehehehehehe LOL!  Looks like it's a common thing for daughters to be drama queens! LOL! My son's birth weight was 1.9kg, his lung collapsed and he had a hole in his heart... but thanks to God, he is 100% fine now :)

Enjoy your day all!

22 Aug 2011 10:23

@allyv it now turns out it was not sent by courier it was sent by registered post, it is coming from Jhb. sorry to hear about your little boy that must have been hard to go through.  My little one just had to be in incubator for two weeks and had to be tube fed and had to have blood shame I hated it going there and seeing this tiny little mite.

I enjoyed the omnibus yesterday.  Ryno looks like he is falling hard.
Pieter and annelie please just get on with it for goodness sake.  Kim you are irritating with a capital I.

Emma beware please Rick is up to no good, i think he set the house on fire because his ex wife had an affair.  Dawid get losts why all of a sudden you want to be in your son's life.  

Bonita well done with the competition but I feel that Isabell and errol were the real winners you were too Frightened to take the flowers yourself get a grip on life girl.

enjoy your day all

22 Aug 2011 10:46

@MS, luckily I have a wonderful family, an Awesome God and fantastic friends that helped through the tough times!

Ryno doesn't like the idea of Marcelle and Altus... What will Paula do if she finds out...?

I'm with you on the Rick story... I also think so... but I think he didn't know his child was in the house too...

Pieter and Annelie... what can I say...

Kim must leave the show...

22 Aug 2011 10:46

Oh ja... and Dawid must take a hike!!

22 Aug 2011 11:40

@allyv  Marcelle and Altus didnt really hit if off, I think she thinks he is too weak for her.  She gives all the men the third degree I think she is beginning to live ryno, poor isabella. 

Dawid reminds me of a sleaze ball, did you see him and his wife in the huisgenoot?

Rick shame if he didnt know the kid was in the house. 
Felicity must make up her mind about the track suits she either wants to do if or she doesnt.  How was rick making the smash.

Glad you had a supportive family.  I was in johannesburg when my kids were born married to a very unhelpful partner gave me no support, my family were down here in Cape town my mum flow up to help with my daughter and at the time I had two step children.  Thank fully I am rid of him and i am now very happy with a new man in my life who has been there for my kids through thick and thin.

22 Aug 2011 13:29

Hey Pieter is too slowly I don't know why! A guy must make a move if he needs something. When electricity went off, it was his chance to cough it out but he kept quite Jesus.

Where is Gita now? She is a devil but I mic her action. Why Dawid is back, eyi this guy. 

Isabel & Ryno had their chance, it's time for Marcelle to shine now.

22 Aug 2011 13:52

Gita is in a private clinic somewhere had a kind of break down when Tim took ava out of the country again and bernard disappeared.  I miss her bitchiness too.

Dawid always pops in now and then just to disrupt emma's life.  I wish Herman would warn emma about rick he is up to no good.

Pieter must catch a wake up, if you snooze your loose

22 Aug 2011 14:15

@MS, I'm so glad to hear that you're happy now, you deserve it honey! :)

Altus and Marcelle didn't really have anything to say to each other... And she's too crazy about Ryno...

I also wish that Felicity would make up her mind now... She's beginning to annoy me...

@Cha cha, I don't miss Gita, but I do miss the action that surrounds her... hehe

Dawid is only here to mess up Emma and Rick's relationship...

Pieter must grab Annelie and kiss her so that she doesn't know who she is! LOL

22 Aug 2011 14:33

@allyv you are a true romantic.  I am much happier now.  This whole courier mess up was because of him.  Now he says he has sent it be registered post, make up your mind.

I love the excitement about the world cup, and hilda trying to sell her dates to make money to send oubaas.  I love it when she shoos him out the flat, and when maria saves the day telling Hilda she only made 24 packs and not 30.

I wonder what kim will do if and when pieter and annelie get back together.

You are right marcelle didnt know what to say to Altus, she is too mature for him he belongs with Paula but that is also another story.

angels 28
22 Aug 2011 14:56

hey all
i doubt altus likes marcell.
 and she likes ryno
bonnita must stop being evil and leave issebelle

22 Aug 2011 16:43

@MS, thanks :)

Oubaas are sooo cute together and he'll do anything for her... Shame... :)

Well, Kim's already green from jealousy.... myabe she'll transition into the witch we all know she is... LOL

Maybe Paula will see Altie and Marcelle together and finally wake up...?

@Angels, Marcelle definitely likes Ryno... We're gonna see some fireworks soon... LOL :)

Paula Pritz
22 Aug 2011 20:46

hey tnx @allyv & @angels28 4 da awsome warm welcome. wat happend in 2nyts episode cant wait 4 SEP teasers 2 c PIETER & ANNELIE hpe kim leaves just HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!! wen is 26 -31 Aug teasers comin out btw does diedie lyk annelie

Paula Pritz
22 Aug 2011 20:47

sori 29-31 AUG comin my mistake :)

23 Aug 2011 08:58

LOL, @Paula, you're welcome! I didn't even notice that there were no spoilers for those days!! LOL

Baby love
23 Aug 2011 10:23

Morning ma lovies, cn dawid die already,that man lyk it whn he complicates someone else's lyf,the only he's cum back 4 is to mess up wit emma's heart n then leaves. Kim kim kim whn is she leaving da show, i hope she's nt staying dat long that woman really annoys me,oh yeah u more than wlcm paula,i jst hope u nt lyk others who cum in here n sy 'HEY M A NEWBIE HERE PLZ WLCM ME' n we wlcm them then they never comment again, we need ur comment paula n m happy 2 have u in this house,have a gud day u all i'll cum back after three whn i watched the repeat

23 Aug 2011 11:06

Hi Paula welcome to the family

23 Aug 2011 12:31

Sorry I should have made the font smaller.

23 Aug 2011 12:39

Hi guys:-)i'm back! Welcome home@paula. Thank u so much @ms and @allyv, i enjoyed myself on sunday. But guys, i'm not an angel nor brave, i just did what needed to be done, and left everything in God's capable hands. Now i'can't regret my decision to be a foster mom to this woderful small ppl. I just love them so much, and i'can't imagin my life without them. I think the Meitjies must call a family meeting to welcom bonita, maybe that will help her ease-up. Pieter also must be a man and kiss Annelie, kim should just disappear.

23 Aug 2011 12:59

Hallo all,  Pieter has his chance when the lights went out and annelie was fumbling with the keys.  Kim must take a hike her ears must burn every time we chat in here lol.  God will bless you Meenie for taking on such a great task.  Children are adorable.

Hope you peeps didnt mind the joke

23 Aug 2011 13:01

@MS, WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Thanks for that!

@Meenie, I think that's a good idea... But knowing Bonita, she won't go and just run away again...

23 Aug 2011 13:09

Oh noooooooo....@ms i' nearly chocke, poor clerk!!!hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stop laughing and can't finish my lunch....lolment***

23 Aug 2011 13:13

@allyv and Meenie glad you enjoyed it, its is great to laugh.
You areso right about bonita she would just run away, she annoys me immensely the way she scatters out of the way when confronted with anything.
Shame Errol doesnt want her to leave he is so sweet telling her he isnt like the others.   

23 Aug 2011 13:15

23 Aug 2011 13:38

Ja guys, u r rite....bonita will just run away, that's wat she good at and she can't even realise that's wat makes her a looser

Baby love
23 Aug 2011 13:52

Hahahahaha thnx 4 the joke ms,i needed it

23 Aug 2011 14:03

@baby love pleasure

23 Aug 2011 14:40

Shame, it's so sweet how Hilda now wants to launch Kabelo's singing career and raise money for a trip to the World Cup for Oubaas...

@MS, I LOVE to laugh... :)

Paula Pritz
23 Aug 2011 14:56

hey @babylove tnx n i wnt let u down will b chattin all da tym i agree wid da bonita ting ,but did url read da 7de laan website it says: "Paula has long been considered the fashion guru of 7de Laan. So it is no surprise that we are currently recording scenes in which she tries to give Bonita a make-over. Will she succeed or not? Maybe Paula has met her match with the no fuss, no nonsense Bonita. " (copied frm da website) oh n some of da cast will be in centurion mall on da 17 September 2011

23 Aug 2011 15:03

Laughter is good for the soul.  Hilda and oubaas must be the oldest cutest couple in the soaps.  I love his little sweet nothings he calls her my lemon pip etc.
His daughter marcelle I must say is beautiful.  This room rocks compared to some of the others.  It is so nice to come in and chat  keep it up all

Baby love
23 Aug 2011 15:25

Pweee,cn someone plz update abt yesterday's episode i was hoping 2 catch da repeat,thnx 2 power failure n 2day's weather i ddnt watch my fav. soapie

Paula Pritz
23 Aug 2011 15:37

Paula Pritz
23 Aug 2011 15:43

its out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! da tesers 29-31 Aug

angels 28
23 Aug 2011 15:47

hi  @paula pritz just read that awesome
anything new with pieter and annelie

Paula Pritz
23 Aug 2011 16:01

not really .... did u watch fridays episode???

Paula Pritz
23 Aug 2011 16:03


23 Aug 2011 16:07

LOL @paula, you should have spoken earlier about the missing teasers!! LOL

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