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7de Laan teasers - July 2011

Written by TVSA Team from the blog 7de Laan Teasers on 22 Jun 2011
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Coming up on 7de Laan this July, 2011:

Monday, 4 July 2011
Episode 2516

Linda wants to know what hold Tim has over Gita. How will Sanjay react when he sees Felicity and Herman together?

Bernard realises he comes second to Ava. Vince gets an envelope with money in with his name on it - without a note. Rick surprises Emma.

Tuesday 5 July 2011
Episode 2517

Gita has a plan to see Ava again. Kim comes back and is desperate for work. Vanessa wonders when Anita doesn't take a phone call.

How will Matrone react when she sees Oubaas' new jersey? Bernard makes a drastic decision about him and Gita.

Wednesday 6 July 2011
Episode 2518

How will Bernard react when Gita makes it clear she doesn't want to lose him? Vanessa and Diederik compete with ideas for the Bio-Strath pitch.

San-Mari has a new plan to get Zinzi and Kabelo together. Kim asks Emma for a job at Oppiekoffie. Rick drops Emma.

Thursday 7 July 2011
Episode 2519

Vanessa sees Anita in an intense conversation with an older man and realises with a shock who he is. Vince writes a letter to Bonita.

San-Mari has wonderfull ideas for the T and T day and the guys are not happy. Rick pitches unexpectedly at Emma. Tim confronts Gita about Bernard.

Friday, 8 July 2011
Episode 2520

Altus doesn't know what to tell Bio-Strath. Pieter explains to the guys what the girls are planning for the T and T day.

Neville makes sure that everything is arranged for Charmaine's return. Diederik found something out about Trengrove's pitch. Gita pleeds with Bernard to take her back - but will he fall for her?

Monday 11 July 2011
Episode 2521

The guys are ready to top the girls at the T and T day. How will tim and Linda react when they realise Bernard and gita is together again?

The Bruynwaves team struggle to come up with new ideas. Team leaders gets chosen for the T and T day.

Tuesday 12 July 2011
Episode 2522

Tim wants to try to get hold of Clint. Kim gets irritated with Oubaas. Bruynwaves have to make sure that anita doesn't see their new ideas.

Gita calls Len. The teams meet for the T and T day and choose their names.

Wednesday 13 July 2011
Episode 2523

The girls are fine with their routine, but how are the guys doing? The Bruynwaves team pitches for Bio-Strath.

The participants take on Herman about the terrible prizes. Gita gets news about Clint, but who will get to him first - Gita or Tim?

Thursday 14 July 2011
Episode 2524

Paula is upset because she has to take pictures at the T and T day. Will the guys routine beat the girls' tracksuit routine?

Oubaas makes mistakes and it costs his team some time. Neville is not back in time for his turn. Someone wants to cheat and gets disqualified ...who will win? Tim and Len both gets hold of Clint.

Friday 15 July 2011
Episode 2525

Clint threatens Gita. Bruynwaves gets feedback from Bio-Strath - what twill they do with Anita? Len hears when Tim and ?Clint makes arrangements to meet and Gita wants to put a stop to it. Tim finds something terrible.

Monday 18 July 2011
Episode 2526

Gita pushes Len too far and Tim admits to Ryno that his trump card is gone. Everyone makes plans to welcome Errol back.

How will Annelie feel when Kim flirts with Pieter? Len comes with an offer to Tim, but will Tim accept it?

Tuesday 19 July 2011
Episode 2527

Len makes Gita scared and insinates that she must eliminate Tim. San-Mari is ready to get Zinzi and Kabelo together ... but will her plan work this time?

Emma waits a very long while for Rick to arrive for their date. Gita hears what Tim is planning and asks Len to get proof.

Wednesday 20 July 2011
Episode 2528

How will Bernard react when he hears what Tim is planning? Rick sees how Emma and Ryno chat and gets very suspicious - will Emma accept Ricks excuse later?

Tim and Bernard argue about Tim's plans. Len gets Gita to the point where she wants him to quiet Tim.

Thursday 21 July 2011
Episode 2529

Kim gets herself into Annelie's place for the Bio-Starth advert. Vanessa has another idea for an ad and it involves Matrone.

Len wants to discuss the details about Tim's death with Gita - will she change her mind?

Friday 22 July 2011
Episode 2530

Kim is rude when she gets an order wrong. Rick tells that some of his stuff is stolen from his bakkie. Bonita sees Vince and Isabelle together.

Hilda and Matrone are both planning to look like a dream at the Bio-Strath function. Some of Gita's belongings get stolen from her room.

Monday 25 July 2011
Episode 2531

Tim makes sure that Linda is home that evening. San-Mari succeeds to make Kabelo wonder about Zinzi.

Herman gets an odd photo in Rick's wallet. Bonita changes Isabelle's flowers. Hilda buys the necklace Matrone chose.

A shot is fired in Ryno's house and blood streams ...

Tuesday 26 July 2011
Episode 2532

Kabelo wants to rent Marko's old room. Isabelle catches Bonita while she is busy with the flowers.

Gita hears about the shooting and Len insinuates it was her. Kabelo gets jealous. Emma doesn't hear anything from Rick.

Wednesday 27 July 2011
Episode 2533

Ryno insinuates that it could have been Gita who fired the show. San-Mari finds out what Kabelo has planned with Zinzi.

Emma and Rick have a falling out. Tim shows Gita the evidence he has against her.

Thursday 28 July 2011
Episode 2534

Hilda realises she doesn't have the right necklace and Annelie has to make a new plan. How will Len react when Gita confronts him?

Isabelle and Bonita make a deal. Tim forces Gita to sign the documents. Bernard gets some stuff in the safe...

Friday 29 July 2011
Episode 2535

Bernard confronts Tim with Gita's necklace. Felicity comes to annelie's rescue when Kim makes it difficult for her. Diederik wants to make a plan with the billboard, but is there enough time?

Bernard accuses Gita. Altus is in a state when Diederik doesn't pitch at the Bio-Strath function.

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23 Jun 2011 00:22

Yawn, Not because of 7de, but look at the time!!! I'm off to bed!!

23 Jun 2011 07:46

OMG! Phunk- waty r u doing up so late!!!

sexy d
23 Jun 2011 08:13

no 3 yippie

23 Jun 2011 08:55

This is impressive getting July so soon  hi all

23 Jun 2011 09:47

Hello peeps!

23 Jun 2011 09:47

Hello peeps!

23 Jun 2011 09:57

Sho, it's ACTION all over the show... 7de Laan might be saved... hehe

23 Jun 2011 11:33

So Bonita is back.  It that a good thing or a bad thing

23 Jun 2011 14:47

Top 10

23 Jun 2011 15:06

hi all!!!!
kim is back it is clear that annelie still has feelings for pieter but thank god he wont go with that horribble,disgusting idiotic ect kim. the t&t day sounds coooooool.i think dat they will be tooo much action with tim &,clint,len & bonita being back is just boring

23 Jun 2011 19:59

Someone please remind me who is Kim and Len.

lady love
24 Jun 2011 00:00

@revo kim is felicity's assistant who quit after being rude to matrone & len is that guy who works 4 gita who once flooded the gallery when vanessa & zander owned it

24 Jun 2011 09:46

Does kim come back to work at oppie koffie?  Oh no she has such a bad attitude.

Len is a bad bad guy, gita's side kick

By the way morning all xx

24 Jun 2011 10:21

Good mawnin peeps!

Bonita... Ugh... hopefully she magically got a fairy godmother that gave her a nice makeover.... unlikely... she seems a bit sour about Isabelle...

Charmaine will sort out that rude cow Kim very quickly (hopefully she will leave the show)

Zinzi and Kabelo... I think they'll make a cute couple :)

I wonder who is stealing everyone's stuff...?

sexy mamma
24 Jun 2011 10:46

sexy mamma
24 Jun 2011 10:47

my gosh, it's really hotting up now's action all over

24 Jun 2011 11:25

Hi guys!! Who is Anita?

24 Jun 2011 11:54

Who is Anita and Kim, totally lost here Lol

24 Jun 2011 11:57

Hey friends!!!!!!!

Know who is Kim now.  Who is Anita?

24 Jun 2011 13:44

hello guys
gita deserves not seeing her baby, she's always planning to get back at someone and now its getting back to her so glad!
@zanrie & zazment- not sure who anita is but i thik she is a new girl sorry if i'm mistaken..
see yall later!!!!!

24 Jun 2011 14:04

@ttttt, I agree with you... Gita is just a selfish cow that throws a tantrum like a child when she doesn't get what she wants... she is mean and nasty and people like that shouldn't have kids anyway... I'm on Tim's side here, he should raise Ava...

Sorry guys, I have a thing against bad mothers... :)

24 Jun 2011 15:22

Bernard is a fool. Can't he see that Gita is using him. Zinzi and Kabelo? Naah, bad match.

25 Jun 2011 15:36

Hi guys!! I'm a newbie, and i'm soooooo afraid of MME GITA. Can't bernard be like me. Where are my manners!!! Meenie is my name.

27 Jun 2011 12:42

Hi All
I cant believe Bernard can do that to his own mother.  Ava wont know Gita anymore.  Wouldnt it be funny if Linda and Tim got back together and they decided to raise ava together.  That would so kill Gita.

Felicity and Bernard must stop playing games.  Glad annelie got the job in the boutique now she doesnt have to see Bernards mug every day.

Her and pieter must get back together.  He is so hot.

27 Jun 2011 13:44


27 Jun 2011 15:37

I dont think I could live there everyone knows your business.

If Linda hates GIta so much why is she giving her business, she was on her way to change her ticket to cape town with Zinzi when she caught them in the act. Surely there are plenty more travel agents in Johannesburg

Baby love
27 Jun 2011 18:37

Welcome meenie, hey u all lovely mabloggers

28 Jun 2011 10:16

hey meenie welcome!!!!!
wow annelie looked awesome loving her hair.
kinda happy tim chased gita away and didn't let her see ava (hate gita) 
bernaad get a life please.
see yall later........

28 Jun 2011 12:03

Welcome Meenie!

WOW! Did you guys see Tim's face when he saw Gita in the house!!
@tttt, I enjoyed that moment!
How cute is little Ava!

Annelie looks super cool working in the boutique! So happy for her...
Now she doesn't have to face Bernard every day...

As for living in the Laan.... Let me think about it.... Ummmm.... NO!!

@ms2, how crazy should Linda be to want to go to Hillside Travel... not a bright idea...

@AZTEC, PLEASE!! They can bring back anyone, just not Neville's ex! lol :)

28 Jun 2011 14:56

@allyv yes I agree dont bring back neville's ex she is so interfering and I think her sons think so too.  I havent see annelie in the boutique yet will have to wait for sunday. 

I dont understand why Linda went there why should she support gita's business.

How stupid Linda to think bernard will just drop everything and go to Cape Town?

How old is ava now?  Has Gita seen her as yet?
Must break her heart.

28 Jun 2011 19:11

This bio-Strath thing is getting on my nerves!! I wonder how much they paid to promote their product like this!!
Moving on......
I see we gonna have some action in the latergaan's house again. I wonder who gets shot... I think it's Clint.
Bonita and Isabelle working together with the flowers is a nice touch.
@MS, ha, ha, imagine Tim and Linda getting back together and raising Ava, that would surly wipe the smile of Gita's face..She is nothing but trouble, always doing things for a underhanded meaning (Similar to Paula) But without people like Gita in the show we wouldn't be watching it hey!!
But would Linda really want anything to do with Ava??
Ava is One year old now. last night Gita mentioned how she missed Ava's first birthday (It's a wonder she even remembered the day Ava was born)

28 Jun 2011 22:40

Thanks guys, i just hope it's Len who will recieve the bullet. Tim and Linda together!!! Raising Ava!!! Oh my word!!! Gita can have a fit. But I like an idea.

29 Jun 2011 09:44

It was just a thought about Linda and tim raising Ava, gita would have a stroke.
Maybe they will ask gita and bernard to babysit some time so Bernard can bond with his step
@phunk thankyou gee ava one year old already she has probably forgotten about Gita being her mother.

Is Bonita back? 

29 Jun 2011 11:28

Yes, it looks like Bonita is back.

29 Jun 2011 13:21

@ms2, Gita saw a bit of Ava and just when she wanted to hold her, Tim walked in and chased her out of the house like the bad dog she is... lol
Bonita isn't back officially, just in these previews, she hasn't appeared in the Laan yet...

@Phunk, I agree, without witches like Gita, the Laan wouldn't be interesting...
And I also hope it's Clint that gets shot...

@ms2, hahahahaha... Gita and Bernard babysitting!! LOL :)
Just think... If Bernard married Gita, he would be his half-sister's stepdad... sick LOL

29 Jun 2011 13:28

@allyv i love your sense of humour.   I am sure AVA will scream blue murder if gita tries to pick her up, she wont know her any more.  I hope BOnita has had a make over when she gets back.  Whats going on with Herman and Felicity anything?

29 Jun 2011 16:37

@ms2, Thanks! Hehehe...

I won't blame Ava fro screaming blue murder... I would too! LOL

Let's hope Bonita looks better this time round... but I won't hold my breath...

Sanjay sent Felicity flowers (by suggestion of Lukas, the love guru) lol
Herman went to the boutique and saw the flowers and then he just left and when Felicity saw who the flowers were from, she tore the card and gave the flowers to Annelie...

29 Jun 2011 19:47

I loved the ending of 7de tonite when Tim told Gita that her tears won't manipulate him anymore!! well done Tim!!
@allyv. Ha, ha...Barnard being his half-sister's stepdad...Funny but true.
And let's all hope Bonita has had a make-over.

30 Jun 2011 01:34

In the past week the cast of 7de Laan have gone from highs to tragedy: first an on-set engagement, then the death of Sekoati Tsubane and Zoleka Mandela's son.

7de Laan: from highs to heartache

30 Jun 2011 08:24

Shame, that is not cool!

Let's please keep them in our thoughts and prayers peeps...

30 Jun 2011 09:14

Why doesnt Sanjay catch a wake up Felicity doesnt want you.
So I presume that Tim is back with ava and staying at Ryno's house?
How does Linda react to ava? 

30 Jun 2011 09:28

@ms2, Sanjay should have gotten the message by now...
Yes, Tim and Ava are staying with Ryno...
Linda doesn't seem to like the idea of Ava...

30 Jun 2011 11:06

@allyv thank you .  Hasnt felicity told herman she is not interested in Sanjay?  I suppose Bernard's nose is out of joint because ava is on the scene.

30 Jun 2011 13:14

I think Felicity has told Sanjay that she isn't interested... but you know how men are... they have selective hearing... :)

30 Jun 2011 13:33

@allyv lol.  He is so persistant

da bomb
30 Jun 2011 15:25

i wonder what Gita gonna do after Bernard dumps her. cause you don't mess with Gita. she always pays u back. can't wait. now she's gonna loose everything...

da bomb
30 Jun 2011 15:29

cant' wait for July's action... tjoh 7de laan is hot and interesting. u actually can't wait for the next program.

30 Jun 2011 15:29

@da bomb... you're sooo right... wonder what she's gonna do to that poor boy... might be interesting...

@ms2... :)

01 Jul 2011 09:10

When is Bernard going to dump Gita, does he take his mum up on her offer to go TO London?

01 Jul 2011 12:18

Sorry Kabelo!! Wow guys!! Venessa and Annelie look stunning!!

01 Jul 2011 13:15

what were are vanessa and annelie going i only watch on sunday

01 Jul 2011 15:29

felicity&herman are boring

01 Jul 2011 22:02

hi guys i'm back
vennesa's hair is gorgeours, not forgeting annelie she is so stunnnnning!!!!!
anita is realy smart i wonder if she and diedie are gonna get together.
felicity and herman are a couple much better than felicity and sanjay.
i cant believe that bernaad had da guts to allow that witch into the house...
ava is sooo adorable she doesn't deserve to be with gita.
zinzi & words 
see your'll 

04 Jul 2011 12:45

Hi everyone,
Herman and Felicity annoy me, just get on with it.

Whats the point of gita seeing ava she cant have her. 
Emma's little one is also cute but I wouldnt want the nanny carrying him around like that where is his pram?

Zinzi and kabelo no no.

sexy d
04 Jul 2011 12:58

@MS me and you both they irritate the hell out of me

Why cant just TIM tell bernard the truth about gita who knws she might see the evil truth about that witch. she can do watever she likes but she wouldnt get her hell she doesnt even deserve to be called a mom.

04 Jul 2011 13:28

Does bernard not know the truth, no wonder he feels sorry for her if he doesnt know the truth.  

04 Jul 2011 16:57

Hey peeps! How are you doing?

I missed Friday's episode!! :(

I don't think Bernard knows the truth about Gita... he would have dumped her if he knew... that's what I think...

Why must Zinzi and Kabelo hook up? Why can't they bring new guys and gals into the picture??

Same with Felicity and Herman...

I don't trust that Anita... She gives her full attention as soon as they start talking about their pitch ideas... She's gonna do something... I'm sure about it...

04 Jul 2011 19:04

I agree with all that said how stunning Annelie is looking.
@allyv. Bernard defiantly doesn't know what that witch did or he would have left, but can you imaging how Isabelle will react? It's because of Gita that Isabelle was kidnapped and staved for so long. Gita will have to leave the Laan if that news gets out. I guess that also means Isabelle will never find out because we need Gita in the show to keep it interesting.
I can't handle the way Linda takes off at Bernard every single time she sees him. She is busy chasing her son far from her. She needs to support him and show him his errors in a loving way instead of continually fighting with him.

05 Jul 2011 09:11

Linda is irritating with a capital I. no wonder tim wants to go back to singapore.Pity ava has to go with, I think he is a bit over the hill to be looking after a small baby.
So when is bernard going to find out what the witch did?

I wish Peter and annelie would get back together they are so right for each other.

Shame I didnt realise the tragedy that kabelo was going through until i read this weeks you magazine about him loosing a child.  Poor little mite was born at 800 odd grams.

05 Jul 2011 10:22

hey guys!!!!!!!!!!
@MS I agree linda is irritating and i read it too shame but didn't he loose 2 children in one year. (sorry if im wrong)
pieter asked annelie to go with him out in the evening thats already a start hopefully.
rick and emma are officaly a couple.
i think bernaad is gonna find out as it says Bernard confronts Tim with Gita's necklace.
well anyway toodels.

05 Jul 2011 10:22

hey guys!!!!!!!!!!
@MS I agree linda is irritating and i read it too shame but didn't he loose 2 children in one year. (sorry if im wrong)
pieter asked annelie to go with him out in the evening thats already a start hopefully.
rick and emma are officaly a couple.
i think bernaad is gonna find out as it says Bernard confronts Tim with Gita's necklace.
well anyway toodels.

05 Jul 2011 10:29

sorry im wrong kabelo only lost one child.
he is married to mandelas  grandaughter and 2 of his great grandchildren passed away one in june last year and one in this year

05 Jul 2011 11:55

Yes it was just the one child.  

Okay good for pieter.  What happens about the necklace does Gita try her luck with TIm again?
I suppose she is so desperate to get access to Ava she will try anything

sexy d
05 Jul 2011 12:02

just love venessa new hair style

05 Jul 2011 13:36

Yes Vanessa looks stunning.  she should give bonnita some tips.

05 Jul 2011 16:30

i just hope bonita will get a makeover and come back.
kim's coming back tonight (booooooooo)
venessa's new hair style does look quiete cool.

06 Jul 2011 10:41

Whats going on with gita and bernard, i only see the omnibus on sunday.  has herman and felicity progressed at all?

When is errol back I miss him.

06 Jul 2011 16:59

@MS  bernaad and gita broke up last night as he said she only cares about ava and not him.
The jersy hilda knitted for oubaas ia soooooo adorable and cute

06 Jul 2011 19:07

Oh my goodness they broke up cant wait to see the omnibus they didnt suit each other any way she is way too old for him. 

06 Jul 2011 20:49

Hi guys, i'm so glad bernard dumped gita, if she can't wrap him araund her pink again. Felicity and Herman, a big NOOOOOO!!! Kim is back and she is a pain.

06 Jul 2011 20:54

06 Jul 2011 20:58

07 Jul 2011 09:17

@meenie what happened with felicity and herman?  I dont like them together.

07 Jul 2011 09:59

@ms 2, Felicity and Herman are officially a couple

Bernard finally dumped Gita!! Hooray!! **does a happy dance**

Vanessa looks good and Anita looks suspicious... I don't trust her...

Emma and Rick broke up... :(

Kim will be working in Oppie.... NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't STAND her!!
Did you see Annelie taking her on in the bookshop!! **priceless**

07 Jul 2011 12:33

@allyv  Thank you
What happened with Rick and Emma?  

So is GIta upset about Bernard, cant wait to watch on sunday.
Kim is a little bitch look how she treated Felicity in the boutique, she thinks the world owes her a favour.

07 Jul 2011 14:57

@ms 2, Hilda invited Emma to a party she was hosting (to give Oubaas his jersey) and Emma didn't want Rick to go with her. He asked if she was ashamed of him, but she told him that she was fresh out of a relationship with David and that she didn't want to give David's attorney's ammunition... her jumping from one man to the next... He didn't like the idea and he told Emma yesterday that he wasn't angry with her, but he doesn't think they should see each other anymore coz he's not ready yet...

Gita seems upset and she begged Bernard to reconsider, but he didn't want to...

You must see Kim when she asks Emma for the job... lol
She tells Emma that she loves making people happy and stuff like that... can you believe it?!
Charmaine will sort her out very quickly... she's coming back on Friday and Errol will come back a week later.

Sho, now I'm tired of typing :)

07 Jul 2011 15:13

Oh goodie errol is coming back.  Yes charmaine doesnt take nonsence.
What is emma's problem look how many woman dawid got with he is a womaniser.  Surely she is allowed to be happy stuff the attorney.
Why did Bernard break up with Gita?  Is he jealous of AVA.

07 Jul 2011 15:43

Yes, he says ever since Ava came back, that is all Gita can think and talk about and he feels so sorry for himself... Shame... poor stupid boy :)

07 Jul 2011 16:38

I second u allyv, poor stupid boy!!!

07 Jul 2011 22:55

hey hey friends! 
omg.(what is happening with anita)
so glad altus caught her.
wonder what will happen .
cant wait see your'll

07 Jul 2011 22:56

hey hey friends! 
omg.(what is happening with anita)
so glad altus caught her.
wonder what will happen .
cant wait see your'll

08 Jul 2011 11:17

Who is Anita?  Does she work at bruyn waves?
Shame bernard stop feeling sorry for yourself.

08 Jul 2011 11:29

anita is the one who works at bruyn waves.
bernaad and gita are going to get back together eeew!!!!

08 Jul 2011 12:01

okay I will watch on Sunday.  Is tim and ava still here

08 Jul 2011 12:56

@ms yes they are still here...
I only noticed just now that you are not ms2 anymore... sorry... Hehehehe

Anita is a temp at Bruynwaves and Vanessa saw her talking to this ou toppie and she found out that the ou toppie is the CEO of their competitors... Altus caught her making copies of their pitch, but he didn't say anything... ouch!

Sparks are going to fly!

Can't wait :)

08 Jul 2011 13:04

have to watch tonight cant wait to see what altie will do..........
where's paula missing her tereibly..
is charmain coming back tonight.

08 Jul 2011 13:28

@allyv yes the 2 has gone for some reason.
Is Tim still saying he is going to go back to singapore?  I hope Altus nabs Anita.

Cant wait till Sunday

08 Jul 2011 14:15

@ ms no tim said that he wont give up like what he done when bernaad was little

08 Jul 2011 14:59

Yes guys, where is paula? I'm dyin' to see the other side of tim, it might danger, did u see him 'nd gita last nite? I think they are going to give each other a tough match, hehehe!!!

09 Jul 2011 09:14

Sneak peak ... in case you didn't see the story ... Oubaas' daughter (in real life) Zetske's joined the show. She arrives at the end of August as Marcel Jooste - Oubaas' niece and Ryno's publisher.

Baby love
09 Jul 2011 12:10

Cnt w8 2 c her tashi,omg cnt wait 2 c omnibus i dnt watch during the week coz it clashes wit isidingo

09 Jul 2011 15:29

wont be watching whole august
but cant wait 
keep me up to date

11 Jul 2011 12:24

Bernard what are you doing?
Linda is an irritation that woman can nag no wonder Tim left her.
Tim looks so sweet with AVa, has a lot of patience. 
When he threatened Gita, I am sure he is going to tell Bernard the truth about why he has custody of Ava.

I love the jersey Hilda knitted for oubaas it is so cute that earing so original

12 Jul 2011 08:54

Hey hey! Melanie du Bois was on Expresso this morn ... did u catch it? Here's a behind-the scenes pic of her with Survivor Xtra guest Thabiso Malope: Melanie & Thabiso.

12 Jul 2011 10:08

Whats up ???

12 Jul 2011 10:40

hey hey.......
Da guys are sick why do they want the shine.
kim is sooo nasty.
what with the team leaders eeeeeeeewwwwww except for zander.
see your'll later!!

12 Jul 2011 11:50

tttt???? shine

enlighten me please.  You all vacation

12 Jul 2011 16:47

bye all enjoy your evening maybe we wll have something to chat about tomorrow

14 Jul 2011 10:07

This room is hopeless

14 Jul 2011 18:00

Mmm....i'ts hopeless!!!

14 Jul 2011 18:03

Baby love
15 Jul 2011 08:20

Oh my, last was TnT dae n i missed it-it seemed kinda nyc mrning ma bloggers, y the silence

Baby love
15 Jul 2011 08:21

Oh my, last was TnT dae n i missed it-it seemed kinda nyc mrning ma bloggers, y the silence

15 Jul 2011 11:38

Morning all

16 Jul 2011 17:03

hey hey
sorry was on vacation
the t&t day was awsome realy enjoyed it especialy the winning team
omg  clint died
i cant believe gita had her brother killed she has no feelings
ava so doesnt deserve to be with a mother like that
win tim win
see you all monday

16 Jul 2011 20:57

Hey guys

16 Jul 2011 20:57

Hey guys

16 Jul 2011 20:58

Hey guys

17 Jul 2011 22:33

Enjoyed the omnibus the teams were great fun I laughed so much.  Kim pisses me off and annelie is on to her, annelie still has feelings for peter.  Gita what can I say you had your brother killed. I dont know what to say will she get ava  back. That little ava is so beautiful. Chat tomorrow all xx I hope

Baby love
18 Jul 2011 04:14

@ms n tttt,gita's brother is nt yet dead, len kidnapped him 2 keep him away frm tim otherwise he is still alive

18 Jul 2011 13:33

Hi all
@baby love thanks for that.

18 Jul 2011 15:03

This place is getting worse

18 Jul 2011 15:17

@babylove thanks again
annelie definitly still has feelings for pieter and hopefully theyll get back together
@ms i agree this place is getting worse by the day

18 Jul 2011 15:37


How are you guys doing??

Sorry, I was on holiday last week, but I'm back now!! Hehehe...

@demon1... Hi :)

What do you guys think about the Tim/Len/Gita/Clint story?? Finally some excitement to the story...

Bernard... nope, nothing changed... he's still stupid... bleh!

The only way this blog will survive is if we keep it alive!!! @ms, ttttt, baby love & Meenie, don't give up!!!! :)

18 Jul 2011 15:41

Kim is dumb and Annelie will kick her @$$!!

Did you see the look on Anita's face when Altus told her that Bruynwaves got the contract?? Soooo funny!

The T&T day was fun and it was cool to see Paula doing her bid in high heels... Hehehe

Rick and Emma make a cute couple **lovin them**

Felicity and Herman... not so much...

It will be cool to have Oubaas' real daughter in the show :)

18 Jul 2011 15:55

i agree with allyv  if the 5 of us keep it up it will stay alive(good luck)

18 Jul 2011 16:10

Ha, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive, stayin alive!! **Does Night Fever dance** #beegees

Baby love
18 Jul 2011 16:22

Then lets keep it alive bafe2. My fav.boy is cuming back 2nite.

18 Jul 2011 16:26

im in. can't give in its my party wooaaahhhh

18 Jul 2011 16:28

Okay then lets do it keep it alive

Cant wait for errol to come back. he is a cutie.

I dont like felicity and Herman together not a good suit but I dont like her with sanjay either.

Annelie and Peter must get back together they are so nice together. Kim must leave him alone, no nice what she did to diederick but he showed them in the end anyway. 

I love it when Altus told anita about the contract.  LOL

18 Jul 2011 16:29

welcome back ally.

I think it is so exciting I hope Tim wins in the end and bernard finds out what gita is all about. 

18 Jul 2011 16:33

errols comin today yey yey yey
pieter and annelie might get together its kinda obvio

18 Jul 2011 16:39

Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP?!?!?! LOL
Thanks for fighting for this blog guys!! You Rock! :)

Glad Errol's coming back... he's cool!

Thanks @ms, it's good to be back :)
Too bad it's almost home time, then I'll see you guys again tomorrow... :(

Baby love
18 Jul 2011 16:52

Yey we already doing it,gudbye guys chat 2morrow whn i hav something 2 talk abt,hav urselves a glorious n a fabulous evening. Till 2morrow toodles

Baby love
18 Jul 2011 16:53

Yey we already doing it,gudbye guys chat 2morrow whn i hav something 2 talk abt,hav urselves a glorious n a fabulous evening. Till 2morrow toodles

19 Jul 2011 09:05

Good mawnin peeps!!

I have to do some work now, but I'll be back later! :)

19 Jul 2011 09:54

Hello all,  hope you have a great day.

19 Jul 2011 13:38

Hi guys! Sorry...i've been scarce, was away,but, i'm back and ready for action....yeeeeehhhh!!!!

Baby love
19 Jul 2011 13:53

Afternoon 2 u all hw r u doing,guyz i only watch the repeat so i will cum bak later wit comments

19 Jul 2011 14:00

So Len wants to make Tim an offer he can't refuse... mmm... wonder what it is...
Looks like Clint is dead... good riddance to bad rubbish... hehe

That cow Kim flirted with poor Pieter... Annelie didn't look impressed...

19 Jul 2011 14:57

will watch at 3 and cum back

19 Jul 2011 15:31

hey hey just watched and it was awesome 
have some news that makes me sad!!!!!!!
i am moving to austrailia probably by da end of september so wont be posting but will miss you guys terribly.

19 Jul 2011 15:33

Wow! That's amazing news!

What you gonna do there? Work opportunity??

19 Jul 2011 15:40

my father got a job 
(i am excited and a little sad)
anyway lets make the best on this site till i am here

19 Jul 2011 15:44

That's awesome even though we'll miss you!
All the best! :)

Keep watching 7de Laan and posting until you go hey! LOL

19 Jul 2011 15:55

tttt  congrats wish you all the best but will miss you

Baby love
19 Jul 2011 16:23

Do u think len is for real whn he says he want 2 help tim? I hate kim y doez she alwayz flirt wit pieter. Shame poor tim lets hope he'll find another plan 2 nail,poor man has lost hope n is trying all the best he can 2 keep that evil woman away frm his kidz

19 Jul 2011 16:23

will do but will miss you guys too

19 Jul 2011 16:25

i think len is real 
omg kim is irritating with a CAPITAL I

Baby love
19 Jul 2011 16:26

@ttttt congrats sana wish u all the best over there we will mic u

19 Jul 2011 16:32

I don't trust Len...

Kim SUCKS!!!

19 Jul 2011 17:05

good night have a great evening
see your'll morrow same time

19 Jul 2011 18:32

I also don't trust Len. Is he working for Tim or Gita?

20 Jul 2011 08:33

@Phunk, I'm with you, I think he works for Gita, but I think he wants to use Tim to show Gita that his help is high in demand... not too sure...

20 Jul 2011 11:19

Where are all the Peeps today?!?!

20 Jul 2011 11:48

Morning all

Is Clint still alive?  How is Errol, I only watch on Sundays although that might change because Isidingo is beginning to bore me.

20 Jul 2011 13:17

@ttttt, that's wonderful!!! Congrats....guys, i'm now confused, what's len is doing? Is he with gita or tim and did he really killed clint?

20 Jul 2011 13:34

I think Clint is dead... coz they don't mention him again in the previews and there was a pool of blood on the floor...

Len will probably go with the person that pays him the most money...

According to Errol, he was Mister Popular in the States... lol... so cool!

20 Jul 2011 14:45

I am sure Errol was Mr popular he is such a cutie. 

20 Jul 2011 15:05

kim is just a witch 
i think clint is dead cause yesterday len said that they can get rid of tim forever like what they done to clint 
bonita is back and she still looks dreadful
poor annelie, pieter is also acting like a dum mouse. hopefully he'll realise soon
(still hoping)

20 Jul 2011 15:23

Ja Errol is cool

@ttttt I couldn't agree more with your comments about Kim, Annelie, Pieter and that Bonita still looks like a train wreck!

20 Jul 2011 15:41

wonder when vince will see her and what will he say
so issebell  is not full time in the flower shop
kims suits to be with da worst hunk of all time

Baby love
20 Jul 2011 15:47

Late afternoon greetingz 2 u all, i knew it dat clint wazn't for real 2 tim. Bonnita was kinda luking much better even though they didnt show all her body. Y is san-mari keep on trying 2 match those 2,they so nt into each other

Baby love
20 Jul 2011 16:02

Sorry i meant len

20 Jul 2011 16:26

Is vince going to take bonnita back?

20 Jul 2011 16:53

@ms, let's hope not... hehe

Baby love
20 Jul 2011 18:08

I dnt thnk so ms....well maybe as for now. Gudnyt bafe2 chat 2morrow

20 Jul 2011 19:20

hey hey ms babylove allyv & meenie
omg i think bernaad will realise his mistake
is len gonna kill tim?
kim is driving me insane and crazy she's dam jealouse
see you'll morrow at something pass 3
enjoy your evening

21 Jul 2011 08:57

Good Mornin peeps!!

Hope you guys have an AWESOME day!!

Eish, this Kim is working on my nerves... She thinks she's so wonderful... ugh

@ttttt I hope Bernard wakes up and sees what a witch Gita is... and soon...

So Gita wants to have Time killed... mmm... Maybe Bernard will save his daddy...

That Rick is so damn jealous... trying to make it as if Emma is a sl*t... He must wake up!!

21 Jul 2011 09:02

Did you guys notice how many posts there have been on this blog??

It's the most out of any other 7de Laan preview blog EVER!!

A golden STAR to each of you!

21 Jul 2011 14:58

hey hey where is everyone

21 Jul 2011 16:16

Dunno... They have abandoned us!!!

21 Jul 2011 16:32

mabye they'r busy

Baby love
21 Jul 2011 17:46

No allyv i wud never abandon u guys,sorry i ddnt blog earlier i knw i promised 2 keep this blog alive bt today was hectic, i was so buzy bt i managed 2 catch the repeat n i saw the irritating kim eeew that woman is a psyco stalker, n gita sobbing, wats wit rick,is he trying 2 be jealous doeznt he knw dat ppl frm Laan knw each other n they r like family

21 Jul 2011 20:23

I hate gita can't bernaad just break up wit her eew man she's like an old goat

22 Jul 2011 08:24

@baby love, I knew you wouldn't leave us!! :)
Welcome back! Hehehe

@demon1 LOL!!!! Gita isn't like an old goat... she IS one!!!! Wahahahahaha!!!

Luckily she told Len not to kill Tim...

What did you guys think about the Bio-Strath filmings?? LOL, hilarious!

Baby love
22 Jul 2011 09:33

Mrning u all,allyv m only catching the repeat so i'll comment after 3. Ja gita is an old

22 Jul 2011 10:32

Baby love, you're gonna enjoy it!

22 Jul 2011 13:06

@llyv! Gita is a confused monkey...

22 Jul 2011 13:15

Sorry allyv i misspell ur name.

22 Jul 2011 13:20

Sorry allyv i misspelled ur name.

22 Jul 2011 13:31

@Meenie, no worries, but I LOVE your comment!! LOL

Gita = confused monkey!!!

Wahahahahaha... you have made my day :)

22 Jul 2011 13:52

hey allyv, ms, meenie and babylove 
so kim got the bio strath pitch 
what is going on wit gita? dint watch last night

22 Jul 2011 14:58

Gita and Bernard were having dinner and they were talking about Tim... Gita went soft on Tim and she phoned Len to tell him that he mustn't kill Tim...

22 Jul 2011 15:47

thanks allyv 
bio strath was sooo cool and funny

22 Jul 2011 15:52


Baby love
22 Jul 2011 16:35

I watched it allyv n the bio-strath thng was really hilarious i enjoyed it 2 the fullest. Gita real has a soft spot 4 tim. That kim thng really gets on my last nerve i hate her,

22 Jul 2011 16:46

@baby love i know that kim thing does get on my nerves too
oubaas danciing was too adorable and matrone no words

22 Jul 2011 16:56

Wahaha, it was sooo funny!

Kim thinks she's THE girl, but actually she just sucks!

Have a great weekend peeps! :)

22 Jul 2011 22:40

Sorry ppl I havent been here my mum passed away on Thursday morning I lost my best friend  chat sometime soon

23 Jul 2011 12:51

@MS - I'm so sorry for your loss. I know my mum is my best friend so I can only imagine how you feeling. Although I dont know you I will pray for you. God Bless you during this sad time.

23 Jul 2011 12:51

@MS - I'm so sorry for your loss. I know my mum is my best friend so I can only imagine how you feeling. Although I dont know you I will pray for you. God Bless you during this sad time.

23 Jul 2011 12:52

@MS - I'm so sorry for your loss. I know my mum is my best friend so I can only imagine how you feeling. Although I dont know you I will pray for you. God Bless you during this sad time.

23 Jul 2011 12:53

@MS - I'm so sorry for your loss. I know my mum is my best friend so I can only imagine how you feeling. Although I dont know you I will pray for you. God Bless you during this sad time.

Baby love
23 Jul 2011 13:25

My condolences ms,it must be very hard n sad for u bt as tym goez by u'll be fine my dear

23 Jul 2011 14:08

sorry ms dont worry we all by your side and hopefully yourll get through it and be fine may god bless you and your family

23 Jul 2011 15:42

@ms, sorry, i don't even know what say 'cos i feel ur pain. I lost my mum few years back, only time can heal. We'll all pray for u.

23 Jul 2011 15:49

23 Jul 2011 19:16

Thank you all for your kind words its lovely to know there are so many caring ppl out there.  Take care and chat soon xxx

25 Jul 2011 02:34

@ MS
You look back on memories you forgot you had,
And at times you'll smile even though it hurts so bad.

Your mother is a special woman and no one can take her place,
You'll find a piece of mind when you remember her smiling face.

Your mother is an angel now she flies high above the rest,
and in your heart always and forever she will be the best.

She has earned her wings and it's time for her to fly,
I know it hurts, no one is ever ready to say good-bye.

She knows and understands and that you cry at night,
But as you finally drift of to sleep let her memory hold you tight.

She will be your guardian angel thru the rest of your life,
Helping to lead you on the path between wrong and right.

your mother loves you so very much and her love will always remain true,
Please don't ever think for a second that your mother will forget you.

A mothers love is like no other in the whole world,
She has the most wonderful memories of a little girl.

She has taken them with her as she's flown away,
Up to Heaven free of pain which is her new home to stay.

So although you can not see her and you wish she could be there,
Your mother can always hear you and your mother will always care.

So as you cry your tears remember your mothers love,
Being sent to you from her, from the beautiful Heaven above.

Your mother is always with you...

She's the whisper of the leaves
as you walk down the street.

She's the smell of Sta-soft in
your freshly washed clothes.

Your mother lives inside
your laughter. She's crystallized
in every tear drop...

Not time, Not space...
Not even death....
will ever separate you
from your mother....

25 Jul 2011 07:32

@Phunk- not only did you comfort Ms but those of us who've been in a  similar situation - thanks alot- those words really mean a lot to most of us.

@Ms be strong grl, i knw its not easy but with time it does get better...I also lost my mom in a car accident in 2006 two months after I got I knw how u feel but things are not so bad now, I have learned to live with the fact that even though she is not around physically but she is spiritually...

sexy d
25 Jul 2011 08:05

Good morning all

@MS am sori to hear abt that dear just be strong i may not knw how you feel but i knw its sad to lose someone close to you, you will be in my prayers 

So guys who took the gun out of the safe i didnt see the face. As for bernard she should stay away from gita that lady is bad news. Annelie wena you should just tell Pieter you still love him before that kim step in and take him away damn i hate that kim gal she is all over the place

25 Jul 2011 09:42

@MS, I'm soooo sorry sweetie pie! We'll keep you and your family in our prayers.
Trust God to carry you in this difficult time and to help you be strong.
We're all here for you if you ever need to chat :)

@Phunk... beautiful words...

@bezu, sorry to hear about your mom too :(

@sexy d, I think it was Len that took the gun...

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Baby love
25 Jul 2011 10:23

Hey ppl,b'utiful wordz phunk n again m so sorry for yr loss ms. Fill me up plz what was happening wit the gun i ddnt watch, i agree wit u sexy d annelie shud tell or show pieter how she feelz abt him b4 dat monkey kim take him away

25 Jul 2011 11:14

@baby love, they just showed someone opening Gita's safe and take out a gun and they took Gita's necklace (the one she got from her gran)...

I like that you said Kim is a monkey :)

25 Jul 2011 11:36

@allyv- thanks - it does get better with time i promise u...

I think annelie and Pieter make a perfact match!I just love them together...

I hate that Len creature!! if someone took the gun fromGita's safe they want it to look like she killed Tim.. I feel for her shameeeee..

25 Jul 2011 12:39


25 Jul 2011 14:24

@bezu... feel for Gita?!?!?! That super selfish, crazy-eye, manipulative, old, disgusting COW??

25 Jul 2011 14:48

@allyv c'mon - have mercy - she is a monster but she loves that child...and also think eva will hate tim for taking her away from her mon.

25 Jul 2011 15:08

hey guys
hey ms hope you feeling better after those kind words
pieter and annelie might get together
i agree allyv gita doesnt deserve to be with ava
i think len took the gun 
was it from gitas safe mis a little bit of that part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 Jul 2011 15:57

@bezu... sorry, but I have a thing against bad mothers... :)
I'm sure Gita loves her and that Ava will hate Tim, but that will only be until Tim tells her why he took her away from her mom... 

@ttttt, I really hope Annelie and Pieter get back together... that will be cool
Yes, it was from Gita's safe

25 Jul 2011 15:59

Please for God sake, take Kim and drown her. She just is so abnoxious.

25 Jul 2011 16:30

whens august comin out

Baby love
25 Jul 2011 18:04

Y is bonnita sneaking around,y cnt she jst show her face 2 vince, eeew kim got an order wrong n she was the 1 who got angry instead of apolosing n get the ryt order. I wonder who's gonna get shot by dat disgusting thug called len,i heard san-mari saying 'now its bernaard' len planned all this maybe he's trying 2 get back at gita 4 blackmailing him

Baby love
25 Jul 2011 18:05

Y is bonnita sneaking around,y cnt she jst show her face 2 vince, eeew kim got an order wrong n she was the 1 who got angry instead of apolosing n get the ryt order. I wonder who's gonna get shot by dat disgusting thug called len,i heard san-mari saying 'now its bernaard' len planned all this maybe he's trying 2 get back at gita 4 blackmailing him

25 Jul 2011 19:13

Oh noooo!!!!they shot bernaad!!!! Wonder wat gita'll feel.

25 Jul 2011 19:49

I didn't see that one coming!!!
I thought it would have been between Clint and Len that got shot.

25 Jul 2011 21:15

omg bernaad shame.
how will tim and gita react
its definitly len who shot him 
wow this month is realy good 207 replies well done

26 Jul 2011 08:32

EISH!! Bernard got shot!!
Should have been Gita and Kim...

Baby love
26 Jul 2011 10:02

Poor bernaard i wonder what he's going 2 say when he finds out that the gun that shot him belong 2 the woman he loves

26 Jul 2011 10:44

Ja, if he's alive...

26 Jul 2011 19:32

hey friends 
wow. lots and loads of drama
shame poor bernaad feel him really sory 
y doesnt bonita just tel vince
san mari's plan is backfireing 
hopefully zinzi & kabelo get together agan
when is da august teasers comin out i am gettin impatient
see ur'll morrow

27 Jul 2011 08:09

Good mawnin peeps!!

I missed yesterday's episode!! Argh!!

I hope @MS is doing ok...

@ttttt, I agree, we need August now....!

27 Jul 2011 14:27

Hi all getting there slowly, funeral is tomorrow.  Phunk thank you for that beautiful poem, I know my mum is in heaven now and GOd got the best angel when he lifted her in her arms.  Thank you to you all for being so kind i appreciate it xxx

27 Jul 2011 14:40

Hello Ally  thank you getting there

27 Jul 2011 15:07

hey guys
@ms u know we always here for you 
the august teasers are still not out 

27 Jul 2011 15:10

@MS Be strong tomorrow and please know that we will all be thinking of you :)

27 Jul 2011 16:45

Long time bloggers and I'm met by bad news.My sympaties Ms.may God strengthen you. Its not easy but you will survive because I did. Its been 3 yrs since I lost my ma but it still feels like yesterday. It takes time but you will live

27 Jul 2011 16:45

Thank you all I really appreciate it  love MS xxxx

Baby love
27 Jul 2011 17:26

When r the august teasers coming out

27 Jul 2011 17:31

realy dont and hope it comes out soon as i will not be watching the whole of august due to some things.
i, at least need to read it.

27 Jul 2011 20:55

I will try very hard to be strong tomorrow I know my mum is in heaven and at rest.
You are all amazing people thank you again.  love you all love Ms xxxxx

27 Jul 2011 23:44

We love u too @ms....strongs for tmorrow. August teasers r delaying.

29 Jul 2011 14:22

Yay gita bernard must break up his gonna accuse her today len and gita are horrible

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