New Isidingo family on the horizon

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 15 Apr 2011
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Watch out Charker, there's new KAPOW'er on the scene.

Isidingo has announced that on Tuesday, 14 June a new family will move into the soapie:

The Sibekos.

Who are they?

This from the show:

Meet the Sibekos - the powerful and charismatic family behind the multinational conglomerate Sibeko Gold. Their arrival coincides with the launch of a brand new development, revitalizing and re-energizing this former mining town. They promise jobs, investment and benefits to the community.

But are their intentions too good to be true? And will everyone greet them with open arms?

The family is headed up by shrewd businessman Jefferson Sibeko (played by Vusi Kunene). The younger brother of absent patriarch Lincoln Sibeko , Jefferson has long stood in his older brother’s shadow. Now is Jefferson’s time to make a mark on a new project in a new location.

But elements conspire to feed the bitterness and resentment he feels about his place in the pecking order, and soon he will be put to the ultimate test: is Jefferson Sibeko a man who will put his own interests above those of his nearest and dearest - even if it means trampling over family members to achieve his goal?

And the family member most directly in his firing line is his beloved niece, Nikiwe (played by Linda Sokhulu). Nikiwe is a fiery, passionate pioneer with big dreams, bigger plans and the guts to pursue them.

But when her advancement is at odds with her uncle’s schemes, will a rift develop between the older and younger Sibeko, threatening to break their bond forever?

The answer is ‘yes’ if Jefferson’s wife Katlego Sibeko (played by Kgomotso Christopher) has anything to do with it. As the wife of Jefferson Sibeko, Katlego has big ambitions for her husband, and we should fear for anyone who gets in her way.

Her marriage may be on unsteady ground, but that doesn’t mean she won’t fight tooth and claw to preserve her status in this world. But Nikiwe does have an ally in her best friend Ayanda Diale (played by Letoya Mangezi).

Raised by the Sibeko family after losing her father (an event closely linked to one of the Deep’s existing residents), Ayanda is currently regrouping after her musical career imploded during a very public meltdown.

Returning to the comfort and support of her surrogate family, Ayanda does not find the sanctuary she craved when she attracts the attention of Jefferson’s son Sifiso (the casting of this role still has to be confirmed).

Sifiso has long been obsessed with Ayanda, and this obsession has already resulted in a number of mysterious ‘accidents’ befalling those closest to Ayanda. It doesn’t help matters any that the son’s unrequited feelings for Ayanda are also secretly shared by his father!

Of course, any new arrivals on the Deep are going to attract the attention of its current residents. Will Barker and Cherel welcome the new family as allies or as enemies? … knowing Barker and Cherel, what do you think?

And how will these new faces impact on the Matabanes, Vusi Moletsane and the Molois? Let’s just say things are about to change…

Blood is thicker than water in this family, but when new blood is introduced, it’s only a matter of time before this blood could be spilt.


15 Apr 2011 07:28

Nice one tash knowing Vusi from gen i hope this is going to be nice to watch.

15 Apr 2011 07:53

You could say again Blackie. Its gonna a bomb i can see & i cant wait.

Love Ms Sokhulu's style. Love the hair & that dress!!! WOW she looks stunning. 

I thing Ms Christopher is too skinny for me guys. If any1 sees her plz tell her to join me, its bunnychow day vandag. BTW she looks like those black Americans in this photo.

Happy Friday happy people!

15 Apr 2011 08:27

Uuuuu I'm intrested 2 watch dis I can't wait,mornng people

15 Apr 2011 08:34

morning gud bloggers!!!

tjyo, kuzoshuba!!! i can't wait!!!

15 Apr 2011 08:35

mmmh seems interesting...i might consider coming back to Isidingo

15 Apr 2011 09:04

I am definetely going to be watching isidingo, 

I love Linda Sokhulu and Vusi Kunene, hey this sounds interesting through reading the summary, Sometimes you get tired of watching the same people, they must bring a man who will never fall in love with the Isidingo witch/Jezebel (Ms Devilliers-Haines le Roux)

15 Apr 2011 09:17

@vinc, Try Cherel De Villiers Haines Le Roux Kumar Holmes!!

15 Apr 2011 09:23

wow, interesting indeed can't wait. 

hop they don't move the soapy to 1800hrs..

15 Apr 2011 09:27

MsKim, they are nt thinking abt moving the soapie nto 18h00, it has been confirmed as of October 2011 it will be aired at 18h00.

Mrs Chix
15 Apr 2011 10:02

Do you see why Isidingo is the best soap....... l see drama with this new family....

15 Apr 2011 10:29

WAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is it definate??? eish...

i thot there's stil time for them to take the viewers' comments into consideration.. ha well so long ISIDINGO......

15 Apr 2011 10:30

LOL yes its definite dear!

15 Apr 2011 10:34

I have so much love & respect for Vusi, so happy that he's joining Isidingo.

S.K... Dont forget to squeezw Cooper somewhere between Haines & Le roux.

15 Apr 2011 10:35

They are raising a bar.. it

15 Apr 2011 11:07

Also love Linda Sokhulu and Vusi Kunene they nail them parts for me...can't wait

15 Apr 2011 14:12

Wow im so excited I love Vusi kunene :-) cant believe that he'll be on my screen like everyday .(now let me read again)

15 Apr 2011 14:14

is Kgomotso Christopher the HIV lady frm 4play ???

15 Apr 2011 14:24

It doesn’t help matters any that the son’s unrequited feelings for Ayanda are also secretly shared by his father!
Juicey story line ,I like 

Jefferson’s son Sifiso (the casting of this role still has to be confirmed). 
I just hope and pray they will get a charming young man ,gotta be handsome someone to drool over ;-)

15 Apr 2011 15:46

Just had to say this b4 i disapear ne bitso laka.

WOW WOW WOW Thanks 2 Isidingo for bringing Nonny oka Anonymous back. Sawubona ntombi yomZulu engiyithanda ngenene. I hope u still the fab lady i know.

is Kgomotso Christopher the HIV lady frm 4play ??? Yes Zam and she is still the biltong.

Bye guys. Enjoy your weekend.

15 Apr 2011 17:56

Yes Zam and she is still the biltong.  kwaaaaaaaaaaaa Myname have a lovely weekend !!!!

17 Apr 2011 22:29

Nice one guys,mr Kunene has always been the best in his acting.I cant wait for June!

sexy d
18 Apr 2011 08:53

wow cant wait love Vusi Kunene to bits..

30 May 2011 07:31

Woooooooow! Is all I can say!!!

30 May 2011 08:49

i sense drama drama wooooow!

30 May 2011 09:18

i am in love with Ms Sokhulu, the lady can act bathong. wow she keeps me clued on the screen. wow

congrats to Pirates tripple champions 

30 May 2011 10:01


30 May 2011 10:12


31 May 2011 10:49

lovely en its gonna be wild i love all of them

31 May 2011 15:47

YAAAAYYY to having vusi Kunene on our screens! I shall revive my huge crush that died with Jack Mabaso!!!

04 Jun 2011 13:43

much love n respect to Ms Linda Sokhulu n Vusi Kunene. Im in lav wit their acting n im sho fela hore Isidingo is gna be hot wit double t.

13 Jun 2011 13:08

This Sokhulu lady really did a great job in Sokhulu and partners and l really hope shes not gona disappoint.

Welcom to the family guyz.

14 Jun 2011 12:15

Hayi bo ucleo still has the same hairstyle she had on Generations: we calle it Nomasonto.

14 Jun 2011 12:29

The Sokhulu Woman's Ass Just gets me lusting!

14 Jun 2011 13:21

Something about Vusi is off for me, dunno y?  But I'm looking forward to seeing what this family is about....  Especially the Makgene gal...

14 Jun 2011 15:22

Yah ... I am waiting to see how you guys tear Blondie's little Blondie!!!

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