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7de Laan Teasers - March 2011

Written by TVSA Team from the blog 7de Laan Teasers on 01 Mar 2011
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Coming up on 7de Laan this March, 2011:

Tuesday 1 March 2011
Episode 2427

Sanjay makes a date with Valerie but it is obvious that he still feels something for Felicity. Ryno wonders about Isabelle.

San-Mari gets worked up when Paula and Aggie are in cahoots. The Meintjies family fights about Vince and Bonita. Gita makes a decision.

Wednesday 2 March 2011
Episode 2428

Vince lands a catering contract and wants Bonita to do the flowers. Altus and Pieter meet Justine, but something worries Altus about her.

Ryno asks Isabelle about Beverly Downing. How will Felicity react when Valerie tells her how Sanjay feels?

Thursday 3 March 2011
Episode 2429

How will Felicity react when Sanjay pleads with her? San-Mari is planning a series of articles to minimise Paula's chances.

Xander must borrow money when Vanessa asks him something. How will Isabelle stop Ryno when he wants to phone Helena?

Friday 4 March 2011
Episode 2430

Zinzi is San-Mari's guinea pig for her fitness program. Paula makes a plan when she hears Sanjay is gone.

Bonita is tense about the dinner at Vanessa's ... how will it go?

Justine tells Pieter it is better not to have Altus at their meetings.

Monday 7 March 2011
Episode 2431

Ryno confronts Isabelle with her lies ... but will she tell the truth? San-Mari is upset when she hears who is working for the Hillside Times.

Pieter is excited about the future of his career. Ryno is digging deeper in Isabelle's lies - will he find out more?

Tuesday 8 March 2011
Episode 2432

The guys create problems at T&T. How will Altus react when he hears that Justine doesn't think he is necessary?

Annelie and San-Mari see a new male challenge.

Paula asks everyone for help with her research - but will she get any? Ryno puts two-and-two together.

Wednesday 9 March 2011
Episode 2433

Isabelle flees from Ryno. Lukas is worried about his future at T&T and makes a decision.

Clara gets an envelope from Maria for the ironing. Ryno gets his hands on Isabelle's phone.

Thursday 10 March 2011
Episode 2434

Paula is frustrated when she tries to get tips for her column. Ryno confronts Tim about Isabelle.

Not everyone is as excited about the flower shop as Vince is. Pieter gets good news.

What will Isabelle do if Ryno can't forgive her?

Friday 11 March 2011
Episode 2435

Isabelle makes a decision about her work. Vanessa wonders if Ryno is so upset because of Dawid Greef and Emma is furious.

Paula's column is not going in the right direction.

Natalie can't make her and Errol's date and Charmaine has a suggestion.

How will Justine react when Pieter pushes her for a contract?

Monday 14 March 2011
Episode 2436

Errol finds out how Charmaine feels about Natalie. Felicity is scared Isabelle does something irresponsible.

How far will Bonita open up to Charmaine? Lukas' finances are in ruins, but will he realise he needs to make a plan?

Tuesday 15 March 2011
Episode 2437

How will Isabelle and Ryno react when they see each other? Bonita's flowers are stored in Vince's fridge.

Altus is not impressed when he hears Pieter doesn't have a contract.

Paula asks Maria a favour and Clara wins Maria at her own game.

Wednesday 16 March 2011
Episode 2438

Vince and Bonita make a shocking discovery. Will Pieter be happy with his contract?

Diederik is worried about his job when he hears it is almost time for Alyce to come back. Errol wins Natalie's heart.

Xander makes a shocking discovery about Bonita.

Thursday 17 March 2011
Episode 2439

What will Neville think about Paula's article? Vince insists on going ahead with the freezer. Xander enquires about Bonita.

Errol buys something special for Natalie but she doesn't react the way he hoped. Justine pushes Pieter to sign the contract.

Friday 18 March 2011
Episode 2440

Hilda changes her mind about the Gerber-wedding when Matrone does something. Pieter and Altus have an argument.

Lukas is excited about a job prospect. Natalie gives Errol shocking news.

Monday 21 March 2011
Episode 2441

Emma dodges when Hilda asks about Dawid. Matrone is worried that Hilda's dishes for the Gerber-wedding might be a triumph.

Paula must write her own articles without Maria's help. Maria sees something between Bonita and another man.

Tuesday 22 March 2011
Episode 2442

The Gerber-wedding's guest list gets longer. Bonita tries to stop additional costs to the freezer.

Altus breaks news about Alyce. San-Mari and Annelie argue about a hunk.

Will Bonita agree to have dinner with Neville and Charmaine?

Wednesday 23 March 2011
Episode 2443

Errol is confused about the gift from Natalie. Pieter gets a call from the gallery where his paintings hang and he signs a contract without reading it.

How will Hilda react when she finds out that Oubaas and Matrone discussed her?

Thursday 24 March 2011
Episode 2444

Things are crazy in the deli with Hilda's catering. Neville confronts Bonita and asks why she doesn't want to have dinner with them.

Ryno makes it clear that there is no chance for reconciliation between him and Isabelle.

Vince is in shock when he finds out what Bonita has done.

Friday 25 March 2011
Episode 2445

Bernard wonders if another guy is in the picture and that leads to a fist fight. Matrone has a plan to take over the catering, but Diederik puts a stop to it.

Emma phones Dawid to hear when he is coming back.

Monday 28 March 2011
Episode 2446

How will Matrone react when she realises that the deli is still doing the catering?

Neville wants to talk to Paula in his office. Ernard realises San-Mari is lying to him.

Pieter hears that the company thinks they are paying big bucks for his paintings.

Tuesday 29 March 2011
Episode 2447

Lukas is back from the gamefarm and reveals what it was like. Emma's friend is sceptical about his return.

Natalie has a convincing story about her trip and Errol makes a descision about his holiday.

Everyone wonders about Gita being back.

Wednesday 30 March 2011
Episode 2448

Dawid makes a suggestion that Emma turns down. Vanessa wonders about Xander's intense chat to a man.

How will Tim react when Gita asks about Ava? Errol is in shock when Natalie tells him something.

Thursday 31 March 2011
Episode 2449

How will San-Mari react when she hears Bernard flirted with another girl? What will Xander decide about Notnagel?

Dawid will help Pieter to get justice regarding Justine. Emma finds something on Dawid's phone.

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28 Feb 2011 17:59

1st again. Wonder whats in store for us this month?

28 Feb 2011 18:07

How long are we going to have to wait before we find out who & what is Bonita all about. 

28 Feb 2011 18:16

Ryno and isabell eish this two aikhona i thought finally they are together and now over again.

28 Feb 2011 18:33

yah neh,looks lyk sanjay is gone.watz up with Bonita mara? *wondering* at last Pieter becums active,i ddnt c wat he was doing in da soapie al dis tym. Wat happened 2 Gita? I want mor drama......

28 Feb 2011 18:36

number4 waited whole day let me read

28 Feb 2011 19:09

28 Feb 2011 19:10

Number 5... Haai, this month is not too exciting! Loving it anyway!

28 Feb 2011 19:10

Number 5... Haai, this month is not too exciting! Loving it anyway!

28 Feb 2011 19:10

28 Feb 2011 19:10

28 Feb 2011 19:15

It would be nice if Danie Oodendal and his team would take the time to read the comments on 7de Laan. They can get lots of tips on what is boring and whose roles should change. Clara for one should matuer or be fired. She is just filling up space and does not have any meaningfull role in the laan.
PLEASE DANIE, IF YOU OR ANY OF YOUR TEAM DOES READ THESE COMMENTS PLEASE LET US KNOW. It would be an absolute shame if none of you guys take the time to read what the followers of the Laan are saying.

28 Feb 2011 20:27

My favourite couple on die Laan is Paula & Altie, when are the writers thinking of bringing them together, and I hope Felicity does not take the slithering snake Sanjay back!!!!!!

28 Feb 2011 20:52

# 13 - not bad

01 Mar 2011 08:07


paulie poo
01 Mar 2011 08:08

eish ryno n isabelle.....wy cant u just get married n adopt?l get so emotional wn it comes to these two.

sexy d
01 Mar 2011 08:09

top 20 let me read

01 Mar 2011 12:26

top 20 better best..........

01 Mar 2011 13:39

7nde laan is so boring. Can't the writers speed things up abit. I'm seriously loosing interest.

01 Mar 2011 15:00


02 Mar 2011 11:30

oh so boooooooooooring

02 Mar 2011 14:11

Clara is seriously getting on my nerves and di di also, they are so pathetic.

Felicity please dont take the scum bag back Sanjay tell him to go rot with his ex, it is not right what he is doing to you.

Why is Gita going away to the sea she should stay and fight for her child
TIm had no right to just whisk ava off like that.

Xander please get a life, you left the job so suffer the circumstances.

Lukas you are seriously also getting on my nerves.  Poor Kabelo just cant get the vat done.

04 Mar 2011 11:06

Xander you are looking for trouble.  Tell Vanessa you have no money dont get into trouble, she made the dinner plans she must pay for it.  She is so busy with this big job it is sickening, no time for anyone else.

Clara no comment!!!

Felicity what you going to do about Sanjay?

Isabella why cant you confind in your husband you told Tim everything

Vince stop being so stuck up, Vanessa is trying hard to get the family to accept Bonita, give them a chance to get to know her.

04 Mar 2011 13:33


04 Mar 2011 19:09

Tim have every right to take ava from gita, hes protecting his child from dat monster mom who knows what gita will do next to ava coz last time she was involve her childs kidnapping. Tim doesnt want ava to die coz next time clint might money from gita nd decide to strangle da child i say u dd gud tim.

04 Mar 2011 22:44

wow 7de laan was voted da best soapie @ da SAFTA,lol,2 in a row! I jst lav dis Soapie.

07 Mar 2011 10:34

Yes, to those who find 7de Laan boring - go watch something else. Clara won't be in much longer. She's expecting her first baby. They don't say if she will be coming back.

07 Mar 2011 10:39

Yes, to those who find 7de Laan boring - go watch something else. Clara won't be in much longer. She's expecting her first baby. They don't say if she will be coming back.

07 Mar 2011 14:13

Sanjay didn't do anything wrong. It was Valerie who was always there where Sanjay was! By chance? Unintentionally? Your guess is as good as mine!

07 Mar 2011 15:36

At last brain less will be leaving.  She looks stunning in the You gee what an enagagement party wonder what the wedding will look like.
We are all allowed to have someone we dont like in a soap, I watch isidingo and I cants stand Zeb doesnt mean I find the soap boring. 

I dont agree with what Gita did with the kidnapping etc but to whisk a baby off just like that when she has been used to being with her mother is not right.  No doubt Tim will be a great father but how is he coping with a baby that hardly knows him.

07 Mar 2011 19:33

yah neh,itz hard 4 little Ava 2 settle in a new country without hr mom,Tim was a bit rush,da kid is gna find it hard 2 adapt 2 him n da sorroundings.Mayb dis wl make Gita change 4da best. Wow! Angelique is getting married,am sou delighted 4her,i lav u Clara n wish u al da best on yr letz get 2 knw Bonita's background itz abt flippin tym. Adawys i stil enjoy my fav soapie.

07 Mar 2011 20:09

From the heart.
I watched part of 7de this evening where Xander opened up to Altus.
I know exactly what he is going thru. As a husband and father, it is our inbread drive to provide and protect our family. My wife has a stable job and I have a SME. Work has not been coming in as fast as is needed. So, here we are without money. It is so humiliating and degrading when you as a father and husband cannot provide for your family. Your dignity and self esteem takes an all time dive and you feel useless. Even though 7de laan is just a soapy, I can relate to Xander in real life. I have come to realise that just because one believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, that it does not exempt us from hardship. A real learning curve and eye opener.

07 Mar 2011 22:37

I didnt know Clara was pregnant?? Gita will always be Gita but I know she does love her little girl. I just wish Gita and TIm could be together but her brother stuffed it all up and who knows what Gita will do next she has caused a lot of heart ache in a lot of peoples lives.

Tangle it is tough out there I am trying to put my daughter through university as a single parent my ex pays nothing but his day will come. I know your circumstances are different and I hope they get better. Dont feel useless you are doing the best you can and give it time and I am sure things will come right they have to in the end, I pray every day.

Getting back to xander is he really trying to get work?? He sits back feeling sorry for himself, why did he leave such a good job, I know it is great to go on your own but think about it first .  Sorry for the lecture guys . 

08 Mar 2011 13:10

Excuse my ignorance but what is the big secret isabelle is keeping from Ryno?  Is it because she helped her sister leave the country?

08 Mar 2011 13:16

I also don't understand whats the big secret or maybe is it because she borrowed money from Tim but still why does she have to hide it from Rino nogal........

08 Mar 2011 13:33

Isabelle is always going to sacrifice her happiness to help other people.

08 Mar 2011 16:15

Where are all the faifthfull viewersand supporters when we need a question answered?    typical of clara to give Ryno the lap top, but also who gives Ryno the right to go into Isabelles private mail box etc.  I would not allow my partner to do that its private.

Isabelle just be up front Ryno loves you, you will lose him otherwise because he is a very honest straight forward and to the point guy.

Answers you are so right she does sacrifice her happiness

09 Mar 2011 15:21

Hey guys my moral ground tells me and I live that way. When Isabelles troubles started with Clint she should have told Ryno from the beginning, if two people are in such a serious relationship the first thing I will do is run to my closest confodant and partner for help not sqaurrel in my own demise. Ai Isabelle you really made a bad choice. Xander I feel for, but I agree you can not build a company from the ground sitting on your backside the whole day do something dude anything get out there that people and companies can see and hear of you.

Clara I like clara where did you guys find out she is pregnant thats news to me? Yes Ryno is going to leave Isabelle over she lies regarding Helena and that once again he was not good enough to trust when she was in a panic bind.

I told you last month Felicity and Sanjay is going to get back together with a long duration laps but hey she should not bump her head twice with the same guy he cleerly has still feelings toward valerie. OOOHH Bonita has a big big secret and so does errols little Natalie hier kom lekker drama!!!!!!!

09 Mar 2011 20:36

@cbrand....waar kry jy al die drama lol....Is Clara swanger, is dit Diedi se baba :)

10 Mar 2011 11:19

I just know clara got engaged where did the pregnant story come from,  still think she is a pain.  I agree Isabelle should have been upfront with ryno but remember he went away on the fishing trip and wasnt around.  

Xander is doing nothing aboutr getting work .  Lukas are you foolish or what jobs are not easy to come by, Herman isnt all that bad.

Paula I dont know what to make of you>

What is Bonita's big secret?     

10 Mar 2011 15:33

I get so excited coming  in here and then I see nothing has been written 

12 Mar 2011 17:04


Helena has a police record is is out of prison. SHe found employement and found out the her boss was doing crooket deals. Her boss threatened her should she go to the police. Helena asked Isobelle to help her get a false passport under the name Beverley Downings. She then fled the country. Each time Ryno asked Issobelle what was wrong she would lie to him. Clint found out about Helens and blackmailed Isobelle. Isobelle borrowed money from Tim to pay Clint.

12 Mar 2011 19:53

@ permufe: I love the drama thats why I blog about it lol. I think I am going to lay the whole blame on Helenas head about what happend to Ryno and Isabelle she always gets into trouble and she expects Isabelle to fight her battles for her, think about it guys everytime Helena shows up there is trouble in the laan. Girl get your head out of the sand oneday you will have to do stuff on your own without help.

But Isabelle was to plain "dom" to not trust Ryno yet again. Ai Ai, so I will know they will only reconsile over 3 months from now. Gita desirves whats coming to her but as actress Joe she plays het caracter so well you can not help but hate her and love her all at the same time.

Till later gys have a super day tomorrow.

14 Mar 2011 12:35

@tangle thank you for that.  I agree Helena is bad news and always relies on big sis to get her out of trouble and it is always at Isabelle's expense.  She must grow up and fend for herself.  Isabelle should have trusted her husband if you cant trust your hubby who can you trust?

I agree Gita is a brilliant actress as you say you can love and hate her in the same day.  Do you remember her in isidingo she had a much softer part and I liked it.

14 Mar 2011 23:33

@ms2. About the private e-mails. My wife and I share the same e-mail address, we also share one facebook page, we also share a joint bank account. Both my wife and I agree that if you have nothing to hide, then nothing needs to be private. We became one when we got married and the day I tell her my e-mail is private, is the day I have something to hide.

15 Mar 2011 10:43

@phunk that is so sweet .

JouMira Mira
15 Mar 2011 14:46

isabelle is te mannerig man daar is dinge wt j weg steek en daar id dinge wt j ni wegsteek nie. wht's the big deal, why sooooo secretive, sy's te mannerig dis al.

16 Mar 2011 16:34

Place gone dead again.

what is wrong with Natalie Errol's little number?  She got asthma or something.

17 Mar 2011 09:36

Who is Bonita???  The ID says different, zander was right
Please guys respond.

Ryno how can you carry on like nothing has happened or is that how you deal with heartache.

happy babe
17 Mar 2011 14:56

17 Mar 2011 15:05

i was so shocked when i saw that ID, now i think Bonita hav some spiders in her closet & its bad

17 Mar 2011 15:44

Wasn't Paula a scream when Maria told her about the household stuff? Ja mense, Klara verwag - in real life not 7de Laan - dis hoekom sy die Laan gaan verlaat. Dit was in Huisgenoot/YOU. Maybe she'll be back again one day when the baby gets bigger - just like Emma.

17 Mar 2011 15:47

Yes I wonder what it is that Bonita is hiding.  Shame about the flowers.

Errol I just love you you are so cute with that song.  

Please dont bring clara back I dont think I could take her much more.

Such a shame about Ryno and Isabella but *bleep!* happens hey

19 Mar 2011 20:48

What's up with Natalie? It's not asthma, so what is it?

Wander what will happen to Paula when she is caught out?

I think Bonita could be linked to drugs or something like that.

22 Mar 2011 01:02

Clara is Amazing, one of the top players in 7de laan, The only one that I hope will disapear are ms2. For goodness sake, do you have nothing else to do but sit on this site all day? Plz, get a live!!! You are pefetic!!!!!!!!! Can't the founder of this side side block this Baboon (ms2)??

22 Mar 2011 11:12

Window you should get a life, sitting on this site at 1h02am.

Phunk shame I dont know what is wrong with Natalie it looked like asthma but who knows, poor Errol is broken hearted.

Why is Bonnita giving all that money to that guy, she should tell Vince maybe he can help her.

22 Mar 2011 15:05

Tangle glad you feel the same way I do about Clara.

  I love it someone comes into the room out of the blue and thinks they know it all.

22 Mar 2011 19:22

Ai Baboon, I will pray for you, if it's worth it...

22 Mar 2011 19:30

And, Baboon, at least I work during the day and dont sit and look what is on this site during the morning, and I know MUCH more than you, clearly you have no idea about any soapy, I mean, you ask everyone what is going on in the soapies. Watch it and keep your discusting negative mouth.

23 Mar 2011 08:34

Lol you are a joke window.

29 Mar 2011 09:48

My my, looks as if we will have to put up a boxing ring for u people.?I think Natalie's got TB.?I still can't stand San-Marie and the Hilda lovers are going to give me lip but I can't stand her either.?Okay, let's have it.

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