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Rhythm City Teasers - February 2011

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 24 Jan 2011
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Coming up on Rhythm City in February, 2011:

Tuesday, 1 February 2011
Episode 932

Kop tries to get Tshidi and Mamokete to reconcile, but they find it hard to reconnect. Tshidi decides to move in with Puleng and Mamokete doesn't stop her.

Miles is obsessed with beating Franco in the election. Meanwhile Lucilla meets with Ronald and he tells her that Franco suspects Miles is behind the attempts on his life.

Franco finds it amusing that Miles wants to kill him.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011
Episode 933

Cuba comes by the spaza to enquire about why Tshidi has moved into her house, but Mamokete is evasive.

Meanwhile Caroline blackmails Fats to spy for him at Mamokete's choir. Fats is conflicted.

Miles apologises to S'bu about obsessing about Franco and asks him to be his best man - S'bu accepts. Franco tells Miles that he knows that Miles wants to kill him.

Thursday, 3 February 2011
Episode 934

Ronald tries to get Franco to take Miles's threats seriously to no avail.

Sis Bee talks to Mamokete about Tshidi but Mamokete feels like she has reached the end of the road with her daughter. Tshidi tells Dylan that they need a little space. He interprets this as her trying to break up with him.

Lucilla wants Miles to make the hit happen quicker. Franco sits peacefully, when a bullet shatters the peace.

Friday, 4 February 2011
Episode 935

David manages to spin his near-death experience to his advantage, and the pressure on Miles is cranked up to breaking point.

There's a showdown at Mamokete's church between the rival choirs, and Fats manages to come up with a solution.

Kop tries to broker a rapprochement with Tshidi and Mamokete, but it falls apart.

Monday, 7 February 2011
Episode 936

Franco decides he does not need to protect himself from Miles. Kop finds the prospect of living alone with Mamokete a little daunting.

Franco plants the seed in S'bu's mind that Miles could be behind the hit on Franco. S'bu realises what an asset Thula is when the latter single-handedly convinces X9 to sign with Hustle.

Lucilla goes behind Miles's back and tries to persuade Ivan not to call off the hit on Franco.

Franco tells Miles that he will never be able to kill him.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011
Episode 937

Miles and Lucilla are determined to have Franco killed before their wedding and Miles gives Ivan Tshinawa a bonus to pay to Suzuki.

Meanwhile, Franco's tip-off to Suarez Baloyi results in the arrest of five Redemption artists.

S'bu asks Miles if he was in any way involved in the attempted hit on Franco and believes him when he denies it. S'bu decides he can't be Miles's best man. Mamokete's attitude towards Tshidi is hardening.

Caroline eventually manipulates Fats into spying on Mamokete's choir and Mamokete discovers Sis Bee can't sing in tune.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011
Episode 938

Miles is in a tizz after Redemption artists are arrested. He has a strong suspicion about who is setting him up, and hints this to S'bu.

Meanwhile S'bu thinks Suarez Baloyi has a vendetta against his family.

Franco is pleased about Redemption's predicament, but is he overplaying his hand with Suarez Baloyi?

Mamokete's challenges with the choir mount. The boys heap praises on Thula for standing up to Zondi and his friendship with Tshidi strengthens.

Thursday, 10 February 2011
Episode 939

Miles suspects that Franco was behind the drug bust on his artists, but has no recourse as Lucilla warns him of attracting undue attention by pursuing the matter.

Thula and S'bu are still on a high from signing X9, but this quickly comes crashing down when Thula reminds S'bu that Hustle owes him 40% of X9's signing fee. S'bu refuses to honour his end of the bargain.

Franco's encounter with Suarez leaves him rattled. Franco goes to visit Miles and Lucilla at home with the hope of intimidating them into handing over David's estate before it legally passes on to Buhle. Miles attacks him.

Friday, 11 February 2011
Episode 940

Rose and Caroline come to Mamokete's rehearsal and demand a composition she wrote for the previous year's competition. Miles gets new security.

Meanwhile, Thula visits Franco to tell him about his disagreement with S'bu. S'bu pays Thula his money.

Tshidi confides in Cuba and tells her that the conflict with her mother is eating her up inside.

Ivan commands Suzuki to speed up the kill.

Suarez hints to S'bu that Franco might be involved in the Redemption artist arrest. S'bu approaches Franco about what Suarez said and he admits.

Monday, 14 February 2011
Episode 941

Arrangements are in full swing for Miles and Lucilla's wedding. Connie arrives to find maximum security at the Vilakazi home.

S'bu gets some old-style wisdom from Gail about how to set things straight with his father. Franco curses Suarez Baloyi's fixation with him as it is going to make his dastardly deeds more difficult.

Mamokete finds it impossible to tell Sis Bee that she can't sing in the choir. Thula buys Tshidi a beautiful necklace and is busy putting it on her when Dylan arrives unexpectedly.

At an impromptu bachelor party for Miles everyone wishes him good luck for the wedding.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011
Episode 942

Franco taunts Miles at his stag party. Miles panics when it occurs to him that Franco knows he's not with Lucilla and Buhle and he leaves his party early to see if they're all right.

Miles is furious with Franco for gate crashing his stag party, but Lucilla says he needn't worry as hit time is up.

Tshidi tells Puleng Dylan's jealous of Thula, but has no reason to be. Kop tells S'bu he heard Hustle's doing well and asks for his old job back. S'bu eventually agrees.

Franco decides to kill Buhle.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011
Episode 943

Thula struggles to come clean with S'bu about X9's request that he not be part of the press conference. Minutes before the event, he finds the courage to do it and S'bu's reaction is just as bad as he anticipated.

Lucilla opens up to Connie about the potential threat to Buhle's life.

Franco prepares to do the necessary to ensure that his estate does not pass on to baby Buhle.

Thursday, 17 February 2011
Episode 944

Preparing for her wedding, Lucilla laments the fact that she'll be leaving Buhle at home, although she realises that he'll be safer under the protection of Voelstruis.

Ronald goes to Lucilla, intending to tell her about the plot against her son, but can't bring himself to spill the beans.

Ivan tells Suzuki to take Franco out today.

Arming himself, Franco prepares to put his plan into action.

Lucilla and Miles leave for the wedding. Thula invites Tshidi to a celebratory dinner. She accepts.

Under pressure from his mother, Fats tries to shoehorn some info out about Mamokete's plans for her new choir - but fails.

Friday, 18 February 2011
Episode 945

Suzuki manages to get into Franco's flat, gun at the ready. But Franco has slipped down the fire escape. Where he is going? ..

Voelstruis, who Miles and Lucilla think is guarding their child, is in league with Franco and is waiting for him.

Thula is still in the afterglow of last night's success, and is persuaded by X9 to spend even more on kitting himself out like a man who is rolling in money.

This gets the guys thinking, firstly, that he is challenging S'bu on some level and, secondly, gets Fats thinking about the spoils of moving into management.

Monday, 21 February 2011
Episode 946

Miles and Lucilla decide to carry on with their wedding even though David has slipped through Suzuki's grasp. Suzuki finds out that Franco is heading for the Vilakazi house and hunts him down.

Ronald feels awful that he is not doing anything to stop the murder of the child.

Tshidi gets ready to have supper with Thula. Miles and Lucilla say their vows to each other with the horrible sense that big trouble is coming.

When the priest asks if anyone has any reason why these two should not be legally wed a familiar voice calls out from the back: "I do!"

Tuesday, 22 February 2011
Episode 946

In the aftermath of David's revelation, Miles punches him. S'bu feels betrayed and Lucilla panics about Buhle.

They rush home and discover the six unexplained dead bodies in the living room.

Tshidi and Thula go out for dinner ... one thing leads to another until there's a charged moment on the backstairs.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011
Episode 948

Lucilla insists on taking Buhle back to Mafikeng after the David Genaro reveal but Miles tries to persuade her that everything is okay now.

Meanwhile, Cuba is upset that Tshidi didn't sleep at home and accosts Puleng about the matter.

Miles advises Suarez Baloyi to investigate Genaro for all his past sins - Suarez is excited. Thula is freaked out about spending the night with Tshidi and struggles to concentrate at work.

David comes to appease himself to S'bu but S'bu is too angry a him.

Puleng questions Tshidi about spending the night with Thula but she is evasive.

David calls a meeting with Miles, Lucilla and Ivan to finally make a truce.

Thursday, 24 February 2011
Episode 949

David Genaro holds a press conference at which he confesses to various "misdemeanours" but pleads self-defence. David finds time to try to explain to Sbu why he lied about his identity.

Miles and Lucilla discuss the truce proposed between them and David. Lucilla and Miles agree on the truce and decide not to press charges against David.

In return, he promises to keep away not only from Lucilla and Miles and Buhle, but also from S'bu.

Suarez Baloyi is irritated when she learns that the Vilakazis are no longer willing to testify against David Genaro.

Tshidi tells Puleng she slept with Thula Tshidi tells Thula that what they did must not be repeated. It was, she says a regrettable mistake ...

Friday, 25 February 2010
Episode 950

Gail tells David she will stay. Lucilla feels Miles out about the Ivan situation, and Miles unconsciously pushes her towards Ivan.

Thula tells Tshidi he would like to have a relationship with her. Dylan and Tshidi try to connect.

An opportunistic Nana uses Caroline and Rose's offer as leverage to make more demands on Mamokete.

S'bu acknowledges that Miles has been right all along, and Miles assures him that David will keep his distance from now on.

A determined Suarez tells David she is onto him and vows to get him - no matter how long it takes.

Monday, 28 February 2010
Episode 951

Gail tells S'bu that she has no problem working for David, and gives him pause for thought on the matter. Kop persuades Mamokete and Cuba to set a trap to catch the rat in their choir.

Tshidi and Thula finally talk about their issues. David threatens Lucilla and reawakens her desire to eliminate him.

Suzuki reappears and makes a terrifying demand on Miles.

Rhythm City is on Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.


24 Jan 2011 18:03

Im number 1. Tshidi must choose btween her n Dylan. I knew dat Franco ws David n its about tym David came back.

Zaza girl
24 Jan 2011 18:42

I'm SECOND and I'm new here YEY! David will never die. He'll just keep coming back as someone else

24 Jan 2011 19:02

I'm no3......yipeeeeeeeeee

24 Jan 2011 19:02

I'm no4......he he he

24 Jan 2011 19:03

i'm no5, lol

24 Jan 2011 19:03

wow, i'm no6

24 Jan 2011 19:04

i'm no7...kwaaaaa!!!

24 Jan 2011 19:05

i'm no8

24 Jan 2011 19:05


24 Jan 2011 19:06

Yeeeeeeeey... TOP 10! Lol, sorry peepz, jus felt lyk acting stupid!

24 Jan 2011 19:54


25 Jan 2011 07:55

Tshidi is a frustrated young lady.She does not know what she is doing anymore.

ownah m p
25 Jan 2011 07:56

@Mpho.Showbiz was that necessary any way  that good coz now you realy look stupid!!!!lol 
i hate david

25 Jan 2011 07:58

@Mpho.Showbiz what was that all about? any way this month is hot i tell you.

sexy d
25 Jan 2011 08:09

wow made it to top 20 let me go and read..

25 Jan 2011 08:17

ooh im on top 10 nw let me read

25 Jan 2011 08:32

wow, as of 01feb im watchn RC, good to c dat e writers hv spiced up the soapie now its naomi dats missin

sexy d
25 Jan 2011 08:33

@ownah m p hau my darling y do u hate david i say he is the only one who makes RC intesting nw that Francio has revelved himself pls bring back Naomi we miss her. Tshidi is very confused but i think is long overdue for ena le Thula to get together de same goes 4 puleng le suffocate. Looks like its gonna be very intresting this month..

25 Jan 2011 08:57

This Baloyi chick.. is the next 'hit" mo RC.. 

25 Jan 2011 09:18

Very interesting!

25 Jan 2011 09:36

its abt time thula & tshidi do something abt how they feel abt each other and as for Franco David Genaro i saw that 1 coming, RC uyababa kule nyanga izayo i'l b glued infront of the tv

25 Jan 2011 09:51

A man to his wife: Darling, what would you do if I said I won the

Wife replies: I'd take half then leave you!!!

Man: Excellent! I had 3 numbers and won R21. Here's your R10.50.... Now

25 Jan 2011 10:29

@charmagal nyc one.

top 30.

25 Jan 2011 11:33

i love david im glad u didnt die, yho tshidi u r lost in the mist. i think gail and sbu can make a cute couple suffooo what r u waiting 4.

25 Jan 2011 11:45

@ Charmagal! Lol U just killed me on that one gal.....nice 1..

ownah m p
25 Jan 2011 11:47

@Sexy am sorry is just that sometimes he goes way out of line.

25 Jan 2011 13:15

imficabadala ke le yale nyanga. Kanti when will Mamokete realise that life does have her name tag on it? Hope agent Sbu will regret not listening to Daddy Vee about them Genaros. who says i do lapha enkonzweni? Naomi - ha e duma ea tsamaya?

uDylan ngeke agoduke noko ngoku - akusekho lusana lusongelwe eziqhiyeni anymore. or does he want esinye isisu so Ketes can obsess over it again?

when will Puleng and Suffo get it on?

i did not see anything about Pitso. hope he is one of the six bodies found

25 Jan 2011 16:39


26 Jan 2011 09:01

morning guys

RC is interesting this month , tshidi and thula shoo i've been waiting for them to be date for a long tym hope they will realise that they make a mistake.

26 Jan 2011 13:28


26 Jan 2011 14:02

lil B I like miles too when he says lembuzi ugenaro hey i just loled

26 Jan 2011 15:52

i find it boring this month, wat the hell is tshidi thinking Dylan is a good guy, she should stick with him.

26 Jan 2011 23:12

Ts high tm sbu repects hs father neh

26 Jan 2011 23:14

Ts high tm sbu repects hs father neh

26 Jan 2011 23:14

Ts high tm sbu repects hs father neh

27 Jan 2011 10:53

It looks like an interesting month for Rhythm City. I can't wait to catch all the drama, i don't know if i should catch the omnibuses or each episode everyday, i hate being left high and

27 Jan 2011 14:51

Febry seems to be so interesting but to me just reading here its ok, so i think for this month i might watch it *smllng*

27 Jan 2011 15:47

I know we are all not surprised when Franco reveals that he is David, may be if the writers had tried a different approach, then we would all be surprised. They should have tried to put a wig on him, give him a pony tail, make him nice but he had David Genaro written all over him. 

Tshidi, grow up please everything you ever is a mistake and it will never happen again. The abortion will never bring the 2 of you closer, why not spare us nihlukane phansi nje.

Sbu....NO COMMENT MNXIM... Who goes against their own family like that, i hope uGenaro tells you that you owe him big time unless you pay back for making everything vanish, you are all his. you deserve to suffer. nxaaaaaaaaaaa

27 Jan 2011 16:19

Yawn....boring.  iRC iyabora nje!

28 Jan 2011 08:56

I don't think that the writers wanted to hide the fact that Fanco is David, he did after all confess to Ron that he is indeed David and when Miles confronted him, he didn't exactly deny it. S'bu is so annoying!

28 Jan 2011 13:52

tshidi must stick with Dylan he`s a good guy and i find it a little bit more interesting this month with Franco confessing that he David.

01 Feb 2011 11:39

very nice love this program so much................ thumbs up

01 Feb 2011 20:12

genaro is my main character dis dude, 4 sho tshidi had enjoyed thula but she's better of whith a white boy

02 Feb 2011 15:12

hmm, isn't Thula guy?
its about time that S'bu see what franko or should i say david is all about.
this month things a re interesting.
 i like i like i llllllllllllllike!!!!

what happed to safafa and puleng?

La Dolce Vita
03 Feb 2011 14:45

@ Matlou Thula is bisexual. He only screwed guys back then because he needed money to support his family...kanti where is the family now?
Anyways,totally hate the way S'bu tried to take the glory from Tula by telling him to "watch the pro at work" when he screwed up the potential deal with X9 but am happy he will sign him in the end!
Mamokete yena I don't understand her - she says she's Christian and Christians believe in forgiving - but she won't forgive Tshidi?? That's a double standard right there.

04 Feb 2011 13:59

shame on you mamokete, whats really important is it for you to have a grandchild that was not planned or have a daughter who is a doctor. Besides I agree with Tshidi and Dylan, first their parents are planning their lives, they did not agree to get married but pressure was put on the to do so. What kind of marriage that was going to be. Can you imagine being in an unhappy relationship for the rest of your life jst bcos you married because you have a child together.

sexy d
07 Feb 2011 08:23

morning all hope u had a super weekend

@La Dolce Vita i think Thulas mom passed away n his lil bro lives with some realtive ko KZN

Mamokete ena she should grow up and stop worring gore wat will de community say sure they will speak it will end so be glad gore tshidi is responsible enough to think abt her future i think u should ask urself if u want ur daughter to b a mom or a doctor? u should forgive tshidi she did wat she thought was best for ena..

07 Feb 2011 16:06

It was so funny when Franco heard the funny noise and took out his gun and went "Miles, is that you" like anybody who is going to kill someone will announce themselves before they even point the gun at you.

08 Feb 2011 07:53

Thula and Tshidi don't work for me as a couple, as friends yes but definitely not as a couple. 
Tjo, when Franco tore his shirt open, I was like put it away!

08 Feb 2011 18:52

I thnk Genaro is a gud character bt they exaggarated hm yerstaday he shows he is david bt nobody gets tht&does he has get away wth everythn,&thula&tshidi is a no 4 me 2 takwesha

08 Feb 2011 18:52

What is wrong with S'bu, he must have fell and bumped his head and lost his mind in the process

09 Feb 2011 07:16

S'bu needs to get his priorityies straight. You don't turn your back on family, they will be there long after your friends have deserted you.

sexy d
09 Feb 2011 08:16

morning all

@Calamity i also think he lost his mind dng de things he is doing to his father and walking side by side le david its not on he must just remember gore blood is thicker than water..
@Takwesha i also dnt like tshidi le thula as a couple but hey atleast it will be fun if thula and dylan can fight for her imagin drama drama drama...

09 Feb 2011 09:27

Eish! i realy feel sorry for S'bu.

09 Feb 2011 13:08




10 Feb 2011 07:17

I just wish S'bu would stop telling Genaro everything that happens between him and his dad. The guy is like parrot, just can't keep his trap shut. Thembi's death has made him a bit unstable, but then again him and Miles haven't always had the bset of relationships, although we all want to lash out against our parents but he is taking it a bit too far. I can't wait for when David reveals himself and he is left having to eat humble pie. That should shut him up for a while.

10 Feb 2011 18:24

Lol at Miles calling his own son an idiot, kgashu!

11 Feb 2011 07:51

I am one of those people who think that people should only get married when they love each and when they are ready. Tshidi thought this thing through, some people would say, she could have given the baby up fopr adoption, but for some people that is the hardest thing to do, giving up your child and not knowing whether your child is not going to end up with some child molester. Mamokete should just swallow her pride before it is too late.  

sexy d
11 Feb 2011 08:47


@Calamity i also lolwen he said that
RC is getting really intresting he he David really likes it wen he keeps up rubbing miles the wrong way gud for him he gave him a punch that he may never forget..

11 Feb 2011 17:23

Lol poor Dave doesn't know how to fight, I think Miles was just about ready to kill him with his bare hands. Well now we know that the first time that Miles punched him was no fluke.

11 Feb 2011 18:36

David finishes me, as for he always thought that Miles worked with a handbag, ovbiously Lucilla's was upstairs!

sexy d
14 Feb 2011 08:54

morning all

@calamity i also lol wen he said that the thought that he thought miles is a sisi kills me. cant wait for these weeks episode is gonna rock all the way

14 Feb 2011 16:18

I also can't wait for the final reveal and to see S'bu face when he realises that he has been taken in by David. Oh happy days!

17 Feb 2011 12:28

17 Feb 2011 18:49

Gail should learn to listen, the man was trying to bare his soul to you and you dismiss him. David is so desperate for a son, I think the writers should give him a long lost son of his own, Gina can be the mother.

17 Feb 2011 22:21

RC rocks ths month

18 Feb 2011 07:32

Today is the big reveal, that is to Miles it will come as nop surprise cos he knew all along that that goat pretending to be Franco is really David, it's just that people didn't believe him, while Lucilla is in denial about the possibility, after what he put her through. 
I find it difficult to watch Thula and Tshidi these days, I honestly think that they make good friends.

sexy d
18 Feb 2011 09:02

morning all

18 Feb 2011 13:52

hi peepz

guys nithini u Tshidi no Thula spendn a nyt togather?
kanti wer is Dylan?
dd he break up wth tshidi?
fill me in plese oooooooooo i hvnt seen RC for two mnths

18 Feb 2011 18:57

That Ostrich guy is creepy, singing poor Buhle a lullaby!

sexy d
21 Feb 2011 09:32

morning all

@charmagal she will spend the nyt le thula as for dylan after the whole saga tshidi told him that they must take a break from 1 another..

21 Feb 2011 09:57

mrng peeepz,

@sexy d thnx gal

sexy d
22 Feb 2011 08:11

morning all

So guys since david confessed is miles and lucilla wedding still going to happen or wat cause they aint saying anything abt them saying i do. As for sbu ena he should apologise to his dad a thousand times cause miles told them a long time ago gore there is no franco it is david can wait for tonight episode''excited''

23 Feb 2011 09:17

tshidi has made right decision by sleeping with thula. GLENCO

23 Feb 2011 18:48

Hey sexyd, technically Lu is still married to David, so if she and Miles still want to get married then Lu needs to divorce David, although she could get the marriage annulled if she can prove that she was under duress when she married David. Tshidi should stop being selfish and break up with Dylan instead of stringing the poor guy along.

24 Feb 2011 09:41

guys pls update on yday's episode-cldnt wtch it yday da weda was bad

Mrs Tsvangirai
24 Feb 2011 13:12

Yey, Sis Bee and her voice, Lolifying!!!

25 Feb 2011 11:01

mrng peepz

The Special one
25 Feb 2011 11:39

agree with me when i say david is the face of rythem city. he fools evryone including ivan, wow that takes a lot of courage and guts?

The Special one
25 Feb 2011 11:41

and lucilla having sex with ivin thats more like her

25 Feb 2011 13:21

I agree wth u@The special one- indeed david is the face of RC

Tshidi le Thula y cn't ey gt ova wat eva ey did, its no sch bg deAL,ey had a date enjoyed evry moment n decided to take the enjoymnt indoors nw gt off our screens

25 Feb 2011 13:21

I agree wth u@The special one- indeed david is the face of RC

Tshidi le Thula y cn't ey gt ova wat eva ey did, its no sch bg deAL,ey had a date enjoyed evry moment n decided to take the enjoymnt indoors nw gt off our screens

25 Feb 2011 13:21

I agree wth u@The special one- indeed david is the face of RC

Tshidi le Thula y cn't ey gt ova wat eva ey did, its no sch bg deAL,ey had a date enjoyed evry moment n decided to take the enjoymnt indoors nw gt off our screens

25 Feb 2011 13:21

yo uxolo

25 Feb 2011 16:57

Agree charmagal. As for Thula acting like his heart is bleeding, puleeease!

mizz kay.
27 Feb 2011 12:14

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